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Leon Aleksandrovich, MD

OPHTHALMOLOGY Comprehensive consultative and surgical services for a variety of eye diseases and problems. (Including Cataract, Glaucoma, Eyelid, Diabetic eye disease)

Complete Physical Therapy Department

Kurt Altman, MD

RHEUMATOLOGY Treatment of joint diseases (Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, etc.) Featuring Joint Fluid Therapy, newest, safe treatment for knee Arthritis. Jeffrey Menegas, MD







GYNECOLOGY Comprehensive, sensitive and caring women’s healthcare from adolescence through menopause. Diagnosis and treatment of abnormal PAP smears and sexually transmitted diseases. Birth control, early cancer detection and general breast health.

Kyra Blatt, MD

NEUROLOGY Treatment of headaches, migraine, stroke, dementia, neuromuscular disorders, spine disease, Multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and other neurological diseases. Charles Vaccariello, MD

Angela Stroe, DO


Expert consultation for urinary incontinence, urinary stone disease, benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph), early detection of prostate cancer, male sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation), female sexual dysfunction, male infertility and urinary incontinence

Stuart Remer, MD

ORTHOPEDICS Treatment of all Orthopedic problems, Advanced treatment of Scoliosis, back problems, knee and shoulder problems, Arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine

Zia Jaghory, MD

Armando Ruiz, MD

Xiaoguang Liu, MD

PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATION Experts who treat injuries or illnesses that affect movement treat a wide range of problems from sore shoulders to spinal cord injuries to decrease pain and enhance performance without surgery. They design a treatment plan that can be carried out by the patients themselves or with the help of physical therapists. Help patients stay as active as possible at any age. Their broad medical expertise allows them to treat disabling conditions throughout a person’s lifetime.

GASTROENTEROLOGY Colorectal Cancer Screening Treatment of heartburn, stomach pain, rectal bleeding, swallowing disorders, hemorrhoids and more.

PAIN MANAGEMENT Treatment of back pain, neck pain and extremities. Highly advanced and proven treatment methods. (Pharmacological Therapy, Trigger Point Injections, Nerve Blocks, Epidural Injections)

Boris Chusid, MD

Guy Renvoize, MD


DERMATOLOGY Treatment of skin, nail and hair diseases, Acne, Rashes,Warts, Psoriasis, Irritation, Moles, Eczema, Prevention of Skin Cancer and, all Dermatologic Surgeries


Michael Fellner,MD

FOR AN APPOINTMENT (718) 764-1633 930 East Tremont Avenue Bronx NY 10460 • (Bet Vyse Ave. & Daly Ave.) WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS


Julius Russell,MD

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For the Week of February 2, 2012 February 8, 2012-

ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20

SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22

With so many things on your plate, Aries, you just may feel like throwing in the towel early. However, if you give it a little more effort you may be surprised.

Scorpio, make the most of an upcoming opportunity to spend time with loved ones. Reconnecting with friends and family will be just what the doctor ordered.

TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21


Taurus, don’t worry yourself sick over a pressing situation this week. You’ll figure out a way to handle it and things will work out for the best.

Lots of people are in your corner this week, Sagittarius. Make the most of that support and remember to thank those supporters along the way.

GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, you only have one person on your mind, but this person may be completely unaware that you are thinking about him or her. Maybe you can drop a few hints.

CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, your trusting nature will pay dividends for all those around you this week, including yourself. Friends and family will appreciate your reliability.

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, sweating the small stuff could cause you to miss the bigger picture. Don’t worry too much about minor inconveniences, and you’ll be happier for it.

VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, you might not be able to please everyone all of the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. Friends, family members and coworkers will appreciate the effort.

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, confidence when making tough decisions will inspire loyalty in those around you. Make these decisions carefully and explain them clearly to others.

CAPRICORN Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, you’re not one for accepting handouts, but when the offer for assistance comes in, it may be too difficult to pass up. Think on it carefully.

AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, unwind from pressures at the office with a little respite. A long weekend and some time spent at a nearby resort are just what you need to recharge the batteries.

PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, it has been an uphill battle, but you are finally at the crest of that tall mountain. Now you can coast for a little while.

FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS FEB. 5: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Actress (50) FEB. 6: Axl Rose, Singer (50) FEB. 7: Ashton Kutcher, Actor (34) FEB. 8: John Grisham, Author (57) FEB. 9 Travis Tritt, Singer (49) FEB. 10: Laura Dern, Actress (45) FEB. 11: Taylor Lautner, Actor (20)


found telephone intercepts of Gho-

:12 Pica PT. 1

offered by the Crown Prince.

12/20/11 12:11 PM Page 3 Editor’s Note: This announcement is distributed for Sanitas International on behalf of The Government of Bahrain. Additional information is available at the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. Pennysaver • February 2, 2012 • Visit Us Online:


Making keep up t offering 30 through D mation, v Veet.

Advanced Corn and SoybeanLooking Technologies Your Best Demonstrate Harvest Success (NAPSA)—For many women, gress In The Middle East looking their best is a top priority,

(NAPSA)—New refuge-in-theAt a recent high-level but busy schedules leave little Washington, D.C., bag technology not only brought time for essential grooming. le East expert Tom According to a recent survey, corn farmers simplicity and conveed of the challenges more than half of women have nience this past season, but also he tiny Gulf kingdom gone more than two weeks with(NAP r. Mattair, executive effective insect control to help proout shaving, with 71 percent of induced independent Middle women saying that they never tect their yields. New blended refuge-in-the-bag corn uncil, said there was ® ® stop worrying about hair with you Genuity SmartStax RIB Com- seed offers farmer convenience. removal. Photo credit: Bahrain News Agency rengthening the hand ™ commun introduced in the Cornhrain that wouldplete use ,The progressive government of It contains the first dual modes of closer tog c process to introduce Growing Area inhas 2011, blends 95 much Bahrain introduced olerant, anti-democaction product for controlling at www.p and economic percentpolitical B.t. seed, offering abovereform and be hostile to the into the Middle Eastern nation. above ground pests, including corn ain’s neighbors inand the below ground insect protecborer and corn earworm. lam Shakuri,non-B.t. the individual tion, and 5 percent refuge implicated in the alleged plot to assasruler King Hamad Strong Soybean Performance seed in sinate each bag. As the industry’s Saudi Arabia’s ambassador d much reform, Dr. Farmers this past season also first single-bag refuge-managein Washington and a member of The king has liberalexperienced positive performance the secret Quds Force of the Iranrsified the economy, ment solution, it provides farmers industry’s first biotech ian Revolutionary Guard, trying ependent on oil. with The the benefits of simpler refuge from the More than half of all women have ® to direct opposition in Bahrain. tively free. As the soybean gone yield two trait—Genuity and Street time savings. weeks without shaving. The Wall Journal recently ns Development management ProRoundup Ready 2 ®Yield® soybeans. “Thereported real beauty the product onofAhmed Chalabri’s in a recent report, Veet provides women with across America see- alterna“attention-grabbing in veloping favorably in how quick and easy are shaving was easy it was to usecampaign this Farmers of Bahrain’s opposition Millennium Developthree-, fourand their five- lifestyles. that fit into spring support without having to plant a ing more tives movement” and the past allegaThe brand offers an assortment of bean pods with this advanced refuge,” Midwest tions by thesaid United States that progress is not separate fast waxes and depilatory creams that technology, resulting in higher provided me within the majorfarmer Chalabri Mike Groth. “It alsoclassified looked inforprovide users with smoothness mation to Tehran. munity, especiallygood the throughout and longer greaterthan value that lasts shaving. the summer and yield potential Said Secretary of State Hillary s important to note With something for all skin resulting from current strong had corn earworm Clinton, “When Iran and claims to hi’a was not a bar to excellent types, depilatories and wax strips commodity prices. This season, support democracy abroad, then in Bahrain, Dr. Matrootworm protection.” remove hair closer to the root achievedThis an averShape kills results peaceful protestors the soybeans are well represented than shaving. winter, women Harvest showed that inthese streets of Tehran, its hypocrisy is and medical profeshave the confidence age yield can advantage of more than and freejust blac with this breathtaking andadvanced plain to the peorate board roomscorn and hybrids dom to flaunt soft, smooth skin per acre compared lines, in technology had averageThere 3.8- isfour ple of thean region.” no bushels ed Upper Chamber of sans ® nicks or razor stubble. with Pioneer Y Series soybeans, Apparel country inyield the Middle East where n fact, the oil minisHere are two easy, time-saving bushel-per-acre advantage the gulf between rulers and ruled ul post in a Middle which use first-generation Roundsuch as tips: compared with triple-stack corn is greater than Iran, she added. ry—is Shi’a. ® 1. Multitask. Apply Veet Fast up Ready soybeans. simple, products, In and 8.5-bushel an an attempt to findada political ely, there have been Acting Gel Cream to legs. While it “Our Genuity Roundup Ready can help thewith Crown Prince of Iranian involvevantagesolution, in areas heavy in- offered works, touch up brows or unmajor concessions to the protestent street protests 2 Yield soybean yields werehair abovewith Veet great in wanted facial sect pressure. ers. According to a report in60 the r. Mattair. Bahrain Ready-To-Use Wax Strips. bushels an acre, pushing 70,” For International 2012, MonsantoHerald is launchTribune, fficials told Dr. Mat2. Travel light. Wax with Ready® ® said farmer Ryan Many intelligence hadPRO learned of Midwest me protestors were ing newU.S. Genuity VT Double To-Use Wax Strips before your trip ™ by Iran to influenceAppelquist. a lot U.S. Ban attempts the ual amounts of Iranfor“We’ve resultsalso that seen last up to 28 days. RIB Complete . It is also a 95/5 opposition bloc to reject the terms y. A Saudi analyst easy consumers to better plant Making health, it and theforpodProcter percentoffered blendedbysingle-bag the CrownrefugePrince. ne intercepts of Ghokeep up their routine, Amazon is inve that management product, and is ding was amazing.” offering 30 percent off Veet products For more information, farmers where th his announcement is distributed for Sanitas International on behalf of The Government through Dec 31st. For more inforgeared toward farmers in the al information is available at the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. their visit seed dealer or wide ran mation, Corn-Growing Area where corn can contact Veet. visit learn mo rootworm is not a significant issue.


Individual results may vary. Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete and Genuity VT Doued Corn and Soybean Technologies ble PRO RIB Complete are blended seed corn products that do not require the planting of a Demonstrate Harvest Success structured refuge except in the Cotton-Growing Area where corn earworm is significant. ®




—New refuge-in-theSmartStax® multi-event technology developed by Monsanto Company and Dow AgroSciences. gy not only brought Always read and follow IRM, grain marketing and all other stewardship practices and pesti-

members of all generations to help Making it easy for consumers to protect themselves from this keep up their routine, Amazon is potentially deadly disease through offering 30 percent off Veet products immunization.” through Dec 31st. For more inforAbout Influenza mation, visit Pennysaver • February 2, 2012 • For Advertising Information Call (914) 592-5222 Influenza is a serious respiraVeet. Faces of Influenza tional initiative from can Lung Association ble through a collab SanofiCIPasteur.


women, priority, Add a Flu Shot to your List of New Year’s Resolutions! ve little It’s not too late for family members of all generations ng. to get vaccinated against influenza t survey, (NAPSA)—A common scenario: (NAPSA)—Many Americans en have associate influenza with the fall, ks withYou’re not sure whether to take a (NAPSA)—Closing the mediabut you may be surprised to learn ercent of pink round pill twice daily or a induced gaps your relationship thatinduring many flu seasons, ey never white oval capsule. Medications peak removal. with yourinfluenza child can activity open up doesn’t real until winter or early spring. Inbe confusing for patients, with can communication and bring you fact, virus activity peaked in Febmany pills looking alike in color or closer together. can learn how ruary You or later in approximately at half of the past 35 flu seasons.shape. For the nearly 20 percent That is why the American Lung of Americans who currently take Association is spreading the mesat least five prescription drugs, sage about the importance of it’s especially important that they influenza vaccination throughout Faces of Influenza celebrity can between the winter months and beyond as differentiate spokesperson Kristitheir Yamaguchi part of its Faces of Influenza cammakes influenza vaccination a medications. Recent research paign. Everyone 6 months of age priority every year. and older is recommendedshows for that many people may need men have help a positive tory illness thatidentificakills thousands annual immunization, which is making shaving. in the U.S. and hospitalsafe and effective and the best tion forannually tablets and capsules. izes even more. way to help prevent influenza. en with Proper medication identificaThe Centers for Disease Control With vaccination recommended alternation isand increasingly difficult Prevention (CDC) recommends and beneficial into the winter ifestyles. 6 months months, make it your New Year’s rtment of becausevaccination only a fewfor pilleveryone colors and of age and older. Groups at higher resolution to get immunized—it’s ams that shapes are exceedingly common. risk of developing influenza-related not too late, and you’ll be helping to oothness There are more than 1,450 round complications include: adults 50 protect your health and those ving. yearsyet of there age and children 6 areolder; only two around you in one simple white and pills, all skin months to 18 pills years and of age; pregnant achievable step. After being immuax strips triangular one * *takes about two weeksbrown women; anyone with chronic health nized,* it for the root blue hexagonal pill. Shapewear no longer comesainprotective Software helps ide conditions, such as asthma, chronic the body to develop r, women More than 3,500 pills on thedisease obstructive pulmonary the flu vaccine. Parand freejust black,response nude andtowhite. Many by size, shape and c ® (COPD), heart disease and diaents—don’t forget that children 6 oth skin U.S. market are white (46 perlines, including Bali Intimate betes; and residents of long-term months through 8 years of age e. cent of care all pills), 285 are red but than 1.4 million hea Apparel,receiving carry fashion facilities. The CDC also recoma flu shotcolors for the first time me-saving including only pills are black.vaccination Round fessionals, such as gravel grey. The line’s mends a yearly for need two doses approximately one 14 those who come into close contact month apart for optimal protection. eet Fast U.S. physicians, a tablets make up nearly half of all simple, elegant comfort and fit with high-risk groups, such as “We are all ‘faces’ of influenza While it pills (48 percent), with oval using the Epocrates can helpand women look and feelby public household contacts, caregivers and are recommended s or uncloselyhealth following at 46 percent. tion to help make a great in their clothes. care providers. health officials to get vaccinated th Veet For more information scribing decisions an this and every year,” said Norman With so many physical similari- about . *** the importance of influenza vac- of the features H. Edelman, M.D., chief medical h Readyties in pills, it can be difficult for One Many officer companies, including cination into the winter months of the American Lung Assoyour trip tion offers is a pill ID patients health care U.S. Bank, Bank“It’s of America andfor family andand early spring, visitprowww.faces ciation. not too late 8 days. users identify any fessionals to identify medicaof all umers to Procter &members Gamble, aregenerations finding to help Faces of Influenza is an educaprotect themselves mazon is investing tions. When visiting the doctor’s shape, color, imprin that in the communitiesfrom this initiative from the Ameripotentially deadly disease through products office, tional patients often describe and other characte where they are located can pay a can Lung Association, made possiimmunization.” ore inforthis feature, health medications by their wide range of social dividends. To ble through a characteriscollaboration with About Influenza Pasteur. a serious tics or Sanofi bring in a bag of pills. In sionals and patients learn more, Influenza visit the is website at respira-

The Remedy To Pill Confusi



fact, nearly 25 percent of physicians report identifying mystery pills brought in by their patients. There is a simple solution to pill confusion available for a Remedy To Pillor Confusion smartphone tablet device. More

mysteries and help safety and proper use Learn Mo For more inform 227-1700.

is announcement is distributed for Sanitas International on behalf of The Government l information is available at the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

2639 12 01napsa.qxp:12 Pica PT. 1



offering 30 percent off Veet products through Dec 31st. For more infor12:11 PM Page 3 mation, visit Veet.

Pennysaver • February 2, 2012 • Visit Us Online:

ed Corn and Soybean Technologies emonstrate Harvest Success

New refuge-in-thegy not only brought implicity and conve(NAP ast season, but also looking t (NAPSA)—Closing the mediat control to help pro-(NAPSA)—At a recent high-level but bus induced gaps in your relationship conference in Washington, D.C., corn ds. time for New blended refuge-in-the-bag with your child can open up real leading Middle East expert Tom Accor martStax® RIB Comseed offers farmer convenience. Mattair warned of the challenges communication and bring you more th duced in the Cornof reform in the tiny Gulf kingdom It contains the first dual modes of closer together. You can learn how gone mo in 2011, blends 95 of Bahrain. Dr.product Mattair, for executive action controlling at out shav eed, offering above director of the independent Middle women above ground pests, including corn ound insect protecEast Policy Council, said there was stop wor borer and corn earworm. rcent non-B.t. refuge a real risk of strengthening the hand Photo credit: Bahrain News Agency Strong Soybean Performance ag. As the industry’s of forces in Bahrain that would use The progressive government of Farmers thistopast season also ag refuge-managethe democratic process introduce Bahrain has introduced much experienced positive performance “illiberal, intolerant, anti-democ- political and economic reform it provides farmers from the industry’s ratic” policies and be hostile first to thebiotech its of simpler refuge into® the Middle Eastern nation. soybean yield trait—Genuity U.S. and Bahrain’s neighbors in the and time savings. lam Shakuri, the individual impliregion.Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybeans. eauty of the product cated in the alleged plot to assasruler King Hamad Farmers across America are seey it was to use thisBahrain’s sinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador has introduced much reform, Dr. ing more three-, fourand fivet having to plant a in Washington and a member of Mattair said. The king has liberalbean pods with this advanced uge,” said Midwest the secret Quds Force of the Iranized and diversified the economy, technology, resulting in higher Groth. “It also looked ian Revolutionary Guard, trying so it isyield less dependent on oil. The potential and greater value More tha ut the summer press and is relatively free. As the to direct opposition in Bahrain. resulting from current strong gone two corn earworm and United Nations Development Pro- The Wall Street Journal recently commodity prices. This season, *** ection.” gram noted in a recent report, reported on Ahmed Chalabri’s Veet ® these soybeans favorably achieved in an averShapewear no longer in “attention-grabbing campaign in comes Bahrain is developing esults showed that quick an ageitsyield advantage of more than black, nude and white. Many support ofjust Bahrain’s opposition meeting Millennium Developwith this advanced tives tha four bushels per acre compared lines, Bali ® Intimate movement” and including the past allegament Goals. The bran ad an average 3.8® tions by the United States that While this progress is not fast with Pioneer Y Series soybeans, Apparel, carry fashion colors waxes an re yield advantage Chalabri provided classified inforenough for some within the majorwhich use first-generation Roundsuch as gravel grey. The line’s provide h triple-stack corn ® ity Shi’a community, especially the mation to Tehran. up Ready soybeans. simple, elegant comfort and fitlast that d an 8.5-bushel young, adSaid Secretary of State Hillary it “Our was important to note With Genuity Roundup Ready can help women look and feel eas with heavythat in- being a Shi’a Clinton, “When was not a bar to above types, de 2 Yield soybean yields were great in Iran their claims advancement in Bahrain, Dr. Mat- support democracy abroad, then remove 60 bushels an acre, pushing 70,” * *in * the Monsanto is launchtair said. Shi’a are well represented kills peaceful protestors than sha ® said Midwest Manyitscompanies, ty® VT Double PRO streets of Tehran, hypocrisy isincluding in the legal and medicalfarmer profes- Ryan Appelquist. “We’ve also and seen abreathtaking lot U.S.and Bank, Americacan andhave plainBank to theofpeosions, in corporate board rooms e™. It is also a 95/5 dom to better plant health, and of the pod& There Gamble, are finding ple of theProcter region.” is no in the appointed Upper Chamber ed single-bag refugesans nick ding was amazing.” that investing in the communities country in the Middle East where Parliament. In fact, the oil minist product, and is Here For more information, farmers where they are located the gulf between rulers and ruled can pay powerful post in a Middle tips:a rd farmers in ter—a the greater than added.dividends. To Eastern country—is can contact Shi’a. their seed dealeris or wide Iran, rangeshe of social 1. Mu g Area where corn In an attempt to findvisit a political Unfortunately, there have been visit learn more, the website at Acting G ot a significant issue. Crown Prince offered suggestions of Iranian involve- solution, the works,


Progress In The Middle East

ment in recent street protests

major concessions to the protest-

ults may vary. Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete™ and Genuity® VT Douthere, said Dr. Mattair. Bahrain ers. According to a report in the mplete™ are blended seed corn products that do not require the planting of a International Herald Tribune, government Dr. Matexcept in the Cotton-Growing Area officials where corntold earworm is significant. U.S. intelligence had learned of tair that some protestors were event technology developed by Monsanto Company and Dow AgroSciences. attempts by Iran to influence the carrying unusual amounts of Iranollow IRM, grain marketing and all other stewardship practices and pestiopposition bloc to reject the terms ian currency. A Saudi analyst ns. ©2011 Monsanto Company.


found telephone intercepts of Gho-

offered by the Crown Prince.

