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The NYU Esferas editorial team is proud to present its second issue for the spring of 2014. In our second annual issue, the editorial committee has placed a special emphasis on creative works. In addition to our regular international contributions, this year we are delighted to be featuring the faculty works of the NYU Creative Writing in Spanish MFA program, which was founded in 2007 by Sylvia Molloy, whose work is also featured in this year’s issue. True to the spirit of our department, this year’s senior honors thesis team has continued to push the boundaries of the scope of its research and writing. Furthermore, we’ve expanded our reach with the inclusion of interviews with prominent artists and a renowned human rights activist. We continue to publish a selection of the best critical essays and investigations carried out throughout the academic community. We have selected pieces from both writers within the NYU Department of Spanish and Portuguese as well as from international contributors whose works have a connection to Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula, and Luso-Hispanic life in the United States. Just as New York is the cultural nexus where countless writers, artists, and voices come to create 10

Esferas—Issue Two  
Esferas—Issue Two  

Esferas is an undergraduate student and alumni initiative from New York University’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese. We are a peer-re...