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2019 NYSVMS Awards

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2019 NYSVMS Year in Review issue 19.06 | Nov.-Dec

issue 19.06 | Nov.-Dec. 2019

CONNECTIONS magazine of the NEW


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Communications Director Stephanie Quirini Legal Counsel Frank Fanshawe, Esq.,

Member Services Manager Sara-Melissa Conklin Administrative Assistant Sharlana Scott

Jackson Lewis P.C.



President Robert Weiner, VMD, DABVP

Capital District Mark E. Will, DVM

Long Island Robin Sturtz, DVM

President-elect Charles A. Fleming, DVM

Catskill Mountain Tim Slater, DVM

New York City Stephanie Janeczko, DVM, DABVP

Past President Surinder Wadyal, DVM

Central New York Victoria Bentley, DVM, DACVS-LA

Northern New York Jessica Scillieri Smith, DVM

Treasurer Allan P. Bregman, DVM

Finger Lakes Robert Hamilton, DVM

Southern Tier Elizabeth Berliner, DVM, DABVP

AVMA Delegate Walter K. McCarthy, DVM

Genesee Valley Charles A. Fleming, DVM

Westchester/Rockland David Bessler, VMD

AMVA Alternate Delegate Eric Bregman, VMD

Hudson Valley Joseph D’Abbraccio, DVM

Western New York Jeanne E. Best, DVM

Nov.-Dec. 2019


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21 Classified Ads

2019 NYSVMS Year in Review page 10

INDUSTRY 9 Use of Advanced Neuroimaging Technique Improves Understanding of Rare Brain Malformation

ASSOCIATION 15 NYS-VC Broke Attendance Records This Year!

18 NYSVMS 2019 Awards


Nov.-Dec. 2019


President’s Letter survey demonstrated that worklife integration is the biggest challenge identified by NY veterinarians. We hope to launch this in the coming year.

Robert Weiner, VMD, DABVP

I began the year with three objectives to advance: animal welfare/shelter medicine, wellness/career development and telemedicine. Over the course of the year, the reactivated Animal Welfare Committee, led by Dr. Stephanie Janeczko, developed a day-long animal welfare/ shelter medicine program held at New York Vet in November. In addition, there were two podcasts professionally produced by our Executive Director Tim Atkinson that focused on the impact veterinarians can have in a community animal shelter.

Our new telehealth partner Teletails helps our members take advantage of new technology to improve their work-life balance and develop new ways of meeting client’s needs. Thanks to Dr. Cynthia Lankenau, chair of the Integrative Medicine Committee, there were two webinars in 2019. A weekend conference dedicated to Integrative Medicine is being planned for 2020. New this year, a member benefit is two monthly CE webinars provided by Vetbloom. Much of the life of NYSVMS takes place in our 12 regional groups, most of which provide extensive continuing education just a short drive from where our members live and work. It is not only where we learn, but where we can be together with others who face the same challenges. Our regional groups provide a place where veterinarians can build professional communities. This year several more of those regional groups became fully integrated chapters, operating under the legal and financial umbrella of NYSVMS.

would have had a much greater impact on the day-to-day work of our members than the declaw bill that was signed into law. We had many one-on-one meetings with key legislators during the session, including our lobby day when a group of us visited the NYS Capitol in Albany for a series of productive meetings. We met face-to-face with sponsors of the declaw bill too. We know that our concerns were taken seriously by many, including Senator Monica Martinez, Chair of the Senate’s new Animal Welfare committee. Unfortunately, that particular bill had been identified by the leadership as something where “NYS can be the first in the nation” and it received a lot of support that was difficult to counter.

On the other hand, we successfully amended the language of a bill that would have required our members to include extensive, written information about side effects of all prescribed medications. The amended bill is much less onerous and has passed one House. We are working hard to amend a All NYSVMS members now have bill that would require detailed access to a 24/7 helpline through and documented discussion CorpCare that includes three with bereaved pet owners hours of mental health support about methods of euthanasia. as a benefit of membership. For a I am grateful to Dr. Susan We continue to collaborate nominal fee, practice owners can Wylegala, Chair of our with nationwide partners to extend this coverage to all practice Government Relations Committee. moderate a proposed ban on the staff, as well as their families. The She worked alongside many other use of antimicrobials for disease second day of our workshop at members and our legislative prevention in herds. The proposed New York Vet focused on wellbeing counsel during a very active legislation is accompanied issues that affect the veterinary legislative session. This year by onerous record keeping community. The Wellbeing was a democratic majority that requirements. Committee under the leadership included the Governor and both In addition to all of this, the NYS of Dr. Rebecca Henderson is houses. We actively fought 10 Veterinary Conference was our developing a program to help bills and succeeded in defending biggest one yet! This is always my veterinarians enhance their against 9 of them, most of which favorite conference of the year. All work-life integration. A member

Nov.-Dec. 2019

of this was made possible by the NYSVMS Board of Directors and the committee members. I thank all of you for your dedication to the NYSVMS and our profession. Thank you to Dr. Jodi Korich, Associate Dean for Education and the Cornell CVM staff. I also want to thank our Executive Director, Tim Atkinson and the staff: Stephanie Quirini, Sara-Melissa Conklin and Sharlana Scott. They make the job of President a pleasure. No association has a harder working, more welcoming and hospitable staff. I thank them all from the very bottom of my heart. I have a few parting words as this year comes to a close. Everyone reading this loves veterinary medicine. Sometimes this profession is challenging. Everything worthwhile is challenging. If it was easy, anyone could do it and you are not just anyone. We are the most altruistic of professions. We care profoundly for our patients…and animals that are not our patients. We care about public health. We care about each other. My wife, Ronna, subscribes to the sine wave theory of life. Sometimes things are difficult, but generally they get better with regular periodicity. Times change and the future is not always clear, but I believe that for veterinarians in New York State it is bright. NYSVMS is dedicated to ensuring that it is so as I pass the baton to the enlightened spirit and able hands of Dr. Andy Fleming.

