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THE HOBBY by Lizabeth Erica Scot EXT.- COMMUNITY TREATMENT CENTER - JUPITER FLORIDA - DAY The sign at the entrance reads: Community Treatment Center Substance Abuse and Mental Health - Jupiter, Florida. INT. - COMMUNITY TREATMENT CENTER - DAY KRISTEN MCBRIDE is being released from the clinic and is standing by the discharge station awaiting a final meeting with the CLINICIAN. Kristen is on crutches, dressed in loose fitting, disheveled, once stylish, worn out clothes. She is a pale, sick and frail shell of a fragile, beautiful, mature woman. The Clinician is a middle age man with a Texas accent and a no no-nonsense, tough love attitude. CLINICIAN (reads out from the paperwork) Kristen McBride, age forty-seven. Kristen steps up to the discharge station. CLINICIAN (CONT'D) We are recommending long term treatment for alcoholism and addiction. You had twelve years clean and sober time Kristen, and you can do it again, but you will have a tough time dealing with recovery from a such a severe relapse. You are disabled, with back injuries and diagnosed PTSD. You can no longer be dependent on narcotic meds, so we are referring you to pain management and sexual assault counselling. Your family is wealthy, maybe they can help you. KRISTEN (speaks softly with difficulty enunciating) My family is estranged. I am on my own. I have no medical insurance. I can't afford any treatment programs. CLINICIAN


2. CONTINUED: (2) (overly enunciating the word enunciate) ENUNCIATE. You must ENUNCIATE! It will take a long time to comeback from your overdose, and we can't be sure yet, how much damage was done. KRISTEN I'm a Northwestern University alumni. I can speak French fluently. Clinician hands her the release paperwork. CLINICIAN (sternly advising) When you overdosed, the hospital Baker Acted you here. Your blood alcohol level was over 400 points. FOUR HUNDRED IS DEAD!! You have some brain damage. You are not mentally capable of processing thoughts yet. Don't make any major changes or get into a relationship during the first year of recovery. Early sobriety demands all of your attention and you can't afford to be distracted by a new sexual relationship. 13th Stepping is dangerous and exploitative. When people first become sober they are highly vulnerable, and it's easy for other people to take advantage of them. Steer clear of that Willem guy, your car salesman, drug-dealer friend at the AA Club. Kristen walks out through the exit doors into the bright sunlight. MUSIC CUE: Year of the Cat by Al Stewart INSERT: Urban International Dictionary TOP DEFINITION The Hobby The patronizing of as many escorts as possible in a given locality. Following the experience the hobbyist reports his "review" of the prostitute on a blog or bulletin board known (CONTINUED)

3. CONTINUED: (3) as a review board. BEGIN TITLES EXT. JUPITER FLORIDA RIVERWALK SHOPS - DAY A beautiful view of the Riverwalk area and an old fashioned lamp post with a hanging sign: HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL 2011. END MUSIC EXT. - JUPITER FLORIDA AA CLUB - DAY It is a bright sunny day and Kristen McBride is standing just outside the Alcoholics Anonymous Club near the Riverwalk shops in the charming village of Jupiter, Florida. The AA symbol is displayed in front of the building where AA members are gathering outside after the meeting. Kristen has overgone an extraordinary transformation as a diligent, desperately vigilant person in recovery. She is the picture of health and is well-dressed in stylish, dressy, casual, attire with wedge sandals. Kristen is wearing a knee-length, tight, stretch, denim skirt and a trendy, floral-print, open blouse over a tank top. She has a distinctive golden strawberry-blonde hair in a short chic cut. Kristen is approached by an old AA friend NORA, who is a plain looking middle-age women with a graceful spiritual demeanor, which makes her seem quite beautiful. Nora greets Kristen with a hug and kiss on the cheek NORA It's good to see you. How are you doing? KRISTEN I just got my sixty day chip. I'm going to two meetings a day. NORA (softly in an encouraging tone) Meeting makers make it. You have been able to bounce back because of all the work you did here before. Kristen smiles meekly. She receives a phone call. KRISTEN (respectfully) I have to get this. She walks away from Nora and the the small crowd of people. (CONTINUED)

4. CONTINUED: (4) Kristen stands on a street corner adjacent to the Jupiter Coffee Company and the AA Club, enrapt in phone convo with NICK. NICK V.O. (deep personable voice heard over the phone) You come highly recommended by our friend WILLEM. We have some common interests. KRISTEN What is your name? NICK V.O. Nick. I'm at the Jupiter Coffee Company having a cappuccino with Willem. You and I should meet. KRISTEN I'm right near there. NICK V.O. I'll be right over. Nick pulls up to the corner in a black Dodge Charger musclecar and slowly rolls down the dark tinted window as he looks inquisitively at Kristen. Nicholas Lazzaro, is dressed to the nines, donning high-end business attire, accentuated with multiple long gold chains of different lengths with a cross, and Italian horn symbol on them. He is sporting an impeccable John Gotti type hairstyle, a carefully crafted image. Symbols are especially important to a man who is doing filthy, repulsive stuff on a daily basis but can fool the community with a clean-as-the-driven-snow facade. INT. - STREET CORNER - NICK'S CAR - DAY NICK You are very attractive. I hear good things about you from Willem who is quite impressed. I have been looking for someone special like you. We have some business ventures opening up, and I believe you would be an asset to my company. Pause. NICK (CONT'D) Get in. (CONTINUED)

5. CONTINUED: (5) Nick picks up Kristen on the street corner, in plain sight, amidst a throng of people. NICK (CONT'D) (the "good samaritan" persona act) Willem tells me that you have no vehicle. KRISTEN I had an accident last week and my car is totaled. NICK Maybe we could help you get back on your feet. KRISTEN I relapsed after divorce, I am pretty much bankrupt. NICK Did Willem mention what type of businesses we run? KRISTEN (painfully shy and embarrassed to say the word "escort") A car company, and an escort business? NICK Where do you live? Let's go talk someplace private. I have a mutually beneficial business proposition for you. EXT. - WINDEMERE APARTMENTS - DAY The stealthy black charger with snazzy, showy hubcaps is seen entering Kristen's subdivision, Windemere Apartments. The quaint, tropical complex is situated in a respectable middleclass area. INT. - WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY Kristen's apartment is cozy French country decor with numerous silk plants and colorful Christmas mini-lights. Kristen doesn't know what she is getting into. She knows nothing of Nick's world. She is struggling with her own emotional and mental capabilities as a befuddled, debilitated person in early recovery. Nick lustfully tears open her blouse, fondling her breasts over her enticing designer bra, (CONTINUED)

6. CONTINUED: (6) NICK (CONT'D) (with a commanding tone) Take off your clothes. Show me that you are not miked. Nick and Kristen are are all over each other in the passionate prelude of an intense sexual liaison. Afterwards, they are sitting on the sofa, fully dressed. NICK (CONT'D) You could make good money as an escort for a quick down payment on a car. What type of car are you looking for? I'll keep an eye out for it. I always take special care of my new partner. Our team is like family. KRISTEN How would I get clients? NICK You can post your own ads on the internet. Each client pays $200. We will protect you for $50 a piece. KRISTEN (hesitantly) Is the $50 a set price? NICK Yes. KRISTEN I have a part time job. I'm not sure how this would work. NICK (a strong dominant voice) You must stop doing everything, so we can protect you. Kristen is like a deer in the headlights NICK (CONT'D) Are you excited?! KRISTEN (obligated to answer a rhetorical question) Yes. (CONTINUED)

7. CONTINUED: (7) NICK (feigning sincerity) I am always just a phone call way. KRISTEN When will we start? NICK You will need to pick up two disposable phones for us to talk privately, and another spare for my right hand man, DEENO. If I am not available, Deeno will be protecting you. He is my eyes and ears. You must always cover your driver. That is a priority. (emphasizing the word loyalty) From here on out, you will call me Valentine. Loyalty is the most important thing. Give me your complete loyalty and respect, and I will trust you implicitly. (definitively) I have many business associates, and a family. I am committed to my children. I need to protect their security. If you see me out and about, look the other way, like two ships passing in the night. A blue-point Himalayan cat jumps up onto the sofa. KRISTEN This is my Persian cat, Gigi. NICK (accentuates highly) I am highly allergic to cats. Kristen takes the cat and releases her onto the floor. Nick is casually looking at the photos of Kristen's family on the coffee table as if showing personal interest. NICK (CONT'D) Who's this? KRISTEN My sister. NICK Where does she live? (CONTINUED)

8. CONTINUED: (8) KRISTEN She lives on Chicago's North Shore, where I was brought up. My family still lives there. NICK I hope to meet her someday. Pause. KRISTEN (romantic anticipation) Do you have a plan? Nick stares off ahead, looking past her, very relaxed and unassuming, with his large charismatic eyes. NICK (poetic, persuasive, seductive voice) You will call me, I will call you, and together we will call one another. EXT. - OUTDOOR SPORTS VENUE ENTRANCE - POPE BENEDICT XV PARK SIGN - DAY EXT. OUTDOOR SPORTS VENUE - POPE BENEDICT XV PARK - DAY Nick is parked near Kristen's apartment in a large outdoor sports venue with fields for soccer, baseball, football and tennis. The hometown Jupiter ballpark is a major attraction for local families' and children's sporting events. Nick is parked under a tree, on the far end of a parking lot in front of the field where uniformed children are having soccer practice with a thin crowd of onlookers. He is engrossed in a routine conference with his handler, Deeno. Deeno is pasty complected caucasian man, late forties, with light hued eyes and dirty blonde hair cut in a short curly pompadour. His attire style is dressy casual. Deeno is a brown-nosing shyster who worships Nick and his Italian bravado. Inside Nick's car is a police radio, a pair of compact binoculars set on the dashboard, and a selection of high-tech surveillance devices and toys he keeps on hand in their appropriate places, some are stashed in the trunk. NICK (CONT'D) I've got Barry in training now. The New York bosses sent him down. I gave him a good deal on that white Chrysler 200 with blue rim hubcaps. (methodical nonchalance) (CONTINUED)

9. CONTINUED: (9) I'm scouting out car dealerships for recruits. DEENO I know a lot of car salesman from when I was general manager. My guy in Delray is very interested. NICK We are expanding "The Company" operations. New York is going hightech. The bosses have undercover soldiers in the military. I just bought a boatload of state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. Barry just signed a lease and is moving into Windemere Apartments, hush-hush undercover. (with intensity) Kapish?! (matter-of-fact) He got into Kristen's place when she was out and planted two spy cameras. Barry has set up a GPS device in all the girls' cars with a mini camera to view the entire perimeter. Now that we had to employ another driver to protect her, tell Kristen we have to raise the $50 protection cost to $75 to pay for gas. Starting today there will be a $75 fine imposed on any escort who does not fill the delivery quota. All the girls' computer activities are being monitored and routed into my laptop through the surveillance systems. YouTube instructions show how to use a Remote Access Trojan, so make a note of it. I found a new phone tapping app, and I want you make use of it. DEENO Right away, Capo. Deeno hands Nick several envelopes stuffed with money. NICK Cesare will not tolerate disloyalty among the ranks. The girls are a company commodity, a hands off policy is strictly enforced. Sexual (MORE) (CONTINUED)

10. CONTINUED: (10) NICK (CONT'D) fraternization is seen as stealing. DEENO No problem, I don't need the drama anyway. NICK I am expecting a FaceTime call from the New York boss any minute. A large Smart phone lights up beeping an alert. NICK (CONT'D) This is MR. BIG calling now. Nick morphs into an all-business, agitated aggression. NICK (CONT'D) Go cover her, and follow her wherever she goes. As Deeno exits Nick's car, he sneakily tucks a Beretta semiautomatic pistol into his waistband and walks towards his rental car, parked several feet away. EXT. - WINDEMERE APARTMENTS - DAY Nick and Deeno are sitting in Nick's car, parked in the complex, strategically hidden by foliage as they keep watch on Kristen's front door. Kristen's apartment is an end unit enveloped by a variety of large tropical plants, vines and flowers. There is a rustic sign out front entwined in bougainvillea: "Welcome to Margaritaville." DEENO (keeping vigil with his binos) She is making a big splash in this business. NICK Wish we had ten more like her. EXT. - WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY A black Porsche coupe pulls up to Kristy's front door parking area. EXT. - WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY A blue BMW pulls up to Kristy's front door parking area. (CONTINUED)

11. CONTINUED: (11) EXT. - WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY A sporty white Mercedes pulls up to Kristy's front door parking area. EXT. - WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY A luxury, souped up, pick-up truck with extra large tires pulls up to Kristy's front door parking area. EXT. - WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY A champagne Bentley pulls up to Kristy's front door parking area. EXT. - WINDEMERE APARTMENTS STREETFRONT - DAY A high-end eighteen-wheeler semi big rig truck pulls up in front of the complex and parks on the grass along the highway. The large festive lettering on the truck says "Plenty of Fish". The loud and long pressurized air is released. A buffed out, fashionable, older, western dude with a white cowboy hat and slick cowboy boots jumps out and jogs into the entrance of the apartment complex. EXT. - WINDEMERE APARTMENTS - NICK'S CAR - DAY Deeno's binoculars are hanging around his neck as he takes notes. NICK (CONT'D) Make sure you take the auto tag number of every delivery. DEENO Zero tolerance for bullshit games from bad actors. NICK No real names from now on. Kristen's stage name is COLBY, so use it. Tell all the girls that we discuss NOTHING over the phone. Tell Colby that the protection cost is 50% OF EVERYTHING. If they try to steal from us, we will ALWAYS find out, and make sure they know it. EXT. RIVERWALK SHOPS - JUPITER COFFEE COMPANY - DAY Kristen now dresses in a mid-length, tropical, floral, see(CONTINUED)

