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Volume 24 : January - March 2013

Sawasdee Pi Mai to Everybody ! Y 2012 has passed rather calmly without any political chaos and natural disaster. However, the world trade and economy seem to be moved on quietly and in a somewhat gloomy atmosphere, simply because there still remain a lot of uncertainties relating to European financial crisis, China and India's economic slow-down and so forth. In the ocean shipping industry itself, the situation has not yet been recovery from the past terrible financial damage as container trade has not quite got back to a healthy situation unlike other services, say, bulk and energy. This is due to the fact that Liner business is still in the dilemma and faced with the big gap of actual cargo demand and the tonnage/space availability. Looking ahead, Y 2013 has come with a strong hope to survive the container trade for another year until the aforesaid gap is supposed to be diminished, expectantly around the later part of the year or maybe thereafter. Notwithstanding, we in Thailand are now become a driving force of few economic engines of the world and am more than happy as a member of the working hard people to better our global economy. In this sense, we may have another tough year but am confident we shall overcome moving forward. This year, NYK shall complete the 25th Anniversary of operating in Thailand. I wish everybody and your family good health and a very prosperous year.



Welcome the New Year 2013‌ Welcome the year of our silver anniversary... I would like to start with our 9 months business performances of this fiscal year that so far we have made in progress successfully despite starting with numerous challenges as interrupted by the on-going and post effects of unfavorable crisis both locally and globally. It is also anticipated that we would attain the same quantum of success in Q4 (January to March 2013 period) and end this financial year with better than the projected figure - hitting the best-ever record of 500,000 TEU plus for the first time. Likewise, more merchandise has also been witnessed by Tramp, RORO and NYK Hinode services. This is a very cheerful and meaningful milestone for welcoming our forthcoming 25th year of NYK founding in Thailand.



Apart from the lifting, several new things have been implemented i.e., the new sales organization focusing on customer centric, the roll in of 2 months bonus into salary, the revival of overseas training scheme, the new counter service at SRW, the new additional payment channels at NICD. In addition, various work processes have been realigned and simplified such as the COE report, the utilization of IT network to facilitate the works, the streamline of work procedures in operations, the rationalization of channels of contact among concerned and vendors, etc. All these would more or less contribute to the reduction of non-values, un-even, and excessive burden on jobs/activities, but improve speed of service, better the quality, enhance the staff capability with cost efficiency and reduction of staff strength in line with NYK HO 3M (Muda, Mura, Muri) project. Impacts of world economy still drag on. Increase the revenues in all markets is an enterprising aim of NYK. New emerging markets are promising arenas for market expansion. NYK HO targets to lift Intra-Asia cargo for 1.8 million TEU in year 2015. For Line Thai, let's drive together to set new throughput record to celebrate our silver anniversary. Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year.


Welcome Dinner with FTPG Team

Climbed up Mt. Fuji in early Sep’12

Port Tour at Tokyo Port

Dinner with NYK Global Week People

ONSEN Relaxation

Yakitori Recipe

New Year Party 2013

J-League at Ajinomoto Stadium

Time flies so fast. It has been about 7 months since I came to Tokyo in the first week of July 2012. The main purpose of my coming here is to work as a 1 year trainee in NYK Tokyo head office in Fair Trade Promotion Group (FTPG). Firstly, let me explain some more about FTPG that, as you may know, fair trade and antitrust have been recently becoming more and more very important and imperative issues, especially for international trade around the world - no matter in which business sectors, and no matter such business deal or transaction being done anywhere. Many countries have enacted Antitrust law to promote fair and free competition, prevent unlawful restraint and monopoly, and to protect market and consumers. As there are many general risks for the company to conduct the business activities against the law, so the objective of the FTPG is to control and educate all NYK group companies and its subsidiary companies to be insights into this law and its repercussion. In particular, any violation would possibly cause a behemoth fine and penalty - not only to the company but also the concerned individual implicating in the case. Besides works, it is also really enjoyable for the life in Japan. I live in company's dormitory which is located in Tsunashima area - not far from Yokohama city with an approximate of 1 hour to commute by train to and from NYK office. As I have heard about crowded train in Tokyo before, so it is not a surprise for me to be a part of packed bogies in every morning and evening. About the climate, in Japan there are 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. I have experienced summer during the first 3 months (July to September period) of my staying here. It was absolutely hot and humid, luckily, NYK HO allows the staff to wear a shirt in the office without a tie and a jacket suit. Now, we are in autumn and it is very good, pleasant and sabai sabai. However, trees leaves now begin to turn from green to red, some to orange and yellow welcoming wintry weather. I have been travelling to many places since I came here such as the famous Sensoji (Asakusa) temple, Tokyo Skytree, Shinjuku and Shibuya localities - the main shopping areas in Tokyo. Besides visiting many places in Tokyo, I once climbed to the top of Mt. Fuji hoping to see and cherish the first sunrise of the day on the mountaintop. Unfortunately, there was a heavy storm on that day forcing all climbers to disappointingly head down after 5 hours trekking by foot. All mountaineers could not reach the summit as wished. There are still many interesting places that I would like to visit, anyway, it also depends on my works commitment as well as the well-being of my purse. Half year has been passed for staying in Japan, I will continue to do my best to take the full advantages of new assignment/new experiences in terms of working and balancing life. This is one of the most valuable and memorable opportunity for me to work in NYK.



