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New York Philharmonic Annual Report 2008



New York Philharmonic Annual Report 2008

TOP: The live plazacast of the Opening Night Concert of the New York Philharmonic’s 166th season, September 18, 2007, with Avery Fisher Hall lit to celebrate the launching of the partnership with Credit Suisse, Global Sponsor of the New York Philharmonic. BOTTOM: The New York Philharmonic delegation on arriving at Pyongyang’s Sunan International Airport, February 25, 2008.


Photos by Chris Lee and Julie Skarratt

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A Message from the Chairman & the President


2007–08 Concerts & Attendance


Advocate for the Arts: Credit Suisse


Envoy to the World: Asia 2008


Musical Diplomats: The Pyongyang Visit


Today’s Leader: Lorin Maazel


A Vision for Tomorrow: Alan Gilbert


Leading Lights: The Featured Artists


The Evolving Concert Experience


A Constellation of Stars: Cross-Pollination


Reaching Out: Inspiring with Education


Innovative Media: Forging New Connections


The World’s Leading Orchestra


About the Board


Leadership: February 26, 2008


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Independent Auditors’ Report



A Message from the Chairman & the President

The New York Philharmonic

is the oldest symphony orchestra in America, and one of the oldest in the world. But it is not longevity alone that makes an orchestra a leader. Having been founded 166 years ago would mean little if that span hadn’t been filled with world-class performances of great works from every part of the orchestral repertoire. The hallmark of each member of every era of the Orchestra has been a constant striving to be the best, and the brilliant conductors who have directed the Philharmonic — from Gustav Mahler, Arturo Toscanini, and Bruno Walter in the early 20th century, to Leonard Bernstein, Pierre Boulez, and Zubin Mehta in the second half of the century, through to Kurt Masur and Lorin Maazel in the 21st — have all been leaders who reflect the inspiration that continues to infuse our concerts. Musical performances lie at the heart of the New York Philharmonic’s mission, but an institution such as ours bears an even broader responsibility. We must be advocates for the art form that we love, using education programs and emerging technologies to share our enthusiasm with the largest possible audience. We must act as torch-bearers for our city and for our nation throughout the world, representing the best of New York, and of America. This responsibility was spotlighted during the 48 hours we spent in Pyongyang this past February. In traveling to the closed society of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, we were able to demonstrate freedom and friendship to the North Koreans, those in the hall as well as those who attended virtually through the unprecedented live national television and radio broadcasts. In the hall itself, between the rehearsal in the morning and the concert that evening, we performed live for 3,000 people. The morning audience was made up of students; the evening, the elite, their decision-makers. We hope, with all humility, that our presence and our music may have brought with them some measure of influence for change. It was a very proud and emotional experience for all of us at the Philharmonic, and one shared by millions of people in countless countries via a live television broadcast, and by achieving the status of a world-wide news event.

111 Subscription 7 Summertime Classics 13 Non-subscription 2 Holiday 5 Regional 1 Free Annual Memorial Day Concert 4 Young People’s Concerts 9 Very Young People’s Concerts 6 School Day Concerts 6 Ensembles at Merkin Concert Hall 1 Day of Berio 2 Ensembles at the Metropolitan Museum of Art 2 Ensembles at the 92nd Street Y 1 Ensembles at the College of Staten Island, CUNY 8 Concerts in the Parks, Presented by Didi & Oscar Schafer 11 Asia 2008 2 Visit to Pyongyang, DPRK, and Seoul, ROK 6 2008 Residency at Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival 197

Zarin Mehta, President, addressing the New York Philharmonic, December 11

None of our path-breaking activities would be possible without the Orchestra’s visionary sponsors and patrons. We thank Didi and Oscar Schafer, who are keenly aware of the importance of our free Concerts in the Parks to the cultural life of New York; Judith and Russell Carson, who have pledged to help us expand the Philharmonic’s education programs; and Yoko Nagae Ceschina, whose generosity helped make our visit to Pyongyang possible. They and many other individuals enable us to touch people’s lives through music. Also essential are the governmental agencies and civic-minded corporations and foundations that are aware of the potential impact of the New York Philharmonic. The 2007–08 season saw the beginning of the unprecedented relationship with our first-ever and exclusive Global Sponsor, Credit Suisse. Our two institutions saw this new partnership bear fruit, immediately, with our free-to-the-public dress rehearsal for the Opening Night concert, and throughout the year, both at home and abroad, perhaps most noticeably with the Philharmonic’s Asia 2008 tour. The Orchestra is proud to be so closely associated with this truly distinguished institution, which shares our dedication to excellence and innovation. We are gratified and honored that these and many more outstanding supporters are determined to maintain and further the New York Philharmonic’s mission — to present stellar performances of the greatest music to as broad an audience as possible — especially in these economically challenging times. The commitment of Credit Suisse, of all who give so generously, means more now than ever — it is the greatest act of leadership.

Zarin Mehta President and Executive Director

214,000 21,243 5,600 13,687 644,888

Concertmaster Glenn Dicterow (left), Music Director Lorin Maazel, and the New York Philharmonic rehearsing on February 11 in Taipei, the first city of the Asia 2008 tour. ABOVE: Lorin Maazel conducting the Philharmonic’s Opening Night concert in Avery Fisher Hall, September 18. TOP:

Paul B. Guenther Chairman of the Board

289,137 17,074 33,624 5,471 12,969 1,700 10,801 3,991 9,096 2,321 253 1,353 1,675 893

Photos by Chris Lee

Paul B. Guenther, Chairman, at the 2008 Concerts in the Parks, June 24

2007–08 Concerts & Attendance

Photos by Chris Lee



Advocate for the Arts: Credit Suisse

Envoy to the World: Asia 2008 In a year when all eyes were turned toward Beijing, host

city to the 2008 Summer Olympics, the New York Philharmonic arrived there first, and gave two concerts that were among those that opened the brand-new National Centre for the Performing Arts. Before Beijing, the Orchestra had visited Taipei, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, and, for the first time in its history, Shanghai. In addition to the 11 sold-out, critically acclaimed concerts, the tour included an extended educational partnership with eight Shanghai schools, bringing Philharmonic musicians into classrooms throughout the city. The project culminated in a performance conducted by Lorin Maazel, in which students were joined by their Philharmonic mentors. The tour and its educational component reminded the world of the Orchestra’s dual role as a performing institution of the highest caliber and as an inspiration to young musicians around the globe.

“The New York Philharmonic, led by its music director and preeminent conductor, Lorin Maazel, is staging at China’s egg-shaped National Centre for the Performing Arts on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Tickets for the two concerts sold out about a month ago.” — China View, February 24, 2008

The New York Philharmonic’s 166th season “This Global Sponsorship represents

above: Credit Suisse’s display at Hong Kong International Airport celebrating the arrival of the New York Philharmonic, February 14. RIGHT: The Philharmonic’s first-ever free rehearsal, September 18.

our commitment to the values embodied by the Philharmonic, as well as our broader effort to play an active, positive role in the communities around the world in which we live and work.” — Paul Calello, Chief Executive Officer, Global Investment Banking, Credit Suisse, September 17, 2007 Photos by Chris Lee

saw the inauguration of the partnership with Credit Suisse, the Orchestra’s first-ever and exclusive Global Sponsor. One of the world’s leading banks, Credit Suisse brings to its cultural partnerships the same vitality and commitment to excellence that it dedicates to its clients. Instrumental in bringing art to the widest possible audience, Credit Suisse has created long-term partnerships with several internationally renowned cultural institutions — such as the Salzburg Festival, the Lucerne Festival, the Bolshoi Theatre, and, now, the New York Philharmonic — providing these artistic standard-bearers with the financial scope to realize their most ambitious projects. The New York Philharmonic is proud of this unique collaboration. In the 2007–08 season, Credit Suisse's support bolstered the Orchestra's activities at home and abroad, beginning in the Far East, further enhancing the Philharmonic's role as a cultural ambassador, both of New York and of the United States of America.

Photos by Chris Lee


Beijing’s National Centre for the Performing Arts, February 23. Principal Cello Carter Brey walking along Victoria Harbor to the second concert at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, February 16.




Musical Diplomats: The Pyongyang Visit


“The orchestra provided the North Korean people with a glimpse of the New World that is within their grasp if their government chooses the path of denuclearization and normalization. Your rendition of the ancient Korean folk song ‘Arirang,’ beloved by all Koreans, was especially poignant, reminding us of our shared humanity and demonstrating the power of music to transcend language barriers, national boundaries, and politics.” The world watched

as the New York Philharmonic traveled to Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), on February 25, 2008, bringing a delegation of 300 Philharmonic musicians, staff, and Patrons, as well as journalists. During the 48-hour visit, small bridges were built between the peoples of two nations that have been alienated from each other. Agreements were made for real-time, uncensored reporting by the world’s media. There was cultural exchange — chamber-music collaborations, master classes, a gift of musical supplies. Official dinners and more intimate daily interactions were shared by visitors and hosts. Yet the heart of the experience was the February 26 performance in the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre. A sense of community arose with the first notes of Aegukka, the DPRK’s national anthem, when the entire audience rose to its feet and remained standing through The Star-Spangled Banner. The feeling continued throughout the concert, which included two works originally premiered by the Orchestra, Dvorˇák’s New World Symphony and Gershwin’s An American in Paris. Lorin Maazel spoke before each work, with humor and humanity, even offering a few words in Korean. At the conclusion of the last encore, “Arirang” — a folk song beloved by both North and South Koreans — there was a sustained ovation; the audience and the musicians waved to each other, sharing an emotional, unprecedented, and wordless communication.

Many provided essential support and guidance to make this visit possible. Offering invaluable counsel were the U.S. Department of State, in particular, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher R. Hill, of the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs; and The Korea Society, New York. The transportation was provided by Asiana Airlines, and a group of generous Philharmonic Patrons — chief among them Yoko Nagae Ceschina — provided both financial and moral support. And the international telecast and real-time communications would not have been possible without EuroArts Music International (a Medici Arts company), MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation), ARTE France, EBU (European Broadcasting Union), Associated Press Broadcast Services, ABC News, and CNN. ABOVE: The New York Philharmonic delegation’s arrival at Pyongyang’s Sunan International Airport, February 25. OPPOSITE, CLOCKwISE FROM TOP left: Music Director Lorin Maazel (in tan coat) and Zarin Mehta (right) greeting the press backstage following the February 26 concert. Concertmaster Glenn Dicterow coaching North Korean music students, February 26. Students attending the free, open dress rehearsal, February 26. The audience’s extended standing ovation after the concert. Zarin Mehta presiding over a dinner for the Orchestra, North Korean dignitaries, and Philharmonic Patrons, including Yoko Nagae Ceschina (in red jacket), February 26.

Photos by Chris Lee

— Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Chairman, U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, March 10, 2008

Photo by Chris Lee


Today’s Leader: Lorin Maazel

A Vision for Tomorrow: Alan Gilbert In the summer of 2007, the New York Philharmonic announced

“Maazel’s dazzling technique accentuates the positive. One has to admire his uncanny precision, not to mention the virtuosic responses he elicits from his players.”

that then-40-year-old native New Yorker Alan Gilbert would be the next Music Director — the conductor whose vision and talent will lead the Orchestra into the future. Great interest naturally surrounded Mr. Gilbert’s first return to the Philharmonic following the news. His two weeks of programs in March 2008 revealed his flair for inspired and imaginative programming. They included a quintessential Gilbert pairing: symphonies by Haydn and Beethoven with Berio’s Folk Songs, with soprano Dawn Upshaw as soloist. The following week Mr. Gilbert joined an orchestral powerhouse, Richard Strauss’s Ein Heldenleben, with the world premiere of a Philharmonic commission, Marc Neikrug’s Quintessence, Symphony No. 2, again demonstrating both his commitment to great works of the past and his dedication to refreshing and replenishing the repertoire.

— Financial Times, June 10, 2008

TOP: Alan Gilbert on July 18, 2007, at the press conference announcing his appointment as the next New York Philharmonic Music Director. BELOW: Mr. Gilbert conducting the Orchestra and pianist Lang Lang in Central Park, July 15, 2008.

“What came through as well is how assured and dynamic the relationship already is between this 41-year-old conductor and the Philharmonic players. The chemistry seems right … a brilliant yet never flashy performance. The future of the Philharmonic looks good.”— The New York Times, March 15, 2008

leadership, with the preeminent conductors of the day gracing the Orchestra’s podium. It is fitting that the Orchestra now has as its Music Director one of the greatest conductors of the present day: Lorin Maazel. Critics and audiences have frequently said that the Philharmonic has never played more brilliantly or more impressively than under his leadership. His talents as conductor and composer were both on display when he lead his orchestra-only adaptation of Wagner, The Ring Without Words, at Carnegie Hall ( June 11). Whether Mr. Maazel is conducting a Tchaikovsky festival (September 26–October 13), the 40th anniversary performances of Berio’s Sinfonia (January 30–February 2), or a three-week finale of mammoth works — with Mahler’s Ninth Symphony, Bruckner’s Eighth, and Puccini’s Tosca (June 4–21) — he communicates his decades of insights, his remarkable intellect, and his musical mastery to the players. above and left: Music Director Lorin Maazel conducting the New York Philharmonic.

Photos by Chris Lee

The New York Philharmonic has a tradition of great

Photos by Chris Lee



Leading Lights: The Featured Artists

featured artists in the 2007–08 season Conductor

Andrey Boreyko* Semyon Bychkov Michael Christie* James Conlon Sir Colin Davis Christoph von Dohnányi Gustavo Dudamel* Charles Dutoit Paul Gemignani Delta David Gier Alan Gilbert Marvin Hamlisch* Lt. Col. Timothy J. Holtan* Philippe Jordan* Kurt Masur Nicholas McGegan Ludovic Morlot Lee Musiker*** Riccardo Muti David Robertson Leonard Slatkin Argie Tang* Bramwell Tovey John Williams Xian Zhang

“[Lang Lang] vanquished the technical challenges, playing with utter command and disarming joy.”


F. Murray Abraham Spencer Aste* Zach Bandler* Gabriel Byrne* Fran Drescher* Steven Eng* Tom Hewitt Stacy Keach* Keira Keeley* Christopher Lloyd* Simon McBurney* Rishi Mutalik*

— The New York Times, July 17, 2008

What are the marks of a leading guest conductor?

Passion, energy, and fresh interpretations? These qualities were certainly demonstrated by the conductors who made their Philharmonic debuts in the 2007–08 season, among them Andrey Boreyko, Philippe Jordan, and Gustavo Dudamel, whose New York performances galvanized the music community. Or is a leader one who offers wisdom, insight, a strong and steady hand coupled with a knowing heart? The legendary lions who returned to conduct the Orchestra brought these characteristics and more to their performances, as audiences welcomed back Music Director Emeritus Kurt Masur, Sir Colin Davis, and Riccardo Muti. The soloists who made their Philharmonic debuts in the 2007–08 season amply demonstrated why this eminent Orchestra had invited them. Emerging star violinists Janine Jansen and Viviane Hagner lit up the stage with their power-packed performances of concertos by Tchaikovsky (October 3–6) and Mendelssohn (January 3–5), respectively; soprano Hui He, who made her debut as Puccini’s Tosca (June 12, 14, 17, and 19), displayed the vocal beauty that has made her reputation white-hot in Europe. Other prominent musicians returned to the Philharmonic. Yo-Yo Ma gave an Opening Night performance of Dvorˇák’s Cello Concerto

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Lang Lang in Central Park, July 15. Gustavo Dudamel in his Philharmonic debut, November 29. Yo-Yo Ma on Opening Night, September 18.

(September 18). Lang Lang made two appearances, the first in the World Premiere of Tan Dun’s Piano Concerto (April 9–12, a Philharmonic commission), the second with Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 on Central Park’s Great Lawn (July 15). Five distinguished pianists performed the cycle of Beethoven’s piano concertos: Jonathan Biss (the Second, October 18–20), Pierre-Laurent Aimard (the Third, December 6–8), Richard Goode (the Fourth, April 3–5), André Watts (the First, April 23–26), and Emanuel Ax (the Fifth, Emperor, May 29–31). And, as befits an Orchestra composed of 106 virtuosos, members also took the spotlight as soloists, with Concertmaster Glenn Dicterow performing Korngold’s Violin Concerto (May 22–24) and Principal Horn Philip Myers playing Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 2 (January 3–5). All of these once again showed why they continue to inspire admiration and touch the hearts of audiences.

Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Dianne Berkun, director New York Choral Artists, Joseph Flummerfelt, director Synergy Vocals, Micaela Haslam, director* United States Military Academy Band, Lt. Col. Timothy J. Holtan, commander/conductor* Westminster Choir, Joe Miller, director Fight Director

Rick Sordelet* Flute

Sandra Church Horn

Philip Myers Host

Stanley Donen* Delta David Gier Marvin Hamlisch* Joseph Horowitz* Gerard McBurney* Steven Stucky Theodore Wiprud Narrator

Bob McGrath Oboe

Liang Wang* Percussion

Christopher S. Lamb Piano


Pierre-Laurent Aimard Leif Ove Andsnes Emanuel Ax Jonathan Biss Richard Goode Hélène Grimaud Benjamin Hochman Katia Labèque Marielle Labèque Lang Lang Radu Lupu Yeol-Eum Son* Jean-Yves Thibaudet Simon Trpcˇeski André Watts Harriet Wingreen Joyce Yang

Tom Dulack Lonny Price



Joseph Horowitz* Thomas Z. Shepard


Carter Brey Yo-Yo Ma Johannes Moser** Heinrich Schiff Alisa Weilerstein Photos by Chris Lee



Josh Prince* Dancer

Thomas Baird Tomiko Magario

The American Boychoir, Fernando Malver-Ruiz, director Bernard Woma Ensemble


Tom Dulack Joseph Horowitz*



Lisa Batiashvili Joshua Bell Glenn Dicterow James Ehnes Viviane Hagner* Janine Jansen* Michelle Kim Vadim Repin Gil Shaham Sheryl Staples Arnaud Sussmann* Nikolaj Znaider Pinchas Zukerman Vocalist

Donnie Ray Albert, bass-baritone Michel Bell, bass-baritone* Nathan Berg, bass-baritone Jane Brockman, vocalist* Jennifer Casey Cabot, soprano* Philippe Castagner, tenor Daniel Santiago Castellanos, boy soprano* Kristin Chenoweth, soprano Barbara Cook, vocalist Marcus DeLoach, bass Raúl Esparza, tenor* Christopher Evans, baritone* Walter Fraccaro, tenor* George Gagnidze, baritone* Matthias Goerne, baritone Susan Graham, mezzo-soprano Jason Grant, bass-baritone* Anthony Dean Griffey, tenor Nathan Gunn, baritone Hui He, soprano* Brittany Hines-Hill, alto* Christopher Hodson, tenor* James Johnson, baritone* Dietmar Kershbaum, tenor* David Korn, male soprano* Marc Kudisch, vocalist* Anna Larsson, alto Margaret Lattimore, mezzo-soprano Christiane Libor, soprano* Marin Mazzie, vocalist* J. Mark McVey, tenor* Lucas Meachem, baritone* Erin Morley, soprano Weston Wells Orson, vocalist* Tatiana Pavlovskaya, mezzo-soprano* David Pittsinger, bass-baritone* Annette Sanders, soprano* Kelly Schreiber, soprano* Celena Shafer, soprano Christopher Sieber, vocalist* Bobby Steggert, vocalist* Will Swenson, vocalist* Peter Tantsits, tenor* James Taylor, tenor* Dawn Upshaw, soprano Michael Wanko, bass* * Debut | ** Subscription debut *** Conducting debut

The Evolving Concert Experience


December 14 Inside the Music exploration of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 4. Hui He in the title role of Puccini’s Tosca, with George Gagnidze as Scarpia, conducted by Lorin Maazel (June 12). Music Director Emeritus Kurt Masur leading the Philharmonic plus seven soloists and the Westminster Choir in Bach’s St. Matthew Passion (March 19).

“Lorin Maazel drew an electrifying, sumptuously colorful and commanding account of this eclectic score [of Berio's Sinfonia].” — The New York Times, February 1, 2008 The Philharmonic is always reinventing its programming to keep ahead of today’s changing world. That is why, in the 2007–08 season, the Philharmonic’s two hosted series added new dimensions to their performances. Inside the Music added multimedia presentations to stirring performances of established masterpieces (October 12, December 14, and March 14), and Hear & Now — which explores newer works through conversations with composers or artists, hosted by Pulitzer Prize–winning composer Steven Stucky — expanded to include half-hour pre-concert chamber performances and, sometimes, video interviews that were screened during the performance.

Photos by Stephanie Berger and Chris Lee

The New York Philharmonic

prides itself as a leader in presenting the best performances of the greatest music ever composed. Some of these works themselves demand another level of leadership, because of the sheer number of forces involved in their production. Projects of this scope in the 2007–08 season included Berio’s Sinfonia (January 30–February 2). The mammoth work — that the Philharmonic commissioned and premiered in 1968 and which Luciano Berio composed, in part, as a tribute to the recently assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — used an unusually large orchestra as well as an imaginatively employed vocal ensemble and audio effects. This work was the centerpiece of Focus: Berio, the season-long review of the works of this iconoclastic composer, which began in the first subscription program (September 19–21) with Berio’s reworking of Boccherini’s La ritirata notturna di Madrid, and continued with the Folk Songs (March 5–8) and his Rendering of sketches by Schubert (May 29–31). A number of Philharmonic musicians rose to the challenge as solo performers as well, when they gave a marathon performance of all of Berio’s virtuosic Sequenzas. Their contributions were part of the Day of Berio, held at the Rose Theater, an event that also included the New York Premiere of Reuven Hecker's documentary Luciano Berio. Keeping masterworks of the past vital to today’s audience requires a special brand of leadership and vision. Such is the case with Bach’s St. Matthew Passion, which Music Director Emeritus Kurt Masur led with a large cast of singers and chorus, headlined by Matthias Goerne (March 19–22), as well as with the concert performances of Puccini’s Tosca, conducted by Mr. Maazel (June 12, 14, 17, and 19).

A Constellation of Stars: Cross-Pollination

Photos by Chris Lee


“This winning 1960 score [of Camelot was] sumptuously performed by the Philharmonic.” — The New York Times, May 9, 2008

Crossing into unexpected genres

with flair as well as finesse shows a special brand of mastery. The Philharmonic garnered acclaim and adulation in its collaborations with composer-conductor John Williams (September 14–16), Broadway Diva Barbara Cook (November 19–20 and January 8), multi-awardwinning composer-conductor Marvin Hamlisch (in Broadway’s Greatest Showstoppers, May 20), and a cast from stage and screen in sold-out performances of Lerner & Loewe’s Camelot (May 7–10). CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Gabriel Byrne as King Arthur with his Knights of the Round Table, in Camelot (May 7). John Williams leading performances of film music (September 14). Marvin Hamlisch conducting Broadway’s Greatest Showstoppers, headlined by Kristin Chenoweth and Raúl Esparza (May 20). Barbara Cook’s 80th birthday celebration (November 19).


Reaching Out: Inspiring with Education

Innovative Media: Forging New Connections

“On the stage of the Shanghai Grand Theatre, 250 children enjoyed an experience of a lifetime last month … practicing with, and receiving the advice from, some of the best instrumentalists in the world.” — Shanghai Daily, March 12, 2008 Judith and Russell Carson, who provided a generous gift to support the School Day Concerts. The Philharmonic’s inspired approach to sharing and illuminating the orchestral repertoire has crossed oceans through Learning Overtures, which was launched in 2006 in Tokyo. When the Orchestra was in Shanghai on the Asia 2008 tour, the Philharmonic led an intensive program in which 20 Philharmonic musicians coached 268 students from eight Shanghai-area high schools, and five young students from the Children’s Palace participated in an imported edition of the Very Young Composers program. It all culminated in a February 21 workshop, in which Music Director Lorin Maazel conducted the young musicians alongside their Philharmonic coaches. TOP: Shanghai students who participated in Learning Overtures receiving plaques on behalf of their fellow performers, February 21. BELOW, FROM LEFT: Philharmonic violist Judith Nelson with VYPC audience members, March 2. Philharmonic Horn Erik Ralske leading a brass class at Datong High School, February 20. Director of Education Theodore Wiprud hosting a School Day Concert, May 2.

Photo by Chris Lee

Renowned for musical excellence,

the New York Philharmonic is also a national leader in education, harnessing its talent, knowledge, and ingenuity to engage new audiences. The Young People’s Concerts (YPC), Very Young People’s Concerts (VYPC), and a growing array of educational programs now instruct and entertain more than 52,000 children, students, educators, and adults every year. Among the continuing-education efforts this year were 125 lectures — including pre-concert talks, Insights Series events, and the Annual Eric Leinsdorf Lecture — which served more than 7,300. In the 2007–08 season, the number of School Day Concerts increased; for the first time, a week (April 29–May 2) was dedicated exclusively to these performances that are designed for students. The Philharmonic’s School Partnership Program also expanded to serve 12 New York City public schools. The Orchestra premiered a suite of works created by elementary-school students who participated in the award-winning Very Young Composer’s program on a YPC (January 12). Such proliferation would be impossible without the vision of civic-minded funders such as MetLife, Lead Corporate Underwriter of the Philharmonic's Education programs, as well as

The New York Philharmonic has always been at the “The New York Philharmonic ended its

Photos by Michael DiVito and Chris Lee


forefront of exploring the possibilities offered by the latest media. In 1919 the Orchestra made its first commercial recording; in 2006 the Philharmonic became the first major American orchestra to make live performances available as downloads. In 1922 the Philharmonic was the first major symphony orchestra to broadcast a performance on the radio; in 2006 its U.S. national radio series expanded to 52 weeks per year and, through a series on BBC Radio 3, the Orchestra became the first American ensemble to have a regular presence on European radio. So it is fitting that in the 2007–08 season the New York Philharmonic — which performed on the inaugural broadcast of Live From Lincoln Center in 1976 — became the first Orchestra ever to release a performance on Blu-ray disc as well as on standard DVD. The Pyongyang Concert contains the footage of the live international telecast of the historic February 26 concert in the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre — which was also broadcast live across North Korea, at the Philharmonic’s request. The release, a EuroArts Production from Medici Arts, also features the documentary “Americans in Pyongyang,” which includes the background of the visit and interviews with Lorin Maazel and Zarin Mehta. The performance in Pyongyang provided the material for yet another Philharmonic first: the inaugural online video broadcast of a concert, streamed on demand, free of charge, at The high-definition video was supplemented with ancillary features,

annual concert in Manhattan’s Central Park in a highly untraditional way: it asked concertgoers camped out on the lawn to take a quick moment to textmessage their preference for the final musical number … It signaled a new era of social engagement.”  —, September 10, 2008 including video interviews with several musicians of the Orchestra. This was but one of the Philharmonic’s new uses of digital media, designed to enrich the live concert experience for its audiences and to reach out to the world at large. To complement the season-long series Focus: Berio, the Orchestra produced Luciano Berio’s Musical Odyssey, a multimedia Web feature that included a 17-minute, Philharmonic-produced documentary about the pathbreaking composer, as well as bonus interviews and other materials. Innovation continued into the summer, when the New York Philharmonic Concerts in the Parks, Presented by Didi and Oscar Schafer, introduced a series of interactive initiatives including Concert Status Updates, an online Photo Contest, and Vote For Your Encore, the last of which invited audiences to choose the evening’s final musical selection in real time by sending text messages from their cell phones. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: The online video broadcast of the Pyongyang concert. The DVD cover for The Pyongyang Concert. Philharmonic Board Member Oscar Schafer (in blue socks) and his wife, Didi (to his left), at the 2008 Concerts in the Parks, June 24.


The World’s Leading Orchestra New York Philharmonic 2007–2008 SEASON

LORIN MAAZEL Music Director Xian Zhang, Associate Conductor, The Arturo Toscanini Chair Leonard Bernstein, Laureate Conductor, 1943–1990 Kurt Masur, Music Director Emeritus Violins

Glenn Dicterow Concertmaster The Charles E. Culpeper Chair Sheryl Staples Principal Associate Concertmaster The Elizabeth G. Beinecke Chair Michelle Kim Assistant Concertmaster The William Petschek Family Chair Enrico Di Cecco Carol Webb Yoko Takebe Minyoung Chang Hae-Young Ham The Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. George Chair Lisa GiHae Kim Kuan-Cheng Lu Newton Mansfield Kerry McDermott Anna Rabinova Charles Rex Fiona Simon Sharon Yamada Elizabeth Zeltser Yulia Ziskel Marc Ginsberg Principal Lisa Kim* In Memory of Laura Mitchell Soohyun Kwon The Joan and Joel I. Picket Chair Duoming Ba Marilyn Dubow The Sue and Eugene Mercy, Jr. Chair Martin Eshelman Judith Ginsberg Mei Ching Huang Myung-Hi Kim+ Hanna Lachert Sarah O’Boyle Daniel Reed Mark Schmoockler Na Sun Vladimir Tsypin Violas

Cynthia Phelps Principal The Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Rose Chair Rebecca Young*




Stage Representative

Markus Rhoten Principal The Carlos Moseley Chair Joseph Pereira**

In Memory of Paul Jacobs

Louis J. Patalano


Audio Director

Lionel Party

Lawrence Rock



Stanley Drucker Principal The Edna and W. Van Alan Clark Chair Mark Nuccio* Pascual Martinez Forteza Stephen Freeman

Christopher S. Lamb Principal The Constance R. Hoguet Friends of the Philharmonic Chair Daniel Druckman* The Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ulrich Chair Joseph Pereira

The Karen and Richard S. LeFrak Chair Harriet Wingreen Jonathan Feldman

*Associate Principal **Assistant Principal + On Leave


E-Flat Clarinet


Carter Brey Principal The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Chair Eileen Moon* The Paul and Diane Guenther Chair Qiang Tu The Shirley and Jon Brodsky Foundation Chair Evangeline Benedetti

Mark Nuccio

Nancy Allen Principal The Mr. and Mrs. William T. Knight III Chair

Lawrence Tarlow Principal Sandra Pearson**

Irene Breslaw** The Norma and Lloyd Chazen Chair Dorian Rence

Sherry Sylar* Robert Botti

Katherine Greene The Mr. and Mrs. William J. McDonough Chair Dawn Hannay Vivek Kamath Peter Kenote Barry Lehr Kenneth Mirkin Judith Nelson Robert Rinehart

Thomas Stacy The Joan and Joel Smilow Chair

Eric Bartlett The Mr. and Mrs. James E. Buckman Chair Elizabeth Dyson Valentin Hirsu Maria Kitsopoulos Sumire Kudo Ru-Pei Yeh Wei Yu Basses

Eugene Levinson Principal The Redfield D. Beckwith Chair Jon Deak* Orin O’Brien William Blossom The Ludmila S. and Carl B. Hess Chair Randall Butler David J. Grossman Satoshi Okamoto Michele Saxon Flutes

Robert Langevin Principal The Lila Acheson Wallace Chair Sandra Church* Renée Siebert Mindy Kaufman

English Horn


Bass Clarinet

Stephen Freeman

Judith LeClair Principal The Pels Family Chair Kim Laskowski* Roger Nye Arlen Fast Contrabassoon

Arlen Fast Horns

Philip Myers Principal The Ruth F. and Alan J. Broder Chair Jerome Ashby* Erik Ralske Acting Associate Principal Thomas Jöstlein** R. Allen Spanjer Howard Wall Trumpets

Philip Smith Principal The Paula Levin Chair Matthew Muckey* Ethan Bensdorf Thomas V. Smith Trombones

Joseph Alessi Principal The Gurnee F. and Marjorie L. Hart Chair David Finlayson


Bass Trombone

Mindy Kaufman

James Markey



Liang Wang Principal The Alice Tully Chair

Alan Baer Principal


Kent Tritle Librarians

Orchestra Personnel Manager

Carl R. Schiebler


Photo by Alan Schindler



New York Philharmonic, 2007–08 season.

