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July 26-AUGUST 9, 2011







Medgar Evers Awards Hawthorne Doctorate, P2 Rodney Avoids Jail Time With Guilty Plea, P3 Putting New York Back On The Right Track, P5 Rihanna Tops Gaga With Facebook Hits, P10 Semper Fidelis Liberty or Death

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New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said some Caribbean students studied for two years and paid up to 20,000 US dollars to receive training they thought would allow them to take the New York State Nursing Board Exam.

july 26-aUGUST 9, 2011 * NEW YORK LIBERTY STAR

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Honorable Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, the former President of Brazil

Lowell Hawthorne, President and CEO of Golden Krust

Golden Krust Boss Gets Doctorate From Medgar M edgar Evers College will celebrate its twenty-first convocation, when hundreds of students, faculty and staff, as well as members of the public will gather for the College’s annual academic celebration, Sept. 26 at 10 am.

This year, the College will confer honorary doctorates to the Honorable Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, the former President of Brazil, and to Lowell Hawthorne, the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill. “We are pleased to be able to honor two individuals of such distinguished character and achievement at this year’s Convocation Ceremony,” said Dr. William L. Pollard, President of Medgar Evers College. “They truly reflect the highest standards to which our College aspires.” The ceremony will take place in the College’s Founders Auditorium located at 1650 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, New York from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. Kimberly Davis, who as president of the JPMorgan Chase Foundation is responsible for the firm’s philanthropic activities globally, shall be the keynote speaker. The event is free and open to the public. Medgar Evers College has honored such luminaries as acclaimed ABC journalist Gil Noble, and celebrated jazz musicians Max Roach, Leonard Gaskins, and Randy Weston at previous Convocations. About the Hon. Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, commonly referred to simply as “Lula,” is a Brazilian politician. He

was elected President of Brazil in 2002, and reelected in 2006. A progressive moderate, he is widely regarded as the most popular President in the history of Brazil. He quickly identified very real and serious problems in his country and attacked them directly and effectively. Lula’s campaign against malnutrition ensured the poorest Brazilian families received food aid, but only if their children stayed in school. He also efficiently managed the Brazilian economy, managing steady growth without making any drastic reforms, while still paying off foreign debts and funding badly-needed social programs. Lula is also known for strongly addressing racial equality: less than two weeks after taking office, he signed law 10.639, which both mandated the teaching of Afro-Brazilian history in schools and established November 20th as Black Consciousness Day in the school calendar. Lula’s Brazil was a leader in Latin American diplomacy: for example, Lula sent a peacekeeping, humanitarian mission to Haiti on his own initiative. Under his administration, Brazil became a leader in the worldwide search for biofuels and clean energy. In December of 2008, Newsweek magazine named him the 18th most influential person in the world. When Lula left office, he had astronomically high approval ratings: above 80%, according to some pollsters. About Mr. Lowell Fitzgerald Hawthorne Lowell Fitzgerald Hawthorne is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill, the largest manufacturer, distributor and franchisor of Caribbean baked products in the United States. In 1996, Golden Krust became the first Black owned Caribbean business in the U.S. to be granted a franchise license. Today Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill has expanded by leaps and bounds, encompassing over 120 stores across nine states includ-

ing New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Philadelphia, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Georgia and Florida. The Company provides employment for over 1,000 persons system-wide. Hawthorne believes strongly in education for every field of endeavor. He instituted the GK University which provides rigorous instruction to new franchisees in areas such as Human Resources, Accounting, and Marketing. Hawthorne is also involved in a number of civic associations, and currently serves as Chairman of the American Foundation of the University of the West Indies. Born in Jamaica, he graduated from Oberlin High School and Grantham College, before migrating to the United States in 1981. He was employed as an accountant to the New York Police Department while pursing studies leading to an Associate degree at Bronx Community College, and later studied Business Administration at Baruch and Lehman Colleges. About Medgar Evers College, CUNY Medgar Evers College was founded in 1970 through the efforts from educators and community leaders in central Brooklyn. The College is named after Medgar Wiley Evers, a Mississippi-born black civil rights activist who was assassinated on June 12, 1963. The College is divided into four schools: The School of Business; The School of Professional and Community Development; The School of Liberal Arts and Education; and The School of Science, Health, and Technology. Through these Schools, the College offers 29 associate and baccalaureate degree programs, as well as certificate programs in fields such as English, Nursing, and Accounting. Medgar Evers College also operates several co-curricular and external programs and associated centers such as the Male Development and Empowerment Center, the Center for Women’s Development, the Center for Black Literature, and The DuBois Bunche Center for Public Policy.


LOCAL news

Rodney Gets A Break • No Prison Term For Lying


United States federal district judge here has sentenced a Caribbean media executive to two years probation and 500 hours of community service, and fined him 2,500 US dollars for lying to the US Congress. Jamaican Karl Rodney, 73, founder and head of the weekly New York Carib News, was the organizer of the Caribbean junkets that contributed to the downfall of influential Harlem Democratic Congress Charles Rangel. Judge Emmet Sullivan of US District Court for the District of Columbia did not include any jail time in sentencing Rodney, who concealed from the Congress the funding source for conferences in the Caribbean. Rodney had pleaded guilty to a false statements charge in April in the US District Court for the District of Columbia. Rodney did not tell Congress that major corporations funded conferences in 2007 and in 2008 in St. Maarten and Antigua, which members of Congress attended, prosecutors had alleged. Rodney, according to the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section, solicited financial support from the corporations, which provided hundreds of thousands of dollars for the conferences. But Rodney reported to Congress that his foundation was the sole sponsor for the congressional members’ trips.

Karl Rodney Rodney had faced up to six months in prison for the offence. Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree Jr., a lawyer for Rodney, said in court papers that probation was an appropriate sentence. He said Rodney “has sought to experience every aspect of the American Dream, and has completely and unequivocally acknowledged his wrongdoing.” Numerous lawyers, political officials and at least one celebrity, Jamaican-born popular Singer Harry Belafonte, wrote the judge to urge him not to punish Rodney with jail time. The courtroom was filled with Rodney’s supporters on Friday, many of whom made the trip from New York City. The Rodney case was referred to the US Justice Department for prosecution when it admonished Rangel in February 2010. The US House of Representatives’ Ethics Committee had also referred Rodney’s Jamaican-born wife, Faye Rodney, for prosecution. But she was not charged, reportedly as part of the plea deal with her husband. House rules require private

sponsors of trips to pre-clear them with the Committee. They prohibit members of Congress from accepting travel on multi-day trips from corporations that employ federal lobbyists, either directly or indirectly through third-party groups, like the Carib News. Prosecutors said, on a certification form prior to the trips, Rodney checked the “no” box when asked if anyone else was financing the trip, and identified Carib News as the sole sponsor. Ethics Committee staff members followed up by email and phone to Karl Rodney and a member of his staff, Patricia Louis, who were asked if any other entity provided money or in-kind donations for the conference, prosecutors said. Rodney instructed Patricia Louis to tell the staff “no,” prompting the Committee to approve the trip, prosecutors said. Based on this approval, the Ethics Committee exonerated the other Democratic members of the Congressional Black Caucus who were also on the junket. They comprised Bennie Thompson (Mississippi), Yvette Clarke (New York), Donald Payne (New Jersey), Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D-Missouri) and US Virgin Islands Delegate Donna Christensen. “I believe that at least some jail time would have been appropriate,” said Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Centre (NLPC), a rightleaning lobby group that reports on the ethics of public officials. “But, at the same time, Rangel himself has not even been prosecuted, and he was guilty of far worse,” he added.