12. CONTINUED: (12) through, chiffon, skirt, high-low hem, minus the lining, with a sexy, low-cut, tuxedo style vest and 5-inch wedge sandals. Underneath she wears short sexy yoga shorts and a chic croptop. She has multiple mini flip phones tucked inside her 36D push-up bra and various other curious places, and in her handbag. Phones are ringing incessantly all over her body. A phone rings and she pulls a handset out from her brassiere. KRISTEN (naturally soft, sweet, sexy voice) Hello, can I call you right back? Another phone rings and she pulls it out from the other side of her brassiere. KRISTEN (CONT'D) Hello, can I call you back in a minute? Another phone rings and she pulls it out of the side pocket of her small crossbody pocketbook. KRISTEN (CONT'D) Hello? NICK V.O. (flirtatious banter) Whose this? KRISTEN (demurely) You know. NICK V.O. I want you to meet me in back of the outfit where you got your car. KRISTEN You mean the Buy Here Pay Here place by the mall? NICK V.O. (flirtatious banter) That's the one, where you bought "the beast." Call me when you get over there and I'll tell you where I am. EXT. - LARGE SHOPPING MALL AREA SIDE STREET - DAY Nick's black vintage souped up mustang with a loud muscle-car muffler is seen driving somewhat fast and sleuth like around (CONTINUED)

13. CONTINUED: (13) the street corners before it rendezvous with an old, grey, rattletrap Monte Carlo coming in from the opposite direction, driven by Kristen. The two cars stop alongside in the middle of the shopping mall parking area. They are side by side facing opposite directions. Nick lowers his dark tinted window. He is wearing a badass, black, sporty, semi-rimless, mirror lens wrap shades and a T-shirt with a Italian flag emblem on the arm. There is a U.S. Army decal on his car. Kristen hands him an envelope stuffed with cash. Nick is holding to his ear a smartphone with the charger cord attached. He is clearly giving the call his full attention. EXT. LARGE SHOPPING MALL PARKING LOT - DAY KRISTEN I'm going in the mall for the Asian massage therapy. NICK You were just there yesterday. KRISTEN I have a terrible migraine. Must be my neck flaring up again. Kristen is in obvious pain as she puts her hand on her neck. NICK (distracted) I'll call you. Nick closes his dark tinted windows and drives off. INT. MALL - ORIENTAL MASSAGE STOREFRONT - DAY There is an ORIENTAL MASSAGE sign above the glass storefront. Inside the store are two massage chairs in the front area with a large diagram of a foot on the wall. There are several massage tables in the back area behind a makeshift partition made of silk bamboo plants. There are four Chinese male massage practitioners ages 35-50. They are wearing mediumlight colored pants and matching red T-shirts with black lettering: Oriental Massage. There are men and women of all ages receiving massage, some are seated as they wait for their turn. Kristen walks into the Oriental Massage storefront. EXT. - AA CLUB JUPITER - DAY There is an ongoing AA meeting inside as Kristen exits the (CONTINUED)

14. CONTINUED: (14) main door to answer the phone. KRISTEN Hello? NICK V.O. (gives Kristy commands and relishes in his sexual power over her.) I want you to meet me at the Coffee Company. Stand outside. Kristen walks to the Coffee Company and stands at the entrance. Nick suddenly appears and walks up to Kristen. He is wearing designer jeans, a Polo T-shirt and Italian loafers. Kristen looks into his eyes with anticipation and hands him an envelope bulging with money. NICK (toys with Kristen) Don't look at my ass while I'm walking away. Nick turns and briskly walks away. EXT. - AA CLUB - RIVERWALK SHOPS - NIGHT Kristen is standing outside in a crowd of people after the AA meeting. She walks away as she pulls a phone out from her brassiere and holds it to her ear. Kristen proceeds to walk directly to the adjacent street corner as Nick pulls up in a white Corvette. NICK (CONT'D) (a nickname) Hey kid. Walks up to the car and hands him an envelope. KRISTEN When will I be seeing you again? Your kind of a magnet. NICK (emphasizes the words for now) This the way it has to be, for now. Kristen appears unnerved and flustered with him. KRISTEN (childlike passion and frustration ) (CONTINUED)

15. CONTINUED: (15) (with a strained voice) I'm getting away from you. NICK (with intensity accentuated with slight sexual tension) I'll send Deeno back down here. EXT. OCEAN FRONT TIKI HUT BAR - DAY A large AA meeting called "The Tiki Hut Meeting" assembles on the beach, next to a popular local Tiki Bar. Over forty people are seated in curved-back stacking chairs forming a circular cluster. The CHAIRPERSON, a man around forty, is chairing the meeting. He is well dressed in stylish long plaid shorts and a loose fitting pastel T-shirt. CHAIRPERSON Kristen has volunteered to do the reading. EXT. BEACH - THICK FOLIAGE - DAY Cagey Nick is behind the tropical foliage watching Kristen from afar with his mini-binoculars. EXT. AA TIKI HUT BEACH MEETING - DAY Kristen is happy to be alive and it shows. She struggles to read from a book with visible cognitive difficulty KRISTEN A.A.'s Twelve Steps are a group of principles, spiritual in their nature, which, if practiced as a way of life, can expel the obsession to drink and enable the sufferer to become happily and usefully whole. EXT. AA TIKI HUT BEACH MEETING - DAY CHAIRPERSON Are there any anniversaries? EVELYN, a down to earth and classy mature woman raises her hand and steps up to the podium to speak. EVELYN We use poker chips to show that we are gamboling with our lives. I would like to award this three month red chip to (MORE)


16. CONTINUED: (16) EVELYN (CONT'D) a dear friend. She has overcome much hardship. Congratulations Kristen, this is for you. Kristen walks up to accept the symbolic poker chip, and receives a warm hug from Evelyn. When the enthusiastic applause subsides, Kristen stands facing the group. KRISTEN (with a sincere smile) Alcoholics Anonymous is the best thing that ever happened to me. EXT. AA TIKI HUT BEACH MEETING - DAY Kristen is walking away from the meeting. She receives a call and pulls a phone out from her brassiere. KRISTEN (CONT'D) Hello? NICK (deep authoritative voice laced with sexual innuendo) If you ever backslide again, I'll take you over my knee. EXT. - OUTDOOR SPORTS VENUE ENTRANCE - POPE BENEDICT XV PARK SIGN - NIGHT EXT. - OUTDOOR SPORTS VENUE - POPE BENEDICT XV PARK - NIGHT Uniformed children play a baseball event. The bleachers are filled. Nicks black Charger is parked inconspicuously. Nick and Deeno are having a confab inside the car while they watch the children playing. There is a large billboard within view with an ad for SAN FRANCISCO PSYCHICS 1-888-ADVISOR. Deeno is parked alongside in a different car, facing the opposite direction. He hands over several envelopes stuffed with cash. NICK (CONT'D) (Mr. Nice Guy) Good job Deeno. We're having a good day. DEENO Crazy busy, Captain. (CONTINUED)

17. CONTINUED: (17) NICK (mob hustler) We need some fresh new talent. Let's take this show on the road. Tell the girls we're going to Ft. Lauderdale, and don't take no for an answer. Nick is pulling out. NICK (CONT'D) (jovial) You must be a preferred customer at the rental car company. DEENO I'm incognito. The tag can't be traced back to me. Don't have to worry about the high mileage either. Nick smacks twice the rear side of Deeno's car in a friendly gesture. Multiple phones with various ring tones begin sounding off in both cars. NICK (upbeat) chow mein. EXT. WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY Kristen's car is packed with luggage, pillows, blankets, and numerous items. Kristen is standing near the car as she finishes packing. A phone rings and Kristen pulls a flip phone out of the side pocket of her small crossbody purse as she receives a callback from the SAN FRANCISCO PSYCHICS psychic JANVIER. SAN FRANCISCO PSYCHICS V.O. (female recording heard over the phone) This is your callback from San Francisco Psychics. JANVIER, the psychic advisor you requested is on the line. JANVIER V.O. (a refreshing upbeat melodious voice) This is Janvier. KRISTY This is Kristen. We talked last week. (CONTINUED)

18. CONTINUED: (18) JANVIER V.O. I remember. KRISTEN (extremely distressed) I have to go Ft. Lauderdale and I don't want to go. I just want to stay here with my AA friends and go to meetings. I was in a car accident last month and my sponsor says I shouldn't be driving yet. I can't think straight. I can't even figure out how to use the smart phone I got before I relapsed. I can't handle it. I don't know what to do. JANVIER V.O. We're supposed to tell you to call the police. Kristen is at her wits' end and crying. KRISTEN I can't call the police. I can't call anyone. It's the Mafia. MUSIC CUE: Hotel California by The Eagles EXT. FT. LAUDERDALE - HOTEL CALIFORNIA - DAY The Hotel California sign is displayed in front of the three star hotel. Surrounded by trees and lush landscaping, there are several floors laid out with exterior corridors. The Hotel California is a potpourri of hoi polloi from a middleclass businessmen, to an array of colorful characters in the underground subculture of "the hobby". Many have taken up residence there, and linger about in low-key lawlessness. A global ethnic, mixed-bag, melange of call-girls and pimps, together with South Florida's domestic and international visitors and tourists, depict the the hotel urbanites. END MUSIC INT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - DAY Kristen is at the hotel front desk checking in. The Caribbean FRONT DESK MANAGER is an attractive black man, mid-forties, with a musical accent. There is a flat screen T.V. turned off, behind the front desk. FRONT DESK MANAGER (CONTINUED)

19. CONTINUED: (19) (sets leaflet on front desk) Here is your room key card. An upscale, voluptuous Latina FRONT DESK AGENT, late twenties with heavy eye make-up, walks up and turns the T.V. on to the Peacock News station with a life-like peacock logo. KRISTEN (picks up the room key card) Thank you. A sharp looking curvaceous blonde, FEMALE NEWS REPORTER, early thirties, comes on the T.V. with a breaking Peacock News report. FEMALE NEWS REPORTER An Asian identity theft ring was busted operating out of a Miami hotel on Friday. Federal officials say South Florida remains the nation's epicenter for fraud linked to identity theft. Kristen walks out through the main entrance. EXT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - DAY Loaded up with designer luggage and multifarious items, Kristen pushes a heavily laden hotel trolley cart across the grounds towards the elevator. She is not happy about it. Civilian hotel denizens stand outside in a circle, imbibing in daily reefer smoking rituals, and the entire stomping grounds reeks of connoisseur marijuana fumes. A Volvo pulls up and parks near the stairs. Five streetsmart, nerdy Chinese guys, ranging in age from 25-35, exit the vehicle from all four car doors. The band of calculating, computer-geek, identity thieves, equipped with digital devices, rapidly ascent the stairs. They are dressed in cheap dork sneakers and white socks. Their belt and suspenders pull their pants up to high at the waist. They are wearing unfashionable ties and pocket protectors with an array of pens. Kristen pushes the overloaded cart into the elevator and the doors close. EXT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - DAY Nick's black Charger is seen sliding in through the hotel entrance and circles the entire perimeter of the property (CONTINUED)

20. CONTINUED: (20) before it parks near the side of the hotel. A DARK HAIRED GIRL in the mid-twenties opens the door to a room located near the car. She has excessive body ink with some face and ear piercings. She wears a short, tight, tacky mini-dress with long bare legs and platform stilettos. The girl walks out to the car to the driver's side window. Nick's arm reaches out to take a thick envelope. EXT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - NIGHT Nick's car is seen slowly driving around the back of the hotel as an older model Mercedes comes by from the other direction and stops alongside the Charger. A woman's arm with multiple bangle bracelets reaches out as Nick's hairy arm extends itself, and grabs a bulging envelope. Both cars drive off in opposite directions. EXT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - DAY Nick jaunts up the hotels stairs. EXT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - DAY Nick is seen striding towards the back of the hotel second story exterior corridor and stops to knock at a door. EXT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - DAY Nick is seen striding towards the front of the hotel fourth floor exterior corridor and stops to knock at a door. INT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - DAY Kristen is in her hotel room which she adorned with large sheer scarves over the light fixtures for soft lighting and ambiance. Am elegant homey comforter is draped over the king size bed with a medley of large cozy pillows. Soft jazz is playing on the flat screen T.V. The phone rings. KRISTEN Hello? NICK V.O. You're having a busy day. I need you to meet me for a drop off. KRISTEN I'm expecting a client. I don't have time right now. NICK V.O. (CONTINUED)

21. CONTINUED: (21) (brazen) What do you mean you don't have time? I'll be right up. INT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - KRISTEN'S ROOM - DAY A loud knock is heard and Kristen answers the door. Nick is standing in the doorway with his backside facing into the room. With his hand held behind his back he gestures for the envelope. Kristen hands it over and Nick quickly slips away. Kristen stands there, dumbfounded. EXT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - ELEVATOR - DAY As Kristen exits the elevator, she encounters nonchalant Nick, ambitiously bounding in through the door. He apparently has an an agenda that does not include her. She feels betrayed and looks at him in chagrin. As the door closes in. NICK (cajoling) I'm getting some money for us. This retort does not sit well with her and she is visibly vexed and perplexed. EXT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - DAY As a steady stream of red blooded seeking men of all types and ages their cars and make a beeline for prearranged room numbers all over

All-American pleasurecome and go, they park an erotic experience at the hotel.