Editor’s Note: This announcement is distributed for Sanitas International on behalf of The Government of Bahrain. Additional information is available at the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

wanted Ready-T 2. Tra To-Use W for result Makin keep up offering 3 through mation, Veet.

products ore

potentially deadly disease through immunization.” About Influenza Influenza is a serious respira-

tional initiative from the American Lung Association, made possible through a collaboration with Sanofi Pasteur.

Pennysaver • February 2, 2012 • For Advertising Information Call (914) 592-5222


TheBest Remedy To Pill Confusion Looking Your

(NAPSA)—For many women, (NAPSA)—A common scenario: looking their best is top priority, You’re not asure whether to takeAdd a a Flu Shot to your List of New Year’s Re he mediabut busy schedules leave little pink round pill twice daily or a lationship It’s not too late for family members of all gener time for essential grooming. white oval capsule. Medications to get vaccinated against influenza en up real According to a recent survey, can be confusing for patients, with ring more you than (NAPSA)—Many Americans half of women have alike in color or learngone how moremany associate influenza with the fall, than pills two looking weeks withshape. For nearlyof20 percent but you may be surprised to learn out shaving, with 71the percent of Americans whonever currently that take during many flu seasons, women saying that they influenza activity doesn’t peak stop worrying about hair removal. at least five prescription drugs, until winter or early spring. In it’s especially important that they fact, virus activity peaked in Febcan differentiate between their ruary or later in approximately medications. Recent research shows that many people may half needof the past 35 flu seasons. That is why the American Lung help making a positive identificaAssociation is spreading the mestion for tablets and capsules. sage about the importance of Proper medication identificainfluenza vaccination throughout Faces of Influen tion is increasingly difficult the winter months and beyond as spokesperson Kri because only a few pill colorspart and of its Faces of Influenza cam- makes influenza paign. Everyone 6 months of age priority every year. shapes are exceedingly common. and older is recommended for than 1,450 round More thanThere half ofare all more women have annual immunization, which is tory illness that k white pills, yet there are only two gone two weeks without shaving. safe and effective and the best annually in the U.S brown triangular pills and one izes even more. way to help prevent influenza. women with Veet ® provides blue hexagonal pill. comes in helps identify any pill The Centers for D WithSoftware vaccination recommended quick and easy shaving alternaMore than 3,500 pills on the by size, shape and color. ite. Many and beneficial into the winter and Prevention (CD tives that fit into their lifestyles. are white perIntimate make it your New Year’s vaccination for ever The brandU.S. offersmarket an assortment of (46 months, health care ofprocent of all pills), 285 are red but than on colors age and older. Gr resolution to 1.4 get million immunized—it’s waxes and depilatory creams that fessionals, including 50 percent only with 14 pills are black. Round The line’s not too late, and you’ll be helping to riskofof developing in provide users smoothness currently tabletsthan make up nearly half of all U.S. complications incl protect yourphysicians, health andare those rt and fitlasts longer that shaving. using the Epocrates drug applicapills (48 percent), with oval years of age and ol around you in one simple and With something for all skin and feel achievable Aftermake being accurate immu- months types, depilatories and wax strips tionstep. to help pre- to 18 years o closely following at 46 percent. nized, itscribing takes about two weeks for women; anyone with remove hair to the root similaridecisions and diagnoses. Withcloser so many physical conditions, such as a the to of develop a protective than shaving. winter, women One the features this applicaties This in pills, it can be difficult forbody ncluding obstructive pulmo response to the flu vaccine. Parcan have the confidence and freepatients and health care pro- tion offers is a pill ID tool that lets merica and (COPD), heart dis ents—don’t forget that children 6 dom to flaunt soft, smooth skin fessionals to identify medica- users identify any pill by size, e finding months through 8 years of age betes; and resident sans nicks or razor stubble. shape, color, imprinted markings tions. When visiting the doctor’s mmunities receiving a flu shot for the first time care facilities. The C Here are two easy, time-saving and other characteristics. office, patients often describe can pay a mends a yearly v need two doses approximately one With tips: this feature, health care medications by their characterisidends. To those who come int month apart for optimal protection. profes1. Multitask. Apply Veet Fast patients can solvewith pill high-risk gr or bring in While a bagitof pills. In website at Geltics “We sionals are all and ‘faces’ of influenza Acting Cream to legs. mysteries and help ensure drug fact, nearly 25 percent of physihousehold contacts, and are recommended by public works, touch up brows or unhealth care provider health officials to proper get vaccinated safety and use. cians report identifying wanted facial hair with Veet mystery For more infor this and every year,” said More Norman Ready-To-Use Strips. Learn pillsWax brought in by their patients. the importance of H. to Edelman, medical visit 2. Travel light. Wax ReadyForM.D., morechief information, There is with a simple solution cination into the w officer the American Lung AssoTo-Use Wax Strips before your trip or call (650) pill confusion available for a and early spring, v ciation. “It’s not too late for family for results that last up to 28 days. smartphone or tablet device. More 227-1700. members of all generations to help Making it easy for consumers to Faces of Influenz protect themselves from this keep up their routine, Amazon is potentially deadly disease through tional initiative fr offering 30 percent off Veet products can Lung Associatio immunization.” through Dec 31st. For more inforble through a colla About Influenza mation, visit Influenza is a serious respira- Sanofi Pasteur. Veet.


avior as icial conhe hopes will lead otic techdeeper tion protem. ear, this ly recogrt to five earchers ursuing d physis well as ing and cipients to apply research eve their

program ships to the U.S. attracts m diverse ing some academic ries. The awards al develtraining pportunirkshops, by the American ncement ncompass nterviewment for egies for eviewed

gram is tdoctoral acebook. omenin

2639 1


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College Degree Required For Sixty Percent Of U.S. Jobs By 2018 Four Factors To Consider When Contemplating An Online Degree (NAPSA)—As a new year begins, we often evaluate our lives— where we are and where we’d like to be. It’s no surprise that many Americans are making education a priority as they set their personal goals for 2012. “The unemployment rate for people who have never gone to college is more than double what it is these formats will best set you up for those who have gone to col- for success. Maybe you have a heclege,” says Dr. Mary Hawkins, tic, unpredictable schedule and president of Bellevue University. you need to do the work when you “And during the next 10 years, can fit it in. Or perhaps you are nearly eight in 10 new jobs will the kind of person who benefits require workforce training or a most from a set time each week to higher education. These statistics attend class. 3. Online learning is still relamake it clear that completing some form of higher education is tively young in higher education. the best tool to meet the chal- Some institutions, like Bellevue University, have been offering lenges of a 21st century economy.” If you’re considering going back online degree programs since the to school, chances are you’ve won- mid-’90s. It is important to make dered about online learning. Is it sure the school you choose has legit? Will I get the same quality had time to optimize its online education I would in a classroom? offerings. 4. Ask if the entire degree proWill my degree be as respected as much as it would if I attended in gram is offered online or if it is person? The answer is, surpris- just one component of the larger ingly, the same as with a tradi- program. Some universities retional, in-class situation—there are quire both online and in-class parvarying levels of online degrees ticipation within the same proand you must do your research to gram. If you are interested in this type of blended program, make find the best one for you. Here are four factors you sure you ask how much content is should consider if you’re contem- delivered online and how much is delivered in class so that you can plating getting your degree online: 1. Just as with an in-class pro- plan how you are going to fit the gram, you want to make sure the components into your life. Lastly, please know that when institution you attend is regionally accredited. This designation you reach your goal, your degree is an indicator that the institution will not indicate whether you voluntarily reports on the quality studied online or in class. You of its programs and submits to don’t need to worry about percepassessment to ensure quality tions from those who still doubt online learning. What’s most offerings. 2. Determine whether or not important is determining if earnyou must be online at a particular ing your degree can get you to time each week; if you can enter where you want to go and if online the virtual classroom when it is learning is the best way to fit getmost convenient for you. Based on ting a degree into your already your lifestyle, decide which of busy life.

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Fellowship Grants Available For Women Scientists (NAPSA)—Women in science are asking some important questions. What if stroke victims could learn to regain mobility in the comfort of their own homes? What if a way could be found to restore functions in a damaged brain? What if color could help supply electricity? These are a few of the questions that the recipients of this year’s L’Oréal USA Fellowships For Women In Science Program are asking and working to answer. The program helps raise awareness of the contribution of women to the sciences, and identifies exceptional female researchers in the U.S. to serve as role models for younger generations. Here are the women who were selected by an interdisciplinary review panel and a distinguished jury of eminent scientists and engineers: •Dr. Trisha Andrew, 26, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA—organic chemist in the field of organic electronics. The Fellowship will help Dr. Andrew investigate the interaction of organic chromophores with interesting optoelectronic materials known as “quantum dots,” which hopefully will lead to a different kind of solar energy. •Dr. Tijana Ivanovic, 35, Harvard Medical School, working at University of Colorado at Boulder as a virologist studying virus entry into cells. The grant will enable Dr. Ivanovic to build a custom Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) microscope and use it to study the fusion mechanism of the influenza virus by visualizing the fusion process of individual virus particles in real time. •Dr. Karlin Bark, 30, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA—mechanical engineer in the

A grant program helps women scientists conduct research. field of haptics. The Fellowship will allow Dr. Bark to study the potential use of haptic feedback in stroke rehabilitation. She will work alongside clinical specialists at the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute to develop, refine and test an affordable upper-limb rehabilitation system that can be used in clinics and homes to assist stroke survivors in retraining the motor pathways needed to complete everyday tasks. •Dr. Sasha Devore, 31, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY—neuroscientist examining health sciences and technology. With the support of the grant, Dr. Devore will employ techniques for selectively activating and recording the behavior of neurons in order to study the function of feedback pathways in sensory processing. Numerous neurological diseases and disorders are linked with dysfunction in the brain’s feedback pathways and are typically accompanied by impairments in sensory processing. •Dr. R. Blythe Towal, 27, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA—biomedical engineer in the field of computational neuroscience. The Fellowship will allow Dr. Towal to design and build novel instruments to measure human eye movements during nor-

mal, active-sensing behavior as opposed to the highly artificial conditions of the laboratory. She hopes that these experiments will lead not only to improved robotic technologies, but also to a deeper understanding of information processing in the nervous system. Entering its ninth year, this national program annually recognizes and provides support to five postdoctoral women researchers in the U.S. who are pursuing careers in the life and physical/material sciences, as well as mathematics, engineering and computer science. Recipients receive up to $60,000 to apply toward their postdoctoral research to further help them achieve their goals. Since its inception, the program has awarded 40 Fellowships to women scientists across the U.S. Each year, the program attracts talented applicants from diverse scientific fields, representing some of the nation’s leading academic institutions and laboratories. The recipients attend an awards ceremony and professional development workshops, media training and receive networking opportunities. In 2012, these workshops, which are facilitated by the program’s partner, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), will encompass job search techniques, interviewing skills, budget development for grant requests and strategies for submissions to peer-reviewed publications. The Fellowship program is open only to women postdoctoral researchers. For more information, visit womeninscience or on Facebook. c o m / L o r e a l U S A f o r Wo m e n i n Science.

College Deg

Four Facto (NAPSA) begins, we lives— wher we’d like to that many A education a their persona “The une people who h lege is more t for those wh lege,” says president of “And during nearly eight require wor higher educa make it cle some form o the best too lenges of a 21 If you’re c to school, cha dered about legit? Will I education I w Will my degr much as it w person? The ingly, the sa tional, in-clas varying leve and you mus find the best Here are should consi plating gettin 1. Just as gram, you w institution y ally accredit is an indicato voluntarily r of its progra assessment offerings. 2. Determ you must be time each w the virtual c most conveni your lifesty

Wide World


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3035 CROSS BX. EXPWY. EXTENSION BRONX, NEW YORK 10465 (In Throgs Neck Area) INTERIOR/EXTERIOR DESIGNING FULLY INSURED NYC Lic# 915416 Yonkers Lic# 1210 West. Lic# WC-6469-494


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ith caviar commanding some 600 dollars a pound at wholesale we might think the luxury caviar trade is booming. But with the sturgeon population, whose eggs produce the highly desired black caviar, plunging by some 99 PERCENT, in the last 15 years, the glory days in the caviar business were clouding rapidly. To the rescue…an eclectic group of some forward thinking countries from China, to Spain, to Finland to the United Arab Emirates are now in the business of FARMING STURGEON. Thus the Russian and Iranian caviar producers of yesterday and today, will, in a few years, be joined by a new group of aggressive merchants marketing the luxury delicacy. Of course, since the sturgeon is a relatively slow maturing finny friend it will take a few years to bring the new entries , from around the world, to the marketplace. It takes about eight years for the sex of a sturgeon to unfold, and then it is another five years for the female to reach ovulation. That’s the point at which the fish is killed and the eggs removed. The key things in “ farming” is to watch for safety and cleanliness of the farms. Also whether the farmers allow nature to take its course or try to push maturation such as overfeeding or injecting uncalled for oxygen in the process. Past farming of fish like salmon and tilapia often revealed the use of many shortcuts which make the end product suspect. For the caviar lovers among us here’s hoping these new farmers have learned a lesson. (This community service represents the views of Jules W. Rabin only)



1. Film Music Guild 4. A rubberized raincoat 7. An upper limb 10. Wander 12. Biblical name for Syria 14. Former OSS 15. Norwegian capital 16. No. Am. Gamebird Assoc. 17. Taxis 18. Ancient Chinese weight unit 20. Third tonsil 22. Ancient Hebrew measure = 1.5 gal. 23. Piece of clothing 25. Overrefined, effeminate 28. Housing for electronics (TV) 31. Cut grass 32. Ghana’s capital 33. Prof. Inst. of Real Estate 34. Shares a predicament 39. Old World buffalo 40. Loads with cargo 41. What part of (abbr.) 42. Partakers 45. Expressed harsh criticism 49. Doctors’ group 50. OM (var.) 52. A dead body 55. Jewish spiritual leader 57. An almost horizontal entrance to a mine 59. Anglo-Saxon monk (672-736) 60. Database management system 61. A swindle in which you cheat 62. Arabian Gulf 63. Six (Spanish) 64. Price label 65. Black tropical American cuckoo 66. Teletypewriter (abbr.)

1. Foam 2. Tessera 3. Major ore source of lead 4. Directors 5. 9/11 Memorial architect 6. The goal space in ice hockey 7. The academic world 8. Standing roast 9. More (Spanish) 11. Gram molecule 13. Head of long hair 17. Cost, insurance and freight (abbr.) 19. Line of poetry 21. Originated from 24. One time only 26. A civil wrong 27. Female sheep 29. Bay Area Toll Authority 30. Afrikaans 33. Hold a particular posture 34. South American Indian 35. Paying attention to 36. Wife of a maharaja 37. Mild yellow Dutch cheese 38. Central Br. province in India 39. 4th month (abbr.) 43. Grooved carpentry joint 44. Present formally 46. Skeletal muscle 47. -__, denotes past 48. Aba ____ Honeymoon 51. Young lady 53. Any of the Hindu sacred writing 54. Where Adam and Eve were placed 56. Promotional materials 57. Play a role 58. Arrived extinct


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For answers to this puzzle, look in this issue. Crossword puzzles provided by (http/p// Used with permission



Jules W. Rabin

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•Dr. Karlin Bark, 30, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA—mechanical engineer in the


allow Dr. Towal to design and build novel instruments to measure human eye movements during nor-

womeninscie com/Lorea Science.

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aintaining Healthy Levels Of Vitamin D

(NAPSA)—Scientists are seeking volunteers ages 55 to 90 to participate in an Alzheimer’s disease study. To volunteer or learn more, call the National Institute (NAPS Levels Of Vitamin D Disease on Aging’s Alzheimer’s ing volun Education and Referral Center at participat (800) 438-4380 or visit www.adniease stud more, cal

nytime of year can e to make sure you ough of the “sun—vitamin D. Tips On Maintaining Healthy not only helps (NAPSA)—Anytime of year can ong bones and be the right time to make sure you in the blood, but are getting enough of the “sung evidence linking shine vitamin”—vitamin D. on Aging nutrient to overall Vitamin D not only helps Education maintain strong bones and (800) 438 n fact, if you are calcium levels in the blood, but ercent of American Vitamin D not only helps mainthere is growing evidence linking e vitamin D defitain strong bonestoand calcium this important nutrient overall shows you may be in In thefact, blood, butare there is goodlevels health. if you d risk for rickets, among the 77 percent of American growing evidence linking this Vitamin D not only helps mainardiovascular disadults who are vitamin D definutrient to overall good health.tain strong bones and calcium cient, research shows you may be levels in the blood, but there is mune disease and at ancancer. increased risk for rickets, Research finds that as growing litcancer. evidence linking this osteoporosis, cardiovascular disnutrient to overall good health. e are four tips to tle as 10 minutes of direct sunease, autoimmune disease and light a day in certain populations ve and maintain cancer. Research finds that as litcertain types of cancer. can help to prevent deficiencies. D levels: To help, here are four tips to tle as 10 minutes of direct sun3. achieve Eat right. ur number. A simlight a day in certain populations help you andRegularly maintaineating foods rich D inlevels: vitamin D such can as help to prevent deficiencies. ordered by your healthy vitamin *** Regularly eating of Poten1. Know your number. A simssess your vitamin salmon, canned tuna fish in oil,3. Eat right. A study, “Evaluation foods rich vitamin Dtosuch as in Launple blood ordered by your dark white test mushrooms, carrots, el compared to fedtialin Exposure Metals salmon, canned tuna fish in oil, physician can assess your vitamin A stud ended guidelines. leafy greens and fortified brands of dered Shopcarrots, Towels,”dark conducted by D sufficiency level compared to fed- white mushrooms, tial Expo milk, juices, and cereal products help doctors obtain Gradient for Kimberly-Clark Pro- Sho and fortified brands of erally recommended guidelines. leafy greens dered levels. milk, juices, , reliable measurefessional, analyzed laundered and cereal products Somehelps tests maintain even help adequate doctors obtain Gradient 4. Consider supplements. al vitamin D level, adequate levels. by various a more accurate, reliable measure- helps maintain shop towels submitted fessiona dailyvitamin vitamin D supple-4. Consider he two most imporsupplements. mentTaking of your total D level, manufacturing industries shop and towe Taking daily D supplewhichments looks atisthe two mostway imporanother to help amin D to humans: manufac foundvitamin 100 percent of the towels ments is another way to help tant forms of vitamin D toamounts. humans: Your found 10 maintain adequate und in plants, and tested contained toxic heavy metmaintain adequate amounts. Your D , which is found in plants, and tested con roduced in human2 doctor can help you determine als,help with you residue of 26 heavy metdetermine D3, which is produced in human doctor can als, with which supplement type and posed to when als appearingtype in over 90 percent. which supplement and it’s exposed to sunlight. als appea is right for you. your total vitamin Byamount rightmore for you.information, visit knowing your total vitamin amount isFor For mor As always, with your doc-As always, and your physician check with your docD number, you and check your physician www.thed tor beforea making plan to help you can develop plan to any helpsignificant you tor before making any significant maintain healthy vitamin D levels. changes to your lifestyle or diet. changes to your lifestyle or diet. y vitamin D levels. 2. Get some sun. Sun expoFor more information on vita-For more information on vitae sun. Sun expomin D, vitamin D deficiency and sure min plays crucial D role in the and D,avitamin deficiency rucial role in the daily production of vitamin D. the importance of measuring total the importance measuring total on of vitamin D. vitamin D levels, visit www. However, too much of unprotected vitamin D levels, much unprotected exposure increases the risk visit of skinwww. ses the risk of skin


womeninscience or on Facebook. c o m / L o r e a l U S A f o r Wo m e n i n Science.

you must be online at a particular time each week; if you can enter the virtual classroom when it is most convenient for you. Based on your lifestyle, decide which of

ing your degree can where you want to go a learning is the best wa ting a degree into yo busy life.