The New York Philharmonic uses the revolving seating method for section string players who are listed alphabetically in the roster. Honorary Members of the Society

Pierre Boulez Zubin Mehta Carlos Moseley As of August 31, 2008

The World’s Leading Orchestra

About the Board

orchestra milestones

The Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York, Inc. Carlos Moseley Chairman Emeritus Paul B. Guenther Chairman Frank Savage Treasurer Daisy M. Soros Secretary Zarin Mehta President and Executive Director


New Members

Ethan Bensdorf joined the New York Philharmonic’s trumpet section in June 2008, having served as acting assistant principal trumpet with the Naples (Florida) Philharmonic Orchestra in the 2007–08 season. He received his bachelor of music degree from Northwestern University; while a student, he performed with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, New World Symphony, and MusicNOW, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s contemporary ensemble. In May 2005, Mr. Bensdorf represented Northwestern University at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’s “The Conservatory Project” recital series. He received the Armando Ghitalla International Trumpet Classic Award; participated in the Pacific Music Festival in Sapporo, Japan, and at the National Orchestral Institute in Maryland; and was a fellow at the Tanglewood Music Center, where he received the Voisin Trumpet Award. Thomas Jöstlein became the Philharmonic’s Assistant Principal Horn in September 2007. Born in Port Jefferson, New York, and raised in Stony Brook, New York, and Naperville, Illinois, by German parents, he has held positions with the Honolulu, Omaha, Richmond, and Kansas City symphony orchestras. He won first prize in the professional division of the American Horn Competition in 2003, and the grand prize at the Hugo Kauder Music Competition at Yale University in 2005, earning a recital at Merkin Concert Hall in New York City. Mr. Jöstlein studied with William VerMeulen and Tom Bacon at Rice University, and privately with tubists Arnold Jacobs and Roger Rocco. He has taught at the University of Hawaii and Virginia Commonwealth University. Wei Yu (cello) joined the Philharmonic in September 2007. He has been a top prize winner at competitions around the world; has participated in the Marlboro and Ravinia music festivals; collaborated with musicians including pianist Richard Goode, violinists Midori and Pinchas Zukerman, and members of the Guarneri and Juilliard Quartets; and gave a recital in Washington D.C. Wei Yu toured Japan as principal cellist of the Pacific Music Festival Orchestra. His performances have been broadcast in the United States, Finland, and Canada. Born in Shanghai, China, he studied at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and made his concerto debut with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra at age 11. He received his

Ethan Bensdorf

bachelor’s degree from North Park University in Chicago, and his master’s degree from The Juilliard School. Anniversaries

The New York Philharmonic salutes four musicians who celebrated their 25th anniversaries as members of the New York Philharmonic in the 2007–08 season: violinists Kerry McDermott and Vladimir Tsypin and violists Peter Kenote and Judith Nelson. In Remembrance

The New York Philharmonic deeply mourns the untimely passing on December 26, 2007, of Jerome Ashby (Associate Principal Horn and Principal Wagner Tuba, 1979–2007) at the age of 51, after a prolonged battle with prostate cancer; his last performance with the Orchestra was on December 1, 2007. A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Mr. Ashby attended the High School of Performing Arts in New York and The Juilliard School, where he was a student of former Philharmonic Principal Horn Jerome Ashby

Thomas Jöstlein

Robert G. Bartner Dr. Kurt Bock Dr. Clemens Börsig James E. Buckman Peter D. Cummings Toos N. Daruvala J. Christopher Flowers Dale M. Frehse John French III Timothy M. George Lenore B. Glickhouse Evan G. Greenberg SungEun Han-Andersen Gurnee F. Hart

Wei Yu

James Chambers. An active recitalist and chamber musician, he appeared at music festivals around the world, and served on the faculties of Juilliard, the Manhattan School of Music, The Curtis Institute of Music, and the Aspen Music Festival and School. On January 3, 2008, the Orchestra honored his memory when his colleagues in the horn section performed his favorite piece, The Children’s Prayer from Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel.


Ronald J. Ulrich Sandra F. Warshawsky Masamoto Yashiro Yasunori Yokote

Gerald L. Hassell Robert S. Hekemian, Jr. C. Robert Henrikson Roger Hertog Ludmila Schwarzenberg Hess Peter Jungen Richard L. Kauffman H. Frederick Krimendahl II Honey M. Kurtz Karen T. LeFrak George M. Lund Alan S. MacDonald William J. McDonough Thomas J. McGrath David E. McKinney Sue B. Mercy Phyllis J. Mills Karlheinz Muhr Lizabeth A. Newman Charles F. Niemeth Joel I. Picket Thierry Porté Stephen Robert Benjamin M. Rosen Oscar S. Schafer Shirley Bacot Shamel W. Sean Sovak

Directors Emeriti

Mrs. William S. Beinecke Donald M. Blinken Edith S. Bouriez Gov. Jon S. Corzine Gunther E. Greiner Gerald M. Levin Robert V. Lindsay John D. Macomber Carlos Moseley Donald A. Pels Charles I. Petschek Paula L. Root Joel E. Smilow Stephen Stamas Mrs. John W. Straus Kurt F. Viermetz Honorary Members of the Society

Pierre Boulez Zubin Mehta Carlos Moseley

In the 2007–08 season the New York Philharmonic elected four new members to its Board of Directors.

The Philharmonic also notes with sadness the death of three retired members of the Orchestra. Bernardo Altman (cello, 1952–96), on February 4, 2008, at age 85. A native of Buenos Aires, he was a member of the Philharmonic for more than four decades. Ranier C. DeIntinis (horn, 1950–93), on April 11, 2008, at age 83. Over the course of his tenure he played fourth horn, second horn, third horn, and Associate Principal. He taught at The Juilliard School and Mannes College of Music, inspiring generations of students who now hold posts in major orchestras worldwide. Albert Goltzer (oboe, 1938–44, 1955–84), on November 10, 2007, at age 89. He left the Philharmonic for military duty during World War II and returned to serve as Associate Principal Oboe alongside his brother, the late Associate Principal Bassoon Harold Goltzer.

Kurt W. Bock

Photos by Chris Lee


Peter D. Cummings

Kurt W. Bock is chief financial officer of BASF SE and is responsible for finance, information services, corporate controlling, and corporate audit. Since 2007 he has also served as chairman and chief executive officer of BASF Corporation, and has responsibility for the North American Regional Division and the Catalysts Operating Division. He studied business administration at the Universities of Muenster and Cologne, and at Penn State University, and received a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Bonn. Peter D. Cummings is chairman of Ram

Realty Services, a real estate development and management company active in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. The Canadian-born Yale University graduate earned advanced degrees from the University of Toronto and Harvard University Business School, and became an American citizen in 1984. He serves on the Investment Committee

Honey M. Kurtz

for the Max M. Fisher family of Detroit, Michigan; co-founded the Martin County (Florida) Economic Council; and is a board member of Comerica Bank. Mr. Cummings is chairman emeritus of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and serves on the Madison Council of the Library of Congress and as vice-chairman of the League of American Orchestras. Honey M. Kurtz is chairman of the board of Miller Felpax Corporation, a railroad-supply firm based in her native Wynona, Minnesota. She received her bachelor of arts degree from Smith College and studied at the New York Institute of Finance. She is on the board of Colorado’s Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival, and supports other organizations such as WNYC Radio and the Seeds of Peace. Her late husband, Norman D. Kurtz, founded Flack & Kurtz Consulting Engineers, which works with architects to design

George M. Lund

important spaces internationally, including Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers, Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall, and the Rose Theater for Jazz at Lincoln Center, which Ms. Kurtz also supports. George M. Lund is the chairman of the private equity firm Torch Hill Partners, based in Washington, D.C. A graduate of Southern Methodist University, he has an extensive background in commercial banking, international project finance, and private equity. Mr. Lund is a board member of the South Dakota Economic Development Authority, and is also chairman of NASDAQ-listed Encore Capital Group. His philanthropic board service includes The National Council for History Education, Lapham’s Quarterly, The Special Operations Fund, and the Leadership Council of the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

Leadership: February 26, 2008 Throughout the 2007–08 season

photo credt here

photo credt here

the New York Philharmonic demonstrated great vision and commitment, never more so than on February 26, 2008, when the Orchestra performed for the world from the stage of the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre.

Photo by Chris Lee


Lifetime Gifts


Lifetime Benefactor

Gifts of $2,000,000 or more Mr. and Mrs. J. Carter Bacot The Bank of New York Mr. and Mrs. William S. Beinecke Robert H. Benmosche Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Carson Citigroup Credit Suisse The Charles A. Dana Foundation Eleanor Naylor Dana Charitable Trust Exxon Mobil Corporation Mr. J. Christopher Flowers and Dr. Mary H. White The Ford Foundation Frederick N. Gilbert Francis Goelet Fund Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Guenther Gurnee F. and Marjorie L. Hart William Randolph Hearst Foundation Robert Wood Johnson, Jr. Family Bruce Kovner Emilia A. Saint-Amand and Fred Krimendahl Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. LeFrak Jerry M. Levin Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. McKinsey & Company The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Sue and Eugene Mercy, Jr. MetLife and MetLife Foundation The Ambrose Monell Foundation National Endowment for the Arts New York City Department of Cultural Affairs New York State Council on the Arts Wendy Keys and Donald Pels The William Petschek Family The Prospect Hill Foundation

John* and Marina French

Mr. and Mrs. David Rockefeller Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, III Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Salomon The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Inc. Didi and Oscar Schafer The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation Joan and Joel Smilow Daisy and Paul Soros The Starr Foundation Time Warner Inc. Alice Tully Mrs. Arnold van Ameringen Lila Acheson & DeWitt Wallace Fund for Lincoln Center Marcia D. Walton Lifetime Guarantor

Gifts of $1,000,000–$1,999,999 Assicurazioni Generali AT&T Florence Blau The Honorable and Mrs. Donald Blinken Booth Ferris Foundation Marion I. Breen The Charles E. Culpeper Foundation The Irene Diamond Fund Irmgard Dix Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. George Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Rita E. Hauser and Gustave M. Hauser The Kaplen Foundation Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William T. Knight, III Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Kravis Honey M. Kurtz Morgan Stanley

Benjamin M. Rosen* (front) and Concertmaster Glenn Dicterow

Natural Heritage Trust The Lizabeth and Frank Newman Charitable Foundation Joseph Pulitzer Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Rose Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Rosen In memory of Orton and Lucile Simons Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ulrich 96.3 FM 1 Anonymous Lifetime Guarantor

Mr. and Mrs. Julian H. Robertson, Jr. Rockefeller Brothers Fund Carol and Chuck Schaefer Donna and Marvin Schwartz The Skirball Foundation Beatrice Snyder Foundation Priscilla Thomas 1 Anonymous Lifetime Patron

Lifetime Patron

Gifts of $500,000–$999,999 American Express Company SungEun Han-Andersen and G. Chris Andersen J. Aron Charitable Foundation, Inc. Anny M. Baer The Marie Baier Foundation R.D. Beckwith Leonard L. Bisco The Theodore H. Barth Foundation Marie Beverly and Robert G. Bartner BASF Corporation Mr. and Mrs. James E. Buckman The Louis Calder Foundation Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust Yoko Nagae Ceschina CIT Herbert M. Citrin Continental Airlines Governor Jon S. Corzine Constans Culver Foundation Deutsche Bank Ernst & Young Katherine Farley and Jerry I. Speyer Herman Goldman Foundation The Florence Gould Foundation The Robert and Mary Jane Hekemian Foundation, Inc. Helen Huntington Hull IBM Corporation JPMorgan Chase & Co. Maria Olivia and Jim Judelson Ellen Jewett and Richard L. Kauffman William H. Kearns Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Langone Mr. and Mrs. William J. McDonough Mercedes-Benz of North America Merrill Lynch & Company, Inc. Vivian and Seymour Milstein Family Edward S. Moore Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Murray L. Nathan Paul Newman Anne and Charles F. Niemeth The New York Times Company Foundation Edward John Noble Foundation Mrs. Donald Oenslager Penzance Foundation Joan and Joel I. Picket Mabel Larremore Pope Cynthia and John Reed *New York Philharmonic Board Member

Photos by Linsley Lindekens, Chris Lee, and Julie Skarratt

The New York Philharmonic created the Lifetime Gifts

recognition wall in Avery Fisher Hall to honor individual, corporate, and foundation donors whose cumulative annual gifts and contributions to special occasions have supported the Orchestra’s activities over their lifetimes. We thank our donors for their long-standing support and include in this list those generous donors, now deceased, whose exceptional philanthropy we continue to honor.  

Photos by Linsley Lindekens and Chris Lee


Lifetime Contributor Gifts of $250,000–$499,999 Altria Group, Inc. Amyas Ames Helen and Robert Appel The Vincent Astor Foundation Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust Susan Baker and Michael Lynch Halee and David Baldwin Shirley and Jon Brodsky John Chalsty Norma and Lloyd Chazen James H. Clark Toos and Hira Daruvala The Aaron Diamond Foundation The Enoch Foundation FDIC American Savings Mr. and Mrs. Sampson R. Field Sandra and Alan Gerry Ira and Lenore Gershwin Philanthropic Fund Goldman, Sachs & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Evan Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Gunther Greiner Jennifer and Bud Gruenberg Barbara Haws, William Josephson, and Eliot Bostar Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Heller The Victor Herbert Foundation Hermione Foundation Susan and Roger Hertog Norma W. Hess Constance and Robert L. Hoguet Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Hoyt, Jr. Jephson Educational Trust No. 2 Walter J. Johnson Peter Jungen Mrs. David M. Keiser Kekst & Company Incorporated Karen and Kevin Kennedy Mrs. William S. Lasdon Patricia and Philip Laskawy Mrs. Erich Leinsdorf Paul Levenglick Janice H. Levin Carol and Jerry W. Levin Betty and John Levin Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brian Little Nancy and Edwin Marks Thomas J. and Diahn McGrath Mercedes Meyerhoff Bruce Meyers

Marvin and Donna Schwartz

Kathryn and Gilbert Miller Fund, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. A. Slade Mills, Jr. Gerald Morgan, Jr. The Netter Foundation The New York Community Trust Richard Nordlof Pfizer Eva Rautenberg Ingeborg Rennert and Ira Leon Rennert REVLON William R. Robbins Pilar Crespi Robert and Stephen Robert Laurance Spelman Rockefeller Rolex Watch USA Dr. and Mrs. Leon Root Billy Rose Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ruane Susan and Jack Rudin Rachael M. Salzano Frank and Lolita Savage The Scherman Foundation Mrs. Arthur E. Shapiro Shinsei Bank, Limited Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. The Shubert Foundation, Inc. Klara and Larry A. Silverstein

Spring Gala Chairmen Robert G.* and M. Beverly Bartner, Timothy M.* and Cosby George, and Lizabeth A.* and Frank (not in photo) Newman

Joel* (left) and Joan Smilow, with English Horn Thomas Stacy

Sociedad General de Autores Claudette M. Sorel Carl Spielvogel and Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel The Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation Elaine and Stephen Stamas Mr. and Mrs. William C. Steere, Jr. Miriam T. and Howard N. Stern Mr. and Mrs. John W. Straus Alan and Katherine Stroock Fund Surdna Foundation, Inc. Gertrud Suskind Tyco International, Ltd. Paul Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Kurt F. Viermetz Alberto Vilar Bruno Walter Memorial Foundation Dr. Karl Wamsler Ms. Lelia Wardwell Mr. and Mrs. Sanford S. Warshawsky Joan S. Weil Lawrence A. Wien Foundation, Inc. Paula L. Zajan Mr. and Mrs. William B. Ziff, Jr. 2 Anonymous Lifetime Contributors

Leonard Bernstein Circle

Endowment Fund

most important donors in a significant way by offering special privileges to its members, including recognition in the concert program and invitations to the annual Leonard Bernstein Circle dinner and exclusive Salon evenings. Membership begins with a gift of $20,000 to the Annual Fund. At the Maestro level and above, members enjoy additional benefits.

