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van Holt1-1 Stephan van Holt Mel Rosenthal Photojournalism 29 July 2010

John Pinderhughes. After the wreckage and the ruins are tallied in dollars, the people are lost in the equation. The greatest tragedy that was exposed by "Hurricane Katrina" was the indifference of the local, state, and most importantly federal governments. One picture that was shown shockingly illustrated this point quite well, it was a picture of a man sitting by the wreckage of his house, and his boat on land near the house. The man was told that he was responsible for the removal of his boat and that if he didn't move it he would receive a heavy fine. Considering the totality of the destruction, one thing is clear in these pictures and that is:" Everything is broken except for the people in the pictures".

John Pinderhughes, pictures are unique in the way they tell the story of a people and their struggles, and "the dignity of endurance".

John Pinderhughes