Senate Democratic Leader John Sampson On Public Employees Labor Agreement “I’m pleased the Public Employees Federation and Governor Cuomo were able to reach agreement on a contract that avoids layoffs, especially during these difficult economic times. “The Senate should now return as soon as possible to pass the PEF pay bill, and take up additional legislation, including passing the agreed-to Healthcare Exchange legislation, and the Governor’s Independent Redistricting Program Bill. “While we had a very strong and historic bipartisan legislative session, there is still unfinished business. Senate Democrats are prepared to continue our support of a bipartisan reform agenda, and we hope Senate Republicans will allow the Healthcare Exchange and Independent Redistricting bills to come to the floor, as they did with marriage equality.”

Councilmember Williams’ Statement On The Failure Of Mayor’s Poverty Initiatives

“I am a firm believer in results-based accountability, and based on these results, I have no choice but to hold the Mayor accountable for failing to tackle poverty. Combined with the rising rate of homelessness, the gap between this city’s haves and have-nots is getting larger. It should not be acceptable to any New Yorker that children are wondering where their next meal is coming from or where they will sleep tonight. The Mayor needs to go back to the drawing board and recommit himself and significant city resources towards fighting poverty and homelessness. Perhaps he will see this as yet another reason we need to address revenue raising, so we can have a budget that serves all New Yorkers, regardless of their wealth.” Council Member Jumaane Williams released the following statement in response to the NY1 report that the city’s poverty rate is effectively unchanged over the past five years, despite a 2006 pledge from Mayor Michael Bloomberg to drastically reduce poverty.

Comptroller John C. Liu On The Death Of Eight-Year Old Leiby Kletzky In Brooklyn

“Our hearts are with the family of little Leiby Kletzky in a time of indescribable tragedy. As the father of young son almost the same age as Leiby, I cannot begin to imagine what they and their community are suffering. We pray that justice will be dispensed without delay for this crime which horrifies and offends us all. The NYPD, Shomrim Patrol and Hatzolah are owed our gratitude for their quick response.”

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The Just Concluded Legislative Session:


Putting New York Back On Right Track But Still Lots Of Unfinished Business By State Senator John L. Sampson Democratic Conference Leader


enate Democrats worked very hard under some very difficult conditions this past legislative session. We partnered with Governor Andrew Cuomo to realize a tough, but commonsense approach to the challenges that presently face New York State. The leadership we have seen in Albany this year has allowed us – Democrats and Republicans - to work together to do some great things for our state. For example, in just six months we passed an on-time budget, capped local property taxes, strengthened rent regulations, improved government ethics, and passed same-sex marriage. That came about despite the fact that in January of this year the State was at a crossroads. The state was saddled with a $10 billion deficit. High taxes continued to make life unaffordable for working and middle-class families and drove businesses away from our state, hurting desperately needed job creation. So faced with these challenges we had two options: we could continue down a path of dysfunction or work to restore credibility to state government by regaining the public’s trust. The first step in restoring trust in government is to ensure promises made become promises kept. By partnering with Governor Cuomo Senate Democrats turned words into government action that will now benefit all New Yorkers. While we passed an on-time budget for the first time in a decade we also made sure that we protected

critical services for seniors, the homeless, and at-risk youth – especially in disadvantaged and vulnerable communities across the state. Democrats in both the State Senate and Assembly led the fight and took a firm stand that rent regulations – that impact over 2 million New Yorkers - should not only be extended, but expanded and we won that fight. And during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression we took bold steps to make New York open for business once again, setting the stage for increased job creation. This was a promise I made to New Yorkers when we were in the majority and remains a top priority for Senate Democrats. During this legislative session we pressed Senate Republicans to focus on job creation and came up with novel and innovative ideas to make that happen. For example, by providing incentives to draw business here and targeting specific industries – including emerging green technologies – we have now positioned New York as the premier destination for busi-

ness. But in order to do the people’s business Albany needs to change the way it does business. This will also help to improve investor confidence and boost the business climate in the state. New Yorkers deserve a government that is as good as its people and works for the people, not for the lobbyists and special interests who have held too much power for far too long. Historically, Albany has operated under a veil of secrecy, negotiating behind closed doors with no transparency or accountability. The Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011 sheds light on the legislative process in Albany, helping to bring integrity, accountability, transparency and public confidence back to State government. The ethics reforms include: requiring comprehensive disclosure from state officials – including lawyers – regarding the outside clients & customers they provide services to, a more detailed disclosure of outside sources of income, the creation of a database (Project Sunlight) of all individuals and firms with matters before the state, disclosure from lobbyist and their clients of their relationships with public officials and increase oversight of lobbying behavior through a broader definition of lobbying. The Reform Act also establishes a new Joint Commission on Public Ethics with investigative oversight over both the executive and legislative branches, strips public officials convicted of a felony of their taxpayer funded pensions and eliminates “pay-to-play.” But despite this remarkable legislative session there is still a mountain

State Senator John L. Sampson of unfinished business. After 54 of 62 senators – all Republicans then in the minority - signed a pledge to reform the redistricting process by taking politics out of it, the Republican-led Senate left Albany without acting on this issue. Senate Republicans who pledged to pass independent redistricting abandoned that promise altogether. As the redistricting process begins with hearings across the state Republicans are now threatening to not implement a sensible law that counts prisoners in their home districts instead of in counties where they’re imprisoned. This is how desperate Republicans are to stay in power, that they need to rely on prisoners to bolster their district population numbers. Democrats in both the Assembly and Senate are united in their position that independent redistricting is necessary for government to become more representative and responsive to the people. I genuinely believe that the now thoroughly discredited practice of politicians choosing their voters, instead of their voters choosing them, must come to an end. It must be

put where it belongs – on the dump heap of history. New York also needs to come into compliance with federal law by passing health care exchange legislation. If this is not done soon our state is at risk of losing out on tens of millions of dollars in funding from Washington. Finally, the state’s supply of clean water is also in danger as long as the gas drilling practice “hydrofracking” is not banned across the state. True, the state is in need of both jobs and revenue, but we cannot put profits over the health, safety and wellbeing of millions of New Yorkers. Democrats will continue to focus and shine a light on this dangerous development and oppose any backdoor deal that puts the people of this state in danger. [Senator John L. Sampson represents Brooklyn’s 19th District which encompasses Canarsie, East Flatbush, Parts of Brownsville, Crown Heights, East New York, portions of Old Mill Basin, Spring Creek Towers, and parts of Midwood and Kensington in Brooklyn].