Robert Weiner, VMD, DABVP (canine/feline) President


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Nov.-Dec. 2019


New York Enacts SHIELD Act, Adding Data Security Requirements for Veterinary Medical Practices New York has enacted the Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act (SHIELD Act), expanding the state’s data breach notification requirements and imposing upon virtually every veterinary medical practice new data security requirements. The SHIELD Act generally applies to any person or entity that owns or licenses computerized “private information” concerning a New York resident. Veterinary medical practices – which likely maintain “private information” of New York residents at least as an employer -- will be required to comply with this new law. The SHIELD Act’s new breach notification provisions took effect on October 23, 2019, while its new data security requirements will take effect on March 21, 2020.

Private Information under SHIELD Act

The SHIELD Act expanded the definition of “private information” such that it now generally includes: (1) email addresses, when accompanied by passwords or answers to security questions that can be used to access online accounts; or (2) a person’s name or other identifying mark and one or more of the following: • Social Security number; • Driver’s license number or non-driver identification card number; •

Account number, credit or debit card number, if circumstances exist where

Nov.-Dec. 2019

such number could be used to access the account; or • Biometric information (such as fingerprints, voice prints, retina or iris images, etc.). Veterinary medical practices should inventory their systems to determine if they are maintaining “private information.” Many practices will find that they maintain “private information” – name and social security number – regarding their employees. Others will find in some cases that they maintain in their systems “private information” concerning their clients – perhaps credit card number and other information which, if disclosed, would permit access to the account. In these cases, veterinary medical practices must comply with the SHIELD Act, including its data security mandate and, if there is a breach, its notification requirements.

Data Breach Notification Requirements

In the event of a data breach, the SHIELD Act provides that any person or business – including a veterinary medical practice -- that owns or licenses computerized data that includes New York residents’ “private information” must comply with the breach notification requirements by providing notice to affected individuals and certain state officials. A veterinary medical practice may be exempt from the

breach notification requirements under certain circumstances. For example, the SHIELD Act provides that notice is not required if “exposure of private information” was an “inadvertent disclosure and the individual or business reasonably determines such exposure will not likely result in misuse of such information, or financial harm to the affected persons or emotional harm in the case of unknown disclosure of online credentials.” Further, businesses that already are regulated by and comply with data breach notice requirements under certain applicable state or federal cybersecurity laws (e.g., HIPAA, NY DFS Reg. 500, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act [GLBA]) need not further notify affected New York residents; however, these businesses are still required to notify certain state officials of the breach.

veterinary medical practice to adopt and maintain “data security protections.” Specifically, the SHIELD Act provides that any person or business that owns or licenses computerized data that includes a New York resident’s “private information” must develop, implement, and maintain “reasonable safeguards” to protect the security, confidentiality, and integrity of the private information. What are reasonable safeguards? The industry can disagree as to what is “reasonable.” And what’s reasonable will be different depending upon the scenario. The SHIELD ACT, however, offers guidance on the question of what constitutes reasonable safeguards, providing that a veterinary medical practice – or any other person or entity subject to the act -- will be deemed to meet the “reasonable safeguard” requirement if they implement the following administrative, technical, and physical safeguards:

Determining whether a security incident constitutes a data breach that triggers notification obligations under the SHIELD Act can be a nuanced and complex • Administrative Safeguards: process, and in view of this, it is (a) the designation of one or important that veterinary medical more employees to coordinate practices work with qualified legal the security program; (b) counsel – and in more complex identification of reasonably cases, others such as forensic foreseeable internal and information technology experts – external risks; (c) assessment to make such a determination. of the sufficiency of safeguards in place to control “Reasonable” Data the identified risks; (d) training Security Requirements and managing employees in Mitigating the risk of a data the security program practices breach is another key focus of and procedures; (e) the the SHIELD Act. That is why the selection of service providers SHIELD Act, starting in March capable of maintaining 2020, will require virtually every appropriate safeguards, and


assets. While a “small business” is subject to the reasonable safeguards requirement of the SHIELD Act, the reasonable safeguards of a “small business” may be “appropriate for the size and complexity of the small business, the nature and scope of the small business’s activities, and the sensitivity of the personal information the small business collects from or about consumers.”

unauthorized access to or use of “private information” during or after the collection, transportation and destruction or disposal of the information; and (d) disposes of “private information” within a reasonable amount of time after it is no longer needed for business purposes by erasing electronic media so that the information cannot be read or reconstructed.

requiring those safeguards by contract; and (f) adjusting the security program in light of business changes or new circumstances. • Technical Safeguards: (a) assesses risks in network and software design; (b) assesses risks in information processing, transmission and storage; (c) detects, prevents and responds to attacks or system failures; and (d) regularly tests and monitors the effectiveness of key controls, systems and procedures.

Veterinary medical practices should consult with qualified legal counsel for further information about the SHIELD Act. Frank Fanshawe Attorney at Law Jackson Lewis P.C.

Practically speaking, veterinary medical practices should consider implementing the administrative, technical and physical safeguards set forth in the SHIELD Act. Those safeguards, if implemented and maintained, will accomplish two important goals for veterinary medical practices: mitigate the risk of

Veterinary medical practices in many instances will qualify as a “small business” under the SHIELD Act, which provides that a “small business” is any business with fewer than 50 employees, less than $3 million in gross annual revenue in each of the last three years, or less than $5 million in year-end total

• Physical Safeguards: (a) assesses risks of information storage and disposal; (b) detects, prevents and responds to intrusions; (c) protects against

a data breach; and facilitate compliance with the SHIELD Act’s data security requirements.

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4/1/2016 1:22:56 PM Nov.-Dec. 2019


Use of Advanced Neuroimaging Technique Improves Understanding of Rare Brain Malformation Four-month-old puppy Hank was so lethargic that his dog-sitter brought him to an emergency veterinary clinic. Although the blue-tick coon hound was severely dehydrated, he tested negative for the distemper virus and no other explanation could be found for his worsening condition. Owners Kate and David Cross rushed home from vacation and faced the options of either putting Hank to sleep or trying to get him to the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine for diagnosis. “He was hooked up to fluids and in really bad shape. We weren’t sure he’d survive the four-hour trip to Cornell but weren’t going to give up on him,” said Kate Cross. They arrived at Cornell’s Companion Animal Hospital nearly at midnight. Blood work ordered by emergency services showed him to have severe abnormalities in his electrolytes, particularly a high sodium content. “Because of the electrolyte abnormalities and neurological deficits at presentation, doctors were suspicious of a brain malformation,” said Dr. Philippa J. Johnson, radiologist with the Companion Animal Hospital. An MRI confirmed he had a rare malformation – a dysplasia – of the corpus callosum. This is the intersection of the right and left sides of the brain and place where the fibers from the right travel through to the left. The malformation resulted in Hank not having the urge to drink.

