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Izabela Rose Volume 21

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HELLO THERE, READER! In this Star Power issue, up and coming actress Izabela Rose graces the cover. Izabela Rose can soon be seen in the Disney+ film Upside Down Magic playing Nory who has to prove her unusual talents are as valuable as the other students at the Sage Academy for magical studies. I also was lucky to have a quick chat with The Order actress Devery Jacobs. As always I hope you enjoy reading the issue and are inspired to go after your dreams!




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3. Get to Know Izabela

4. Izabela's PlaylistÂ

5. Star Power: Izabela Rose

9. Â Izabela's Top Picks

11. Quick Chat: Devery Jacobs

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#StarPower I am mixed with Salvadoran, African American and Italian.

I am fascinated and inspired by old I enjoy riding horses!


I love to talk to plants and animals.


I am 5’7.5� at age 13.


Izabela's Playlist Beyoncé // Mood 4 Eva

Beyoncé // Brown Skinned Girl

Lizzo // Truth Hurts

Bobby Darin // Dream Lover

Stevie Nicks // Crystal

Doris Day // Again

Ashe // Moral of the Story

Doris Day // Sentimental Journey

Eminem // Walk on Water

Beyoncé // Keys to the Kingdom



Izabela Rose Interview by Carol Wright | Photos by Dennis Morton

Upside Down Magic focuses on Nory proving that her out of the box talents are just as valuable as anyone else’s. Could you relate to Nory in this sense of believing in yourself even when others might not? Yes, absolutely! I am similar to Nory because before I booked this role, I had tested for a few projects and I was getting so close – but not being picked in the end. It was down to me and a few girls many times. Throughout all of these auditions, I faced a lot of rejection – but I never gave up believing in myself.

You sing and act, do you hope to incorporate singing into your acting career in the future? Singing is so close to my heart and I am very passionate about it. I have some exciting singing and acting projects in the works. I can’t wait for everyone to hear more about these soon!

What were the sets like? Did it feel surreal to step into the Sage Academy for magical studies? Yes, it felt so surreal! I remember the first day I was filming, we were actually at the Sage Academy for Magical Studies, and I walked on set with so many emotions. It looked so magical. Everything was coming to life! I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

When did you initially become interested in acting? When I was 9 years old, I watched a movie called The Little Princess (1939 version with Shirley Temple). I realized at that moment that I wanted to become an actress to entertain people, but also to help them forget about their problems. Then I heard an ad over the radio one day while driving into Atlanta that they were looking to audition kid actors. The rest is history!

What did you and your castmate Siena Agudong do off-set to create a bond that translates on-screen? What drew you to the role of Nory in Upside Down Magic? When I first saw the description of Nory’s character for the first time, I instantly fell in love with her optimistic, enthusiastic, and love for life personality! Nory reminded me of myself.

Siena and I would watch movies and hang out a lot. It was our first time in Vancouver, so we tried new snacks like chicken and shrimp flavored chips. We would film each other’s reactions and it was hilarious! Siena and I would also play ping-pong, tic tac toe, basketball and she taught me tons of dance moves! We had a great time on and off set and became good friends.


What do you hope viewers take away from the film after watching? I really hope that people take away these messages from the movie: believe in yourself, be open to others’ differences, and understand the value of true friendship.

Did you read the novel Upside Down Magic to prepare for the role of Nory? Yes, I did! To research Nory’s backstory, I read the entire book to prepare for the role. This gave me the opportunity to deepen my understanding of Nory even more. I also wanted to know the differences between the original book and the script.

"Believe in yourself, be open to others’ differences, and

What advice do you have for aspiring actors? I believe that everyone’s journey is different, so my advice for aspiring actors is to take a million no’s and turn them into your one yes – no matter how long it takes!

understand the value of true friendship."



Izabela's Top Picks

TV Show: I Love Lucy

Book: The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Movie: The Little Princess (1939 version with Shirley Temple)



Devery Jacobs Interview by Carol Wright | Photography by DW Waterson


When did you get bit by the acting bug? I’ve always known that I wanted to act, since before I can even remember. I would force my older sister to record me on our JVC cam, reenacting Disney VHSs and I’d direct my own embarrassing productions. I also attended the Turtle Island Theatre Company’s summer camps on my reservation. But growing up in Kahnawake, I didn’t see anybody who worked fulltime as an actor, and didn’t think it would ever be possible for myself. It was only when I was cast in Rhymes for Young Ghouls, in my first leading role, that I proved to myself, and to the film industry, that this Mohawk kid from the rez could carry a career in this industry.

Why did you want to be a part of The Order? I often play many dramatic and serious roles, and The Order was an opportunity to let loose in a role that is self-aware and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

You play Lilith Bathory, after two seasons are there similarities between you and Lilith? It’s funny that I always play so many ass-kicking roles, when I’m such an introverted nerd in real life. But I think I carry Lilith’s heart and tenacity… Even if I go about life in a bit of a gentler way.

You currently play a werewolf on The Order. Are there any other scifi/supernatural characters you’d love to play? I would love to play a superhero in an action film.

Tell us about Bootlegger. Was it important for you to be a part of a project that highlights an indigenous community? Bootlegger was a really touching, and interesting story. In many ways, the character I play, Mani, is very similar to the experience of writer/director Caroline Monnet. It deals with reconnecting with her Algonquin community, while having a different mothertongue than the rest of her community. While I don’t have that personal lived experience, having been born and raised in my community, it opened my eyes to the struggles of Indigenous people who grow up away from their people. I think exploring Indigenous communities in the many, varied experiences of what it means to be Indigenous is something that is not only important to me, but is necessary in film.

You also work on producing and directing films. How do your acting skills come into play when you are working your directorial muscles? Having been brought up as an actor, I feel like it’s strengthened my knowledge of story and character. And that has undoubtedly lended to my strengths as a writer and director. Also having the opportunity to work on sets in front of the camera has helped me understand how the dynamics of film sets operate.

What advice do you have for aspiring actors? To aspiring actors, I say this; be true to yourself and trust your voice. Anyone can play the idea of a character, but only you can bring your truth to a role. Trust that, and let it lead your work.


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