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New York City opens cooling centers in air-conditioned public facilities for those experiencing physical discomfort in a heat wave. To find a cooling center near you, visit NYC.GOV or call 311.

Warm Weather Brings Increased Health Risks

ny ag:

Some Students Paid $20k Over 2 Yrs Eric Schneiderman

Bogus NY Nursing Schools Rip Off Caribbean Students


A woman cools off in a water mist near the Astoria Park Pool in New York, July 21. Temperatures were expected to reach near record levels Thursday as a heat wave spread east from the nation’s midsection.


piking temperatures and increased exposure to the sun can pose particularly dangerous health risks for the nearly 26 million Americans living with diabetes. With temperatures expected to rise to record levels across the nation, experts caution that people with diabetes must take extra care to avoid serious, heatrelated conditions. “The beach, the pool and the park are popular places to cool down and stay in shape when the temperature rises, but people with diabetes heading outdoors may not realize they are at greater risk for serious, heatrelated illness,” says Dr. Deneen Vojta, executive vice president and chief clinical officer of the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance (DPCA). “Diabetes actually impairs a person’s ability to sweat, which means that hot, humid weather can dangerously reduce the body’s regulation of blood sugar levels. That’s why it is critical that people with this disease take proper precautions to avoid conditions like heat exhaustion and heat stroke.” Vojta offers seven simple

tips that may help people with this disease to stay active, healthy and safe when temperatures are high: 1. Check your blood sugar levels often. Changes in activity and heat levels can affect your body’s insulin needs. 2. Wear sunblock. Sunburn can tax your body and trigger increased blood glucose levels. 3. Stay cool. Take regular breaks from the heat in airconditioned areas or designated cooling centers, if possible. Make sure to exercise in an airconditioned place or exercise during early morning and evening hours when temperatures are cooler. 4. Keep medication and supplies cool and away from direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures and sunlight can have a damaging impact on diabetes medication such as insulin, causing the drug to break down or become less effective.

5. Stay hydrated. Dehydration stresses the body and affects glucose levels. 6. Avoid caffeine and alcohol in high temperatures. Both alcohol and caffeine have diuretic effects that can increase risks of dehydration. 7. Be alert for common signs of heat exhaustion. Signs of serious health-related illnesses can include: heavy sweating, paleness, muscle cramps, tiredness, weakness, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and fainting. Vojta advises that people with diabetes should be on the lookout for signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke and seek medical attention right away if they experience symptoms. Additional resources on managing and preventing diabetes can be found by visiting the American Diabetes Association (; as well as the National Diabetes Education Program ( resources). UnitedHealth Group also offers a range of helpful tips and information on the disease, which can be found at

ive nursing schools in New York have been accused of ripping off hundreds of Caribbean students of six million US dollars and granting them bogus certification, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said, Last Thursday.

Some Caribbean students studied for two years and paid up to 20,000 US dollars to receive training they thought would allow them to take the New York State Nursing Board Exam, he added. He said the schools in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island preyed mostly on Caribbean immigrants and even coordinated with a nursing program in Jamaica to provide fraudulent documents. The Jamaican scheme was not named. “These conspirators intentionally targeted people in pursuit of new opportunities, lining their pockets with others’ hard-earned money,” said Schneiderman in a statement. Eleven people who owned or operated the schools were indicted on charges of theft and scheming to defraud. The indictment accuses them of operating a fraudulent nursing school and college scheme. Eight people linked to the schools were arrested in early-morning raids on Thursday, while police sought three others, the attorney general said. An undercover operation using investigators posing as potential nursing students found four out of the five schools were unauthorized to operate in the state and closed them down, Schneideman said. The accused faced serious theft and

scheming to defraud charges that each offer jail terms of between four and seven years, the attorney general’s office. The key defendents are Robinson Akenami, owner and operator of Helping Angels Foundation of America, which had offices in Brooklyn and Long Island; Jocelyn Allrick, who owned and operated Hope-VTEC in Long Island; Nadege Auguste, owner and operator of LifeVTEC in Queens; and Andre Castage, an administrator who allegedly told students the school was accredited, according to the indictment. Another seven people -- Carline D’Haiti, Salvatrice Gaston of Envison Review Center in Brooklyn, Anthony Myers, Rodye Paquiot and Carl Lee Sellers - were officials and operators who the indictment alleges told students their schools were accredited and that they would eligible to sit for the nursing certification exam. Frantz Simeon, owner and executive director and Jude Valles, who established the VTEC franchise, allegedly received payments for the students that attended the schools in New York, and provided false documents to the schools and students, officials said. Jamaican Paula Haughton, 49, who said she wanted to be a nurse since she was a little girl, told the New York Daily News she paid six thousand dollars to ILPN nursing school on Flatbush Avenue Avenue in Brooklyn. “My heart is broken right now,” said Haughton, a mother of four who moved to the US in 1981. “I’m still trying to get over it. It’s too much to handle. My dream is shattered.” “It was a lot of work,” the Brooklyn resident stated. “A lot of sleepless nights doing the research and studying. I was very, very disappointed to find out that I had wasted all this time, money and energy and everything, and it wasn’t real.”


GOSPEL (347)435-3532

Dr. the Hon. Barbara Gloudon presents a copy of the new CPWI hymnal to Dave Rodney recently in Kingston.

Caribbean Anglicans Release New Hymnal By Dave Rodney


riveting and engaging new Anglican hymnal designed for liturgical worship in churches across the Caribbean has just been released, and early reactions to this compilation are suggesting that the publication is destined to be a runaway hit among church congregations in the region. International reggae icons Peter Tosh and Ernie Smith are included in the hymnal. So too are other Jamaican musical luminaries Noel Dexter, Father Richard Ho Lung, Rev. Easton Lee and the late Barry Chevannes. And hypnotic gems like By the Rivers of Babylon (Edward B Henry) are bound to breathe new life into the musical ministry of Anglican churches from Bermuda and the Bahamas to Barbados and Barbuda. This exciting new hymnal is simply called the CPWI Hymnal (Church in the Province of the West Indies). It replaces the almost over-used and now weary institution, Hymns Ancient & Modern that was first introduced in 1861. The CPWI hymnal successfully attempts to combine sedate, old favorite hymns with an astonishing repertoire of lyrically and rhythmically mesmerizing songs by Caribbean authors and composers.

