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Melisa Demaestri is a sophomore at New York University majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication with a double minor in Integrated Digital Media and Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. She shot this issue’s cover photograph in Montevideo, Uruguay, where she resided for eight years before coming to New York City. For more of her photography, visit:

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Olaya Barr is a graduate from New York University (Class of 2013). She is in the MFA Creative Writing Program at Columbia University. This year, she was the recipient of the De Alba Fellowship for her work in fiction, and has received a fellowship from Columbia University to travel to Oaxaca for a month this summer and work on her short stories and translations.

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Carley Clement is a graduating senior, studying Spanish and Latin American Literatures and Cultures and minoring in Law and Society. She has travelled extensively throughout Latin America, having studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and volunteered last summer in Medellín, Colombia. In addition to her studies she is active in student life at NYU and in New York City, serving on the executive team of two student clubs 278

Esferas—Issue Two  

Esferas is an undergraduate student and alumni initiative from New York University’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese. We are a peer-re...