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June, 2010


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The Official Publication of the New York State Snowmobile Association

June, 2010

Executive Director Report by Dave Perkins, Executive Director 518—796-0897 Bulk Sign Order

New York Snowmobiler Online


The 1011 Bulk Sign Order program is in full swing. A few club sign orders have already been received. The deadline for ordering signs is July 24th. Signs should be delivered at the September NYSSA BOD meeting.

Anne O’Dell, Editor

The bulk sign order is an opportunity for clubs to save hundreds of dollars in trail sign cost. The new E911 sign is being finalized. It will show two locations for information: 911 address of a road crossing and latitude/longitude coordinate information for trail locations such as a trail junction. The sign will be on white reflective sheeting. Clubs will need to write in the appropriate information on the sign with a Solvent Paint Pen, available at most hardware stores. Text preprinted on the sign will likely be red in color. A second sign to highlight is the club trail ID sign. Trails maintained by clubs and covered by the statewide liability policy need to be identified. All club trails need to be located by GPS/GIS information. Clubs need to identify these trails. The club trail ID sign was developed to provide clubs with a means to identify unfunded trails within a statewide system of club trail identification. Clubs need to deter(Continued on page 3)

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President’s Message: The New Season Starts Now


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2010 ISC


University of Buffalo had the only Diesel-powered snowmobile entry at the 2010 Clean Snowmobile Challenge. See page 4. Photo by Jim MacFarland.

NYSSA Online Magazine (Executive Director, continued from page 2)

mine how many club trails they have and then contact the Trails Coordinator for a set of assigned trail numbers. The actual ID sign is on the bulk sign order. Securing club trail ID numbers for trails not approved for funding will establish a legitimate system for identifying these trails. ADKCAP About 18 months ago a national climate change conference was held at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. An off-shoot group met at The Nature Conservancy building in Keene (Essex Co) at the same time to focus on climate change in the Adirondacks. On May 24th the work done on Adirondack Park climate change was reported as part of an Adirondack Park Climate Action Plan. Several task forces were formed and have done some work. The report of each task force represents the progress of the Plan. There was a great emphasis on the use of biomass fuels and the economics of biomass facilities and the necessary timber supply. The primary emphasis is to greatly reduce and eventually remove the use of fossil fuels. One speaker showed an emissions chart that listed snowmobiles slightly better than a 10 mpg car. It is not certain the source of this information. Undoubtedly it does not reflect the significant emissions improvements in newer snowmobiles. The emissions issue also underscores the importance of the work being done in the Clean Snowmobile Challenge (please see article on next page). Northern Forests There is renewed interest in the Northern Forest. This is an area encompassing the forests of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s an effort to combine these forests into an area that would be regulated as a whole was discussed. It is important that we keep apprised of this project.

The Northern Forest area.

A Northern Forest Steering Committee was formed and has put forth recommendations for the Governors of each state. The group’s brochure on the economic resurgence in the Northern Forest does include a photo of snowmobiles.

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NYSSA Online Magazine

Clean Snowmobile Challenge The Clean Snowmobile Challenge is an important project to support and take an interest in to succeed. For information on the 2010 Clean Snowmobile Challenge, go to Three teams from two universities in New York were part of the competition, Clarkson University and the University of Buffalo. The teams fared well in the 2010 competition. There were two categories of competition: Fueled and Zero Emissions. A battery-operated snowmobile that was part of the challenge is now being used to assist scientific research in Greenland. Buffalo’s entry was the only diesel-powered snowmobile in the competition.

