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Special Inauguration Issue and Thank You to Our Donors

Summer 2018

Celebrating the Inauguration of the Fourth President of NYIT: Hank Foley, Ph.D.

Editor’s note: Welcome to a special edition of NYIT Magazine, in which we celebrate President Foley’s inauguration, showcase the accomplishments of our community of makers and doers,

thank our donors who have made the dream of a college education possible for so many students, and look to the future of NYIT.


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Inauguration Feature


A Week of Events Celebrating the Inauguration of President Hank Foley, Ph.D.

(Above) President Foley presided over the ceremonial face-off as NYIT’s men’s lacrosse team took on Wheeling Jesuit at President’s Stadium in Old Westbury on April 11. (Facing) Melanie Austin (B.S. ’00) (left), Lexi Ruiz, and President Foley hold up a poster signed by wellwishers at the kickoff event.


In April, nearly a dozen events gave the NYIT community a chance to hear about President Foley’s vision, learn about groundbreaking faculty and student research, give back to the community, and celebrate with colleagues and classmates.


FUTURE BEGINS WITH THE STUDENTS AT NYIT. They are the innovators and inventors, entrepreneurs and educators, makers and doers who will imagine the impossible and make it a reality. But to do so, they need the courage to think for themselves, the knowledge to develop new technologies, and the insight to understand the moral and ethical implications of using that technology. Hank Foley, Ph.D., emphasized those points along with other elements of his vision for NYIT when he was installed as the university’s fourth president during the second week of April. (Read more from President Foley on p. 24.)

#NYITCommunity “Could I get everyone to lean in? Now, say ‘technology’!” That was Lexi Ruiz’s directive to the audience when she spoke at the week’s kickoff event on April 9. After taking a selfie of the group, she posted it to the university’s Instagram account. Easy. Ruiz, a psychology major and an attacker for NYIT’s first women’s lacrosse team (see p. 34), is part of a generation unfazed by technology. She is also the definition of an NYIT student. “We’re proactive, and independent, and collaborative. We’re creative, and open, and more than a little bit geeky—and that’s a good thing,” she said. Including all members of the community in Inauguration Week was key for the president. In addition to Ruiz, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy Melanie Austin (B.S. ’00), O.T.D., M.P.A., addressed the audience at the kickoff event; thirdyear medical student Samantha Gottlieb and Fred Harris (B.S. ’08, M.B.A. ’10), senior vice president and technology risk officer at Bank of America, spoke at the official installation ceremony on April 12. (Alumni also connected with prospective students at a legacy event on April 11—see p. 48.) “We have a strong foundation from which we can lift NYIT into a top institution, but we won’t be able to do it without the support of the entire NYIT community—all of you,” noted Foley in his remarks during the kickoff event. “By creating a culture of excellence for teaching, research, and service, NYIT can prepare students to lead productive and successful lives.” Throughout the week, efforts to create that new, more engaged culture were on display—including at NYIT’s first blockchain symposium.




So, What Is Blockchain? Arshit Arora, computer science major and co-developer with Denisolt Shakhbulatov of a blockchain-based news platform, Avaz, explains: “It’s a distributed database. Say you have a roomful of people, and one person says, “Two plus two equals five.” You cannot trust just that one person, but if the majority agrees on something, that’s called a consensus. In a distributed database, you cannot rely on what one computer says, but you rely on the majority of them because they all have the same information and they’re processing it at the same time. When the majority agrees upon the answer, it’s saved, and the computers move on to the next calculation. [The process is] anonymous, but you can see all of the transactions on the public ledger.”


As the university was gearing up for inauguration events, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was preparing to appear before Congress about his company’s mishandling of personal data. His testimony, and the buzz surrounding it, underscored the necessity for NYIT to incubate thought leadership and thoughtful research. Blockchain is one of the latest “disruptive technologies” to make headlines. And while many people are still confused by how blockchain works, industry leaders are scrambling to Read more about Arora and Shakhbulatov: incorporate the technology into their bit.ly/students-blockchain business practices—beyond bitcoin. “The world is changing again and again, and changing fast,” said President Foley, who wrote about blockchain’s potential use in research in an April op-ed in Scientific American (bit.ly/Foley-Blockchain). “We don’t know where it’s going. That’s both exciting and frightening to all of us.” To help uncover the mystery, NYIT hosted the symposium “Where Blockchain Leads” on April 12 at NYIT Auditorium on Broadway. “[Blockchain] promotes peer-to-peer connections, eliminating the centralized government or banks while cutting costs of the middleman,” said New York Times journalist and author Teddy Wayne in his keynote address at the symposium. While he discussed how blockchain could be used in myriad applications, Wayne also warned about the dangers of investing in overhyped cryptocurrencies, saying, “I would caution to treat it like gambling and not get involved in day-trading in the volatile crypto market, as the profits often accrue to bots or colluding groups and not to individuals.”


(Facing) Panelists at “Business Model of the Future.” From left to right: Steven Shapiro; Paul McNeal, founder, The Crypto Curator; Selva Ozelli, Esq., CPA, international tax attorney; Maggie Parent; Sunil G. Singh, CEO, ServerCube, Inc. and DBMS Consulting, Inc; Jonathan Brovda; and Richard J. Daly (B.S. ’74). (Below) Colleen Kirk presents her research on psychological ownership at the Faculty Scholars Reception (see p. 6). (Below right) Student Tahera Aktar at SOURCE. Watch: bit.ly/NYITBlockchain

Following the keynote, experts in the business, technology, legal, and commerce sectors debated the technology’s potential profits and pitfalls in two panel discussions led by Nada Marie Anid, Ph.D., then dean of NYIT School of Engineering and Computing Sciences and current vice president for strategic communications and external affairs; Jess Boronico, Ph.D., dean of NYIT School of Management; and Steven Shapiro, Ph.D., professor of finance, management, and economics. The second panel featured NYIT alumni and students sharing the stage. Richard J. Daly (B.S. ’74), CEO of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Selva Ozelli (B.S. ’85), and NYIT student and entrepreneur Jonathan Brovda served as panelists for “Business Model of the Future.” “Blockchain is going to be used to address complicated transactions that are grossly inefficient. This is actually going to transform the way we do business,” said Daly. “We’re investing in it,” added Maggie Parent, executive vice president for Voya Financial, “because we have a lot of irritating things we do every day that blockchain can help—so much of what we do is ‘to-ing and fro-ing’ over a transaction.” Chris Tse, CTO of Dot Blockchain Media who spoke in the first panel, “Blockchain Big Picture,” pointed to blockchain’s most promising attribute: “It’s a mechanism for trust. It provides an opportunity for parties to coordinate and convey transactions to ensure that not one entity is in control.” Computer science students and business partners Arshit Arora and Denisolt Shakhbulatov, who demonstrated the platform during the symposium, are relying on that trustworthiness to make their news platform, Avaz, a success. “My father [a journalist in Russia] has told me of backlash he has faced for not writing progovernment stories and for not having a Russian name. We wondered how we could fix these problems,” said Shakhbulatov. Arora added: “You should be able to speak your voice. … [With Avaz], you don’t have to show your identity, but you can still say whatever you want. Because of blockchain, the records can be immutable.”

#NYITResearch Arora and Shakhbulatov are among the many students who have drawn on critical and design thinking to solve hard problems. At the 15th annual Symposium of University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) on April 13, more than 180 undergraduate and graduate students displayed their critical creativity before their peers and professors. Tahera Aktar, a life sciences student, presented a poster on her service learning trip to villages in the Beed district, Maharashtra (India). Partnering with nonprofit Save Indian Farmers, she observed how farmers are affected by environmental and economic factors. “It makes us feel like brand ambassadors for [Save Indian Farmers],” she said of the opportunity. “We get to come out here and talk about them, because they don’t have the time or the resources to get out here and speak at these kinds of events.”

Watch: bit.ly/SOURCE-2018




Faculty Research in 2017



Students also participated in a series of NYIT School of Architecture and Design exhibitions and workshops held during Inauguration Week, including a presentation by the team that traveled to Puerto Rico to rethink housing for disaster relief (see p. 26) and an exhibit of design entries for a competition to build a bionic, health-inspired stone pavilion on the Old Westbury campus. To create projects of this caliber, students need guidance from professors who understand the rigors of academic research. “Invigorating the undergraduate experience here with research and scholarship is absolutely necessary,” said President Foley. “So do we want to increase it at NYIT—yes. Unequivocally, we do. It’s good for our culture, it’s good for our economy, it’s good for ourselves, and it’s good for our students.” NYIT faculty members had their chance to present research on April 10 at the 17th Annual Faculty Scholars Reception (bit.ly/2018FacultyScholars), which recognized the work of nearly 180 scholars, scientists, professionals, and researchers. In the first of three presentations by faculty members, Colleen P. Kirk, M.B.A., D.P.S., assistant professor in NYIT School of Management, spoke about conduct most would hate to admit practicing: territorial behavior when shopping. Her research proves what many of us have felt—people often take “psychological ownership” over something before they buy it. Furthermore, they retaliate if they feel infringed. “Marketers need to be aware of these issues, because their actions and words might unknowingly elicit negative feelings associated with infringement,” said Kirk. To help avoid awkward situations, Kirk says that marketers should provide ways for consumers to protect their psychologically owned items prior to purchase. Yes, even a plastic divider at the grocery checkout can prevent a consumer meltdown. (See p. 36 for more about the other two faculty presenters, Assistant Professors N. Sertac Artan, Ph.D., and Bryan Gibb, Ph.D.)






(Facing) Faculty mingle in front of poster presentations at the 17th Annual Faculty Scholars Reception. (Above) NYIT community members sign up volunteers for Relay for Life, which raises funds and awareness for cancer research. (Above right) NYIT-Vancouver students clean up the shoreline near campus.

If breakthrough research and new technology will drive NYIT’s future, our humanity will save it. A commitment to service and making the world a better place is another core element of President Foley’s vision for the university. On April 11, NYIT held its first Day of Giving, which encouraged the NYIT community to raise awareness about important causes, volunteer with local organizations, and learn about ways in which students, faculty, and staff are making a positive impact in communities. More than 800 faculty, staff, and student volunteers signed up for dozens of activities on and near NYIT’s campuses. For example, Old Westbury-based volunteers raised awareness for autism, while others cleaned up the Long Island Children’s Museum. Meanwhile, volunteers in Manhattan worked at a mobile soup kitchen in Penn Station, while others raised funds for “Relay for Life.” And NYIT students in Canada cleaned up garbage and debris from Vancouver’s shores. Amy Bravo, senior director of International and Experiential Education, headed up the day. “We all have skills needed to improve our communities,” said Bravo. “Watching faculty and staff serve alongside students highlighted how impactful experiential learning is when we are all in it together. … Initiatives like this one showcase our commitment to the public purpose of higher education, and I can’t think of anything more meaningful than that.” The health of the nation and the world is another crucial need that NYIT is addressing. Following Day of Giving, NYIT School of Health Professions Dean Sheldon D. Fields, Ph.D., hosted an event focusing on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Panelists, including NYIT faculty members, discussed how ACA has affected their practices, whether health care should be mandatory, and how the opioid crisis has impacted health care. These worthy events didn’t end with Inauguration Week. The ACA panel was held as part of the ongoing Dean’s Speaker Series, which invites professionals to talk about topics in health care throughout the year. And two weeks after Day of Giving, members of the community, undaunted by the rain, walked laps all night in the NYIT-Old Westbury Student Activity Center to raise awareness for cancer research and patients as part of Relay for Life. It’s an event NYIT has held for 10 years “walking.”



FEATURE Photos: Miranda Cabiladas, Andre Kopinski, Barry Sloan, Communications and Marketing

#NYITPresident “I am honored, and I am humbled, and I feel quite privileged to be the fourth president of NYIT,” President Foley told academic, business and civic leaders, and members of the NYIT community who gathered to celebrate his official installation on April 12 in Manhattan. “But tonight is not a celebration for me,” he went on to say. “Tonight is a celebration of us. It’s we. It’s we thinking about our common vision, our mission, and our goals for the future.” Shortly before he spoke, NYIT Board of Trustees Chair Kevin Silva, executive vice president and chief human resources officer at Voya Financial, presented the president with the seal of the university and a copy of the absolute charter as issued by the University of the State of New York Education Department. “The mission of NYIT continues to be what it has always been: to provide access to high-value, professional education at a fair price without too many frills, and to offer it to students from all backgrounds who are hungry to succeed and to do well in life,” added President Foley. “I am proud to take the reins and lead this great institute into our collective future. Let us embrace the possibilities. NYIT’s best years lie ahead. Every success counts.” ■

The official installation ceremony. (Left to right) Medical student Samantha Gottlieb, Fred Harris (B.S. ’08, M.B.A. ’10), alumni representative; Kristina Johnson, Ph.D., chancellor of State University of New York System; President Foley; Board Chair Kevin Silva; Laura Curran, Nassau County, N.Y., executive; and Edward Guiliano, Ph.D., past president of NYIT.

Read stories and watch videos from Inauguration Week: nyit.edu/president/inauguration


Thank you for giving.


It is with great pleasure that I write to you as NYIT’s new vice president for development and alumni relations. I was inspired to join NYIT in part because of its mission to shape students’ lives and prepare them for rewarding careers. It’s a mission I’m sure you’ll agree is worth supporting. Your gifts are a critical part of this— providing funding for scholarships, campus improvements, research, our endowment, and more. And your engagement in mentoring our students, offering them internship and career opportunities, and more ensures that they have the best chance of professional success and making a positive impact on the world. President Foley likes to say that your success is NYIT’s success. That is true now more than ever. As you will see in this special edition of NYIT Magazine, we are poised for great things in the coming years. Your involvement will help make our plans a reality. Although

I have only been here a short time, it is already clear to me how connected our alumni and friends are to the university. In the coming months, I look forward to meeting and connecting with you and learning more about how you want to shape the future of the university. NYIT students and alumni are known for their tenacity, their spirit, and their drive to achieve their dreams. I thank you for supporting that legacy, for raising the value of an NYIT education through your own achievements, and for ensuring that generations of students have the opportunity to stimulate their personal, professional, and intellectual growth. Sincerely, Patrick Minson Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Read more about Patrick Minson on p. 25.




Your support helps ensure a bright future for the university and all of its students. Donor dates are from 1/1/17 to 12/31/17.