NYK Family Day

New Year Party‘13, “Monster Theme”

At Batam, Indonesia

Christmas Dinner AET Trade

NYK Anniversary Day

Marina Bay


When I was student, I asked to myself “Where am I? And, what am I doing when I am 30 years old?” Now I am and it is totally beyond my expectation. “Do you want to work in Singapore?” It was easy question from my boss but difficult to answer; however, I replied “affirmative” almost immediately and without any hesitation. This is a big opportunity of my life to learn and explore new things, new experiences, new horizons. The new journey starts mid May this year by the time I am 30 years and 5 months of age. I generally know Singapore as a country of various nationalities, low crime, countless millionaires, sky high buildings, high cost of living and fast successful city. I land at Singapore excitingly and I feel like a rustic boy in a vibrant place on the day of arrival. I work in Global Liner Trade and it has been about 8 months until now. My jobs have nothing similar to that in Thailand. My assignment involve the data analysis by using and digesting the data of mining tools such as DI Diver, Cognos, Seabury, etc. I have to pay attention to details with high accuracy as any mistakes would lead to misleading results and consequences. I also take care of IOS service (Indian Europe trade) so as to coordinate market update, benchmark the rate, profit and loss. Our target is to fulfill full space utilization and generating the best profit. My jobs always come with the timeline and many times, I have to work under pressure and with time constraints. It is a good learning. One has to be adaptive and make adjustment to new environment. In spite of this, I enjoy every single day even someday is very hard. My philosophy is “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Life in Singapore for me is rather convenient but with high cost of living. Weekend is my fascinating time and I prefer do exercises jogging along the road nearby my apartment. I also go around and like to explore all interesting places in Singapore. One of my favorite spots is Marina Bay - a wide and windy area. I like the atmosphere and scenery of modern and high buildings with remarkable lights at another side of bay. All signature places such as Merlion, Esplanade building, Singapore flyer, Sentosa Island, Universal Studio, Orchard road, as we all know, are crowded on holidays. For sight-seeing, the country can be enjoyed with a few days trip. When coming here, it is recommended to download a map application, say “Street Directory” which can help search and direct to any designated destination the whole Singapore. It is a very good opportunity for me to be trained here.

Wera S.


N.Y.K. Distribution Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (NICD) has provided a pilot test run for a new settlement method by a debit card so-called, "KTB e-Logistics Card". The services have been rolled out since October 15, 2012. And, on a trial basis, payment of any service charges at NICD as well as of any inbound service charges shipped by NYK LINE and routed via NICD can be settled with a swipe of the card. The KTB e-Logistics Card is also usable to pay for any PAT service charges (both at Bangkok Port and Laem Chabang Port) and used with some module operator served at Lat Krabang ICD. The card is not permitted to use for any other purpose except the specific payment relating to import and export shipment and customs clearance as agreed with the bank. This fast, safe, convenient services provided by NICD would make things easy. Clients shall have no more need for carrying cash and issuing cheques but gain better control, efficiency and fraud prevention. When payment is made, 4-Digit PIN number is applied to verify the authorized card user and the system interactively links internet based in real time via an EDC device served by KTB Corporate Online Services.