Popular songs like Joy to the world, The First Noel and perhaps the lesser known but equally enchanting Hushed was the evening hymn were never in the A&M but are now included in CPWI, alongside hundreds of other soul-inspiring treasures. In a few cases, the words of old hymns have been altered to reflect the cultural realities of the Caribbean region and for some old favorites, tunes have been updated in accordance with popular congregational usage. A section with choruses is also a much welcomed annex to the book, as are a hearty chunk of negro spirituals and contemporary gospel songs. The task of compiling this body of songs must have been a true challenge for the eightmember Provincial Commission comprising of experts from across the Caribbean. Not only must songs be popular but they must be a mix of old and new, and fit in various categories for church use, and the new additions must be representative of the entire region. The changing appeal of a hymn may have been a consideration too. Hymns are not unlike pop music where a high profile use of a dusty or long-forgotten item can suddenly spark a wave of new interest in a song. The release of the hit movie Titanic certainly resurrected Eternal Father strong to save (# 545) worldwide. Locally, the use of Pleasant are thy courts above (#740) in the nationally televised funeral service of the late Professor Rex Nettleford created an upswing in the use of that hymn, judging from a scan of church programs and web sites that list their hymns. I Vow to thee my country (# 742) had the same impact on the world after it was used at the funeral service of the late Princess Diana.

Sunday Night Service at 7 PM

Bishop F.C. Barnes Dies At 82


ishop F.C. Barnes, a nationally known Gospel musician and minister, has died.

Barnes, 82, who wrote the “Rough Side of the Mountain” that made Gospel music charts nationally, died Monday morning at Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville. He is the father of Grammy Award nominee Luther Barnes, a record producer, director, songwriter and composer. F.C. Barnes also founded the Red Budd Holy Church, where he was a pastor for more than 50 years. “Churches all over the country sings his songs,” said the Rev. Thomas L. Walker of the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church. Walker said Barnes was like a surrogate father to him. “He wrote very tradition-

al, meaningful songs,” Walker said. “Ministries would teach them to their choirs. ... However, he was also a great preacher and evangelist.” Walker said Barnes and he organized joint revivals that were well attended throughout the community. “We did joint revivals for about 40 years, which was something unheard of with a Baptist Church and Holiness Church. He and I saw that there was really no difference (in the churches), that there is one Lord, one faith and one baptism.” Walker said Barnes was not ashamed to admit that he had only a third grade education. He said one would never know it from his sermons or

the way he handled himself. “He was very transparent about (his education),” Walker said. “He didn’t try to hide it because he didn’t function on that (third grade) level.” Hamilton Funeral Home in Wilson is handling funeral arrangements, which are not yet set.

Bishop F.C. Barnes

july 26-aUGUST 9, 2011 * NEW YORK LIBERTY STAR

word fit






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How Can I Protect My Child At A Public Pool? Q. I heard recently about a baby who died at a public swimming pool because he swallowed some pool water that was full of bacteria. Can you share some safety tips with parents? A. Sure! I discussed swimming pool safety earlier this year about how to avoid drowning accidents. The case you are referring to is just a sad reminder of how careful and diligent we have to be while watching our children. Children love to swim in pools! However, if the pools are not properly cared for, bacteria can thrive and infect children. Basically, if the level of chlorine is not high enough to kill bacteria from children urinating in the pool, parents allowing sick children to swim, parents swim-

ming with babies in diapers who defecate in the water, then other children can get very sick. The website offers these safety tips from environmental dangers: Ask the management how the pool is sanitized and ventilated. Talk to a pediatrician about the safety of chlorine exposure for your child. Only swim in a pool if the water looks clear and not cloudy -- you should be able to see right to the bottom. Although a clear pool could still harbor germs, cloudy water is an indication of a pool that’s not being properly maintained. Touch the sides of the pool before going in -- they should not be slimy or sticky. Listen to make sure that the filtering equipment is on. Be wary of a very strong chlorine smell -it’s a sign of chloramines and poor ventilation. Tell your kids not to swallow the water in swimming pools -- it’s really best if they don’t

get it in their mouths at all. Protect others by telling your kids to shower before getting in a pool, and by never letting them go in a pool when they’re sick – especially with a stomach bug. Avoid swimming in a highly chlorinated pool every day. If you have your own pool at home, you should; Make sure indoor pools have good ventilation -- just opening the windows and doors can make a big difference in air quality. Keep your pool free of leaves and insects. If you use chlorine, make sure not to use more than necessary. Lisa-Anne Ray-Byers is a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist who has worked in education for over two decades. She holds graduate degrees in speech-language pathology and multicultural education. She also holds certification in educational ad-

ministration. She is the author of the book, They Say I Have ADHD, I Say Life Sucks! Thoughts From Nicholas available at www. She is currently employed in the Hempstead School District. You may contact her or by visiting her website at

issue of free movement, it is important to note that in accordance with international law, all migrants have a minimum set of rights which must be observed by all countries. “Freedom of movement thus, though posited as a long term goal of CARICOM, is currently regulated and is likely to be so in the foreseeable future,” he said, noting that “there are those who persuasively argue that it cannot be reasonable for every Jamaican, Guyanese or Vincentian to have the right freely to migrate, work and reside in Barbados or Trinidad.” A 2010 study found that some 4,000 people have been able to move freely under the CSME. A senior CSME Unit official said that “the study proved that persistent fears in member states that they are being flooded under the free movement regime are clearly unfounded. “On the contrary, it helped to fill critical vacancies in member states with respect to teachers and nurses, thus proving to be very beneficial to maintain a certain level of social services in these countries,” said specialist on the Movement of Skills/Labour, Steven Mc Andrew. Haiti’s new president Michel Martelly marked his inaugural appearance at a CARICOM summit by urging his regional counterparts to remove the visa requirements for Haitians, as well as to adopt French as an official language of the regional grouping. Martelly said that the visa situation was “close to my heart” and that “one of the ways to really solve this problem is to bring economic growth to Haiti because the problem is not a visa problem it is an economic problem”. He also put forward the idea of a common regional agriculture project and systems that would allow business persons to travel to Haiti to sell or buy the produce. Assistant CARICOM Secretary General Colin Granderson later said that on the issue of visas, the region has started taking steps to

deal with the situation. “A lot of work has been done on that. Decisions have been taken to facilitate the travel of Haitian officials, diplomats, businessmen. A number of countries have already taken to facilitate and as you heard the issue was raised by President Martelly so it will encourage those who have not as yet taken the necessary decisions to implement decisions at the level of the Community,” he said. The leaders also issued a cautious statement regarding the ongoing war in Libya where rebels supported by NATO have been trying to overthrow the government of Muammar Gaddafi. “Heads of Government deplored the increasing loss of innocent life as the conflict in Libya becomes drawn out. They called for a ceasefire as well as the early convening of negotiations. In this regard, they expressed support for the African Union in their search for a peaceful resolution of the dispute,” the statement said. But Guyana’s president Bharrat Jagdeo blasted the West over what he termed “their hypocrisy” over Libya while ignoring similar situations where rulers use the military and other forces to cling to power in the Middle East. “As a member of the United Nations we tend to respect resolutions of the U.N. and I am not in favour of anyone shooting at innocent civilians,” said Jagdeo, who was attending his last summit because his country’s constitution bars him from seeking a third consecutive term in office. “But we cannot have double standards. More importantly we cannot have Bahrain or Yemen shoot at innocent people...kill 30 of them in one day and then urge dialogue in those countries because they are allies to Western powers when we have a different position in relation to Syria and to (Colonel Muammar) Gaddafi in Libya,” he said.