President’s Forum Members NYIT’s President’s Forum recognizes major donors who have made significant, often multiyear commitments for capital and endowment purposes, with an emphasis on student scholarships, facility improvements, equipment acquisition, and program development. $1,500,000 AND ABOVE


Mr. Anthony J. Bonomo

Angelo Lorenzo Memorial Field

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Guiliano Variety of initiatives including student scholarships, facility improvements, and program development The Estate of Robert P. Holston, Ph.D. Variety of initiatives including student scholarships, facility improvements, and program development $1,000,000 TO JUST UNDER $1,500,000


Dr. and Mrs. Peter Ferentinos Dr. and Mrs. Peter Ferentinos and Family Endowed Presidential Scholarship and Annual Scholarship Rupa and Bharat B. Bhatt Foundation The Rupa B. Bhatt Science Scholarship for Women of Indian Origin Mr. Kevin D. Silva Kevin D. Silva Endowed Presidential Scholarship, Annual Scholarship, and Voya Financial Simulated Trading Floor $500,000 TO JUST UNDER $1,000,000 Mr. Riyaz Akhtar


Mr. Riyaz Akhtar Family Scholarship and the Riyaz Akhtar Endowed Experiential Education Platform

$250,000 TO JUST UNDER $500,000


Judith and Douglas Catalano Judith and Douglas Catalano Endowed Presidential and Annual Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Domenick Chieco Tommaso and Franca Chieco Endowed Scholarship Dr. Linda G. Davila Dr. Linda G. Davila ’78 Endowed Presidential Scholarship Mr. Robert E. Evanson Mr. Robert E. Evanson Family Endowed Presidential Scholarship and Annual Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Romano Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Romano Endowed Presidential Scholarship and Annual Scholarship Dean Marcia Singer and Lady Barbara Thomas Judge Undesignated $100,000 TO JUST UNDER $250,000 Astoria Bank


Monte N. Redman/Astoria Bank Endowed Presidential Scholarship and Astoria Bank Annual Scholarship

Joshua E. Bienstock, J.D., LL.M. The Herbert and June Bienstock International Workshop Endowment and the Deerson and Bienstock Law Society Endowed Scholarship Award The Christopher D. Smithers Foundation, Inc. Annual Support for the Adele Smithers Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Center Mr. Richard J. Daly


Mr. Richard J. Daly Annual Scholarship

Ms. Linda J. Davie

Carol and Warren Davie Memorial Endowed Scholarship and Annual Scholarship

Judy and Philip Fasano Judy and Philip Fasano Endowed Presidential Scholarship Albert and Pearl Ginsberg Foundation, Inc. The Influence of Digital Social Networking Services on Workplace Harmony and Conflict A Four-Country Comparison of Digital Social Media in the Workplace Dr. Kevin Klein

The Kevin and Pamela Klein Family Endowed Scholarship at NYITCOM

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Merlo

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Merlo Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Michael Rikon, Esq. The Rikon Family Scholarship Ms. Debra A. Vogel

The Debra A. Vogel Student Advancement Platform

Mr. Eli Wachtel Undesignated $50,000 TO JUST UNDER $100,000 Anonymous


Named Endowed Scholarship

The Estate of Margaret Burnard Dr. H. Trebing Burnard and Margaret E. Burnard Scholarship Dr. Adele S. Deerson Mr. Martin Feuer

The Deerson and Bienstock Law Society Endowed Scholarship Award

Martin Feuer Wildfire Topix Professional Enrichment Initiative

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fortino

Fortino Family Endowed Scholarship

Mr. Nicolaos Gavalas The Nicolaos Gavalas Family Scholarship Mr. Alan C. Guarino

J. Leo Glynn Military Service Endowed Scholarship and Annual Scholarship

Dr. Barbu Kestenband

Dr. Barbu Kestenband Annual Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kinney Peter and Patricia Kinney Family Scholarship Mr. Jordan Kokkoris The Riyaz Akhtar Endowed Experiential Education Platform Mr. Aret Lerian Corporate Sponsorships Dr. Margaret and Mr. Scott MacLeod

Dr. Kyung S. Lee and Dr. Chung S. Lee Endowed Scholarship

The Mallah Family Foundation The Herbert and June Bienstock International Workshop Endowment New York Community Bank Foundation New York Community Bank Foundation School of Engineering and Computing Sciences Endowed Scholarship NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine NYITCOM Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Alumni Association  Mr. Samuel A. Pakrad

Mr. Samuel A. Pakrad Annual Scholarship

Estate of Adele C. Smithers Adele Smithers Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Center Dr. Sarah Swammy-Tsouratakis

The Dr. Sarah Swammy-Tsouratakis Market Analytics Excellence Award

TD Charitable Foundation TD Charitable Foundation Annual Scholarship and support for the STEP Program The Wieder Family, in Memory of The Gershon Wieder Memorial Endowed Scholarship Gershon Wieder  Thomas Van Laan

Thomas J. Van Laan ’84 Annual Scholarship

Ms. Deborah Verderame

Ms. Deborah Verderame Annual Scholarship

Robert A. Wild, Esq. Undesignated Jing Xie Variety of initiatives including student scholarships, facility improvements, and program development Mr. Jacob H. Yahiayan Continental Advisory Services/NYIT School of Management Risk Management Center Initiative




5+ year consecutive year giving is denoted with a ■. 2–4 year consecutive year giving is denoted with a ▲. * Designates a member of the NYIT Board of Trustees.


President’s Club $100,000+

Northrop Grumman ■ Mr. Kevin D. Silva* ■ Voya Foundation ■


Dr. & Mrs. Edward Guiliano ■ Dr. Kyung S. Lee Margaret K. MacLeod, D.O. ’88


Mr. Roger P. Smith ’78 & Mrs. Constance A. Smith ’78 ■

New York Baseball School Inc. ▲

NYIT Relay for Life

Special Inspection Services Engineering, D.P.C. ■

Jeffrey Perry, D.O. ’89 ▲

Platinum Management Holdings LLC

Perry Mechanical Contractors Corp.

Michael Rikon, Esq. ’66 ■

State Street Foundation

Anthony F. Piazza, Ph.D. ’84 ▲

Ms. Brendalyn Stempel ■

Structure Tone, Inc. ■

Gerard P. Varlotta, D.O. ’83 ▲

Ms. Sarah A. Swammy ’01

Professional Women in Construction

$5,000+ AECOM Technology Corporation ▲ BBS Architects, Landscape Architects & Engineers, P.C. ■

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

PSEG Long Island LLC ▲

Mr. Thomas J. Van Laan ’84 ■

Alan R. Roth, D.O. ’86

Ms. Deborah Verderame ’83*/ Verderame Cale Architecture PLLC ■

John P. Salerno, D.O. ’87

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Mr. Domenick A. Chieco ’89 ■

Dr. Adele S. Deerson ■

Mr. Robert E. Evanson ’85 ■

Drs. Constance & Martin Diamond ▲

Humayun J. Chaudhry, D.O. ’91


Kerry E. Sheeley Agnello, D.O. ’02

Sodexo St. Barnabas Hospital W.B. Mason Co., Inc. Ms. Gail L. Wasmus ’80 ■


Robert Agnello, D.O. ’01 ■

Alan Margolin & Associates ■

Mr. Rosario DiBenedetto ’76 ▲ The DiBenedetto Family Foundation Elite-LI Baseball LLC

Bears Parent Club

New York State Osteopathic Medical Society ■

E.W. Howell Co., LLC

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Mr. Todd M. Fabricant ’08

Abraham N. Bressler, D.O. ’89

PrestoSports, Inc. ▲

Drs. Hank & Karin Foley

Howard M. Busch, D.O. ’81

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Romano ’76* ■

Mr. John P. Gering ’83 ▲

Cablevision Lightpath ▲

Peter J. Romano & Company

Murray Goldstein, D.O. ▲

Mr. Michael Chanenchuk ▲

Ms. Debra A. Vogel ’85 ■

H2M architects + engineers ■

Mr. Salvatore G. Coco, AIA ’87

Ms. Caroline Watteeuw*

Ms. Wendy Harmon


Joshua B. Hourizadeh, D.O. ’10 ▲

Consolidated Carpet

Mr. Richard W. Humann ’91 ▲

Custom Computer Specialists

Ike, Molly & Steven Elias Foundation ▲

Mr. John A. di Domenico ■


Site Safety, LLC ▲

Academy Sports of Long Island Inc. ▲

Mr. Leonard A. Aubrey ■

Mr. Itzhak Fisher ’82*/ The Ruth and Itzhak Fisher Foundation Inc.

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Sweet Construction Corp. ■

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Barry H. Balot, D.O. ’85 Barefoot Peddler

Jerry Balentine, D.O. ■ Mr. Frank M. Baron ’88 Ms. Dianne C. BaumertMoyik ’92 Mr. Angelko Bogdanov ’90 ▲ Mr. Gregory J. Bonda-Riva ’01 Mr. George J. Braun ’88 ▲ Cauldwell Wingate ■ Ms. Monica S. Dadras Mr. Robert Dadras ’85 Mr. Thomas A. Dadras ’86 Mr. Victor A. Dadras ’81 Mr. John W. Darrah Emerald City Construction, LLC Mr. Martin Feuer ’72 ■ Catherine R. Flickinger, Esq. ■

Mr. Aziz G. Adetimirin ’84

Mr. William F. Jacoutot ’03

Eastman, Cooke & Associates, LLC ■


Mr. John Kucharczyk ’80 ▲

Easymatch Charitable Donations

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Family Arthritis Center

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Milrose Consultants, Inc. ■

Judith & Douglas Catalano ■

Garfunkel Wild, P.C.

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Mr. Robert Gill

National Grid ▲

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Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

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Rollins College

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Merrick Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Wantagh

General Richard A. Cody* ▲ Ms. Linda J. Davie ’80 ■ Drs. Hank & Karin Foley* Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Fortino ’87 Mr. Nicolaos Gavalas ▲ Ms. Barbara Greenwald ■ Dr. Barbu C. Kestenband ■ Kevin L. Klein, D.O. ’83 ■ Mr. Jordan Kokkoris The Network Journal Communications Inc.


New York Community Bank Foundation ■

Mr. Thomas Scerbo, AIA ’98 ▲ Mr. Brian D. Silva ’89

Michael W. Gamble, Ph.D. ▲ Mr. A. Martin Gerdes ▲ Mr. Robert S. Gluck ’72 ■ Mark C. Hampton, Ph.D. Mr. Chris B. Hargrove ’89 Henry Schein Inc. HOK ▲ Innovant, Inc. International Academy of Business and Economics IOC USA Inc. Ms. Patricia Kehoe ’78 Lois Kroplick, D.O. ’82 Atul Kukar, D.O. ’00 ▲ The LandTek Group Inc. ▲ Bruce E. Levitt, D.O. ’82 ▲

Cindy F. Hoffman, D.O., FAOCD ’85 ▲

Ms. Kathryn Zabielski ’16 ▲

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Mr. Michael J. Siano ’96

Brookville Deli, Inc ▲

Mr. Bradley E. Kuczinski ’94 ■

Societe Generale

Mr. Thomas G. Burke ’89

Mr. Donald A. Kurz

Mr. John R. Sorrenti, FAIA ’78 ■

Gerald Cammarata, D.O.

Mary Jo F. Kutler, D.O. ’89

Dr. John D. Capobianco ▲

Chris Kyriakides, D.O. ’89 ▲

South Shore Infectious Diseases & Travel Medicine Consultant

Ms. Jillian A. Carbone

Johnny R. Larsen, D.O. ’88 ■

Stretch Internet ▲

CC Products, Inc.

Robert C. Lee, D.O. ’03 ▲

Mr. Young J. Suh ’92 ▲

Miss Debert Cook

Long Island Library Resources Council ▲

Mark Tang, D.O. ’99

Patrick G. Love, Ph.D. ▲

TLM Group, LLC

M. Chetrit Consulting Engineers, P.C.

Ms. Roseanne Torre ’87 ▲

Rita M. Malhotra, D.O. ’94

Triple Crown Sports Memorabilia, Inc. ▲

Dr. Michael Miller ■ Ortho Dermatologics

Linear Technologies ▲ Long Island Bears Inc.

$1,000+ ACC Construction Corporation Juan F. Acosta, D.O. ’97 ▲ Albertson Soccer Club Mr. Robert Allen Mr. Christopher Andersen Aon Risk Services ▲ Prof. Leon B. Applewhaite, B.A., J.D., L.L.M., L.L.D. ■ Armand Corporation Mr. William J. Bannon ’85 ■ BNY Mellon Mr. Michael Brennan Captain, LLC Mr. Joe S. Cecil Certified Moving & Storage Company Krishnamurti Chandrasekar, Ph.D. ■ Commonsensebaseball LLC Copper Hill Development ■ Mr. Donald Dugan ’69 ■ East Coast Management, Ltd. Emtec Consulting Engineers ■ Nelson Eng, D.O. ’89 ■ EvensonBest Facility Solutions Group Inc. Mr. Peter F. Farinella ’91 Mr. Robert J. Feihel ’89 ■ Elisa C. Felsen-Singer, D.O. ’92 Mr. David Friedman ▲ Gene Dx, Inc. Mr. Spiros A. Georgakis ’76 ▲ Mr. Vito J. Gerbino ’93 Mr. Andrew V. Giambertone ’85 Wolfgang Gilliar, D.O. ▲

Mr. Matthew Macaluso Mr. Harry R. Mahlstedt ’77 Sanjiv Makhecha, D.O. ’93 ▲ Ms. Julet P. Marshall-Bartley ■ Ms. Lorraine C. Mead ’85 ■ Mr. Charles Mellilo ’15 ▲ Mr. Michael J. Merlo* ■ Merrill Lynch ■ Mrs. Joan Milligan Anna Milman, D.O. ’97 ▲ Mineola Portuguese S C Ltd. New York Life Foundation ▲ Northrop Grumman Foundation Mr. James P. O’Day ’85 Ms. Victoria Pfeiffer ▲ Premier Care Dental Management, LLC ▲ Presti & Naegele Accounting Offices ▲


Mr. Ronald Bauer Ms. Irene-Monika Bayer-Kaley ▲ Mr. Michael J. Beirne ’89 The Benevity Community Impact Fund ▲

Cross NY Ms. Sandra M. Degaray Ms. Mary K. Devlin, AIA ’81 ▲ Steven B. Diamond, D.O. Dr. Richard E. Dibble ’90 ▲

Rev. Thomas F. Reilly, Jr. ’79

Mr. Alfredo Tenaglia

Ms. Christina N. Toscano ’15

Ms. Deborah A. Dietz

Mar-Cro Land Development Corp.

