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andora’s aradox Spring/Summer 2013 Nytzia C. Arana


“Today, opening Pandora’s box means to create evil that cannot be undone. Paradox is a statement or proposition that despite sound reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self contradictory.” ( This trend book, Pandora’s Paradox, will demonstrate senseless, contradicting themes that result in beauty. Beauty will be seen through the interwining of contrasting moods. The feeling of unknown will spiral down into a whirpool of images that can bring forth emotions of reconcilation and hope for all possible evils. Do not try to understand the world or words, let resolution/hope come to you through the multide of images presented to you. Relay on what the eye tells you. The mind will always obey. This trend book will capture themes of a wonderous generation that is filled with mindless nonsense and the only reality will be what is instantly visually avaiable to them. Pandora’s Paradox is merely a silent explosion of what is to come . In ordder to keep stability through out the chaos the titles of each theme have prefixies that will refer to the overall theme.

anoramic article

aranoid ancake anther aradise

aral ax arliment arched arsely

anoramic article Panoramic Particle refers to futuristc, alien-like, and supernatural, undecisive elements combined with symetrical, fluid, and all-knowing decisiveness. Panoramic is usually something unexplainable while a particle is something scentifically proven. The mix of these two elements reflects the overall theme of this book.

anther aradise Panther Paradise refers to the intertwining of rough, animallike, and rigorous elements with debonair, natural/nature, and oraganic elements hence the name Panther Paradise.

aranoid ancake Paranoid Pancake refers to the interwining of rockstar, explosive, and confusion elements with romantic-seranade-like, cool/ fresh, sweet-like-cyrup-on-pankcakes, and sensual elements.



Parched Parsely refers to a theme filled with the comination of farm-like, simplicity, and earthly elements with a swirl of wild, stampeed, chase, foxy, and rugged elements. So imagine parching a fresh scent-filled parsely.



Parallax Parliment refers to a theme is full of twisted moods of luxury, glamour, love, fairytales, and hope, as well as, deception, vices, secrecy, shame, lust, and regret. Parallax refers to: The effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions. Meaning something that might have a universal meaning in the end turns out to be subjective. Parliment refers to monarchy in which directs the mind to the times of the Renaissance and such.

Pandora’s Paradox

Pandora's Paradox  
Pandora's Paradox  

Trend Book Spring/Summer 2013