EXT. LA BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHIE - DAY The sign in front of the fancy boudoir photography studio reads La Boudoir Photographie. Kristen's old grey Monte Carlo is the only car parked in front of the free standing building surrounded by palm trees. INT. LA BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHIE - DAY Kristen is engaged in a professional photo shoot with a French photographer. She is wearing a white lace bustier with garter and stockings. Kristen's shoes are open-toe, patent leather, sapphire-blue stilettos. Her classic jewelry is elegant and understated. She exudes a genuine, sophisticated, sexy purity. Her distinctive short chic hairstyle enhances her unique appeal. The photographer is shooting photos from (CONTINUED)

22. CONTINUED: (22) various angles while giving Kristen brief instructions in a French accent. INSERT: A world class glamour photo of Kristen in her signature white lace lingerie. The caption on the photo reads "Colby". INT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - KRISTEN'S ROOM - DAY Kristen is in her hotel room where there are now several flower bouquets. Smooth jazz is playing. She is wearing a vintage little black dress and open toe stilettos. There is a knock at the door and Kristen unlocks the bolt and opens it. TONY MILANO stands in the doorway smiling and enters the room. Tony is a wealthy man, age sixty, who dresses with panache. TONY I'm Tony Milano. KRISTEN Come on in. TONY I've been wanting to meet you. You've been on my radar. KRISTEN Thank you. Is there anything special you might like? TONY What's on the menu. KRISTEN Everything, but not just anything. TONY Cute. You look better than your pictures. Tony sets the money on the table. TONY (CONT'D) Turn around. Kristen turns and Tony unzips her dress. It falls to the floor to reveal her stylish seductive lace panties and bra. He moves in towards her from behind and moves his hands across her body as they stand together facing a mirrored (CONTINUED)

23. CONTINUED: (23) wall. They move together to the music. Kristen reaches her arms behind her, around his neck as they continue to move together entwined in sinc, as he kisses her neck and moves his hands over her body, fondling her breasts over the brassiere and caressing her pelvis. Kristen turns to face him and they embrace, kissing passionately as they fall together onto the king size bed. INT. KRISTEN'S HOTEL ROOM - DAY Kristen is standing in the room wearing a sexy, sheer, black lace robe while Tony is sitting down putting on his shoes. TONY (CONT'D) Did you know that I own a premier gentlemen's club in Ft. Lauderdale? I have one in Vegas too. Tony stands up and walks to the door. TONY (CONT'D) I have a nice place on the Intracoastal Waterway. I would like you to come to my house sometime. KRISTEN You aren't married? TONY I've never been married. KRISTEN You could have any woman you want. TONY I spent most of my life living for myself. I want something different now. He smiles, opens the door and walks out. Kristen closes the door. EXT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - DAY Kristen and Nick rendezvous in their respective cars for a drop off. The band of Chinese guys are descending the flights of stairs NICK (nodding towards them) Those guys are being watched. Some of (MORE) (CONTINUED)

24. CONTINUED: (24) NICK (CONT'D) their friends just got busted down south. They're identity thieves. Nick reaches out and takes the envelope from Kristy. NICK (CONT'D) I hear you have clients coming in from all over Florida. KRISTEN How do you know? NICK (makes a hand gesture and emphasizes the word always) I always know. As Nick slowly drives away he smacks twice the side rear of Kristen's car with the palm of his hand, in a gregarious gesture. INT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - KRISTEN'S ROOM - NIGHT Kristen is awaiting an arrival call from AARON. Kristy is wearing leggings with a tasteful, sexy top and stilettos. The phone rings. Kristen pulls the drapes aside and looks out the window. There is an attractive, clean cut, spruce looking Latino man, early thirties, closing his car door, an older model beige Millenia. He walks across the parking lot towards the hotel as he holds a phone to his ear. Kristen's phone rings and she picks it up off the nearby table. KRISTEN Hello? AARON V.O. This is Aaron. I'm here, I'm in the parking lot. What's the room number? KRISTEN Room 237 at the end of the hall. Come on up. Kristen closes the flip phone and picks up another handset. She opens the phone, pressing auto dial, and holds the phone to her ear. NICK V.O. (voice over the phone) Hello? (CONTINUED)

25. CONTINUED: (25) KRISTEN (speaking into the phone) There's a delivery coming in, driving a beige Millenia. NICK V.O. Gotcha. Kristen methodically sets the open phone line down on a table next to a lamp. Kristy looks in the mirror, lightly teasing her hair with slight uneasiness. There is a knock on the door. Upon entering the room Aaron immediately seizes control. He is unzips his sporty jacket to reveal the the police badge he wears around his neck and pulls out a .38 handgun from a shoulder holster. He is an aggressive and antagonistic psychopath. AARON I am Detective Sanchez. You are under arrest. You said a price on the phone. KRISTEN Any money is for my time as an adult entertainer. AARON There's another officer outside the door. If you cooperate and answer all my questions without hiding anything, it will make things easier for you. KRISTEN (crying) I haven't done anything wrong. What's going to happen to me? AARON Give me your driver's license. Kristen opens her purse and hands it over. Aaron Sanchez points the gun at Kristen. AARON (CONT'D) I need all your credit cards, your phones and the money that you made today. Kristen collects the items and hands them over. He lines it (CONTINUED)

26. CONTINUED: (26) all up on the table in a deliberate orderly pattern. AARON (CONT'D) If you do not come clean, I will call in the other detective and he will cuff you. DO YOU HAVE ANY MORE MONEY HIDDEN. KRISTEN (cooperates to stay on his good side) Yes. AARON Where is it. Kristen removes a thick envelope from behind the bed table. He snatches it from her. KRISTEN (pleading) Please don't take all my money. It's my life savings. Aaron Sanchez smashes her laptop with his gun and breaks it. AARON You just can't come to Ft. Lauderdale and stay at a hotel. I'm going to get the other officer. Aaron slyly slips everything into a zipper bag and quickly exits the room, leaving the door ajar. Kristen is left dazed and stunned. She walks to the door, stepping out to out to look down the long empty corridor. It occurs to her that she has escaped unscathed. She appears shocked and relieved. Kristen searches her luggage and finds a new unactivated Horizon cell phone still in the box. INT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - KRISTEN'S ROOM - NIGHT Kristen is holding a newly activated phone to her ear, with the torn open Horizon phone box flung on the bed. KRISTEN I need to talk to a Horizon supervisor. (CONTINUED)

27. CONTINUED: (27) Kristen pauses, nervous. KRISTEN (CONT'D) My phone was stolen, can you give me the last number I called? Kristen pauses, tense. KRISTEN (CONT'D) WHY NOT?! It's MY account. INT. HOTEL CALIFORNIA - FRONT DESK - NIGHT Kristen is checking out of the hotel. KRISTEN (CONT'D) I'm checking out. Can I get a cash refund for the days I prepaid. The Front Desk Agent looks at the computer. FRONT DESK AGENT (Spanish accent) You paid cash, so you will get a cash refund. EXT. WINDEMERE APARTMENTS - KRISTEN'S FRONT DOOR - NIGHT Kristen walks up to her front door and opens it to the soft glow of the holiday mini-lights on the silk plant trees and walks in. She immediately goes to her laptop and accesses the Horizon Call Log Records page. INSERT: Laptop Horizon Call Log Records Page. EXT. SUNRISE - DAY INT. KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY Kristen holds a phone in her hand and presses a button. She holds the phone to her ear. NICK V.O. Hello. KRISTEN It's me, Colby. I've been trying to reach you since last night. (CONTINUED)

28. CONTINUED: (28) NICK V.O. What happened? Why didn't you call me? KRISTEN (hyper) I was robbed! The guy driving the beige Millenia took everything! I couldn't call you! He took my phones, my credit cards and ALL my money! About $2000 dollars. NICK V.O. We thought you were arrested. KRISTEN That guy was a psycho, impersonating a police officer. I didn't know what to do, so I checked out and came home. NICK V.O. You're in Jupiter now? KRISTEN I came back last night. NICK V.O. You are going to have to prove to me that you were NOT arrested. KRISTEN I checked out of the hotel and got a refund. If I were arrested that would've never happened. It's all in the hotel records and on their security video. NICK V.O. (seemingly convinced and with boldness) Well, that's never going to happen again. Nick calls in his cohorts from out of town, as he is always paranoid and still doubtful about Kristy's explanation. Nick's associate, STEVE, who operates an Orlando escort operation, comes in from central Florida. He is a cordial, blonde, blue-eyed, Italian, upper middle-class family man, mid-fifties, who wears a designer suit. EXT. IL PIZZA PAZZA - DAY (CONTINUED)

29. CONTINUED: (29) The sign in front of the quaint Italian Ristorante Pizzeria reads IL Pizza Pazza INT. IL PIZZA PAZZA - DAY Nick is sitting at the bar. He is drinking a glass of vino. A silver Chrysler 300 pulls up and parks in front of the restaurant window. STEVE steps out out of the car and enters the pizzeria. He takes a seat at the finished wooden bar next to Nick. THE BARTENDER is at the other end of the bar talking to an attractive woman seated there. NICK (overly exaggerated bravado with a New York Italian accent) STEFANO! Bartender, let's have a drink for my old friend Stefano. STEVE You know I prefer Steve. NICK (very serious tone) Seriously. I need your help with one of my girls. She went M.I.A. in Ft. Lauderdale and I need to know that she's not setting me up. STEVE You think she's working with the cops? NICK Maybe, maybe not. I need to be sure. STEVE (with an embellished New York Italian accent) No problem. We're family. NICK I have a nice little crew up here. Pause. STEVE I have a new crew operating out of Panama City. NICK Have you talked to the bosses about the situation in Orlando? (CONTINUED)

30. CONTINUED: (30) STEVE Everything is copacetic. EXT. RIVERWALK SHOPS - AA CLUB - DAY Kristen is standing outside in a crowd of people after AA an meeting. The silver Chrysler 300 drives slowly by, circling the block, as Steve scopes it out. EXT. WINDEMERE APARTMENTS - DAY The silver Chrysler 300 is seen entering Windemere Apartments. EXT. WINDEMERE APARTMENTS - DAY Nick and Barry are sitting in Nick's black Mustang, reverse parked, behind the thick foliage vantage point where they view the activity at Kristen's apartment. Barry is a New York Italian, late forties. Steve pulls up and parks next to Nick. Both cars lower the electric windows for a brief conference. STEVE (CONT'D) I don't think you have anything to worry about. I checked her out. I left no stone unturned. NICK Great. Nick hands an envelope over to Steve. NICK (CONT'D) Barry here, bugged her apartment with a new high-tech video AND audio spy device. STEVE (nodding) I need to get on the road. My daughter has a volley ball tournament. Orlando traffic is brutal. NICK Let me know if you need anything. STEVE See you at the big winter meeting in Tampa. INT. KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY (CONTINUED)

31. CONTINUED: (31) Kristen is all dolled up awaiting a client. She is wearing a seductive dark blue-green corset with black lace trim topped off with black garter and stockings, and pointed toe stilettos. A Peacock News Station announcement comes on the flat-screen television. A handsome AUSTRALIAN MAN, late thirties, with a distinctive accent, is reporting the news. AUSTRALIAN MAN Reports are coming in across South Florida of an armed robbery scam being perpetrated by a lunatic LEO impersonator a.k.a. Aaron Sanchez. It is believed that he is Brazilian, and that this scheme was contrived on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. The police were called in, after the rogue imposter assaulted his latest victim with a deadly weapon. Kristen stands there awestruck, staring with wide-eyed amazement. EXT. NICK'S HOUSE - DAY A two story, spacious, swanky, extravagant house on the Singer Island Intracoastal Waterway. The personalized mailbox out front says: Lazzaro, 101 Safari Way. Singer Island. Nick has a fleet of vehicles and his personal select cars are parked in the elaborate driveway. A black Dodge Charger, a black Corvette, a white Corvette, and a souped up classic black Mustang with all the bells and whistles. The berry red Mercedes-AMG GT belongs to ANDREA LAZZARO. INT. NICK'S HOUSE - DAY The open foyer connects to the lavish living room. Large windows in the rear of the living room reveal a Hatteras yacht docked out back. In the foyer near the front door is a pile of packed, masculine, leather luggage. Nick and his wife, Andrea, are in the living room, bickering. Andrea is a chunky, well-dressed, superficial, pretentious, middle-age blonde woman. ANDREA Your sister BIANCA and BABY BRIA are here for the weekend. That pile of luggage is a nuisance. How long are you going to leave it there? NICK I told you before Christmas that I'm (MORE) (CONTINUED)

