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Rick Stone Trio

The Jazz Culture, V.II:11


RICK STONE TRIO by L. Hamanaka

Caught the Rick Stone Trio at the Garage, with Rick Stone, guitar, Harvie S, bass and Joe Strasser, bass. A post bop trio that is people friendly, can burn or light a quiet fire. “Alice in Wonderland,” (Sammy Fain) at about 132=quarter note, a charming song, the melody played with grace, phrased well in a sweet sound by Rick Stone. His solo was an appealing reminder of the adventures of childhood with a touch of “Mark Twain” humor. The group had an intimate sound, a musical blend, traded 4’s with Joe Strasser who played with brushes, lightly, as Rick Stone restated the theme. The song ended in a cluster by the group. “Justice” that became “Evidence” (by Monk, loosely based on “Just You Just Me”). This song, played at a medium up tempo swing, is challenging rhythmically--just to do the theme correctly, with precise articulation; the chords are dissonant, perhaps commenting on the justice system, or the lack of evidence in many cases; Mr. Stone showed he can play a modern master with finesse. Mr. Stone played eighth note runs going up to a burst of 16th notes with accents on odd beats with a triplet feel; capturing the quirky symmetry of Monk. His solo was celebratory of Monk and there was a good balance of short and long phrases, sometimes arpeggiating whole tone sequences. Harvie S’s solo accented the + of 2 and 4, in a nimble conversation full of daring leaps, some over an octave, and triplet phrases leading to a high note. Rick Stone then started trading 8’s. Mr. Strasser was more aggressive in this song fluently using rhythms in a Monk dialect, with an interesting and intricate mix of licks and colors. “Nascimento” (Barry Harris) This standard by another master of bebop, Barry Harris at about 168=quarter note, by Mr. Stone, 2

The Jazz Culture, V.II:11

who has one of the sweetest sounds on guitar, where he started the solo on a vibrant Latin beat. Rick Stone has an advanced harmonic vocabulary-new scales that have not been acquired by this reader yet-yet manages not to sound alienating, abstruse or weird, but integrates them all in a melodic musical fashion as well as throwing in an odd interval here and there. Harvie S made an ascending motif, then some lateral and blues phrases; he knows how to surround an important note in his lick and frame it like a jewel. Mr. Strasser played nice rhythmic variations off of the central rhythmic motifs of the song. Rick Stone restated the theme with some colorful exciting drum backgrounds provided by Joe Strasser. Who is? The Band: Rick Stone, one of the leading guitarists of his generation,

is originally from Cleveland. He has his own sound, has a sincere, glowing musicality and a technique with finesse, a swinging musical sense, contributed unique songs and utilized innovations in harmonic language in his improvisation. He has worked hard on creating notable recorded work. Mr. Stone has been a fixture on the New York City jazz scene since the 1980’s. A serious educator, he has taught at several colleges including Pace University and Hofstra, has a flourishing online website, and has been called “one of the finest straight ahead guitarists,” by Robert Silverman of 20th Century Guitar Magazine and Scott Yanow, who calls him a “respected and talented bop oriented guitarist.” Mr. Stone is married with two children and lives in Brooklyn. As a child he took lessons with Dick Lee and Elwood Palmer (8-13). He went to Cuyahoga Community College (where he studied classical guitar with George Bachmann) and later Berklee (where he took guitar with Brett Wilmott, Al Defino, Bob Harrigan and Larry Baione) on guitar. At Queens College he got an MFA in Jazz Performance he was a student ofTony Purrone and Ted Dunbar. He was a student of Barry Harris, taught at Jazzmobile and gigs in the tristate area as well as tours in Italy, South America and the broader USA. His cd’s are known for their quality, including the The Jazz Culture, V.II:11


In These Pages critically acclaimed “Samba de Rick Stone Trio at the Garage 1‐4 Novembro,” “Far East” with Kenny Memorial for Carline Ray 5 Barron, “Steppin’ Back,” and November listings 13‐14 “Fractals.” He has worked with Barry Harris, Junior Cook, Dennis Irwin, Sam Yahel, Mark Elf, Roni Ben-Hur, Ralph Lalama and many others. See

Harvie S.