Nov.-Dec. 2019

Since there were other dogs in the home regularly emptying the water bowls, it was easy to miss that Hank never drank water. The hospital gave Hank fluids to bring his electrolytes back to healthy levels. To avoid dehydration in the future, doctors prescribed a low-sodium diet and instructed the owners to add 1,000 ml of water to each serving of Hank’s food so he would consume water as a byproduct of eating. “It was a rough couple of weeks but it’s all better now. At the end of the day, all we had to do was change his diet and add a lot of water to the food,” said Cross. “He’ll never learn new tricks, but he’s a very sweet boy who loves kids and other dogs, cuddling and playing with his toys. I’d do it all over again.” With Hank’s health back on track, Johnson recognized that Hank’s brain malformation was poorly understood and would benefit from evaluation with the advanced neuroimaging technique of tractography. There is little confirmed information about dysplasia of the corpus callosum and this would let them explore the disease further. For Cross, it was an easy decision. “If it could be beneficial for any other dog owner, it would be worth it,” she said, noting it was at no cost to them and wasn’t invasive for Hank. “The owners were amazing. They were open and enthusiastic about participating and so supportive of wanting to help us

learn more about this disease,” said Johnson. At nine-months-old, Hank underwent another MRI to see how the brain had changed over time. Diffusion tensor imaging technology was then performed on Hank and on a healthy dog as a control for the study. Doctors took that data and used tractography to virtually dissect the white matter projections in both dogs. “This technique uses the diffusion of water into the brain to map out the white matter tracks and allows us to map virtual white matter of the dog,” said Johnson. White matter is one of the two major types of brain tissue – the gray matter is where thought (a brain’s signal) is formed, and white matter is like a series of roads that send the signal where it needs to go. The comparison of Hank and the control dog demonstrated the malformation in a unique way and allowed them to work out exactly how the white matter was formed. “We learned more about this disease than was known or

recorded before,” said Johnson. “One of our key questions was, ‘When you don’t have a corpus callosum what happens to the white matter?’ It turns out Hank had formed Probst bundles. (The track that should have crossed right to left created bundles that ran front-to-back, toward the nose.) There was not a failure of track development, but rather a failure of formation. He has the tracks, but they go to the wrong place.”

Cynthia McVey Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Photos provided by Cornell CVM



Lobby Day

2019 NYSVMS Year in Review

Power of 10

Hall of Veterinary Health 10 10

Nov.-Dec. 2019

NYSVMS continued to move forward with our strategic initiatives. Here is a review of all that was accomplished in 2019.

Membership Value-Providing services and opportunities to serve the diverse needs of the profession. Integrating Regionals Uniting the regional VMAs into a full-service network with an aligned structure rolled out full force this year. Joining Capital District and Finger Lakes, the regionals that became a NYSVMS Integrated Chapter this year are: Central NY, Hudson Valley, Northern NY, Southern Tier and Westchester/Rockland. Several other regionals are in the process of becoming integrated and should be complete by next year. Affinity Partners The Affinity Partner program is an important member benefit which provides discounts from companies that NYSVMS works with to provide services. This year, NYSVMS partnered with CorpCare to provide a member assistance program as a free benefit to help deal with personal and work-related problems. Members who signed up receive up to 3 counseling sessions per year with fully licensed and credentialed counselors who are experienced in providing support for professionals facing demanding situations including family issues, stress, work difficulties, financial issues, or substance abuse. Members can also sign up their entire office for a small fee. Another new NYSVMS Affinity Partner for 2019 is Benetech, which provides sexual harassment training for members and employees. With recent regulatory changes, all NYS employers with one or more employees, both public and private, must provide sexual harassment prevention training for their employees. Training must be renewed annually, with new hires being trained “as quickly as possible” upon hiring. Working with Benetech, NYSVMS has secured a discounted annual rate with multiple affordable packages available for any size employer. They join our other partners: CareCredit, Tek Collect, TMG Vets. New Podcast Launched New this year NYSVMS launched a podcast called Let’s Talk Vets which illustrate how private practice veterinarians can make a difference in their local community. Veterinarians share stories and experts weigh in on a variety of subjects. The first 2 episodes deal with shelter medicine. These podcasts are available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Google.

Advocacy and Government RelationsProtecting and advancing the veterinary profession. Legislative Activities The NYSVMS Government Relations Committee and the Grassroots Legislative Network (GRLN) advocates on behalf of the profession by monitoring proposed legislation and making your voices heard. An important benefit is the in-depth analysis provided by firm Brown & Weinraub. In 2019, they monitored over 202 bills that affect the veterinary profession. For the full 2019 legislative wrap up, go to the Government Advocacy section of the NYSVMS website. For the first time, members of the Government Relations Committee and the Board of Directors participated in a “lobby day” in 2019, meeting with legislators who sponsor various items on our agenda and those who serve as chair of committees of relevant jurisdiction. This lobby day and the increase of the profile of NYSVMS among New

Nov.-Dec. 2019

York State government officials again resulted in legislators and staff proactively seeking the guidance and input of NYSVMS on issues of importance during the legislative session. The Veterinary Political Education Committee (V-PEC) offers members the opportunity to attend legislator fundraising events throughout the year helping to build relationships. Thank you to all the PEC donors this year and the members who attended various events throughout the state.