32. CONTINUED: (32) NICK (CONT'D) moving out at the end of the month. I hoped we could do this amicably. ANDREA You're never home anyway. Do what you want. You'll be paying me through the nose for the rest of your life. NICK I'm taking you to the opera, what do you want from me? Bianca, an attractive Italian woman, late thirties, enters the room from the kitchen. She is holding six month old Baby Bria who is all dressed up in pink. BIANCA The baby kept me up all night. Bianca is fussing with the the baby. NICK He's teething. ANDREA (glares and rolls her eyes, shaking her head) It's a girl, you nimrod. NICK I have a business meeting. I can't be late. Nick picks up his keys and walks out the front door. The luggage remains as a statement. EXT. THE PERFORMING ARTS CENTER - NIGHT INT. THE PERFORMING ARTS CENTER - NIGHT Nick is arriving at the performing arts center with Andrea. They are formally dressed as they stand in the lobby just before the opera begins. ANDREA Why haven't you ever taken me to the opera before? NICK I agreed to take you to the opera (MORE) (CONTINUED)

33. CONTINUED: (33) NICK (CONT'D) before the divorce is finalized. Be happy. They walk inside to be seated. INT. THE PERFORMING ARTS CENTER - NIGHT Intermission. Nick and Andrea are standing in the lobby. NICK (CONT'D) I might have to leave early. Cesare wants me in Miami. ANDREA You always do this. NICK Business is business. ANDREA If I find out there's another woman, I'll make sure you never see the kids again. NICK The girls are in college, and the boys are in the military. ANDREA I've got the dirt on you. NICK I have my hands full with you. He puts his drink down on a counter. NICK (CONT'D) You're a chronic malcontent. Nick turns and walks away. He walks out the entrance and a large black Yukon SUV with dark tinted windows pulls up and whisks him away. EXT. WINDEMERE APARTMENTS - DAY Nick's black Mustang is seen driving down the main road of the complex and stops next to the Windemere Maintenance Security van, driven by LOUIS, a low-key folksy maintenance man, early fifties. (CONTINUED)

34. CONTINUED: (34) NICK (CONT'D) (buddy buddy) Louis, there's a live band at the Riverwalk tonight. Stop by at happy hour and I'll buy you a beer. LOUIS I could use a cold one. Maybe I'll do that. Kristen is walking into the front maintenance office with a bottle of wine. LENA, the manager, is sitting at the desk. She is an Eastern European woman, late fifties, with an accent. LENA (cordial and friendly) How are you? KRISTEN I'm good. Just thought you might like this bottle of wine. LENA I love wine. KRISTEN Someone gave it to me. I don't drink alcohol, I'm in recovery. LENA My husband will like it for dinner. Thank you. EXT. WINDEMERE APARTMENTS - DAY Kristen is walking towards her residence. IVY, exits the a neighboring apartment nearest Kristen's unit within view of the "Welcome to Margaritaville" sign. Ivy is a middle age, casual, British woman, walking a corgy. She is wearing neutral colors and Birkenstocks. The corgy sees Kristen and runs up to her barking happily, running in circles. Kristen and Ivy laugh. A motorcycle driven by a AUSTIN, a congenial redneck type man in the fifties. Austin drives up and parks nearby, across the parking area. He dismounts the motorcycle, and heads down the walkway towards his apartment. IVY (slight raised voice in a British accent, waiving) Hi Austin. (CONTINUED)

35. CONTINUED: (35) Austin turns and briefly raises his hand in acknowledgement. AUSTIN Ivy. Austin goes into his apartment. IVY He's a retired police officer. KRISTEN I guess we should be pretty safe then. Ivy smiles and walks away with the corgy following. IVY (to Kristen) See ya. Ivy gestures to the dog. IVY (CONT'D) Come Yogi. Not far away, across the the lane, Barry stands sentinel as he watches Kristen with a Keeshond at his side. Parked a few feet away is the white Chrysler 200 with the blue rim hubcaps. EXT. AA CLUB - RIVERWALK SHOPS - DAY Kristen is standing outside and is approached by Willem, a dark haired caucasian man, early fifties, wearing black pants and a white dress shirt. WILLEM Valentine wants to have a meeting at my house. He instructed us to meet him there. KRISTEN What's it about, Willem? WILLEM He says you're really going to like it. You know Val, he always plays it close to the vest. INT. WILLEM'S HOUSE - DAY Willem and Kristen are standing in the living room. The decor (CONTINUED)

36. CONTINUED: (36) is tasteful and inelaborate. WILLEM (CONT'D) Valentine's not here yet, but there's something I'd like to talk to you about. KRISTEN When is he going to be here? I need to get going. WILLEM I don't think you should be working with Valentine. He's taking to much of your money. You are smokin' hot. I want to start my own escort business and I WANT TO DO IT WITH YOU. KRISTEN I have to be loyal to Valentine. WILLEM Everyone he works with is really stupid, so he can push them all around. He has control issues. The doorbell rings. WILLEM (CONT'D) This must be my friend Julius with the party favors. Willem answers the door and Julius walks in. Julius is a goodlooking, baby-faced black man, late twenties with a meticulous rap industry standard beard. He is somewhat reserved and aloof. His attire has a sophisticated flare. WILLEM (CONT'D) (looks at Kristy) You know Julius. Willem and Julius walk immediately into the bedroom. Kristen is left standing alone. KRISTEN (speaks louder towards the bedroom) I have to go. WILLEM Come in here for a second. (CONTINUED)

37. CONTINUED: (37) Kristen enters the bedroom where Willem now appears to be alone. Willem is holding a sandwich size baggy partially filled 1/4 with white pharmaceutical pills. He places it on a table. Willem turns and moves in behind Kristen. He puts his hands on her as if massaging her shoulders. WILLEM (CONT'D) (leaning over her) You look good. Willem forcibly binds Kristen's wrists together with an extension cord. WILLEM (CONT'D) I used to like to watch my wife get fucked by big black cock. KRISTEN (panicky) No Willem! Let me go! Willem corrals Kristen onto the bed and handcuffs her bound wrists to the wood and metal bed headboard. WILLEM (sadistic smile) Your not done yet. Willem is brandishing a large scissors in hand. WILLEM (CONT'D) I've always wanted to do this... Willem cuts off Kristy's clothes down to the light pink and black lace panties and matching push-up bra. Kristen freezes up in the fear of flight-or-fight. Willem takes a torn piece of her sheer skirt and gags her, tying it up tightly behind her head. Julius reappears wearing only crazy vivid abstract bikini briefs as we view the backside of his buffed-out, ripped, muscular physique looming over Kristen. EXTREME CLOSE UP - CRAZY VIVID ABSTRACT BIKINI BRIEF FABRIC DESIGN EXT. WILLEM'S HOUSE - DAY Kristen exits the front door in bare feet, half-naked and disheveled, wearing only panties and bra. She is carrying the remnants of her tattered clothes. She opens the door to her car and tosses the rags into the back. Kristen hastily pulls out a white shirt, long-sleeve, button-down, high-low (CONTINUED)

38. CONTINUED: (38) shirttail hem, and puts it on as she hastily jumps into her car and drives away in fight-or-flight survival mode. EXT. JUPITER TOWN HIGHWAY - DAY Kristen is dazed in shock with inability to cope as she drives along the small town highway. The phone rings. KRISTEN (attempting to compose herself) Hello? NICK V.O. (dominant voice with light tension) What's going on? Pause. NICK V.O. (CONT'D) What were you doing at Willem's house? I was watching you. KRISTEN (distraught) I was sexually assaulted by him and his drug supplier. Willem lured me to his house. He said it was an order, an order from you. I never wanted to go to his house. I tried to tell you, but he wouldn't let me. Ominous silence. NICK V.O. Why don't you take the rest of the day off. Go home and get some rest. I'll handle this. I'll call you later. EXT. JUPITER RIVERWALK - DOCK - DAY Kristen is standing at the edge of a riverside dock looking out over the water with a tear stained face. She is disheartened and mystified. Kristy is wearing a dark navy blue knee-length stretch pencil skirt with a black tuxedo vest over a crop-top and five inch wedge sandals. She pulls a ringing phone out of her small crossbody purse and answers it. Kristen purposefully wipes the tears away. KRISTEN Hello? (CONTINUED)

39. CONTINUED: (39) NICK V.O. I want you to know that I'm handling the situation. We have investigated Willem. He has no credibility. KRISTEN What do you mean? NICK V.O. HE HAS NO CREDIBILITY. KRISTEN (has no clue) Oh. NICK V.O. Is there anything we can do for you? We want to make sure that you are taken care of. KRISTEN (disconcerted) I was raped in college... I was diagnosed PTSD... NICK V.O. Can you do deliveries? KRISTEN (emphatically) This is not what I signed up for. Kristen is walking towards the nearby AA Club. KRISTEN (CONT'D) (innocent voice) What about Willem? NICK V.O. Last I heard, his wife's leaving him. I have it on good authority that he's getting fired from his job at the car dealership, and may face prosecution for fraud. Pause. NICK V.O. (CONT'D) (cold and detached) I guess his past finally caught with him. (CONTINUED)

40. CONTINUED: (40) Kristen is standing near the AA Cub. KRISTEN (on the verge of tears) I need to go to a meeting. NICK V.O. (attentively) Have a good meeting. I'll call you later. KRISTEN (resigned) Okay. Kristen quickly walks into the AA Club. EXT. NIRVANA MEN'S SPA - DAY Nick's black Mustang is parked out front. INT. NIRVANA MEN'S SPA - DAY Nick is standing at the front counter, talking with the SPA TECHNICIAN, a beautiful woman, redhead, late twenties. SPA TECHNICIAN Thank you Mr. Lazzaro. Shall we expect you the same time next Tuesday for your weekly manicure and facial treatment? NICK Pencil me in. Nick tips her with a large bill. He walks outside and encounters a HOMELESS MAN with a sick dog. His sign reads: Disabled War Veteran. NICK (CONT'D) What's wrong with your dog? HOMELESS MAN I think he needs antibiotics. I'm trying to get enough money to take him to the vet. NICK I've seen you around before. Nick hands him two one hundred dollar bills. (CONTINUED)

41. CONTINUED: (41) NICK (CONT'D) Take your dog to the vet. I'll be back here next week and you can give me a report. HOMELESS MAN (extremely grateful) God bless you. Nick gets into his car with the loud exhaust and drives off. EXT. JUPITER SMALL TOWN HIGHWAY - DAY Flashing outdoor, electronic, roadside, neon signs all over the town of Jupiter, a picturesque hideaway village, display the time and place of a scheduled hunt for the remains of a local slain nurse in the forest preserve west of Jupiter, Florida. EXT. FOREST PRESERVE - DAY Posing as the Good Samaritan, Nick joins citizens and police in the search for the dismembered remains of a slain nurse in the forest preserve west of Jupiter, Florida. Nick seizes the opportunity to mingle with law-enforcement officials and townspeople as they search for body parts. EXT. JUPITER ISLAND - RIVERFRONT BEACH - DAY Nick's white Corvette is parked along the secluded road of a riverfront beach within sight of the landmark Jupiter Lighthouse and the drawbridge. Nick is basically a lazy individual who has perfected the art of procrastination. He habitually catches catnaps in his protection car, preferably parked under a shady tree along scenic waterways. Suddenly, multiple phones begin ringing simultaneously. NICK (a tough impatient voice) Yeah. Pause. NICK (CONT'D) I'm on it. You know the drill. Hangs up and answers another phone. NICK (CONT'D) Talk to me. (CONTINUED)

42. CONTINUED: (42) Pause. NICK (CONT'D) Rock and roll! Hangs up and dials another cheap flip phone. The drawbridge is now up as a luxurious yacht sails through. NICK (CONT'D) Deeno, I'm out on Jupiter Island. I need you to cover Lisa Marie. Pause. NICK (CONT'D) NOW! KAPISH?! The sound of multiple phones ringing with varied ring tones. INT. WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY The sound of multiple phones ringing with varied ring tones. There are six assorted flip phones on a table. Kristen comes in from another room and silences the ringers. She answers a call. KRISTEN Hi Jim, can I call you right back? Hangs up and picks up another phone. KRISTEN (CONT'D) Hi, Bob. Pause. KRISTEN (CONT'D) (speaks slowly and sweetly, conscientious of every detail) I can be available. Okay great. Call me from the checkpoint, like always. See you soon. Hangs up. Pics up another phone and presses some buttons, sending out auto text. Kristen pulls a phone out of her brassiere and holds it to her ear. NICK V.O. (tongue-in-cheek announcement) Joe's Bar. (CONTINUED)

43. CONTINUED: (43) KRISTEN (quip) Funny. (factual) Two deliveries are on the way in. NICK V.O. How are you going to take two deliveries? KRISTEN Maybe I'll tell him the handy man is fixing something, and to wait up at the corner a few more minutes. NICK V.O. Rock and roll! KRISTEN The phones are ringing off the wall. NICK V.O. You need a secretary, sweetheart. KRISTEN I can't even afford the cost of this advertising. Phones begin ringing on Nick's end. NICK V.O. (changing the subject) Call me. I'll be around. INT. KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY Kristen holds a flip phone to her ear. NICK V.O. (CONT'D) (spoofing) This is agent Todd. KRISTEN (slightly sarcastic) Are you working with the Feds now? Pause. KRISTEN (CONT'D) There's a delivery on the way in. (CONTINUED)