He played piano till age 19, when he took up the bass. Mr. S went to Berklee and worked around Boston with Zoot Sims, Mose Allison, Chris Connor, and Al Cohn. Since then he has worked and recorded with many people including Jackie Paris, Thad Jones, Gil Evans, Sheila Jordan, Bobby Sanabria, Kenny Barron (Due) on High Note/Savant Records. He has also recorded on the Blue Moon, Gramavision, Zoho, Gaia, Palo Alto, Bembe and Novus record labels all told 311 albums and cds. Scott Yanow calls him “Superior and flexible…able to contribute to a wide variety of settings.” Mr. S. often led his own groups. Mr. S. started studying Afro Cuban music in the 1990’s and recorded “Havana Manana” on the Bembe label. See Harvis S on

Drummer Joe Strasser likes Jimmy Cobb, and other bop masters, with his own style, sound and combinations. “It’s really crisp and exact,” said Hendrickson-Smith.”…pushing the band forward without taking up too much space…”A colorist,” his snare drum “Snaps with authority,” said David Orthmann. Mr. Strasser is from Connecticut, went to The New School and played on important cd’s on Sharp 9. A sensitive and inventive sideman, he solos well and keeps a steady tempo, playing at local venues like Smoke, Smalls, and with Jose Feliciano, Jimmy Heath, Joe Magnarelli, Michael Weiss. He has also toured abroad. See 4

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Carline Ray & Catherine Russell

CARLINE RAY MEMORIAL Monday November 18, 2013 at St. Peter's Carline Ray, Bassist and Vocalist on the New York scene for many decades, was memorialized on Monday November 18 at St. Peter's Church by hundreds from the jazz community. Known for her impeccable musicianship, beautiful voice grace and character, Ms. Ray was a Juiliiard graduate as was her father. She is survived by her daughter singer Catherine Russell who recently a produced an acclaimed cd of the two songstresses singing together. The Jazz Culture, V.II:11


Photos Courtesy of Raul Robinson from the Memorial for Carline Ray at St. Peter's Church. Above, Catherine Russell, daughter and singer; Kim Clarke, bassist, Carline Ray (photographer unknown) and bassist


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! November Babies Many More with Love Singers SCOTT ALBERTSON & MARIANNE SOLLIVAN, Bassists KIM CLARKE, RON McCLURE, PAUL GILL Pianist LARRY VUKEVICH Trombonist, Tuba, Euphonium EARL McINTYRE Percussionist YORON ISRAEL Saxophonist TODD BASHORE Barry Harris Birthday Extravaganza: Dec. 15, place to be announced Congratulations Singer Dorian Devins married Louis Rainone!

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November Listings Ray Blue, Tenor saxophonist‐November 9‐Induction into Jazz Blues Hall of Fame, Peekskill, NYl November 25, Local 802 jam session 7‐9:30 Kenney Gates, pianist. Philadelphia, Tues., Sun. some Sats.‐ High Note Cafe on Tasker & 13th, 5‐9 p.m. George Gee Orchestra at Swing 46, (346 W. 46 Street bet. 8th/9th Ave.) Tuesdays; sm. Sat. 9:30‐free dance lesson beforehand. Loston Harris November 12, Birdland, also Tues‐Sat. 9:30 p.m. Bemelman's Bar Mad. Ave & 76 St Lafayette Harris‐Nov 15 Jazz 966,966 Fulton St. in Brooklyn

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Nov. 19 Little Branch 10:30, 22 7th Ave South Nov. 21 at 10:30‐ 1am, The Garage 99 7th Ave South, with Trio Nov. 24 at 9:00 p.m, The Garage, 99 7th Ave South Bertha Hope: Memorial to Carline Ray Nov. 18 Kim Clarke‐Germany Tour 11‐16, Memorial to Carline Ray Nov. 18, Club A on Nov. 29 & 30. Mike Longo‐ Every Tuesday at the Baha's Center, 53 East 11th Street Jim Malloy, Swing 46, 9:30 p.m. Every Thursday Ron McClure: Solo piano at McDonald's at 160 Broadway in Manhattan from 12‐4 PM on Tuesdays & Saturdays. Kuni Mikami: Japan Tour John Mosca & Michael Weiss: Vanguard Orchestra Every Monday night at the Village Vanguard Valery Ponomarev: Big Band at Zinc, Nov. 6, 9:30 p.m. Bill Saxton: Bill's Place every Friday, 148 West 133 Street, 9 p.m. Ranked #25 among 305 attractions in NYC November 17: Bill's Place Tribute to Billie Holiday and Re‐Naming 133 Street as Swing Street‐3 p.m.‐free admission Rick Stone‐ Saturday, Nov. 9 2pm Tribute to Diz, Satch and Big Nick at Langston Hughes Library, 100‐01 Northern Blvd., Corona, NY‐hughes Thursday, Nov. 2121 6‐10pm Rick Stone Trio at the Garage Restuarant. 99 7th Avenue South Nov. 30, 7:15‐8:45 Seagrams Building Evans Thompson Ensemble Nov. 30 Sugar Bar, 72 Street bet. B'way and West End two sets starting at 8:00 p.m. ENGLAND: John Watson Trio at the Palm Court, Langham Hotel, London, 1c Portland, Regent St. 207‐636‐1000 Fri‐Sat JOE LEADER/JOHN WATSON QUARTET Live At The Haven On Wednesday 27th November 2013! 020 8445 7419 or email: jazz@haven‐ 8:45 p.m.


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