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Chart a New Course There is uncertainty in the market. Fear and doubt lurk just beneath the surface of every transaction. No one can say what lies beyond the horizon. And yet, you will not abandon your quest. The courage to compete, in any environment, is the mark of a true leader. Our history books record the achievements of many great captains of industry, but only because someone was there to tell their stories. Who will tell your story? Who will translate your passion for innovation and customer service into messages that ring true with your target markets? Success makes for some great stories. Let us tell yours.

In a cyclical business, course changes are inevitable. Success depends upon effective communication with employees, partners, customers and prospects as things change. Firms focused on their core competencies often find it expedient to source communications management out to professional consulting firms that specialize in that function. With proven executives from the worlds of trade publishing, public relations, marketing and interactive media, we are the firm more companies are choosing. Our work clearly positions our clients as the leading firms they are, their products as best-ofbreed solutions and their executives as thought leaders who are changing the industry for the better. That’s what we can do for your company.

We have the power to support your brand and increase your sales. Our programs are engineered to the needs of our clients and measurable over the course of the engagement. We tend to bundle our deliverables into solutions sets and then set a fixed price so there are no surprises. Our teams are created based on specific client requirements. Clarify Your Mission: We help our clients explore the competitive landscape in search of defensible positioning and then help them create and disseminate stories that clearly demonstrate their leadership in the space. Position Your Brand: Every client offering must be powerful enough to stand on its own in the face of the competition. We treat each client brand as its own project, creating the content necessary to fully explain the value proposition to all target markets. Lead with Experts: There is a reason that companies with charismatic leaders perform better than those run by anonymous Boards. Firms that offer complicated products or services require recognized experts at the helm. We know the art for creating such an expert. Reach New Markets: Exploring new opportunities requires research and careful planning. We help our clients uncover new opportunities and then empower them to reach out and secure market share. Set a course for a new world and see your sales increase. Leverage an Online Diplomat: Success in new markets often requires assistance from someone native to that environment. The Internet has become a bona fide new world with real opportunities. We understand how things work there and will carry your banner. Engage Your Prospects: Every message you send must engage its target audience. We do more than prepare these messages. We serve as conference moderators, webinar hosts and podcast interviewers to make sure your message hits home. Every time. Find out more about what we can do for you: Rick Grant & Associates 47 Broadway, Suite 201 Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania 18229 800-979-9049

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