ea t Gr


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CTANY The Canalway Trail Association of NY (CTANY) held a meeting recently in Camillus along the old Erie Canal. The focus is on anything having to do with canals. CTANY works closely with Parks and Trails NY and the Canal Corporation in its programs. Clubs with trails on canal lands or clubs considering seeking permission to use canal lands should consider being involved with the annual Canal Clean Sweep and Adopt a Canalway Trail. A second topic is Trails Advocacy where the group discusses specific trail projects. Of primary interest at this meeting was the news that the trail portion of the 2005 Transportation Bond Act may finally be released. This would allow for funding of trail projects in the City of Rome, from Pittsford to Fairport in western NY, and Ft Edward to Ft Anne along the Champlain Canal in eastern NY. The Close the Gaps campaign focuses on those segments of the canalway trail that remain incomplete, effectively fracturing the canal trail. There are sections of missing links that could impact snowmobile use on the canalway trail. A potential project for this winter is a comprehensive winter use trail count survey similar to what is done in the summer months. Phase I GPS OPRHP announced in its 2010-11 Phase I application and to local sponsors at their meetings in early May that all trails in the Phase I application need to be located by GPS or by creating GIS shapefiles from other sources. The use of paper maps to submit Phase I applications is no longer allowed. The Phase I deadline is June 30th. It is available on the NYS OPRHP website at Club trail GPS/GIS At the request of Parks and for insurance reasons, clubs are being asked to GPS their unfunded trails. Shapefiles are to be sent to NYSSA. Specific information on this will eventually be provided to district directors for instructing clubs. Parks continues to allow the purchase of GPS units and the mapping software that is part of the program developed for NYSSA by Jim Bode of Montgomery County. However, clubs will not be allowed to claim the time spent on this work on club trails on the 1011 Phase III documentation. A NYSSA-sponsored per mile reimbursement program for labor may be developed for this purpose. Adirondack Park Lawsuit The Attorney General’s office has filed dismissal papers of the Article 78 lawsuit brought by an environmental group against the APA and DEC. This motion by the State was argued at Albany County Supreme Court on Friday, June 4th. The Judge’s decision on the State’s motion may not be known for several weeks. The main issues in this suit are technical in nature. Submission of information specific to snowmobiling is not yet needed. (Continued on page 6)

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Forest Road Closure Letter NYSSA has sent a letter to Governor Patterson and selected committee chairs in the Legislature was sent regarding the closure of state forest roads by the DEC. Allegany State Park Letter of Support A letter of support for the Allegany State Park Draft Master Plan was sent to OPRHP. Provisions of the Plan are supported by the local clubs. STEP HELP WANTED! The Safe Trails Education Program needs volunteers to become Independent Safe Trails Advisors, STEP instructors, and for county organizations to develop Satellite STEP programs. The goal of consistently signed trails has never ending challenges. Interested? Please contact the NYSSA Office. Support for Congressman Welch’s Effort Congressman Murphy’s office was contacted regarding support for Vermont Congressman Welch’s efforts to secure funding for a study on the actual amount of federal fuel tax paid by motorized recreation. Unit Management Plans (“UMP’s”) A meeting of clubs that have AANR’s in the Ferris Lake UMP is being held to discuss issues expected in the upcoming amendment to the Ferris Lake UMP. It is expected that DEC will soon begin work on identifying community connector trails in that UMP. This affects several clubs. Jessup River Wild Forest (JRWF) UMP The public comment period for the JRWF UMP Amendment has been extended to August 2nd. (Continued on page 7)

PLEASE TAKE NOTE! THE NYSSA OFFICE IN LONG LAKE IS CLOSED. Our mailing address remains PO Box 612, Long Lake, NY 12847-0612. 

The primary phone number is 888-624-3849. New this year: For general questions, dial x 101; to reach Dave Perkins, dial x 102; Anne O‟Dell, x 103; Jim Jennings, x 104. Our new phone system enables quicker contact!

New this year: Our fax number is now 888-317-2441. Faxes are received electronically.

Email NYSSA at

All phone numbers beginning with the 518 area code are out of service.

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Chainsaw Class Certificates DEC is preparing certificates for those that participated in the Chainsaw Safety class held at the Forum. Wilderness Advocacy A wilderness advocacy group in Colorado says that an economic impact study shows that cross-country skiers and snowshoers contribute three times the economic benefit than snowmobilers. The study is based on records of visitors to the White River National Forest area of Colorado where wilderness designation is being pushed. It is estimated that 421,000 skiers and shoers visited the area while only 105,000 snowmobilers visited this area. The economic data collected did not include the cost of purchasing a snowmobile.

NEC & NYSSA Scholarship Winners Chosen! NEC Scholarships This year the Northeast Chapter (NEC) of the International Snowmobile Council (ISC) received 20 scholarship applications, including 5 from New York, 5 from New Hampshire, 5 from Vermont and 5 from Massachusetts (none were received from Canada). A panel of 5 Trustees (Bonnie Holbrook from VT; Mary Brusoe from NY; Marie Hixson from NH; Rena Sumner from MA;, Bob Kerchner from PA) judged the applications and sent their results to Harold Case, Scholarship Chair for the NEC , which he tallied. We are pleased to present the winners of the NEC Scholarships: 1st Place --- Katelyn Peaster, New York 2nd Place --- Ariel Elizabeth Porter, New Hampshire 3rd Place --- Kelsey Donoghue, New York 4th Place --- Megan Nuffer, New York The NEC scholarship program has paid out to students $18,200.00. NYSSA Scholarships The NYSSA Norris Brusoe Scholarship has been awarded to Katelyn Peaster, a member of the Delaware Ridge Riders. The NYSSA Joan and Digger Vriessen Scholarship has been awarded to Kelsey Donoghue, a member of the Inlet Barnstormers. Congratulations!!