Philharmonic Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Carson Yoko Nagae Ceschina Mary H. White and J. Christopher Flowers The Kaplen Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Kravis The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation Didi and Oscar Schafer The Starr Foundation The Alice Tully Foundation Chairman’s Circle

SungEun Han-Andersen and G.Chris Andersen Robert G. and Marie Beverly Bartner Booth Ferris Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John French III and Mrs. Stephen M. Kellen Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. George Francis Goelet Fund Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Paul and Diane Guenther Susan and Roger Hertog Anna-Maria and Stephen M. Kellen Foundation Bruce Kovner The Levien Foundation George M. Lund Paul Newman Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thierry Porté Donna and Marvin Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. Smilow Beatrice Snyder Foundation Daisy and Paul Soros Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ulrich Virtuoso

Helen and Robert J. Appel Mr. and Mrs. Adam Aron Frank Bennack and Dr. Mary Lake Polan The Honorable and Mrs. Donald M. Blinken

Tony Gooch and Florence Davis

Iara Lee and George Gund Foundation Ellen Jewett and Richard L. Kauffman Mrs. William T. Knight, III Cynthia and John S. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Rosen In memory of Orton and Lucile Simons Miriam T. and Howard N. Stern Foundation Barbara Foshay and Thomas Turney Paul Underwood Maestro

Darlene Tranter Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Avellino Marion I. Breen Shirley Brodsky Mr. and Mrs. James E. Buckman Julie and Peter Cummings Toos N. Daruvala Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Edelman The Enoch Foundation Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation Corinne and Maurice Greenberg Jennifer and Bud Gruenberg Marjorie and Gurnee Hart The Robert and Mary Jane Hekemian Foundation, Inc. Hermione Foundation Norma Hess Muna and Basem Hishmeh Maria Olivia and Jim Judelson Peter Jungen Emilia Saint-Amand and Fred Krimendahl Honey Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. LeFrak Leon Levy Foundation Audrey Love Charitable Foundation Susan Baker and Michael Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. William J. McDonough Diahn and Thomas J. McGrath Carmen and Zarin Mehta Sue and Eugene Mercy, Jr. Vivian Milstein

Jennifer and Bud Gruenberg

The Ambrose Monell Foundation Thomas B. Morgan and Hadassah Brooks Morgan The Lizabeth and Frank Newman Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Niemeth Joan and Joel I. Picket The Prospect Hill Foundation Sondra C. Rabin: In memory of Mrs. Bertha Rabin Mrs. Frederick P. Rose Susan and Jack Rudin Mr. and Mrs. Frank Savage Carol and Chuck Schaefer Shirley Bacot Shamel Mrs. Arthur E. Shapiro The Shubert Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William C. Steere, Jr. Vital Projects Fund Mary J. Wallach Mr. and Mrs. Stanford S. Warshawsky 1 Anonymous Maestro member Concertmaster

The Joseph and Sophia Abeles Foundation Marilyn and Robert Abrams Joan and Robert Arnow Arthur F. and Alice E. Adams Charitable Foundation The Theodore H. Barth Foundation Ginette and Joshua Becker Mr. and Mrs. Wiliam S. Beinecke The Bodman Foundation Binta Nambi Brown Jill and John Chalsty Laura Chang and Arnold Chavkin Joseph M. Cohen Constans Culver Foundation Irene Duell and Col. Jon Mendes Cynthia and Herbert Fields Dale M. Frehse Barbara and Peter Georgescu Rosalind and Eugene J. Glaser Foundation Elizabeth Glazer and William Montgomery Herman Goldman Foundation In memory of Hope Perry Goldstein Joseph L. Gossner Mr. and Mrs. Gunther Greiner The Marc Haas Foundation

Suzanne and William J.* McDonough

Mary J. Wallach

Photos by Chris Lee, Linsley Lindekens, and Julie Skarratt

The Leonard Bernstein Circle recognizes and honors the Philharmonic’s

Photos by Linsley Lindekens


Gerald and Anita-Agnes O. Hassell The Hite Foundation Renee and Edgar Jackson Jephson Educational Trust No. 2 Barbara Haws and William Josephson Dr. Karen and Mr. Kevin Kennedy Spencer Kim Temma and Alfred Kingsley Gerald L. Lennard Foundation Frank A. Lenti Leni and Peter May Bruce Meyers Milstein Family Foundation Marion Moore Foundation Murray L. Nathan In memory of K. Fred Netter New York Community Trust Elaine and Charles Petschek Lionel I. Pincus Pilar Crespi Robert and Stephen Robert The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation Irene and Fred Shen Judith Greenberg-Seinfeld Irving and Sara Selis Foundation Dr. Michael F. Shugrue Edith and Roy Simpson/The Resource Foundation Emily and Jerry Spiegel Mr. and Mrs. Howard Solomon Jodie and Sean Sovak Emily and Jerry Spiegel Jeanne S. Siegel The Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation Jean and Dick Swank Dr. Karl M. F. Wamsler Susanne Wamsler The Isak and Rose Weinman Foundation, Inc. Rhoda Weiskopf-Cohen: In memory of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Weiskopf Andrew M. Wallach and Peggy P. Yannas Mrs. William B. Ziff, Jr. 2 Anonymous Concertmaster members

*New York Philharmonic Board Member

Ludmila Schwarzenberg Hess*

Ronald J.* and Christie Ulrich


Daisy* and Paul Soros

In the early days of the Orchestra, devoted lovers of music

created an endowment to ensure the Philharmonic’s artistic excellence and financial security for future generations. To this day, the New York Philharmonic’s endowment helps provide a steady and reliable income stream that helps support all of the Orchestra’s activities. During the 2007–08 fiscal year, the Philharmonic received the following gifts of $10,000 or more, which, when combined with other contributions to the Endowment Fund, totaled more than $8.5 million.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Chris Andersen Bertram H. Behrens Estate The Hon. and Mrs. Donald M. Blinken Mr. and Mrs. James E. Buckman Helena V.C. Burrill Estate Rebecca Manning Cutler Estate Herbert M. Citrin Estate Deutsche Bank Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. George Mary Rees Gilliatt Estate Emily Bayless Graham Estate Lenore Greiman Estate Gurnee and Marjorie Hart Ludmila S. and Carl B. Hess Maurice and Corine Greenberg with pianist Lang Lang

Bernard Kantor Estate Ellen Jewett and Richard L. Kauffman Honey M. Kurtz Sue and Eugene Mercy, Jr. Joan and Joel I. Picket Donna and Benjamin M. Rosen Shirley Bacot Shamel Daisy and Paul Soros The Starr Foundation Priscilla Thomas Estate Leonard Trentin Estate Myrtle Wagner Estate Marcia D. Walton Estate Shirley Bacot Shamel*

Annual Fund


who have helped sustain its historic commitment to excellence. With their gifts, the Orchestra offers unparalleled programs with the world’s leading guest artists and conductors. They contribute, also, to education programs that are emulated nationwide as well as to the Philharmonic’s acclaimed outreach initiatives. The following individuals and institutions have made these gifts, and we are honored to recognize them. Paul Newman Henry H. Shepard Trust Joan and Joel Smilow Oliver Wyman

Global Sponsor Credit Suisse Gifts of $500,000 or more Asiana Airlines The Carson Family Charitable Trust Yoko Nagae Ceschina The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Munhwa Broadcasting Company (R.O.K.) Didi and Oscar Schafer The Starr Foundation The Alice Tully Foundation Gifts of $250,000 or more Mary H. White and J. Christopher Flowers The Kaplen Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Kravis Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. MetLife Foundation The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Inc. Gifts of $150,000 or more SungEun Han-Andersen and G. Chris Andersen BASF Corporation Mr. and Mrs. John French III and Mrs. Stephen M. Kellen Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. George Francis Goelet Fund Paul and Diane Guenther Roger and Susan Hertog Ellen Jewett and Richard L. Kauffman Anna-Maria and Stephen M. Kellen Foundation The Levien Foundation National Endowment for the Arts New York City Department of Cultural Affairs New York State Council on the Arts

Paul Calello, Chief Executive Officer, Global Investment Banking, Credit Suisse (right), with Zarin Mehta

Gifts of $100,000 or more American Express The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation Baker & McKenzie LLP Robert G. and Marie Beverly Bartner The Honorable and Mrs. Donald M. Blinken CIT Deutsche Bank Booth Ferris Foundation The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Evan Greenberg JPMorgan Chase Foundation Bruce Kovner Honey Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. LeFrak George Lund Mr. and Mrs. William J. McDonough Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Niemeth The Lizabeth and Frank Newman Charitable Foundation Joel I. and Joan Picket Mr. and Mrs. Thierry Porté Ingeborg and Ira Leon Rennert Marvin and Donna Schwartz Shirley Bacot Shamel Beatrice Snyder Foundation Daisy and Paul Soros Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ulrich Mr. and Mrs. Stanford S. Warshawsky 2 Anonymous Patrons Gifts of $75,000 or more Mr. and Mrs. Adam Aron Frank Bennack and Dr. Mary Lake Polan Mr. and Mrs. James E. Buckman

Opening Night Gala Co-Chairmen Dr. Mary H. White and J. Christopher Flowers* with Gala Chairmen Sascha and Evan G.* Greenberg

Barbara Foshay and Thomas Turney Maurice and Corinne Greenberg Iara Lee and George Gund Foundation Mrs. William T. Knight III Emilia Saint-Amand and Fred Krimendahl Elaine and Charles Petschek John S. and Cynthia Reed Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Rosen Miriam T. and Howard N. Stern Foundation Paul Underwood Gifts of $35,000 or more Helen and Robert Appel Mr. and Mrs. Sid R. Bass Anna and Dan Benton Florence Blau Estate Daniele D. Bodini, Alexander Bodini Foundation Marion I. Breen Governor Jon S. Corzine Raffaella and Alberto Cribiore Julie and Peter Cummings Toos N. Daruvala Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Edelman The Enoch Foundation Katherine Farley and Jerry I. Speyer Richard S. Fuld, Jr. Alan and Sandra Gerry Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation Gurnee and Marjorie Hart The Robert and Mary Jane Hekemian Foundation, Inc. The Hermione Foundation Muna and Basem Hishmeh Maria Olivia and Jim Judelson Peter Jungen Leon Levy Foundation Audrey Love Charitable Foundation Catie and Don Marron Thomas J. and Diahn McGrath Sue and Eugene Mercy, Jr. Merrill Lynch & Co. Vivian Milstein Mitsui & Co. The Ambrose Monell Foundation Thomas B. Morgan and Hadassah Brooks-Morgan Wendy Keys and Donald Pels Mabel Larremore Pope Fund The Prospect Hill Foundation Sondra C. Rabin: In memory of Mrs. Bertha Rabin Mrs. Frederick P. Rose Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Rosen Susan and Jack Rudin Mr. and Mrs. Frank Savage Carol and Chuck Schaefer Mrs. Arthur E. Shapiro The Shubert Foundation, Inc. In memory of Orton and Lucile Simons Mr. and Mrs. William C. Steere, Jr. Vital Projects Fund, Inc. 96.3 FM WQXR Mary J. Wallach Susanne Wamsler Mr. and Mrs. Masamoto Yashiro 1 Anonymous Patron

James E.* and Nancy Buckman

Photos by Linsley Lindekens and Julie Skarratt

The New York Philharmonic is grateful to the many generous Patrons

Photos by Linsley Lindekens


Jill and John S. Chalsty with Peg Knight

Gifts of $20,000 or more Joseph and Sophia Abeles Foundation Marilyn and Robert Abrams Arthur F. and Alice E. Adams Charitable Foundation Darlene Tranter Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Avellino Susan Baker and Michael Lynch The Theodore H. Barth Foundation, Inc. Ginette and Joshua Becker Mr. and Mrs. William S. Beinecke Shirley Brodsky Citi Joseph M. Cohen Constans Culver Foundation Emmet, Marvin & Martin LLP Herman Goldman Foundation Joseph L. Gossner The Grammy Foundation Jennifer and Bud Gruenberg Gerald L. and Anita-Agnes O. Hassell Barbara Haws and William Josephson Norma Hess Jephson Educational Trust No. 2 Karen and Kevin Kennedy Gerald L. Lennard Foundation Patricia and Frank A. Lenti Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. MacDonald Leni and Peter May Carmen and Zarin Mehta Bruce Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Montrone Marion Moore Foundation, Inc. Murray L. Nathan In memory of K. Fred Netter The New York Community Trust Pfizer Pilar Crespi Robert and Stephen Robert The Irving and Sara Selis Foundation The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation Irene and Fred Shen Michael F. Shugrue Jeanne S. Siegel Edith and Roy Simpson: The Resource Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Howard Solomon The Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation Dr. Karl Wamsler The Isak and Rose Weinman Foundation, Inc. Wolffer Estate Vineyard 3 Anonymous Patrons *New York Philharmonic Board Member

SungEun Han-Andersen*

Gifts of $15,000 or more Ethel and Philip Adelman Charitable Foundation, Inc. Joan and Robert Arnow Adrian and Jessie Archbold Charitable Trust J. Aron Charitable Foundation Halee and David Baldwin Binta Niambi Brown Jill and John Chalsty Laura Chang and Arnold Chavkin The State Education Department, Division of Library Development Irene Duell and Col. Jon Mendes Cynthia and Herbert Fields Dale M. Frehse Barbara and Peter Georgescu Rosalind and Eugene J. Glaser Foundation In memory of Hope Perry Goldstein Judith Greenberg-Seinfeld Mr. and Mrs. Gunther E. Greiner The Hite Foundation Henry H. Hoyt, Jr. Renee and Edgar Jackson Spencer Kim Temma and Alfred Kingsley Barbara and A. Eugene Kohn Nancy L. Marks Barbie and Tony Mayer Mr. and Mrs. A. Slade Mills, Jr. The Mitsui USA Foundation Elizabeth Glazer and William Montgomery New York Times Company Foundation RBC Dain Rauscher William R. Rhodes Leo Rosner Foundation Mrs. Julio Mario Santo Domingo Irene and Fred Shen Jodie and Sean Sovak Emily and Jerry Spiegel Joanne E. Spohler Mr. and Mrs. John W. Straus Jean and Dick Swank Bruce Vinci Peggy Yannas and Andrew M. Wallach Rhoda Weiskopf-Cohen: In memory of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Weiskopf Mrs. William B. Ziff, Jr. 5 Anonymous Patrons Gifts of $12,500 or more Mr. and Mrs. Philip Caldwell Laura and Benjamin P. Harris

Gerald* and Agnes Hassell

HSBC Bank USA Joan L. and Dr. Julius H. Jacobson II Helen and Martin Kimmel Mr. and Mrs. Justin D. Miller Dr. and Mrs. Kalmon D. Post Adolph and Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Peter Som 1 Anonymous Patron Gifts of $10,000 or more Linda and Earle Altman Kathi and Peter Arnow Deborah and Charles Adelman Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust Mrs. Morris Bergreen Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Bernstein John and Aljean Brown Mr. and Mrs. James E. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Stewart B. Clifford Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Clinton Carolyn and David Cohen Mrs. Daniel Cowin The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Dinyar S. Devitre Disney Worldwide Outreach Ruth and Jack Eagan Samuel and Rae Eckman Charitable Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Fadem Avery and Janet Fisher Foundation Mrs. William Fox, Jr. Dr. Maria L. Garcia Deane A. and John D. Gilliam Marilyn and Allan Glick Madame Yvonne Gluckman Robert D. Goldfarb Goldman Sachs & Co. The Marc Haas Foundation Mrs. Peter S. Heller Victor Herbert Foundation, Inc. Hess Foundation, Inc. The DuBose and Dorothy Heyward Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert E. Kaplan Kathleen and Scott Kapnick Karin Katen Miller Khoshkish Foundation Korean American Society C.L.C. Kramer Foundation

Annual Fund



Colleen and Robert S.* Hekemian

Susan and Roger* Hertog

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Loria Leon Lowenstein Foundation, Inc. Bernice Manocherian Meera and Marc Mayer Sharon J. Mooney Richard Nordlof Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Jacques Ogier Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Perlbinder Mrs. Milton Petrie Madelon and Lawrence A. Rand Jeannette and Jonathan Rosen Elaine and Lawrence Rothenberg Mr. and Mrs. Milton B. Rubin C & M Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Hannelore Schulhof Michael A. Sennott The Shoe Charitable Foundation Klara and Larry A. Silverstein Suzanne and David Simon: In loving memory of Emmy-Lou Cohn Alan and Katherine Stroock Fund Flora and George Suter Oscar L. Tang Malcolm Thomson Betsy and George Wiegers 2 Anonymous Patrons Gifts of $7,500 or more Sylvia and Ralph Ablon Barbara and Stanley Arkin Mr. and Mrs. James A. Block Cheryl Rubin and Gordon Borteck Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Chasanoff Dena and David Clossey Barbara and H. Rodgin Cohen Dr. Edward DiCarlo Dr. and Mrs. Strachan Donnelley Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Durst Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Erhart Natalie Katz: In memory of Murray S. Katz Mrs. Gene Lasdon Trude B. Lemle Carlos Moseley Gilda and Fred Nobel Amy and John Peckham David Rockefeller Rolex Watch, USA Ernestine and Herbert Ruben Ambassador and Mrs. Melvin Sembler In memory of Andre Sprogis Kay and Jackson Tai Miriam G. Wallach *New York Philharmonic Board Member