Community and Public Relations-Enhancing public awareness of veterinary medicine. Community Program NYSVMS once again held the Hall of Veterinary Health at the NYS Fair in Syracuse August 21 through September 2. The Hall offered daily live presentations and exhibits to educate children and adults on the practice of veterinary medicine. Over 20,000 attended this year’s Hall! NYSVMS received sponsorship funds from Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health which were used to add more hands-on activities to our current veterinary dentistry exhibit. Various items were purchased to demonstrate to kids the importance of dental care. We also purchased small stuffed animals to hand out to kids on the weekends, as well as veterinary science board games to raffle off. Central NY VMA also donated funds that were used to update signage inside the Hall. Social Media & eNews NYSVMS keeps growing on social media platforms posting articles and breaking news on Facebook and Twitter to an active audience. The NYSVMS Facebook page and Twitter account has grown in likes and followers. Every member receives the weekly eNews every Thursday with articles on the latest veterinary news, NYSVMS events, surveys, research, practice management and national and state legislative updates.

Professional Development and Education-Develop educational opportunities and resources. NYS Veterinary Conference This year’s conference was the biggest one yet! For a full wrap up, go to page 15. Education NYSVMS announced a new partnership with VetBloom offering all members two free hours of online continuing education a month as an additional member benefit. At the beginning of every month, there are two or more CE programs available which remain live for 1 month. NYSED continuing education credit and a certificate will be awarded at the end of each program. Subjects include: Dentistry Beyond the Dental Cleaning, Thoracic Radiographs: Tips for Diagnostic Success, Understanding Feline Stomatitis, The Poisoned Pet: Toxins in the ER, Otitis: Diagnosis and Management and Revolutionary Therapies in Canine Dermatology. NYSVMS also partnered once again with New York Vet in November in New York City, a source of NYSED and RACE approved CE for all New York veterinary professionals, and offered a discounted rate to all NYSVMS members. New this year, NYSVMS put together the Big Ideas workshop. The first day featured a full day program on Animal Welfare for Private Practice Veterinarians and the second day was Putting the Well into Your Wellbeing. Over 200 people attended these classes. The Animal Welfare Committee and Wellbeing Committee worked hard to put these programs together.


Legal Resources The legal team at Jackson Lewis, PC provides members with important reference materials. They have written many of the documents in the Knowledge Center, answering questions from veterinarians, LVT’s and the general public. There is one knowledge base for the general public and a separate one for the members where they must sign into the website to see additional articles. Jackson Lewis also wrote a comprehensive legal column in every issue of this magazine covering the following topics: active shooter insurance policy coverage; commercial leases; vendor agreements and understanding restrictive covenants. Committee for Leadership Advancement The Council for Leadership Advancement (CLA) launched the recent graduate page on the NYSVMS website. This page

Makenzie Peterson, MSc, Wellness Program Director at Cornell CVM presented Putting the Well into Your Wellbeing at the NYSVMS Big Ideas in the Big Apple workshop at New York Vet.

includes information on CLA and Power of 10, as well as a FAQ section specifically for recent grads. Power of 10 NYSVMS offered the Power of 10 program for the 2nd year. This national program is designed to cultivate leadership capacity in grads 15 years or less from veterinary school and provide learning experiences that

will enrich the individual and benefit the individual’s practice, community and profession. This year there was a full class of 10 NYSVMS members who attended 4 leadership development sessions. NYSVMS provides the experts that not only convey the key learning points about leadership, but also deepen the understanding of class members on a number of related topics including how to deal with the

Office of Professional Discipline, how to restructure student debt and financial planning for your future, the Insights Discovery program and a discussion about contracts followed by a panel discussion with last year’s Power of 10 class. This program will be held again in 2020. 2019 was a year of transition for NYSVMS setting up the coming year to be a success with several new initiatives in the pipeline!

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Nov.-Dec. 2019

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Nov.-Dec. 2019

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14 NYSVC2019VA

Nov.-Dec. 2019


NYS-VC Broke Attendance Records This Year! The NYS Veterinary Conference hosted by Cornell CVM and NYSVMS Oct. 4-6 at Cornell CVM broke attendance records this year with over 950 people attending! There were three days of continuing education classes, hands-on labs, two evening events, tours and trade show. This year’s conference featured interactive sessions, master classes and lightning talks, as well as the General Abdominal Surgical Skills Syndaver lab, RECOVER Veterinary CPR Certification and dental labs. There was also a track specifically for LVTs. Exhibitors showed off the latest products and services throughout the three days. New this year was the game card which was a big hit with exhibitors and attendees. Attendees collected stamps at all of the booths and then submitted their completed card for prizes included a 2020 NYSVC registration and Amazon gift cards. The winners were: Grand Prize: Teralin Aker, LVT; 1st Prize: Morgan Schreiner, LVT and 2nd Prize: Jessie Churchill, DVM. There were two evening eventsthe Taste of the Finger Lakes Welcome Reception on Friday which featured pairings of local foods with beer and wine and the return of the Silent Auction. Items featured at the auction included: animal artwork, photography, handmade puzzles, tote bags, wine and liquor baskets and overnight stays at various hotels and resorts. Thanks to everyone who donated as well as bid on the auction items. The funds raised at the Silent Auction benefit the NYSVMS legislative advocacy efforts through the Veterinary Political Education Committee and the NYSVMS scholarship, awarded

Nov.-Dec. 2019

annually to a veterinary student at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. The Celebration Awards Dinner at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology was held on Saturday and featured a cocktail hour, buffet dinner, awards presentation and dancing. The award recipients are: NYSVMS Rising Leader Award: Amanda Schepis, DVM; Merit Award: Howard Gittelman, DVM; Outstanding Service to Veterinary Medicine: Dean Snyder, DVM; Veterinarian of the Year: David Leahy, DVM; Distinguished Life Service Award: Walter McCarthy, DVM; the 2018 NYS-VC Outstanding Speaker Award: Jarra Jagne, DVM, DACPV and the Daniel Elmer Salmon Award: Jerrold Ward, DVM, PhD, DACVP. Monarch Business Consulting held a dinner to update potential practice buyers and sellers on the market for veterinary practice sales and the opportunities to purchase a practice. There were also two tours offered: the Cornell Botanic Gardens Tour and the Fabulous Falls Above Cayuga Tour. The DeeDee Arrison Concert for the Animals featured distinguished musicians playing for many animal and human guests. At the NYSVMS Annual Business Meeting, Mark Will, DVM, was elected 2020 President-Elect, Eric Bregman, VMD, AVMA Delegate and Susan Wylegala, DVM, AVMA Alternate Delegate. Thank you to the Conference Planning Committee, speakers, exhibitors, volunteers and sponsors for a great conference! Save the date for NYS-VC 2020 October 2-4!