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NYSSA Online Magazine

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NYSSA Online Magazine

President’s Message by Gary Broderick


The New Season is Starting Now! Hard to believe, but Phase I grant paperwork is due on the 30th of this month! This is how we jump into the 2010-11 season. Phase III paperwork was due by the 31st of May. Steve Lewis from the NYS OPRHP Snowmobile Unit said the new 30% vouchers are prepped and ready to go-we are just waiting on New York State to complete the budget (for lack of a better term) negotiations. Each category of funding should see about a 17% increase in what was originally forecasted. Now is the time to start thinking about other things to do this season. Snow Trails TV is looking for counties in New York State where they can film for shows. This is a great way to showcase your club, your county, your trails and, especially, your business sponsors. Getting them national exposure via Snow Trails TV is a great way to help them increase business while touting the great work you and your clubs do. We can do a much better job at helping our businesses and local economy than many programs that are out there now just by introducing the public to them. Contact your county Tourism and Economic Development Departments -- most counties collect a „Bed Tax‟ that is supposed to be used to promote „tourism‟. What better use is there for that money than promoting your local businesses and snowmobiling in general? For more info, please contact me. Speaking of the new season, all clubs need to complete the „Letter of Understanding‟ (LOU) with NYSSA. Clubs need to have this ready so that they will be able to download and sell vouchers for the upcoming season. The LOU needs to be filled out with accurate contact information. If you are having issues with the LOU, call the NYSSA Office, 888624-3849 x103. I‟ve heard from BRP; they hope to repeat the Million Dollar Club Support Program again this year. The point of this program is to help clubs out, but it is also to drive foot traffic into their dealerships. Though this is not a NYSSA program, we are glad that we can help facilitate it. More details to follow as they become available. We are still working on Job Descriptions for employees and preparing to advertise for a new Executive Director. Please get your résumés‟ ready. You can send them to the office via US Mail, fax, or e-mail. We will be advertising across New York State. We plan to have this out and begin the hiring process before the end of the summer. We are also working with Supertrax International Magazine to bring back the „New York Snowmobiler‟ printed magazine. This will be likely in the form of a free issue of Supertrax Magazine with a printed NYSSA „Tip-In‟ inserted into the magazine. We are working out sponsorship issues and details to make this happen, but it‟s something I believe we need to do-re-establish contact with our members throughout the state along with members from neighboring states and provinces. Working with Supertrax and other sponsors makes this affordable. We hope to continue to build this partnership and shape it into a larger publication to further benefit our members. The Board of Directors will not be meeting in July, giving them a well-deserved break, but many of our standing and Ad Hoc Committees will continue meeting via telephone and other teleconferencing means. We will continue to monitor the byzantine process our state calls the budget negotiations to protect your interests (Trail Fund). If the state tries to encroach on the fund again, we will be calling on you for your support in getting calls into your elected officials. Please have a wonderful 4th of July and stay safe. We‟ll talk again after the holiday! In all you do-Keep the rubber side down.