Primacare Family Medicine PLLC

Mrs. Carole J. Dituro ’85

Dr. Lynn Mark ■

Ms. Nancy Donner

Mrs. Jacquelyn J. Varga ’93 ▲

Mr. Peter Puleo

Dennis J. Dowling, D.O. ’89 ▲

Jennifer B. Matzner-Abrams, D.O. ’97

Mr. Daniel Varghese ’03

Mr. Michael E. Ryan ’80 ▲

Donna-Marie McMahon, D.O. ’87 ▲

Mr. Philip A. Santantonio, AIA ’93

Dynamic Sports Management LLC

Schneider Electric

Edventure Partners

Mr. Arthur Miller ■

Mr. James N. Serafino ’93 ■

EmPower CES, LLC

Mr. James D. Smiros ’84 ■

Steven A. Ender, D.O. ’86 ▲

Milo Kleinberg Design Associates Inc. ▲

Ms. Cathy Sullivan

Mr. Eric Erichsen ’90

Ms. Stephanie Monroy

Synergy Engineering, PLLC ■

Mr. Bobby Errante

Ms. Julie Tang ’13 ▲

Faculty Student Association of Nassau Community College Inc.

Montroy Andersen DeMarco Inc.

Mr. Brian Taylor ▲ Team Footprintz, Inc. TG Nickel & Associates, LLC ▲ Triumvirate Environmental, Inc. ▲

The View Grill Philip Volpe, D.O. ’83 ▲

Mr. Carlos A. Goncalves ’00

Stacie Wenk Makhecha, D.O. ’93 ▲

Ms. Marguerite R. Gorman ■

Mr. Brian Wrensen ’10

Mr. Robert J. Gorman ’78

Mr. Jacob H. Yahiayan ’96 ▲

Dr. Heskia Heskiaoff ■

Mr. John H. Young ’76 ▲

Highland Associates

Friends of NYIT

Matthew P. Mene, D.O. ’90 ▲

Mr. Thomas A. Vecchione ’88 Ms. Sandy V. Vinas ’98 ▲ Mr. Joseph A. Vitale Brian J. Waldron, D.O. ’85 Mr. Donald L. Walker, PE ’71 ▲ WDW Community Relations Mr. Peter Wozniuk ’98 ■ Dr. Sheldon C. Yao, D.O. ’02 ▲

Maud Nerman, D.O. ’81 New York Mets

Mr. John A. Fitzgerald

Lawrence L. Northorn, D.O.

Catherine M. Fox, M.D. ’88 ▲ Mark T. Friedman, D.O. ’90 ▲

NYIT Graduate Student Association


Kevin C. O’Connor, D.O. ’92 ▲

Mr. Anthony Gioeli ’88 ▲

Regina Olasin, D.O., FAAP ▲

Francine Glazer, Ph.D. ▲

Marc Oliveri, D.O. ’85 ▲

Jeffrey Goldberg, D.O. ’81 ▲

Mr. Kenneth Parham

Mr. Evan L. Goldenberg ’84

Mr. Rajen A. Patel ’92 ■

Ms. Rhonda M. Goldenberg ’87

Mr. Calogero Patti, PE ’91 ▲

Mrs. Marian Guglielmoni ■

Ms. Karen Vahey

$250+ Ms. Mary Ann E. Achtziger ▲ Ms. Ankita Agarwal Mr. David Alonso ’92 ▲ Dr. Kurt Amsler ▲ Anyone Corporation Mrs. Ann M. Augustine Mr. Daniel C. Austin, Jr. ’90 Backpack Health, LLC



THANK YOU Bagel Boss Hicksville, Inc. ▲ Mr. Edward J. Bednarski ’79 ▲ Benchmark Builders Inc. Mr. Shevy Berkovits ’02 Dean A. Berman, D.O. ’81 ■ Mr. William M. Bernhardt ’95 Mr. Thomas M. Bettridge ’95 ■ Adam D. Bitterman, D.O. ’10 ▲ Bob McCloskey Insurance Mrs. Bettyann Bohringer ▲ Sriveda Bollam Nancy A. Bono, D.O. ’92 ▲ Mr. Edmund H. Bortell ’82 ▲ Mr. Bernard R. Brabham ’82 ■ Brace Yourself, USA LLC David L. Broder, D.O. ’87 Mrs. Felicia Bruno ▲ Dr. Claire Bryant Dr. Carol A. Caico, MPS ’87 ▲ California Pizza Kitchen, Inc. Barbara A. Capozzi, D.O. ’90 ▲ Mr. Stephen M. Carey ’77 ■ Ms. Cheryl Carrao Mr. Gary L. Casella ’69 ■ Angela Cavanna, D.O. ’90 Mr. Michael A. Cerullo ▲ Haifan Chen, D.O. ’02 Mr. Limin Chen ’98 ▲ Mr. Julius B. Chini ▲ Irene M. Chow, D.O. ’81 Susie M. Chow, D.O. ’81 Mr. Gordon Christensen ’64 ■ Mr. Stephen A. Christianson Mr. Michael G. Clifford ’81 ▲ Clifton Budd & DeMaria LLP ▲ Mr. Willie E. Clifton ’80 ■ Mr. Francis M. Coiro ’78 ■ Mr. Stephen M. Conti ’97 ■ Ms. Kaitlin A. Cooley ’08 Mr. Javier F. Corripio ’95 ▲ Mr. Roger Corvasce ’77 Mr. Joseph J. Crispino ’78 ■ Mr. Peter Dane Ms. Linda Darroch-Short ▲ Mr. Carlos H. Delcid ’97 Mr. Gilberto A. Diaz ’11 Joseph Dic, D.O. ’84 Mr. Michael J. DiVittorio ▲ Mr. Brian Dobbins Mr. James T. Doherty ’75 Mr. Martin Domnitch ’81 ■ Ms. Elizabeth A. Doran ’02 Mr. Mark C. Dorigan Ms. Gina M. Dorso ’16 ▲ Ms. Shannon R. Duer ’17 ▲ East Coast Embroidery, LTD ▲


Enrique and Elissa Menasse Fund ▲

Aditya Mangla, D.O. ’04

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund ▲

Ms. Kathleen Marshall-Dane

Sheldon Fields, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN

Victor J. Masi, D.O. ’93

Theodore Flaum, D.O. ▲ Fredrick R. Giovanelli DBA Village Chiropractic Ms. Lisa Fritz Mr. Christopher M. Frumusa ▲ Mr. Michael C. Gannon ’83 Ms. Cecilia M. Garcia Mr. Jesse Garris Vincent T. Geraci, D.O. ’97 Mr. Michael Gershel ■ Alexander B. Golberg, D.O. ’96 ▲ Steven C. Golinowski, D.O. ’90 Mr. James R. Gray ▲ Ms. Carolyn Greenwald ■ Janet Grotticelli, D.O. ’88 Mr. Steven Guglielmoni Steven J. Hager, D.O. ’84 ▲ Ms. Kelly A. Haller ’10 Hampton Jitney, Inc. Patricia E. Happel, D.O. ’08 Ms. Donna M. Hayes ’81 Ms. Ellen D. Hayman ▲ Ms. Jennifer S. Haynie ’15 Mr. John C. He ▲ Mr. Paul B. Healy ’00 ▲ Hempstead Tire Mr. John J. Higgins ▲ Ms. Stephanie Ho ’93 Christine Hodyl, D.O. ’92 Mr. Christopher Hoppe ▲ Ms. Carolyn Horan Mr. Michael Hughes Mr. Emad S. Ibrahem ’92 Ms. Rosemarie Inzerillo Liat Jarkon Mr. Ingrum Jefferson ▲ Abraham M. Jeger, Ph.D. Mr. Thomas C. Judge ’91 ▲ Mr. Patrick A. Kane Mr. Michael Kaplan KingZak ▲ Mrs. Mary Krizan Ms. Sandra A. Kupprat ’99 ▲ L&K Partners Inc. ■ Edward Lalik, III ’01 ▲ Connie Lam, D.O. ’05 ▲ Mr. Donald F. Landolphi Ms. Susan Lehrman ’02 Mr. To Shan Li ▲ Louis F. Loiodice, D.O. ’88 ▲ Ms. Rosemary Lombardy ▲ Mr. William J. Lucas Mr. Brian Lynch Mr. Gary S. Lynch ’93 ▲ Mr. George Malhame Mr. Robert Malvagna

Ms. Francesca Manzione ’17

Ms. Lauri McNeill

Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program ▲ Ms. Carol Wickline Patrick Wong, D.O. ▲

Mr. H. Melendez Mr. Drew R. Menta Merlin Industries, Inc.

Bowlmor Long Island Mr. Michael C. Brempos Ms. Kimberly Brewster Mr. Greg Brooks Mr. John Brouse Mr. Cody Brown


Mr. Douglas L. Brown ’71 ■ Zubreen Butt

Mr. Ralph Montuouro

293 Tenth Avenue Corporation

Mr. Dominick J. Caccippio ’01 ■

Mr. Jed Morey

Mr. Mohamed Abbas ’13 ▲

Michael J. Cafone Sr

Susan M. Neville ▲

Reem Abu-Sbaih, D.O. ’01 ▲

Mr. Raymond Caliendo ’95

Richard Y. Ng, D.O. ’87

Mrs. Lauretta M. Acerra ▲

Dr. Carolou Calissi ’78 ▲

Ms. Christen A. Nyarady ▲

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Acerra ▲

Ms. Patricia Callan

George C. Obinero, D.O. ’09

Mr. Kwaku Adjei-Gyamfi ’97

Ms. Frances Campani

Mr. David Olmsted ’14

Mr. Turki Akmi

Mr. Richard Cardozo, Jr. ’95 ■

Mr. Chieko K. Palenberg ▲

Steven E. Aks, D.O. ’87 ▲

Mr. Vincent G. Carey ’90 ■

Ms. Jane Pavia

Mr. Alex Alaimo ▲

Ms. Emma Cartagena

Mr. John W. Pennisten ’87 ■

Mr. Hussam Alattas

Ms. Elizabeth A. Carter ■

Mr. Andrew Piccirillo ▲

Ms. Tricia Alban

Mr. John P. Cassandro ’00

Dr. Maria M. Plummer ■

Ms. Sharon Alberto

Ms. Antoinette Cassese

Mr. Withle Primus ▲

Mr. Salvatore A. Albini ’87 ■

Mrs. Loretta Cavanagh

Lou Reinisch, Ph.D. ▲

Dr. Paul K. Cavanagh ■

James W. Reznick, D.O. ’81

Ms. Hanita Alexander, CCP SPHR ’00

Mr. Kevin J. Riordan ’96

Mr. Faisal Alharby

Ms. Janine Celauro

Ms. Beth Rizzacasa

Mr. Aqeel A. Alhuwaykim ’18

Mr. Alan J.Centofranchi, CPA ’72 ▲

Mr. William Robinson

Khorsheda B. Ali, D.O. ’03 ▲

Paula M. Cerquiera-Ryo, D.O. ’03

Patricia E. Roche, D.O. ’87

Ms. Diana L. Allegretti ’87 ▲

Mr. Gene K. Chan ’80 ▲

Mr. Lawrence J. Romanelli ’81 ▲

Mrs. Kharizza Alleth-Empedrado

Mr. Bill K. Chang ’88 ■

Henry Rosenberg

Allied Asbestos Services LLC

Ms. Casey Chapman ’07 ▲

Mr. & Mrs. Farhad Saba

Mr. Justin Alvarez

Mr. Henry Cheung ’05 ■

Mr. Stephen A. Sanacore ’88 ▲

Mr. Lakhdar Amara ▲

Ki Cho

Mr. John P. Santamaria ’14 ▲

American Capital Partners

Mr. Kyunghwan Cho

Robert R. Savino, D.O. ’88

Ms. Angela M. Amoia ’93

Mr. Dmytro Chornobryvets ’04

Mr. Adam Schaye ■

Amoia Cody Architecture

Mr. Dick Chou ▲

Mr. Gordon Schmidt

Dr. Allison Andors ■

Ms. Donna M. Christiansen ’82 ■

Mr. Peter Seiden ■

Mr. Anton P. Angelich ’84 ▲

Mr. Kevin Ciani ▲

Mr. & Mrs. David Shapiro

Mr. Michael A. Angelon ’81 ■

Mr. Michael D. Cipriano ’88

Mr. Peter J. Sicardi ’83 ■

Dr. David M. Arneson

Mr. Alan J. Simmons ’77 ■

Art-Of-Form Architects

City of Glen Cove Municipal Golf Course

Professor Sidney Simon, D.O. ■

Ms. Lisa A. Aston

Ms. Alyce J. Clark ’90

Ms. Lauren Slovensky

Mr. Joseph F. Azara ’69 ▲

Ms. Marilyn Cleary ▲

Dr. Nikos Solounias

Mr. Stephen Balka ’08

Mr. Michael J. Cohen ’77 ■

Ms. Gina Spagnuola

Donato M. Balsamo, D.O. ’95

Mr. Brian Colasuonno ’85 ▲

Ms. Mayerlin Strippoli

Mr. Thomas Barbe

Mr. Frank G. Coletti ’93

Mr. Kenneth Stubbolo

Mr. Robert A. Barone

Mr. James Collado ’16

Dr. Arthur R. Szeglin ’80 ■

Ms. Gloria J. Barragan-Tooma

Mr. John Colquhoun ▲

Mr. Kazi Tabassum

Mr. Jose Barreto

Mr. Michael C. Conklin ’89 ▲

Taurino Management Inc.