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are seekto 90 to mer’s disor learn Institute (NAPSA)—Scientists are seekDisease ing volunteers ages 55 to 90 to Center at participate in an Alzheimer’s disww.adniease study. To volunteer or learn more, call the National Institute on Aging’s Alzheimer ’s Disease Education and Referral Center at (800) 438-4380 or visit www.adniby Father Steven E. Boes

Time For An “Electronic Media Time-out”

that shows it delivers significant (NAPSA)—While stopped at a and lasting positive results for Timefamilies For An “Electronic Media Tim across the country. red light the other day, I glanced YouSteven can use its principles and in my rearview mirror. In the carby Father that shows it delivers E. Boes strategies to change your behind me, the mom (and driver) lasting positive (NAPSA)—While stopped at a andand child’s habits and across the cou was talking on her cell phone families red light your the other day,media I glanced You can use its pri mirror. In the car recapture valuable face-to-face while her teenage daughter in satmy in rearview strategies to change behind me, the mom (and driver) the passenger seat. I wondered time. Closing the media-induced child’s media h phone your gaps on in her yourcell relationship with what that young girl mightwas havetalking while her teenage daughter sat in recapture valuable f your child open up real com-Closing the med shared with her mom if mom had time. the passenger seat.can I wondered munication and bring you closer just put down the phone. what that young girl might have gaps in your relatio together. While we worry shared with her mom if mom had your child can open u and bring put down the phone. Laura Buddenberg, Boysmunication Town that electronicjust meof Potentogether. While we worry dia is overtaking author and family expert, has in Laun*** Laura Buddenberg, electronic great advice onmehow parents our kids’ lives, more somethat A study, “Evaluation of Potendia is overtaking author and family e ucted by these changes and bring more adults can make tial Exposure to Metals and in Launour kids’ lives, more some great advice on h ark dered Pro- Shop Towels,” conducted family together. I these change seem by to be too theirand can make moreback adults undered Gradient for Kimberly-Clark Pro-in to their encourage you to watch her “At locked seem to be too their family back t y various fessional, analyzed laundered With Kids” phone and computer Home encourage you to wat locked in to video their presentaries shop and towels submitted by various Home computer “Texts,and Tweets and TV: HowWith Kids” vide screens to notice tion,phone manufacturing industries and e towels tion, “Texts, Tweets an screens to notice that it’s happening Much Is Too Much?” and learn Boes found 100 Father percent of the towels avy metMuch that it’s happening what you can do to create moreIs Too Much?” to them as well.Father The Boes tested contained toxic heavy metto them as well. The what you can do to c avy mettime while balancing the result ofis26 that modern is family als, with residue heavy met- media result is that modern media is family time while ba percent. of face-to-face electronic media your stealing away face-to-facestealing time use als appearing in over 90 percent. use of electronic med away time in n, visit For morebetween information, For parenting tips, go parents visit and theirbetween chil- home. parents and their chil- home.toFor parenting dren, fracturing these dren, most fracturing these most Father Boes is pr important relationships. • Father Boes is president •and important relationships. national Townexecutive Model aims to of national director Boys executive dire The Boys Town Model aimsThe to Boys Town, mend breaks. Town, whichDesigned has been to saving chil-which has been mend those breaks. Designed to those help children and families build dren and healing famil dren and healing families for more help children and families healthy build relationships, our model than 90 years. He offer than 90years years.ofHe offers more goodat www.boystow healthy 4 relationships, our model advice has undergone research has undergone years of research advice at

0 million y for the gram that or eligible Assurance ne Assisntly operde Sprint To learn 71 or visit com.


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Bringing Healthier Appetizers To The Table (NAPSA)—Just about everyone loves a good holiday party or potluck get-together, and perhaps the only thing better than celebrating with delicious food is doing so with great-tasting dishes that are healthier, too. That’s where you can come in. This year, whether you’re hosting a party or invited to one, you can delight your friends and family with recipes that are full of flavor yet low in fat and calories. For example, this recipe for S we e t P o ta t o D u m p li n g s w i t h Cranberry Coulis turns simple, fresh ingredients into an extraord i n a r i l y t a s t y, a t t r a c t i v e a n d healthful dish. Using Smart Balance Omega Cooking Oil and Eggs brings heart-healthy omega-3s into the nutritional mix:

(NAPSA)—“It is much easier to establish good habits when children are young than to try to correct poor habits later,” advises Dr. Jose Saavedra, M.D., FAAP, medSweet Potato Dumplings with Cranberry Coulis turns simple, ical director, Nestlé Nutrition. fresh ingredients into an extraord i n a r i ly t a sLearn t y, a t more t r a c t at i v and healthful dish.

vegetables to ground chicken along with egg white, salt, pepper, sage and ginger. Mix well and set aside. 2. For dumplings, bake sweet potato until softened; cool. Sweetday, Potato Dumplings so it’s best to turn off theRemove skin and mash —“Bridges are socioepotato in a medium bowl. In with Cranberry Coulis computer, put your card away and bowl, combine flour, ines, vital separate ained t o to our ecosalt, pepper and nutmeg. Add Chicken Mixture: ions and wait until morning. To learnegg more, Many parts of the 2U.S. to mashed sweet potato Tbsp. each minced onion, can make and mix well. Mix in 11⁄2 cups shredded carrot visit associate Gary Cat-growth with ® flour mixture. Knead remain1 tsp. Smart Balance sident of tion of a new bridge,” ing flour mixture into dough. Omega Cooking Oil * * * nt, Inc., a 1 3. On floured surface, roll out ⁄2 lb. ground chicken million technical Vocalocity specializes in bringing i,6 national dough to 1⁄8-in. thick. Using a 31 Smart Balance® Omega-3 e informaoffice workers together for in. cutter, cut dough into cirEgg, remote white only t sbridges t u d e n t at HNTB 1 cles. To make dumplings, spoon ⁄ 4 tsp. each salt, black VoIP . Learn more pepper at virtual collaboration through a rounded half tablespoon of 1 and cloud computing, whichchicken make mixture into center of m/point-of-view/bridges. ⁄8 tsp. each ground sage, or changes each dough circle. Fold dough ground ginger an essentelecommunication easier forin every* *man* half around meat mixture, eight get a seam with water, to powered Intel one. You can learn more andsealing d from cer-by theDumplings: form Press 1 (1-lb.) sweet potato or Laura quote at or half-circles. or or the Intel Atom dumplings gently to slightly 2 cups free flour formation *** 1 flatten. ⁄2 tsp. each salt, (877)-VOCALOCITY. black ess, by calling suchvisit as Ultrabook Restaurateur Joe Bastianich and 4. Drop dumplings, a few at pepper 1 ops, tablets, netbooks Pfizerfrom offer sticking low-cholesterol recipes a time to keep ⁄8 tsp. nutmeg *** together, into boiling water. 1 Smart Balance® Omega-3 a “smartWhen you book a vacationCook rental10 min.atRemove s—help your family with slotEgg, white only on a budted spoon. Serve hot dumplings ted, and with a company such as Wyndham less entertained plan with Cranberry Coulis. Cranberry Coulis: and text. or more information, To make Coulis, combine 2 cups Vacation fresh or Rentals, frozen which includes making it cranberries, water and sugar cranberries rs to talk rental brands such as ResortQuest, 1 in a saucepan. Bring to a boil. ⁄2 cup water arn more, 1 Hoseasons and The Resort Company, Reduce heat to low and cook ⁄3–1⁄2 cup sugar, depending on *** 20–30 min. or until berries are and desired you get globally recognized customer uggest that it’s best cranberries to cooked down. Press mixture sweetness and ng credit card pur- service, clearly outlined quality through a food mill or a strainer. If necessary, thin with Directions: safety standards. For more midnight. Your judgwater to desired consistency. 1. Sauté onion and carrot in informaFor more recipes, visit www. oil just softened; cool. In tion, visit e off at this time of until medium bowl, add sautéed


h easier to when chiltry to coradvises Dr. AAP, medNutrition.

tianich and rol recipes

Directions: 1. Sauté onion and carrot in oil just until softened; cool. In medium bowl, add sautéed

strainer. If necessary, thin with water to desired consistency. For more recipes, visit www.

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For Gifts That Give Back,Think Vehicle Donation (NAPSA)—This holiday season, giving a generous gift doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Instead, you can get on the road to giving joy by donating your old car. Vehicle donation is one gift option that’s sometimes overlooked, but, to charities, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. A recent donation behavior study found that nearly three out of four Americans have made charitable contributions in the last five years. Of these, 69 percent donated cash, 67 percent donated used goods and 47 percent donated their time. According to the report, however, only 6 percent have ever donated a used vehicle and 76 percent of the rest said they never even considered doing so. “Donating one car can generate enough cash to supply a month’s worth of food for a family of five or provide more than two years’ worth of generic drugs for a senior citizen,” said Pat Walsh, who oversees the national vehicle donation campaign, One Car One Difference. “That’s why we launched the One Car One Difference program:

Donating an unwanted vehicle to charity is a simple way to have a surprisingly large effect. to help raise the public’s awareness about the ease and benefits of donating vehicles, and convert donated cars to much-needed funds for charities.” The program’s partners, which include the National Kidney Foundation, The Humane Society of the United States, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the American Heart Association, select chapters of Ronald McDonald House Charities, Boy Scouts of America and the Yellow Ribbon Registry Network, work closely with it to demonstrate the benefits of vehicle donation. To donate your car or learn more, you can call (877) 557-1CAR or go to



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Living Beautifully Every Day (NAPSA)—Just as diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the perfect designer bag can be worth a splurge, shapewear can be a secret weapon for looking slimmer and feeling more confident during special occasions, according to a recent survey. The survey, conducted by Bali® Intimate Apparel and LYCRA ® beauty fabric, found that women i d e nt i fi e d co m fo rt , ho w m uch better shapewear makes them look, and fabric lightness or thinness as the most important factors when purchasing shapewear. From whittling the waist and flattening the tummy to slimming the thighs and smoothing out lumps and bumps, celebrity stylist Jennifer Rade knows a few things about looking and feeling your best. Her client list is a who’s who of the music, film and television industry, including musicians Lady Antebellum. She believes it begins with the right foundation. “Don’t wear shapewear that’s too small because you think it ‘holds you in’ better. That theory will only make you uncomforta b l e , ” s a ys R a d e . “ Ac c e p t t h e reality of your figure. Love it.” Finding shapewear that makes you look sleek, held in and smoothed out can be easier with these five tips from Rade: •F i r s t , w h a t n e e d s w o r k ? Identify the area you want help shaping. Most women identified the stomach, followed by thighs, hips and derriere, as the problem areas. Identifying specific areas can help you narrow down your search for the right shapewear pieces. •Second, know that it doesn’t have to hurt. A recent survey found that 35 percent of women avoid shapewear because they believe i t ’s uncomfortable.

(NAP househo Lifeline provides low-inco Wireles tance se ates on Networ more, ca www.ass

Shapewear that’s too small doesn’t mean it’s more effective. Shapewear made with LYCRA, h o w e v e r, m o v e s w i t h y o u . Options include light control, moderate control or firm control. •Third, you’re probably wearing the wrong size. Looking 10 pounds smaller doesn’t mean you have to wear shapewear that’s too small. Proper-fitting shapewear is more effective. To find your size, start with your current dress or dress pant size and this conversion: 4–6 = Small, 8–10 = Medium, 12–14 =Large, 16–18 = XLarge, 20–22 = 2XLarge. •F o u r t h , u p d a t e y o u r l i n gerie drawer. For each pair of shoes you have, you should have one shapewear piece. Having shapewear for all style occasions—a little black dress, cigarette-style trousers, billowy blouses—ensures an effortless, slimming and elegant look no matter what you’re wearing. •Fifth, believe it. Feel beautiful. Shapewear can give you great comfort and fit and help you look and feel elegant and confident. For more ideas on how to live beautifully daily and get tips a n d advice from Rade, visit

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(NAPSA)—Some 30 million households may qualify for the Bringing Healthier Appetizers ToTh T Lifeline Assistance program that (NAPSA)—Just about everyone provides phone service for eligible (NAP (NAPSA)—Here’s an idea many loves a good holiday party or low-income customers. Assurance times h homeowners may greet warmly: potluck get-together, and perhaps Wireless provides Lifeline Assisoffers in keeping air inside it’sonly thing better than celetance service and hot currently oper-whenthe ily and cold out. brating with delicious food is ates on the Nationwide Sprint pass on houses, the problem— doing so with great-tasting dishes Network inIn 31many states. To learn love. from somethat are healthier, too. That’s more, callsurprisingly—comes (800) 395-2171 or visit thing you’d think would keepwhere you you can come in. This year, whether you’re hosting a party or warm: traditional open-masonry invited to one, you can delight fireplaces. They just aren’t very your friends and family with efficient. Every minute they burn, recipes that are full of flavor yet these fireplaces can exhaust as Sweet Potato Du low in fat and calories. much as 300 cubic feet of heated Cranberry Coulis For example, this recipe for indoor air outside your home, fresh ingredients Sweet Potato Dumplings with dinarily tasty, a according to the U.S. Department Coulis turns simple, dish. of Energy. That’s 18,000 cubicCranberry feet Fireplace inserts fit directly healthful into fresh ingredients into an extraorof heated air lost per hour. thetasty, opening of existing masonryA new vegetables to grb dinarily attractive and As the warm air leaves, cold air built fireplaces. e x aegg mi along with healthful dish. Using Smart Balfrom windows, doors and other pepper, sage ance Omega Cooking Oil and Eggs the an ho An efficient gas fireplace areas is drawn to the fireplace. well and set brings heart-healthy omega-3s andasid dre insert is the Heat & Glo Escape This cools the house and forces 2 . F o rof d uwo mp into the nutritional mix: I35. It features traditional woodthe furnace to work harder to heat sweet potato on theun v burning looks through a conveyour entire home. cool. Remove sk Sweet Potato Dumplings of com n i eCranberry n t g a s p l aCoulis t f o r m . A m o lpotato ded Fortunately, there is a way to with inment. a med *your * * fireplace without sufFireBrick ceramic interior radienjoy separate bowl, c “Our drivers are trained to ates 25 percent more heat than fering from high energy and salt, pepper and Mixture: handle adverse conditions and bills Chicken ers to th metal fireboxes, an intermita drafty house. egg to mashed 2 Tbsp. each mincedand onion, know that preparation can make s t e n t p icarrot l o t s y s t e m c o n s e rand v e s mix bridal A Practical well. M shredded all the difference,” said GaryUpgrade Catand drea ® energy. a battery backup Fireplace inserts fit flour mixture. K 1 tsp. SmartThere’s Balance apano, senior vice president of directly their dau system, so it works even during into the opening of existing ingaflour mixture Omega Cooking Oil safety for First Student, Inc., a 1 Zaslo outage. 3. On floured s ⁄2 lb. power ground chicken company masonry-built that transportsfireplaces 6 million and offer ® 1 to write to ⁄8-in. th 1 Smart Balance Omega-3 “These days, homeownersdough are enhanced heating performance, students daily. For more informawhat in.tocutter, cut th do white more only and more ways seeking style www.firststudent and money-saving efficiency. Egg, tion, visit 1 underst cles. To make dum ⁄ 4 tsp. each salt, black increase their home value,” said Fireplace inserts come in them, a rounded halfth pepper Diane Utzman-O’Neill of Hearth numerous * * * designs and fuel types. 1 and thr chicken mixture ⁄ 8 tsp. each ground sage, Making positive changes & Home Technologies, a leading Whenbehavior evaluating gas fireplace each dough circl ground ginger larger s to avoid impulse eating is an essenhearth product manufacturer. inserts, a critical component to in half around m tween p tial factor look in health and weight man“Inserts can lower heating costs for is Direct Vent technology. sealing seam w Dumplings: today. agement. Such That'sunits the word from cerand revive interior designs.” have sealed fireboxes form half-cir 1 (1-lb.)Many sweetwood-burning potato In “T tified diabetes educator Laura inserts and venting that expel 100 percent dumplings gent 2 cups flour Garrett, RD. For more information examine a r e E PA c e r ti fi e d . Th e s e a p of exhaust outside of the home— 1 flatten. commitm ⁄2 tsp. each salt, black about health and wellness, visit pliances save money and meet for clean, safe indoor air quality. 4. Dropcrets dump pepper an stringent environmental stanOne wood-burning insert made 1 a time to keep f ⁄ 8 tsp. nutmeg in from *** dards. Pellet-burning inserts are by Quadra-Fire is the Voyageur. 1ItSmart together,their intoref b Balance® Omega-3 Not everyone needs a “smartalso known for extremely clean blends clean, eco-friendly heatingEgg, Cook 10 min. Rem white only phone.” Many consumers on a bud“The and efficient operation. with distinctive cast-iron styling. ted spoon. Serve get simply want a wireless plan whereve Learn More A robust 46,000 BTU heating with Cranberry C Cranberry Coulis: that allows them to talk and text. For more facts about these conheats up to 2,400 square To make Cou 2 cups fresh or frozen payLo hascapacity responded by making it venient appliances, visit feet and a single load of wood can cranberries, wa cranberries even easier for customers to talk 1 efficiently for up to 12 hours. in a saucepan. B ⁄2 cup water and text—and save. burn To learn more, 1 1 Reduce heat to ⁄ 3 – ⁄ 2 cup sugar, depending on visit 20–30 min. or un cranberries and desired cooked down. P sweetness through a foo strainer. If neces Directions: (NAP water to desired 1. Sauté onion and carrot in

Fireplace Inserts Save Energy And Money

, and a local presence



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Gifts That Help You Stay

(NAPSA)—The Hyundai Assurance Trade-in Value Guarantee Connected tells you exactly how much a car will be worth two, three or four years from purchase. For more information and a look at the other forward-thinking aspects of these cars, visit or call (800) 633-5151.

(NAPSA)—Gadgets are topping many gift lists this year, and with om the wider availability of high-tech devices, there are many options to and at choose from. ew book From standard laptops and age, famUltrabook devices, to netbooks parents with more mobility and affordable rs about price points, sleek tablets and an emerging category called hybrids ry takes that combine the features of Becker ’s tablets with the productivity wler, Mienabled by a keyboard, there are a ace that variety of gadgets to suit your des-to-be needs. the MidOne reason gadgets are such a made pilwelcome gift is that they help o. A mirfamilies stay connected, enterin this tained and informed. Here are , once a some of the latest must-haves: , is now Topping Wish Lists: “Magic The No-Compromise Ultrabook Ultrabook devices are thin, light Intel has inspired a new cateand ultraresponsive. Magic gory of computing with the Ulry About *** Tablets for Entertainment trabook devices, a new class of noWe Wish When your brakes need replacOn the Go compromise computers that ughters” ing, use quality, tested products Another popular gift is the deliver best-in-class performance Jeffrey designed for your vehicle. Pretablet, which offers Internet and are ultraresponsive in thin, es readmium ACDelco Professional browsing, casual gaming and elight, sexy designs. Not only are mall-town reading withDuraStop the touch brake of a finger. Ultrabook systems ultraportable, pads, for examhe hopes For a rich multimedia, multibut also incredibly quick to ple, are covered by a limited lifehave for touch experience, consider respond. Powered by the Intel time warranty andthe made for most ViewSonic ViewPad 10. As an Core processor family, Ultrabook A new brochure, “Winter A)—You not justcan find good vehicles. To find a service center, bonus, this tablet supdevices, available a number Warmthfrom and Safety: Home additional Energy oney- and environmentowns goGoogle to ports both the Android and and click PC manufacturers, mustcame to the ofKeller Tips for Olderare Adults,” is free from eas from on “Find a Service Center.” Windows operating systems. have gifts for those looking for a wearing (800) 677-1116 or www.eldercare. ealty guidebook Green Must-Have Hybrids* * * new computing experience. arnings, gov. The Eldercare Locator Another is a me: Healthy, Moneyemerging popular Netbooks to Meet All Needs A key source fordeinformation on tells a public service theIntel U.S. Adminisdlove Sustainable Living vice categoryauto is called “hybrids.” Netbooks powered by of the insurance rates is an agent betration Aging, administered byoffer productivity Home online atAtom Keller These andthe play processor areonbasic on-the-go ughters or broker with letters CPCU in one combining the touch companions that come in compact the National Association of Areadevice,after his or her name. That’s proof the familiarity of a designs and have long-lasting Agencies on Aging. bat- of a tablet with ” Zaslow of advanced insurance PC. The classmate PC powered by education, tery life. The Samsung NC 215S is brink * * * * * *of industry experience Intel Atom processor is a great and a comone of the world’s first solar-powries, seWhen workers want the to use of hibernating this mitment to ain professional ethics choice for the children your ered netbooks, making it the perfect pull own smartphones in the Rugged may you want to brave the fortheir family. designs instantly gadget your “green” family code. To find a CPCU, visit first see office, Good Technology helps comme out to Valley Forge convert from clamshell to touchmembers. The Asus Eee PC X101 is nic room. panies separate and secureoptimized corpogomery County. The lightweight, tablet mode, giving stuanother affordable available dents expanded flexibility inside and is thedata choice for someone rate while leaving employees’ a wintry mixoption of outand outside the classroom. looking forprivate basic features suchuntouched. as information To ation. For suggestions For more information, visit Web browsing, viewing photos and e is to do, visit www. learn more, visit or videos, and simple content creation.