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NYSSA Online Magazine

From the VP by Jason Kowalczyk

Communication The Communications and Membership committees are developing many new methods to communicate to our Clubs and our members. First, with your monthly Club membership invoices you will find a new insert speaking to club issues. You should have received the first one already, if you are getting mail at the club mailing address. We hope to send club news and active volunteer information monthly. As Gary noted, we are working on getting an insert into the SuperTrax magazine, after the BOD approves it as a valid use of our membership list. This would go to every member, and would constitute information about the sport of snowmobiling in New York State. There also will be an insert in your DMVmailed snowmobile registration packet this year, mainly concentrating on ensuring everyone follows the rules of the trail and SRRA. Each of these publications will be at low or no cost to NYSSA. We are looking to innovative ways to contact our membership, however remember that the only way to get low or no cost communication will be utilizing business sponsors. If the BOD does not support these methods, it canâ€&#x;t happen. How to run a club online? Well in the spirit of communicating I am going to start a monthly column outlining the ways to make your club run smoother leveraging technology. Some solutions will be limited to 501c3 organizations and some not. However I think that you will find the information informative and useful to your club or personal operations. A few things to start, I hope to answer your questions on general problems if you email me them at nyssa at Kowalczyk dot org. I have a few items planned and I will try to answer your questions as they are received. I will try to interleave questions with general information as the column progresses month to month. Some of the items I will be covering are, Websites, Email usage, online membership usability, electronic Phase III submissions to OPHRP and your sponsor, office productivity applications, bulk email communication, getting cheap hardware and software, graphic design, vector vs raster graphic formats, issuing club insurance certificates online, GPS vs GIS, and other issues as they come up. GIS vs. GPS vs. Napkin sketches First I want to speak to GPS vs. GIS, as the deadline approaches for having all of your trails GPSed let me give you some background. First GIS is a geographic information system, all this consists of is a large computer file (e.g. word doc but different) that holds all clubs trail information at either the sponsor or state level. The main program used is a version of Arcview by ESRI ( This program holds all the data and allows other data to be appended into the trail location data that is supplied, such as Trail classification, Club name, County Name, Number of miles, Junction information, etc. The Trail location data can be entered in a few different ways into this system. First you can draw it on a map and get the general location of a trail and use a crayon on a napkin for that matter. This is suboptimal as it might cheat your club out of mileage; it might unknowingly be too long as well. It all comes down to the operator entering your data into the ARCview system. If they know your trail, the data will be better, but as you get further away from that local knowledge, you will get less and less accurate. You can also use aerial photos in conjunction with your napkin sketch and get a much better representation of your trails. However aerial photos of an area in many ways are never detailed enough to get an accurate picture of your trails. While the photos help you, they could be off 30 -100 feet, as not all photos are taken from a directly overhead position. You will notice that things are not just perfect. Also depending if the photos are taken from space or from a plane, you will have a parallax issue in each photo. (Continued on page 14)

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NYSSA Online Magazine

NILICO Benefits Members in and Outside New York National Income Life Insurance Company (NILICO) annually sends a benefit package to NYSSA Members for Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, now at $2,000 per member. While all accident claims are truly unfortunate, the last two are of note: claim one was for a member of NYSSA who lived in New Jersey. The other was a New York member involved in a motorcycle accident. This put NILICO over the milestone of $50,000.00 in AD&D claims paid to NYSSA families. The actual total is now $53,000 paid to the members‟ families -- and all at no cost to them. NILICO offers other types of Life Insurance.

(VP, Continued from page 13)

The best and most accurate method of mapping your trails is using a GPS or a global positioning system device. This device continually takes a reading of your location each half to one second and plots your position on Earth to less the a couple meters in any direction. Many times my GPS reports accuracies in the 6-10 foot range. Now this is using some add-ons to the GPS system such as differential GPS and WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) specifically, but using a GPS will get you the most accurate information possible without the need to survey the trails. Problems with the GPS data have been widely talked about and quickly refuted based on OPHRP‟s funding plan. This mainly revolves around elevation change in some areas, where you could see 10‟s of feet added or subtracted due not factoring in this change; see the Pythagorean theorem for more details. While it is a valid problem with GPSs, OPHRP funds trails to the nearest full mile which should negate the issue. For example, if you went 1 mile horizontally and 200 feet vertically, you would have only gone 4 more feet then without the elevation change. Using GPS to manage the trails system will give everyone a benefit as no one can readily cheat on their mileage, and protects everyone‟s funding by requiring that everyone‟s mileage is verified. “Trust but verify” is the only option. GPS equipment Many models of GPS units are acceptable to OPHRP, and you can find that information on the members-only section of the NYSSA website, where we‟ve documented how to GPS your trails. Your automotive Garmin unit is not going to cut it however. This is mainly because it does not accurately record your location for an extended period, But the GPS units inside them are just as accurate as many handheld units. It‟s all about the number of channels that makes things more accurate, the more readings from different satellites it can calculate for each reading the more accurate the reading will be. The GPS data does need to be scrubbed, not for data errors, but mainly for statistical changes when you are stopped in one location. Each time the position is calculated it may be slightly off, but within a few feet. Multiply this over 250 clubs and 11,000 miles of trails you can see why these need to be removed before submission as the data would be just “Garbage In - Garbage Out” (“GIGO”) in those locations. We‟ve been sending lots of GIGO data in and we need a cleanup program to get that data the most accurate that we can, so everyone can make the most scientific analysis of this trail system we can. I can and will go into more detail as we go forward, be on the lookout for more GPS/GIS information in a future issue. I‟ll close by asking one more time for anyone that would like to know how to run a club more efficiently using technology, please feel free to drop me a question at nyssa at Kowalczyk dot org.