Mr. Alfredo Batallones

Ms. Carol A. Conner ’92 ▲

Mr. Stephen Tedeschi

Ms. Mavis T. Baxter ’82 ■

Ms. Kim Tedesco

Mr. Harold C. Beardsley ’76 ■

Construction Services of Broward, Inc. ■

Michael J. Terzella, D.O. ’99 ▲

Mr. Kenneth Beck

TPG Architecture LLP

Ms. Stella Behar ■

Ms. Debra Tripptree

Mr. Ronald J. Berceli ’77 ▲

Two Guys Collision Center

Ms. Nora Bilinski ’00 ▲

Maria E. Vaccari, D.O. ’88

Mr. Barry A. Blake ’77 ■

Mr. Douglas R. Vaggi ’83 ■

Mr. Carl M. Blumstein ▲

Lynda Varlotta-Geraci, D.O. ’98

Mr. Anthony Bonventre

Mr. George R. Viox ’69

Ms. Arlene Bordman ▲

VTB Consulting Associates LLC

Ms. Cigdem Bostan ’05

Andrea N. Watson, D.O. ’00

Ms. Sara Bouzan Gatto ’02 ▲

C.D.E. Air Conditioning Co. ▲

Ms. Anne T. Cooley ’04 ■ Mr. Gary N. Cooper ’98 ■ Claudia R. Coplein, D.O. ’90 Mr. Tom Coronato ’97 Mrs. Jacqueline Costello Mr. Jim Costello Mr. Paul Cotao Ms. Michele A. CotignolaEifert ’95 ■ Mr. Alan J. Court ’82 ■ Lawrence V. Crafa, D.O. ’96

Photos (Giving section): Barry Sloan, Martin Seck

Crillon Importers, Ltd. ■

Mr. Steven R. DeNicola ’85 ■

Mr. John T. Dorst ’95 ▲

Mr. William Crocitto

Ms. Lori S. Denton Kurn ’80

Peter C. Douris, Ed.D.

Mr. Frank Cumbo

Mr. Nicholas J. DeSantis ’91

Mr. Robert P. Dowd

Mr. Vivin M. Cyriac ’14

Mr. Nahed Desouky

Mr. Robert A. Doxey ’84

O. L. Dabreu, Esq.

Mr. & Mrs. George Devito ■

Mr. Paul L. Dreyer ’71 ▲

Ronald D. D’Agostino, D.O. ’85

Ms. Nicole M. Devito ’13 ▲

Mr. Ira A. Dubowy ’72 ▲

Mr. Charles Dangelo

Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Elias

Mr. Ronald E. Daniels ’70 ■

Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc.

Mr. Jerome T. D’Antone ’94 ▲

Diamond Promotions, Inc. ▲

Mr. Anthony M. Epifane ’85 ■

Ludmila Dashevsky, D.O., M.D. ’97

Ms. Sharon Dias ’04 ▲

Yvonne Essandoh, D.O. ’04

Mrs. Valencia de la Vega ’05

Mr. Anthony Diaz

Mr. Frank P. Etro, Jr. ’79 ■

Mr. Charles D. De Rienzo ’77 ■

Mr. Robert L. Dichiaro ’78 ▲

Mr. Edward Evangelista

Ms. Cynthia Deangelis

Mr.Giacomo DiCostanzo, RA ’68 ■

Ms. Diane Ewald ■

Mr. John C. DeFalco ’86 ■

Ms. Denise C. DiCristofalo ’76 ■

Mr. Donald W. Faithfull ’80

Ms. Leibniz Del Carmen

Ms. Gale Divins

Ms. Yan Fan ’97 ■

Ms. Nicole Della Ragione

DonateWell Matching Gift

Mr. John C. Fanizza ’17

Ms. Diane DeLuca

Angela R. Dorsey, D.O. ’02

Mr. Michael Faraone

Empire Strikes Press

Ms. Victoria Farris

Friends of Tom Cilmi

Mr. Jeffrey M. Feinsilver ’79 ■

Mr. Robert P. Fruh ’71 ■

Mr. Douglas Ferber ■

S. Michael Fuhrman, D.O. ’81

Mr. Allen J. Ferne’z ’77 ▲

Ms. Joan Furino

Dr. Charles Ferrara ’76 ▲

Mr. John Furst, Jr. ’68 ▲

Mr. Albert J. Ferrea ’63

Nipa S. Gandhi, D.O. ’04 ▲

Mr. Mario Fichera ’15 ▲

Mr. R. S. Garley

Mr. Brian J. Finn ’80 ▲

Ms. Yema M. Gbondo ▲

Ms. Linda Firestone ▲

Gear For Sports, Inc.

Ms. Shirley Fisher

Mr. Anthony J. Gentile ’81

Robert M. Fishman, D.O. ’81 ▲

Dennis George

Ms. Patricia Fitzpatrick

Michael Gerazounis

Mr. John Flavin

Mr. Steven M. Gershowitz ’84 ■

Ms. Christine Fontier

Inna I. Geyler, D.O. ’97 ▲

Ms. Roberta A. Fortunato ’88 ■

Mr. Norbert F. Giesse ’89 ▲

Ms. Allison Fowler

Ms. Arleen A. Gillen ’84 ■

Mr. Ed Fowler

Mr. Ronald A. Gilone ’79 ■

Dr. Herbert Fox ▲

Mr. George J. Giosi ’16

Mr. Richard Frankel

Ms. Catherine Gironda ’09

Mr. Joel E. Frazin ’91

Mr. Raymond Givargis, RA ’94 ■

Mr. John Frezados ’96

Ms. Rebecca Gofter

Ms. Kristen M. Fricione ’10

Mr. Benjamin Goldberg

Mr. Charles Friedman

Goldman Sachs Matching Gift

Ms. Karen J. Friel ▲

Mr. James J. Goldrick ▲




Mr. Kenneth E. Jones ’69 ■

Ms. Theresa R. Leone ’95 ▲

Mr. Rudolph J. Milhim ’85

Mr. Reji T. Joseph ’96

Mr. Nunzio D. Lepore ’85 ■

Ms. Annielynn Miller ■

Plaza Construction ▲

Mr. Austin L. Joyner ’93

Howard R. Levin, M.D.

Ms. Donna L. Miller ▲

Mr. Ralph J. Pollock ’77 ▲

Ms. Cheryl Place

Mr. Bruno A. Kaelin III ’76 ■

Ms. Randi G. Levitan-Tremano

Mr. Lawrence H. Miller ’69

Ms. Kathryn Pournaras

Dr. Leslie Goldstein ▲

Ms. Tatjana Z. Kalinin ’92

Mr. Ming Gao Li ’91 ▲

Robert Miller, D.O. ’88 ■

Mr. John Prag

Mr. Michael E. Goldstein ’71 ■

Ms. Mireille Kamel ’02

Xiaoyu S. Li, D.O. ’13 ▲

Ms. Susan Miller ■

Mr. Edward R. Pratt ’88 ■

Mr. Chuck Goncalves

Ms. Eileen Kamhi ▲

Yanlun Li, D.O. ’10 ▲

Ms. Alexandra Mills

Ms. Stephany Preda

Mr. Manny Goncalves

Ms. Sondra Kamhi ■

Mr. John Liantonio ’84 ■

Mr. Steven A. Miretzky ▲

Mr. Dave Prerana

Eric Gourishankar, D.O. ’13

Mr. Dean S. Kamvakis ▲

Lida Manufacturing Inc.

Mr. Chander Mishra ’07 ▲

Dr. Michael J. Price ’68

Ms. Amy Greenwald ■

Helen Kaporis, D.O.

Mr. Norman H. Light ’68 ■

Mr. Arvind G. Mistry ’87 ■

Ms. Sue S. Ptacek ’88 ■

Mr. Phil Grella

Ms. Kristen Kastrinos ’97 ▲

Mr. Brian Lindgren ’83 ■

Ms. Maria K. Modlin ’84 ■

Mr. William Quay ▲

Mr. Edward J. Gruber ’91

Jody L. Kaufman, D.O. ’94 ▲

Mr. Robert Lippet ▲

Mr. Washington Molina ’98

Mr. Dennis M. Radzinsky ’96

Ms. Beverly Guida

Mr. Rich Kawas

Lipsky Management Inc. ▲

Mr. Daniel Moore ’07 ■

Dr. Thomas J. Rahilly ’90 ▲

Mr. Charles M. Gunkel ’80

Artem Kazantsev

Ms. Jocelyn Lobo ’89

Ms. Lisa Moore ’06 ■

Ms. Gail Rahmani ▲

Dr. Gurpal Guram ■

Nathan W. Keever, D.O. ’85

Paul Lograsso, D.O. ’83 ▲

Mrs. Clair P. Morhardt

Mr. Oscar Raphael ’71 ■

Mr. David Gustin

Dr. Eugene Kelly

Mr. John J. Lombardi ’78

Mr. Jack Mortell

Ms. Jacqueline Ras

Ms. Sussie I. Gyamfi

Mr. Kenneth F. Kempel ’71 ▲

Mr. Kevin T. Lombardi ’98 ■

Mr. Fred S. Mosher, Jr. ’87

Mr. Raffaele Razzano ’98 ■

Mr. Chariton Hadjicharalambous ▲

Mr. Alan Kessler ’87 ■

Ms. Marguerite Lombardi

Ms. Laura Moy ’96 ■

Ms. Rachel Reeves

Ms. Karen Kim

Mr. Michael Lombardi ’81

Emil Muccin

Mr. Robert A. Riccitelli ’87

Hamburg Regional Gynecology, PC

Mr. Robert A. Kirchmeier ’71 ■

Ms. Sandra Lopes ’04

Mr. John J. Munson ’73

Brookellen C. Rider, D.O. ’90 ▲

Ms. Lisa Kistinger

Ms. Leanna Loree

Mr. Hugh J. Murphy, Jr. ’64 ■

Mr. Thomas P. Riordan ’93

Ms. Zahoua O. Hamou

Michael A. Klein, D.O. ’86

Mr. Ryan Lubbe ▲

Mr. Michael A. Murphy ’82

Mr. Neil F. Robbins ’84 ■

Mr. Robert J. Hanley ’94 ▲

Sharon L. Koehler, D.O. ’98

Mr. David Luft ▲

Mr. Michael R. Murphy ’86 ▲

Ms. Lisa E. Roberts ’80 ■

Mr. John J. Harrigan ’90 ■

Patricia S. Kooyman, D.O. ’03 ▲

Mr. Felix A. Lugo, Jr. ’71 ■

Toni M. Murphy, D.O. ’89 ▲

Ms. Phyllis G. Roe ’79

Ms. Linda Harris

Mr. Vladimir W. Kowalyk ’96 ▲

Mr. Ustinov O. Luke ’93 ■

Mr. Christopher Murray

Mr. Donald J. Rogers ▲

Mr. Mark N. Harris ’80

Mr. Michael S. Kraftsow ■

Mr. James Lustberg

Ms. Eileen M. Murray ’08 ▲

Mrs. Monika Rohde

Mr. Jeffrey Hayden

Mr. Frank A. Krawiecki, ARM ’70 ▲

Mr. Gary Maccio

Mutual of America

Yael Roitberg, Ph.D.

Dr. Bhuma Krishnamachari ▲

Mr. Christopher A. Maher ’85

Mr. Christopher Nappi

Mr. Robert J. Romano ’90

Mr. Pranav S. Krishnamurthy ▲

Mr. Stephen T. Maio ’78 ■

Dr. Niharika Nath ▲

Mr. Gerard Romski ’82 Mr. Eugene Rose ’72 ▲

Mr. Matthew S. Hayes Matthew B. Heller, D.O. ’11

Mr. Lawrence F. Kriz ’91

Ms. Meryl L. Manthey ’81

Mrs. Audrey Naversen ▲

Mr. Kevin Hennessy

Mr. Jerome Kronengold ’80 ▲

Marlene Manzella

Ms. Melissa C. Navia ’05

Ms. Jean L. Rosen ’91 ▲

Mr. Arthur L. Henrichsen ’76 ▲

Mr. Steven J. Kuperschmid

Mr. Joseph R. Manzo ’77 ▲

Network for Good ▲

Mr. Burton Roslyn

Mr. George R. Henry ’68 ■

Mr. Adam Kuskowski

Mr. Eric B. Mark ’97 ■

Newport Engineering, P.C.

Ms. Sarane H. Ross

Mr. David Herman ▲

Mr. Dominick A. La Ruffa ’84 ■

Mrs. Anne M. Marsac ’89

Mr. Michael Nicoletta ’86

Douglas M. Roth, D.O. ’87 ▲

Ms. Portia Lack

Mr. Arnold Marshe

Mr. Matthew J. Niegocki ’06

Ms. Charline Rubinstein ▲

John W. Lacorazza, D.O. ’06

Ms. Donna Martelli ▲

Mr. William Ninehan

Mr. George W. Ruppel

Dr. Lillian Niwagaba ▲

Mr. William Russell ▲

Ayman Helo

Mr. Michael J. Hershchuk ’69 ▲ Gerilyn Hickey- Niebler

Ms. Debra LaFemina

Ms. Vertel T. Martin ’96 ■

Ms. Patricia Hoerter

Mr. Soheil Lalehzar ’90

Mr. Glenn J. Marvel ▲

Ms. Carol M. Nye ▲

Mr. William Saar

Ms. Kathryn J. Hoffman-Horan

Mrs. Lynn Lamanno

Mr. Charles S. Massimini ’73 ■

Ms. S. Renee Oliver ▲

Mr. Abraham Sabbas

Mr. Scott T. Masters ’77 ■

Ms. Linette Olivera

Mr. Patrick P. Sabella ’81 ▲

Ms. Margaret Mateyaschuk

Mr. Mir N. Omar ’16

Gregory P. Saggio, D.O. ’94 ▲

Ms. Catherine Mathias

Mr. Sean O’Neill

Santiago Design Group, LLC ▲

Mr. Thomas C. Matteo ’87 ■

Ms. Barbara Orofino

Mrs. Suzan L. Santiago ’80 ▲

Mr. Robert A. McConnell ’82 ■

Mr. Ralph A. Ottaiano ’12 ■

Ms. Sophia Sarachai ’06

Ms. Ashley McDonald

Frank Parrinello, D.O. ’86 ▲

Savanna Project Management ■

Mr. Christopher P. McDonald ’87

Mrs. Jacqueline Parry

Matthew D. Savory, D.O. ’97

Mr. Paul K. McGinniss ’95

Mr. Guillermo A. Pascal ’89 ■

Mr. Herbert K. Savran ’88 ■

Mr. Ronald McKay ▲

Benjamin N. Paschkes, D.O. ’01 ■

Scala-Wisell Co., Inc. ■

Mr. Alvin A. McKee ’76 ■

Mr. Venkatesh Patrachari ’91 ■

Ms. Mary R. Scanlon ’87 ■

Ms. Patricia M. McMahon ’86 ▲

Mrs. Karen S. Pavone ’86

Christopher N. Scavelli, D.O. ’14 ▲

Mr. Desmond McManus ’84 ■

Mr. Richard Pavone ’83

Henry A. Schaeffer, M.D. ■

Mr. Edmond Mctigue ’94 ■

Mr. & Mrs. Sol Pearlman ■

Mr. Marc A. Schain ’71 ▲

Mr. Dennis M. Mele ’83 ▲

Joan B. Penrose-Borum, Ph.D. ▲

Mrs. Sue Schilling ’07 ▲

Melo Consultants, Ltd.