Ann Eden Woodward Foundation Carolan and Peter Workman 2 Anonymous Patrons Gifts of $6,000 or more Oded Aboodi Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Ackman David R. Adler Elsie L. Adler Mr. and Mrs. Max G. Ansbacher Sheila and Steven Aresty Kulbir Arora and Paula Freedman Rosalind Case Avrett Stephanie Bernheim Lynne and Lawrence Block Emma and Eli Bluestone Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Braddock Michaela and Leon Constantiner Mary Eagan Linda and John Eaves Eisai Inc. Ashleigh Fernandez Mrs. Donald R. Findlay Ellen and Eric Garland Dr. and Mrs. Victor Grann Molly Butler Hart and Michael D. Griffin Lynn and Harold Handler William Herrman Kathryn S. Hirsch Arlene and Leonard Hochman Steven L. Holley Rosa and John Hovey Dr. Betty S. Iu Helene and Mark Kaplan Furthermore: a program of the J.M. Kaplan Fund Susan Hirschhorn and Arthur Klebanoff Andrea Klepetar-Fallek Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Kolb Suzette and Steven Kolitch Sheila and Bill Lambert Cynthia and Anthony Lamport Jonathan E. Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Liddy Judith Little Arthur L. Loeb In memory of Feroza Marker James D. Matte and J. Christopher Beck Pamela and Edward McKelvey Mr. Stanley Newman and Dr. Brian Rosenthal Howard S. Paley

James and Sheila McGarry

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Kern Mr. and Mrs. H. Ralph Kirby Roberta and Arnold Krumholz Keri Jackson and Adrian Kunzle Ruth and Leonard Litwin Mrs. Richard Lombard Beverley and Frank MacInnis Carol and Daniel Marcus Dr. and Mrs. Donald McCain Samuel C. Miller Dr. Jean E. Merrill and Dr. Douglas F. Monch Mr. and Mrs. Lester S. Morse Patricia and Erik Nicolaysen Oceanic Heritage Foundation Anne and Frank Petralito Barbara and Sidney J. Pollack Susan Porter Judy and Harold Prince The Reed Foundation Mrs. Henry Hart Rice The Philip W. Riskin Charitable Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Leon Root Susan and Elihu Rose Lillian Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Rover The Richard Salomon Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Eduardo A. Salvati Joanne and Martin Schneider Baker Smith Nancy and Robert Stone Laurence M. Traub Lillian Vernon Mr. and Mrs. Kurt F. Viermetz The Rudolph and Lentilhon G. von Fluegge Foundation Drs. Nancy and Andrew Weiland Nina W. Werblow Charitable Trust 3 Anonymous Patrons

Phyllis Mills*

Drs. Virginia and Paul Pellicci Mr. and Mrs. Peter Philipps Lucy Sheils and Brian J. Pitz Elizabeth and Kirk Radke Susan and Arthur Rebell Peter H. Robinsohn Rita and Philip Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Stephen I. Rudin Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Scott Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Sculco The Helena Segy Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Shea The Sidney, Milton and Leoma Simon Foundation Barbara Slifka Burton B. Stanier Mardel Fehrenbach and George L. Steiner Sumitomo Corporation of America Ruth and Edmund Swanberg Elise and Marvin B. Tepper Jeanette Sarkisian and Paul A. Wagner Theodore and Renee Weiler Foundation 4 Anonymous Patrons Gifts of $5,000 or more Simin and Herb Allison Mimi and Barry Alperin Alpern Family Foundation The ASCAP Foundation Irving Caesar Fund Maurice and Lillian Barbash Rudolph A. H. Bergmann Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bernheim Mrs. Leonard Block Edith C. Blum Foundation, Inc. Ruth F. and Alan J. Broder Jane Carroll Dorothy Jordan Chadwick Fund Richard Gilder and Lois Chiles Colgate-Palmolive Company The Edward T. Cone Foundation The Charles A. Dana Foundation Marie G. Dennett Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Eberstadt The Employment Line Norman Feit Paula and Edward Fichtner Diane and Kenneth Hipkins Ronnie and Gene Isenberg Olga and Eric Jorgensen Marjorie B. Kahn Keller-Shatanoff Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Kempner, Jr.

Photos by Linsley Lindekens and Julie Skarratt


Gifts of $4,000 or more Madeline and Stephen Anbinder Dr. Kathryn and Mr. Bruce Beal Susan Beckerman Joyce and Stanley M. Berman Lauren Blum and C. William Merten Margot and Jerry Bogert Edith S. Bouriez Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Brandt Mr. and Mrs. Juergen Brockmann Jill and Irwin Cohen Betsy and Alan D. Cohn Isabel E. Collins Trust of Lucy Cooledge John W. Creamer Elizabeth de Cuevas Mr. and Mrs. Evan R. Dawson Harriett and Marcel Dekker Connie and Steve Delehanty Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Diaz-Matos Eleanor and Alvin Donnenfeld Edmund C. Duffy Harold Eisenberg, Jr. Michelle and Jeff Feig Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Feinberg

Mrs. Lawrence Feldman Eunice and Milton Forman Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Fraenkel Elaine Sisman and Martin Fridson Joan and Donald Fried H.S. Beau Bogan and Elliot M. Friedman Dr. Merwin Geffen and Dr. Norman Solomon: In memory of Adele Young Dr. Claude Ghez Nancy and Dennis Gilbert Maurice Gilbert Trust Pauline Gilbert Danielle and Ned Ginty Sunny and Brad Goldberg Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Goldman Mrs. Henry J. Goldschmidt Ann M. Goodbody Anne C. and Burton G. Greenblatt Jane and Randy Guggenheimer Doris and Ralph E. Hansmann Heide Huttl Leonore and Michael Hyatt Elihu and Harriet Inselbuch Dr. and Mrs. Charles I. Jarowski William W. Karatz Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Kastin Mrs. William J. (Ann Pfohl) Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Kurjan Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Lane Audrey and Hal Lasky Veronica and Ruth Laslo The Leonard and Evelyn Lauder Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Lesser Marshall P. Levine Sivia Loria James A. Macdonald Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Marks Jody and Giulio Martini Barbara and Sorrell Mathes Millie and David McCoy Marie and Joe Melone Susan Mendik Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Marie Messier Stanis Mihm Marjorie L. Miller Mirken Foundation Norma and Edward Munves Alice and Richard Netter Ruth Newman: In memory of Leonard Newman Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Nugent Gabrielle and Michael Palitz Mr. and Mrs. Yale I. Paprin Laura and John Pomerantz Charles J. Raab Dr. Gary and Deborah Raizes Amy and Jay Regan Mr. and Mrs. David Rhael Constance Rosen Sarafian Foundation Nancy and Henry Schacht S. H. & Helen R. Scheuer Family Foundation Eli Schonberger: In memory of Lois Dr. Vivian Schulte

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation Marvin and Joyce S. Schwartz Fund Martin Seidel Edith and Alan Seligson Marcia J. Singer Flo and Warren Sinsheimer Annaliese Soros Carol H. Taylor Karen and William Tell John C. Thomas, Jr. Toshiba America, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Irwin P. Underweiser: In memory of Natalie Kortchmar Betsy and David Van Pelt W. Thomas Vernon Harriette and Clay Ward Sue Ann Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Weis Sally and Harold Weisman Joan Weltz and Arthur Field Judy and Josh Weston James Wolin The Paula Vial Fund — Dian Woodner Patrick B. Woods 5 Anonymous Patrons Gifts of $3,000 or more Roberta Abrams Ann and Steven Ames Vona and A. James Bach Betty Ballin April Berkol Marisol and Moreton Binn Mr. and Mrs. Martin Blackman Allison Blinken Mrs. Rionda Braga Jean S. Brenner Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bretter Gerow D. Brill Cynthia D. Brodsky John N. Brogard Andree Caldwell Denise and John Calicchio Claudia and Humberto Carvalho Thea Duell and Peter Cook Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Cowett Ann and Clive Cummis Lillian Butler Davey Foundation Teresa Donahue Kathleen Emberger Otho E. Eskin Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. N. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Evnin Loti G. Falk-Gaffney Anna and Jim Fantaci Nancy Dotterer Field Alice L. and Lawrence N. Friedland Carlson Gerdau Mr. and Mrs. Henry Glanternik Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Gossett, Jr. Marilyn and Bud Greenspan Dianne M. Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Henshaw, III Ronnie and Samuel Heyman Ta Chun Hsu

Annual Fund



Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hupper Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Hutchins, III Ellen and Howard C. Katz Neil Katz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Kearns William S. Keating Mr. and Mrs. Lee Klingenstein Marvin and Rosalind Kochman David B. Kriser Foundation Lee Lamont Barbara and Loeber Landau Shelly and George Lazarus Dorothy Kim Lee Arthur S. Leonard Mr. and Mrs. George G. Matthews Enken and Jerome Mayer Cheryne and David McBride Robin McGarry, M.D Mr. and Mrs. David E. McKinney Pat and Bill Mears Mr. and Mrs. Philip Milstein Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Mueller The Munera Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Nitze Jane L. Overman Robert D. and Eve W. Paul Robin L. Eisner and William A. Polf Mr. and Mrs. William A. Potter Brenda and Bernie Rauch Paula and Ira M. Resnick Patricia and John Roche Barbara and Alan Rosenzweig Richard E. Scheid Nadine Schramm, Budd Enterprises Ltd. Wendy and Richard Schwartz Daniel D. Seaboldt Martin E. Segal/The Segal Company Victoria Seplarsky Michael Sheffery Margaret and A.J.C. Smith Hope G. Solinger Marilyn and Saul Spilke Foundation Joseph Nicholson and Peter Spinelli Susan and Joseph Stamler Judy and Howard Steinberg Mrs. Carl Stern Morris Sussman Carol Colby Tanenbaum Linda and Jay Tanenbaum Priscilla and Jerome Teich Judy E. Tenney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Trachtenberg Nathaniel H. Usdan Mr. and Mrs. Michael V.M. van der Voort Marlene and Billy Ver Planck Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. Wachen Ronnie and Jeffrey Weinstein In memory of Doris T. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wertenteil Shirley and Ira Yohalem Janet Zinberg and Joel Zinberg 13 Anonymous Patrons Gifts of $2,500 or more Gloria and Bert Abrams

Caryl and Herbert Ackerman Goldie Anna Charitable Trust Shelley Archambau and Clarence Scott Susan Babbitt Sam and Marion Bass Richard Bassik Helaine and Rick Beckerman Nancy Terner Behrman James Bell Doris and Maurice Benewitz Renee and Robert Beningson Emily M. Berger Carol and Myles Berkman Fran and Martin Berkowitz Mr. and Mrs. Russell Berman Ann and Dan Bernstein The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Bing Dominique Saint-Louis and Kirby Bradley Alan M. Breitman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Brown Alice B. and James T. Brown Brooks R. Burdette Ann and Herbert Burger Karen J. Buros Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Burton Jeanne and Malcolm Campbell Sandra and James C. Carter Judy Champion James Cheney Babette and Dr. Carmel Cohen Marian and James H. Cohen Eileen and Stephen Cohen Susan B. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Cohn Mary Elizabeth Combe Sally E. Cummins Richard Cunniff, Jr. Micalyn S. Harris and Louis J. Cutrona, Jr. Matthew J. Cvetic Barbara and Richard B. Dannenberg Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Davis Ruth and Robert Diefenbach Mr. and Mrs. James S. Dineen Peter R. Dolan Rebecca and Martin Eisenberg Elaine Fabrikant Fahey Family Foundation Valerie Feigen Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Fennelly Maj. Gen. Giuliano Ferrari Olga M. Ficarra Anita and Gilbert Fields Mr. and Mrs. Emil Sherer Finley Arthur and Susan Fleischer Jr. The Flemings Family Charles Forman Joseph A. Franciosa, M.D. and Robin McGarry, M.D. Sheree A. and Gerald L. Friedman Glen S. and Victoria Friedman Dr. and Mrs. William R. Frost Linda Gage and Timothy M. O’Connor Johanna and Leslie Garfield Mr. and Mrs. Gideon I. Gartner

Edythe and Mike Gladstein Victor J. Goldberg and Patricia A. Waldeck Gay and Carl Goldman Miriam Goldman Barbara and Howard Goldstein Annette Green David and Alan Greene Family Foundation, Inc. Alexis Gregory Jane A. and Peter M. Gross Terry Grossman Susan Gullia Drs. Joyce and Marvin Hartstein Suzanne V. Hascoe Joel Hershey and Roy Eddey Dr. Sally Hodder and Dr. Adel Mahmoud In memory of Richard Holman Lorraine Hoskin Timothy Hughes Lenore and Michael Hyatt John, Mary & Bernard Jacobs Foundation Rosyln and Elliott Jaffe Jim and Jean Ju Joh Mr. and Mrs. William R. Johnston Alexandra Krofta Jones Irene and Jacob Judd Laurence R. Jurdem Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kahaner Leslie and Samuel Kaplan Maury I. Kaplin Robert M. Kaye William H. Kearns Foundation Debra Kessler Alfonso Kimche Nancy Kipper Alyce and Samuel Kirschenbaum Frederick and Sharon Klingenstein Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Kook Murray and Ellen Koppelman Eleanor D. Kress Martha and Friedrich Kueffner Nanette L. Laitman Wilma and Walter Leinhardt Phyllis and Bernard Leventhal Mr. and Mrs. Ira Leventhal Betty and John Levin Naomi and Albert Levine Margot and Robert Linton Naomi and Marvin Lipman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lisanti Connie and Bob MacCrate Sheila Mahony and Charles Riggs Edwina Marks Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mayer Brian McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McNamara Sally and Jay J. Meltzer Dr. Jean E. Merrill Major Philip S. Milton, Ret. Karl G. Moller Hiroshi M. Mori Millie and Peter Mullen Jan Navatkoski

Joel* and Joan Picket

Photos by Linsley Lindekens


Charles* and Anne Niemeth

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Obstbaum Mr. and Mrs. George D. O’Neill Gladys George and Stuart Orsher, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. David R. Payne Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Pennington Barbara and Louis Perlmutter Dr. and Mrs. Elliot N. Pinson James McCarthy and Joan Pirics Judith and James Pohlman Eleanor X. Pripadcheff Isabella del Frate Rayburn Bette S. Rice Peggy S. Rice Rory Riggs Richard J. Roberts B. B. Robinson Mrs. Horace B. Robinson Kim and Nicholas Romano Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rosen Anne H. and Robert D. Sack Janet Bartucci-Samuel and Reuben Samuel Barbara and John Samuelson Elaine Sargent Beverly and Henry Schachar Betty and Paul Schaffer Shirley and Alfred Schechter Caroline and Stuart Schimmel Ruth and Julian Schroeder Niles and Peggy Schwartz James and Patricia Scott Mr. and Mrs. William C. Scott Bob Sculthorpe Florence and Jay William Seligman Susan and James Serota Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Seslowe Audrey Lou Sevin Renate and Sidney Shapiro Ilene and Mel Shevach Norman Shuman Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Smith Helene and Herbert Solomon Loren Stahl Elaine and Stephen Stamas Dr. Olympia Hadjiliadis and Dr. Ioannis Stamos Connie Steensma and Rick Prins Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Steffan Peter Steinman and Todd Geringswald Faith D. Stern Susan and Jeffrey Stern Linda B. Stern Beverley and Sabin Streeter *New York Philharmonic Board Member

Mary and C. Robert* Henrikson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Svenson Marcia K. Townley Christine Tredway Paul A. Upham Lucienne De Maestre and Gregory Van Schaak Vintage Foundation Ms. Nancy Volin and Dr. Jean-Pascal Simon Marjorie M. Von Stade Svetlana and Herbert Wachtell Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Warhol Norma and Burton Wasserman: In memory of Adele Young Dr. and Mrs. Harry Weinrauch Judy and Jerry Weinstein Carol and Kenneth Weiser Elizabeth and Joel Weissman Harriet and Paul Weissman Lucille Werlinich Nancy B. Wilken Saul and Roberta Wolfe Sara and Richard Wolkwitz Dr. and Mrs. Alan Young Helena Anne Yuhas Saul L. Zalkin Lois and Martin Zelman Baroness Mariuccia Zerrilli-Marimo Leonard Zigelbaum Peter Zinman and Claudia Ray 14 Anonymous Patrons Gifts of $2,000 or more Nancy and Ernest Adams Donald R. Allen Nicolina R. Astorina Kathy Berlowe Ann and William Bohlin Carol and Arthur Brill Mr. and Mrs. John Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Congdon Karen and Hugh Connell Lenore and Robert Davis Andrew Duell Hortense F. Feldblum Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Fields Barbara Finberg Shirley and Irving Finkelstein Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Finnegan Sarah and Seth Glickenhaus Herbert Z. Gold Elizabeth Gouger The Grateful Foundation