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NYSSA Online Magazine

2010 International Snowmobile Congress Coralville, Iowa was the place to be June 10-12 for the 42nd gathering of the International Snowmobile Congress. Leaders from all of the State Snowmobile Associations, Canadian Provinces, Sweden and Russia discussed the opportunities and challenges that face snowmobiling. NYSSA sent 4 representatives to this event. ISC is held annually at rotating locations. Next year‟s ISC will be in Calgary, Canada. In 2012, it will move back east to Sturbridge, Massachusetts. All the snowmobile jurisdictions of the US, Canada, and Sweden are divided into three Chapters: Western, Midwest, and North East. NYSSA is part of the North East Chapter. Throughout the days of ISC there are many meetings and related events. The entire ISC meets and then each individual Chapter meets. In addition, the Tourism Media Council meets along with the IASA administrators. The IASA began their meetings on Wednesday. The ISMA (manufacturers) presented their summary of the past season including information on issues pertinent to what is going on in Washington, in Ottawa, and in Stockholm. For New York, we need to keep aware of what is happening with the government‟s efforts to force E15 fuel in the marketplace and the current administration‟s efforts to restrict motorized recreation. Each person representing NYSSA at ISC will be submitting reports to the NYSSA Board of Directors. Highlights of ISC are as follows:  A great deal of discussion was held on the Zero Alcohol campaign. There are differences in how this issue should move forward. Consensus building is on-going.  Snowmobile interests in Russia have organized and were voted into the ISC. It is possible that Finland may follow suit at some point in the future.  Three college students from Wisconsin presented information on their youth snowmobile club that has been organized in that state. There was a great deal of interest in what they do and how they are getting more young people involved with snowmobiling.  Avalanche awareness information was a major topic given the fatalities of snowmobilers this past winter. Sweden has produced a DVD on the topic.  An extremely motivational speech was given by Sheila Hozworth on her triumphs in living life though having lost her eyesight at a young age.  The Clean Snowmobile Challenge displayed information on their work and what they hope to continue doing.

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NYSSA Online Magazine

GM Corner by Anne O’Dell, NYSSA General Manager 888-624-3849 x 103

Club Letter of Understanding now available Online! This year, instead of mailing paper “Letters of Understanding” to each Club, the Membership Committee has implemented an electronic version, via the Online Membership System. Your Club Membership Administrator (CMA) may access this by logging in as usual at (in the same way they do to enter memberships). Information is filled in online, and the document is printed for signature by the Club President. It is then mailed to the NYSSA Office. According to Bylaw change 2010-04, approved by Delegates present at the NYSSA Annual Meeting on April 18, the

LOU is to be signed annually by May 1, each year.

Please complete as much information as is available for all officers and other positions requested. At the June BOD meeting, the BOD ratified a motion to “sustain the right of NYSSA to accept only club LOUs that contain the full name and valid contact information, of either type listed, for that club‟s President, and Trails Coordinator (if applicable); as well as the signature of the Club President.” Incomplete LOUs will not be accepted. Please note that the mailing address that is input on the Club‟s LOU is where the check will be sent for Online Membership dues received through the Online Membership system - so it‟s important that it be accurate!

Snowmobilers Storm Capitol Hill (reprinted from ACSA) The buzz in Washington, DC April 18-20 was all about snowmobiling. Seventy snowmobilers from 22 states were talking with Agency decision makers, walking the halls of Congress and meeting with 300 members of Congress from snowbelt states. That's grassroots in action. That's grassroot snowmobilers! That's what sets snowmobilers above and apart from the rest of recreation!! Hats off to the 70 snowmobilers who traveled to DC and the 22 State Snowmobile Associations (including Hal Fleischman and Mike Fischer for New York) for their support. We told the Truth About Snowmobiling and made all of snowmobiling proud! YOUR Online Magazine We‟d love to feature your Club stories. Please send articles and photos to

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NYSSA Online Magazine

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NYSSA Online Magazine

NYSSA CHARITIES PAGE NYSSA encourages its individual members and its Clubs to support the following charitable organizations:

Pink Ribbon Riders The Pink Ribbon Riders mission is to promote awareness of breast cancer in the motor sports industry for both men and women while raising

funds for those in need.