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call (866) 7-BE-GOOD.


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eed replacproducts icle. Prefessional for exammited lifee for most ice center, and click er.”

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Collecting And Storing Family Memories (NAPSA)—From snapping photos to making scrapbooks or shooting home movies, parents have long been the curators of family memories. Today, those memories are more likely to be preserved digitally, saved on our computers and shared via social networks. Collecting memories online makes it easier to share them with family far and near, especially if you keep in mind a few simple rules of thumb. Here are a few tips to help you get started: Scan to save. Don’t forget to scan in documents, such as relevant newspaper clips, great report cards and awards that might otherwise fade and become fragile. Celebrate the everyday. Don’t just document special events such as weddings or birthday parties. Snapshots of everyday life are likely to be treasured years later. Add action. Mix up memories in photograph form and video. Choose a computer that makes it easy. When you shop for a new computer, choose one with a red V I S I O N Technology sticker from AMD. Computers with this technology offer better tools for transforming photos and videos into memories that last a lifetime. All-day battery life means easy editing and photo sharing on the go, crystal-clear HD visuals so pictures and videos

look more lifelike, and smooth video playback so finished home movies can be viewed and shared with loved ones. When looking for a PC: •Speed counts: Lack of time holds most people back from doing more with their photos. When you choose a PC with a supercomputing processor such as AMD’s VISION Engine, your computer will have the horsepower needed to upload and edit photos and videos quickly. •Focus on the graphics: Home videos and digital photographs look richer and more vivid, and editing is a breeze if you have a computer with supersharp graphics capabilities. •Smooth out those shaky home movies: Video-editing software, such as vReveal, allows you to easily organize, fix, edit and share your videos. You can edit videos taken from a smartphone, tablet or video camera to brilliant HD quality with a single click, create panoramic photos from your video, and save in a mobilefriendly format for easy sharing on the go. •Battery life: If you’re planning to upload photos or share a video with mom while you’re away from home, choose a machine with long battery life, such as the HP dv6 with AMD AllDay Power, which lasts up to 10.5 hours. For more information, visit



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(NA own a (NAPSA)—Vacation rentals are(NAPSA)—Vacation rentals are you’re gaining in popularity among resear gaining in popularity among Americans looking to spend qualgon, a Americans looking to spend quality time with family and friends. force ity time with family and friends. That popularity is due in part That to popularity is due in part to teleco the growing number of properties from t the growing number of properties available online, as well as the time o available online, as well as the many advantages this type of numb many advantages this type of lodging offers. estima lodging offers. From abundant space and priVacation rentals provide excelabundant space and pri- Vacation rentals provide excel-workfo vacy to convenient home amenitiesFromlent by the value for budg et-minded vacy to convenient home amenities lent value for budget-minded The such as a washer/dryer and fully travelers. such as a washer/dryer and fully travelers. equipped kitchens, vacation rentals for th equippedwell kitchens, vacation rentals acquainted with the area. appeal to the practical-minded fuel. F well acquainted with the area. and m appeal to the 2. practical-minded Who do you call if there’s traveler. Vacation rentals also offer 2. Whobe do you traveler.aVacation rentals also offer should problem? There cus-call if there’semplo a more authentic way to experience a problem? There a more authentic way to experience tomer service representatives whoshould be cus- One a destination, and some include tomer service representatives whoing ea a destination, some native include language speakand your and such extras as cleaning services speak your native language andinvolv such extras as cleaning services can dispatch a local team for onand golf course access. Reaching repair a timely beyond the traditional home or dispatch a local team for on-nected and golfsite course access. assistance Reaching can in if needed. Look the in a timelyIntran condo offerings, a number of vacarepairfor assistance beyondmanner the traditional home or site terms a“professionally managed” orLook for theout an tion rental companies even feature if needed. condo offerings, number of vaca- manner “full-service” when doing your castles, houseboats and cottages. tion rental companies even feature terms “professionally managed” orelsewh search. For budget-conscious travelers, “full-service” when doing yourbusine castles, houseboats and cottages. 3. Is what I see what I get? vacation rentals also provideFor budget-conscious throug travelers, search. Professionally managed vacation excellent value, with pricing often 3. Is what I see what I get?col, o vacation rentals also provide rental companies consistently lower than other lodging options. managed vacationphone excellent value, with pricing often Professionally provide updated and accurate rental But it is important to ask yourself lower than other lodging options. rental companies consistently pro-Intern and descriptions, which is a few questions before booking a But it ispictures important to ask yourself vide updated and accurate rentaltional not always the case with listing vacation rental online: a few questions before booking a pictures and descriptions, which is Tha services. If you decide to book 1. Who do I book with? Book not always owner the case with listinghome vacationwith rentalan online: individual property a vacation rental directly with the custom If you decide to book do I booka with? Bookservice, through listing sure owner through a listing service1. Who pany h individual property owner One a vacation directly withfeedback the with anfrom to rental check recent presite or by opting for a professionowner vious throughguests. a listing service through a listing service, be sure15,000 ally managed rental service that to checkin recent feedback from pre-with m site or by opting for a profession4. Can you book real acts on behalf of a rental’s owner. vious guests. ally managed rental service that time? Booking with a renowned For added security, use a profestogeth 4. Can you you to book in realtheir acts on hospitality behalf of a rental’sbrand owner. allows sionally managed rental service time? Booking with a renownedfeatur For added security, use a profesenjoy secure booking along with that’s backed by a global hospitalhospitality rates brand allows you to •B sionallycompetitive, managed rental service real-time ity brand like Wyndham Vacation enjoy secure booking along withthat c that’s backed by a global within the hospitaldestination, which Rentals, which owns trusted avoids haggling withcompetitive, the owner.real-time ratesand gr brands such as ResortQuest, ity brand like Wyndham Vacation Now owns thattrusted you have Hoseasons and The Resort Comwithin athebetter destination, which •Th Rentals, which to look avoids for—and pany. With these businesses, you hagglinghow with the owner. in and brandsidea such of as what ResortQuest, to safeguard mind— get globally recognized customer Nowofthat you have a betterwhere Hoseasons and The Resortyour Com-peace enjoy your vacation booking service, clearly outlined quality idea of what to look for—and hownection pany. With these businesses, you rental experience. For more information, and safety standards applied get to globally recognized customer to safeguard your peace of mind— each rental, and a local presence service,visit clearly outlined quality enjoy your vacation rental booking and safety standards applied to experience. For more information, each rental, and a local presence visit

Vacation Rentals On The Rise—Book Vacation Rentals On TheSmart Rise—Book Smart

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Option For Small-Business Workers A Better Telecommuting Telecommuting Option For Small-Business Worke A Better

(NAPSA)—If work on your (NAPSA)—Ifyou you work on your own atown home—or at home—or would would likelike to— to— you’reyou’re not not alone. According alone. According to to research by the of Oreresearch by theUniversity University of Oregon, about 6 percent gon, about 6 percent ofofthethe work-workforce (over 8 million Americans) force (over 8 million Americans) telecommute telecommutetoto company company jobs jobs from their homes on either a partfrom their homes on either a parttime or full-time basis—and time or full-time basis—and the the number is increasing. By some number is increasing. By some estimates, a full 30 percent of the estimates, a full 30 percent of the workforce will be telecommuting will be telecommuting vide excel-by the workforce year 2020. by the year 2020. good reasons et-minded There are many many good reasons for this.There Forare one thing, it saves for this. For one thing, it savestime fuel. For another, it saves Whether your company is going green or getting lea he area. and money fuel. Forfor another, saves time and Whethertelecommuting your company is going green good or getting lean—or both— both itemployer makes sense. ll if there’semployee. and money for both employer and telecommuting makes good sense. ould be cus- Oneemployee. Another, describin •Auto call attendant thing making telecommuttatives whoing easier Another, howthe handy attendant and messages One is thing makingcomputing. telecommut- It•Auto call•Music system was when on describing hold cloud nguage andinvolves the system was when storm down his city messages on hold ing easier is cloud computing. It con-•Music and shut •Call forwarding and follow me an ice several computers eam for on-nectedinvolves •Different greetings to for asaid, though thecomputers Internet down his city week,“We forwarded and follow me shutaccording several con-or an•Call forwarding in a timelyIntranet. our to home the nigh the greetings time ofaccording day and of weekall phones Together, said,day “We forwarded to the nected though the they Internetcan or anreach•Different remoted in with th •A retrieve processed ook for theout and our keeps home thetrack night before and anddashboard the day of week that Intranet. Together,data they can reach the time of day We might as well all of real-time status of workers elsewhere. Now you can even add managed” or •A dashboard that keeps track remoted in with the computers. out and retrieve data processed the office for the who •Extension-to-extension, clickbusiness voice service to the cloud doing your We might as well all have been in elsewhere. Now you can even add of real-time status of workers The storm had lef to-call functionality through Voice over Internet Proto•Extension-to-extension, click- the office for the whole week.” business voice service to the cloud ers stranded at hom •Companywide directory col, or “VoIP.” Essentially, the what I get? The storm had left many workthrough Voice over Internet Proto- to-call functionality many businesses t •Outlook integration phone system works over the ed vacation ers stranded at home and forced •Companywide directory col, or “VoIP.” Essentially, the tressing week of wor •Mobile command and control Internet rather than over tradistently promany businesses to lose a dis•Outlook integration phone system works over the its and production. R through iPhone and Android lines. urate rentaltional phone prof•Mobile command and control tressing week of work, sales, Internet rather than over tradiice-skating rinks an devices. That means workers can be at ns, which is through iPhone and Android its and production. Roads became tional phone lines. became sledding ter All that because the company, on the road but appear to with listinghome or That ice-skating rinks and driveways devices. Vocalocity, specializes means can be transportation, the in bringing customers to beworkers sitting inatcomde to book became sledding for terrains.schools Public and donatio All that becauseoffice the company, home or on the road but appear to remote workers together pany headquarters. perty owner Onecustomers transportation, the post office, Vocalocity, specializes in bringing to be sitting in comclosed. Gas ran shor virtual collaboration. system that serves nearly ice, be sure15,000pany and donation all at grocery sto remote officeAs workers for schools headquarters. plies onetogether customer expressed it, centers small businesses, many ck from pre-with multiple closed. Gas ran short, as did supvirtual collaboration. One system that serves nearly hospitals. “I unpacked the box, assembled locations to be tied at grocery stores and A citypoll of the peop customer expressed it, plies 15,000via smallthe businesses, many andAs one the phones, plugged them in and together Internet k in realtheir phone hospitals. “I unpacked the box, assembled with multiple locations to be tied munity who had the they worked. It was a very simple system, offers such a renownedfeatures A poll of the people in the complugged them in and together ing system in pla process. With our headquarters as: via the Internet and the phones, ows you to •Business munity who the telecommutIt was a verymiles simple away their phone system, offers such they worked. found that 92 percen being 3,000 andhad havcommunications along withthat can functionality and no a lot, needed a however, beas:provisioned quickly ing Isystem in place, With to our travel headquarters features ime ratesand grow•Business that phone system thatfound worked and were as you grow that 92 percent at fullthey were not in miles away and havcommunications being 3,000 ion, which •The Free that aI lot, could count on having noone could to let workers and no tell Information ing to travel I needed a functionality thatability can be provisioned quickly plug troubles with.and Vocalocity elimihe owner. in andandget that they were not in the office.You can learn m phone system that worked growworking as you grow nearly anyfree quote at www.v nated the supportand Advice a let broadband ve a betterwhere they FreeIT Information that I could count on need having for no any •Thehave ability to workers plug conorget byacalling (877)-VO myVocalocity company.” r—and hownectionin and get working nearly any- troublesinwith. You can learn more and elimie of mind— where they have a broadband con- nated the need for any IT support free quote at ntal booking or by calling (877)-VOCALOCITY. in my company.” nection nformation,


tions on the company’s website and Free File. •Free File Fillable Forms: The electronic forms perform basic math calculations and are de-

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season’s ery Thing n, “If You by Laura by Felicia On Land” l & Po” by

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complete and submit Form 4868. Return to Free File by October 15, 2012 to file your return.

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A Wintry Mix Of Recreation (NAPSA)—Don’t be discouraged by wintry weather if you’re looking for outdoor fun. Some locations have a lot to offer during the colder months. For example, the Valley Forge area of Pennsylvania, 18 miles outside Philadelphia, offers plenty of outdoor thrills when the weather chills. From Spring Mountain Adventures in Schwenksville to the trails at Valley Forge National Historical Park, the destination offers a wintry mix of outdoor recreation. Ski Slopes Eight ski slopes at Spring Mountain Adventures traverse Montgomery County’s highest peak and two separate runs are exclusive to downhill snowtubing. This intimate mountain, complete with canopy tours and more, is the perfect place to learn to ski and snowboard, and its conditions are always just right, thanks to state-of-the-art snowmaking. Sledding When Mother Nature provides the precipitation, sleds and toboggans are welcome at the popular 400-foot slope, near lot five in the Militia Hill Day Use area at Fort Washington State Park. The park, located in Springfield and Whitemarsh Townships, offers daily updates on the hill’s conditions via Ice Fishing To the north, at Green Lane Park, hiking the many county trails is common and ice-skaters take to the lake when the conditions are just right. Anxious

Instead of hibernating this winter, you may want to come out to Valley Forge and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. anglers, impatient for spring’s thaw, even try their luck ice fishing for rainbow trout. All that’s needed is resolve and a Pennsylvania fishing license. Cross-Country Calm and relaxed or vigorous and energetic, cross-country skiing is a breathtaking escape. Whether gliding through freshly fallen snow along the rolling countryside of Valley Forge National Historical Park, the multipurpose trails of Lower Perkiomen Valley Park in Oaks or the 1.7-mile loop at Fort Washington State Park, it’s a great way to enjoy the crisp cool air and the area’s amazing scenery. So instead of hibernating this winter, brave the cold and come out to Valley Forge and Montgomery County. For suggestions on all there is to do, indoors and out, visit

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Bridging Infrastructure Needs And Funds (NAPSA)—While allocating the funds needed to rebuild or replace deficient bridges is a significant challenge for the nation, discovering new ways to do more for America’s bridge infrastructure with fewer resources is the challenge—and an opportunity—for those who design, engineer and build bridges. That’s especially true considering that more than one in four bridges in America is structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. “Bridges are first and foremost socioeconomic lifelines, vital to our economic health,” said Ted Zoli, national technical director for bridges at HNTB Corporation, an employee-owned infrastructure firm. “They bring people and goods together and if they fail, we fail. It’s necessary that we see bridges for what they are: a durable investment in our future.” According to a recent survey by Kelton Research, a majority of Americans believe most U.S. bridges are in poor condition and nearly three-quarters think they are not inspected as often and thoroughly as they should be. “It’s true much of the nation’s bridge infrastructure—built in the middle of the last century as public works projects or as state highways expanded and the Interstate Highway System was constructed—is reaching the end of its anticipated life,” Zoli said. “However, the vast majority of these structures remain sound and they undergo regular inspections to maintain safety.” While Americans tend to underestimate the average life span of a bridge (36 years versus the actual 50 to 75 years), a majority agrees that most bridges are safe (65 percent). Concern, however, runs higher in rural areas, as 50 percent assume the bulk of the nation’s bridges are unsafe versus 33 percent in more

Innovation and creativity play an increasingly essential role in modern bridge design and engineering. populated areas. More rural Americans also worry that most bridges are in poor condition. One of the biggest problems facing the nation’s bridges is how to pay for the repair and the replacement of deficient structures, as well as the routine inspection and maintenance of bridges. Traditional state and federal gas tax revenue is in steep decline due to the increased fuel efficiency of vehicles while departments of transportation are facing severe budget cuts. “We need to leverage new and improved ways of identifying and financing infrastructure, as well as to develop new strategies to design and deliver bridges more efficiently,” Zoli said. Many Americans agree. Nearly half said in the future they would prefer to pay for the maintenance of existing bridges and construction of new ones through more tolls rather than higher sales taxes, higher gas taxes or higher property taxes. “Bridges help define our sense of place, enhance our quality of life and contribute to our economic vitality. Preserving, protecting and improving them are investments worth making,” Zoli added. For more information, visit


(NAPS source to safe and weather m A ne Warmth Tips for tips abou winter w on energy •M a k energy e program sealing More adv Environm c y ’s E n e www.ene

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For a call (800) at www.e The E lic servic tion on A Nationa Agencies


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The Essentials Of Men’s Grooming

Essentials Of Men’s Grooming PracticalThe Skin Care Tips For Men


Practical Skin Care Tips For Men

arms starts to itch or you see a (NAPSA) harsh and strip essential oils from Though men’s normal. Incr rash developing, your deodorant skin. the rise, it is often arms starts itch or youNever see a treat harsh and strip essentialisoils from (NAPSA)—Though men’s caused is likely the toculprit. “The dryness by soap hat when guys hear are turning on the rise, it is often skin. t h i srash w ideveloping, t h r u b byour i n gdeodorant a l c o h o l oing r for every more you use it, ming routine,”grooming they iscumulative—the hydrogen peroxide to “disinfect” the more damage you do to your gthy process involv“The dryness caused by soap is is likely the culprit. Never treat still the case that when guys hear cars, to desi problem is skin,” routine,” said Dr. ucts and spending this with spots—the rubbing alcohol or cumulative—the more you usethe it, trouble the words “grooming theyBenabio. elry, bridal g almost never an infection; it’s At the drugstore, grab a moisn front of the mirror hydrogen peroxide to “disinfect” the more damage you do to your envision a lengthy process involvtextbooks. usually a contact irritation. Look turizing body wash like Dove and girlfriends. This trouble spots—the is best This smar skin,” said Dr. Benabio. many products and spending for atheformula thatproblem works Men+Care Clean Comfort Body about skin careingcan ® time in front of the mirror infection; it’s At theisdrugstore, grab a moisas much withalmost your never skinanbut still gives you and Face Wash that clinically onsequences: Dove sumers save the odor wetness proven to fight dryness with e brand’s first produsually and a contact irritation. protection Look turizing body wash like Dove as their wives and girlfriends. This skin just what th thatfor you need.that Dove noabout irritation ct line specifically a formula worksMen+Care best Men+Care Clean Comfort Body misconception skin care or can tightness. long-term bu antiperspirants and deodorants, 2. Upgrade Your Workout esigned for men, ® with your skin but still gives you and Face Wash that is clinically have painful consequences: Dove for example, are specifically for- In the cas ound that 50 per- ™ Gear: While working out or playthe odortoandbewetness protection and proven to fight skin dryness with Men+Care , the brand’s first prodmulated nonirritating ing sports, try wearing fabrics that ent of men experirenting can h that you need. Dove Men+Care no irritation or tightness. uct line specifically hydrating to help combat dryness wick sweat away from skin to help nce some form of dents stretch while providingand powerful prevent skin staying wet nderarm discomfort antiperspirants deodorants,48-hour 2. Upgrade Your Workout designed for men, from lege-related odorfor protection. (when moisture trapped on the r itching and beexample, are specifically forGear: While working out or playfound that 50 per- is the average s 5. Have a Good Road Warskin, it is at a greater risk for eve this is the price mulated to be nonirritating and ing sports, try wearing fabrics that cent of men experipublic colleg rior Routine: When traveling to infection). Cotton, for example, is o pay for using a to help combat dryness away from skin to help enceideal some form of wick and hydrating from new regions with differnot because it sweat absorbs moisowerful deodorant. $1,100 a ye while providing powerful 48-hour skin fromshop staying wet underarm discomfort ing climates, know your skin and ture. Check your prevent local sports doesn’t have to be materials, th for moisture-wicking apparel his way. odor protection.that you’re already How the is trapped on use the products or itching and be- (when moisture with;a Good now Road is not the time made ofismaterials like orrisk familiar Benabio, dermatolo5. Have Warit polyester is at a greater for lieve this the price skin, to experiment with new lotions Saving m microfiber. s skin care expert, Routine: When traveling to is rior payDon’t for using a infection). Cotton, for example,and rentals does deodorants that hotels might Forget Your Skin on ps to help guys take Dr. Jeffrey to 3. and from new regions with differnot ideal because it absorbs moispowerful deodorant. give you. Always have these basics Game Day: Tailgating and gettheir skin without and painful Benabio ing climates, knowbag: your skin and wash, Check your local sports shop It doesn’t have to beup ture. in your travel facial ting painted in your favorite ir free time. website des moisturizer, and prodteam’s tradition forapparel and skin mainteuse productssunscreen that you’re already this way. colors isfora moisture-wicking straightforw that do many guys, but face makeup just for women— with;double now is notduty, the timesuch as madepaint of materials like polyesteructs or familiar Dr. Jeffrey Benabio, dermatolouse. It prov Dove Men+Care Body and Face can clog pores and lead to irritale things that guys to experiment with new lotions microfiber. gist and men’s skin care expert, access to tex Wash that also have Dove moisturtion. After the big game, to comill visibly improve and deodorants that hotels might 3. Don’t Forget Your Skin on offers simple tips to help guys take izers, to provide total skin comfort pletely remove the gunk, use a eel of their skin,” nearly 85 per give Always have these light. basics Gamewash Day: Tailgating better care moisturizing of their skin withoutbody and keep traveling in theand geto. price of new e Soap: Guys often in your @DoveMenCare travel bag: facial wash,on Twitting painted up in your favorite Follow cutting into shower. their free time. discount wh visit 4. Remember That All ric bar of soap “Grooming (or moisturizer, sunscreen and prodcolors is aDeotradition ter for or and skin mainte- team’s books are ren MenCareUS to join the conversadorants Are Not Created oo) to wash their ucts that do double duty, such as many guys, but face paint makeup nance aren’t just for women— By visitin tion about skin care and more. Equal: If the skin under your products are too

there are simple things that guys can clog pores and lead to irritation. After the big game, to comcan do that will visibly improve  ors: November isthe National Skin Month. pletely remove the gunk, use a look andHealthy feel of their skin,” moisturizing body wash in the said Dr. Benabio. 1. Ditch the Soap: Guys often shower. 4. Remember That All Deorely on a generic bar of soap (or worse, shampoo) to wash their dorants Are Not Created bodies. These products are too Equal: If the skin under your

 As Your Favorite Disney Character Note to Editors: November is National Healthy Skin Month.