Lisa-Anne Ray-Bayers

File photo

Caricom Heads Work To Improve Region By Peter Richards


he 15-member Caribbean Community’s annual summit, which concluded in St. Kitts recently, reflected broader trends of south-south cooperation and integration, both within and beyond the region itself.

“Colombia wants to give special importance and priority to the needs of the Caribbean region,” said President Juan Manuel Santos, who was invited to the meeting although his country is not a Caricom member. “Historically, for various reasons, the South and the centre of our continent have looked to the North,” he said. “But today this North is facing difficulties derived from the recent financial crisis, whose consequences have affected its ability to cooperate with our regions. Therefore we believe it is time that the Caribbean also looks to the South.” Santos added that the South should also “look to the Caribbean”. The Sixth Summit of the Americas to be held in Cartagena “will serve this purpose because there we can encourage new forms of hemispheric relations, more in line with the new political realities of economic development, trade and cooperation,” he noted. CARICOM’s flagship integration project in the region is the Single Market and Economy (CSME) allowing for the free movement of goods, services, skills and labour across the Caribbean, although the initiative is not without controversy. Barbadian Prime Minister Freundel Stuart said that while his administration remains

Haiti’s President Michel Martelly committed to the goals and ideals of the CSME, it is concerned with the impact on the island’s socioeconomic development. “Barbados has been totally frank with our CARICOM colleagues in assessing that while we support the ultimate goal of complete unrestricted freedom of movement, we can only hope to attain it through a phased and managed approach which does not strain the absorptive capacity of those countries which are the principal recipients and produce severe skills deficits in those which are the principal exporters,” he said. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Foreign Minister Dr. Douglas Slater said that on the


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Rihanna Tops Gaga For Queen Of Facebook Crown


Bigger &Better

By Marjorie Flash

“Bigger and better events every year, that’s what we say,” declared George Crooks, CEO of Jammins Entertainment whose next upcoming event, “Once In A Life Time Singers In Action – Love Within the Music” is being billed as history in the making. The event is scheduled for Aug. 11, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. With three superstars of reggae taking the stage in the same concert it is going to be an amazing event. Ladies please hold on to your undies!! At Beres’ concert at BAM last year, a young lady gave him her bra … which he graciously gave back! In a sit down conversation with George he gave me some insight as to how this highly anticipated tour came about. “Last year we did Beres Hammond and we did Sanchez with great performances by both. But you know, I can remember in the Bronx with Sanchez we had to turn people back, and Beres had two sold out shows. So I figured I would combine the two events into one great show, and that’s what we are doing at Hammerstein this year but adding Wayne Wonder too; three of the greatest singers of all time in New York on the same stage. That’s mind blowing for me, so I’m looking forward to hearing all that from my audience.” After a couple years of bringing two sold out Beres shows each year to BAM, George explains the reason

the concert has been moved to Hammerstein Ballroom. “Hammerstein is more central and Beres wanted to get a more rock concert vibes because as we know people stand up for Beres’ concerts from the first song to the last song. Hammerstein is one of the first concerts we did for Beres, “Live at the Hammerstein”, was filmed in total surround sound. One of the best DVD’s of all times and the best selling DVD that VP Records had ever done and we really enjoyed doing that event so we really are looking forward to doing it there again.” Fans of these three legendary singers will be enthralled at the prospect of hearing their favorite songs. We are sure to hear from Beres tunes from his latest album like “I feel good”, and such rock steady melodies of yesteryear like “Double Trouble”, “Sweetness”, “Rockaway”, just to name a few of my favorite songs. While Sanchez will definitely take us on a trip down memory belting out oldies but goodies like “Brown Eye Girl”, “Missing You”, “ I think I can Fly”, “Never Dis a Man”,

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ihanna has toppled Lady Gaga to become the most popular female star on Facebook, according to the social media statistics service. Only one person, Eminem, on 43 million fans, stands ahead of the pair.

The achievement marks a spectacular year for Rihanna, who has seen her social media fame explode following the release of Loud last year. In February this year, Rihanna became the fourth artist in history to achieve 1 billion YouTube views

Courtesy of

and is now the third most viewed star on the network with almost 1.4 billion views, having overtaken Eminem in May. Recently, Rihanna became the 13th person in history to achieve 6 million twitter followers. And just a few days ago, Rihanna achieved the landmark of 40 million Facebook fans, marking the occasion by tweeting “40 mil! 1 LOVE ‘RihannaNavy”. On an aggregated basis, according to Famecount’s rankings, Rihanna is now the third biggest social media star in the world, just behind Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. The question now becomes, can Rihanna make it all the way to the top? Eminem is currently 3 million ahead on Facebook, but Rihanna is faster growing on the network, and she remains the fastest growing star in the world on YouTube – thanks to her controversial video “Man

Barbadian singer Rihanna Down” which has now racked up more than 40 million views. Meanwhile her fame offline continues to build as Rihanna confirmed last week that she will become the new face (and body) of Emporio Armani lingerie. If she can maintain momentum Famecount may one day be celebrating a new leader in its overall ranking of social media fame.



Babyface, Tarrus Riley, Machel Montano For Reggae Rhythm & Blues

Dancehall’s star Mavado

‘Gully God’ Back In NYC By Anthony Turner


ne year after his USA visa and work permit were revoked, David Constantine Brooks, better known in the dancehall world as Mavado, will make his first appearance on US soil at the inaugural “Reggae Rhythm & Blues” concert, which takes place at Roy Wilkins Park in Queens on Labor Day Sunday, September 4, 2011. Mavado made his entry in the music business with the critically acclaimed album Gangsta for Life, which includes hit singles “Fathers Prayer”, “Cassava Piece Radio”, “Sadness”, “Gully Side”, and “On The Go (Faster Than Bullet)”. In recent months he has been a staple on reggae charts globally, reeking havoc with “Star Boy,” “Stulla,” “Mad Over” and “Delilah” which is currently enjoying multiple spins on urban stations in the USA. He won the 2010 EME award for “Male Singjay of the Year” and is featured alongside some of rap’s biggest stars in the remix of ‘Welcome to My Hood’ by DJ Khaled. “This performance by Mavado will be extra special, as it will showcase his musical dexterity and the many sides of David Brooks. Mavado is a rare talent and one of the best we have seen in recent years. He has many great songs and that’s the side we are hoping to showcase,” event organizer and CEO of Irie Jam Media, Bobby Clarke explained. Joining Mavado on stage will be Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, singer Tarrus Riley and soca star Machel Montano. Babyface is of course the successful R&B, pop singer, songwriter, keyboardist, record producer, film producer and entrepreneur who has written and produced songs for some of the biggest names in contemporary music, including Toni Braxton, Boyz II Men, Whitney Houston and TLC.