Easter Seals Easter Seals has been helping individuals with disabilities and special needs, and their families, live better lives for over 85 years.


The USO is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the troops by providing morale, welfare and recreationtype services to our men and women in uniform.

Safety Question

A) A person on a horse B) A hiker C) snowmobiler

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 612, Long Lake, NY 12847-0612 * EMAIL - TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *

Safety Question Answer: C

Who exerts the least ground pressure per square inch?

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NYSSA Online Magazine

Summer's here and the Pink Ribbon Riders are on the move! Whats Happening at Summer clearance sale going on now in the Online Store. Summer Pink Ribbon Riders Appearances Fisher's ATV World Reunion PRR has been chosen to be Charity of Choice for the Fisher's ATV World Reunion. Join us August 13th in Pennsylvania and you may have a chance to be seen on the Outdoor channel! September Golf Come and join us at the 3rd Annual Pink Ribbon Riders Golf Classic. Sept. 17th at the Medalist Golf Club in Michigan. Gear up With Two Great Items for Sale Snowmobile Sale Limited Edition 2010 Crossfire 600. 100% of the sale is donated to Pink Ribbon Riders! Arctic Cat Crossfire 600. For sale. Serious interested parties only please email for more information. Triton Trailer For Sale! We promise that if you are serious, we have a price you can't afford to miss. Thanks to our sponsors at Triton Trailers they have quoted a price and a deal to make a donation back to PRR. You can work with us to make a deposit and pick up the trailer in the fall with full payment. Pink Ribbon Riders is a 501(C)3 nonprofit volunteer based organization helping both men and women breast cancer patients, by providing financial assistance in the amounts of $500.00 gift cards. These gift cards are presented to patients, helping ease the financial burdens that can happen while fighting the disease. PRR Facts: - Everyday Pink Ribbon Riders receives 3-4 patient applications for financial assistance. - As of April 1, 2010 more than 175 patients have been helped since the fall of 2007.

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NYSSA MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNTS Use the instructions below to receive discounts from the companies listed below

Exclusive for members of NYSSA-You can save up to 30% a year on snowmobile insurance with a special offer from Nationwide. Whether you have a perfect driving record, or a lapse in coverage, Nationwide is on your side. For more information call 1-866-447-SNOW (7669) or click http:// Allstate offers extensive discounts - up to 40%. Such as Good Rider Discount, Multiple Vehicle Discount, Transfer Discount, Multiple Policy Discount and Safety Course Discount. Stop by and receive a quote from your local agent today. Allstate is a Membership Card Sponsor only. NYSSA members save 15% off at over 5,000 participating Choice hotels worldwide! Call 800.258.2847-mention NYSSA ID# 00803214 or go to to book online. Discount subject to availability at participating hotels and is not for use in conjunction with any other discount, offer or promotional rate. Advance reservations are required. Join the Choice Privileges Program for even more benefits! Save up to 15% on your rental car needs-call 1-800-654-2200 (members only hotline) or to reserve. Use code ‘CDP#1708788’ when reserving.

SnowTrails TV is a touring and destination TV show on PBS. SnowTrails TV is offering NYSSA members-buy 2 DVDs from any season and get the third one free to complete the 10 show season series. Visit for ordering/program information.

Impact Global Industries the maker of the C.S.S. (Communication Safety System), an LED light system used to replace the unsafe outdated handsignals, is exclusively offering 10% off to NYSSA members. Discount orders must be placed by phone, toll free at 1-866-560-6365.

Exclusive discounts for NYSSA members from T-Mobile. Get FREE or deeply discounted equipment (phones/Blackberrys/PDAs) and waived activation fees ($35 per line) when you sign up for new service with TMobile. Please contact Eric Sarafin at 516-707-1758 or email Sled Insure offers NYSSA members an additional 5% discount on their snowmobile insurance premium! Other discounts also available, such as Multiple Sled Discounts and Safety Course Discounts. We can write your coverage the same day and fax or email your NYS Insurance ID Cards immediately! Call us at 1-800-562-6036 or visit us at Makovic Homes offers a free Stainless Steel Appliance Package Upgrade to any NYSSA Member purchasing a Modular or Manufactured Home from Makovic Homes. Must provide proof of current membership. Visit our Model Center at 411 State Rt. 17B, Monticello, NY 12701, call us at 845-796-4663 or e-mail us! See you on the Trails!

