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me and I learned from them. We felt that we had challenges to solve, and we solved those together.” For the development and delivery of the modified module on energy, the Center worked with NYU Professor Maurizio Porfiri and two PhD candidates in his

Dynamical Systems Lab, Cha and Flavia Tauro. Domminck Dennisur (ME, 2013) is managing the project for the Center. For the next three modules, the Center will engage relevant faculty and their students in modifying and adapting the SoSC curriculum, and this group will

travel again to Malaysia to deliver training. Ben Esner, director of the Center for K12 STEM Education, said, "This is an exciting project for us. It is so important to work with UKM's education faculty and its scientists to broaden the experience of their students to

FALL 2013

include curricular approaches, ideas and techniques for innovative, hands-on STEM education practices and programs. I'm tremendously proud of the team: they prepared well, traveled to the other side of the world, worked very hard and met great success."

Students from the NYU School of Engineering worked with students and faculty last summer in Malaysia during the launch of Science of Smart Communities or Bitara STEM


Cable Fall 2013 Issue