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with literary themes; she has done things that have a poetic background actually spoken on stage. Letter to the World is all poetry of Emily Dickinson. Then the dance is working through it. She’s done Silent Truth, which is another solo that had poetry or writing depicted through it. Martha has done a lot of literary things, but never would you say just because she’s waving her arms it means to say the word “hello.” It’s not literal like that. It’s not saying the word. You’re feeling a certain essence of what that is. Lea Clay You begin in silence, falling to the ground. Why do you begin the dance in silence? Terese Capucilli The movement is bringing the music in. The movement, a contraction, is bringing in the music. I went off in the spokes, to the corner, and to the middle, always back to the piece [bench]. So you look at the structure of it. This stance is the end and then there is a silence before it [the score] repeats again. […] This is a trenches scene: you wipe the dirt off your face, you see? I remember this was very important. This moment, this strength, the courage, and then that began to move forward. And then she was weeping at the end. Lea Clay What is the role of your gaze?


Esferas—Issue Two  

Esferas is an undergraduate student and alumni initiative from New York University’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese. We are a peer-re...