44. CONTINUED: (44) NICK V.O. I'm tied up right now. I can't get over there. Deeno's handling it. Call me as usual. INT. KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY Kristen holds a phone to her ear. NICK V.O. (CONT'D) (declares in a dramatic hushed voice) I'm in a shootout. Barrage of shots firing. EXT. INTERSTATE REST AREA - DAY With the sound of gunfire resounding, Nick has taken cover, and is not at all rattled by the felonious status quo. Nick is wearing a black muscle shirt and designer jeans with his usual bling. Barry is wearing a baggy hoody with a beanie. The rest area is somewhat isolated. There is a building providing bathrooms and vending machines. Several unoccupied cars are parked in the parking lot. Nick foils the drug deal heist when he employs his smartphone to activate a police strobe light and siren horn planted in Barry's car, the white Chrysler 200 with the blue rim hubcaps, parked near the exit to the rest area. EXT. SOUTH NEIGHBORHOOD SUPERMARKET PARKING LOT - DAY Kristen is waiting in the old grey Monte Carlo, parked at the far edge of the of the parking lot, under some trees. She pulls a phone out from her brassiere, presses a button and holds it to ear. NICK V.O. (CONT'D) (sportive) Daytona 500. KRISTEN Am I in the right place? I thought I was supposed to meet you here. I've been here for twenty minutes. NICK V.O. I'm on the freeway. We're having a race. You know me, I'm always playin'. (CONTINUED)

45. CONTINUED: (45) Sound of a car honking. NICK V.O. (CONT'D) I'll be getting off the exit soon. EXT. INTERSTATE EXIT RAMP - MAIN ROAD - DAY An overturned vehicle has gone off the road and lies disabled in a ditch. Another car has pulled over to help. Nick's black Mustang comes off the exit ramp and pulls over to park near the accident. Nick jumps out of his car and rushes down into the trench along with the man from the other car. More cars are pulling off the road to offer assistance. Two people climb out of the car crash vehicle as Nick and the other man rush to their aid. A police car with flashing lights arrives at the scene. EXT. WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT PARKING LOT - DAY A repo tow truck with flashing lights is towing away the grey Monte Carlo. The sign on the side of the truck says Repos R US. EXT. WINDEMERE APARTMENTS MAIN ROAD - DAY Kristen is skillfully riding a road bike with a small traditional backpack. She swerves out of the main entrance and disappears. EXT. BACK HIGHWAY ALONG RAILROAD TRACKS - DAY Kristen is riding the road bike on the back highway along the railroad tracks. Unbeknownst to Kristen, Nick's car is coming up behind her. A phone rings and she pulls it out of her brassiere as she peddles along. KRISTEN Hello? NICK V.O. Turn on the next side street and meet me at the corner near the library. Kristen turns down a side street and stops at a back road corner where Nick is waiting in the black Charger. She hands him an envelope. NICK Nice bike, hot shot. I saw you riding down by the office. (CONTINUED)

46. CONTINUED: (46) KRISTEN The office? You mean my apartment? Nick looks at her with no acknowledgement. KRISTEN (CONT'D) My mother is giving me a car. I'm going to look at a blue convertible today. EXT. COCONUT CARS USED CAR DEALERSHIP - DAY Kristen is standing outside at a small used car lot with quality clean cars. The phone rings. KRISTEN (CONT'D) Hello? NICK V.O. (loud anger) I saw you with that guy in jeep. Who were you with? KRISTEN A neighbor gave me a ride to the car place. NICK V.O. (ultimatum) I better not find out your playin' around on me. KRISTEN How am I going to get back home? NICK V.O. I'll send Deeno down there. EXT. NORTH SHOPPING PLAZA - DEENO"S CAR - DAY Kristen is sitting in one of Deeno's various rental cars and hands him an envelope. Deeno has a large intricate tattoo covering his entire right arm. DEENO I just had some more work done on my tattoo. KRISTEN What is it? (CONTINUED)

47. CONTINUED: (47) DEENO It's a mermaid. KRISTEN The mermaid's hair is covering almost your whole arm. DEENO Whenever I get a new whore, I have her face engraved in the hair. Turning his arm in proud demonstration of his his trophies. DEENO (CONT'D) I love whores. Kristy is quietly appalled but maintains a deadpan face. KRISTEN What happens if they decide to stop doing this? DEENO If we think they are stealing from us, then Valentine and I make sure they don't do business in the area. If new escorts come into our territory, we shut them down. (vigorously) You don't know how much protection you have. Kristen stares at him waiting for the explanation. DEENO (CONT'D) One of our girls used to live in Piper's Point. KRISTEN Isn't that the waterfront condo country club? DEENO Somebody broke in with baseball bats and wrecked the place... KRISTEN Who did it? DEENO ...she thought she could just go off (MORE) (CONTINUED)

48. CONTINUED: (48) DEENO (CONT'D) on her own. KRISTEN What was her name? DEENO (becomes extremely agitated) I don't know any names. KRISTEN What happened to her? DEENO She left town. Valentine's New York goombas took care of it. Deeno's smartphone rings with a unique ringtone. EXT. WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY Kristen's phone rings as she is standing outside her apartment within view of the "Welcome to Margaritaville Sign". Kristen holds the phone to her ear. JANVIER V.O. This is Janvier. KRISTEN Hi, this is Kristen. JANVIER V.O. You sound so much better now. You've really made a lot of progress in recovery. KRISTEN I think I'm in real trouble here. That guy Deeno has ripped me off three times. I had to tell whats-his-name Valentine the whole story. He said he would handle it. JANVIER V.O. Deeno is manipulative. Watch out for him. KRISTEN Deeno said he couldn't figure out who ratted him out. If he can't figure out who ratted him out, then he must be (MORE) (CONTINUED)

49. CONTINUED: (49) KRISTEN (CONT'D) ripping off the other girls too. JANVIER V.O. Did you talk to them? KRISTEN I'm not allowed to. I don't even know who they are. EXT. SPORTS VENUE - POPE BENEDICT XV PARK - NICK'S CAR - DAY Nick and Deeno are parked in Nick's black mustang. NICK Barry found another girl. Her name is HILLARY. She's relocating to Jupiter from West Palm Beach. Her mother lives up here. I met with Hillary last night, at the Driftwood Motel. Ominous Pause. NICK (CONT'D) I know everything there is to know about her mother. DEENO Hillary is an experienced escort. How did Barry get her? NICK He tracked her to a hotel and made the connection. DEENO She does a lot of business. She's all over the internet. I've seen her posts in the forums. NICK I'm on the way to meet with her right now. EXT. DRIFTWOOD MOTEL - DAY The Driftwood Motel is a three star basic hotel. Nick knocks at the door of one of the rooms, which is opened by Hillary, a cute, curvaceous, late thirties, platinum blonde with long straight hair. (CONTINUED)

50. CONTINUED: (50) NICK (CONT'D) Did you think about what we talked about? Hillary is becoming increasingly nervous. She knows she is in over her head, and wants to extricate herself. NICK (CONT'D) I found a girl to handle your bookings. We agreed that you will pay her $300 a week to start with. Hillary is jumpy. She picks up a marijuana cigarette and begins puffing compulsively in search of her confrontational courage. HILLARY (in dispute) I thought you were an agency. Well known agencies in Ft. Lauderdale take 30-40 percent of the cut and they pay all the expenses. They book AND screen the clients. Nick is getting angry but remains composed. Hillary is chain smoking joints. HILLARY (CONT'D) You need to step up and start doing some of the work that you are getting paid for, or stop taking all these girls' money. Nick is outraged and turns against her. NICK (adversarial) You obviously have a drug problem. I don't work with maniacal drug addicts. HILLARY What are you, some new kind of pimp? I'm independent. I just wanted some side work with an agency. NICK (dispassionately) We know all about you. You skipped out on an agency in Ft. Lauderdale. I was willing to give you a chance, but you haven't changed. I can't trust you. (CONTINUED)

51. CONTINUED: (51) (with finality) We're done. Nick exits the door. He always has the last word. EXT. JUPITER RIVERWALK - SIDEWALK CAFE - DAY Nick and Deeno are seated at a sidewalk cafe within view of the river. A full-figured buxom WAITRESS, mid-thirties, is serving them cappuccino. WAITRESS Your cappuccino sir... Waitress takes out a pen and order pad. WAITRESS (CONT'D) Are you interested in my breakfast specials today? NICK Just the usual. WAITRESS Croissant with blackberry jam. DEENO Nothing for me, thanks. She jots it down and walks away. NICK I'm playing a game, I have an assignment for you. Nick picks up a large manila envelope and holds it up with importance. NICK (CONT'D) I downloaded copies of Hillary's trashiest images off the internet escort ads. (with gravity) Deliver this dossier to her mother. (sharply) Today. Hands Deeno the envelope. DEENO She really disrespected you. (CONTINUED)

52. CONTINUED: (52) Pause. DEENO (CONT'D) Big mistake. NICK (jerks thumb over shoulder,) (unsympathetic get rid of it )(gesture) She's not paying us, she's out. You can bet she won't be back around here anytime soon. EXT. EAST NEIGHBORHOOD SUPERMARKET PARKING LOT - DAY Nick and Kristen are parked side by side facing opposite directions. Nick is in his black Mustang hot-rod organizing some paperwork. Kristen is now driving an older model midnight blue Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder convertible. NICK (CONT'D) I'm filing divorce papers at the court house before I go to Costa Rica. KRISTEN Don't you have a lawyer? NICK I've got it all under control... Nick puts the papers aside. NICK (CONT'D) When this is over, I'm taking you on a vacation. KRISTEN When will you be back from Costa Rica? NICK I'll only be gone for one night. KRISTEN Who would go to Costa Rica for just one night? NICK I've done it before with my friend MARIO. He owns the plane. You won't even miss me. (CONTINUED)

53. CONTINUED: (53) EXT. EAST NEIGHBORHOOD SUPERMARKET PARKING LOT - DAY Nick and Kristen are parked in the exact same parking spots as the previous rendezvous, but have switched sides. NICK (CONT'D) Did you miss me, kid? Are you ready for the Orlando tour? KRISTEN What did you do in Costa Rica? NICK We went out on the town last night. Kristen hands Nick an envelope. The dashboard in his car appears dusted with a light film of white cocaine-like powder. Nick hands Kristen a small cellophane packet. NICK (CONT'D) I am a connoisseur of fine green tea. I have a special sample for you to try. Kristen sees the cluster of deep green cannabis buds. KRISTEN It looks like marijuana. NICK (pertly) You know I don't take drugs. KRISTEN Neither do I. Kristen looks at the packet skeptically. KRISTEN (CONT'D) Did you bring this back from Costa Rica? Nick is always shifty, and never tells the whole truth about anything. NICK (nervy) Are you setting me up? EXT. JUPITER SMALL TOWN HIGHWAY - DAY (CONTINUED)

54. CONTINUED: (54) Kristen exits the neighborhood supermarket parking lot in her convertible. She is driving a bit fast as she tosses the weed packet out the window. EXT. SOUTH SHOPPING CENTER MALL - DAY Nick and Kristen are parked side by side. Nick has acquired a big black luxury Yukon SUV with dark tinted windows. KRISTEN I haven't seen that car before. NICK The wiseguys are all driving these rigs now. The bosses are coming in from New York. I'll be escorting Cesare and Mr. Big, showing them around. We're getting ready to go to Chicago for the annual event. It's a big deal. The heavy weights are coming in from the east coast. I'm the bookkeeper. So I'll be out of town for a few days. We all have reservations in a posh hotel. Only the best... KRISTEN When will you be back. NICK I don't know yet. Whatever they want, I do it, no questions asked. (visibly stressed) Last year, two Vegas guys got carried out, wrapped in saran wrap. Kristen stares in astonishment with a deadpan face and hands him the envelope. NICK (CONT'D) (secretive emphasis) Mr. Big knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. Nick's smartphone rings. NICK (CONT'D) This is him FaceTiming me now. As he stealthily closes up his dark, tinted power windows, Nick drives off and submerges himself into the dark shadowy depths, like a methodical, predatory shark. He is immersed in (CONTINUED)

55. CONTINUED: (55) a bombastic confab with the New York bosses in New York City via FaceTime. EXT. MCDIVITS FAST FOOD RESTAURANT PARKING LOT - DAY A large convertible Rolls Royce is parked in the low-end lot with the top down. Richard, early sixties, is dressed like a Chicago pimp, with white saddle oxford shoes, a vest with orange print knickers and a dopey hat, vintage golf attire. Richard sits in his car devouring a cheap burger. His phone rings. MAN This is RICHARD. I'm still in Jupiter. I'll call you when I'm enroute to MiraLago. The large foreign car pulls out of the parking lot and speeds down the small town highway with fast food trash flying out the back, blowing down the street. INT. KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY Kristen is nervously pacing around. She is wearing a sophisticated, sexy, secretary outfit with stockings and heels. The phone rings and she pulls it out of her brassiere. KRISTEN Hello? NICK V.O. (demanding) What's going on?! KRISTEN I don't know, he's 45 minutes late. He stopped at McDivits for a bite to eat. You'd think he'd be more punctual. He says he's a friend of President Trumpet. NICK V.O. (impatient and aggravated) Just call me. EXT. WINDEMERE APARTMENTS ENTRANCE - DAY Richard makes quite a scene as he comes sailing into the modest middle-class apartment complex, driving a luxury convertible sedan befitting a presidential parade. (CONTINUED)