Photos: Rene van Ee, DVM.


Thank you to the 2019 NYS-VC Exhibitors: Airis Alliance Animal Health Animal Medical Center Animal Specialty Center AnimalBiome Banfield Pet Hospital Bayer Animal Health Best Pets Rx Blue Buffalo Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health CareCredit Companion Animal Health by LiteCure CorpCare Covetrus North America Cyroprobe Digatherm EcoLife Expeditions Glue-U Adhesives BV Hero Braces Hills Pet Nutrition, Inc. IDEXX Midmark Midwest Veterinary Supply Miller Veterinary Supply mixlab Monarch Business Consulting New England Medical Books Patterson Veterinary Supply PawPals Plena Curae Pets Respond Systems Rose Micros Solutions Royal Canin RX Vitamins for Pets Safeguard Waste Solutions Simmons & Associates TD Bank Teletails TMGVets UISVet Universal Imaging USDA/APHIS Veterinary Services VCA VetCor VetriScrience Laboratories Weave Wharton Creek Management Services Zoetis


Nov.-Dec. 2019

Nov.-Dec. 2019



NYSVMS 2019 Awards On October 5, NYSVMS President Robert Weiner, VMD, presented 5 awards during the NYS Veterinary Conference’s Celebration Dinner at the Cornell Lab of Orthinology. Recipients were nominated by their regional. Thank you to the NYSVMS Awards Committee who organized the year-long selection process: Chair, Robert Hamilton, DVM and committee members: Larry Bartholf, DVM, Eric Bregman, VMD, Deirdre Chiaramonte, DVM, Meg Thompson, DVM and Rene van Ee, DVM. Additional awards given out during the dinner were: 2018 NYS-VC Outstanding Speaker Award: Jarra Jagne, DVM, DACPV and Daniel Elmer Salmon Award for Distinguished Alumni Service: Jerrold Ward, DVM, PhD, DACVP.

Rising Leader Award Amanda Schepis, DVM • Dr. Amanda Schepis graduated magna cum laude from SUNY Brockport in 2006 with a BS in Biological Sciences and Chemistry

and from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in Saint Paul. • She was an Associate Veterinarian at Lancaster Small Animal Hospital for a year before she joined Sheridan Animal Hospital in 2011. She advanced from Associate Veterinarian, to Chief Associate Veterinarian, to Medical and Hospital Director. In July 2019, she became an Associate Veterinarian at Cheektowaga Animal Hospital. • She is a member of the AVMA and AAHA. She has served as a board member of the Buffalo Academy of Veterinary Medicine, the Niagara Frontier Veterinary Society, and the Western New York VMA. She has been a member of the NYSVMS Committee for Leadership Advancement for 3 years and currently serves as Chair. She is a graduate of the first class

Amanda Schepis, DVM 18

of the NYSVMS Power of Ten. She has also served on the NYS-VC and the Leadership Development committees. • Dr. Schepis volunteers her time as an advisor of the Veterinary Explorer Post 26, a career exploration program for students interested in pursuing a career in the veterinary medical field.

Merit Award Howard Gittelman, DVM, MS • A graduate of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and Graduate School, Dr. Gittelman began his career as a companion animal veterinarian in a multidoctor specialty practice in Rhode Island. There he cultivated his interests in emergency medicine and was subsequently appointed Director of Animal Emergency Clinic in Oahu, in Honolulu, Hawaii. He then assumed the directorship of Animal Medical of New City, PC.

Howard Gittelman, DVM, MS

• Dr. Gittelman served as the President of the Westchester/ Rockland Veterinary Medical Association for 4 terms and as the Westchester/Rockland delegate to the NYSVMS Executive Board for two 4 year terms. He also is the chair of the Westchester/Rockland VMA chapter transition committee. He received the Veterinarian of the Year award from WRVMA in 1997. • He received a NYSVMS President’s Citation. He currently serves on the NYSVMS Bylaws and Government Relations committee. • He is also on the medical advisory committee for the Hi-Tor Animal Care Center. His areas of special interest include veterinary dentistry, minimally invasive diagnostic modalities and surgery. He has devoted his career to continuing education, and serving his clients and their pets.

Dean Snyder, DVM, PE Nov.-Dec. 2019

David Leahy, DVM Outstanding Service to Veterinary Medicine Dean Snyder, DVM, PE • Dr. Dean Snyder is a Licensed Professional Engineer, graduating from Clarkson University in 1984. He worked as a Lead Mechanical Engineer at Harris Corp., R.F Communications. He then went on to graduate from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine. He opened Apple Country Veterinary Hospital in 1996, and opened Erie Canal Animal Hospital with his partner Dr. Heidi Wendel in Spencerport, N.Y. in 2014. • He served as President of NYSVMS. He has also served on the following committees: Continuing Education, Chair, Grassroots Legislative Network, Chair, Finance/Audit Committee, Government Relations and Management Relations. He has received a NYSVMS Merit Award and a President’s Citation. • Dr. Snyder served 2 terms as President of Genesee Valley VMA and served as Chair of the Ethics Committee. He is the recipient of the GVVMA Veterinarian of the

Nov.-Dec. 2019

Year Award. He is a current member of the NYSED Board of Veterinary Medicine. • He serves as a Board Member of Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester. He also assisted the Willow Domestic Violence Center in developing procedures to allow victims to be admitted with their pets thus eliminating the threat of the abuser hurting the pet.

Veterinarian of the Year David Leahy, DVM • Dr. David Leahy graduated from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990. He then spent 2 years at a large, mixed-dairy animal practice in Merced, CA. In 1992, he returned to his native Catskill NY roots and has practiced mostly on small animals, currently as the owner of Community Veterinary Center. He enjoys being on the forefront of special veterinary surgery techniques, with a special interest in orthopedic surgery. • Dr. Leahy served three separate terms as President of Catskill Mountain VMA served on the NYSVMS board

Walter McCarthy, DVM representing the Catskill Mountain region for 8 years. He is the recipient of NYSVMS President’s Citation in 2013 and 2014 for his work on the dental legislation and served as Chair of the Large Animal and Government Relations committees. • He has six sons, five dogs, two or three horses, and ten to fifteen dairy cattle. His oldest son, John is a recent Cornell University CVM graduate, second son, Benjamin is a student at Ohio State Vet class of 2021, William is studying Russian history in St. Petersburg Russia, Thomas is currently serving in the Air Force National Guard-Intelligence Branch, Charles is a first year medical student at Northeast Ohio Med and Andrew is 11. His wife Marilyn is the “brains of the operation.”