Karlheinz* and Elisabeth Muhr

John F. Green Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Haines Phyllis Hattis Pauline G. Hecht, M.D. Martha R. Ingram Susan G. Jacoby Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kavesh Anita and Marvin Kirsten Susan Wade and Daniel Lam Julius Leiman-Carbia Mrs. Richard D. Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Lindsay Robert L. Madison Carol and Arthur Maslow Richard and Ronay Menschel: In honor of Sue Mercy and Paula Root Steven Miron Dr. Robert Moskowitz Kathleen O. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Irving Phillips Dr. and Mrs. Fredric Pullen Spencer L. Reames Resources Counselors, Inc. Franci Blassberg and Joe Rice Robbins Foundation, Inc. Dr. Sonia Rosenbaum Marge Scheuer Pearl and Henry Schour Gil Shiva Martha Roby Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Edward Streim James Swyer Theresa S. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. John H. Timmis John Wendell Hilda and Arthur Wenig Mark C. Winmill Elizabeth Wolf Sylvia Woloshin: In loving memory of Sid Woloshin Charles Aaron Wurth Michael A. Young 4 Anonymous Donor Patrons Gifts of $1,500 or more Sophie Molholm and Adil Abdulali Mr. and Mrs. Elkan Abramowitz Helen H. Acker Jacqueline and Joseph Aguanno Jane Sokolow and Edward Ames C. Amir-Mokri Gerald and Petra Appelstein

Annual Fund



Yasunori* and Harumi Yokote

Susan and Robert Appleby Leona Clague and Yonathan Arbel Dr. and Mrs. David M. Arneson Kari T. Asperheim Margot and Richard Badenhausen William P. Barbeosch and Marta B. Varela Linda L. Barnes Brian A. Barnett Bryan Ross Beller Sharon and Arie Ben Zvi Mr. Andrew S. Berkman Elizabeth Jayne Berry Janie and Thomas Bezanson Barbara R. Biben and Alfred R. Stern Dr. and Mrs. Melvyn Bleiberg Blum–Merians Foundation, Inc. Barbara S. Blumberg Debra Bock Mrs. Philena T. Bolden Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bonhag Beverly J. Bowne Tyler Randolph Boyd Alice and Stuart Boynton John Bradley Dr. Jane Eisner Bram and Mr. William Bram Mr. and Mrs. David F. Brandley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Braun Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Bravmann Morton R. Brown Lauren J. Bruch Marilyn M. Bruneau Daniel Bruno Joyce and Joel Buchman Judith and Robert Burger James V. V. Burke Charlotte Burton Celestine and Howard Campbell Anna Lucia Fuentes and Dr. Ricardo Castaneda Mr. and Mrs. William Chapman Dr. Karen Gilmore and Dr. Mitchell Charap Josseline Charas Audrey and Jerome Chatzky Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Chin James Ching Ohn Choe Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Chu Amy and Gary Churgin Joan Hardy Clark John Clarke Ryan A. Colbert Andrea L. Colby

Dr. Ronald Collins Nancy W. and Ronald A. Collins Jamie Stern and Michael Connolly Mr. Lawrence P. Corio and Mrs. Norma C. Corio Nathalie and Marshall Cox Mr. and Mrs. Paul Crotty Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Cruikshank Ellen R. Nadler and Robert J. Cubitto Richard Cuniff Dr. Frances R. Curcio Mrs. Denise Cutler Mrs. Charles A. Dana, Jr. Sriram P. Das Mary and Maxwell Davidson Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Davis Robert B. Deans, Jr. Jana DeLancey Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Del Tufo Martha DeRight Maria Desousa Tobey Diller Thomas Dobler Patrick Donahue Brian E. Donaldson Thea Duell and Peter Cook David B. Dwyer Dennis J. Dwyer Joan G. Dyer Rachel and Oded Edan Elaine Katz Edlin J. Mark Edwards Joan and Alvin Einbender Karen and Jay Eliezer John A. Elliott Christopher Scholz and Ines Elskop David Endler Rosalyn and Irwin Engelman Stanley Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Evans Jenna Lynn Fagnan Joan and William Felder Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Feldman Arthur F. Ferguson Michelle and Jeff Frances and Henry Fogel Dr. and Mrs. Roland Folter Frances Forman Mr. and Mrs. William Freilich Madalyn and Stephen Friedberg Karen and Edward A. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Friedman

Karen* and Richard LeFrak

Michele Fron and Paul Underwood

Rosele and Daniel Frishwasser Robert J. Gallagher David E. Gannett Mr. and Mrs. Fabian Garcia Gardner Grout Foundation Carolyn D. Gentile Mr. and Mrs. William J. Geoghegan Christopher George Joan E. Gerstler Myrna and Bob Getz Maxine and Marvin Gilbert Maryann and John Gilmartin Joan and Sam Ginsburg Linda and Richard Goldstein Anthony C. Gooch Barbara and Robert Goodkind The Constance and Leonard Goodman Charitable Fund Toby and Michael Gorelick Mallika Govindan Judy and George Graff Dawne Marie Grannum Lois E. Grayson Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Greenbaum M.B. Greenberg Marjorie and David Griffel Jan M. Guifarro Michael I. Gustave Edward Hall Robert Hansmann Daniel P. Hays James L. Hayward Khalid R. W. Haywood Kyla Henriksen Elizabeth O. Hollahan Abby Hymowitz Dr. Christian Jacques Angela and Scott Jagger Carolyn Jander Anne and Richard Janiak Harry Jones Shannon Joski and Richard Stumm Christine Ju Ginger D. Karren: In memory of Arnold and Marie Volpe Mary and Eugene Kasakove Greta Katzauer Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kaufman Prof. and Mrs. Robert Kavesh Maureen D. Keough Debra Kilheeney *New York Philharmonic Board Member

Photo by Linsley Lindekens

Carol and Chuck Schaefer

Photos by Linsley Lindekens and Julie Skarratt


Susan Kim-Yoo Adele P. Kindred Lawrence K. Kinsella Betsy and Robert Knapp Doris M. Knopf Jacques and Margot W. Kohn Nina and Bill Koppelman Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Koster Diane and Mark Kressner Edwin Kronfeld Sarah Miyazawa LaFleur I. Lai Mr. and Mrs. Fernand Lamesch Oliver Lane Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Lang Giovanni A. Larrea, Esq. Dr. Harold Laufman Harriet and Alan I. Lebowitz Grace Leight Mr. and Mrs. Jacques E. Lennon Lee C. Lensky Jean and John Lesser Marshall P. Levine Robert L. Levine Alison Levy Christina Lewis YingJie Li Erin Linnihan Mr. and Mrs. George F. Little, II Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Loftus Jared Longhitano Ann M. Longmoore Richard Lorenzo Florence Lotrowski Mr. and Mrs. John E. Loveless John Lundsten and Daniel K. O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lundy Grace Lyu-Volckhausen In honor of Lorin Maazel and the New York Philharmonic Carolyn and Ian MacKenzie Mr. and Mrs. John D. Macomber Kay Magilavy Eve France and Howard Maisel Mr. and Mrs. Philip Maletta Susan R. Malloy Steven Margolin Magda Margolis Anthony Martignetti Jill Mautner John E. McAuliffe Maria and Thomas McCaskill Donna M. and Robert J. McCoy Dr. and Mrs. William W. McCutchen, Jr. Josephine N. McFadden Michelle Wernli and John McGarry Elizabeth Lucier McKeever Polibio Meneses Paul Mitchell Phillip Mitsis Anna and John Montovano Mrs. Charles F. Morgan Lu and Jack Morris Barbara Mosbacher Charles Muller

Carol and Stephen Negron, Jr. Lynn Neuman Allen R. Newman Anita O’Gara Ronald A. and Eileen S. Oleet Family Foundation Juris and Gita Padegs Jean Park Soo Y. Park James Paterson Jennifer Patrickakos Philip Perkins Mrs. Harold S. Perl Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Peterson Eugene A. Petracca, Jr. Anne and Frank Petralito Gina Piccirillo and Adam Van Hyfte The Pirret Foundation Regina and Otto Pretsfelder Mark E. Pruzanski Janet Ramsdal thanks Jon Deak Laurence Reich Dana and Richard Reimer Peter Reynolds Peter V. Rezos Alice K. and James E. Rice Koni Rich Sheila J. Robbins John F. Robson Dr. Marcia Rosen Rosalind and Gerald Rosenberg Leslie and Michael Rosenberg The Rosenthal Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Rothman Robert F. Rothschild Nada Rowand Mr. and Mrs. Burton Rubin Joan L. and Reade H. Ryan, Jr. Kathryn Lancioni and Duane Sachs Dr. Svetlana Salerno Arlene and Chester Salomon Mr. and Mrs. David Salz Judy and Dirk Salz Arthur Samberg Dr. Richard L. Saphir Dr. Cheryl Fishbein and Mr. Philip Schatten Elizabeth H. Scheuer and Peter Joseph Nils Schlote Susan and Thomas Schwarz Diana K. Schuld Darcy Bradbury and Eric Seiler Dr. and Mrs. Richard Seldes Naomi O. Seligman and Ernest M. von Simson Morton and Sandra Semel Foundation Sharmila Sen Claudia and S. Mark Seymour Mr. and Mrs. Joel Shapiro Michael Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Randall Shaw Dewey Shay Nengbin Shih Dorothy Siegal Pamela Singleton Stephanie Sirota

Donald G. Sisler Carol Paik and Daniel Slifkin David Snead Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Sobel Jennie Sorese Mandy Jane Speers Si Spiegel Genevieve Spruill Gustav L. Stewart, III Dr. Susan Stewart David Strauss Janice and Ed Sussman Frances A. Taber Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taggart Jean E. Taylor Danielle A. Thomas Walter T. Thomas Donald Thorn Frank Thorn Joseph Tigner Coralie S. Toevs Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Trost Lynn and David Troyka Tiffany Tyler Marsha Tosk and Seymour Ubell Daryl Brown Uber and Bruce A. Uber John Uher Manuel Vazquez Mr. and Mrs. Martin Vogelfanger Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Warnken Evelene Wechsler Mark Weintraub and Elissa Weinstein Ragin Wenk-Wolff In memory of Phyllis Werner Susan L. West Mr. and Mrs. Avram Westin Howard Wexler, Ph.D. Barbara and Ken White Mary Ellen and Mitchell Williams Penelope Wilson and Richard Falkenrath Dr. Philip D. Wilson Timothy S. Wilson Eli Wolfhagen Lydia Wright-Peavy and Terence Peavy Laura B. Zukerman 21 Anonymous Patrons Holly Huffman and Christian MacDonald, a Chairman of the Young New Yorkers (YNY) for the Philharmonic as well as a YNY Patron.

Education Fund

Heritage Society


Members of the Heritage Society

play a significant role in the future of the Orchestra through gifts in their wills or other estate plans, all of which contribute to the Philharmonic’s Endowment Fund. That fund provides a steady and reliable income stream that helps the institution maintain the highest artistic standards of performance, attract the leading guest conductors and soloists, and support a wide range of education and outreach programs to the community. Members of the Heritage Society honor the truly priceless legacy the Philharmonic inherited from earlier music lovers by continuing to extend this legacy into the future. We are honored to recognize current Heritage Society members who are thoughtfully playing their part in preserving a tradition of excellence for future generations. Vera and Donald* Blinken

Russell and Judith Carson

The New York Philharmonic is a national leader

in music education. During the Orchestra’s 166th season, education programs continued to expand and served as models for cultural institutions worldwide. Partnerships in New York City public schools, global initiatives in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and concert series for young audiences are just a few examples of the Philharmonic’s commitment to engaging its community and creating the next generation of audiences for symphonic music. The 2007–08 season saw a 15 percent increase in public school students served by the School Partnership Program (SPP), giving more than 3,250 children the opportunity to work with Philharmonic Teaching Artists. Learning Overtures, the Orchestra’s global education program, expanded to include innovative programming in Hong Kong and Shanghai during the Asia 2008 tour. In addition, more than 20,000 students attended our popular concert series for young audiences: Young People’s Concerts (ages 6–12), Very Young People’s Concerts (ages 4–6), and School Day Concerts (elementary, middle and high schools). The hosted concert series Hear & Now and Inside the Music offered adult audiences an opportunity to continue their lifelong musical education as well. The Philharmonic’s educational programming directly involved 52,000 individuals in the 2007–08 season, and Website offerings were accessed by more than 6 million people. Education remains a central focus for the Philharmonic, increasing the breadth and depth of appreciation for symphonic music in audiences of all ages. The New York Philharmonic offers grateful thanks to the following donors for their high level of support of our Education Programs in the 2007–08 season.

Lead Corporate Underwriter

MetLife Foundation The Carson Family Charitable Trust William Randolph Hearst Education Endowment Fund JPMorgan Chase Foundation Paul Newman Beatrice Snyder Foundation The Astor Education Fund IBM Company Fund for the Conductorship of Youth Concerts Basem L. Hishmeh Sue and Eugene Mercy, Jr. Endowment Fund Murray L. Nathan National Endowment for the Arts Susan and Jack Rudin Mary P. Oenslager Student Concert Endowment Fund Mr. and Mrs. Laurance S. Rockefeller Fund The Halee and David Baldwin Teaching Artist Fund The Theodore H. Barth Foundation Citi Deutsche Bank *New York Philharmonic Board Member

Jephson Educational Trust No. 2 The Willard T. C. Johnson Fund Mrs. Erich Leinsdorf The Mitsui USA Foundation Marion Moore Foundation In Memory of K. Fred Netter Richard Nordlof The New York Community Trust The New York Times Company Foundation Stephen Perlbinder Leo Rosner Foundation

Philharmonic Patron Argie Tang, whose husband — Philharmonic Patron Oscar Tang —  won her the chance to conduct the Orchestra at the 2007 Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival through a benefit auction.

Sue B.* and Eugene Mercy Jr.

The Edna Barnes Salomon Educational Fund Edith and Roy Simpson/The Resource Foundation Miriam T. and Howard N. Stern Foundation Rhoda Weiskopf-Cohen: In memory of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Weiskopf Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust Donald and Vera Blinken General Education Endowment Mr. and Mrs. David Cohen Disney Worldwide Outreach The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation The Samuel and Rae Eckman Charitable Foundation, Inc. Beatrice Eisendorfer Fund Leon Lowenstein Foundation Miller Khoshkish Foundation The Estate of Rachael M. Salzano Adolph and Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc. C & M Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc. Alan and Katherine Strook Fund The ASCAP Foundation Irving Caesar Fund Mary Duke Biddle Foundation Colgate-Palmolive Company An Endowment in the Name of Lillian Butler Davey Keller-Shatanoff Foundation Oceanic Heritage Foundation

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Gregory and Janet Abels Helen H. Acker Leo Alves Janet J. Asimov Ellyn Amron Austin Gail F. Baker David and Halee Baldwin P. Richard Bauer Ruth L. Bauman in memory of Helen Bauman Judith-Anne Beard Dr. Kurt Becker and Ms. Joyce Weinstein Marion Benedict Suzanne Bennett Joan Benson Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bernheim The Hon. and Mrs. Donald Blinken Edith S. Bouriez Ann M. Bragg Franklin G. Brehmer Jr. Ruth and Alan Broder Eliane Bukantz C.T. Bundy 2d Naomi J. Chandler Josseline Charas Betsy Levitt Cohn Thais Cohrone Mrs. James W. Crystal Harrison R. T. Davis Sue Ann Dawson Connie and Stephen Delehanty Adnan Divjan Domitilia M. dos Santos Diane C. Dunne Dr. Joan Eliasoph Robert E. Evans Richard B. Everett Mr. and Mrs. John Exter Richard A. Feit Hortense F. Feldblum Joan Weltz and Arthur Field Stephen W. Fillo Stuart M. Fischman Herbert J. Frank Dale M. Frehse Chaim S. Freiberg Joan E. Gerstler Carol and Jerry Gertz Nora Lee Glass Mimi Goldfinger Katherine Greene Lenore Greiman Kathleen M. Gresser Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Guenther Susan Gullia Al and Joan Halpern

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Philharmonic Patron Tours In the 2007–08 season there were two opportunities for Philharmonic Patrons to

explore the world while giving to the Orchestra: one to India (January 27–February 10), and the other to Beijing, Pyongyang, and Seoul (February 22–29).

