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Exploring Alternatives to Removable Dentures in Queens This article explores the various challenges and repeated costs associated with removable dentures or false teeth. It then introduces the ‘All-on-Four’ dental implant technique as a viable – and even better – solution to tooth loss and edentulism. Removable Dentures in Queens: Challenges Removable dentures in Queens have long been the solution for people in their late adulthood that are suffering from tooth loss. The concept is relatively simple: if a patient presents with edentulism, then a prosthodontist will fabricate for them a full removable prosthetic denture that essentially looks and works like a full mouth of teeth would. If patients present with multiple missing teeth, then only a partial denture would be customized to suit their specific needs. While false teeth or removable dentures in Queens served their function, rapid advances in medical and technical sciences called for a solution to tooth loss that didn’t come with a whole host of challenges and repeated costs; something that was more comfortable, long-term and didn’t require patients to undergo the following ordeals on a regular basis: ·

Removal at night time and after each meal for cleaning

· The accumulation of food particles, bacteria and saliva in the removable dentures in Queens causing bad breath. · Physical discomfort and pain: Removable dentures are supported by the soft and hard tissues (gums, jaw bone and remaining healthy teeth) in the oral cavity. Because they are not fixed in place, they tend to move around causing damage to the supporting teeth, bone loss and inflammation of the gums. · Social discomfort: While well-fitted removable dentures in Queens (with the help of adhesive products) do not tend to move around as much, patients are always conscious of the risk of friends, family and work colleagues seeing them shifting, especially during speech and eating. Furthermore, false teeth can create altogether unnatural oral aesthetics. This results in acute social discomfort and low selfesteem. · Repeated costs: Bone loss in the jaw requires patients to have new removable dentures in Queens to be fitted every few years or so, which works out to be quite costly in the long run. Products such as adhesives and anesthetic gels for sore gums also need to be purchased on a regular basis. · Taste compromise and gagging: The latter can be triggered by psychological denial of the dentures as well as the physical presence of the prosthetic bridge towards the anterior portion of the palate. The Advent of Non-Removable Dentures in Queens: The ‘All-on-Four’ Technique The combined challenges and costs of removable dentures in Queens compelled certain dental professionals to seek a more permanent (non-removable) and comfortable alternative to tooth loss and edentulism. The innovative design for the ‘All-on-Four’ dental implant technique was born in the early 1990s and has since benefitted enormously from advances in medical and technological science. The concept involves the placement of fixed prosthetic dentures in Queens on four dental implants, which are inserted in the bone of the jaw to provide anchorage and stability. The results are a permanent (nonremovable), comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing solution, which looks, feels and works just like real

teeth. The ‘All-on-Four’ non-removable dentures in Queens have revolutionized the medical fields of fixed oral rehabilitation and implantology and have – for those patients who opt for this technique – rendered false teeth obsolete.

Exploring Alternatives to Removable Dentures in Queens