Distinguished Life Service Award Walter McCarthy, DVM • Dr. Walter McCarthy graduated from high school in 1968, then spent 3 years at Cornell as an undergraduate, eventually graduating from the Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine

in 1975. He married Mary in 1975 and started as an Associate at Ford Veterinary Associates, a small animal practice in Niagara Falls, that September. In 1982, he became a partner and is now the sole owner of Ford Veterinary Associates, P.C. • In 1978, Dr. McCarthy began a career in organized veterinary medicine as an officer in the Buffalo Academy of Veterinary Medicine, the local education group. A few years later, he became a Board member in the Western New York VMA. • He was elected to represent Western NY to NYSVMS in 1992, and in 2002 became the President. He has represented New York as Alternate Delegate and Delegate to the AVMA since 2003 and served as Chair of the NYSVMS Legislative Committee for over 16 years. In 2006, he received the NYSVMS Veterinarian of the Year award. He was an officer and then President on the Buffalo Academy of Veterinary Medicine.



Nov.-Dec. 2019


Positions, For Sale and More … Practices for Sale

excellent one, located just outside of Amsterdam, Gloversville and Need help selling, buying, or appraising your veterinary practice? Johnstown. It will be sold for Contact John Bryk, DVM or Bill Crank, the price of the facility and the equipment in it. Hospital also has DVM at (419) 945-2408 or go to: a small apartment downstairs. It www.TotalPracticeSolutionsGroup. is located on Route 29. Contact com. New! Sign up for our Buyer Notification by State, at our website. Dr. Peter Bluvas at pjbdvm@gmail. com or (518) 844-3922 and feel free to leave a message if no answer. MA-SA Practice well equipped w/rental apartment & garage, Grossing $890K; ME-Upstate Finger Lakes Maine, SA Practice w/RE. Practice Steuben County, N.Y.: Small animal Grossing 500K; Just Listed-MEpractice with an estimated ADI of Profitable Small Animal Practice +$145K. A new owner can enjoy with RE, Grossing $960K; NC-Small a comfortable living. 2,800sf Animal Practice w/Real Estate, facility with an additional 1,800sf Grossing $600K NJ-Small Animal used for storage, on +/-1/2 Practice w/Real Estate, Grossing acres RE. Code: NY12. PS Broker; $514K; NY-Southeastern NY (800) 636.4740; info@psbroker. Profitable Small Animal Practice w/ com; RE, Grossing $547K; Just Listed-PAWell-established/equipped Small Hudson Valley Animal Practice Grossing $1.1M; Just Solo opportunity in growing part Listed-PA-Well-established Small of Sullivan County. Grossing nearly Animal Practice w/RE, Grossing $1.1 million with 1 Doctor in a state $800K; PA -Beautiful Pocono of the art facility. Practice and area- Must See! SA Practice w/ real estate which includes a well RE & Apartment. Grossing $790K; maintained house. $1.2 million. PA-South Central PA, Small Animal For more information, please Practice w/RE Grossing over 1.1M; contact Joe Stephenson at (845) VT-Small Animal Practice w/RE & 943-4998, Apartment, Grossing $567K. For or go to our website, simmonsinc. more information, call John Bryk & com, to fill out a confidentiality Bill Crank at TPSG (419) 945-2408. agreement for NY179 and learn

Arizona Arizona, Santa Cruz County, AAHA Accredited, SA practice with a state-of-the art facility and topnotch equipment. Plenty of room to expand services. Our client is eager to retire, but happy to assist with transition. AZ4. PS Broker, (800) 636-4740, info@psbroker. com,

Capital District Practice has been a good one, running for close to 40 years with 3 or more veterinarians employed. Owner was affected with several severe illnesses, which forced him to close. The facility has been an

Nov.-Dec. 2019

more about the practice.

Long Island Now under agreement-New Listing! 2.5 Doctor FTE, small animal practice in Suffolk County, N.Y. This is an extremely rare chance to have a shot at a profitable, multi-doctor practice on Long Island. Gross revenue just under $2,000,000. This practice is very profitable, well equipped and operates out of a spacious facility. Even at today’s premium prices, you could see an after-debt cash flow near $265,000 and have the freedom to practice the way you want without spending years at the grindstone. For more

information, please contact Joe Stephenson at (845) 943-4998, or go to our website,, to fill out a confidentiality agreement for NY194 a and learn more about this practice opportunity.

Western New York Price reduced, motivated seller! Buffalo Area. Grossing $800k+ and growing! The practice and real estate was for sale for $1,000,000. Now $975k! For more information, please contact Joe Stephenson at (845) 943-4998, jbs@simmonsne. com or go to our website,, to fill out a confidentiality agreement for NY187 and learn more about the practice. Small animal practice in Buffalo/ western ski resorts area grossing $602,500 in 3,500 sf facility with three pass-through exam rooms. Building recently remodeled. Well-equipped and well-managed. Contact Dr. Kurt Liljeberg of Total Practice Solutions Group – Great Lakes. Phone (800) 380-6872, email: When buying or selling a veterinary practice, rely on the expertise of Total Practice of Solutions Group. Contact Dr. Kurt Liljeberg of Total Practice Solutions Group – Great Lakes. Phone (800) 380-6872, email:

Associate Veterinarians Wanted Capital District Ballston Spa Veterinary Clinic is seeking a full-time, small animal associate to join our award-winning seven doctor practice. New grads are welcome to apply! We have NO on call hours for good work/life balance! We are equipped with: Surgical suite with two heated tables, extensive orthopedic instrumentation, Dental suite with digital dental radiographs, Digital