Ms. Marilyn A. Percy ’77

Mr. William M. Schiraldi ▲

Ms. Janet S. Mendolia ’87

Mrs. Cecilia Perez ▲

Mr. Jerry Schmetterer

Mr. Jonathan C. Meneses ’12

Dione A. Perez Ghisalbert, D.O. ’93 ▲

Mr. John V. Schneider ’77 ■

Mr. Michael Ho ’94

Ms. Cherene M. Holder ’04

Mr. Mark L. Lampl ’81 ■

Mr. Cecil E. Hollar ’77 ■

Mr. Paul E. Landau ’71 ■

Mr. Terrance R. Holliday ’82 ■

Mr. Michael J. Lane ’12

Mr. Lyndon E. Holloman ’73 ▲

Erik E. Langenau, D.O. ’99 ▲

Mr. Paul Hood Mr. James E. Horan ’83 ▲ Mr. Allen P. Huntington ’96

Mr. Paul Lankowicz Mr. Arkar M. Latt ’89 ▲ Mr. Frank J. Lauri ■

Mr. Donald F. Hurley

Ms. Shelia Laval ▲

Ms. Ana-Maria Hurtado ■ Mr. David E. Husing ’83 ■

Law Office of Julie A. Williamson LLC

Ms. Arlene M. Husni ’80 ■

Mr. Selman S. Lazofsky ’70 ■

Mr. Kevin L. Hyms ’86

Mr. Michael R. Lebel

Ms. Linda Imber ■

Mr. Sang I. Lee ’86 ■

Institute for Operations Research & the Management Sciences

Mr. Kirk C. Lehman ’95 ▲ Mr. Robert Lembo

Jerry Ipe, D.O. ’03 ▲

Mr. Robert A. Lenahan ’83

Jamaica Family Practice Mr. Qing Yao Jiang ’90

Leonard J. Strandberg & Associates Consulting Engineers ▲

Mr. Michael T. Jockers

Ms. Lynn Leonard ’84

Mr. Matthew J. Messina ’09 ▲

Mr. Paul R. Johannsen

Mr. Charles H. Leone ’64 ▲

Ms. Tracy Micheli

Mr. Chris Jones

Patricia A. Leone, D.O. ’05

Mr. Daniel E. Michels ’14

Gabriela Jano, M.D., D.O. ’98 ■


Mr. Robert J. Mercado Mr. Richard S. Merkhofer ’74 ■

Mr. Robert Schoenacher ’07 ▲

Armi R. Perono Turek

Mr. Carl Schreiner ’85 ▲

Mr. Frank Pfeiffer

Russell O. Schub, D.O. ’84 ▲

Ms. Barbara L. Pierce ’94 ■

Ms. Alison G. Schulman

Mr. Edward H. Pino ’72 ■

Mr. Kenneth S. Schulman ’93 ▲

Mr. Neal J. Pixley ’81

Mr. Jon M. Schwarting

Mr. Alan Tomkins

Mr. Syed Abbas

Mr. Richard T. Aronoff ’76 ▲

Mr. Patrick Biancone ’97 ▲

Mr. Laurence J. Schwarz ’85 ■

Mr. Warren W. Towns, PE CIH ’74 ■

Mr. Lawrence Abbondandolo

Mr. Lucio Arriaga

Mr. Leonard Biba ’17

Mr. William J. Schwarz ’91 ■

Mr. Albert Tse

Mr. Fnu Abdul Naveed ’17

Mr. Pavan Kumar Artham ’17

Mr. David Biblo ’17

Ms. Ida Scott

Mr. Kenyon H. Tuthill ’85 ▲

N. Abombi

Ms. Aziz Asiri

Mr. Eugene D. Biedermann

Mr. Rawle R. Sealy ’82

Mohammed Umar, D.O. ’09

D. Abraham

Mr. Hassan Askari

Mr. John F. Bigrow ’90 ▲

Lana Selitsky, D.O. ’05 ▲

Peter Urazov, D.O. ’07

Ms. Lila Abramson ’78 ▲

Mr. Syed H. Askari ▲

Ms. Ruth D. Birnbaum ▲

The Sephardic Temple ■

Mr. Daniel L. Vaggi ’80 ■

Ms. Luisa A. Adames-Jefferson ’88

S. Askeri

Ms. Laurie A. Bisel ’09 ▲

Ms. Linda Serras ▲

Mr. Mel Vail Jr.

Ms. Leslee A. Addington ’18

Mr. Stuart M. Asser ’79

Ms. Jeannette Blaquiere ’14

Mr. Robert Sesko ’70 ■

Mr. Charles A. Valdes ’96 ▲

Mr. Jesse A. Adjei ’17

Mr. Panagiotis Athanasopoulos

Mr. Harvey L. Blatter ’65

Mr. Robert T. Sharpe ’93

Mr. Schuyler J. Van Ness ▲

Ms. Anastasia Adruzova

Mr. Jason Atkinson

Mr. Thomas J. Bligh ’77

Ms. Devyani Shastri ’82 ■

Mr. Joe Vasold

Mr. Rocco C. Agoglia ’86

Mr. Gervais Attong

Mr. Timothy T. Blocker ’15

Ms. Barbara Sheridan

Mr. Daniel Velez

Mr. Shan Ahmed

Mr. Hietham Atyat

Dr. Ralph Boccagno ’87 ■

Mr. Michael P. Simon ’71

Mr. Joseph L. Verfenstein ’87

Mr. Shashank Ahuja

Arshlavi Auleear

Ms. Iris Bodre

Mr. Paul W. Simonsen ’74 ▲

Vested Cellutions, LLC

Shewaz Aitaf

Ms. Renae Avery Chapman ’08

Mr. David Bolanos

Ms. Kathleen A. Sinnott

Mary Viola

Ms. Abeeha Alam ’11 ▲

Ms. Luisa Baer

Ms. Erica L. Bomani ’13

David H. Siskind, M.D.

Paul L. Vitulli, D.O. ’97

Mr. Donald Alberto ’80 ▲

Ms. Stacey Baez ’15

Ms. Naja S. Bomani

Vivian N. Siu, D.O. ’12 ▲

Ms. Elizabeth von dem Hagen

Ms. Barbara E. Albrecht ’76 ▲

Mr. Satya Bagchee ’83 ▲

Ms. Aleli S. Borja ’03 ■

Caroline Skudlarek, D.O. ’95 ▲

Walter T. Gorman, P.E., P.C.

Ms. Cindy Slater

Mr. Chin Ying Wang ■

Mr. Ismail Albukhari

Ms. Neda Baharfar ’18

Mr. Brian R. Bove ■

Slider Security Inc.

Mr. George C. Wang ’72

Mr. Benjamin Alers ’82 ▲

Ms. Brenda Bailey

Mr. Christopher M. Bowers ’17

Ms. Laura A. Smiros ’84 ■

Susan J. Wegman, D.O. ’87

Ms. Mary Alessi ’10 ▲

Ms. Kathryn G. Bailey ’04 ■

Mr. Alphonso A. Bowser ’86

Mr. George Smith ’79 ▲

Professor William T. Wei ▲

Mr. Steven R. Alexander ’87

Mr. Kapil Bajaj

Ms. Amanda M. Brancato ’17

Mr. Winston Smith ▲

Mr. Jeffrey C. White ’86

Ms. Marsha M. Alexis

Mr. Venkata S. P. Baladari ’17

Ms. Shanice Branch

Mr. Bruce H. Smolka ’79 ▲

Mr. Jason Whitney

Mr. Faisal Alharbi

Mr. Guillermo Ballesteros ’88 ■

Ms. Erica J. Brandt ’17 ▲

Ms. Faith Smollen ▲

Mr. Gary M. Wieboldt ’82 ▲

Fesal Alharbi

Ms. Joan P. Balletta ’90 ■

Ms. Amy Bravo

Dr. Patricia Snyder ▲

Mr. William C. Wiese ’77 ■

All Island Hardwood Flooring

Mr. Merrill Banks, CSP

Mr. Eric A. Bretzel ’73

Mr. Michael Sofia ’91

Mr. Louis G. Wiggan ’71 ▲

Kharizza Alleth

Mr. Girogi Baramidze

Mr. Guy Brewer ■

Ms. Michelle Sontarp ▲

Mr. William V. Wills ’89 ■

Mr. Staffan K. Alm

Mr. Mark G. Baran ’68 ▲

Mr. James Brewer

Mr. David Soriano

Ms. Sandra Wilson ’82 ■

Mr. Naief Almaghrabi

Mr. Zachary R. Barnett ’18

Brian Fisher, Architect, P.C. ▲

Mr. Guillermo V. Sotomayor ’86

Ms. Carol A. Wisell ’76 ■

Mr. Mohammed Almutairi

Mr. Soyeb A. Barot ’05 ■

Mr. Richard Briller

Mrs. Suzanne Sowinski Sullivan’85 ■

David M. Witkes, D.O. ’85 ▲

Mr. Dai Al-Naimi

Mr. Gonzalo Barroso Garcia ▲

Mr. Djakeem D. Britton ’16

Ms. Kayla Alogna

Ms. Kathleen T. Barry ’78 ■

Mr. Joseph T. Brock ’98

Mr. Russell Alrick

Ms. Jessica Bart

Mr. Jon Brocksopp ’71

Esa Alsach

Mr. Christian R. Barton ’17

Mr. Scott Brodsky

Mr. Ali Alshehri

Ms. Samantha M. Basile ▲

Mr. Joseph Brosi ’89 ▲

Mr. Omar Alsultan

Ms. Alyssa J. Bassett ▲

Mr. Clifford C. Brown ’97 ▲

Mr. Khelid Alturkistani

Mr. Tyler Bassett

Mr. Shawn B. Brown ’09

Mr. Kenneth R. Wolfgang ’77 ▲

Mr. Anthony R. Spaneo ’66 ▲

Mr. Steven R. Woodward ’96 ▲

Ms. Betty S. Spellman ’82

Mr. Darryl L. Wortham ’88 ■

Mr. Dennis J. Spina ’97 ▲

Jill Wruble, D.O. ’87 ▲

Ms. Gabrielle St. Leger

Danny X. Xu, D.O.