56. CONTINUED: (56) EXT. WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY Richard pulls up and parks in front of the apartment in view of the "Welcome to Margaritaville Sign". Kristen sees this conspicuous side-show fiasco as somewhat ludicrous and appears concerned that he has made quite a spectacle of himself. Kristen peeks out the door as she holds it slightly open. Richard gets out of his car and saunters up the walkway dressed in outlandish, outmoded, quirky, garish, golf garb. Kristen stands out of view as she flings the door wide open and he slips inside. EXT. INTERSTATE HIGHWAY ORLANDO - NIGHT Kristen is driving on the interstate. EXT. WELCOME TO ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL DRIVE NEXT EXIT SIGN EXT. BILLBOARD: ALL-AMERICAN APPLE PIE DELIGHT SERVED UP FRESH 'N HOT The vibrant kaleidoscopic night scene is all-a-glitter. EXT. DOWNTOWN ORLANDO WATERFRONT AERIAL VIEW EXT. INTERNATIONAL DRIVE STREET SIGN EXT. TROLLEY CAR BUS DRIVES BY CREAMERY ICE CREAM PARLOUR 69 FAVORS WITH A BIG DRIPPING ICE CREAM CONE VANILLA EXT. A FLOCK OF PINK FLAMINGOS EXT. ORLANDO EYE GIANT FERRIS WHEEL EXT. SEAWORLD ROLLER COASTER EXT. EXOTIC ANIMAL EXPERIENCE ZOO EXT. BILLBOARD: ALTERNATIVE RADIO XXX THE LOVE DOCTOR IS IN EXT. WONDERWORKS UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE EXT. MAGIC KINGDOM CASTLE FIREWORKS EXT. HIGH-RISE HOTEL RESORT - DAY Kristen's blue Mitsubishi Spyder enters the grounds of a four star ritzy high-rise hotel resort with a magnificent tropical landscape. INT. HOTEL RESORT - KRISTEN'S ROOM - BALCONY - DAY (CONTINUED)

57. CONTINUED: (57) Kristen is standing at the elevated, scenic, balcony, window view holding a phone to her ear. She is wearing a red lace classic, naughty teddy with a sheer lace robe and stilettos. Her soft, curly, fluffy hair is naturally provocative. KRISTEN There's a delivery on the way in, driving a silver Lexus SUV. NICK V.O. Keep the phone open so I can hear you. INT. HOTEL RESORT - KRISTEN'S ROOM - DAY Kristen's hotel room is decorated in her usual style and soft lighting decor. A very HANDSOME MAN, early forties, wearing khaki pants, a designer T-shirt and Sperry boat shoes, places an envelope on the table. HANDSOME MAN (polite) Donation for your time. Pause. HANDSOME MAN (CONT'D) I'd like to freshen up. Kristen motions towards the bathroom. KRISTEN Feel free to use use the bathroom. There's a nice selection of toiletries... The Handsome Man goes into the bathroom and closes the door. Kristen picks up the envelope, opens it, counts the money, three one hundred dollar bills, and hides it behind the dresser. He comes back out, holding his clothes. He is wearing only boxer briefs accentuating his toned form. The Handsome Man sets his clothes on a chair. HANDSOME MAN You are beautiful. I love mature women. They are so much more experienced. And passionate. KRISTEN Kissing is a long lost art... He lies down on the bed with his head propped up on some (CONTINUED)

58. CONTINUED: (58) pillows and crosses his legs. HANDSOME MAN Will you dance for me? Kristen has smooth moves as she entices him with a slow, seductive, elegant, erotic dance. She uses the sheer robe to tease him before finally dropping it to the floor, still wearing the hot lingerie at the end when she crawls onto the bed like a cat and straddles him, kissing his neck and chest. They become entwined in a creative, frolic, foreplay prelude. EXT. HOTEL ROOM BALCONY - DAY Kristen leans on the balcony railing with a far-away look in her eyes and a Mona Lisa smile. She is dressed in the red lace teddy and robe. Kristen's hair is a bit mussed in just-gotfucked, crazy disarray, as she holds a green bottle of Palomino Springs sparkling water, topped off with a lemon wedge. EXT. KRISTEN'S HOTEL ROOM BALCONY - NIGHT Kristen is wearing a dark colored mini-skirt with an alluring, white satin blouse, unbuttoned to reveal an inviting black bra. She wears nude pantyhose and pointed stilettos. Kristen holds a phone to her ear. KRISTEN There's a delivery on the way in, driving a metallic green Subaru Outback. NICK V.O. Rock and roll! INT. HOTEL RESORT - KRISTY'S ROOM - NIGHT A clean cut BIG AND TALL MAN executive type, wearing a dress shirt and tie, stands in the hotel room with Kristy. BIG AND TALL MAN I have a pantyhose fetish, and a white blouse fetish. KRISTEN I remember. Big and tall man sets a wad of money on the table. BIG AND TALL MAN (CONTINUED)

59. CONTINUED: (59) (command) Bend over. Kristen bends over a table. He stands behind her, pulls back her skirt and ravenously rips a big hole in her pantyhose as if he is unwrapping a taboo package. White lacy panties show through the animalistic tear. He drops his pants to the floor around his ankles as he prepares to take her from behind and pillage her. With his dress shirt and tie still on, his large pork sword is standing at attention like a pole under a tent. With lustful moans he pounds her like a piece of schnitzel. As she faces away from him, Kristen grimaces in agony. EXT. NATURAL FOODS MARKET - DAY INT. NATURAL FOODS MARKET - DAY Kristen is in the front section where licensed massage therapists are doing chair massage. A male massage therapist is getting the massage chair ready for Kristen. His name tag says COLLIN. COLLIN You come here every day. KRISTEN I have severe back injuries. There's a phone cord holding up my bra and I'm wearing magnets all over my body. I'm in constant pain. COLLIN (genuine concern) I'm going to fix you, Kristen. Kristen smiles sheepishly and sits down in the massage chair, desperately in need of relief. EXT. PARKING LOT NEAR MINIATURE GOLF COURSE - DAY Kristen and Nick rendezvous for a drop off. Kristen is frazzled but fairly poised. Nick is driving the black Mustang. Both cars are on approach and stop briefly, as Kristen hands over a fat envelope. NICK Good job. You've had six, eight deliveries a day for the last five weeks. Kristen puts her head down on the steering wheel. (CONTINUED)

60. CONTINUED: (60) KRISTEN (overworked) I need some expresso... Nick's phone rings and his car moves slowly forward. NICK I'll call you. The dark tinted window closes up as the car moves away. EXT. GOURMET COFFEE SHOP CAFE PATIO - DAY Kristen is alone and heavyhearted as she sits at the quaint upscale cafe patio with a fancy coffee drink. The phone rings and she pulls it out of her brassiere. KRISTEN Hello? NICK V.O. (mob hustler) How many deliveries did you do today? The package is short. There was another delivery unaccounted for. I need that one-fifty. Chop chop. Kristen is manipulated and doubts herself. KRISTEN (nervous discomfort) I always count the money over and over, just to make sure I get it right. NICK V.O. Well, you must have missed something because I have a degree in accounting from the University of Florida. EXT. HIGH-RISE HOTEL RESORT - NIGHT An ambulance with siren and lights flashing drives up to the hotel front entrance. INT. HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM - NIGHT Two EMTs rush Kristen into the ER on a gurney and are met by a MALE NURSE. Kristen is wired up to heart monitor electrodes. (CONTINUED)

61. CONTINUED: (61) EMT 1 Hypertensive crises. Blood pressure 200 over 110. Heart palpitations. MALE NURSE Panic attack, she's hyperventilating. They roll her away into a private cubicle behind a curtain. EXT. WINDEMERE APARTMENTS FRONT ENTRANCE - NIGHT Old-fashioned street lamp post with hanging sign: Happy New Year 2014. An ambulance with a siren and flashing lights turns into the apartment complex. EXT. WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT PARKING LOT - NIGHT The ambulance with lights flashing is parked in the middle of the parking lot while the EMT team rushes Kristen out the front door of her apartment on a gurney and load her into the emergency vehicle. EXT. JUPITER BEACH HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM ENTRANCE - NIGHT INT. JUPITER BEACH HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM ENTRANCE - NIGHT Two PARAMEDICS rush Kristen into the ER on a gurney and are met by SINA, wholesome beautiful blonde Swiss nurse, midthirties. PARAMEDIC 1 (urgency) Body temperature 105. SINA (Swiss German accent) She's losing consciousness. They roll her away into a private cubicle behind a curtain. INT. EMERGENCY ROOM CUBICLE - NIGHT Kristen is wired up to IV fluids. Sina is standing at her bedside with medical charts in hand. SINA (CONT'D) According to our records you have been admitted to this ER 37 times in the last two years. (CONTINUED)

62. CONTINUED: (62) Sina looks at the paperwork. SINA (CONT'D) (reading) Hypertension, anxiety, back injury, and chronic UTI. KRISTEN Can frequent sexual intercourse cause UTI? SINA Yes, that's why it's known as "honeymoon cystitis". KRISTEN When will I be seeing the doctor? SINA DR. BOLEYN will be here soon. (smiles) He's known as THE BOW TIE DOCTOR. He always wears beautiful Hawaiian bow ties. Dr. Boleyn, late forties, enters the room wearing Zenni browline glasses and a gay Hawaiian bow tie styled from a Hawaiian t-shirt design, with dressy casual attire and highend tennis shoes. Dr. Boleyn is an attractive, personable, contemporary, well-balanced, effeminate, homosexual man who is a respected professional and revered member of the community. DR. BOLEYN I'm Dr. Boleyn, the specialist assigned to your case. You have a fever of 105 and a serious kidney infection, most likely caused by UTI. Your charts show that you have been prescribed numerous antibiotics for chronic urinary tract infection, as a result you have no resistance to bacteria. You have a raging E. coli infection which has spread to your lungs. You have developed a resistance to most antibiotic strains. There is only one left that will work. I am placing you in isolation and admitting you to a room upstairs where you will be given high doses of intravenous antibiotics. (CONTINUED)

63. CONTINUED: (63) INT. KRISTEN'S HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY Kristen is extremely ill with a severe cough. Sina enters the room to change the IV medication. SINA AMELIA will be here at 3 o'clock. She's the alternate nurse on this floor. Dr. Boleyn enters the room wearing a different Hawaiian bow tie, and stands at Kristen's bedside. She is coughing uncontrollably. DR. BOLEYN I am scheduling you with the respiratory therapists. Dr. Boleyn leaves the room. KRISTEN The t.v. remote is on the blink. Sina takes the remote and pushes a button. The television screen turns on to highlight a mature, tall, classy, brunette woman wearing a long elegant white gown. SINA (distinctive Swiss accent) Looks like Caitlyn Jennings is winning an award for courage and raising awareness for the underdogs. INT. KRISTEN'S HOSPITAL ROOM - NIGHT Bedside monitor is flashing red with a loud beeping alarm. Sina rushes in. SINA (CONT'D) (calling out) Amelia. Amelia immediately enters the room. Amelia is a kindhearted efficient woman, mid-fifties. SINA (CONT'D) Her heart rate is over 300 beats per minute. AMELIA What's causing it? (CONTINUED)

64. CONTINUED: (64) Sina begins transporting the bed out of the room. SINA We're taking her to ICU. Kristen's spirit has lifted up out of her body and looks down from above. There is a bright white light all around. A heavenly CELESTIAL MALE VOICE speaks out from the ether. CELESTIAL MALE VOICE O.S. Go back. Suddenly, Kristen is back in her earthly body consciousness. AMELIA It stopped. KRISTEN (opening her eyes) I died. Sina and Amelia appear concerned. Sina promptly and mechanically changes the IV medication. SINA Dr. Boleyn is on the way in to see you. Dr. Boleyn enters the room wearing a different Hawaiian bow tie. DR. BOLEYN What happened? KRISTEN I don't know. Dr. Boleyn checks her heart with a stethoscope. DR. BOLEYN You had a supraventricular tachycardia episode. We're going to monitor your heart and keep you under observation for a few days. I'm moving you to the cardiac wing. KRISTEN How did I get tachycardia? DR. BOLEYN Most likely an adverse reaction to (MORE) (CONTINUED)

65. CONTINUED: (65) DR. BOLEYN (CONT'D) albuterol. KRISTEN What is that? DR. BOLEYN A respiratory medication used in the nebulizer. INT. HOSPITAL CARDIAC WING - KRISTEN'S ROOM - DAY Kristen is sitting up in the hospital bed, with noticeable improvement. Amelia enters the room with paperwork in hand. AMELIA You are being discharged. Dr. Boleyn won't be here today. It's Martin Luther King Day, a federal holiday. MUSIC CUE: Year of the Cat by Al Stewart EXT. JUPITER BEACH HOSPITAL FRONT ENTRANCE - DAY Outside the hospital entrance Kristen sits alone in a wheelchair, waiting in a deluge of rain, wind, thunder, and lightning. A Mayflower Yellow Taxi slowly pulls up and stops. The vehicle is bright yellow and the Mayflower lettering is a hot pink-red color. The yellow taxi cab roof top sign is flashing the word YELLOW. END MUSIC EXT. WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY Kristen's front door and the sign "Welcome to Margaritaville". INT. KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY Kristen is standing over a humongous conglomeration of over 700 plastic, jumbled, sticky gift cards en masse on the coffee table. She is wearing a broken foot boot. A phone rings and she pulls it out of her brassiere. KRISTEN Hello? NICK V.O. Did you deep-six those debit gift cards you used for your adult ad (MORE) (CONTINUED)