Braxton’s eponymous 1993 debut album went on to sell over seven million copies, and earned her a Grammy Award as the year’s best new artist in 1994. As a solo artiste, Babyface has recorded some of the genre’s biggest tracks, including “Tender Love,” “Whip Appeal,” “Give U My Heart,” “For the Cool I You,” “When Can I See You,” “Rock Bottom,” “This Is For The Lover In You,” “Every time I Close My Eye,” “Reason For Breathing,” “Grown & Sexy” and many others. “Reggae Rhythm & Blues” represents the best of all genres. We have Mavado representing the best of dancehall, we have Babyface representing the best of R&B, Tarrus Riley representing the best of reggae and Machel Mantano representing the best of soca. This event is a dream come through for Caribbean music lovers in the tri-state area” Clarke said. Clarke disclosed that producing an event of this caliber was something he dreamt of doing for a very long time. “I have always wanted to produce an event of the kind. It is in my blood. Caribbean folks love and appreciate music that cuts across all genres. With over a millions Caribbean nationals living in the tri-state region, we have the numbers here to make an event of this kind a success. Any support we receive from the African American community will put us over the top” he said.

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“One In a Million” and “Praise Him”. Sanchez can still have everyone hanging on to his every note as I witnessed from his concert last year. Sexy crooner Wayne Wonder completes this trio lineup bringing his style of classic hits like “You Me and She”, “Baby You and I’, “Saddest Day”, “When I’m With You” and his mega successful hit with Buju Banton “Bonafide Love”. Wayne Wonder will most certainly add flavor to an already spicy pot. Tickets are selling out fast, and as George says “This is Manhattan, so you can expect a lot of special guests to come out and big up Beres. We are looking forward to seeing everybody there, it’s gonna be a crazy rock and roll show.” George Crooks has been in the business of promoting music festivals for over 30 years ago. Asked how he got started in this business he explains, “I got started because I was going to school at University of North Florida and needed to pay my school fee, and I was on the student government so we booked Peter Tosh for a concert at the school. Then we decided to get a park and book Peter Tosh in concert and charged $1, we had 8,000 kids in the park. So we started doing concerts, we had Inner Circle, a group called Roots Uprising and even had Bette Wright on stage.” Fast-forward, Jammins Entertainment has diversified bringing R&B acts, such as the awesome concerts he did last year with The O’Jays and Patti LaBelle both sold out shows at BAM and as George informs us, “Patti LaBelle was an awesome concert, she kicked off her shoes and really got down the audience loved it. The people want to see more of these kinds of shows and I’m going to bring them.” Another area of entertainment George has branched out to is stage plays such as “Loving Him is Killing Me” which has seen huge success in New York, and Miami last year. George says, “we are bringing it back to New York at the Beacon Theatre October 7 with stars like Kenny Lattimore and our own Jamaican Tyson Beckford in it.” Another successful event presented by Jammins Entertainment is the renowned Brooklyn Music Festival. Usually put on in July, this year George dedicated his time to focus on the Beres show, but advises he anticipates that the BMF could be rescheduled for September 5th, as once the Beres event is over he will have more time to focus on it. So look out for that folks! In the meantime, you won’t want to miss the “Singers in Action concert”, August 11, 2011 at Hammerstein Ballroom.



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A Lost-wallet Checklist For Summer Travelers


ad weather, delayed flights, a stomach bug - of all the annoyances that can derail your summer vacation, a lost or stolen wallet has to rank toward the top of the list in terms of inconvenience. But while you’ll recover from that virus and the sun will come out (eventually), losing your wallet and all the personal identifying information in it can have disastrous and long-term consequences. “Your wallet is like a miniature directory of your identity,” says Jennifer Leuer, senior vice president of Experian Consumer Direct, which owns ProtectMyID. “If you lose it, or it’s stolen while you’re on vacation, the impact on your life can last long after the vacation is over, especially if the personal information in your wallet falls into the hands of identity thieves.” Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing types of crime in the United States, and most of it occurs in traditional ways, including a lost or stolen wallet. Even if you’re a cautious traveler, sometimes the unthinkable happens and your wallet disappears from your possession. If that happens, responding quickly with a pre-planned checklist of what to do can help minimize your risk of becoming an identity theft victim. The identity theft prevention experts at ProtectMyID offer this lost wallet checklist.

Before you go: * Remove from your wallet any cards you don’t need. Only carry the credit card you will use on your trip. Since you’ll be on vacation, you can leave at home your wholesale club membership card or your library card. You won’t need them, but a clever identity thief could use the information on them. Never carry your Social Security card in your wallet. * Write down in a notebook all the information from the front and back of your credit and debit cards, driver’s license, medical insurance card and other important cards. Keep the list in a secure place at home. If the worst happens: * Call credit and debit card issuers, your medical insurance company and your state driver’s license bureau immediately when you realize your wallet has been lost or stolen. Ask for new account or identification numbers and verify that the old numbers are no longer active. * File a police report with local law enforcement where you’re vacationing. If identity thieves do use your informa-

tion, having a police report of the lost or stolen wallet will help establish credibility. Get a copy of the report for your personal records. It may come in handy later if you need to challenge fraudulent charges or activity on your accounts. * Notify the credit bureaus and ask for fraud alerts on your account. This can help prevent thieves from using your information by notifying you when someone tries to open a new account in your name. In the aftermath * Monitor your accounts. You may need to keep a watchful eye for several months. Review each account statement carefully, looking for purchases, transactions or services you didn’t authorize or receive. If you suspect fraud, call the number on your statement immediately. * Consider a protection product like ProtectMyID that can help you detect identity theft, protect against it and resolve the situation if you’re a victim while you’re enrolled. It works by monitoring for more than 50 indicators of fraud daily, performing daily Internet scans for your personal information, and alerting you when key changes occur. “Travelers should take preventative steps to minimize their exposure in case their wallet is lost or stolen,” Leuer says. “Acting quickly if loss occurs can help reduce the risk of identity theft.”

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Planning An Outdoor Adventure? S

e a f a Three Things To Do First S Safe fe


n outdoor adventure is one of the great joys of summer.

Whether you opt for rock climbing in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge or a week on a houseboat in the Illinois River Valley, vacationing outdoors can be a welcome break from routine. But before you indulge in some outdoor activities this summer, you should do these three things first: 1. Check your credit. If you’re planning on using credit to fund your outside excursion, it’s

a good idea to get the inside scoop on your credit score first. Your current credit status could affect your decisions about where to go and how to pay for the trip. If your credit is in good shape and you have a plan for paying off the expense quickly, then using a credit card to cover vacation costs may make sense for you. If, however, your credit is spotty or you’re close to your credit limit on one or more cards, you may want to reconsider where you’re going and how much you’ll spend. Websites like Freecreditscore. com let you see your score, which is a snapshot of your credit. The site can help you understand how your credit score calculated, what factors affect

it and when the time might be right to apply for or use credit.