Ms. Barbara J. Stahl ’82 ■

Mr. & Mrs. David Yehuda ▲

Mr. Andrew J. Stanton ’95 ■

Ms. Elizabeth Yenyen Hsieh ’80

Ms. Kimberly Amazan

Mr. Jerard Bassolino

Mr. Sheldon Brown ’89 ■

Mr. Alan Starost

Ms. Ellen H. Yoshiuchi ’92 ▲

Mr. Dike G. Amazu ’12

Mr. William F. Bateman ’86 ■

Mr. Stephan Brown

Ms. Kellie A. Stefaniak ’10

Ms. Audrey Young ’82 ■

Ms. Melanie E. Ambinder

Mr. Michael F. Battaglia ’65 ■

Mr. Stephen W. Brown ’76 ■

Mr. David C. Stender ’69

Mr. David R. Young ’78 ■

Mr. Paulson Ambookan

Mr. Simone Battaglia ’86 ■

Ms. Rochelle Browne

Mr. Charles G. Stepanek ’83 ▲

Mr. Jonathan Yu

Mr. Ryan J. Amengual ’17

Mr. Panduranga Rao Battiprolu ’16

Ms. Michelle Bruen

Dr. Gary R. Stephens ▲

Mr. Wing Yu ’94

Mr. Sapan P. Amin ’17

Mr. Christopher J. Bauer ’94 ■

Mr. Christopher Bruno, PE ’95 ■

Mr. Michael Stewart ’82 ■

Mr. Richard Zammillo

Aseer Amir

Ms. Debbie Baum

Ms. Santina P. Bruno

Mr. Michael E. Stone, AIA ’88 ▲

Mr. Joseph F. Zebuda ’69 ■

Dr. Robert Amundsen ■

Mr. Richard L. Bearak ’87 ■

Peter J. Bruzzo, D.O. ’88 ■

David A. Straker, D.O. ’00 ■

Ms. Tina M. Zerbo ’91

Ms. Kim Andreacola ▲

Hillary K. Beberman, D.O. ’99

Mr. Navin D. Budwani ’10

Mr. Neil A. Strandberg ’83 ▲

Ms. Marsha W. Zimberg ’79

Mr. Jeffrey V. Angrand ’15

Mr. Robert Becker ’13

Mr. Christopher Burgher ▲

Mr. Stelios D. Stylianou ’12

Ms. Brandy Zito


Mr. Joseph Bell ’75 ■

Ms. Sara Burinato ’15

Mr. George H. Suddell ’82

Ms. Debora Znaniecki ▲

Mr. Frank A. Antoniello ’76 ■

Lady Diane Bello

Mrs. Phyllis O. Burnett ’82 ▲

Mr. Daniel Sullivan ’82 ▲

Ms. Kathryn K. Zoller

Mr. Albert A. Antonson ’76

Mr. Gerald R. Bellofatto ’87 ■

Mr. Robert Burnett ’07 ▲

Mr. John V. Sullivan ’97

Mr. William C. Zorovich ’65 ■

Mr. Ezeani Antwi

Mr. Hemant V. Bendre ’89

Mr. Theodore W. Burzynski ’79 ▲

Ms. Karen R. Sullivan

Scott J. Zuccala, D.O. ’90

Mrs. Sonia Anuth ’85

Ms. Melanie Benyadi ’17

Mr. Terell D. Butler

Mr. Richard M. Sullivan ’85 ■

Mr. Peter Zuhusky ▲

Ms. Cynthia Appold ’85

Mr. Jay A. Bergman ’89 ■

Mr. Eric J. Byas ’10

Ms. Marilyn Sussman ■

Mr. Abdellatif M. S. Zureiqi ’77

Mr. Roberto F. Archibol, Jr. ▲

Ms. Jaime D. Berkley ’11 ▲

Ms. Ayiesha Cade

Mr. Paul Tanks ’88

Architectural Communications ▲

Mr. Marc Bernstein ▲

Mr. Yan Cai ’11 ▲

Mr. Aldo L. Tarigo ’82

Ms. Anne Marie F. Ardito ▲

Mr. Vincent Berte ’66 ▲

Mr. Salvatore Caiazzo

Ms. Alvis Arens ’65 ▲

Mr. Gary E. Besmer ’77 ■

Mr. Joseph Cairone ▲

Ms. Jillian G. Arevalo ’17

Mr. Abhee Bhalani

Mr. Fred Calandrino ’87 ■

Ms. Ankita Argarwal

Mr. Piyush Bhatia

Mr. Alfred Callahan ▲

Mr. Harry Armon

Prabhpreetsingh Bhatia

Mr. James J. Callahan ’77 ■

Ms. Lindsey Arocho

Mr. Victor Bhattacharjee

Mr. Frank Callan

Mr. Ian D. Taylor ’88

UP TO $99

David H. Tegay, D.O. ’97 ▲ Santo P. Terranova, D.O. ’06 ▲

Mr. Hari P. Aalla

Times Square Capital Management ▲

Mr. Bobby Aarabedian

Mr. Frank J. Tipaldo ’75 ▲

Mr. Oluwayemisi Abayomi

Ms. Tasfia K. Abanti




Mr. Alex Cohen

Ms. Carolyn Dean

Mr. Jerome L. Eben, FAIA ’71

Ms. Sara Fogarty

Mr. Allan Cohen

Ms. Laura Dearth ■

Mr. Christopher A. Edwards ’12

Ms. Charline M. Folkes ’10

Ms. Anna Cohen ▲

Ms. Karen Deasy ▲

Mr. Jason Efthimiou

Mr. Etienne Fontaine ’17

Mr. Lawrence Cohen ■

Mr. Steven DeCarlo ▲

Ms. Joyce C. Ehrhardt ’97

Mr. Steven V. Foschino ’85

Mr. Robert Candella

Deborah Y. Cohn, Ph.D. ’89 ▲

Ms. Colleen DeFalco

Ms. Shira Ehrlich ’18

Mr. Raymond Franke ’85 ▲

Mr. Stephen A. Cannizzaro ’90 ▲

Ms. Adriana Coico ’16

Mr. Thomas J. Dejesu ’99 ■

Mr. Joseph F. Eisenhardt ’85 ■

Mr. Kenneth L. Frankel ’79 ▲

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Capasso ▲

Mr. Edward A. Colea ’15

Mr. Jordi Del Rosario

Mr. Brian Franklyn ’92

Dr. Kym M. Carpentieri ’00

Ms. Ashley Collado ’18

Mr. Stephen G. Delaney ■

Ms. Suzanne M. Ekkers Stephens ’92

Mr. Michael L. Carrano ’76

Mr. Antonio V. Colletti

Mr. Steve Delaney

Ms. Marwan Elayoub

Mr. Jef Free

Mr. Nelson Carreira

Mr. John Collins ’79 ▲

Ms. Samantha Delaunay-Keith ’17

Mr. Suhaib Elhadi

Mr. Jeffry A. Friedman, CPA ’72

Mr. Jeremiah F. Casey ’79 ■

Mr. Kenneth Collins

Mr. Mario D’Elia, CPA ’94

Ms. Fatimah A. Elsayed ’17

Mr. Truman Frierson ■

Mr. Peter J. Caso ’81 ■

Mr. Theodore Colon

Mr. Robert Delmonico ’78 ■

Ms. Nora Elshafey

Ms. Samantha Frisina

Ms. Louise P. Cassano ’88 ■

Mr. Nicholas J. Colosi ’79 ▲

Ms. Patricia Z. DelTosta ’80

Mr. Mohamed Elshear

Mr. Sean H. Fryar ’10 ▲

Ms. Toni Castellano-Kelly ’17

Ms. Amy L. Colvin ’06 ▲

Mr. Kent Deng

Mr. Daniel S. Engel ▲

Bernard Fryshman, Ph.D. ■

Ms. Virginia Castillo ’08 ▲

Mr. John C. Colwell ’96 ■

Jay A. Dennett, D.O. ’89

Mr. Keith R. Epstein ’84

Ms. Judith Fulda ▲

Ms. Barbara Castle ’99 ▲

Mr. Albert Compagnoni ’80 ■

Ms. Barbara Derbabian ’91

Mr. Mitchell D. Erickson

Mr. Louis J. Furino, Jr. ’82 ▲

Mr. Anthony Castro

Mr. James Conklin

Mr. Michael DeStefano

Mr. Robert A. Errante ’96

Mr. Eukane Gabriel ▲

Christopher P. Castro, D.O. ’02

Ms. Kelly Conliffe

Disha Devedas

Mr. Jayson C. Escalera ’17

Mr. Joseph P. Gabrysiak

Mr. Robert J. Catalano ’79 ▲

Mr. Salvatore Contino ’82 ■

Ravinder K. Devgun, D.O. ’09

Ms. Leslie Espinal

Ms. Roja Gadde ’17

Mr. Lawrence E. Cavanagh ’84 ▲

Ms. Christie Conway

Aasta Devi

Mr. John T. Esposito ’71

Ms. Alexa Galfano

Mr. Anthony Cecere ’97 ▲

Mr. Robert Cook ’08 ▲

Mr. Mohammad Devji

Mr. Michael Esposito

Mr. Mickey Gallagher

The Parents of Ben Cecil

Mr. Gregory J. Cooney ’74

Ms. Dianne Dhom ’82 ▲

Mr. Salvatore M. Esposito ’73 ■

Mr. Ruthwik Gande ’16

Ms. Louise Cecil

Mr. Vincent M. Cooney ’77 ▲

Ms. Alyssa Facci

Mr. Jared M. Garcia ’08 ▲

Mr. Ericson Cegal

Mrs. Thelma P. Copeland ’83 ■

Mr. Eliseo C. Di Prinzio, RAPP ’83 ▲

Mr. Michael Fagan ’79 ■

Mr. Jesus Gardenas

Ms. Brittany Cerami ’18

Mr. Alfe Corona

Mr. Mahamadou Diallo

Ms. Madison Fagiola

Ms. Stacey B. Gardin

Ms. Maria E. Cerra ’15

Robert J. Corona, D.O. ’86

Mr. Anthony D. Didio

Mr. Edward M. Fahey ’78 ■

Mr. Robert W. Gardner ’76 ■

Ms. Divya R. Challa ’16

Ms. Jeannine Coronna ’91

Prof. Sven Dietrich

Mr. Mike Faraone

Ms. Corrine Gawryl ’08

Ms. Patthara Chandaragga ’12

Mr. Jose R. Corvacho ’77

Mr. Joseph C. Dimino ’62 ■

Mr. Anthony Farina ’06 ▲

T. Gebre

Ms. Nikita Chandihok

Mr. Eric Cos ’12

Farah Dimsuyu

Mr. Afzal Farooqui ’09

Mr. James J. Geissler ’77 ■

Ms. Manisha Chandra

Mr. Richard N. Cosentino

Ms. Jill W. Dingle ’90

Mr. Anthony Fasano ’68

Mr. Mark Gelbien

Ms. Ivy Chang

Mr. Richard Covelli ’92

Ms. Christina M. Diresto ’17

Mr. Carl J. Fascio ’79

Ms. Elizabeth V. George ’13

Ms. Mitali Chansarkar ’18

Mr. Joseph Cristantiello ’70

Mr. Richard A. DiVeglio, Jr. ’81 ▲

Mr. John H. Fay ’87 ■

Mr. Jason George ’00

Yi Ling Chao

Mr. Anthony Crocitto ■

Ms. Cheryl B. Doberman ▲

Ms. Diane Fazio ’85 ▲

Mr. Tobin P. George ’18

Elissa J. Charbonneau, D.O. ’88 ▲

Mr. Nicholas Crocitto ▲

Ms. Maureen F. Dobert ’86 ■

Mr. Mitch Feierstein

Mr. Nina Gerardi

Dr. Discell W. Charlton, Jr. ’96 ■

Mr. Jamal Cromity ’08 ▲

Mr. Eric L. Dobkin ’92 ▲

Mr. Jonathan J. Feiler

Ms. Lori Gerber ▲

Mr. Jaydeepsinhji U. Chauhan ’12

Maryanne Cucchiarelli, D.O. ’82 ▲

Ms. Alexis Dolphin

Mr. Jerome Feingold ’64 ■

Mr. Geoffrey M. Gerbore ’85 ■

Kang Chen

Mr. Frank A. Curcio ’84

Ms. Jackie Dolphin

Mr. Ian D. Felstead ▲

Ms. Ivy Germaine ■

Si Chen

Mrs. Nancy H. Curran ’84

Mr. Robert M. Domingo ’12

Ms. J. B. Feng

Mr. Daniel Ghali

Ms. Vicky F. Q. Chen ▲

Mr. Paul S. Cusato ’70

Mr. Juan D. Dominguez ’84

Mr. Theodore Ferber ■

Mustapha Gharib

Mr. Dwayne Chin

Ms. Madeline Cusick

Mr. Brian Donald

Ms. Laura Ferber-Sanchez ■

Mr. Mustapha Ghayib

Mr. Jon Chin

Ms. Sandra R. Dabrusin ’90

Ms. Carly E. Donza ’17

Ms. Devin Fergus

Ms. Rana Ghelichkhani

Ms. Linda Chin

Rita Dadiz, D.O. ’01

Ms. Emily Dorko

Mr. August D. Fernandez ’76 ▲

Mr. Rupinder Ghuman

Saikrishna Chinthalapalli

Mr. Frank D’Agostino

Mr. Richard Dormer ’81

Mr. Michael F. Ferrara ’78 ■

Mr. Paul R. Gianferrara ■

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Mr. Matthew D’Aguanno

Mr. Stephen P. Dougherty ’91 ▲

Ms. Sarah Ferraro

Mr. Jimmy Giap ’16

Mr. Michael Cholowsky ’78 ■

Ms. Lucille A. Daileader ’68

Mr. Andre M. Doughty ’16 ▲

Mr. Vincent Ferraro

Mr. Martin W. Gibson ’77

Mr. Shubham Chopra

Mr. Robert Damon

Ms. Eleni A. Doulos ’17

Mr. Joseph L. Ferrotta ’00

Mr. Bryan M. Gil ’14

Mr. John T. Chow ’82 ■

Ms. Andrine Danda ’08

Mr. George Dounias ’78

Mr. Irving Fiebert ▲

Ms. Noa Gil-Bar

Mr. Nihad Chowdery

Mr. Shambhavi Dandu

Mr. Patrick J. Dowd ’72

Mr. James G. Fiederlein ’90 ▲

Mr. Thomas J. Gili ’13

Mr. Mashrurul Chowdhury ▲

Azim Danesh

Ms. Pamela G. Dowdy ’01 ■

Ms. Helen T. Fields ’17

Ms. Kathleen Gill

Mr. Nicholas Christiano ’78

Ms. Julie Darcy ’10

Ms. Nicole Driscoll

Ms. Sheila D. Fields ’89 ▲

Mr. Ryan Gill ▲

Mr. Luis Christie

Mr. Pierre A. Dauphin ’81 ■

Dr. Melvyn M. Drossman ▲

Mr. Ralph Fierro, Jr. ’62 ■

Ms. Eileen Gillespie ’79 ■

James W. Ciancarelli, D.O. ’16

Mr. Michael J. Davide ’68

Ms. Jiajing Du ’17

Mr. Jerome F. Figueroa ’72 ▲

Mr. Jason S. Gilmore ’17

Dawn C. Cieplensky, D.O. ’87

Mr. Melvin S. Davidson ’74 ■

Mr. James W. Du Verney ’79 ■

Mr. Fred I. Finkelstein ’70

Ms. Rebecca Ginsburg

Mr. Thomas Cilmi ’86 ▲

Mr. Daniel R. Fiore ’17

Dr. Fabio Giron

Ms. Savannah Clark

Sergeant Major Francis L. Davis, USA (Ret.) ’73

Mr. Gary T. Fippinger ’80 ▲

Mr. John Giuliano ’66

Thomas Clark, D.O. ’91

Mr. Thomas A. Davis ’98 ▲

Ms. Brenda Fisher

Mr. Matthew Clendenin

Mr. Raja Venkata Sandeep Reddy Davu

Mr. Brian A. Fisher ’84 ▲

Ms. Theresa GiustoSchaefer ’86 ■

Mr. Paul M. Fleisher ■

Mr. Edward G. Glister ’87 ▲

Mr. Adam Fleissner

Ms. Chiquita R. Glover ’96

Ms. Rosemarie Flores ▲

Mr. Steven M. Glozek ’12 ▲

Ms. July Cobo ’13 Ms. Naomi Codo Mr. Alcyr Coelho ’91 ■


Mr. Ace N. De Luna ’07 Mrs. Fe L. De Luna ▲

Ms. Julia Duarte Mr. Kevin J. Duffy ’01 ▲ Ms. Andrea T. Dunkirk ▲ Mr. Bill Dunn Ms. F. Duong Mr. Gilbert Eaton ’80 ▲