66. CONTINUED: (66) NICK V.O. (CONT'D) payments? And the burner phones, like I told you? KRISTEN I'm working on it. Kristen stands with her hand on her hip as she looks at the pile of gift cards. KRISTEN (CONT'D) The cost of advertising takes all the money. And that's just advertising, there's a lot of other expenses. NICK V.O. Just do the best you can. We'll talk about it later. Pause. NICK V.O. (CONT'D) (curt) How are you going to to do deliveries with that boot on? KRISTEN I'll manage... EXT. JUNO BEACH PIER - SUNSET The historic Juno Beach Pier is a 990 feet long. Kristen limps the last few steps wearing the broken foot boot. She stands overlooking the water at the end of the pier as she tosses over several burner phones into the ocean. EXT. WEST NEIGHBORHOOD SUPERMARKET PARKING LOT - DAY Nick is holding a smartphone with the cable attached. He is reversed parked in the black Mustang. NICK Deeno, I need you to to cover Colby tonight. I have a problem at the homestead... (angry temper) The psycho bitch is making my life miserable. She's threatening suicide. She's gone off the deep end. I'm moving back in for a while, at least until she calms down... (CONTINUED)

67. CONTINUED: (67) (annoyed) She knows where the proverbial bodies are buried. He brushes himself off. NICK (CONT'D) Thanks buddy. Kristen pulls in and parks next to Nick's car. Nick reaches out his hand wearing his wedding band on the forefinger. She hands him an envelope. NICK (CONT'D) (Mr. Nice Guy) Hi kid. Kristen sees the wedding band on Nicks pointer finger. KRISTEN (stressed out) Not even God waits forever. NICK (defiant) Are you saying that you can't wait any longer? Kristen nods her head. Nick shrugs his shoulders and raises his hands. She is clearly disgusted. NICK (CONT'D) You don't know how much protection you have. Here's how it works. Kristen stares at him in dismay. NICK (CONT'D) Word on the street is that Angelina was evicted. She thought she could go independent. She wasn't very smart. KRISTEN What happened to her? NICK Copies of her advertising photos were delivered to her sugardaddy landlord's wife. KRISTEN (CONTINUED)

68. CONTINUED: (68) How do you know all this? NICK I always know. NICK (CONT'D) Remember when Landon disappeared a couple years ago? KRISTEN Landon, The Princess of Palm Beach? NICK The Queen of Kink. Nick leans out the window. NICK (CONT'D) (intense low voice) Our associates just south of here caught her encroaching on our territory... NICK (CONT'D) (serious) They snatched her business partner husband. KRISTEN They kidnapped him? NICK He was held hostage overnight. She left town with "hubby" the next day. I'm surprised they came back. Some people never learn. Nick opens the console, takes out a FÉG pistol, and briefly holds it up. NICK (CONT'D) We all carry guns for protection. Nick puts the gun back in the console. NICK (CONT'D) They needed my help cracking down on another girl. She tried to go off on her own. They caught her on an alternative website, posting ads under a different stage name. (CONTINUED)

69. CONTINUED: (69) KRISTEN (innocent) They're like bloodhounds. NICK It is what it is. EXT. WELCOME TO SANIBEL ISLAND SIGN - DAY EXT. SANIBEL ISLAND - DAY Kristen drives over the bridge onto the scenic Sanibel Island. The sound of a phone ringing. Kristen picks up the phone. KRISTEN Hello? NICK V.O. Nice day over there on Sanibel Island. Was the wind blowing on that bridge you just crossed? KRISTEN How do you know, your a hundred and eighty miles away. NICK V.O. I always know. Have a good time visiting your MOTHER. Call me later when you get back on the road. Kristen continues driving deeper into the beautiful, exclusive, tropical island paradise. EXT. WELCOME TO CAPTIVA SIGN - DAY EXT. CAPTIVA - KRISTEN'S MOTHER'S HOUSE - DAY Gorgeous foliage and architecture on the exclusive Captiva Island. Kristen pulls up to her mother's house, an opulent modern Florida home on the Gulf of Mexico. Parked in the driveway there is a white BMW sports car and a large black conservative Mercedes with a bumper sticker that says: Vote Republican. Kristen gets out of the car and walks up to the front door. Her mother opens the French doors to greet her and they embrace. Kristen's mother is 80. She is casually dressed. Kristen and her mother walk in through the doors to an open living room with casual elegant Florida decor. The west side (CONTINUED)

70. CONTINUED: (70) of the house is lined with glass windows to behold a magnificent view of the sea. INT. CAPTIVA - KRISTEN'S MOTHER'S HOUSE - DAY KRISTEN How is BRANTLEY? MOTHER He just got up. He get's up late. Brantley, an invalid, age 80, enters the room using a rollator. He is followed by his loyal Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Brantley is a midwestern Irish Republican. He is wearing casual attire. BRANTLEY Good to see you, Kristen. How was the drive? KRISTEN It took five hours. I left Jupiter at four o'clock in the morning. Brantley gestures to the dog. BRANTLEY (to the dog) C'mon Liberty Bell. Brantley shuffles over to the other side of the room with some difficulty. He sits down at the breakfast bar and begins reading the newspaper. MOTHER (whispering) I have to watch him. Kristen and her mother sit down in the living room with a panoramic view of the Gulf of Mexico. EXT. JUPITER RIVERWALK WATERFRONT - DAY Kristy stands overlooking the river, holding a phone. JANVIER V.O. This is Janvier. KRISTEN Hi, this is Kristen. (CONTINUED)

71. CONTINUED: (71) JANVIER V.O. How are you? KRISTEN I'm stuck in this and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm isolated. I can't reach out to anyone. Everything in my life is compromised. I can't move forward with anything. The suitcases in my living room have been packed for two years. I'm boxed in. The deck is stacked against me. This guy has a split personality. One day he's Mr. Nice Guy, the next day he's a shark and all he cares about is the money. It's just neverending, mindblowing stress every single day... JANVIER V.O. Your still clean and sober, I'm proud of you. You've come so far. KRISTEN (slightly hyper) I'm a survivor of multiple violent assaults. Women like me have to many fear issues and trust issues. I would've never been in the adult entertainment business. I've been a few different religions in my past...Mormonism, Hinduism and Nondenominational Christianity. I married my ex-husband because I didn't believe in premarital sex. Sex is nothing without love. My family is very conservative. My grandfather was a politician who became a federal judge. He was the only elected Democrat in a Republican district. He was known as "Mr. Democrat". If my family ever finds out, I'll be disowned. I don't have the mindset for the sex business, except for being forced into it. JANVIER V.O. You have classic signs of Stockholm Syndrome. It's a recognized psychological survival strategy with feelings of affection in hostagetaking by a victim towards their captor. (CONTINUED)

72. CONTINUED: (72) KRISTEN Cooperate, if you want to live. Pause. KRISTEN (CONT'D) I've been brainwashed. It's not hard to brainwash a person who had no brain to begin with. EXT. - OUTDOOR SPORTS VENUE - POPE BENEDICT XV PARK - NICK'S CAR - DAY There is a children's baseball game event underway with a big fanfare. Nick and Deeno are parked the black Charger having a confab. DEENO Some interlopers just moved in down the street. They rented that dingy dilapidated shack with the superstitious totem pole out front. NICK VANNA and FARRAH. I knocked on their door yesterday. Told them I'm running for political office and we don't want their kind around here. DEENO They're drug addicts. They'll do anything bareback for 50 bucks. They're undercutting us. NICK They're taking our business...a slew of uptown cars parked over there. I spotted our hospital administrator friend's red Cadillac... EXT. DILAPIDATED SHACK - DAY The dilapidated shack is a small hole-in-the-wall cottage with a shoddy slipshod paint job and a bizarre superstitious totem pole out front, with overgrown weeds blowing in the wind. A red luxury Cadillac is parked in the dirt driveway. DEENO V.O. WOW. The married hospital administrator has bareback sex with bargain basement prostitutes. He's (MORE) (CONTINUED)

73. CONTINUED: (73) DEENO V.O. (CONT'D) thinking with the little head, not the big head... EXT. - OUTDOOR SPORTS VENUE - POPE BENEDICT XV PARK - NICK'S CAR - DAY NICK (irked) This is a health hazard. They're putting our assets at risk. DEENO Isn't there a forum on the web where they can all be blacklisted and exposed? NICK (surly) Yeah. Do it. Whatever it takes to get rid of them. I'm meeting up with the Health Department Inspector at the Coffee Company. (inflated) I'm just a concerned citizen reporting a blatant unsanitary infraction. EXT. DILAPIDATED SHACK - DAY A police car with flashing lights is parked near the totem pole in front of the rundown cottage. Two police officers have arrested and handcuffed two distraught, emaciated women, blonde Vanna and brunette Farrah, both mid-forties. They are crying as they are being forced into the backseat of the cop car. EXT. RESIDENTIAL SIDE STREETS - DAY Aerial view of Kristen's car driving down a maze of residential side streets. The sound of a phone ringing. KRISTEN V.O. Hello? NICK V.O. Make a left at the next street. KRISTEN V.O. How do you know where I am? Aerial view of Kristen's car turning left. (CONTINUED)

74. CONTINUED: (74) NICK V.O. Did I ever tell you about the black market vans I smuggle into Russia? There's a GPS device with a mini spy camera hidden in the top of each van. I see all that goes on, inside and out. INT. RESIDENTIAL SIDE STREET - KRISTEN'S CAR - DAY As Kristen holds a phone to her ear, she nervously looks around in her car. She examines the rear view mirror, tilting it around. NICK V.O. (CONT'D) (relishing in power and control) Stop monkeying around with the rear view mirror. Make a right at the next street. Kristen makes a right turn and Nick's white Corvette is on approach from the opposite direction. The two cars stop parallel in the street. Nick lowers his dark tinted power window. The police radio in his car is audible. NICK Hi, superstar. Kristen hands over a bulging envelope. NICK (CONT'D) I just got a new state-of-the-art police radio. KRISTEN (witty) Guess that must come in handy. NICK I like to stay abreast of law enforcement activity. (mob hustler) I use to it scare off the opposition. Every morning I make the rounds, calling rivals, making mock appointments, posing as the cops, with the the radio booming in the background. Works every time. They're to spooked to answer their phones. KRISTEN (CONTINUED)

75. CONTINUED: (75) Someone's been calling me with a blaring police siren. Sometimes they call making threats. There's a lot of harassment in this business. NICK That's the way it is. EXT. SMALL TOWN FIREHOUSE - DAY Kristen's car is parked out front of the small town fire station. Kristen is standing at the door of the station, ringing the doorbell. She is addressed by an male INTERCOM VOICE. INTERCOM VOICE V.O. Can I help you? KRISTEN (shortness of breath) Please, I think need to have my vital signs checked. I'm having heart palpitations. INT. SMALL TOWN FIRE STATION - DAY Four EMTs are standing around Kristen as she is seated in a chair hooked up to an EKG. The EMTs are all-American clean cut men in the mid-thirties. EMT 1 Your blood pressure is 200 over 120. We're going to have to take you to the hospital. KRISTEN What about my car? It's parked outside... EMT 2 If you give me your keys, I'll follow the EMS in you car. Kristen humbly hands him the keys. KRISTEN Thank you. EXT. SMALL TOWN HIGHWAY - DAY The EMS vehicle with siren and lights flashing, drives down (CONTINUED)

76. CONTINUED: (76) the small town highway followed by the blue Mitzubishi Spyder with the top down, driven by EMT 2. EXT. SMALL TOWN HIGHWAY - DAY The EMS vehicle with siren and lights flashing, drives down the small town highway past a roadside billboard, followed by the blue Mitzubishi Spyder with the top down, driven by EMT 2. BILLBOARD: GOD BLESS AMERICA LAND OF THE FREE HOME OF THE BRAVE - IMAGE OF MT. RUSHMORE EXT. JUPITER BEACH HOSPITAL - DAY The EMS vehicle with lights flashing drives into the entrance of Jupiter Beach Hospital, followed by the blue Mitzubishi Spyder with the top down, driven by EMT 2. EXT. HOPE CHAPEL - DAY Hope Chapel is a small, uniquely charming church. INT. HOPE CHAPEL - PRAYER CHAPEL - DAY Small prayer chapel surrounded with stained glass windows. A picture quote on the wall with a Bible verse: 1 Corinthians 7:23 You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of human beings. Kristen is bowed on an antique Victorian kneeling prayer bench before a large shiny metal Christian cross. She lifts her face to God as she utters a heartfelt prayer. KRISTEN (CONT'D) (with tears) Please help me... EXT. JUPITER RIVERWALK SHOPS - NIGHT Old-fashioned street lamp post with hanging sign: Merry Christmas 2017. The Jupiter Riverwalk is decorated in Christmas lights and the holiday season is in full swing. EXT. NICK'S HOUSE - NIGHT The Lazzaro residence is lit up with Christmas lights. (CONTINUED)

77. CONTINUED: (77) A black Lincoln Navigator with dark tinted windows is parked in the driveway. Two upscale Italian thugs get out and walk up to the front door. THUG 1, late thirties, THUG 2, mid forties. They are impeccably well groomed, dressed in suits. Andrea opens the door and they enter the home. The two men stand in the foyer with Andrea. THUG 1 We came in from New York to enforce the directive. ANDREA Okay. THUG 2 Your repeated delays with divorce proceedings has interfered with company business. THUG 1 Mr. Big has reviewed your profile and found a rather incriminating faux pas in your past. You are compelled to make a good faith gesture to the Boss and sign off on the divorce according to Nick's specifications, or deal with the consequences. You could be facing prosecution with the federal authorities. ANDREA Okay. EXT. WINDEMERE APARTMENTS FRONT PARKING AREA - DAY A black Lincoln Navigator with dark tinted windows is reversed parked in the front of the apartments near the entrance. A phone rings. INT. WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY Kristen holds a phone to her ear. KRISTEN Hello? NICK V.O. I was just driving by the office, and decided to make a quick stop. I'm waiting out front. (CONTINUED)