A new video game is ier to get in on the favorite Disney and

Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash that also have Dove moisturizers, to provide total skin comfort and keep you traveling light. Follow @DoveMenCare on Twitter or visit MenCareUS to join the conversation about skin care and more.

legebookren dents are abl entire course They also applying ren purchase of inspired to have gotten u option desig dents still In New Video Gamemajor or care row’s beloved Pirate ship, or wit- Their B ness the majesty of Pride Rock as they suit up to battle some of theTo make

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Renting Textbooks Can Help Students Save

Can Help Students Save Renting Textbooks (NAPSA)—Renting is the new

normal. consumers is theIncreasingly, new see a (NAPSA)—Renting are turning to renting over buynormal. Increasingly, consumers dorant ing for everything from homes to r treat are turning tocars, renting to overdesigner buyhandbags, jewh o l oing r for everything frombridal homes togowns and now—even elry, nfect” textbooks. cars, to designer handbags, jewlem is This smart alternative lets conelry, bridal gowns and now—even n; it’s sumers save money by paying for textbooks. just what they need without the . Look s best This smart alternative lets conlong-term burden of ownership. Increasingly, parents and stues you sumers save moneyIn by the payingcase for of college textbooks, dents are looking for smart ways ection can just what theyrenting need without thehelp parents and stu- to save on college expenses— +Care dents stretch budgets for collong-term burden of ownership. their Increasingly,Given parentsthat and stu-and renting textbooks can often rants, lege-related expenses. help them do just that. college textbooks,student ly for- In the case ofthe dents areatlooking for smart ways average a four-year g and renting can helppublic parents and stu- tocan chased from another source—for college pay saveexpect on collegetoexpenses— ryness dents stretch their budgets aforyear col- and cash or receive a credit toward $1,100 onrenting textbooks and textbooks can often 8-hour future textbook rentals or purmaterials, this is welcome news. lege-related expenses. Given that help them do just that. chases. Plus, it offers fast, secure How the Process Works the average student at a four-year Warpayments and free shipping on Saving money on textbook chased fromtoanother public college rentals can expectdoes to pay not ling to your textbook buyback, so stuhave be a source—for long differcash or receive a credit $1,100 a year and on textbooks and process dents can spend their cash on painful thanks to toward a in and future textbook rentals or pur-other important things. materials, this website is welcome news. designed to be simple, lready A Deep Inventory straightforward and chases. Plus,efficient it offers fast,tosecure How the Process Works e time CBR is designed to serve the full use. It provides students with on textbook payments and free shipping on otions Saving money spectrum of higher education stuaccess to textbooks at savings of your compared textbook buyback, so stu-dents. Students of all kinds—colrentals does notnearly have to be might 85a long percent to the basics dents can spend their cash and painful process thanks to a price of new books. It even offers a onlege, graduate, part-time and prowash, important things. fessional—can choose the textbook website designed to be simple, discount whenother more than three prodsolution that works best for their books are rented. A Deep Inventory straightforward and efficient to uch as By visiting the site called col CBR is designed to serve the fullpersonal needs with a wide array of use. It provides students with d Face options for rent or purchase, (CBR), stuhigher access to textbooks at savings of spectrum oisturdents are able to rentofor buyeducation their stu-ble time frames and bundled disomfort dents.ofStudents all kinds—col-counts. The website also offers innearly 85 percent compared to the load entire course booksof online. They the option of pro-house customer service, including a lege, graduate, part-time and price of new books. It evenalso offers ahave n Twitapplying rental costs toward the discount when more than three fessional—can choose the textbookquick “click to chat” option, as well /Dove purchase of asolution bookthat ifworks they bestare for theiras live phone support. books are rented. versa“I’m always looking for ways to inspired to do so once courses personal needs withflexible a wide array ofsave money,” said Taylor RineBy visiting have the sitegotten called colunder e. way—a rent or purchase, (CBR), stu- optionstoforbenefit option designed stu-flexi-hart, a Florida State University dents still ble time framesfor and their bundled dis-senior. “After comparing prices, dents are able to rent or buy theirsearching major or career path. entire course load of books online. counts. The website also offers in-using has Policy house customer service, including aalways been the cheaper option They also have theTheir option ofBuyback and renting books online is easier To make things even easier, option, as wellthan waiting in long lines at the applying costs toward the quick “click to chat” will buy phone support. purchase of aback book iftextbooks they are as live bookstore.” 365 days a year. can sell college “I’m always lookingtextfor ways to To learn more, visit the website inspired to doStudents so once courses books—even if they pur-Rine-at money,”were said Taylor have gotten under way—a flexible save

option designed to benefit students still searching for their memajor or career path. or wit- Their Buyback Policy Rock as of theTo make things even easier,

hart, a Florida State University senior. “After comparing prices, using has always been the cheaper option and renting books online is easier

• Cranberry: Another holiday the couch, simply ess chocolate with a staple that is capable of ruining clothing not attended to is the then mix one tableNote to Editors: November isifNational Healthy Skin Month. delicious cranberry sauce. To elimd detergent with two water and blot the inate these bright red stains, CI

Armed with these tips from the past, you’ll be able to protect youroption desig home and guests from some of thedents still most common mishaps of holidaymajor or care Their B entertaining with ease.

To make collegebook back textboo Students ca books—even

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Suit Up As Your Favorite Disney Character In(NAPSA)—One New Video Game way school dis-

(NAPSA)—A new video game is making it easier to get in on the action as your favorite Disney and Pixar characters. —In a time of great Designed to appeal to all ages, 49.2 million Disney AmeriUniverse is the first video poverty, a group of brings together characgame that ound an easy ters way to and worlds inspired by both imple act of giving. animated and live-action films h thought and fromeven Disney and Pixar. ng, they createdDisney YouUniverse is designed to om—an innovative engage every type of gamer, from enhances giving by the enthusiast to the casual, who ocial, immediate, enjoys playing on Xbox 360, onmentally friendly, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii or nd easy. PC. Incorporating various film Players can suit-up in iconic Disving More Social and character elements, the game is neyshown and Pixarwith character costumes. ng technology people Marie Maxwell food the thrill of fast-paced (the Web andoffers social and supplies sent to Common some ofa the mostJersey iconic characadventure withSense plenty offor quirky ite has modernized Animals, New ters, including Sam humor. Players can battle eneiving. Individuals, animal shelter. Her drive Flynn, wasQuorra Clu (“TRON”), Baloo (“The mies, collect coins and power-ups, anizations can start made possibleand through YouGive s than 15 minutes on and team with friends to Jungle Book”), Ariel (“The Little A drive can be explore starteda mix-up of worlds Mermaid”), Sulley (“Monsters, drives support charities andNemo”) help a food pantry, Inc.”), Nemo (“Finding inspired by their favoritethat Disney organizations that help those in Tiner, soup kitchen or and everyone’s favorite fairy, and Pixar stories. need. lter located anyplace ker Bell (“Peter Pan”). Imaginative Worlds Since the site launched few cosDozens of otheracharacter Players will be able to explore months ago, over 100 drives have rive opens, six “Drive different worlds inspired by tumes are also featured in the started over including the country. social mediaboth to animated ask been Mickey Mouse, and live-action Dis-allgame, The site is based in Morristown, sit their YouGive ney and Pixar films. Adventures Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald, rive page and pur- N.J. and is owned and operated by will unfold in worlds based on with characters from “The Jungle rom the site. Goods a group of people who strongly Book” and “The Muppets” availCaribbean,” Timimportance in the of helping tart at $5. “Pirates of thebelieve able in the coming Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland,” others in need. It was developedmonths to for fying Giving download into the Xboxto360 and “The Lion allow“WALL-E,” people and organizations ying the process of King,” PlayStation 3 versions “Monsters Inc.,” and “Aladdin.” and of the eceiving), the organi- send goods more efficiently game. Iconiceffectively Costumes to food pantries, animal hat more people and Adventures and Battles Not only can players explore homeless will be empowered shelters, soup kitchens, Disney Universe features worlds that have inspired shelters and other organizations od during thisthese giving their imaginations, theythe cancountry. also plenty of adventures and battles. across socially conscious Information was founded with will be able to journey to dress up to play theirFor parts.More The Players more f making it asgame simple the enchanted cityvisit of Agrabah, lets playersFor suit up in 45 information, o start and promote different costumes, choosing from sail the high seas in Jack Spar-

bsite Makes It Easier To Give

tricts have Pirate cut costs by reducing row’s beloved ship, oriswitorness eliminating school the majesty of Pride Rockbuses—cutas ting routes and raising the they suit up to battle some of the distance standards whichallstudents qualmost fearsomebyvillains, while Some Lo ify for special transportation. These meausing power-ups that sures force instudents (NAPSA)— changecan and expand influence asto walk on winding roads with no shoulders, ing economy, the game continues. cross busy highways and navigate ance can easi The game world will then condangerous city commutes. burner, yet th

tinue to expand on Xbox 360 and also means i PlayStation 3 with downloadable ever to prote content for purchase that will proWhen com vide players with brand new paying for lo worlds to explore, new costumes from a home for the games’ mischievous cast of home or ass characters and more. the cost of Don’t Forget the Villains more afforda Villains are often some of the “Even if y best characters to play. The first icy with all t costume pack, now available for —and ther download, includes five new vilchoose from lain costumes based on Cruella de stand that h Vil (“101 Dalmatians”), Hades care covera (“Hercules”), Maleficent (“Sleeping having non Beauty”), The Evil Queen (“Snow Swanson, p White & The Seven Dwarfs”) and director at Ursula (“The Little Mermaid”). “Medicare d Individual costumes from the Vilterm care se lains Costume Pack can be downonly offers loaded on the PlayStation Net* * * assets are dep work 99 cents,Steam or forStation 80 Thefor Rowenta offers insurance ca Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE. unrivaled steam performance so you ment saving For More Information can finish your ironing in a fraction more choice i For standard more information, visit achievof the time while receive.” Sh The results. ing high-quality professional that can help gamemore is available at all majorcall (800) For information, insurance cos ROWENTA. retail outlets, with some retail•Sign up ers offering purchase incentive you are whe programs that will provide playcare insura ers with additional characters, rate will be. such as Cinderella and Peter •Limit Pan, to download into their amount. You game. decreasing y amount or Determine h need to prote fit period i expensive th See if there


m the winter long. You can personalize visit and click hart, a Florida State University to benefit t youroption designed and stuaccent pillows for a liv- on “For the Home,” call a Lands’ throws senior. comparing prices, forthat’s their one of thedents still searching End Personal Shopper at (800) 707ing room of a“After kind. has or visit Henderson’s blog at using olidaymajor or career path. 4. Dial up the warmth. 2244 the cheaper Their Buyback Policy soft,always Incorporate plushbeen textures to option

renting books online is easier To make things even Pennysaver easier, and • February 2, 2012 • For Advertising Information Call (914) 592-5222 will buy than waiting in long lines at the back textbooks 365 days a year. bookstore.” To learn more, visit the website Students can sell college textbooks—even if they were pur- at

hool disIt’s Twister With A Digital Twist reducing ses—cut(NAPSA)—Playing Twister is a distance global phenomenon; it’s a pop culnts qualSome Long-term Careand Insurance Is Better ThanofNone ture icon practically a rite ese meapassage. o walk on (NAPSA)—In today’s challengThis year, the iconic Twister houlders, ing economy, long-term care game has insurbeen reimagined for the navigate ance can easilydigital get put onage the back with the video game burner, yet therelease state of the economy of “Twister Mania!” on also means it’sKinect more crucial than 360. for Xbox ever to protect yourThe assets.original get-up and-move When compared to the cost offor bringing physical game, known paying for long-term services offers 16 new ways body care comedy, from a home health aide, nursing to play, all taking advantage of the living Kinect controller-free system. home or assisted facility, More than the cost of insurance can seem2,000 fans who have already hosted “Twister Mania!” more affordable. across “Even if youparties can’t afford a pol- the country say it delivers hours icy with all the bells and whistles of family-friendly is atohilarious good-time —and there fun can and be many game. choose from—you should under- Some insurance companies offer lightning-fast pace offers Play solo to earn the fastest time stand that havingThe some long-term a variety of long-term over-the-top, uninhibited fun as care or team up for fun party play. care coverage is better than options that let you tailor a policy players get their bodies moving having none and at all,” twisting said Mary totomeetfit yourthrough anticipated needs by passing through the wall withSwanson, product performance and fit thousands your budget. of out touching a thing; the more you cutouts, bend into director at Mutual of Omaha. forms, mirror other players’ hit the lower your score. the elimination Break It Down: Work your “Medicare does not coverand long-even•Increase images, clear stacked period. If you select a 90-day term care services and Medicaid way through a stack of colored shapes. elimination period only offers coverage once your shapes by assuming their form. Players can go solo to earn (the thewaiting coverage in) assets are depleted. Long-term careor period a block is removed, the ones fastest time teambefore up in co-opkicks When tion offers over a zero-day period, you can insurance canplay help protect retirefor laugh-out-loud tangled-up above will fall. Blocks that fall far nce so you enough will blow up and award ment savingsfun. while offering you save a significant amount on prea fraction bonuses. The game challenges players miums. Set aside savings that can more choice in the type of care you e achievto contort, duck, bend and, yes, receive.” She offers some advice be used to cover your costs during Spot On: Challenge up to four al results. through game modes, players (or four teams of two) in a that initial period. that can help twist keep long-term care four all (800) game of contortion H-O-R-S-E. including: •Inflation protection. Choosinsurance costs under control: Create a shape and see if your Shape Frenzy: Mimic the •Sign up early. The younger ing a product with a smaller can match it. For more shape that appears on screen and can you are when you get long-term percent increase for inflation friends information about “Twister Mania!” earn based how well youprovide saveonmoney and still care insurance, thepoints lower your visit fill its silhouette. adequate coverage. Another rate will be. For more information about the Twist & Fit: Fit your silhou•Limit your coverage approach is to purchase coverage ette through cutouts coming at original Twister board game, visit no Score inflationpoints to amount. You you can find by with on savings a moving wall.

decreasing your monthly benefit amount or length of coverage. Determine how much you really need to protect. A three-year benefit period is significantly less expensive than lifetime coverage. See if there are other assets that

ensure a specified amount of your assets are protected. •Allowances. It’s common for companies to offer a variety of preferred rates and allowances for good health to married couples and to members of certain


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HGTV Host Emily Henderson Shares Secrets For Seasonal Home Styling (NAPSA)—When the weather outside is frightful, a cozy home is so delightful. Emily Henderson, HGTV “Design Star” winner and host of “Secrets From A Stylist,” shares her tips for creating a winter wonderland with timeless items from the Lands’ End Home Collection. “Whether hosting holiday festivities or an afternoon of winter fun, it can be easy to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that encourages friends and family to relax, unwind and stay awhile,” says Henderson. “With just a few small changes, ordinary spaces can transform into a magical, memorable destination.” Here she shares her tips for creating a winter wonderland: 1. Keep it fresh. Fresh greenery is to winter what fresh flowers are to summer. Welcome guests indoors and out by hanging wreaths in the window with a ribbon for a classic, polished look. Instigate fun with family and friends with fresh mistletoe. Or infuse spaces with the scents of the season using scented candles and oil diffusers. 2. Make little changes for a big impact. Changing out accent pieces, such as pillows and throws, is a simple and affordable way to transform a space. Pieces like the Needlepoint Houndstooth Pillow Cover and the Let It Snow Pillow Cover from Lands’ End offer a festive pop of color in patterns that extend beyond the holiday season. Mix and match them with solids for a bold statement. 3. Make it personal. Create a unique, inviting home with monogrammed items. Add initials to tablecloths, napkins and table runners to create an everyday gathering place that will be enjoyed all winter long. You can personalize throws and accent pillows for a living room that’s one of a kind. 4. Dial up the warmth. Incorporate soft, plush textures to

Creating an inviting home can be easy by adding a few seasonal items to small spaces. add warmth to any room. Velvet offers irresistible luxury, while wool and knit items create a comfy, homey feel. Choose classic patterns, such as the navy and white stripe of the Lands’ End Mariner Knit Throw, to serve as a building block for other seasonal items. 5. Create a focal point. Spruce up the hearth. Give holiday greenery new life by changing out bows and adding new wintery accents. Swap stockings with rustic items, such as the Lands’ End Birch Bark Candles and Vine Tree Set, that features elegant pine tree silhouettes crafted out of wood. 6. Don’t put those ornaments away. Ornaments can do double duty. After the tree comes down, place winter-themed ornaments in shapes like snowflakes, leaves or mittens around the house as decorative accents. Choose ornaments made from materials such as pewter or antiqued “mercury glass” for a timeless look. Learn More For more home decorating ideas, visit and click on “For the Home,” call a Lands’ End Personal Shopper at (800) 7072244 or visit Henderson’s blog at

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Budget-Cutting Math That Does Not Add Up (NAPSA)—School districts across the country are doing the math in an effort to cut costs, but their equations may not always adequately factor in student safety. One way school districts have cut costs is by reducing or eliminating school transportation services—cutting routes and increasing the distance standards by which students qualify for transportation. These measures can have disastrous results, say worried parents, with students forced to walk on winding roads with no shoulders or sidewalks, cross busy highways and navigate dangerous city commutes. Cutting school bus transportation service also means more teens will drive to school, which statistics show is not the safest mode of transportation. According to the Department of Transportation, school-age children are about 50 times more likely to die traveling to school when they drive or ride with friends than if they take the bus. The more teens in the car, the better the odds of a crash, says a recent survey by the Allstate Foundation. Almost half of the teens polled admit to being distracted by their passengers. And other teenage passengers are not the only distraction. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 46 percent of teens admit to texting while driving, which involves taking their eyes off the road and at least one hand off the steering wheel. Few teens travel—or

Without school buses, millions of children could be left with no way to safely and reliably arrive at school each day. drive—without their cell phone. Talking on a cell phone can significantly slow the reaction time of even an experienced driver. School buses are manufactured to meet special federal safety standards, which include reinforced sides, flashing red lights, crossview mirrors, a crossbar and stoparms. Bus drivers are professional drivers who carry a commercial driver’s license and who, in order to carry a School Bus Endorsement, undergo background checks prior to employment, receive specialized education and training, are subject to frequent driving record checks and are monitored by periodic medical exams. Every day, 475,000 school buses safely carry 25 million children—more than half of America’s schoolchildren—to school. The National Academy of Sciences and the U.S. Department of Transportation say that school buses are the safest form of transportation for getting children to and from school.