Ms. Danielle Franzone ’17

Mr. Chintan Nitinbhai Gokhale

Mr. Luis E. Guerrero ’95

Ms. Ashley J. Hightower

Mr. Philip Jaiyeola

Mr. Larry Karantzios

Jason Golbin, D.O. ’00

Ms. Clareese G. Hill

Mr. David N. James ’78 ▲

Margaret Karcnik, D.O. ’88

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Goldberg ▲

Mr. Deepak Kumar Guthikonda ’17

Ms. Norma J. Himpler ’89 ▲

Ms. Angela James-Moses ’89

Mr. Gregory M. Kasparian ’76 ▲

Mr. Neal A. Goldstein ’98 ■

Mr. James G. Gyllenborg ’69 ▲

Mr. Thomas R. Hinek

Mr. Robert Jara

Mr. Steven Kass

Sara Goldstein, D.O. ’08 ▲

Mr. Thomas S. Haas ’86 ■

Mrs. Arlene R. Hinkemeyer ’97 ■

Mr. Khuram Jared

Amanpreet Kaur

Dr. Steven Goldstein

Mr. Robert H. Hachmann ’80 ▲

Mr. Peter A. Hirsch ’72

Minal Jared

Harmanpreet Kaur

Ms. Susan R. Goldstein

Mr. Hans Peter Haendler ’67 ■

Ms. Chau M. Hoang

Ronald C. Jasiewicz, D.O. ’92

Inderpret Kaur

Mr. John J. Golias ’70 ▲

Ms. Doreen R. Hagios ’80

Ms. Carmella Hobson

Ms. Alixzondra S. Jasmin ’13

Mr. Kirandeep Kaur

Ms. Sharathchandra Golla

Mrs. Eva M. Hallam ’93 ▲

Mr. Chuck Hoffmann

Mr. Malik Javed

Rupinder Kaur

Ms. Ariel Goller

Dr. Elizabeth Haller ▲

Mr. Bryan D. Holder ’12

Ms. Rida Javid

Sukhjeet Kaur

Mr. Jay Golnick ’78 ▲

Ms. Elizabeth Hamberger

Ms. Jasemine Hollywood

Mr. August R. Jaxel ’74 ▲

Mr. Thomas J. Kealey, Jr. ’82 ■

Ms. Jennifer Gomez ’08 ▲

Ms. Andrea C. Hamilton ’94 ▲

Ms. Karen Holm

Mr. Rudolf Jelovich ’72

Mr. Michael K. Kellen ’77 ■

Mr. Corey Gomillion ’15

Terry Hamlin

Mr. Jeffrey Holt ▲

Mr. Juwan Jeremiah

Ms. Natalia Kennedy ’18

Mr. Zezhen Gong

Mr. Ricardo R. Hamrick ’17

Mr. Dan Hong

Mr. Don Jeudi ’17

Mr. Benjamin L. Kenney ’76 ▲

Ms. Angela J. Gonzales ’89

Ms. Alison Handwerker

Ms. Golda Hoorizadeh

Mr. Zexin Jiang

Ms. Michelle J. Kenney ’01

Ms. Diana Gonzalez

Marcus Hanfling, D.O. ’81 ▲

Mr. Adam Hopkins ▲

Mr. Gagan Jindal

Dr. Belinda Kennon-Roberson ’08

Mr. Eamon P. Gonzalez ’78 ■

Mr. John J. Hanley ’64 ■

Mr. Mark Hopkinson ▲

Ms. Manjula Jindal

Mr. Brian Kerbeykian ’12

Ms. Faith G. Goodin ’93

Ms. Laura Hansbury ▲

Mr. William L. Hoppe ’80 ▲

Mr. Kartheek Reddy Jinna ’16

Mr. Abdul R. Khan ’16

Mr. Sai Sarath Ramakrishna Gopalam ’16

Mr. Earl H. Hansen ’76 ▲

Mr. Daniel M. Horn ’13 ▲

Ms. Kathy Jockers

Mr. Mohammad B. Khan ’17

Inzamam Haque

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Horn ▲

Ms. Carol P. Jockle

Mr. Salman Khan

Mr. Greg Gordon

Michael D. Harbus, D.O. ’17

Mr. Md. Zahid Hossain ’96 ▲

Mr. Samardeep Johal

Ms. Summer Khan

Mr. Maksim Gorelyi

Mr. Billy Harding

Mr. Ehab M. Hourani ’13

Ms. Claudia Johnson ’93

Mr. Hormoz Kheirabi ’14

Mr. Brian J. Gottlieb ’12

Mr. Terrence C. Harris ’95 ■

Mr. Obi M. Hourani ’17

Mrs. Janice K. Johnson ’89 ■

Mr. Khizer Khen

Mr. Theodore L. Grabarz ’84 ■

Mr. Vincent C. Hartley ’69 ■

Mr. Dennis Huber ’69

Mr. Joel J. Johnson, PE ’88 ■

Ms. Kaythi L. Khin ’16

Ms. Lauren Graham ’08

Mr. Mojdeh Hassani

Mr. Earl Hughes ’83 ▲

Mr. Reginald F. Johnson ’74

Karun Khouli

Mr. Marty Gray

Mr. Mehmet E. Havlucu ’15 ▲

Mr. Jonathan D. S. Johrden ’13

Mr. Joe Khoury

Mr. Michael W. Greaves ’95 ▲

Mr. Robert T. Hayman

Mr. Ajayraj Mahantesh Hulikere ’18

Mr. Robert H. Jones ’92

Hak Kim

Ms. Lauren C. Greco ’17

Ms. Karen He ▲

Ms. Pranita Hulsurkar ’18

Mr. Tom Judge

Mr. Victor H. Kimmelmann ’78 ■

Ms. Deborrah V. Green ’93

Ms. Shan He

Mr. Deven Hulwan

Mr. George W. Junker ’64 ▲

Mr. Joseph J. King ’80

Mr. Terrance D. Green ’98 ▲

Mr. Arthur Hecht ’82 ▲

Mr. Scott M. Hutchinson ’97 ▲

Sruthi Kadali

Ms. Joan Kingsley

Mr. Walter Greene ▲

Mr. Rouven Heck

Mr. Anthony J. Huttie ’17

Mr. Ranjeet V. Kadam ’08

Mr. Edward J. Kirk ’86 ▲

Ms. Bonnie S. Greenstein ’87

Mr. Philip Heery ’78 ▲

Ms. Carolyn P. Hyatt ’84 ■

Ms. Marcelina A. Kadish ’14

Mr. Kurt A. Greer ’85 ▲

Mr. George C. Heffernan ’80 ▲

Mr. John M. Hyde ▲

Dr. Edward Kafrissen

Ms. Kathleen Kissane, LMHC NBCC ’92 ▲

Ms. Shannen G. Greer ’18

Mr. Charles H. Heller ▲

Mr. Lenz Ignace ’16

Douglas M. Kahn, D.O. ’90

Mr. William P. Kistinger ’18

Mr. Roy Griffith, Jr. ’69 ■

Mr. Donald B. Henderson, Jr. ▲

Mr. John A. Imhof ’71

Ms. Mary Ann C. Kalata ’84

Mr. Raymond Kitchen ’08 ▲

Mr. Frank Grochowski

Mr. Ronald E. Henderson ▲

Mr. Richard J. Imperato ’77 ▲

Mr. David Kalvar ▲

Ms. Karen L. Klar ’05

Ms. Anne L. Gronan ’78

Mr. Kevin Hennessy ’11 ▲

Mr. Placido Impollonia ’00 ▲

Mr. Suchit S. Kamdar ’09 ▲

Mr. David E. Klein ’65 ▲

Mr. Frederick Gropper

Ms. Christine D. Herald ’80

Ms. Nicole Invar

Mr.Larry Kamguia Kenmognie ’13

Mr. Thomas C. Kleint ’93 ▲

Mrs. Naomi Gross ▲

Mr. James Herbert ’16

Mr. James Irvine

Mr. David H. Kaminetsky ▲

Mr. William M. Kleylein ’93

Mr. Dominick F. Grube ’86 ■

Mr. John J. Hermann ’77 ■

Mr. Robert Isme

Mr. Steven Kamvakis ▲

Mr. Michael J. Kmeth ’76 ▲

Mr. Jesse Grushack

Mr. Ali Hermanowski

Ms. Maria Istafanos

Mr. ManiKartheek Kanasani

Mr. Avery K. Knight ’80

Mr. Kelvin Guaman

Ms. Almut Hermantin ▲

Maysar Jabr

Mr. Meenaakshi Kangra

Mr. Steve Knollmeyer

Ms. Elyssa Guarnieri ▲

Ms. Norma A. Hernandez

Mr. Reginald N. Jackson ’80 ▲

Ashtie Kanhoye

Mr. Peter Ko

Mr. Sankar Gudapati ’17

Mr. Roy Hersch

Ms. Zelma O. Jackson ’86 ■

Mr. Sampath Kantamaneni ’15

Mr. Thomas P. Kober ’68 ■

Ms. Lauren Guerra ’12

Ms. Amanda T. Heyne

Mr. Sanford G. Jacobs ▲

Mr. Sonali Kapoor

Avavind Koduv Avital Kohananu Mr. Karan Koheli

“I am honored to be a Voya Scholar. It means a lot to me to study at such a prestigious institution ... and be recognized for my academic achievements. I promise to represent New York Institute of Technology with dignity, use my time wisely, succeed in a classroom as well as in the field of my interest, and contribute to academia and development of NYIT.” NATALIYA NAUMOVA, M.B.A./FINANCE, VOYA SCHOLAR

Ms. Mary Kohlroser ’87 ■ Mr. Babajide Kolade ’10 Ms. Madhulikhi Kolla ’17 Ms. Virginia T. Kollman ’94 Mr. Gurucharan Naidu Kosuru ’16

Mr. Dharanidhar Kotlapati ’17 Mr. Peter D. Kouretsos ’17 Mr. John P. Kovacs ’79 ■ Mr. Edward J. Krajci ’73 ■ Mr. David Kranz Mr. Scott M. Kravitz ’86 ■ Ms. Rebecca Kry Craig M. Kubik, D.O. ’85




Ms. Eva R. Lerer ▲

Mr. John Macaruso

Mr. Anthony Martelli

Mr. Erick Merz

Ms. Lorraine J. Levano ’81 ■

Ms. Christina M. Machado ’17

Ms. Aura Martinez

Ms. Sharanya Mettu

Mr. Nathan T. Levinton ’10

Mr. Joshua E. Mack

Ms. Diane Marzuillo ▲

Ms. Sushma Mettu ’15

Ms. Renee Levy ▲

Ms. Marie Mackin

Paul A. Mastrandrea, D.O. ’98 ▲

Aeib Miah

Mr. Richard T. Madden ’17

Ms. Cholatorn Matekul ’16

Mr. Siddhant S. Kulkarni ’15

Mr. Christopher P. Lewis, PMP ’91

Mr. Keith Micciche

Mr. Leslie Maddison ’96 ■

Christu Mathew

Mr. Sagar Kumar ’14

Ms. Rebecca Lewis ▲

Mr. Richard Madia

Ms. Deepti S. Mathew

Mr. Patryk Kunicki

Mr. Calvin Li

Mr. Uchechi Madu

Pranati Mathur

Ms. Lisa Kurien

Mr. Danny Li

Ms. Alessia G. Maganuco ’15

Ms. Galina Matolina

Mr. David F. Kurzawa ’68 ■

Mr. Yaojie Li ’15

Ms. Debra Maggiore ’10 ▲

Mr. David Matula ’13 ▲

Mr. Chung Shing Kwong

Ms. Linda Lichtenstein ▲

Ms. Nancy A. Magrini ’80

Ms. Lia C. Matz

Ruchika Kypoor

Mr. Murray Lieberson

Nicole J. Maguire, D.O. ’03 ▲

Mr. Richard Maue ’78 ■

Ms. Sandra Kyrenakis

Mr. Ralph W. Liebling MD. ▲

Ms. Mellisa Mahadeo

Mr. Garry E. May ’82 ▲

Ms. Elizabeth Miller ▲

Mr. Kleomenis Lagos

Mr. Howard Liff ’89 ▲

Shiu Maharajh

Mr. Walter K. Mayer ■

Ms. Robin C. Miller ’81

Mr. Michael P. Lally ’80

George Likourezos, Esq. ▲

Mr. Hafiz Mahgoub

Ms. Edith Mayeux

Ms. Olivia Mirabello

Miss Ruby Lan

Mr. John J. Liljehult ’90 ▲

Mr. William H. Maidhof ’87

Mr. Richard A. Mazur ’78 ▲

Mr. Steve Mittleberg ■

Mr. Russell E. Landau ’90 ■

Mr. Randolph M. Limerick ’80

Ms. Kathleen Maitland

Mr. Thomas A. Mazur ’03

Mr. Francis Miyake ’89 ■

Mr. Kevin Michaels Mr. Luis Mieles Mr. Stan Mierzwa Ms. Mirette Mikhail Mr. Marvin Milich Mr. Richard Milla ’77 ▲

Ms. Eleni S. Modinos ’17 Mr. Martin J. Moffitt ’08

“The relief that your scholarship gives me is truly a blessing, and I cannot come close to expressing my gratitude in words. Not only will I be able to sleep a little better at night, but so will my single mother and my grandmother, who have been raising and supporting me. That kind of relief is truly heartwarming.”

Ms. Erica A. Mogavero ’17 Mr. Gerald Mohabir ’14 Mr. Ather A. Mohammed Mr. Athif Mohammed Mr. Ralph L. Mola ’73 Mr. Joseph F. Montalbano ’81 Mr. Raymond Monteleone ’69 Ms. Amber L. Moore Mr. Nick Moore Mr. Stephen S. Moore ’02


Mr. Gustave Moorehead ’78 Ms. Sabrina Morales ’10 Mr. Justin Moran Mr. Kevin Moran