2. Check your health Your blood pressure, nutrition and cardiovascular health might not come into play if your summer vacation plans include nothing more strenuous than romping in the surf or walking around a theme park. But for safety’s sake, a basic level of fitness is necessary for more energetic outdoor activities. If your outdoor vacation will involve extended periods of vigorous exercise, it may be a good idea to visit your doctor for a checkup before you go. He or she can help you assess whether your current level of fitness

is up to the challenges of the vacation you’re planning, and offer advice for how to best prepare your body for the trip.

3. Check your emergency plan When you’re preparing for a trip into nature, “hope for the best, but plan for the worst” is a good philosophy to follow. Of course your trip will be great and filled with new sights and experiences. But knowing you’re prepared for any potential emergencies can help free you mentally to fully enjoy your outdoor adventure. Before you head outdoors, know what emergency services are available in the area you’ll be exploring. Be sure to take your cell phone and

determine right away if you have service in the area - especially if you’ll be in an isolated location. Carry plenty of water and energy-filled snacks, and be sure your first aid kit is fully stocked and at hand. Finally, make sure someone and more than one person - knows exactly where you will be and what you’ll be doing. In some cases, it may make sense to notify local authorities of your plans. Many national parks require hikers and climbers to check in with park rangers before setting out. With a bit of advanced planning, you can ensure this summer’s outdoor adventure is fun, memorable and safe.


Twelve Exceptional Rockland Students To Receive Scholarships During Upcoming Gala

•Jamccar Celebrates 21st Anniversary SPRING VALLEY, NY -- The Jamaican Civic and Cultural Association of Rockland, Inc. (JAMCCAR) will present an unprecedented 12 scholarship awards to some of Rockland County’s exceptional collegebound high school graduates, during its 21st Anniversary Celebration, August 6, from 8 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. at the nearby beautiful Hilton Woodcliff Lake Hotel, 200 Tice Blvd., Woodcliff Lake, NJ. The scholarship awards presentation is among the highlights of Twenty-One: How Sweet It Is!, a gala event that will commemorate JAMCCAR’s 21st anniversary and Jamaica’s 49th year of independence. The spectacular black tie event, replete with a sumptuous dinner, entertainment by the renowned JAMCCAR Ekklipse Steel Band, and dancing to music by Soul Tone Disco With DJ Prentice, will be held under the Patronage of the Honorable Geneive Brown Metzger, Consul General of

Jamaica in New York. The dynamic and charismatic Christopher Dobson from the Jamaica Tourist Board will be the Master of Ceremony. All are invited to attend JAMCCAR’s Twenty-One: How Sweet It Is! and have a good time for a good cause to help acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of the outstanding scholarship recipients. Tickets to this gala fundraising event must be purchased in advance of August 6th. The public is invited to call 845-425-7327 or 845-222-5973 for tickets and more information. The twelve scholarship recipients are college-bound, graduating Rockland County high school students with superior records of academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular, and community service accomplishments. This year’s JAMCCAR scholarship winners include Esoshani Barton and Shana Henry who have been integral parts of JAMCCAR’s acclaimed Ekklipse Steel Band, and

Davine Holness, an active participant in JAMCCAR’s folk, drama and poetry presentations, Matthew Brown, Rachel Friday, Shanice Garwood, Jaenique Hurlock, Raquel Paul, Brittney Reid, Jamila Samuel, Jordan Taylor and Christopher Turner. Notably, Brittney Reid ranked 4th, Shanice Garwood ranked 5th and Davine Holness ranked 6th in their Ramapo High School graduating class of 311 students. JAMCCAR will also present a monetary award to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Multi-Purpose Center to support the Center’s summer camp for youth. A raffle, and display and sale of Jamaican art with artists Paul Blackwood and Courtney Morgan, are activities that will also be a part of JAMCCAR’s Twenty-One: How Sweet It Is! gala event. Tickets to the gala are $140.00 per person and $1,300.00 for a table of 10 guests. “We are urging everyone to support this event,” said JAMCCAR’s

President Millicent Johnson-James. “Proceeds will help us continue our: scholarship awards for graduating high school seniors; acclaimed youth steel band; youth cultural group, outreach programs, community forums, and other valuable programs and services to the community. This year is extra special as we celebrate JAMCCAR at Twenty-One: How Sweet it is!” “We are proud of the cultural and educational investments that we have made in our youth and the community over the years,” said Sonia Tracey-McCallum, Gala Chair, and a Founding Member and Past President of JAMCCAR, reflecting on JAMCCAR’s 21 years of service. “We hope everyone will attend the Gala and all the other wonderful events. We encourage our out of town guests to take advantage of the special overnight rate of $109 – available for a limited time - which we have arranged at the Hilton.” JAMCCAR’s Twenty-One: How Sweet It Is! is the centerpiece of several activities marking JAMCCAR’s


annual Heritage Week celebration.

Honorable Geneive Brown Metzger, Consul General of Jamaica in New York


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Man is what he eats.

Jerk Chicken Salad Ingredients

1/3 cup olive oil 2 tablespoons lime juice 2 teaspoons snipped fresh thyme or 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme, crushed 1 teaspoon honey 1 pound skinless, boneless chicken breast halves 1 plantain, 2 red bananas, or 1 large yellow banana, sliced 2 tablespoons Jamaican jerk seasoning 1 medium red or yellow sweet pepper, cut into strips 6 cups torn mixed greens 1 medium avocado, halved, peeled, and cut into thin wedges 1 medium mango, peeled and cut into thin wedges* Directions 1. In a screw-top jar combine oil, lime juice, thyme, and honey; cover and shake well. Remove 1 tablespoon of the dressing. Set remaining dressing aside. Rinse chicken and pat dry. Brush chicken and plantain or red bananas with the 1 tablespoon reserved dressing. NEVER PAY FOR AUTO REPAIRS AGAIN! New & Used Vehicle Coverage 130,000 Miles or Less 98` or newer! 24hr. Roadside Assistance/Towing Coverage Rental Car Reimbursement Free Quote! 877-313-9817 DONATE YOUR CAR! Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Most highly rated breast cancer charity in America! Tax deductible/Fast, Free Pick-up! 888-447-0864 FAST IRS TAX RELIEF. Do You Owe $10,000 or MORE to the IRS? We Help You Settle Your Overdue Taxes for LESS! FREE Consultation! 888-645-7844


Recipes 2. Rub jerk seasoning onto chicken. Grill chicken on an uncovered grill directly over medium coals for 12 to 15 minutes or until no longer pink turning once. Remove chicken from grill; cut into strips and set aside (if using yellow banana, do not grill) and pepper strips over medium coals for 8 minutes or until tender. 3. In a large bowl gently toss together greens and remaining dressing. Divide among 4 large plates. Top each serving with one-fourth of the chicken, sweet peppers, plantain or banana, avocado, and mango. Makes 4 main-dish servings. 4. Note: To cut mango into wedges, peel, if desired, and cut in half by sliding a sharp knife next to the seed along each side of the mango. Then, cut each half into wedges.