Radiographs (all sent out for a second opinion to radiologists via telemedicine), Up to Date Ultrasound with designated special procedures room, Underwater Treadmill with Certified Canine Rehabilitation LVT, and Rehab Program (great support if you have your CCRP certification), Warm Laser Therapy Machine, Separate dog and cat lobbies, Six exam rooms, three with lift tables on the dog’s side, Two exam rooms with windows to children’s playroom for clients with pets and kids. We have a well-trained and fun staff that allows us to focus on excellent medicine and client communication. We believe that every member of our team should balance work with play, which is why we appreciate our town in beautiful upstate NY! We are minutes from walking trails, and creeks to kayak. We are 10 minutes from Saratoga Springs, home of Skidmore College and great restaurants and shops. We can hike or ski in the Adirondacks, and swim in Lake George- all are less than an hour away. We’re also between three and four hours away from NYC, Boston, and Montreal. And with no on call hours you can get that work/life balance you deserve! Compensation/benefits package includes competitive compensation-based salary, medical/dental/vision insurance options, malpractice insurance, life insurance, flexible vacation, annual continuing educational allowance, paid veterinary and licensing fees, AVMA and VIN membership dues, 401k and more! Please email Dr. Danica Salamun at sukidog1@ or text (518) 588-0741.

New York City Associate vet wanted. I am looking for an experienced vet who still believes veterinary medicine is a profession and not a business. I want someone to treat patients as if they are your own. A person with an internship and with a great small


animal background in medicine and surgery is desired. I am an AMC trained intern and surgical resident who has been practicing as a solo practitioner for 40 years. I am looking to have someone join me who shares my philosophy and work ethic. Salary, benefits, and bonuses will be discussed when we meet. Check the hospital website and Facebook page at: Broadway Contact: Scott Luckow, DVM at

Veterinarians Wanted Capital District Animal Hospital of Niskayuna has been serving the veterinary needs of area pets since 1936. We are a full service hospital, AAHA-accredited since 1946. Our clients are accustomed to being educated how best to take care of their pets and are also used to getting superlative “customer” service. We have full inhouse lab, as well as the resources of our reference lab (Idexx). We utilize specialists liberally. We have in-house ultrasound, Catalyst Dx, Lasercyte, Coag Dx, digital dental & WB radiography, multiparameter Cardell monitor including end-tidal CO2, and Parks Doppler BP. We have an extensive library and utilize VIN on a daily basis. We offer competitive salary and benefits that include health insurance, matched 401k, CE allowance and paid dues and membership fees. Specialty practices with 24/7 emergency departments are located within 5 miles of our location. Buy-in or buy-out opportunity available for the right individual. Contact:

Finger Lakes Full-time veterinarian needed for a 9 doctor mixed practice located in the beautiful New York’s Finger Lakes Region. Veterinarian needed for equine and small animal. Some bovine if interested. In house lab, digital radiography for small and equine. Benefit package includes health, liability, disability insurance, paid vacation, continuing


education, fully equipped vehicle and retirement. Offering a broad range of services for equine and small animal. New grads welcome to apply. For more information, contact:

Looking for NYS licensed practitioner for small animal hospital seeing patients, diagnostics, etc. for an AAHA accredited practice in Buffalo, N.Y. Contact:

Capital District Veterinary Referral Hospital located in Latham, N.Y., is looking to add full-time and part-time Fast Track emergency veterinarians to our well-established team. The Fast Track emergency veterinarians at Capital District will Part-time veterinarian needed provide outpatient care to animals Emergency for small town practice. Position Veterinarians Wanted with conditions that are not critical available for small animal or life threatening in collaboration Orchard Park Veterinary Medical veterinarian. Complete in house with our emergency and specialty Center (OPVMC) is seeking an lab, digital radiography machine, team. We are looking for talented, emergency veterinarian! Live in one ultrasound. Support staff includes energetic, personable individuals of the safe havens from climate multiple licensed veterinary with strong communication and change! OPVMC is a privatelytechnicians, veterinary assistant interpersonal skills, who will be owned hospital and a leader in and receptionist. Flexible schedule. contributing members of our Specialty, 24/7 Emergency and Interesting case load. Located in highly collaborative veterinary Wellness healthcare for pets. We the heart of the Finger Lakes, if team. The Capital District area: enjoy a strong diverse caseload, are you enjoy wineries, breweries and/ This richly historic area of New growing quickly, and are seeking the or the water you’ll love Steuben York, which includes our capital right individual to help contribute County. We are excited to hear city of Albany, as well as Saratoga to the team environment and to from you. Buy in potential for the Springs, Troy, and Schenectady expand the medicine we offer to right person if wanted. Contact: offers a wonderfully unique place the community. OPVMC consists, (607) to live and provide options for all of three boarded internists, one 776-3747, Guy Hammond, VMD. lifestyles. Encompassed within the boarded surgeon and two residency Capital District, you will find small trained surgeons, a boarded medical Western New York cities, college towns, bedroom oncologist, a behavior specialist, Small animal veterinarian with a NYS communities, and resort areas and eighteen emergency/general license, to provide medical and that provide recreation and leisure. practice veterinarians. We also surgical services to a primarily dog The region’s recent rapid economic have a telemedicine relationship and cat practice in Western NY. The growth from the tech industry adds with a boarded radiologist and a applicant will be providing to its well-established tourism, board-certified clinical pathologist. comprehensive/full service care to farming, and state government In 2008 we relocated to a newly small animal patients. We are in a sectors. This is an ideal area to remodeled 22,000 sq. ft facility that rural/semi-rural community about live for those who enjoy a flexible includes endoscopy, cystoscopy, 20 miles east of Buffalo. We have lifestyle with a wide range of Storz endosurgical equipment, easy access to major sport teams, options for housing, activities and GE Logiq s7 expert Vet ultrasound entertainment and shopping. This is travel, and a low cost of living. machine, 64-slice Toshiba Aquilion a great community for families with Saratoga Springs offers a mix of CT unit, digital radiography with an a very good medium-sized school attractions including the summerestablished radiologist relationship, district. We offer a competitive base time tradition of horse racing, a complete onsite laboratory with salary and benefit package with tranquil farms, woodlands, and digital slide scanning technology for production bonus. A person with scenic lakes for outdoor activities. same-day remote board certified strength in small animal medicine, Lake George and the Adirondacks clinical pathologist evaluations surgery, dentistry, dental x-ray, offer limitless hiking, kayaking, of cytologic preparations, and ultrasound and the ability to work skiing, and camping. Troy and blood bank. We enjoy a paper-light independently with a great attitude Albany offer city appeal with an electronic medical records system is what we are looking for. We are a exciting night life and cultural and that streamlines paperwork, 56 year old practice in a 7 year-old historical setting layered beneath improves record keeping, and facility. We have computerized a youthful movement of small facilitates client and referring records, surgery suite, in-house businesses. If you have kids or are veterinarian communication. Idexx laboratory machines, digital planning to raise a family, you will We have an incredibly loyal, radiography, digital dental x-ray and find the neighboring communities hardworking and dedicated team. ultrasound. We have a great the perfect place to live complete We are committed to the patients support team of 15 employees with 4 with parks and award-winning and the community, and promote LVT’s. We also have grooming, schools. Our Hospital: Our hospital an environment that fosters team boarding and training on-site. No includes 9 exam rooms and a learning mixed with a daily dose emergency coverage. Visit us at: bereavement room, a newly of laughter. Learn more about us Send renovated four surgery suite at: resume to: akronanimalhospital@ enclosed surgery annex, a 40