NYSSA MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNTS Use the instructions below to receive discounts from the companies listed below

NYSSA Members: Book any two consecutive nights lodging at the Big Moose Inn and Restaurant and receive a third contiguous night free. You will also receive a discount card good for 10% off on all meals, drinks, gift shop items and any future stay. Cannot be used for any other promotional pricing or package deals. Free night limited to Sunday-Thursday. Excludes New Year's Eve and the Sunday before Martin Luther King's birthday. Must be booked by telephone: 888-9244666: The Big Moose Inn and Restaurant ( 1510 Big Moose Road, Eagle Bay, N.Y. 13331

NYSSA WINTER SPECIAL: Use this 10% OFF COUPON FOR ROOM, FOOD OR DRINKS. Stay at this lake front resort and conference center and receive 10% off everything! (NYSSA Membership Number and Promotional Code NYSSA0809 required) Book one of our Jacuzzi suites—or call and ask about other Room Discounts or seasonal rentals. North Woods Inn Resort, 4920 NYS CRT 28, Fourth Lake, Old Forge, NY 13420 ( Call for reservations: 315-369-6777 (Clip and Use this coupon!)

NYSSA members save 20% on overnight lodging Sun-Thurs (excluding holidays), December through April at The Loft in Raquette Lake, in the Central Adirondack Region. Fireplace-sauna-heated garage for sled storage & repair. No permit required for Raquette/Long/Indian Lakes/Newcomb/Tupper trails. For description/rates/photos visit Water’s Edge Inn: SAVE 20% OFF ANY ROOM OR SUITE SUNDAY – THURSDAY NIGHTS! Rest assured at Water’s Edge Inn, located lakeside directly across from Water Safari, Snowmobile Trails 1&5 and Enchanted Premium Gas! (NYSSA Membership Number/Card required for discount, not to be combined with any other offer/discount, limit 1 offer per reservation, excludes holiday/event weeks) Water’s Edge Inn, 3188 St. Rte. 28, Old Forge, NY 13420. Call for Reservations (315) 369-2484. Old Forge Camping Resort: STAY 2 NIGHTS, GET THE 3RD NIGHT FREE! Offer good weekdays and weekends. Drive your sled right to your door! Direct access to Snowmobile Trail 5 and Premium Gas. (NYSSA Membership Number/Card required for discount, not to be combined with any other offer or discount, limit one offer per reservation, must be used for 3 consecutive nights) Old Forge Camping Resort, 3347 State Route 28, Old Forge, NY 13420. For Reservations: 1-800-CAMPING.

The Rocky Acres Inn invites NYSSA Members to enjoy our facilities and receive 10% off your entire stay, year round! The Inn is located on Trout Brook Rd. in Schroon Lake with easy access to trails to local restaurants and Olmstedville/Minerva. Reservations required along with your NYSSA Membership Number. For more information, go to or call us at 518-532-9709. HD Adirondack Chairs by Aaron Fischer: NYSSA Members will receive 15% off the purchase of one/20% off for 2 or more pieces of hand made heavy duty ADK style outdoor furniture. Many styles available and can be custom made to your dimensions in any type of wood you desire. Delivered to most NY towns for a small fee, you can pick-up or shipping can be arranged. The key word is heavy duty-these will be around for years to come. For more information, please call Aaron-315-897-0457 or visit:

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NYSSA MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNTS Use the instructions below to receive discounts from the companies listed below The Tumble Inn invites NYSSA Members to enjoy 15% off regular prices ($95-$115) at our bed, breakfast and beyond. Private baths with clawfoot tubs, modern showers and electric fireplaces. The comfortable guest living room features a fieldstone fireplace, cable TV, DVD player, games, reading materials, snacks and homemade cookies. An outdoor hot tub takes off the chill with robes and slippers provided. Close to miles of trails. Includes an elegantly served "no lunch" breakfast. Call 518-351-5020 or 518-532-7605 for information/reservations.