Help Your Children Eat Fresh And Healthy Foods Throughout The School Year W hen the school year starts, it’s harder to make sure your children are eating well. Between the morning rush, quick school lunches and after-school snacks, it’s easy to lose track of whether or not your kids are eating healthy meals. Make sure everything your kids need is right in the kitchen. Having a large capacity refrigerator that’s fully stocked with fresh and easyto-prepare foods can help you counter unhealthy lunches and snacking from the get go. One LG French door three-door refrigerator, for example, has a 31 cubic foot capacity, enough room for 51 gallons of milk if you were so inclined. With that much storage space, you won’t have to worry about skimping on healthy lunch food or snacks ... or your children leaving your refrigerator empty after they come home from school everyday. Kimberly Nies, home economist for LG Electronics USA, suggests some tips to encourage your children to eat healthy during the busy school year. Keep fresh ingredients Make sure the foods you store in your kitchen are fresh. The average household throws away about $500 worth of spoiled foods that were forgotten or lost in the back of the refrigerator each year. Some refrigerators like one from LG help keep food fresh longer using a system to

maintain the temperature and humidity at the best levels. Bring lunch Ask your kids to help you make their lunch either the night before, or in the morning before they take off for school. Present them with several options for sandwich materials including whole-grain breads, cold cut meats, cheese or even egg or chicken salad. Soon they’ll be able to craft their own healthy and delicious lunch all by themselves. Fresh carrots and apples add crunch and healthy fun to their lunch. Make healthy foods accessible Keep your cupboards and refrigerator organized so your children can find and easily reach healthy options, Nies suggests. Many refrigerators have crisper systems with separate drawers for storing fruits, veggies and even ready-to-eat snacks. “After a long day of school, even teens have a hard time turning down veggies with tasty dips when they’re right at their fingertips,” she says. Make fun snacks When grocery shopping each week, make sure you load your list up with fun, snack-friendly ingredients. For example, “Ants on a Log” are a popular treat for kids. And they’re versatile, so your children can develop the recipe to perfectly suit their tastes. Check out Nies’s easy recipe below:

Ants on a Log

Suggested ingredients: Celery or carrots, cleaned and cut into 4- or 5-inch sticks. For the carrots, cut the sticks in half the long way as well. Peanut butter or cream cheese Raisins or nuts of any variety Directions: To make it safer and easier for your children, precut all the carrots and celery ahead of time so they aren’t handling any sharp knives. Spread the peanut butter or cream cheese along the length of the celery or carrot sticks. Line up the raisins or nuts, as if they were marching across the log. Other good snack ideas include peanut butter and crackers, fresh fruit, cheese curds or string cheese and even a bowl of shelled nuts. Keep hydrated When your children are involved in physical activities, you’re going to need to make sure your fridge is stocked with plenty of rehydrating options. Sports drinks and flavored waters are good options, but so is plain chilled water. The LG refrigerators have a tall water dispenser on the door that can accommodate just about any size container so your daughter can quickly and easily fill up her water jug as she’s running out the door for practice.


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a d v e r t i s e h e r e 7 1 8 7 8 5 9 7 2 2



Jack Warner unexpectedly resigned as a FIFA vice-president and head of CONCACAF and the Caribbean Football Union amidst corruption allegations, last month.

libertystarsports Jamaica Chrisann Gordon captured the Junior Pan American Championships 400 metres title, Monday, in Miramar, Fla. She won in a time of 52.62 seconds.

Seymour, Miller Nab PanAm Gold

Bahamians Shine On Final Day


ahamian hurdler Katrina Seymour and Jamaican shot putter Ashinia Miller grabbed gold, as the 2011 Pan American Junior Championships climaxed in Miramar, Fla., Sunday. Seymour won the women’s 400 metres hurdles in a time of 57.87 seconds, beating Jamaican Danielle Dowie into second in a time of 58.55 seconds at the Ansin Sports Complex. Uruguay’s Deborah Rodriguez was third in 59.10 seconds but Trinidad and Tobago’s Kernesha Spann finished down the field in a disappointing seventh, clocking 1:00.79. Miller, meanwhile, claimed the other gold medal in the men’s shot putt when he measured 19.97 metres. Americans Kyle McKelvey (18.39m) and Caleb Whitener (18.29m) were second and third respectively. The Trinidadian duo of Hezekiel Romeo (17.45m) and Akeem Stewart (17.22m) missed out, however, finishing fifth and sixth. Bahamian Tamara Myers also missed out in the triple jump, claiming silver with a leap of 12.85 metres while trailing home Colombian Gisetty Landajuri (13.04). Her countryman Ryan Ingraham experienced similar disappointment, finishing second in the high jump with a measurement of 2.22 metres. Winner Maalik Reynolds of the United States also posted the same mark but won gold based on the fact he needed one jump versus Ingraham’s two, to attain the level. The Bahamas also shone in the sprint and distance relays, winning the women’s 4x100 metres event in a time of 45.04 seconds. Jamaica were second in 45.37 seconds, with Canada placing third with 46.35 seconds. The Bahamian girls also took bronze in the 4x400 metres relay, clocking three minutes, 42.61 seconds to finish behind winners United States (3:34.71). In the men’s relays, Bahamas claimed bronze with the Americans winning both events.

Jack Warns Of More Fallout From

Bribery Scandal


ormer FIFA strongman Austin “Jack” Warner has warned of more fallout from the cash-forvote scandal which has engulfed the international football fraternity and left a dark cloud over the Caribbean game. Warner, who last month unexpectedly resigned as a FIFA vice-president and head

of CONCACAF and the Caribbean Football Union amidst corruption allegations, said there was more to come on the issue even though former Asian football head Mohamed Bin Hammam had been slapped with a life ban from the sport. “This whole scenario hasn’t played out as yet, it’s not even half-way there and in the fullness of time you will see. You will see everything,” a combative Warner told reporters here at the weekend. “In FIFA and in CONCACAF and in those positions, everything is timing. There is a time to speak and a time to stay quiet and right now is a time to stay quiet. In the fullness of

time it shall be revealed.” Bin Hammam and Warner were both suspended by FIFA’s ethics committee after being accused of offering CFU members US$40 000 cash inducements at a meeting in Trinidad and Tobago in May, ahead of the June 1 FIFA presidential election where Bin Hammam was a candidate. In the face of the bribery allegations, Warner had warned of a “football tsunami” which never came, and his sudden resignation resulted in FIFA dropping all charges and discontinuing their investigations. Bin Hammam, however, opted to fight the charges and was last Saturday banned for

life after being found guilty of bribery, following an investigation conducted by former FBI chief Louis Freeh. Warner, a government minister here, was also critical of the ethics committee’s verdict. “If people believe that Bin Hammam deserves what the ethics committee have given him, then I tell you, I have news for them, you haven’t heard the last of this mess,” he reiterated. “Everybody in this country is a FIFA expert. This country has one FIFA expert – me! And I say that unashamedly. I say wait and see.”


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