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Styled by Rachel Small & Taylor Siebenaler Photographed by Matthew Pandolfe Hair and Makeup by Donna Kim & Christine Sciortino

nwich Villageglamor When these students go about their day there is something that sets them apart from the masses. Each mundane task is vitalized by their innate charm and style; they are the head turners, emitting effortless glamour with every step.

Nylon Stretch Lace Bodysuit, $34.00; at americanapparel. com; Necklace, $18.00; at Shoes, models own.

ON A MUGGY SUN DAY, the doe-eyed beauty, adorned in lace and pearls, finds her wild night has turned into a rough morning.

ON A B R ISK FA LL DAY, she daintily strolls to class: the epitome of sophistication with a touch of edginess in a loose blazer and cloche hat.

S&N Boyfriend Blazer, $78.00; KB Crop Studded Cardigan, $29.00; Grosgrain Flower Cloche Hat, $38.00; S+N Silk V-Neck Racerback Tank, $54.00; Slinky Chain Necklace, $34.00; Leather Gloves, $34.00; all at urbanoutfitters. com. Pearl Chain Necklace, Stylists own; Shoes, Stylists own.

BDG Breezy Striped Shirt in Grey, $48.00; Professor Shawl Cardigan in Burgundy, $48.00; Single Stripe Tie, $28.00; Standard Press Gang Peacoat in Charcoal, $118; all urbanoutfitters. com; Jeans and boots, models own

IN T HE MIDST OF A STROLL to a favorite coffee shop, he pauses to wipe his mind of wearisome business lingo, all the while utterly oblivious to the gazes he holds fast.

Levi’s 510 Acid Indigo Jeans, $54.00; Allson Faux Military Jacket, $128; Brushed Beanie, $18.00; BDG Triblend Stripe V-neck, $18.00; all at Shoes, models own.

AT TWIL I GHT, he leaps about the Washington Square Park fountain, not a care to be had.

SHE CA N FEEL T HEM STAR ING as she strides forward, completing her last lap around the track. Maybe it’s the heels?

Polyester Micro-Fiber Tulip Skirt, $28.00; White Cotton Thigh-High Sock, $15.00; Lame Silver Shiny Wide Headband, $9.50; Black Micro Mesh Gloria V Bodysuit, $40.00; all at americanapparel. com. Guerrette Shoes, $125; at; Purse, Stylists own.

BCBG Dress, Hat, Stylists own.

STUDENTS ARE ENT IC ED AWAY from their studies as she enters the room, delicately extending upwards to seek out one last book. Fashion Assistant: Melissa Wong Models: Brittany Barberino, Sheri Chiu, Tylan Cunningham, Erin Fitzgerald, Jimmy Li, Maria Martyak, and Nathan Shahani

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