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5 Most Exciting IPLT20 Android Apps for Cricket Lovers

Every cricket-lover has the fever of cricket. Cricket-lovers don’t have care of hotness of summer; they just are enjoying every match in Cricket ground with their favorite players and of course, Bollywood Stars. Every Year, IPLT20 comes with new excitement, so we can't afford to miss even a single ball of an over. Here, I come with big surprises for those people, who have cricket fever through collection of latest IPLT20 android apps.

BCCI Mobile App: BCCI Mobile App has simple UI with collection of amazing features like score, contest and the updates of every match’s series. This app is best among many users as it gives details about players and teams along with news, virtual replay, interviews, pulse, twitter and many more. Through this app, you don’t only get information about IPL, but also get details of the CLT20 matches.

Yahoo! Cricket App: Yahoo! Cricket is one of the most exciting apps for cricket that shows live matches on the web. Yahoo! Cricket App deliver instant score within 2-3 seconds with complete sentences, is it an amazing thing? Along with IPL matches, you are free to see all the live scores of matches that currently happening around the globe. One of the best things about this app is you can easily browse details of batting line-up to know details of two-player’s partnership.

Live Cricket Scores App: Live Cricket Scores android application is hottest in demand among cricket lovers. This application provides information about Indian Premier League and other matches, All international T20, Test Cricket matches, World Cup ODI matches, etc. being a small android app, it delivers real-time feeds to the cricket lovers. Moreover, LIVE score push through GCM is also available with Live Cricket Scores App.

ESPNCricinfo ESPNCricinfo is another smart application for android device shows live updated for the upcoming games in the series. From top to deep, every kind of information related to international matches and tournaments, IPL cricket and other domestic leagues are available. ESPNCricinfo gives advertising, commentary, news, live game coverage, graphics, etc.

Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News Android application is best known for getting ball by ball text commentary and Quick score updates. This amazing creation of Android app development delivers Match alerts through push notification service. Even, you will get details of upcoming matches in its sections of ‘what's up for tomorrow, next week, next month?’ Here, I mentioned some excellent cricket apps for android device that shows live scores and other updates. If you want to develop Cricket application according to your choice, simply consult android development company India and get excellent application.

5 Most Exciting IPLT20 Android Apps for Cricket Lovers