NICD J OINS THE 8 TH ICD G AMES N.Y.K. Distribution Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd (NICD) has rendered the services at Lat Krabang Inland Container Depot (LICD) since 1996. NICD and 5 other modules are all operating under State Railway of Thailand (SRT) concession. And, at present every module provides "One Stop Service" for customs clearance of import and export cargo. Apart from Customs Department, there are also several other government offices located in SRT Building: Plant Quarantine Section, Food and Drug, Wildlife Conservation Section, Animal Quarantine Section and Aquatic Animal Section. As there are many parties in LICD compound and the majority of them have to work cooperatively to serve customers, networking to get to know and bolster relationship is beneficial to all. To this end, several activities like Merit Making, Big Cleaning Day, have been conducted. The latest one is “The 8th ICD GAMES� which was held from November 7, 2012 till December 14, 2012. And, the Customs Department plays the host this time. About the event, Mr. Bhassawichaya Saeng-In (Administrator of Lat Krabang Cargo Control Customs Bureau), who is the Chairman of LICD Sport Committee, kindly presided over both the opening and closing ceremonies. There are 9 participating teams joining in the games: 6 of them from respective module operators and 1 each from SRT, Government Officers, and Customs Department. There are 6 kinds of sport in competition: Football, Badminton, Sepak Takraw, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Petong. NICD got the 2nd runner-up award for Football, Sepak Takraw and Table Tennis. Kriengkrai Y.

ความรู้ สึ ก ที่ ไ ด้ รั บ จากการสอนที่ นี่ คื อ มี ค วามสุ ข และรู้ สึ ก ภู มิ ใ จ 2 ปี ที่ ผ่ า นมานี้ ผู้ ฝึ ก มี ค วาม อดทน ตั้ ง ใจฝึ ก และมี ค วามพยายามฝึ ก อย่ า งต่ อ เนื่ อ ง ท าให้ เ รามี ก าลั ง ใจในการสอน / วั น แรกที่ เ ข้ า มา สอนที่ นี่ มองเห็ น ความตึ ง ของสรี ร ะร่ า งกายของแต่ ล ะคน ก็ บ อกกั บ ตั ว เองว่ า ต้ อ งท าให้ เ ค้ า ก้ ม ตั ว จนให้ มื อ แตะพื้ น ให้ ไ ด้ เ พราะแต่ ล ะคนหลั ง แข็ ง บ่ า ไหล่ ตึ ง จนมาถึ ง ทุ ก วั น นี้ เ ห็ น พั ฒ นาการของความยื ด หยุ่ น ทางร่ า งกายมากขึ้ น ความแข็ ง แรงมี ม ากขึ้ น ผู้ ฝึ ก สามารถฝึ ก ชุ ด ท่ า ที่ ห นั ก หน่ ว งได้ ก็ อ าจจะมี บ้ า งที่ บางวั น เลื อ กฝึ ก ชุ ด ท่ า เบาๆ สบายๆเพื่ อ ผ่ อ นคลายร่ า งกายและจิ ต ใจ ประโยชน์ จ ากการฝึ ก โยคะที่ ผู้ ฝึ ก ได้ รั บ คื อ สุ ข ภาพร่ า งกายแข็ ง แรงขึ้ น ระบบพลั ง งานภายใน ท างานอย่ า งมี ป ระสิ ท ธิ ภ าพมากขึ้ น ส่ ง ผลให้ มี บุ ค ลิ ก ท่ า ทางดู ส ง่ า มั่ น ใจมากขึ้ น ใบหน้ า สดใส อารมณ์ แจ่ ม ใสขึ้ น อดทนต่ อ ความทุ ก ข์ ต่ า งๆได้ อ ย่ า งเข้ า ใจเพราะ การฝึ ก โยคะก็ เ พื่ อ ให้ "กายเบาและมี จิ ต ใจที่ มั่ น คง" ซึ่ ง ปั จ จุ บั น นี้ มี สิ่ ง เร้ า ให้ เ ราต้ อ งเครี ย ดมากมาย เพื่ อ ให้ เ ราสามารถใช้ ชี วิ ต อย่ า งมี คุ ณ ภาพ การฝึ ก โยคะอาสนะจึ ง เป็ น อี ก ทางเลื อ กของผู้ ที่ ใ ส่ ใ จต่ อ สุ ข ภาพแบบเป็ น องค์ ร วมคื อ ร่ า งกายแข็ ง แรง ห่ า งไกลจากโรคภั ย ต่ า งๆและมี จิ ต ใจที่ เ ข้ ม แข็ ง สามารถทนต่ อ สภาวะที่ วุ่ น วายได้ ดี ค่ ะ ครู ต่ า ย

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Horizon (January-March 2013)  

Quarterly Newsletter of NYK Line Thailand

Horizon (January-March 2013)  

Quarterly Newsletter of NYK Line Thailand