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Real love begins with this — And let me tell you, Miss You’ll know it’s on its way, When every day is A good day A happy day And even rainy days Are sunny days When they’re taken up with him. But it never passed my lips Because when I looked into her eyes I saw only heartbreak and lies. And so instead, I said, You want to know the details of real love? Well, let me tell you this — Real love begins with you And with loving you through and through. Real love begins with knowing your soul And the things that make you feel whole. Real love begins with knowing your heart And the joy that lies deep within. Real love begins and ends with you, It has nothing to do with him. (c) Copyright 2012 Eithne Reynolds

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NY Literary Magazine "Winds Of Time" Modern Poetry Anthology  

The NY Literary Magazine’s "Winds of Time" Anthology contains a selection of outstanding, modern poems by both emerging and internationally...

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