The Patron Tour party that traveled to India escorted by Philharmonic President Zarin Mehta.

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Independent Auditors’ Report

Statements of Financial Position

Board of Directors The Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York, Inc. New York, New York


August 31, (In Thousands)


Assets Current assets: Cash and cash equivalents $1,217 Interest, concert fees, and other receivables 974 Contributions receivable – current (Note 3) 6,474 Prepaid expenses and other current assets 3,398 Prepaid pension cost (Note 5) Total current assets 12,063 Noncurrent assets: Contributions receivable – noncurrent (Note 3) 8,525 Notes receivable 154 Leasehold improvements, equipment, and musical instruments, net (Note 4) 10,323 Contributions receivable – permanently restricted (Note 3) 18,495 Endowment investments (Note 2) 194,890 Other investments (Note 2) 3,069 Total noncurrent assets 235,456

We have audited the accompanying statements of financial position of The PhilharmonicSymphony Society of New York, Inc. (the “Society”) as of August 31, 2008 and 2007, and the related statements of activities and cash flows for the years then ended. These financial statements are the responsibility of the Society's management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audits. We conducted our audits in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America. Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. An audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation. We believe that our audits provide a reasonable basis for our opinion.

Total assets Liabilities And Net Assets Current liabilities: Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Deferred revenue from ticket sales and other Total current liabilities

In our opinion, the financial statements enumerated above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of The Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York, Inc. as of August 31, 2008 and 2007, and the changes in its net assets and its cash flows for the years then ended, in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.

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New York, New York November 20, 2008

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Noncurrent liabilities: Accrued pension liability (Note 5) Accrued postretirement benefits (Note 6) Annuities payable Total noncurrent liabilities Total liabilities Commitments (Note 11) Net Assets Unrestricted (Note 7) Temporarily restricted (Note 8) Permanently restricted (Note 9) Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets See notes to financial statements.


$5,063 1,042 4,791 1,935 2,629 15,460

9,664 169 9,651 18,971 198,802 4,038 241,295



$3,092 14,424 17,516

$4,477 15,257 19,734

3,180 2,525 427 6,132

783 2,823 606 4,212



71,676 17,580 134,615 223,871

81,256 16,511 135,042 232,809



Statements of Activities

Year Ended August 31, 2008 Temporarily Permanently Restricted Restricted Total Unrestricted

Income from orchestra activities: Concert receipts and tour sponsorships $27,505 Recording and broadcasting reimbursement 1,060 Total income from orchestra activities 28,565 Orchestra expenses (Note 12): Subscription and other concerts 36,036 Student concerts 2,109 Free park concerts 2,223 Concerts on tour 8,335 Recording and broadcasting 902 Total orchestra expenses 49,605 Loss from orchestra activities (21,040) Other income: Gifts, grants, and bequests 23,189 $5,289 $1,918 Special events revenue 5,249 Other Income 880 Investment return used for operations (Note 2) 9,639 214 Total other income before release from restrictions 38,077 6,383 1,918 Net assets released from restrictions (Note 8) 5,202 (5,202) Total other income 43,279 1,181 1,918 Supporting services expenses: Management and administration 11,559 Fundraising 5,074 Total supporting services expenses 16,633 Excess (deficiency) of operating income over operating expenses Nonoperating income: Investment return (less than) greater than spending rate, net (Decrease) Increase in net assets before adjustments Pension and other postretirement plan adjustment Change in net assets Net assets at beginning of year Net assets at end of year See notes to financial statements.

2007 Temporarily Permanently Restricted Restricted


$27,505 1,060 28,565

$27,780 838 28,618

$27,780 838 28,618

36,036 2,109 2,223 8,335 902 49,605 (21,040)

35,145 1,845 1,832 7,907 893 47,622 (19,004)

35,145 1,845 1,832 7,907 893 47,622 (19,004)

30,396 5,249 880 9,853

15,688 $10,392 $20,604 4,173

46,684 4,173




46,378 0 46,378

29,549 4,869 34,418

10,602 20,604 (4,869) 5,733 20,604

60,755 0 60,755

11,559 5,074 16,633

12,088 4,517 16,605

12,088 4,517 16,605

























(5,047) (9,580) 1,069 (427) 81,256 16,511 135,042 $71,676 $17,580 $134,615

(5,047) (8,938) 232,809 $223,871

(14,912) (14,912) (4,378) 6,047 23,556 25,225 85,634 10,464 111,486 207,584 $81,256 $16,511 $135,042 $232,809

Cash flows from operating activities: Change in net assets Adjustments to reconcile change in net assets to net cash used in operating activities: Depreciation and amortization Bad debt expense Net change in unrealized losses (gains) on investments Net realized gains on sales of investments Donated securities Permanently restricted contributions Changes in: Interest, concert fees and other receivables Contributions receivable – current Prepaid expenses and other current assets Prepaid pension cost Contributions receivable – noncurrent Contributions receivable – permanently restricted Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Deferred revenue from ticket sales and other Accrued pension benefits Accrued postretirement benefits Annuities payable Net cash used in operating activities Cash flows from investing activities: Purchases of leasehold improvements, equipment, and musical instruments Repayments on notes receivable Purchases of investments Proceeds from sales of investments Net cash provided by (used in) investing activities Cash flows from financing activities: Permanently restricted contributions Net cash provided by financing activities Net change in cash and cash equivalents Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year Cash and cash equivalents at end of year See notes to financial statements.

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Statements of Cash Flows

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Year Ended August 31, (In Thousands)





1,046 95 20,979 (13,835) (24) (2,394)

1,068 (12,037) (8,296)

68 (1,778) (1,463) (2,629) 1,139 476 (1,385) (833) 2,397 (298) (179) (7,556)

(716) 1,661 (591) 14,554 (6,088) (14,186) 306 17 215 1,046 (119) (3,306)

(1,718) 15 (31,985) 35,004 1,316

(700) 46 (43,911) 42,740 (1,825)

2,394 2,394

5,365 5,365

(3,846) 5,063 $1,217

234 4,829 $5,063


Notes to Financial Statements

Organization: The Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York, Inc. (the “Society”) is a not-for-profit membership corporation incorporated in New York State and located in Lincoln Center in New York City, the purpose of which is to support a symphony orchestra, the New York Philharmonic (the “Philharmonic”), and to foster an interest in and enjoyment of music in New York City and in the world. The Society qualifies as a Section 501(c)(3) organization, exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(a) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (the “Code”), as well as from New York State and New York City income taxes under comparable laws. The Society has also been classified as a publicly supported organization under Section 509(a) of the Code and qualifies for the maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors. Financial reporting: (a) Basis of accounting: The accompanying financial statements of the Society have been prepared using the accrual basis of accounting and conform to accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America as applicable to not-for-profit organizations. (b) Measure of operations: The Society includes in its definition of operations all income and expenses relating to its orchestra and supporting activities. Investment income (including net realized and unrealized gains and losses) that is greater or less than the Society's authorized spending rate is recognized as nonoperating income or loss, respectively. (c) Use of estimates: The preparation of financial statements in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the reported amounts of assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses and the disclosure of contingent assets and liabilities. (d) Net assets: Net assets and income, expenses, gains and losses are classified based on the existence or absence of donor-imposed restrictions. Accordingly, the net assets of the Society and changes therein are classified and reported as follows: i) Unrestricted: Unrestricted net assets represent those resources that are not restricted by donors, or for which donor-imposed restrictions have expired. Board-designated net assets represent amounts determined by the Board of Directors to function as endowment.

Note 1: Organization and Summary of Significant Accounting Principles (continued)

ii) Temporarily restricted: Temporarily restricted net assets represent those resources with donor-imposed restrictions that require the Society to use or expend the related assets as specified. The Society records contributions as temporarily restricted if they are received with donor stipulations that limit their use through either purpose or time restrictions. When donor restrictions expire, that is, when a time restriction ends or a purpose restriction is fulfilled, temporarily restricted net assets are reclassified as unrestricted net assets and reported in the statement of activities as net assets released from restrictions. It is the Society's policy to record temporarily restricted contributions received and expended in the same accounting period, as well as donorrestricted income earned and expended on permanently restricted net assets, in the unrestricted net-asset category. Contributions that the donor requires to be used to acquire long-lived assets (e.g., leasehold improvements, furniture, fixtures and equipment) are reported as temporarily restricted until the long-lived assets have been acquired and placed in service, at which time the Society reflects the expiration of the donor-imposed restriction as a reclassification included in net assets released from restrictions. iii) Permanently restricted: Permanently restricted net assets represent those resources with donor-imposed restrictions which stipulate that the related resources be maintained in perpetuity, but which permit the Society to expend part or all of the income and capital appreciation derived from the donated assets for either specified or unspecified purposes.

Leasehold improvements, equipment and musical instruments: Major expenditures for furniture, equipment, computer hardware and software and leasehold improvements are capitalized and are depreciated or amortized using the straight-line method over their estimated useful lives, which range from three to thirty-five years, or the life of the underlying lease, whichever is shorter. Minor expenditures for furniture and equipment are recorded as expenses; as such items are not considered sufficiently material to warrant capitalization and depreciation. The costs (or donated values) of musical instruments are capitalized and depreciated over their estimated useful lives, except for antique musical instruments, valued at $5,845,000 in fiscal-years 2008 and 2007, which are not required to be depreciated. Accrued vacation: Based on their tenure, the Society's employees are entitled to be paid for unused vacation time if they leave the Society's employ. Accordingly, at each fiscal year-end, the Society must recognize a liability for the amount that would be incurred if employees with such unused vacation were to leave. At August 31, 2008 and 2007, this accrued vacation obligation was approximately $302,000 and $202,000, respectively. Contributions: All unconditional contributions to the Society are recorded as income at the earlier of the receipt of cash or other assets or of unconditional pledges. Conditional contributions are recognized as income when the conditions on which they depend have been substantially met. All contributions are considered available for unrestricted use unless specifically restricted by the donor.

Cash and cash equivalents: For the purpose of the statements of cash flows, the Society considers highly liquid investments purchased with a maturity of three months or less, other than those held in the Society's investment portfolio, to be cash equivalents. Investments: Investments in securities and readily marketable funds are recorded at their fair values, which are based on published market prices. Alternative investments refer to the Society's investment in a fund-offunds, whose value is determined by the related investment managers. This alternative investment may have restrictions as to its marketability that could affect the Society's ability to liquidate the investment quickly. In addition, because some of the underlying investments are not readily marketable, the estimated fair value of the alternative investment may differ significantly from the value that would have been used had a ready market for these securities existed. The Society reviews and evaluates the value provided and believes the carrying amount of this investment in non-publicly traded securities is a reasonable estimate of fair value. Purchased securities are recorded as of their trade dates and donated securities are recorded at their market values on the dates received. Gains or losses from the sales of securities are determined using the average-cost method. All assets in the investment portfolio are reported as noncurrent. The Society considers most of its investment portfolio, both restricted and unrestricted, to be endowmentrelated.

Deferred revenue: Deferred revenue from ticket sales arises from subscription sales and is recognized as income when the performance for which the tickets have been sold occurs. Advertising: The Society expenses the costs of advertising as they are incurred.

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Note 1: Organization and Summary of Significant Accounting Principles

Notes to Financial Statements

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Volunteers: A number of volunteers have made significant contributions of time to the Society's program and support functions. The value of this contributed time does not meet the criteria for recognition of contributed services and, accordingly, is not reflected in the accompanying financial statements. In addition, during fiscal-year 2007 the Society received approximately $1,000,000 of donated consulting services rendered by a consulting firm which has a partner who is a member of the board of directors. Reclassification: Certain financial information for fiscal-year 2007 has been reclassified to conform with the fiscal-year 2008 presentation. New accounting pronouncements: In September 2006, the FASB also released Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 157, Fair Value Measurement (SFAS No. 157), applicable to all commercial and not-for-profit enterprises. SFAS No. 157 defines fair value, establishes a framework for the mea-


surement of the fair value of an enterprise’s assets and liabilities in various circumstances, and enhances disclosures about fair-value measurements. The Society is required to adopt SFAS No. 157 for fiscal-year 2009. In August 2008, the FASB released a Staff Position document (FSP), FAS No. 117-1, “Endowments of Not-for-Profit Organizations: Net Asset Classification of Funds Subject to an Enacted Version of the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act, and Enhanced Disclosures for All Endowment Funds.” The FSP requires expanded disclosures about the activities in an organization's endowment funds (both donor-restricted and board-designated) and is effective for the Society in fiscal-year 2009.

Note 2: Investments At each fiscal year-end, the fair values of the Society's investments were as follows:

2008 (In Thousands) Fair Value


August 31, 2007 Fair Value


Endowment: Money-market funds $5,506 $5,506 $6,448 $6,448 Equity - domestic 51,335 51,756 60,445 49,525 Equity - international 30,941 34,432 30,105 26,942 Fixed income funds 29,874 28,634 29,206 28,895 Real asset fund 33,325 33,350 29,724 24,889 Alternative investments 43,909 35,000 42,874 35,000 Total endowment investments (both restricted and unrestricted) 194,890 188,678 198,802 171,699 Other investments 3,069 3,159 4,038 4,040 $197,959 $191,837 $202,840 $175,739 Other investments include amounts designated for deferred compensation to the President and Executive Director and for a supplemental pension fund for orchestra retirees. The Society's Board of Directors has adopted a spending-rate policy whereby a predetermined amount of each fiscal year's investment assets is used to fund current operations. The spending-rate return reflected in unrestricted and temporarily restricted investment income was $9,516,000 and $214,000 and $9,532,000 and $210,000 in fiscal-years 2008 and 2007, respectively, calculated as 5.5% of the prior three-year, rolling-average quarterly market value of investments. Unrestricted investment income also includes interest income earned on operating funds of $124,000 and $156,000 in fiscal-years 2008 and 2007, respectively.

Notes to Financial Statements

The following schedule summarizes the Society's investment returns and their classifications in the accompanying statements of activities for each fiscal year:

(In Thousands)

Year Ended August 31, 2008 Temporarily Permanently Unrestricted Restricted Restricted

Interest and dividend income, net of investment expenses of $751 $3,512 Net realized gains 11,006 Net change in unrealized (losses) gains (15,016) Total return on investments (500) Investment return used for operations (including a spending rate of $9,730) (9,639) Investment return less than amounts used for operations $(10,139)

(In Thousands)

Interest and dividend income, net of investment expenses of $521 Net realized gains Net change in unrealized gains (losses) Total return on investments Investment return used for operations (including a spending rate of $9,742) Investment return greater than amounts used for operations

$61 141 (100) 102

$830 2,688


$4,403 13,835

(5,863) (20,979) (2,345) (2,743)



$(112) $(2,345) $(12,596)

Year Ended August 31, 2007 Temporarily Permanently Unrestricted Restricted Restricted


$3,615 5,951

$52 107

$889 2,238

$4,556 8,296

11,847 21,413

365 524

(175) 2,952

12,037 24,889






$2,952 $14,991

Temporarily restricted investment income released from restrictions is included in the unrestricted “investment return greater than amounts used for operations” categories above. Subsequent to August 31, 2008, there was a decline in the fair value of the Society's investments, due to current economic and market conditions.