Nov.-Dec. 2019

cage ICU, a 6-table treatment area and an isolation suite. Diagnostic imaging capabilities include digital radiography, 8 slice CT and ultrasound. In addition to providing 24/7 emergency care, our specialties include critical care, surgery, radiology and dermatology. The Fast Track Emergency Service: Capital District Veterinary Referral Hospital has a well-established emergency service. We are opening an urgent care service within our ER to enable the fast tracking of patients with minor illnesses and injuries from 9-5pm on weekends and 4pm-12am on weekdays with the goal of patients being discharged within 90 minutes or less. Examples of conditions that would be treated through the urgent care service include (but are not limited to): ear infections, uncomplicated kennel cough, urinary tract infections, rashes, pyoderma, abrasions, weight bearing lameness, conjunctivitis, torn or embedded nails, and simple lacerations. Our Team:

We are a talented, energetic, and personable team. Our focus on delivering exceptional client service serves as the backbone for maintaining a hospitable culture that fosters teamwork and camaraderie. We take care of each other first, allowing us to provide outstanding, empathetic service to our clients, referring veterinarians and the community. We create opportunities for success in all that we do through empowerment and a well communicated vision for our business. To learn more about our team please view a quick video of some of our colleagues: https:// Interested candidates can submit their CV to Dr. Chris Blum at: Capital District Veterinary Referral Hospital, located in Latham, N.Y., is looking to add a fulltime emergency veterinarian to our well-established team. We are looking for a talented, energetic, personable individual

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Veterinary Practice Sales and Appraisals Joe Stephenson, MA Associate Broker 41 Main Street New Paltz, New York 800-474-4775 Nov.-Dec. 2019


with strong communication and interpersonal skills, who will be a contributing member of our highly collaborative veterinary team. This richly historic area of New York that includes our capital city of Albany, as well as Saratoga Springs, Troy, and Schenectady offers a wonderfully unique place to live and provide options for all lifestyles. Encompassed within the Capital District, you will find small cities, college towns, bedroom communities, and resort areas that provide recreation and leisure. The region’s recent rapid economic growth from the tech industry adds to its wellestablished tourism, farming, and state government sectors. This is an ideal area to live for those who enjoy a flexible lifestyle with a wide range of options for housing, activities and travel, and a low cost of living. Saratoga Springs offers a mix of attractions including the summer-time tradition of horse racing, tranquil farms, woodlands, and scenic lakes for outdoor activities. Lake George and the Adirondacks offer limitless hiking, kayaking, skiing, and camping. Troy and Albany offer city appeal with an exciting night life and cultural and historical setting layered beneath a youthful movement of small businesses. If you have kids or are planning to raise a family, you will find the neighboring communities the perfect place to live complete with parks and award-winning schools. Our hospital includes 9 exam rooms and a bereavement room, a newly renovated four surgery suite enclosed surgery annex, a 40 cage ICU, a 6- table treatment area and an isolation suite. Diagnostic imaging capabilities include digital radiography, an 8 slice CT and ultrasound. In addition to providing 24/7 emergency care, our specialties include critical care, surgery, radiology and dermatology. We are a talented, energetic, and personable team. Our focus on delivering exceptional client service serves as the backbone for maintaining a hospitable

culture that fosters teamwork and camaraderie. We take care of each other first, allowing us to provide outstanding, empathetic service to our clients, referring veterinarians and the community. We create opportunities for success in all that we do through empowerment and a well communicated vision for our business. To learn more about our team please view a quick video of some of our colleagues: https:// Q3Oug. Capital District and Ethos Veterinary Health: Capital District is part of the http://www.ethosvet. com Ethos Veterinary Health network of hospitals, providing our clinicians the opportunity to be part of a larger network of hospitals, but still maintain our distinctive identity. The focus of Ethos is on advancing veterinary medicine, along with providing high quality, compassionate care, which improves the lives of patients and their human companions. Our advancements center around three main areas: Transformative Science: We focus on driving initiatives that change the biology of disease, resulting in new diagnostics, novel therapies and improved treatments. Knowledge: We know we are only as good as our teams, so we are committed to continuous learning and growth, ensuring all team members have a path to reaching their fullest potential. Collaboration: Throughout Ethos we focus on capturing bright spots and sharing that knowledge across our organization. We believe a collaborative approach leads to better outcomes for our patients and more professionally fulfilled medical teams. Interested candidates can submit their CV to Dr. Chris Blum at:

CE Opportunity

CE Meeting-Veterinary Professional Quest(VPQ), Big Sky Montana-16 hours RACE and NYS approved. 3/1/20-3/7/20, go to www. for details and registration form. Contact: Dr. Donna Baird Horn at (831) 3455479,




300 Great Oaks Blvd., Suite 314 Albany, NY 12203

REGISTER EARLY & SAVE! Register by April 23, 2020 to get 15% off full conference veterinarian registration* using code VMA2020


*Code not valid for Diplomate registration

Baltimore, Maryland June 11-13, 2020


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