(NA It’s a s break You’ve games, School more d But have t learnin For strugg recess catch u more c back to do wel keep t learnin Pare reinforc basis. gested holiday discove ing for Rea favorit each ot kids to hood b lings. A for the Play for so vidua activit crosswo puzzles waterco Kee those aren’t your o Read t social s Pra Workbo

Read social Pra Workb CI

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Tips To Get Ready For A New Pet (NAPSA)—Whether you’re thinking of adopting a pet now or in the future, it’s never too early to prepare for your future family member. To ensure a smooth transition, it’s helpful to plan for the arrival of your new pet by putting together a shopping list, reorganizing your schedule to make time for your pet and even participating in activities that allow your family to interact with animals now. •Try a virtual pet—“The Sims 3 Pets,” the newest offering from one of the world’s most popular videogame franchises, will give your family the chance to care for—and even be—a virtual pet with personality traits and moods just like a real pet. Playing the game both entertains and sheds light on the responsibilities of caring for a pet, including scheduled feedings, playtime, training and even dealing with your pet’s unruly side. You can also take on the role of a pet to gain a new perspective and see the world through an animal’s eyes. The Sims 3 Pets, available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, PC and Mac, will virtually help you prepare for your new family member. •Sponsor an animal—A great activity for the family is an adopt-an-animal package from a local zoo. By donating and registering for the adoption, you can foster a great relationship with animals while helping to support them at the zoo. The donation is even tax deductible. Another great option to engage your family with animals is to donate to a nonprofit organization such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and

Budget-Cutting Math That Does Not Add Up (NAPS

(NAPSA)—School districts buster m across the country are doing the Works’ hi math in an effort to cut costs, but Stockett’s their equations may not always best selle adequately factor in student safety. and DVD One way school districts have cut costs is by reducing or eliminating school transportation services—cutting routes and increasing the distance standards by Without school buses, millions of which students qualify for trans- children could be left with no way portation. These measures can to safely and reliably arrive at have disastrous results, say wor- school each day. ried parents, with students forced to walk on winding roads with no drive—without their cell phone. shoulders or sidewalks, cross busy Talking on a cell phone can signifhighways and navigate dangerous icantly slow the reaction time of The newest offering from one of driver. even an experienced city commutes. the world’s most popular School buses are manufactured Cutting school bus transporvideogame play-federal safety stanmeet special tation service alsofranchises means more tolets ers will determine their pets’include reinforced dards, which teens drive to school, whichonline Neutro personalities. statistics show is not the safest sides, flashing red lights, crosshair mode of transportation. According view mirrors, a crossbar and stop-care residue a endangered speciesarms. by Bus adoptdrivers are professional tohelp the Department of Transportathe holid ingschool-age or sponsoring particular anidrivers who carry a commercial tion, children are aabout yourtofamily. in order 50mal timeswith more likely die travel- driver’s license and who,without can find m to carry a School Bus Endorseing to•Volunteer school when theyat drive a orlocal shelter hair ment, undergo checksand ride withrewarding friends than if way they take —A to gauge yourbackground prior to employment,www.neu receive the bus. Thetomore teensfor in the ability care a car, pet is to volunspecialized education and582-4048. training, the better odds animal of a crash,shelter teer at athelocal or resare will subjectyou to frequent driving says recent survey by the All-only cuea organization. Not record checks state Foundation. Almost half of For 2 spend time with animals that needand are monitored the teens polled admit to being by periodic medical exams.Annual care and attention, but you and Every day, 475,000graceful school distracted by their passengers. your family will also have the million an And other teenage passengers buses safely carry 25trees opportunity to bond with than half of children—more are not the only distraction. Thedirectly world. To animals. It can prepare for life America’s schoolchildren—to National Highway Traffic Safety you tradition, with a pet or helpthat determine Theyou National Academy of Administration reports 46 school. if for a ref are ready the responsibilities of U.S. Department Sciences and the percent of teensfor admit to texting design becoming a petinvolves owner. school th while driving, which tak- of Transportation say that tional Preparing for your pet is incrediing their eyes off the road and at buses are the safest form of br children v least hand off the bly one important so steering that youtransportation can enjoyfor gettingmation, and from school. wheel. Few and teenshealthy travel—orlifetowith a happy your

pet. For more information on The Sims 3 Pets videogame, visit

Read the next chapter in the social studies book. Practice. Practice. Practice. Workbooks and learning kits can

tines. Yes, the snow throws everything off, and that’s okay. It’s good to take a break (or have one thrust upon you) from time to

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learning. For additional r information, visit CI

How To Give Yourself A Financial C John A.School AddisonRecess Learning OpportunitiesbyDuring

ot Add Up (NAPSA)—Schools closed. (NAPSA)—This year ’s are blockIt’s“The a snowHelp,” day. It’s Dreamthe winter buster movie break or the summer vacation. Works’ hit film based on Kathryn You’ve watched TV, played video Stockett’s No. 1 New York Times games, baked cookies. Now what? best seller, is available on Blu-ray Schools are closed for several and DVD this December.

(NAPSA)—Any time can be the right time to give yourself a thorough financial tune-up. Here are a few tips on how to get started. Review your credit cards. Do you have a stellar credit score? With industry competition fierce for your business, you may be able to ask for—and receive—a lower Annual Percentage Rate (APR). While the average variable APR for credit cards is 14.46 percent, those with superhigh credit Workbooks can help learning cut skills when scores canimprove actually thatchildren in are not in school. half. If you’re among that elite John A. Add crowd and aren’t happy with your help fill in the gaps and provide the time. But try to keep bedtimes, Review your lif current rate or terms, try contactpractice needed to excel in school. mealtimes, study times and other coverage. If you ing customer service. You could For example, supplemental educa- important personal routines (medchange in your life— negotiate your way to a better tion companies like Sylvan Learn- ications, for example) as close to birth of a new baby rate, or possibly persuade them to ing provide a wide variety of exer- normal as possible. When you cial. theinclude annual know schools will reopen again,Financial expe cise waive books that fun,charge. about si What’s your get-out-of-debt start to get back into therecommend swing of teacher-reviewed, age-appropriate your annual salary. If you’ve thought things right away. gamesplan? and activities. These re- ever Reshop your a about making dent in your debt Organize. Take this found sources offer chapter booksawith time to habits), organize notebooks, grade-appropriate vocabulary, flash credit ance. If you haven (or changing your planners, backpacks study your rates l cards,now’s CDs andthe games thatto cancreate shopped time a plan to and areas at home. Make sure everyequip gain families control with fun, effective of your credit for try. For an identic up-to-date on assignments and grade-appropriate learning aone’s policy, costs can var good. Try keeping journal and that will be due schoolacross carriers tools during the holidays. tracking your spending patterns.when$500 starts again. Keep writing. As a family, After a few weeks, you’ll have a mated that only 20 p informal. You don’t keep a holiday journal. Have sumers actually tak better idea of where Keep the itmoney everyone write a few lines each have to re-create a classroom goes and where you might be able shop around. day about important and not-so- experience at home. You shouldn’t, to make changes. as a matter of fact. Kids will Do soon you have a important events.some The weather, thirds Check your emergency savthe rainfall, the consecutive sunny “get it” that they can be learning of Americ to a 2010 Do rate youofhave three six according things,to remembering old ones days,ings. the growth the new can pay a lawyer to months’ salary stashed? If not, tomato plants. Favorite movies, and using their knowledge as a or ask your Primeric you’re not alone—a majority of TV shows, sporting events. People simple matter of course. Keep up tive say they have the don’t holiday fun. Just keep up theabout the Prim you’veAmericans visited or who have visited learning, too. you. enough Neighborhood news cash onand hand to cover a Protection Program ( A recess or day off from school free will pre events.$1,000 New friends. School plansexpense. includes emergency is no excuse put kids’ brains for next year. Toon learn more, To find extra cash for toyour for a different kind of Tryemergency to keep up normal fund,rouyouhiatus. mayIt’s want to tines.take Yes, the on snowmore throws everyMr. Addison is P worklearning. or look for For additional andExecutive Offic thing ways off, and that’s okay. It’s good Chief to trim some of the “extras”resources information, visit www.random to take a break (or have one man of Primerica Di from your monthly bills.

more days. But a break from school doesn’t have to be the equivalent of a learning-free time for kids. For children who have been uses, millions of struggling in school, a school left with no way recess can be their opportunity to liably arrive at catch up on key skills and feel more confident when they head heir cell phone. back to class. For students who hone can signifdo well, it’s an opportunity to reaction time of keep their enthusiasm high for ed driver. learning. re manufactured Parents can play a key role in eral safety stanreinforcing learning on an ongoing * * are some tips, suglude reinforced basis.* Here Neutrogena Hair offers effective d lights, crossgested to make sure that every hair care products that cleanse ossbar and stopholiday is a good balance of free residue anddiscovery, product buildup for are professional play, leisure and learnthe holidays and all year round— y a commercial ing for kids. without breaking the bank. You nd who, in order Read. Everyone has his or her can find more facts and tips about l Bus Endorsefavorite book, so read them to hair care online at ckground checksand skin each other. It’s fun for the older (800) ment, receive kids to read theirand favorite childon and582-4048. training, hood books to their younger sibequent driving lings.*Act * *out your favorite scenes d are monitored the enjoyment of everyone. For 20 for years, Swarovski’s l exams.Annual Edition Play games as a familyhas and, Ornament 75,000gracefully school for some quiet time, as indiadorned Christmas rry 25trees million and viduals. homesSome allmind-engaging over the than half of activities include games, world. To continue this board beautiful olchildren—to crossword puzzles, Sudoku, jigsaw tradition, the company has opted nal Academy of puzzles, coloring, finger painting, for a refined and modern star U.S. Department watercolors, scrapbooking. design excepsay that school that sparkles Keep up thewith lessons. Check tional brilliance. For more inforsafest form of those spelling words—if there gettingmation, children visitaren’t any from school, assign . your own. Practice math facts. Read the next chapter in the social studies book. Practice. Practice. Practice. Workbooks and learning kits can thrust upon you) from time to



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Take Your Movies With You (NAPSA)—Whether you’re braving the airport or packing the kids into the car, keeping yourself (and the entire family) occupied during flight delays and road trips can be the key to maintaining your holiday spirit. While games like “Angry Birds” can improve a short wait, when you have a few hours to kill, a movie or TV show may be your best weapon against boredom. Fortunately, cloud storage technology means you can take your entire movie collection with you when you travel—without taking up space in your luggage. What Is Cloud Storage? While cloud storage sounds like it has something to do with weather fronts or storm systems, it actually refers to saving data to an off-site storage locker (the cloud) instead of your computer’s hard drive. The Internet then provides the connection between you and what’s in your personal locker. One benefit of cloud storage is that you no longer have to worry about large files (such as movies) taking up space on your hard drive. Since you can access your personal locker from the Internet, you don’t have to be tied to your home computer to retrieve your files. Also, if your hard drive crashes, everything in your locker is protected. Movies To Go Recently, a new cloud-streaming service called UltraViolet was introduced. Backed by leading technology companies and major Hollywood studios, it provides consumers with a digital locker to store copies of purchased films and TV shows. Buyers of an UltraViolet-enabled title can then access their online digital library from iPhones, iPads, smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices. The system lets you share your movie collection with other members on

Cloud storage technology lets you take your entire movie collection with you when you travel. your account, even if you’re in one place and they’re elsewhere. The quickest way to get started is to set up a free account through, the first service that lets you collect, manage and access UltraViolet Digital Copies, either on the Flixster website or through a free downloadable app. Then you simply follow the instructions to add your movies to your digital locker. Current and upcoming UltraViolet-enabled titles include “Horrible Bosses,” “Green Lantern,” “Crazy Stupid Love,” “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” “Shameless” (the TV series), “Final Destination 5,” “The Smurfs,” “Friends With Benefits,” “Cowboys & Aliens,” “The Hangover: Part II,” “One Tree Hill: The Complete 8th Season,” “Underworld Trilogy: The Essential Collection,” “The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption,” “Killer Elite” and “Honey 2.” The next time you plan to travel, store your home entertainment collection in the cloud where you can access it from anywhere—a gift that truly keeps on giving. Learn More For more information, go to and www.ultra

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T How Cloud Computing Is Helping Small Businesses Compete And Thrive (NAPSA)—In today’s economic climate, small businesses need every advantage they can find to get ahead. New technologies in the form of cloud computing are helping small businesses level the playing field against bigger competitors. Cloud computing makes it possible for companies to access powerful software applications via the Internet for a simple monthly fee. Because the applications are delivered via the Internet, every small business can get access to the same innovations and tools that bigger competitors have been using for years. For instance, Microsoft Corp. recently launched Microsoft Office 365, which brings together the company’s familiar Microsoft Office applications with its enterprise email, videoconferencing and other collaboration and communication capabilities delivered as a subscription service. Using the cloud can help your business do the following: 1. Build a “borderless office.” A good cloud service will connect you with colleagues and customers virtually anywhere via click-to-chat, videoconference or shared desktops, to work together whether you’re across town or around the globe. Eliminating unnecessary travel by using these online tools will not only save on costs, it will help you run a green business. Chaundra Smith, owner of Naturally Me, makes handcrafted, natural body care products in Durham, N.C. Using the cloud, she has set up a virtual team of consultants and staff members who all work together and collaborate in their “borderless” office. Tip: Look for a cloud service that lets you make PC-to-PC voice and video calls and hold online meetings on the fly. You’ll want to be able to share your desktop, online whiteboard and presentations with colleagues—as if you’re

Imagination Yoga uses cloud computing to connect effectively with schools to reach and teach more students. in the same room, even when you’re a city or continent away. 2. Work how you want, where you want. The cloud untethers you from your desk and keeps you connected wherever you are. Webenabled and offline access* to your important documents, email, contacts and calendars helps you stay nimble and responsive. Team members at high-performance carmaker and parts company Shelby American, Inc. in Las Vegas travel frequently around the globe and require remote connectivity** to collaborate on new product development. Cloud-based tools help everyone stay connected and keep the business moving while out of the office. Tip: Look for a cloud service that works on a PC, Mac and smartphone,** with consistent experience on each device. The best services help you edit spreadsheets, presentations and other documents with others in real time and view files from a browser or mobile device. 3. Invest in tomorrow without breaking the bank today. The cloud lets your small business run on the same technology that powers the Fortune 500, without hiring an army of IT experts, so you can focus on your core business.

Beyond cost savings, many small businesses realize additional benefits after they move to the cloud—better collaboration among employees, customers and partners means quicker sharing of ideas and problem resolution. A cloud-powered small business is more nimble and prepares you to adapt to changing business needs —now and in the future. Imagination Yoga, a small, family-owned business in Portland, Ore., teaches a “kindnessbased” curriculum, instructing children on yoga concepts and storytelling to spark their creativity and get them exercising. The company plans to use cloud-based collaboration to market its services, connect with more schools and families across the country, and create online enrollment options for customers, which saves time and money. The cloud also allows every Imagination Yoga employee to access the company’s Microsoft Outlook calendar, keeping everyone on the same page. Tip: Look for an offering that can grow with you but also work well with the tools you already use. You’ll also want to safeguard your data with business-grade privacy, security and disaster recovery capabilities.

* Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 required for offline capabilities. ** An appropriate device, Internet access and supported browser and/or network carrier connectivity are required. Data plan charges may apply.

(NAPSA)— braving the ai kids into the c (and the enti during flight d can be the k your holiday s While gam can improve you have a f movie or TV best weapon Fortunately, nology means entire movie when you tra up space in yo What Is C While cloud it has some weather front it actually ref an off-site s cloud) instead hard drive. Th vides the conn and what’s in One benefi that you no lo about large fi taking up spac Since you can locker from th have to be tie puter to retrie your hard driv in your locker Mov Recently, a ing service ca introduced. technology co Hollywood stu sumers with store copies of TV shows. Bu let-enabled ti their online d iPhones, iPad tops and other system lets yo collection with


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Driving And Riding Safety Tips (NAPSA)—Now that school buses are back on the roads, here are some important driving and riding tips: •Learn the school bus traffic laws in your state. Generally, the law prohibits other vehicles from passing school buses stopped to load or unload passengers. Stop if the bus is stopped and is flashing its red lights. Motorists may not proceed until the school bus’ red lights have stopped flashing and the bus is moving again. You can incur stiff fines and even license suspension if you violate the school bus traffic laws. •Be cautious about letting your child drive or ride to school with his or her friends. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), school-age children are 50 times more likely to die traveling to school when they drive or ride with friends than if they take the bus. DOT reports that 50 percent of teens surveyed said that they drive more safely without their friends in the car. They admit to being distracted by their passengers, and crash statistics support their statements. Statistics show that the risk of a fatal crash goes up in direct relation to the number of teenagers in the car. •Be aware that while teens know that they shouldn’t drive while distracted, a large percent-

(NAPS can expe benefits t geotherma www.wate a WaterF GEO-SAV

Vehicles are prohibited from passing a school bus stopped to load or unload passengers. age do. According to an Allstate Foundation survey, 46 percent of teens said that they do text even when they are driving. •Encourage your children to ride the school bus. The National Academy of Sciences and the U.S. Department of Transportation agree that school buses are the safest way to transport students to and from school. The industry operates by following safety, security, health, and driver qualifications that meet, and in some cases, exceed federal and state laws. Drivers undergo pre-employment background checks, and frequent driving record reviews; even periodic medical tests and exams are required. School bus drivers are professionals with commercial driver ’s licenses who must receive specialized, continuing education and training to obtain a School Bus Endorsement.

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Young Artists Help Revitalize The

(NAPSA)—When thinking of Detroit today, images of abandoned buildings and urban decay may come to mind. That’s what many folks think Treatm (NAPSA)—Here’s a beautiful Detroit has become in the face of escaWorld idea: giving emergency shelters lating unemployment, rising poverty (NAPSA)—To learn how you (NAPSA uplifting color paint makeovers. and increasing crime. But there is a can experience the long-term last two W The Color Care Across America growing community of creative indithing in co reached a range benefits thatproject the investment in a of shelters— Both th some serving homeless men or viduals who are undaunted by the geothermal system delivers, visit Louis Card women only, some women and famistereotypes and are banding together or talk to of the 201 lies seeking aid from domestic vioto revitalize this once-great city. a WaterFurnace cisco Gian Among at the(800) 51 shelters—one By moving back into the city GEO-SAVE. in each state plus in Washington, appreciate and taking advantage of inexpenimportant D.C.—there were some offering regimen. drug rehabilitation, others dedicated sive living spaces, they support Kobie Solomon is am to adults with developmental disDenver Michael restaurants and Mayor retailers whileHancock community of cre abilities, those for recent refugees and George Oliphant, NBC’sing home creating an inviting vibe in what are banding together from war-torn countries and even improvement guru and star of was once a nearly abandoned Detroit. one that provided sanctuary from “George to the Rescue,” helped urban center. child trafficking. spruce up The Delores Project, Many Mayors Major Players Just which look provides at 22-year-old emergency Russell hous- Industrial Cen Mayors of nearly every city on ing and services of forthe women autoinfactory turned in Veronika Scott, a graduate the Color Care “to do” list took need. design program at Detroit’s Col- sional center for com time out of their schedules and creative lege for Creative Studies. Today, along with the U.S. Conference of arts. appeared at the shelters to express And then there’s th running a nonprofit company Mayors and the Painting and thanks to the volunteer she’s paint Contractors of America. crews and meet with the shelter ented musician Sean F based in Decorating Detroit that produces All told, approximately 3,000 directors and their management. His mission to bS innovative, self-heating coats that deaf. Both isthe They witnessed firsthand how gallons of paint were contributed, the San F between the music indu transform into waterproof sleepcolor almost magically and including a few extra gallons left players th people. He grew up in D ing bags.behind She calls “The Emwithitbrushes and rollers, instantly brightens and revitalizes chiropract riencing great music in powerment Plan” and hopes in case residents, stafftoor voluna facility. Several of the mayors Dr. Ral teers coats became inspired to spruce rolled up their shirtsleeves produce to roll 1,000 in 2012. The Now, he is the co-found * * paint, as well. various up other areas. on*some A Empowerment Plan provides the Deaf Professionalm Dishwashing“Many liquid hardworking and paper Cardinals Expert Advice On Hues To Use families ® organization with skillstothey need to thea non-profit are the the loss ofhomeless towels such are as Brawny experience Helping ensure that color experiencing their on translating popular earn a living, creating the coats who take homes and finding most important cleaning tools that for the Ameri- options for these community resitic have dences added an upbeat mood while dream spotless, of home ownership is to survive the winter. into American Sign Lana needed making thecan kitchen when inj respecting local and regional tastes, His enthusiasm fading. They are among the growAnother CCS graduate, Kobie videos. according toing a recent survey by related in the editors of House Beautiful magranks winding up in shelters. of actr 33, is also doing his part the attention StrategyOne. more atand inSolomon, endurance It’s Learn demoralizing, some azine worked with Benjamin Matlin, who appeared to bring vibrancy back to, (800) condition Moore’s senior interior designer, Says C cases, a dehumanizing andMot Jac Detroit. is atocelebrated Jason SonuKobie Mathew, put togethervideo sevenwith him, can break the spirit town of any 283-5547 andthat Filson thb suggested palettes that each shelter family. Obviously, there’s no simBob Dylan, who have graffiti artist who combines his forbrawnytowels. have not was able to choose from. ple solution to this troubling mal training as a fine artist with songs for D-PAN’s use.h Dr. Micha were no cookie-cutter occurrence, but Color Care at least These three entre his passion “There for “aerosol art” with with the helped bring attention to the issue looks,” said McComb, “and no stanartists are being featur results that have earned since 2008 institutional hues. This was while helping to improve thestunning living dard television him commissions a empowering variety of three-part dar, almoss meant tofrom be an opporenvironments for those who seek tunity for the shelters to select this basic human need of having a including on colOvation advantage in April ca clients, Reebok, T-Mobile The player ors that are livable and likable.” roof over their heads,” explained ser and General Motors. He recently City Rising.” The chiropracti Learn More Eileen McComb, key engineer of many others who are u completed the largest single grafcare team. For more information about the Color Care and director of corpocreativity to make a dif fiti mural project, in Detroit’s history the http:// To learn you can atvisit rate communications for Benjamin