Save up to 15% on Bonvoyage Snow Adventures. Quebec snowmobile adventures. A Bonvoyage trip is not merely a trip, but an unparalleled adventure experience. Our tours are the direct result of nearly 30 years of exploring Quebec, looking for the provinces best groomed trails, most scenic areas and truly unique places to stay. Dog sledding and a visit to the Ice Hotel can add to the experience. For reservations, go to or call us at (860) 796-9055-NYSSA Membership Number required at time of reservation. Charlie’s Inn-we have specials for snowmobilers! 10% off all rooms Sunday thru Thursday (with your NYSSA Membership Card), come and enjoy, the HOT SPOT in the Adirondack Mountains! Where the trails are groomed all the time. Charlie’s Inn has great food and a full bar. We’re located at 44 Junction Road, Lake Clear (Right on Corridor Trail #7), N.Y. 12945. Call at 518-891-9858 and don’t forget to check us out on the web at ! Come on out to the Junction Campground and join the fun. NYSSA Members get 10% off the regular campground price from June-Sept. by showing their Membership card. The Junction Campground is located in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. It's a quiet, secluded campground with 24 full hook up sites and 12 tent sites. Full restaurant and lounge on premises, hot showers, electric, cable, wireless internet, Laundromat, dump station, picnic tables and play area. Hiking and biking trails are nearby and the swimming location is just 1/4 mile away! We Exclusive offer for NYSSA members only! Get Three (3) years of Supertrax, the world's #1 snowmobile magazine, for the incredible price of $9.99! Simply call 1-800-905-8729 (toll free) and mention the subscription code "NYSSAP" or visit the subscription page on and enter the code "NYSSAP" to get Supertrax for Three (3) years for $9.99 (a $22.99 value). **Offer valid for one name per address and is for NYSSA members only. The Bear in the Tree B&B invites NYSSA members to enjoy a 15% discount off the regular room rate ($85-$115) while riding some of the best groomed trails in the Adirondack Park. We’re located on State Rt. 8 in the Town of Morehouse, with direct access to the Corridor 4 trail. NYSSA membership number required at time of booking. For reservations call (315) 826-5614. For more information go to THERE IS ALWAYS SNOW IN MOREHOUSE! KMT Service Parts Inc is excited about being able to offer discounts to NYSSA members. We were involved with the Ski Doo Race Team in 1967 and love the sport! We sell one of the best enclosed trailers available and offer a 20% Discount off the published retail price to NYSSA Members. All trailer orders will be processed through KMT and can be picked up at the factory or we can arrange shipping. We have all kinds of parts including tires, wheels, jacks, wheel chocks, aluminum products such as helmet cabinets, gas can holders and shelving and much more! Visit us at: 315-697-2441 CALL TODAY! Contact NYSSA: PO Box 612, Long Lake, NY 12847-0612 * EMAIL - TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *

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NYSSA MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNTS Use the instructions below to receive discounts from the companies listed below The Ponderosa House Rental in beautiful Allegany County, NY offers NYSSA members 10% off your entire stay, year round. If you are looking to hit the trails or for a quiet relaxing weekend, The Ponderosa is the spot! Situated on 5 acres of peace and quiet in Belmont, NY (West Almond); surrounded by thousands of acres in Phillips Creek State Forest, just down the road from the Southern Tier Snow Riders trails and Palmers Pond! This house features 2 bedrooms downstairs with double beds and a room upstairs with 6 beds! Enjoy a fully stocked kitchen and oil heat to keep you warm after a long ride on the trails. Rates: from $300 to $600 per week. Weekend rates also available. Don’t forgetbook early for hunting season/holidays. Please visit or call Ray @ 716-418-0768 for more info. NYSSA has teamed up with to bring you the all new NYSSA VisaŽ Platinum Rewards Card. For qualifying members, this card will feature no annual fee, a competitive low interest rate, rewards points, 100% fraud protection, emergency cash disbursement and card replacement, auto rental and accident insurance, and many other benefits. You can select one of our 5 custom NYSSA images or upload your own picture for a truly unique design. Click here to get started!

From the consumer to the professional athlete, Whiplash will help you support the sport you love by investing in your club/association. For every purchase that a consumer or professional athlete makes and designates your club or association as a recipient, Whiplash will donate 5% of the purchase to your club or association! Whiplash is dedicated to helping organizations such as yours develop the sport through education, safety. responsibility and fun. All you have to do is go to, add item(s) to your cart and at checkout, select your club name from the drop-down list and complete the purchase. That's it! Checks will be sent to clubs/associations quarterly! Check our website and our competitive prices!

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