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Kyotofu and Joseph Leonard Restaurant


by Stephanie Lin

rom designs to food, they lie on the two opposite ends: the antiquated and the contemporary, the East and the West, the serenity and the thrill, and the traditional and the skillful combination of both.

The name Kyotofu does not explain all. Sitting on the 9th Ave, Kyotofu presents to the city more than just tradition. The exterior glassy window and wooden door produce a mixed sensation between the modern and primitive. About ten black wooden tables lining in the space that is enveloped in the dimming golden brown light and white-birched color surrounding walls, a sense of calmness and tranquility prevail. The candles on each table, enhancing the dreamy effect, make the place perfect to have delicate desserts and dinner that could melt the hearts of both his and hers. Shifting the scene to the West Village, where the fall of the day does not diminishes energy of the area, Joseph Leonard situates itself at the corner between Waverly and 10th Street. It has no extravagant design on the outside; the petite sized site is wrapped in plain painted white walls that augments a sense of antiquate to the lively neighborhood. Though the rustic surface from the outside displays old-day peacefulness, the atmosphere inside is a total reversal. In almost complete darkness, with music blasts and bartender stands inside the zinc bar where the diners surround around, a night of thrill is inevitably felt. Though Kyotofu’s design demonstrates stillness and harmony, its food, on the other hand, brings excitement like the atmosphere in Joseph Leonard to its guests. The menu is an integration of the Western and Eastern culinary; it has the Western burger and cocktail but also the Japanese miso soup and tea. The restaurant provides more than just dinner, but also brunch, lunch and its specialty, desserts. The variety of desserts is made

with carefully decorated appearances and delicate textures that immediately dissolve inside the mouths of the diners, leaving them with overflowing delights in their hearts. For the sweet lovers who can never get enough of the charm of the sugary, a take-home dessert and online shopping are also available. Different than the spacious room Kyotofu has, Joseph Leonard is rather small and loaded with people. However, guests can always ask for bartender for a drink while waiting and chatting with their companions. The menu in Joseph Leonard is more of a traditional one, but extensive nevertheless. A night with oysters serving on a layer of salts, butter that melts as it touches the tongue, chilled lobster that are served in tails and claws with affordable prices is definitely enjoyable. A night in tranquil atmosphere, but pleasure from variety of food or stimulating music, but a more customary cuisine, all should be able to leave the New Yorkers an unforgettable night.


rom designs to food, they lie on the two opposite ends: the antiquated and the contemporary, the East and the West, the serenity and the thr...

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