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Confusing Nutrition Labels Hinder Parents’ Food Choices For Kids (NAPSA)—What’s in a label? When it comes to getting kids the right nutrients they need, the answer may be met with confusion. In fact, more than four in 10 (42 percent) parents find it easier to understand furniture assembly instructions than the contents of a nutrition label. The reason, according to a Kelton Research national nutrition survey of parents of children ages 6 to 12, is confusion around understanding nutrition labels, appropriate quantities of nutrients and nutrition terminology. This, in turn, is causing frustration among parents when it comes to feeding their kids. R e g i s t e r e d D i e t i t i a n Ta r a DelloIacono-Thies says that confusion when looking at nutrition labels in the grocery aisle can lead to poor food choices. Parents with the best of intentions may not be giving their kids the right nutrition because they are misinterpreting nutrition labels. Uncertainty in label reading can lead to a real lack of confidence and a parent’s ability to choose healthy snacks for kids. Kids Are Not Adults According to the survey, which was commissioned by Clif Kid®, a maker of organic snacks for kids, one of the biggest misconceptions is how much food a child should consume. Of those surveyed, 42 percent don’t know that nutrition labels are based on a 2,000-calorie adult diet, which can represent 53 percent more calories than what is recommended for a 6-year-old girl. Additionally, 72 percent of parents are not aware that the American D i e t e t i c A s s o c i a t i o n ’s r e c o m mended daily caloric intake changes by gender at age 4. Nutrition as a Foreign Language One of the major contributors to parents’ lack of confidence is unfamiliarity with the terms and measurements used to describe

Parents with good intentions may b e m i s i n t e r p r e t i n g nu t r i t i o n labels. nutrition labels. Nearly half of parents don’t know what constitutes a “single serving,” while 75 percent don’t know how many calories are in a single gram of fat. (The answer is nine.) Just more than half surveyed said they would prefer nutrition labels be expressed in more common forms of measurement, such as teaspoons or tablespoons. Helping Parents Navigate Kids’ Nutrition “In order to help parents make better snack choices for their kids, Clif Kid snacks are specifically made with kids’ RDA needs in mind,” said DelloIacono-Thies. “We make sure that each snack has the right amount of nutrients for kids up to age 12. This means that, even though nutrition labels must state the percentage of nutrients for an adult-sized diet, parents can feel secure knowing that the amounts in a Clif Kid snack are appropriate for kids’ healthy growth.” The survey also revealed that 69 percent of parents feel it’s important to feed their children organic or natural foods. DelloIacono-Thies added, “Choosing USDA-certified organic foods and snacks is an easy way to keep harmful pesticides out of the environment and our bodies.”

*** Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.

•difficult or painful swallowing •regurgitation •frequent sore throat •weight loss •heartburn (in older children).

symptoms. The doctor, after examining the child, may recommend tests to check the esophagus, stomach and small intestine for problems.

your pediatrician or by ordering the IFFGD’s free information packet. It can be obtained from, (414) 964-1799 or

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The Ultimate Reward For The Gift Of Giving (NAPSA)—It may be better to give than to receive, but now you can do both at once. Get rewarded for giving and shopping this holiday season by following these gift-giving rules of thumb and helpful tips: Make a List and Check it Twice. Decide on gifts for your friends and family (and set a budget for each item) before you go shopping. Once you’ve made your list, keep these suggestions in mind for smart shopping: • Take advantage of holiday deals by using a credit card that rewards you with cash back or one that offers discounts for retailers where you’ll be shopping. Now through Dec. 31, cardmembers who use their Rewards Visa Card on get 10 reward points for every dollar spent on all downloadable digital purchases like MP3s, movies and videos, eBooks, audiobooks and video games. • Redeem credit card reward points for popular holiday gifts. Every weekday through Nov. 25, Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire and Ink from Chase cardmembers can bid on hot items like PlayStation3, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Sony HDTV with points. • If you’re stumped, go with a gift card. Many credit card rewards programs will allow you to cash in your points for gift cards for popular retailers. Through Jan. 4, Chase Freedom cardmembers can redeem points through Ultimate Rewards to get 10 or 20 percent off select gift cards. Visit the Great Gift Card

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Using your head, your heart and your credit card can help you give great gifts and reward yourself at the same time. Sale here: www.ultimaterewards. com/great. • Look for deals online and avoid the crowded shopping malls. According to Chase Paymentech’s Cyber Holiday Pulse Index, online sales are up more than 25 percent compared to last year. Online shopping can often be more efficient, therefore saving you time, and you can more easily compare prices to get better deals on gifts. • And don’t forget business gifts—’tis the season to treat your employees and clients. If you’ve got more than a handful of business gifts, buying in bundle orders can often save you money. Think Beyond the Material Things. Gifts that include a unique experience can be even more memorable than a present that

comes in a pretty box. Consider these options for unique holiday surprises: • Tickets to the big game will delight any sports fan. Chase Ultimate Rewards members have exclusive access at home games for the New York Jets and New York Giants, including pregame field passes and private box tickets. • Make the most of credit card perks that provide access to exclusive events. For example, Chase Sapphire offers a ski clinic with Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street, five-star hotel accommodations, culinary specials and other winter activities. Learn More For more information, a merchandise auction calendar and specifics on holiday deals, visit

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Bring The Flavors Of Sonoma To Your Holiday Table With Family Recipes And Celebrated Wines From An Historic Ranch (NAPSA)—Kate MacMurray, spokeswoman for MacMurray Ranch wines, is well versed in the art of holiday entertaining. The daughter of Hollywood legend Fred MacMurray and famed actress June Haver, Kate spent many holidays with family and friends at the historic MacMurray Ranch in Sonoma County. “Whenever I make my father’s favorite pumpkin pie, I think of the day he taught me how to make a pie crust in the kitchen of our ranch,” says Kate. “For me, the holidays are full of wonderful memories of cooking traditional meals. Luckily, we have great wine to pair with our delicious recipes.” Since its first vintage just over a decade ago, MacMurray Ranch has quickly built a reputation as one of Sonoma County’s most celebrated wine producers. Renowned for its elegant Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris from the cool-climate vineyards of Northern California and the Central Coast, MacMurray Ranch offers a graceful collection of wines for the holidays and the everyday. Try these family recipes and wine pairings from Kate MacMurray at your own holiday celebrations: Bacon-Wrapped Double-Cut Pork Chop with Fresh Herb and Charred Tomato Sauce 2–5-lb. bone-in pork roast 4–8-oz. sliced bacon 2 bunches fresh herbs 1 clove garlic, minced ¼ cup red wine vinegar ¼ cup hot water ½ cup olive oil 1 Tbsp. chili flakes ½ Tbsp. salt 2 Roma tomatoes 1 small red onion 1 large clove garlic 1 Tbsp. red wine vinegar ¼ cup olive oil Preheat oven to 425°F. Wrap the pork loin in bacon, making sure to slightly overwrap each layer as you cover the roast. Place in oven and roast for 20 minutes until golden brown. Reduce heat to 325°F and cook

A happy holiday meal calls for treasured family recipes and the perfect wine pairing. for an additional 25 minutes. Remove from oven when the pork roast has an internal temperature of 150°F (meat will continue cooking while it rests). Herb Sauce: Place the fresh herbs, minced garlic, red wine vinegar, hot water, olive oil, chili flakes and salt in a bowl and mix. Charred Tomato Sauce: Place onion, garlic and tomatoes on a roasting pan and broil for approximately 10 minutes until charred. Puree garlic and onions in a food processor. Add tomato and pulse until chunky. Add remaining ingredients to the food processor and season with salt and pepper. Pour the herb sauce and charred tomato sauce over the pork roast. Serves four to eight. This gourmet pork roast calls for an elegant red wine with alluring fruit flavors, like MacMurray Ranch Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir. The charred tomato sauce and bacon will bring out the cherry, red currant and mushroom flavors in this wine. Pumpkin Pie ¼ cup melted butter ½ lb. gingersnaps 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin 4 eggs, separated 1¼ cups pumpkin

½ cup coconut flakes 1 ⁄3 cup rum ½ cup brown sugar ½ tsp. salt ½ tsp. cinnamon ¼ tsp. nutmeg ¼ tsp. ginger 1 cup milk ½ cup sugar Make crumbs of gingersnaps by whirling them in a blender a few at a time or by crushing with a rolling pin. Measure out 1 cup of crumbs and mix with the butter in a 9inch pie plate, using your fingers to blend thoroughly. Press and pat the mixture firmly to make a smooth coating on the bottom and around the sides of the plate. Thoroughly mix brown sugar, gelatin, salt and spices in a heavy saucepan. Stir in milk, egg yolks and pumpkin, blending well. Cook over low heat, stirring frequently for about 10 minutes or until mixture begins to bubble and the gelatin is completely dissolved. Let cool to room temperature, then stir in rum. Chill in refrigerator until mixture thickens enough to mound slightly when dropped from a spoon. Beat egg whites until stiff; beat sugar a little at a time; then beat until smooth. Fold egg whites into pumpkin mixture. Ladle into prepared gingersnap crust and chill until firm, at least two hours. Meanwhile, toast coconut flakes. Spread them on a baking sheet and brown them at 350°F for five to 10 minutes, stirring them once or twice to brown evenly. Sprinkle toasted coconut over pie. An after-dinner treat doesn’t necessarily require a dessert wine. A creamy, full-bodied white wine, like MacMurray Ranch Sonoma Coast Chardonnay, has the right touch of caramel and vanilla to bring out the cinnamon and ginger spice in this pumpkin pie. Learn More Get more wine tips and MacMurray family recipes at

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ww (NAPSA)— the rise in 262 the example, Bahr state in the Pe gave the electe liament much g the governmen The move ca Exc National Dia sem Bahrain’s cen he Hamad, whoin bc Eas democratizatio $64 ward. The Nat ommended ERA th prime ministe ment should be elected chambe PR Already, Wit Ba considered hou th tent system of gov ad cG states in the erty been able toPlac vo tions since 200 582 tion of wome vanced in the Mt protections in c child custody— Ren erable controv You Women also &hat tunities in Bah wal Cal of its neighbor women in pa When Bahrai head the Unite Assembly in 2 chose the first B from the Middl of the General A Bahrain ha education syste average, child for 14 years. from high scho of the students one of the high in the Middle E There’s also jg ernment spen nurses and hT

Editor’s Note: Thi of Bahrain. Additional


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33 ACRES ON LAKE $39,900.In 5 Bahrain Life IsBASSBetter Acres, use 500 acre Forest $19,900. YONKERS

$415,000 OPEN HOUSE 2/4 & 2/5, 12-4 DEAL OF THE YEAR Beautiful totally update SF features LR, lg MEIK w/DA w/SGD to deck and yard, 4BRs, 2 1/2 bths plus a finished walk out bsmt. Garage, driveway,professionally landscaped property. Beautiful front porch. Truly a must see house.DIR: Saw Mill River Rd to Delaware right onto Larrimore #7

www.LandFirstNY.comis on 1-888-683(NAPSA)—Democracy the rise in 2626 the Middle East. For example, Bahrain, a small island BRONX state in the Persian Gulf, recently of Pargave the elected chamber OPEN HOUSE liament much greater control over SUN. 1-4PM the government. The move came as a result of a Excellent 2 family with bonus rooms, National Dialogue called by semi finished basement, tons of reBahrain’s cent head of state Kingand walk upgrades, large pantry Photo Credit: Bahrain News Agency Hamad, whoin believes reform closets. Close to all.and DIR: Bx Pk East toare Allerton YoungforAve. #2550 democratization thetoway The Bahraini government re$645,000 Dialogue recward. The National cently completed the National ommended ERA that the country’s Gold continued Realty DialogueDawns to ensure INSITE 914-949-9600 prime minister and his govern- political, economic, social and Yonkers 914-793-8800 ment should be DO accountable to the rights reforms for all its YOU HAVE VACATION elected chamber of Parliament. people. PROPERTY FOR SALE OR RENT? Already, With Bahrain hasto what’s promotion nearly 5 million spends 5 percent of its considered households the most and democratic Dunwoodie 2 Family over 12 millionBahrain po- Yonkers tential buyers, aofstatewide gross domestic product (GDP) on system of government all theclassified REDUCED $389,900 ad can’t beat! Promote your propgovernment-funded health care. states in the Women have erty for just $490 for a 15-word ad. When oil was discovered in been able toPlace vote your in national elecad by calling 914-380tions since 2002. 5825 Overall, the posi- Bahrain in the 1930s, it was tion of women is the most ad- decided to plow a third of oil revenues into spending on roads, vanced in the region, withOnly legal$299k Mt.Vernon protections in cases of divorce and clean water, schooling and health Multiof family Fl 3BRs, 2bths, LR, Kit.conrevenues currently child custody—an issue consid- care. Oil 1st Reno 3 fam. new region. kit & appliances. Fl 3 10 rooms, Fin bsmt, tribute2nd only percent ofgarage GDP, erable controversy in the You can live rent free. 3BRs, 2BRs but Bahrain has become one of the Women also &have better job opporCapobianco Real Estate third apt has 1BR with balcony, most diversified economies of the tunities in Bahrain than in most21 Royal 914-963-5522 walk out basementCentury Call Harry @ 914-439-7422 of its neighbors, withSingh one-third of Gulf, with banking and financial women in paid employment. services, the largest sector of the When Bahrain was elected to economy, accounting for 30 perReachGeneral up to cent of GDP. head the United Nations Assembly in 2006, the country BRONX CO-OP’S FOReconomy SALE 287,520 potential A business-friendly Building 2 Beautfulfor taxes mayHas account chose the first female president and lowSecure Buyers and Sellers!! for sale Fullysuccess Renovated,in of Bahrain’s from the Middle East as president much Co-op’s Close to Transportation, 2nd Floor Advertise Your attracting overseas companies—65 of the General Assembly. 1BR $68,000.maint.$460. 3rd Floor located there, Bahrain has one of the best U.S. firms Studioare $55,000. Maint.$336. Real Estate The Heritage Foundation’s education systems in the Gulf. On though HDFC financing available no bkr fee Call 718-542-0020 Freedom, which average, childrenDisplay stay at school Ads Index of Economic for 14 years. Upon graduating placed Bahrain ahead of 17 coun& Listings HILL-For Salemay or Rent the Middle East, also from high school, more than half tries in FORDHAM On - Line have had 2BR, LR, EIK. Utiliites something to doincluded. with it. of the students goHere on to& college— Renovated. Rent $1,800/mon. Call anywhere Jessica TheNewly move to make the governone of the highest levels For Sale $135k OBO. accountable to 664-4938 the peoin the Middle East.914-380-5825 ment more (646) 541-5534 or (845) There’s also a high level of gov- ple is the latest example of ernment spending on doctors, Bahrain’s commitment to reform Port Chester $99,900 prosperity. nurses and hospitals. Overall, and continued Tri-State Pennysaver OPEN HOUSE 2/4 & 2/5, 12-4 STUNNING Editor’s Note: This announcement is distributed for Sanitas International on behalf CO-OP of The Government every amenity, Unit of Bahrain. Additional information is available at the Departmentwith of Justice in Washington, D.C. features


LR, New MKIT, DA, MBR, updated bth, private balcony, pool. Unit shows very well. In mint conditon. Move in condition. New Kit/1.5 Call for more info. DIR: 325 King St bths & beautiful HW fls. Family rm unit 1F Preventing Unplanned Among Young Adults fireplace. Pool & deck.Pregnancy New electric serv/oil tank. 2 car det w/rm for 5 (NAPSA)—The U.S. has one of add’l cars in driveway. Private, sethe highestrene, rates of unplanned spacious and affordable. Conv all. developed Motivated seller. Shown by pregnancy intothe world. apt. in 10 unmarried Nearly one

must see!!! young women (agesA20–29) has an Dawns Gold Realty unplanned pregnancy eachREALTY year, LANDMARK Yonkers 914-793-8800 according to data developed by the 914-509-6641 Guttmacher Institute and recently released by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. To reduce these rates, The National Campaign has joined the Nearly one in 10 women has an Ad Council in a multimedia public

YONKERS: Central Park Ave. 3BR, 2Bth Co-op - first floor. Very bright, move-in condition. Beautiful Kit w/granite countertop & SS Appls. Garage avail. For Sale by Owner $190K. (917)903-4186


Call Jessica 914-592-3440

LAWSUIT CASH Auto Accident? All cases qualify! Get CASH before your case settles! Fast Approval. Low (866) 709-1100 Fees.

SCARSDALE/EASTCHESTER 1st FLOOR OFFICE SPACE AVAIL For pricing & info please call ZLD Realty LLC 718-654-1319

Yorktown Heights $199,000 73 F Independence Court Bright second fl 2BR Condo in Jefferson Village w/spacious KIT, master bath & balcony. Enjoy fabulous community amenities.

HOULIHAN LAWRENCE Maria Micciari 914-874-4894


ADULT COMMUNITY AGES 55 + located in Westchester County with NO MAXIMUM INCOME LIMIT! Efficiency starting at $730 1 Bedroom starting at $1035 2 Bedroom starting at $1,095 Includes Heat/hot water, cooking gas, in-house cable & more! Pet Friendly!

YONKERS DOWNTOWN WATERFRONT DISTRICT 2000-4000SF Commercial Loft Near RR, Parking Contact Owner @

(914) 969-4848

Only 45 min to NYC Metro No RR Visit our website @ or

Call 914-737-6954

**FREE FORECLOSURE LISTINGS** Over 400,000 properties nationwide. ABANDONED STREAMSIDE FARM! 25 Low down payment. Call now 1-800acres - $49,900. Waterfront, woods, 749-3041 meadows, State Land nearby! 30 mins from Albany! Seller pays closing costs! Call NOW! 1-888-7011864 www. Studio,1,2 & 3 BR’s

Greenwich, CT

NYS LAND WANTED Cash Buyer Looking for 2-3 farms or wood lots in your area. 25-1000 acres, cash deal, quick closing. No closing costs to you. Local NYS Forestry Company in business for over 20 years. Fully guaranteed. Call 800-229-7843 Year-Round Sportsman


$1,300 - $2,250 Central Greenwich Greenwich Close Apts hd/wd floors, terraces, heat included, small pets allowed - on site mgt. short/long term leases, covered/outside parking Call Mon-Sat. 8:30-4:30


This is the best time ever!!

Mt. Vernon-1 & 2 BR apts for 6AC-along snowmobile trail WAS: $29,995. NOW: $13,995. 52AC-Near Salmon River WAS: $69,995. NOW $49,995. 5AC-Beautiful woodlands & riverfront WAS: $69,995 NOW: $39,995. 97AC-Timber & trout stream WAS: $119,995 NOW: $99,995. In-house financing. Over 150 land bargains. Call 800-229-7843 Or visit

rent. Also, rooms available. Central location.

Owner 914-664-1513 MT. VERNON & BRONX BEAUTIFUL, NEWLY RENO Studios, 1 & 2BR APTS. No fee! Mt. Vernon -walk to Metro North East. Bronxnear 4, B, D, & 2 &5 trains. Call Angela: 914-837-5180 Newly Renovated Apartments for Rent. Available Immediatley. Located in Norwood section of the Bronx. Great Location. 1 block away from Last stop on D- Subway line. Please call 718-729-3461

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Finian CommunityCalendar Sullivan Tower TRI-STATE MEDIA Westchester Edition


By R. Moore

1 Father Finian Sullivan Drive, Yonkers, NY 10703 Newly renovated One Bedroom Affordable Apartments available for ages 55 and older Located in Southern Westchester • Enhanced Security System • Secured Parking • Onsite Laundry • Emergency Generator • Local Shuttle • Shopping Nearby • Public Transportation Apartment Size

Household Size

1 Bed 1 Bed

1 2

Maximum Annual Income

978-$1,126 978-$1,126

$45,360 $51,840


Monthly Rent Size


Qualified applicants will be required to meet income age and family size guidelines as well as additional selection criteria to qualify.

