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Latest Reports: Android Jelly Bean Version Fall behind Ice-cream Sandwich

As per the latest reports, revealed by Google, Android Jelly Bean finally overtakes Ice Cream Sandwich in the Android ranking stakes. Many Android users are turning to the latest version of Android OS because of its powerful features and high functionalities. Currently, there are approximately 28.4 % of android devices that are using Android Jelly Bean version OS (4.1 and 4.2 version). When it comes to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3 and 4.0.4), 27.5% of android users are using this OS. Finally, Android Jelly Bean falls behind Ice-cream sandwich in terms of popularity. But, Jelly Bean is still behind from Gingerbread (Android 2.3), which accounts 1.7% to 38.5%. However, Android Jelly Bean has grabbed the second place in the Android version stats and Gingerbread maintains its popularity by securing its place on the top. Most of the people love to use Jelly Bean because of its flexibility, reliability and scalability that allow them to use a comprehensive range of applications and many new features like Day dreaming, lock widgets and many more.

But the major question is that will gingerbread secures its place in near future? We have noticed downward side of Gingerbread version as well. As per the monthly user numbers published by Google, 38.5% android users are using Gingerbread version that decline from 39.5%. As we all know, a new version of Android OS is on the way, and soon, it will studs its legs in the market, so what you expect will Jelly Bean maintains its place or will loose its stakes?? However, we can’t say about users are they will turn to those OS that offer them more flexibility to use features, applications and other technologies comfortably. When it comes to talk about older versions of Android OS like Donut, ForYo, Honeycomb and more, these versions are now have insignificant market share. These numbers are resulting from Google Play store visits at the time of set period that shows huge increment of Jelly Bean. Android’s Jelly Bean version was launched last year, but it has gained huge popularity in the market and gaining rapid stake on Gingerbread, released in the year 2010. Now, it is also expected that Jelly Bean will seize the Gingerbread’s market share after launching of Samsung Galaxy S4, an excellent android Jelly Bean 4.2 OS based device. Author Bio: Android Development Experts is a renowned Android app development company, specializing in developing all types of Android applications with numerous features. You can hire android app developer to get android app development service for any Android OS version.

Latest Reports : Android Jelly Bean Version Fall behind Ice-cream Sandwich  

As per the latest reports, revealed by Google, Android Jelly Bean finally overtakes Ice Cream Sandwich in the Android ranking stakes. Many A...

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