Note 3: Contributions Receivable At each fiscal year-end, contributions receivable, net of the discount to present value (at rates which range from 6% to 7%) and the allowance for doubtful accounts, are due to be collected as follows:

(In Thousands)

One year (including $4,495 and $1,016 of endowment pledges in fiscal-years 2008 and 2007, respectively) One to five years More than five years Less allowance for doubtful accounts Future value Less discount to present value

(In Thousands) 2008

$9,386 23,424 8,472 41,282 (100) 41,182 (7,756) $33,426

At each fiscal year-end, the costs of leasehold improvements, equipment and musical instruments were as follows:

(In Thousands)

Office Plan 2007

$40,307 42,936 $2,629 $619 2,527 (3,366) 1,125 $905

$8,632 6,989 $(1,643) $435 538 (624) 18 $368

$8,315 7,532 $(783) $501 527 (548) 66 $546

6.3% 6.8% 8.5% 5.0%

6.1% 6.3% 8.5% N/A

6.3% 6.8% 8.5% 5.0%

6.1% 6.3% 8.5% 5.0%

Benefit cost $886 $905 Employer contributions 1,200 Employee contributions Benefits paid 2,601 2,430

$368 311 4 354

$546 853 7 372

Weighted-average assumptions: Discount rate for benefit cost Discount rate for projected benefit obligation Expected annual return on Plan assets Rate of compensation increase

Note 4: Leasehold Improvements, Equipment and Musical Instruments

Orchestra Plan Year Ended August 31, 2007 2008

$42,446 40,910 $(1,537) $596 2,654 (3,459) 1,096 $886

Projected benefit obligation Fair value of Plan assets Funded status - excess (deficiency) of assets Service cost - benefits earned during the period Interest cost on projected benefit obligation Expected annual return on Plan assets Net amortization and deferral Net periodic pension costs

August 31, 2008 2007

$12,681 19,772 7,636 40,089 (120) 39,969 (6,475) $33,494


The following table sets forth the Plans' funded status and the amounts recognized in the Society's financial statements:

August 31, 2008 2007

Leasehold improvements $7,925 Equipment 1,448 Computer hardware and software 4,266 Musical instruments 6,487 20,126 Less accumulated depreciation & amortization (9,803) $10,323

$7,320 728 4,030 6,330 18,408 (8,757) $9,651

Depreciation and amortization of leasehold improvements, equipment and musical equipment amounted to $1,046,000 and $1,068,000 for fiscal-years 2008 and 2007, respectively. During fiscalyear 2007, the Society wrote off $1,212,000 of fully depreciated musical instruments.

Note 5: Pensions The Society maintains two defined-benefit pension plans (the “Plans”), one for members of the orchestra and one for office employees. The Society's funding policy is to contribute funds to a trust as necessary to provide for current service and for any unfunded accrued benefit liabilities, over a reasonable period, to meet IRS minimumfunding requirements. To the extent that these requirements are fully covered by assets in the trust, a contribution may not be made in a particular year. In fiscal-year 2007, the Society adopted the provisions of the Financial Accounting Standards Board's Statement on Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS) No. 158, “Employers' Accounting for Defined Benefit Pension and Other Postretirement Plans.” SFAS No. 158 requires the recognition, in the sponsoring entity's financial statements, of an asset or liability for the “funded status” of a defined benefit pension plan.

photo credt here

Note 2: Investments (continued)

Notes to Financial Statements

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The Plans' investments will be made for the purpose of providing retirement reserves for the present and future benefit of participants of the Plans. The assets will be invested with the care, skill and diligence a prudent person acting in this capacity would exercise to comply with all objectives outlined herein, the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”) and all other governing statutes. The primary objective for the trustees is to provide a balance among capital appreciation, preservation of capital, and the production of current income. The Plans' trustees recognize that risk (i.e., the uncertainty of future events), volatility (i.e., the potential for variability of asset values) and the possibility of loss in purchasing power (due to inflation) are present to some degree in all types of investment vehicles. While high levels of risk are to be avoided, the assumption of risk is warranted in order to allow the investment manager the opportunity to achieve satisfactory long-term results consistent with the objectives of the Plans. The trustees of the Plans have established the following assetallocation strategy:

Equities Fixed income funds Alternative investments Real asset fund Cash and cash equivalents

Orchestra Plan

Office Plan

45% 15% 20% 15% 5% 100%

65% 35%


At August 31, 2008, the percentages of the fair values of the types of Plan assets held were as follows:

Equities Fixed income funds Alternative investments Real asset fund Cash and cash equivalents

Orchestra Plan

Office Plan

41% 16% 24% 17% 1% 100%

65% 35%


The estimated amount of the Society's contribution for fiscal-year 2008 is $1,200,000 for the Orchestra Plan and $500,000 for the Office Plan. The following table illustrates the expected benefit payments over future years: Year Ended August 31,

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 – 2018

( In Thousands) Orchestra Plan

Office Plan

2,827 2,913 2,982 3,011 3,096 16,092

453 445 445 499 514 3,094

Notes to Financial Statements

(In Thousands)

Expected postretirement benefit obligation Fair value of plan assets at end of year Funded status (obligation in excess of assets) Service cost – benefits earned during the period Interest cost on expected benefit obligation Net amortization and deferral Net periodic post-retirement benefit cost Weighted-average assumptions Discount rate For the year ended August 31, Benefit cost Benefits paid

Year Ended August 31, 2008 2007

$2,525 0 $2,525

$2,823 0 $2,823

$67 175 53 $295

$69 173 64 $306


$295 $146


$306 $237

The accrued expected postretirement benefit cost recognized in the statements of financial position for the Orchestra and Office Plans for fiscal-year 2008 was $2,165,000 and $360,000, respectively. The accrued benefit cost recognized in the statements of financial position for the Orchestra and Office Plans for fiscal-year 2007 was $2,412,000 and $411,000, respectively. For measurement purposes, a 7.5% annual rate of increase in the per capita cost of covered benefits was assumed for fiscal-years 2008 and 2007. The rate was assumed to decrease gradually to 4.25% thereafter. There were no employer or employee contributions to the Plans in fiscal-years 2008 and 2007.

Note 7: Unrestricted Net Assets At each fiscal year-end, unrestricted net assets consisted of the following:

(In Thousands)

August 31, 2008 2007

$(4,747) 76,423 $71,676

Undesignated Functioning as endowment

Note 9: Permanently Restricted Net Assets At each fiscal year-end, the balance of permanently restricted net assets, which consist of the original principal of the Society's permanently restricted contributions, as well as donor-directed permanently restricted investment income and capital appreciation added thereto, consisted of the following elements, listed according to the purpose for which the related income is expendable:

$1,074 80,182 $81,256

Note 8: Temporarily Restricted Net Assets At each fiscal year-end, temporarily restricted net assets consisted of the following:

(In Thousands)

Purpose restrictions: Commissioned works and new music Education Media projects Archives Major choral and vocal works Guest artists Concert sponsorship New artistic initiatives Musical instrument purchases and repairs Website and technology projects Time restrictions

August 31, 2008 2007

$2,995 2,295 1,794 175 500 515 1,244 900 932 0 6,230 $17,580

$2,854 2,687 1,852 972 536 9

(In Thousands)

$639 459 461 1,150 200 795 172

993 $4,869

$67,196 $66,421 29,530 31,401 15,247 15,351 6,825 6,843 5,090 4,902 5,334 4,681 2,800 2,800 935 980 836 836 612 617 210 210 $134,615 $135,042

In addition, during fiscal-year 2008, the Society received an in-kind contribution in the form of transportation (i.e., a chartered plan and cargo shipment) in relation to an overseas concert. This service is reported as both estimated contribution and expense in the accompanying statements of activities, based on an estimated fair value of approximately $520,000.

Year Ended August 31, 2008 2007

Purpose restrictions: Commissioned works and new music $233 Education 954 Media projects 444 Major choral and vocal works 500 Touring Guest artists 50 Concert sponsorship Musical instruments purchases and repairs 87 Website and technology 125 Time restrictions: Fiscal-years 2008 and 2007 operations 2,809 $5,202

August 31, 2008 2007

Note 10: In-Kind Contributions Legal and Consulting Services: During fiscal-year 2008, the Society received contributed services for general legal and marketing costs. These services are reported as both contributions and expenses in the accompanying statements of activities, at approximately $75,000 and $250,000, respectively, based on their estimated fair values.

12 125 7,464 $16,511

During each fiscal year, temporarily restricted net assets were released from restrictions in fulfillment of the following:

(In Thousands)

Purpose restrictions: General activities of the Society Guest artists Various instrumental chairs Educational programs Commissioned works and new music Musical instrument purchase and repairs Conductors Young performers Society musicians Young People’s Concerts Free parks concerts


Note 11: Commitments Lease: The Society is the principal tenant of Avery Fisher Hall under a long-term lease agreement (which was renewed for 25 years, effective July 1, 1986) between the Society and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. The Society's rent is determined by established rental rates for its use of the concert hall, plus or minus its proportionate share of the operating gain or loss. The expense incurred under this agreement amounted to approximately $3,709,000 and $4,094,000 in fiscal-years 2008 and 2007, respectively. Line-of-credit: During both fiscal-years 2008 and 2007, the Society had available a $6,000,000 line-of-credit from a major bank. Interest on the line is payable at a variable rate, based on LIBOR. There were no borrowings against the line-of-credit during either fiscal-years. Employment contracts: In fiscal-year 2004, the Society extended its employment contract with the Music Director to cover through its 2008/2009 season. The Society also has an employment contract with the President and Executive Director. Note 12: Comparison to Internal Operating Measure For fiscal-years 2008 and 2007, the unrestricted deficiency of operating income over operating expenses, as reported the accompanying statements of activities, differs from the operating measures used for internal-reporting purposes for several reasons, including the alternative treatment of certain income and expense items. A reconciliation of these two measurement processes is as follows:

(In Thousands)

Year Ended August 31, 2008 2007

Excess (deficiency) of unrestricted operating income over operating expenses $5,606 Unrestricted gifts functioning as endowment (6,802) Deferred marketing expenses (27) Endowment fund-raising expenses 427 Post-retirement benefit cost (64) Gilbert instrument purchase Operating measure for internal reporting purposes $(860)

$(1,191) (247) 55 435 306 (125) $(767)

Note 13: Schedule of Functional Expenses photo credt here

Note 6: Other Post-Retirement Benefits In addition to providing pension benefits, the Society provides certain health-care insurance benefits for qualified employees retiring after September 21, 1982, under two separate benefit plans. Administrative employees are eligible for benefits when they have reached ten years of service and 62 years of age while working for the Society. Orchestra employees are eligible for benefits when they have reached ten years of service and 60 years of age while working for the Society. Prior to fiscal-year 1996, the cost of retiree health-care benefits was recognized as expense in the year during which related costs for annual insurance premiums were incurred. The Society has adopted the provisions of Financial Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 158 (see Note 6), the amount of the expected postretirement benefit obligation is presented in the following table:

Notes to Financial Statements

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Year Ended August 31, 2008 Management Management Orchestra and Fund- Total Orchestra and (In Thousands) Expenses General Raising Expenses Expenses General

Performing Artists $26,540 Salaries and wages $5,962 $1,790 Fringe benefits 4,539 1,616 494 Professional fees 879 543 Facilities and office expenses 3,618 467 45 Depreciation 1,046 Production 4,605 Travel 4,660 122 20 Advertising 4,998 249 48 Information technology 495 22 Miscellaneous expenses 645 723 2,112 $49,605 $11,559 $5,074

2007 Fund- Raising

Total Expenses

$26,540 $26,608 7,752 $4,963 $1,611 6,649 4,576 1,762 497 1,422 1,979 511 4,130 3,582 859 42 1,046 1,068 4,605 3,662 4,802 3,895 111 12 5,295 4,734 223 51 517 545 24 3,480 565 578 1,769 $66,238 $47,622 $12,088 $4,517

$26,608 6,574 6,835 2,490 4,483 1,068 3,662 4,018 5,008 569 2,912 $64,227

Staff Administration ZARIN MEHTA

President and Executive Director Susan O’Dell Assistant to the President Joliene Ford Assistant to the Chairman Media Vince Ford Director of New Media Artistic Administration

MatĂ­as Tarnopolsky Artistic Administrator Daniel Boico Manager, Artistic Administration Courtenay Schowalter Artistic Department Assistant Archives Barbara Haws Archivist/Historian Richard Wandel Associate Archivist Audio Lawrence Rock Audio Director Adrian Cosentini Audio/Preservation Manager Development

Melanie Forman Director of Development Mildred Wolkow Assistant to the Director of Development Corporate Sponsorship Lynne Randall Director of Corporate Sponsorship Research Barbara Shear Research Manager Individual Giving Judith Helf Director of Individual Giving Ashley Bednarski Friends Program Manager Marisa Buckley Administrative Assistant Elaine Huang Development Database Administrator Galen Brown Assistant Database Administrator Major, Planned, and Patron Gifts Marilyn Liebowitz Director of Major and Planned Gifts Elizabeth McColgan Director of Patron Program Amy Rome Director of Leadership Gifts Melissa Gerstein Administrative Assistant Rebecca Vendemo Patron Ticket and Privilege Coordinator Special Events and Volunteer Services Marion Cotrone Director of Special Events and Volunteer Services Eve Helfstein Associate Director of Special Events and Volunteer Services Georgia Petritsis Special Events Coordinator Sara Machowski Administrative Assistant

Special Projects Steven Parkey Director of Special Projects Wendy Neikirk Assistant Director of Special Projects Educational Activities

Theodore Wiprud Director of Education Toya Lillard Director of In-School Programs Amy Leffert Education Manager Lynne Mattos Education Assistant Shino Fukui Administrative Assistant Finance and Administration

Len Zinnanti Chief Financial and Administrative Officer David Elliott Assistant to the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer Finance Pamela Katz Director of Finance Marilyn Nichols Finance and Administration Assistant Eddie Duffy Office Services Administrator Alexander Frenkel Assistant Controller Maryam Kimyagarova Assistant Controller Aleftina Malayeva Senior Accountant Gordon Samuels Assistant Accountant Karen Schlicht Payroll Manager Human Resources Catherine Williams Director of Human Resources Information Technology Elizabeth Cahill Director, Information Technology Billy Alicea Technical Support Representative Louise Austin Systems Analyst Idrissa Bamba Systems Administrator Elizabeth Lee Associate Director, Information Technology Jay McKay Information Technology Assistant Brian Stallings Concerto Project Manager Stephen Weinberg Ticketing/Web Database Administrator Marketing and Customer Relations

David Snead Director of Marketing Allison Castino Administrative Assistant Marketing Julii Oh Associate Director, Marketing Deirdre Cipolla Assistant Director, Marketing Services Maura LoMonico Web Producer Derek Morton Web Producer

Stacey Trzesinski Assistant Director, New Media and Database Marketing Group Sales Ann Hilton Group Sales Manager Francisco Contreras, Jr. Group Sales Assistant Customer Relations Linda Forlini Director of Customer Relations Nataniel Francisco Customer Relations Manager LaShanda Bell Customer Relations Representative Craig Cerrato Sales Associate Britta Hallberg Ticket Systems Administrator Andrew Main Customer Relations Representative John May Subscriptions Supervisor Valerie Petrov Customer Relations Representative Philip Zipkin Customer Relations Supervisor

Annual Report 2008 Edited and Produced by New York Philharmonic Communications Eric Latzky Vice President, Communications Monica Parks Director of Publications Lucy Kraus Senior Publications Editor Katherine E. Johnson Associate Director, Public Relations


Katie Klenn Public Relations Assistant

Miki Takebe Director of Operations Roxana Rosales Assistant to the Director of Operations Alex Johnston Production Manager Brendan Timins Operations Coordinator Pamela Walsh Operations Coordinator James Eng Operations Assistant

Design: Pure+Applied

Orchestra Personnel

Carl R. Schiebler Orchestra Personnel Manager Nishi Badhwar Orchestra Personnel Assistant/Auditions Coordinator Public Relations

Eric Latzky Director of Public Relations Lanore Carr Assistant to the Director of Public Relations Katherine E. Johnson Associate Director of Public Relations Eric M. Gewirtz Publicist Katie Klenn Public Relations Assistant Publications Monica Parks Director of Publications Lucy Kraus Senior Publications Editor Amy Hegarty Publications Editor

Photos by Chris Lee


As of August 31, 2008 New York Philharmonic Avery Fisher Hall 10 Lincoln Center Plaza New York, NY 10023-6970 Opposite From TOP: Music Director Lorin Maazel. Music Director Designate Alan Gilbert.

Telephone: (212) 875-5900 Fax: (212) 875-5717

New York Philharmonic 2008 Annual Report  

The New York Philharmonic's 2008 Annual Report

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