For More Information Call

(914) 965-1659 288089

or visit our website at

Sierra Club @ GNC • Wed, Feb 8 7:30pm “Chicken Flick - Backyard Chickens For All” Short film, followed by panel discussion with local backyard chicken keepers. You will meet four Westchester County families who are enjoying the fun and benefits of raising chickents in their own backyards. FREE. Greenburgh Nature Ctr. 99 Dromore Road, Scarsdale. 914-723-3470. Westchester Sandbox Theatre Classes is now registering for its spring musical theatre classes! Classes meet Mondays: 4-5:30pm for K-3rd grade; 5:30-7pm for 4th- 6th grade; 78:30pm for 7th-12th grade. This is a 10 week proram with a showcase performance at the end of the semester. Semester begins Feb 27. Fee is $300. For more info or to register call:914-630-0804. Westchester Sandbox Theatre 931c E Boston Post Rd Mamaroneck. The Harrison Players • Sat Feb 18, 7pm “Mardi Gras 2012!” $30 per person includes dinner, dessert, beverages, dancing and entertainment by Billy Frenz of Billy & the Showmen-and Friends. This is going to be the best party of the year! The Veterans’ Memorial Building, 210 Halstead Ave.,Harrison. For reservations call 630-1089 or online: WESTCHESTER SANDBOX THEATRE • Mon-Fri, Feb 20-24, 10am “Mini Camp” This week long theatre camp is for young performers grades 4-8. Guest teachers will introduce young performers to comedy and improv, dance and audition technique. Fee $250 for the week, $60 single day rate. Call:914-630-0804. Westchester Sandbox Theatre 931c E Boston Post Rd Mamaroneck or visit our Website: FREE FAMILY OPEN MIC Weekly – Sundays, 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm, Elements, 161 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains. Live professional band. All ages welcome to sing, play an instrument, dance or just hang out! Excellent food and drinks available. Contact for more info. Weinberg Nature Center / Scarsdale • 2nd & 4th Sat every month, 11-12pm Weinberg’s Nature Adventures w/ Kate or Cindy. hikes, crafts, games and more. $3 adults, $2 kids. 2/11, 2/25. 3/10, 3/24. Weinberg Nature Ctr. 455 Mamaroneck Rd (E of x22 off Hutch) Scarsdale. 914-722-1289. American Vanguards Exhibit @ Neuberger •Jan 29-April 28 American Vanguards:Graham, Davis, Gorky, De Kooning & Their Circle American modernism • Feb-May Visionary Sugar: Works by Kiki Smith Multi-media art. Neuberger Museum @ Purchase College 735 Anderson Hill Rd. Purchase. Osteoporosis Awareness Group Meeting • Mon Feb 6, 7-9pm Dr. Steven M. Felder, PhD, Certified Clinical Nutritionist will discuss foods & supplements that could help people with Osteoprosis. Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, Bldg. 4, 785 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains. White Plains Thrift Shop • Spectacular bargains up to 90% off original price in clothing, household goods, bric-a-brac. Open Tuesdays 9:30am to 4:45pm and First Saturday 9:30am-1pm. Free admission. White Plains Presbyterian Church Corner of Barker Ave Look for Red Door. 914-949-1241.

SUBMIT YOUR GROUP’S EVENT FOR PUBLICATION, BY MAIL OR FAX ONLY TO: TRI-STATE MEDIA, 510 5TH AVENUE, PELHAM, NY 10803. FAX: 914-220-4949 Submissions should be received at least 3 weeks in advance of event.

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PELHAM PKWY./EASTCHESTER RD. large studio with full service kitchen and bath. Pvt. entrance. $875/mo. Refs. Call 914 -419-3051 White Plains

Yonkers stunning 3BR ..........$1700 Yonkers1BR,CrossCounty vic$1050 Yonkers 1BR in Balint Dr...... $1100 Mt. Vernon 3 bedroom..........$1800 Yonkers House rental ...........$2500 Yonkers Sadore Lane Gardens 1 bedroom................................$1150 Yonkers 2BR........................ $1300 Many more available call for info

Dawns Gold Realty Yonkers 914-793-8800

11 Lake St. Half Moon Apartments Spacious & Affordable Includes heat, hot water, & laundry facilities On premises parking avail. Studio, 1 & 2 bedroom apts. Centrally located near trains & shopping. No brokers fee Call Al for appointment 914-761-4359

COLUMBIA COUNTY HOMES Elegant Hilltop Country Home, 5 minutes from Chatham’s theaters, restaurants, shops. 4 bedrooms, 7 acre private property. Reduced to $399,000 Call ANN LEVITT, BEACH AND BARTOLO REALTORS Phone 518-965-2595, ANN@ANNLEVITT.COM


COLUMBIA COUNTY HOMES Hilltop colonial decorated with Panache, sunfilled, all new bathrooms and kitchen, almost 6 acres of lawn and gardens. Priced for today’s market at $389,000 Call ANN LEVITT, BEACH AND BARTOLO REALTORS Phone 518-965-2595, ANN@ANNLEVITT.COM COLUMBIA COUNTY HOMES Lake house. Kayak, swim, canoe from this 4 acre property. House needs updating but well worth the effort. Original wood floors. Private location. $179,000. Call ANN LEVITT, BEACH AND BARTOLO REALTORS Phone 518-965-2595, ANN@ANNLEVITT.COM

COLUMBIA COUNTY HOMES Reduced $100,000. Dramatic 20 acres on both sides of Kinderhook Creek. 4000 sq. ft. contemporary home, 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, walls of glass overlook the stream. 65 Ft. deck, pond, near Chatham’s amenities. Now $499,000 Call ANN LEVITT, BEACH AND BARTOLO REALTORS Phone 518-965-2595, ANN@ANNLEVITT.COM

COLUMBIA COUNTY HOMES Reduced for quick sale. Swim at Queechy Lake. Enjoy 4 bedroom dutch gambrel with apartment above garage for friends or tenants. All new mechanicals. Top of the line everything. Asking $245,000 Call ANN LEVITT, BEACH AND BARTOLO REALTORS COLUMBIA COUNTY HOMES Phone 518-965-2595, Mini horse farm on 4 acres. Small ANN@ANNLEVITT.COM barn, move right into the newly renovated house. owners are moving and motivated to sell quickly. asking COLUMBIA COUNTY HOMES $179,000. Make an offer. Secluded Shangri La with 2 story Call ANN LEVITT, windows taking in the mountain BEACH AND BARTOLO REALTORS views. On the border of the Berkshire Phone 518-965-2595, Mass/NY Line. 3 living levels, 4 bedANN@ANNLEVITT.COM rooms with 2 master suites. $469,000- Below market price. Call ANN LEVITT, BEACH AND BARTOLO REALTORS Phone 518-965-2595, ANN@ANNLEVITT.COM

w w w . n y s a v e r. c o m


02/01/2012 REAL

Nurturing C areers

for the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

At The Wartburg’s “No Place Like Home” Home Care Agency, our spirit and values make serving the senior community an infinitely more joyful experience for our patients, families, and caregivers too! At The Wartburg Home Care Agency, we truly value our employees. If you are a caring and nurturing person, we are looking for you to join our family!

We are offering a

FREE 4-week Home Health Aide Training Program


starting on March 5, 2012. Registration deadline is February 24th. For more information, you may call Evelyn Ramirez, RN at 914-278-9140, Option “0”.


56 Harrison Street, 5th Floor, New Rochelle, NY 10801

We are also hiring experienced:

Fifth Avenue Pelham, NY

914-592-5222 ext. 203



Please call us for an immediate interview and further information at: 914.513.5413 or fax resume to: 914.699.6436.



Commercial Space 2,000+ Square Feet Office/Warehouse • Will Divide Perfect for Professional Long Term Lease Available Landlord Will Assist With Buildout

HOME HEALTH AIDES • PERSONAL CARE AIDES • Excellent starting salary • Weekday & weekend • Paid days off assignments • Paid inservices • Live-in cases • Premium pay on weekends


Pennysaver • February 2, 2012 • Visit Us Online:

CI Your ad Here for as low as $99 Westchester $59.99 Rockland $39.99 Bronx


**2012 POSTAL JOBS!** $14 to $59 hour + Full Federal Benefits. No Experience Required. NOW HIRING! Green Card OK. 1-866-477-4953, Ext 107.


** ABLE TO TRAVEL ** Hiring 10 people, Work- travel all states, resort No experience. Paid areas. training/Transportation provided. 18+ 1 - 8 8 8 - 8 5 3 - 8 4 1 1

UP TO $13.00 PER HOUR. Referral Bonus, Paid Vacation and Paid Inservice. Bilingual applicants welcome.

Yonkers Classes begin Mon, March 12th, 2012

(914) 423-6410 Bronx Classes begin Mon, March 5th, 2012


Mystery Shoppers Needed Earn up to $150 per day Undercover Shoppers Needed to Judge Retail & Dining Establishments Experience Not Required Call Now 888-3803513

HHA’S & PCA’S BRONX & WESTCHESTER Free Family Medical & Dental Insurance

Good Money! Weekly! Homeworkers needed NOW! Details: Rush Long SASE: NHA, 28 E. Jackson, #F-458, Dept. NANI, Chicago, IL 60604-2263 WWW.EASYBABYCASH.COM

Start Earning Now! $1000’s Weekly For Placing Free Online Classifieds Just Like This One. Get Paid Daily! Call 1-800-818-4395


C a w

Training Bonus,Call now!

HELP WANTED! Make $1000 weekly mailing brochures from home! Guaranteed Income! No experience required. Start Immediately!

for rent. Only $1500/mo. All equipment included. With option to buy. Located in high traffic area and near schools. Call Larry 914-906-8701 for more information


IMMEDIATE positions available. Live-ins, Weekends & Weekdays

Customer Service / Marketing Rep. needed w/excellent com. skills. Commission/ Incentives /Bonus Queens Loc. realistic 60k /yr F/T -P/T 718-216-2493

If you want to be your own boss you can’t refuse this!! ICE CREAM PARLOR

Call Chrissy or Linda 914-592-3440

Direct Care/ Mental Health Worker Entry level position working with Acute Psychiatric Patients, Child through Adult. Twelve hour shifts, Per Diem to Full time Positions. BA a plus, 2 year degree or 2 years of college completed preferred. Apply online @, fax 914-763-8472, tel 914-763-8151 ext 2585. EOE.

"Live-In and Live-Out Cases" •Top Quality Agency that treats you with Respect• •Steady & Flexible Hours• •Vaca./Sick benefits• •Good Pay• Bilingual a plus•

(718) 518-8500


$$$ Inju $50 568

Job Orientation Class

Cases Waiting for You

Discover why our aides have been with us for 20+ years

Bilingual Live-In’s & Driving Aides Needed



Mon, Wed, Fri 9:00 AM-3:00 PM Training Available

PRE TIO pert tion Call Ado

LAW cas sett 866

We ann cas Call

Register any Tues & Wed

9:00 am - 11:00 am

RN/LPN Per-diem Work Available. 7-11 S. Broadway Suite 300 White Plains, NY 10601

*** $50 for Pills ey R

Call Laura Visit Us Online: w w w. n y s a v e r. c o m

Your dream home is only a click away!

VIP Health Care Services 459 Main St. New Rochelle NY 10801 (914) 654-6540

914-949-4040 x 210 EOE 02/01/2012 EMPLOYMENT

WEI Phe Offi $80 600


Yo hea e


PENNYSAVER Check the Real Estate listings online at

L Sta


e. s




& ed



Pennysaver • February 2, 2012 • For Advertising Information Call (914) 592-5222

FOR YOUR INFORMATION Call: 914-592-3440

PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Call Joy:1-866-922-3678 FOREVER FAMILIES THROUGH ADOPTION Counseling, Financial Assistance and choices of families/options www.ForeverFamiliesThrough

Non-Invasive CARDIOVASCULAR TECHNOLOGY! With training from Sanford Brown Institute get the Skills used by:


• Adoption • Computers • Childcare • Health Fitness • Cleaning Service • Thermal Services

Your ad here & Online

AIRLINES ARE HIRING – Train for hands on Aviation Maintenance Ca- DO YOU HAVE PRODUCTS OR reer. FAA approved program. FinanSERVICES TO PROMOTE? cial aid if qualified – Housing availa- Reach as many as 4.9 million houseble Call AIM (888) 686-1704 or visit holds and 12 million potential buyers quickly and inexpensively! Only $490 ANY LAPTOP REPAIRED JUST $79. for a 15-word ad. Place your ad by Macs, too. REALLY! FREE Fedex calling 914-380-5825

shipping! $69 extra for screen or motherboard replacement. CALL Au- EARN COLLEGE DEGREE ONLINE • Echocardiography Technicians thorized Laptop Repair Specialists. 1- *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Jus877-283-6285 • Hospitals & Emergency tice. Job placement assistance. Room Technicians ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Computer available. Financial Aid if PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPHome. *Medical, *Business, qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 800• Laboratory Technicians TION? Talk with caring adoption ex*Paralegal, *Accounting, *Criminal 510-0784 • Clinic Technicians pert. You choose from families naJustice. Job placement assistance. CALL NOW for information Computer available. Financial Aid if EnjoyBetterTV DISH Network Autionwide. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Call 24/7 Abby’s One True Gift Call 800-510-0784 thorized Retailer Offers, FREE HD for qualified. 866-950-6444 Adoptions 866-413-6296 Life, Packages from $19.99/mo. InSanford Brown Institute cludes locals, 3 HD receivers free. 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HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA from HOME 6-8 weeks. Nationally accredited. Get A Diploma! Get a Job? Payment Plan. Call 24/7 for a FREE Brochure. 1-800-264-8330 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL



CommunityCalendar By R. Moore

Presidents Day • Sat Feb 11, 12-4pm Presidents Day & African American History. Free. Talks and re-enactments commemorating Black History Month St Pauls Church NHS 897 So, Columbus Ave Mt Vernon.

BUI lthr $27 (914

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Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture • Sun. Feb 5 11am Jordan Brackett to speak on “Advancing Food Policy in New York”. He will lead a discussion on the opportunities that exist for improving the food landscape in New York City as well as the barriers to overcoming them. Meeting House, 4450 Fieldston Road, corner of Manhattan College Parkway. For info call (718)548-4445.

Visit Us Online: w w w. n y s a v e r. c o m



Pelham Promenaders • The Pelham Promenaders invite you to spend an enjoyable night out, get some exercize and do some Square Dancing! You will meet lots of new people and fun, moving music. All are invited, you don’t need a partner. Children must be accompanied by a parent. Meet at: Christ the Redeemer Church 1415 Pelhamdale Ave, Pelham Manor. (where Shore Rd meets New Rochelle, the Bronx and Pelham). Call for info: Cynthia 718-6523714 / 914-738-3093 Dave.

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SISTER DUBONG Spitualist Results Immediate ! Get Help Now. Listen to 24/7 - 93.5 fm. Tuesday-1am-4am Thursday-1am-2am LIVE SHOW

TRI-STATE MEDIA Westchester Edition

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Computer & GED Programs @ SUNY • Free Computer Literacy and GED Programs: day & evening. State University of New York North Bronx Career Counseling & Outreach Center is accepting applications for all programs. Classes begin February 6, 2012 Don’t be late! Math tutoring, business tech., Microsoft certification, HHA, CNA, building maintenance and more. SUNY north Bronx CCOC 2901 White Plains Rd Bronx. Call: 718-547-1001.

Fun By The Numbers Like Puzzles? Then you’ll love sudoku. This mind-bending puzzle will have you hooked from the moment you square off, so sharpen your pencil and put your sudoku savvy to the test!

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Westchester Sandbox Theatre • Next To Normal • Fri, Sat, Sun Feb 24, 25, 26 & Mar 2,3, @8pm. Sat, Matinee Mar 3 @3pm. Tkts $25, $22 srs/std. Next to Normal is an emotional powerhouse of a musical about a family trying to take care of themselves and each other. PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISEDl. Call:914-6300804.Westchester Sandbox Theatre 931c E Boston Post Rd Mamaroneck.


Level: Intermediate Here’s How It Works: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 thru 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

Kid’s Kloset In White Plains • Westchester Jewish Community Services issuing “Clothes Call”. New program ‘Pass It On Kid’s Kloset’. Clothing donations to: WJCS 845 NoBroadway, White Plains. Call 761-0600x725 Submit your group’s event for publication, by MAIL OR FAX ONLY to: Tri-State Media, 510 5th Avenue, Pelham, NY 10803. FAX: 914-220-4949 Submissions should be received at least 3 weeks in advance of event.






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BUICK ENCLAVE 2008- awd, cxll, lthr, alloys. 46,330 miles. stk#2049 $27,990 White Plains Buick, GMC (914)761-5000

TOYOTA CAMRY 2011- Hybrid, power windows, locks, lthr, roof, 34,784 mi. stk#2104 $24,990 White Plains Buick, GMC (914)761-5000

BUICK LACROSSE 2005- 64,191 miles, Very clean. leather, roof, chrome wheels, stk#2032 $11,990 White Plains Buick, GMC (914)7615000

VW JETTA 2009- 39,404 miles, power windows, locks, lthr, roof, 5 cyl. stk#2022 $17,990 White Plains Buick, GMC (914)761-5000

BUICK LACROSSE 2007- p o w e r windows/ locks/ mirrors, alloys, 46,255 miles. stk#2078. $12,990 White Plains Buick, GMC (914)7615000


DONATE YOUR CAR to CHILDREN’S CANCER FUND of AMERICA and help end CHILDHOOD CANCER. Tax Deductible. Next Day Towing. Receive Vacation Voucher. 7 Days 1-800469-8593 DONATE YOUR VEHICLE UNITED BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. Free Mammogram RECEIVE $1000 GROCERY COUPON 1-888-468-5964

A-1 DONATE YOUR CAR! Breast Cancer Research foundation! Most highly rated breast cancer charity in America! Tax Deductible/Fast Free Up. 800-771-9551 Pick www.cardonationsforbreastcancer.or g


CHEVY IMPALA 2008pwr windows/locks, lthr, roof, 43,067 miles, stk#2091. $15,990 White Plains Buick, GMC (914)761-5000 GMC CANYON 2009- ext cab, power windows/ locks/ mirrors. 21,797 miles, stk#2055. $16,990. White Plains Buick, GMC (914)761-5000

SATURN VUE XE 200816,562 miles, awd, 6 cyl, power windows, locks & mirrors stk#2052 $15,990 White Plains Buick, GMC (914)7615000



CHEVROLET AVEO 2009- 15,770 miles, power windows, locks, 4 cyl, good gas mileage. stk#2033 $11,990 White Plains Buick, GMC (914)7615000

PONTIAC G6 GXP 2008- lthr, roof, chrome wheels, only 13,579 miles. stk#2045. $17,990 White Plains Buick, GMC (914)761-5000


Call 914-592-3440


BUICK RENDEVOUS 2006- 49,102 miles, cxl, lthr, 8 pass, power windows, locks & mirrors, awd stk#2136 $14,990 White Plains Buick, GMC (914)761-5000

MAZDA 3 COUPE 2011- Low mileage 6,227 mi and great gas mileage. stk#2065 $16,990 White Plains Buick, GMC (914)761-5000


CARS/TRUCKS WANTED! Top $$$$$ PAID! Running or Not, All Years, Makes, Models. Free Towing! We’re Local! 7 Days/Week. Call Toll Free: 1888-416-2330 DONATE A CAR - SAVE A CHILD’S LIFE! Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch: Helping Abused and Neglected Children in NY for Over 30 Years. Please WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLE KAWASAKI 1967-1980 Z1-900, Call 1-800-936-4326. KZ900, KZ1000, ZIR, KZ1000MKII, W1-650, H1-500, H2-750, S1-250, Donate Your Car! Civilian Veterans S2-350, S3-400 Suzuki GS400, & Soldiers Help Support Our U.S. GT380, CB750 (69.70) CASH PAID. Military Troops 100% Volunteer Free 1-800-772-1142, 1-310-721-0726 CASH FOR CARS and TRUCKS: Get A same Day Towing. Tax Deductible. Top Dollar INSTANT Offer! Running Call and Donate Today! 1-800-4710538 or Not! 1-888-416-2208 02/01/2012 AUTO


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