78. CONTINUED: (78) EXT. WINDEMERE APARTMENTS FRONT PARKING AREA - DAY The blue Mitzubishi Spyder driven by Kristen, pulls in next to the black Lincoln Navigator. Nick lowers his power window. Kristen hands over an envelope. Nick is distracted with his smartphone. NICK Have you seen the news? Texas just got hit with a monster hurricane. KRISTEN It's hurricane season again. NICK I want you to rest assured that if we have a hurricane, I will make sure your windows are boarded up, and you have a generator. KRISTEN That would be great. INT. WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY A Peacock News televised press conference featuring the GOVERNOR of Florida, introduced by an attractive, black, female NEWSCASTER, early thirties. Kristen stands in front of the television holding her cat. NEWSCASTER A state of emergency has been declared in all 67 Florida counties in preparation for a hit by catastrophic Hurricane Erma. There is a mad rush mass exodus and it is complete mayhem on the gridlocked roads heading north, with the largest evacuation in history. Joining us now from West Palm Beach is the Governor of Florida. GOVERNOR Hurricane Erma is a killer storm with deadly storm surge and powerful life threatening winds. Erma is dangerous category 5 hurricane. It is bigger than the entire state of Florida. Any area impacted by Hurricane Erma will be uninhabitable. EXT. EAST NEIGHBORHOOD SUPERMARKET SHOPPING CENTER - DAY (CONTINUED)

79. CONTINUED: (79) Kristen pulls in and parks next to Nick's reversed parked black Lincoln Navigator. His window is down and she hands him an envelope. NICK I'm tracking the hurricane. The forecast storm surge is 5-7 feet. I'm evacuating before the whole state of Florida runs outta gas. Kristen stares in disbelief. KRISTEN What am I supposed to do? NICK Why don't you go to your mother's house? KRISTEN She's out of town. There's no escaping it anyway. It's going to consume the whole peninsula. There are no hotel vacancies anywhere in the entire state of Florida. Pause. KRISTEN (CONT'D) You promised me a generator and hurricane shutters. NICK Your putting words in my mouth. KRISTEN You said it twice. NICK (angry and domineering) Are you calling me a liar? Kristen is left alone in the path of the perilous storm and is unprepared in a dangerous category 5 hurricane. She is in her apartment, stockpiling her possessions up off the floor. She is seen putting masking tape over the windows to prevent broken glass shatter. She has a food and water surplus and parks her car in front of the window as a safety measure. Kristen is hunkered down for the storm. It becomes so perilous, that she urgently abandons her apartment and drives (CONTINUED)

80. CONTINUED: (80) to a shelter at night, with wind blown scattered debris, loose wires and dangling stoplights in a total blackout. The entire state of Florida is engulfed in a massive hurricane. The devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Erma is a primitive scenario with widespread power outages, downed trees and strewn wreckage. It is an eerie silence in a power outage and the only sounds are neighborhood generators and chainsaws. INT. WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY Kristen is roughing it out in the sweltering, humid heat with kerosene lamps, candles, mini-flashlights, and a battery powered lantern. It's business as usual and the hurricane disaster zone does not deter the hobbyists as Kristen struggles to survive in crude, barbaric circumstances. A phone rings. Kristen picks it up off the table in a mix of multiple phones. KRISTEN Hello. NICK Just checkin' in. KRISTEN Are you staying at a hotel? NICK All the comforts of home. They have a back-up generator. Kristen's phones begin ringing incessantly. NICK (CONT'D) (pushy Mr. Nice Guy) Call me, call me. EXT. JUPITER RIVERSIDE WATERFRONT DOCK - DAY Kristen is pensive and fidgety as she stands on the dock waiting. The phone rings. She holds the handset to her ear. SAN FRANCISCO PSYCHICS O.S. (recording) This your callback from San Francisco Psychics. SOCRATES the psychic advisor you requested is on the line. (CONTINUED)

81. CONTINUED: (81) SOCRATES O.S. (very mature man with upper-class dialect, distinctive Scottish accent) This is Socrates. KRISTEN This is Kristen in Florida. SOCRATES O.S. (mature Scottish accent) Hello Kristen. Have you been in hospital? I have been reading for people all over the world for many years and your situation is the worst thing I ever heard. KRISTEN I have been trapped here for six years. SOCRATES O.S. This is such an injustice. Countless women and children have been murdered and enslaved in the sex industry underworld. Transactional sex between consenting adults is a crime and Marijuana is legalized. Despite anyone's views on marijuana, it's still a substance and it's optional. Sex is a basic human instinct. Pause. SOCRATES O.S. (CONT'D) (urgent compassion) You have got to get out of that hotel with a revolving door. KRISTEN It's my apartment. I have nowhere else to go. If these mob guys out me to the authorities or to my family, I'll be destitute, or worse. There's an armed guerrilla goomba outside my apartment, following me wherever I go. If I try to escape from this guy Valentine, his henchmen will hunt me down. I need protection from them. SOCRATES O.S. (CONTINUED)

82. CONTINUED: (82) (mature Scottish accent) That's not his real name. KRISTEN Who cares. I'm afraid to say his real name. He's listening to everything I say, watching everything I do, and tracking me wherever I go. SOCRATES O.S. (mature Scottish accent) This is an organized crime syndicate. Until the oldest profession in the world is decriminalized, sextraffickers have free reign in the underground shadows of criminality and the atrocity will go on. It's their theater. EXT. YOU-HAUL MOVING AND STORAGE COMPANY - DAY Kristen's car is parked in front of the moving facility with the top down. It is loaded up with large folded moving boxes. INT. YOU-HAUL MOVING AND STORAGE COMPANY - DAY KRISTEN I would like some information on the cost of moving a hundred and eighty miles away to the West Coast of Florida. The clerk hands her a pamphlet. CLERK Need any more boxes? KRISTEN No thanks. I'll be back later. Kristen exits the main door of the moving company office and walks up to her car. The phone rings and she pulls it out of her purse. KRISTEN (CONT'D) Hello? NICK V.O. (nervous angry agitation) What's going on?! What are you doing? (CONTINUED)

83. CONTINUED: (83) KRISTEN My apartment is full up. I'm putting some stuff in storage. NICK (blustering) Is that where you're going to hide MY MONEY?! EXT. WINDEMERE - KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY A gray violet Bentley pulls up and parks in front of Kristen's apartment. Tony Milano steps out of the car and walks towards the apartment. INT. KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - DAY Kristen holds the front door slightly open as she holds a phone to her ear. KRISTEN There's a delivery driving a purple Bentley. INT. KRISTEN'S APARTMENT - BEDROOM - DAY Tony and Kristen converse. TONY I had to drive up here to see you again. KRISTEN It's been a long time. TONY Do you remember me? KRISTEN call me every Christmas. TONY I brought some wine. Vintage Pinot Grigio. KRISTEN Thank you, but I don't drink alcohol. I'm in recovery. I've been clean and sober for over six years. TONY (CONTINUED)

84. CONTINUED: (84) Good for you. That's something to be proud of. I just drink socially. Pause. TONY (CONT'D) I want to take you out. KRISTEN I have outside obligations here. Maybe we could meet in Ft. Lauderdale. TONY I might have to ask you to marry me. EXT. TONY MILANO'S HOUSE - DAY Tony is luxuriating at the pool behind his palatial estate on the intracoastal waterway. He is on the phone. TONY (CONT'D) Why don't you stay at my house. EXT. JUPITER RIVERWALK SHOPS - DAY Kristen is on the phone speaking to Tony. KRISTEN Thank you, but I would prefer to stay in a hotel. I've been through hell. EXT. TONY MILANO'S HOUSE - DAY TONY I'm glad you trusted me. EXT. JUPITER RIVERWALK SHOPS - DAY Kristen is on the phone speaking to Tony. KRISTY I'm leaving town to get away from Valentine. TONY V.O. (emphatic) He's a pimp. EXT. FT. LAUDERDALE HOTEL - DAY Four-star waterfront high-rise hotel. (CONTINUED)

85. CONTINUED: (85) INT. FT. LAUDERDALE HOTEL - KRISTEN'S ROOM - DAY Kristen is in her hotel room with a breathtaking waterfront view. The room is decorated her usual style with soft lighting decor. There is a knock at the door. Kristen opens the door and Tony Milano enters the room. INT. KRISTEN'S HOTEL ROOM - DAY Kristen and Tony lie in bed talking after a tryst. Kristen is very affectionate. Tony is reserved as he becomes more and more tense. TONY My urologist said I have an enlarged prostate. Kristen is warm-hearted and understanding. KRISTEN Let's try something different. TONY I might have to get some Viagra. Pause. I'm leaving for Cape Cod tomorrow. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Tony becomes increasingly disgruntled and evasive as he jumps up and rapidly gets dressed. Kristen puts on a sheer sexy black robe and follows him to the door as he makes a hasty getaway. TONY (CONT'D) I'll call you. EXT. FT. LAUDERDALE HOTEL - NIGHT Incredible view of night-life illuminated with sparkling lights. INT. FT. LAUDERDALE HOTEL - KRISTEN'S ROOM - NIGHT A phone rings in Kristen's purse. She pulls it out. KRISTEN Hello. (CONTINUED)

86. CONTINUED: (86) NICK V.O. Why are you doing this to me? KRISTEN I'm not doing anything to you. NICK V.O. My scouts spotted your adult entertainment ads in Ft. Lauderdale. Deeno's unintelligible vengeful voice is heard in the background. NICK V.O. (CONT'D) You just decided to go off on your own somewhere... KRISTEN What's wrong with that. NICK V.O. Do you remember what I told you about loyalty and respect? KRISTEN I have been very loyal. No one is more loyal than me. You are the one who is disloyal. NICK V.O. What did you say?! KRISTEN You made me get stuck in "the business"... EXT. COSTA RICA LANDING STRIP - NIGHT A single engine Cessna is parked on a private, somewhat primitive landing strip in Costa Rica with bamboo torches set out for lighting. MARIO MORETTI and and his accomplice, Nick Lazzaro are getting situated in Mario's plane while an armed drug runner closes the bay doors and jumps onboard after loading the contraband. MARIO There are dozens of unrestricted airfields in Costa Rica. Mario is getting set to pilot the plane while Nick is seated next to him in the cockpit. (CONTINUED)

87. CONTINUED: (87) MARIO (CONT'D) Cesare's man says everything is copacetic with the game plan in Florida. NICK When I get back, I'm taking the Don's daughter out for lunch. The plane takes off at night and flies into the Florida Everglades at the dawn of a spectacular, ominous orange sunrise in South Florida. The airplane lands on a rudimentary, paved runway in a remote area near the Everglades. MARIO (quips) It pays to have friends in high places. When the Cessna comes to a complete stop, the tires are are shot out with an automatic weapon and the aircraft is under siege by a crew of sophisticated, masked desperados staging a heist. One of the goons opens fire on the black Yukon SUV getaway car parked near the runway, riddling the vehicle with stray bullets and deflating the tires. Another lawless comando torpedos the aircraft window with a tear gas grenade, as smoke is billowing out the window. Armed with machine guns and outfitted in combat garb, the urban guerrillas surround the plane in military style formation. INT. HUMAN SEX-TRAFFICKING ADVOCACY AND AWARENESS MEETING DAY Kristen McBride is now a sex-trafficking survivor advocate speaking publicly before a crowd. I am a human sex-trafficking survivor. I was held captive in sexual enslavement with a covert sex-trafficking racket in suburban modern America as a high-end, high-profile escort. As an entrapped, trafficked sex-worker, I was permitted to keep less than 12% of the proceeds. I paid for and posted my own internet ads. Internet censorship holds no justice for survivors of this horrific crime. The criminals are still at large. Human sex-trafficking is an underground American humanitarian crisis, controlled by a variety of global syndicates. The criminals just walked away scot-free. I have no recourse whatsoever. The only justice I will ever have is to relate my story and expose the modus operandi of sextraffickers. My objective is to illuminate and unmask this (CONTINUED)

88. CONTINUED: (88) atrocity, and to disempower sex-trafficking racketeers as they disempowered me. After living a powerless life of isolation, oppression and torment for over six years. I overcame and survived extreme adversity, and am now becoming an advocate for women who are sexually exploited and abused, and for the human rights of all women. My tragedy must serve a higher purpose. Law enforcement is not the solution to this problem, or this could never have happened in the first place. Sex-traffickers had power over me because prostitution is criminalized. Vulnerable, marginalized, consensual sex-workers and sex-trafficking victims must not be stigmatized and treated as expendable. They must be afforded basic, intrinsic human rights and safety. We must open our eyes, our hearts, and our minds. EXT. OCEAN SUNSET SKY - SUNSET MUSIC CUE: Devotion by Earth Wind and Fire A great flock of birds fly across the sky over the ocean sunset, symbolizing the souls of the countless women and children who have been murdered or enslaved in the shadows because the sex trades are criminalized. THE END

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