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CARLEY CLEMENT Throughout Latin America, the past several decades have been marked by significant rises in urban populations and a largescale internal migration within most countries from rural to urban centers of life. While many regions in Latin America have retained marked trends toward a population concentration in urban settings since as far back as the pre-colonial era—as seen with grand cities and urban populations of both the Incas and Aztecs—the 20th and 21st centuries have played witness to a significant growth in urban populations, characterized by a remarkable speed with which many nation’s citizens have made the transition from rural to urban lifestyles. With such rapid urbanization, there have been significant challenges that governments have faced in accommodating and providing for the residents of their growing urban centers. Governments continue to face problems of providing adequate public services, prevention of violence in burgeoning slums, and the 74

Esferas—Issue Two  

Esferas is an undergraduate student and alumni initiative from New York University’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese. We are a peer-re...

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