Drs. Martin Langer ▲

Mr. Marcos Lindley ’88

Ms. Shabnam Majidi ’15

Ms. Mimma Mazzola

Mr. Dion W. Morant

Mr. Saurabh Vasant Lanjekar ’12

Mr. Wayne M. Lipinski ’76

Mr. Ted Makarick

Mr. George C. McAlpine ’77

Mr. Errol A. Morgan ’14 ▲

Mr. Richard L. Lanna ’94 ▲

Mr. John Lipovac

Nihar Makwane

Mr. Mickhail A. A. McAnuff ’15

Mr. Joe Morhardt

Ms. Kelly Lanzon

Mr. Yafei Liu

Mr. Terence J. Malaghan ’82

Mr. Stephen C. McArthur ’77

Mr. Jeffrey S. Morosoff ’01 ▲

Mr. Joseph Lao

Ms. Yaru Liu

Mr. Joseph Maldari

Mr. James M. McCormick ’81 ■

Mr. Rahul Roi Muddana ’17

Mr. Jospeh Lao

Ms. Elaine Livingston

Ms. Marilyn C. Male

Mr. Mark R. McCray ’83

Col. Charles V. Mugno,USMC ’76 ▲

Mr. Joseph W. Lapicki ’68 ■

Mr. Robert W. Lochmeyer ’73 ▲

Ms. Cheryl A. Malecki ’86

Ms. Jacqueline A. McDevitt ’17

Ms. Irina A. Lapteva ’18

Mr. Robert W. Lohmann ’65 ■

Mr. Gerald J. Mulderig ’93 ▲

Ms. Mary Malhame

Mr. William J. McDonald ’77 ▲

Mr. Arix Laroche ’87 ▲

Mr. Nick Lombardi

Mrs. Patricia A. Mulderig ’79 ▲

Ms. Ammen Malik ’13

Mr. Greg McEnroe

Mr. Mortimer B. Larsen ’72 ■

Mr. Anthony Longo ’71 ■

Mr. Ryan Maloney ’13

Ms. Carolyn A. McGee ’97 ■

Mr. Bryant J. Lassiter ’09

Mr. Logan Lorenz

Mr. Jason Manchar

Mr. Michael J. McGee ■

Mr. Tom Lavenziano

Ms. Kathy Louie ■

Ms. Mackenzie Manders

Ms. Doris McGinnis ’87

Susan W. Law, D.O. ’08 ■

Ms. Bonnie Love ▲

Ms. Poonam Mandhana

Mr. Thomas A. McGovern ’81 ■

Ms. Christina Le

Ms. Ziyun Lu ’18

Mr. Ramandeep Mangat

Mr. Douglas A. Mcgrath ’71 ▲

Ms. Aryana Lea

Ms. Julie Lubbe ▲

Mr. Sonny Mann

Ms. Tamara N. McGriff

Mr. Douglas B. Leavy ’90 ▲

Mr. Christopher J. Lubin

Mr. Gerald Mannarino

Ms. Portia McIntosh

Mr. Arthur F. Murnane ’96 ■

Mr. John E. Leber ’79

Mr. Jordan H. Lubitz ’69 ▲

Mr. Andrew E. Manos ’00 ▲

Mr. Gerald E. McIntyre ’77 ▲

Mr. James P. Murphy ▲

Mr. Conway K. Lee ▲

Mr. Fabian Luetzig

Mr. Joseph Mantesta

Dr. Sarah McPherson

Mr. Patrick S. Murphy ’09 ▲

Ms. Patricia Lee

Mr. Neisen J. Luks ’66 ■

Ms. Angelica Manzolillo

Harsha Mehar

Mr. Shawn M. Murphy ’16

Mr. Rodney Lee

Mr. Eric Luna ’17

Mr. Brian Marchesani ’96

Ms. Riya Mehter

Mrs. Kathleen B. Muskopf ’95 ▲

Mr. Christopher Lehmann ’99

Ms. Tamara M. Lusinyan ’17

Mr. Jason Marcotrigiano ’10 ▲

Ms. Michelle C. Mellina ’18

Mr. John C. Musler ’16

Mrs. Alice Leist ’94

Mr. Stephen Lynch ’69 ▲

Mr. Robert Marecheau ’03

Ms. Ahlayashi Menard

Dr. Richard H. Lennard ’77 ▲

Mr. Jonathan T. Lynott

Ms. Aida Mwizerwa

Mr. Siva Rama Marella ’07

Mr. Paul J. Mendes ’89

Mr. Wayne R. Lensu ’98 ▲

Ms. Kelly L. Lyons ’17

Mr. Artem S. Myagkov

Miss Kristina K. Maricle ’13

Ms. Jocelyn Mendoza

Jeff Leon

Ms. Michele B. Mac Mahon ’90

Ms. Lindsey Marino

Mr. Nandakumar E. Menon ’85 ■

Mr. Anthony Leppa ’88 ■

Mr. Anthony Macaluso ’78

Mr. Robert S. Marks ’78 ■

Mr. James P. Merani, RA ’81


Ms. Audrey L. Muller ’82 ▲ Ms. Elaine Muller ■ Mr. Anubhav Mullick ’13 Shivanie Muneshwar Mr. David E. Muniz ’12 Mr. Frank N. Muratore ’71

Laksith C. C. Nachappa Mr. Avner Nachmias ’80 ■

Mr. David Nadler ’00

Ms. Jamie Palumbo

Mr. Frederick G. Plummer ’77 ▲

Mr. David O. Reid

Mr. Syed Saher

M. Nag

Ms. Moda Venkata K. L. Pamula ’12

Mr. Leone E. Polanco ’15

Mr. Francis J. Reilly ’77 ■

Ms. Patricia A. Sahm ’88

Mr. Daniel Nagel

Mr. Bhaumik P. Pandya ’12

Polar Bear, Inc. d/b/a Kitchen

Robert J. Remstein, D.O. ’81 ▲

Mr. Mohammad Saiham ’17

Ms. Diamond T. Nanton ’16

Ms. Lisa Paolo

Mr. M. Jacob Renick, CPA ’69 ▲

Mr. Jorge A. Salas ’76 ■

Mr. Anthony Napolitano ’99 ■

Mr. David J. Paquet ’79

Simran Polce

Mr. Anthony Repalone ’05

Mr. Karim D. Saleh ’03

Ms. JeanMarie Napolitano

Mr. Franco Paradiso ■

Mr. & Mrs. Victor Poliakov

Mr. Terence H. Reynolds ’77 ■

Ms. Kathaline E. Salzano ’77 ■

Ms. Elizabeth A. Nardone ’90 ▲

Mr. Frank Paradiso ’09 ▲

Ms. Catherine Pomerico

Mr. John L. Ribeiro ’91

Mr. Vijay K. Samaroo ’16

Ms. Patricia M. Narvaez ’04

Ms. Simmi Parikh

Mr. Vamsi Ponnada ’13

Ms. Martha Ribeiro ’06

Ms. Bridgette Sanabria ’04 ▲

Sheharyar Naseer

Mr. Nahyoung Park ’16

Mrs. Donna Popeil ▲

Mr. Asad J. Richardson ’16

Mr. Herman Sanders ’81 ■

Ms. Jacqueline Nasser

Mr. Gregg R. Paskin ’98

Mr. David Potocki

Mr. Gerard R. Richter ’86

Mr. David Sandler ▲

Mr. Charles Navas, Jr. ’72

Mr. Nicholas Pasquarosa

M. Pradeep

Ms. Tracy C. Riedinger ’17

Ms. Avanthi Sangapu ’12

Mr. Kyle Naverson

Mr. Joseph V. Patalano ’76 ■

Mr. Venkat Prakhya ’06 ■

Ms. Clara P. Riera

Mr. Sal Sanquini

Talat M. Nazir, D.O. ’02

Mr. Aakash K. Patel

Ms. Dawn Marie Prate

Mr. Kevin Rigby

Ms. Carmela Sansanelli ’92 ▲

Mr. Himanshu Negi

Mr. Jay Patel

Mr. Skip K. Pryce ’90

Ms. Jeannine Rigney ’13

Mr. David Santana

Mr. Art Nehr ’77

Mansi Patel

Mr. Sasidhar Reddy

Michael Riscica ’07

Mr. Jesus Santana

Jessica Newburger, D.O. ’11 ■

Mr. Mitwa Patel

Mr. Robert T. Ritter ’77 ■

Mr. Ricardo E. Santos ’73

Ms. Amy Newville ■

Ms. Priyank Patel

Ms. Lourdes Rivas ’08 ▲

Ms. Samantha Santos ’06

Mr. Thomas G. Ng ’16

Mr. Purval P. Patel ’10

Mr. Alexis Rivera ’16

Mr. Mark Sardzinski ’95

Mr. Saravan Nidamanuri

Ms. Zahera A. Patel

Ms. Jacqueline Rivera

Mr. Anthony B. Sarran ’17

Mr. Allen P. Nist ’14

Ms. Cynthia Patterson

Ms. Pamela Rivera

Ms. Christine L. Savadel

Mr. Gregory Nizich

Ms. Anne M. Pauker-Kreitzberg

Mr. Joseph E. Rizzolo

Mr. Thomas J. Savino ’72

Mr. Al-Amin Nizu ’15

Mr. Kevin D. Paul ’18

Mr. Joseph Robbins

Ms. Camilla M. Saviz ’92

Ms. Ali Noreddin

Mr. Richard Paulsen ▲

Mr. Allan A. Roberts ’66 ■

Mr. Jesse B. Savran ’08 ▲

Mr. Paul K. Norian ’17

Mr. Joseph Paverman

Ms. Sheila N. Roberts ’79

Ms. Ravindra Sawh

Margarita M. Nunez, D.O. ’91

Mr. Mark P. Pavuk ’83 ■

Mrs. Tammy J. Robertson ’88 ■

Mr. Nicholas Scafura

Ms. Christine Nwachukwu

Mr. Stephen Pawlowski

Dr. Thaddeus Robinson ’68 ▲

Mr. Robert W. Scarpa ’84 ▲

Ms. Meg Nye

Mr. Benett Pearlman ▲

Mr. Louis Robles, Jr. ’79 ▲

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Schechter ■

NYIT Community Service Center

John W. Pecic, Ph.D. ■

Mr. Steven J. Rock ’88 ■

Ms. Katharine Scheffler ▲

Mr. Paul O’Brien

Brian R. Pecoraro, D.O.

Ms. Francis Rodriguez

Ms. Brooke Scherer ▲

Mr. Samuel Ocho

Mrs. Mary B. Pelowski ’80 ■

Ms. Gabriela A. Rodriguez

Mr. William M. Schissler ’03

Mr. Peter P. O’Connor ’85 ▲

Ms. Peggy Pena

Mr. David Oczos

Mr. Frank B. Peranio ’85 ■

Mr. Jeremiah O’Donovan ■

Ms. Breaun C. Perez ’17

Ms. Luzia Ogureck

Ms. Nicole Perez

Mr. Derek O’Haire ’14 ▲

Mr. Paul M. Perko ’77

Mr. Michael O’Hara

Ms. Tiffany Persaud

Mr. Olasupo Ojo Oluwasegun ’85

Mr. Jeffry Peterson ▲

Mr. David M. Okada ’77

Mr. Joel Petlin

Mr. Ajlan Okman

Mr. Salvatore Petraglia ’71

Ms. Benedicta Oletu ’05

Mr. Matteo Petrella ▲

Mr. Joshua U. Oletu ’05

Mr. Ron J. Petrucci ’84 ▲

Ms. Christine Olivas

Bersibeth Pfel

Mr. Osarieme P. Omoruyi ’04

Christan Phaire

Mr. Paul Onish ’70 ▲

Ms. Gilda M. Philibert ’85

Ms. Joy Oppedisano

Rejoman Philip

Mr. Yisroel Oppenheimer

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Pierce ’81 ▲

Mr. Jose E. Orellana Zavala ’18

Mr. Richard W. Pierce ’84 ■

Ms. Kathe Lee O’Rourke ’89 ▲

Ms. Tanisha Pierre

Mr. Carlos S. Ortiz

Mr. Michael Pierro ’98 ■

Ms. Dilia M. Ortiz ’18

Lyn-Marie Pilgrim ’06

Mr. Robert O’Sullivan ’65 ■

Mr. Richard Pinnola ’73 ■

Ms. Lillierene Ott ’10 ▲

Ms. Maria A. Pino ▲

Ms. Rebecca Oyedeji ’81

Ms. Jo Ann Pisani ■

Ms. Nitya L. Pabbathi

Ms. Jessika Platon

Mr. Zachary J. Palace

Mr. Frank Plumbo

Mr. Pedro Palma Blanco

Ms. Dorothy Plumez ▲


Puchakayala ’17 Ms. Dawn L. Pugh ’04 ▲ Ms. Robin Puka Ms. Alisha Purcell Sanel Purisic Mr. Glenn E. Putman ’88 ■ Ms. Maureen Putman ’83 ■ Syed S. Qadri, D.O., M.D. ’96 ▲ Mr. Adel Qarnbish Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi Mr. Saad Quadri ’17 Salahuddin Quereshi Mr. Muhammad Qureshi Mr. Raffael C. Rabelo ’16 Mr. Peter J. Radzikowski ’77 ▲ Ms. Jade A. Ragoschke ’17 Rasheeq Rahman Mr. Firas A. Rajab ’17 RAJPATH USA Ms. Aparna V. Raju ’17 Mr. Siva Chaitanya R. Rajula ’09 Ms. Ana Ramirez Mr. Henry Ramirez Ms. Yolanda Ramirez Hani Ramos Ms. Patricia Ramsey ■ Ms. Michelle Y. Ranaldo ’96 ■ Mr. Michael Randazzo ’81 ■ Mr. Zach Range ▲ Ms. Maria Rappo ’01 ■ Mr. Robert J. Ras ’87 ▲ Ms. Maha Rasheed ■ Rukhsana Rasheed Mr. Siddhant Ratan Mr. Dhanush M. Ravindra Mr. Neil Rawal Mr. Muthyam G. Reddy Mr. Vinod Karri Kumar Reddy Mr. Francis A. Rees ’84 ■ Mr. David Reeves Mr. Don Reeves

Ms. Stephanie Roldan

Mr. Eugene C. Schmidt, Jr. ’79 ■

Ms. Nahaleth Rolon ’17

Mr. Matthew Schneider

Ms. Danielle Romano ’11 ▲

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Schorr

Mr. Stephen T. Romano ’77 ■

Mr. Gary Schwartz ▲

Mr. Richard Ronzetti ■

Ms. Cynthia H. Scurlock ’91

Mr. Martin J. Roos ’77

Mr. George E. Searing ’86 ▲

Rosalinda Rosario, D.O. ’99

Ms. Valerie Secor ■

Mr. Matthew Rosen ▲

Ms. Rebecca Segal

Ms. Leah Rosenberg ▲

Matej Selecky

Ms. Beth Roth

Mr. Joel H. Selter ▲

Ms. Victoria Rouse

Mr. Steve P. Seltzer

Ms. Erica Roy ’17

Ms. Soni Sesada

Mr. Ben Rubin ▲

Ms. Bernadette Severe ’79

Mr. Louis C. Ruchser ’82

Mr. Richard G. Sexton ’77 ▲

Mr. John J. Ruggeri ’64 ▲

Ms. Vasiliki Sgourdou ’17

Ms. Yahaira Ruiz

Thair Shabbir

Heemani Ruparel

Ms. Marianna Shacker ’77 ▲

Ms. Liz Ruppenthal

Mr. Dhaval P. Shah

Ms. Kathleen Russell ▲

Ms. Prachi A. Shah

Ms. Gloria Russo ’04 ▲

Rryya Shah

Ms. Kim Russo

Ms. Suhani Shah

Mr. Richard A. Rutkowski ’89 ■

Ms. Jill Shaller ▲

Mr. Gregory Ryan

Ms. Rachel Shaller ▲

Ms. Lauren Ryan

Ms. Julie Shapiro

Ms. Nida Sahar

Ms. Ankita Sharma

Mr. Syed Sahar

Mr. Mrudhanee Sharma




Mr. Douglas A. Spero ’96 ▲

Mr. Kurt Timmel

Ms. Kathleen L. Wagner ’82

Ms. Danielle Wolfset ▲

Mr. John S. Spinelle ’69 ▲

Mr. Larry Timmins

Mr. Ziauddin Wahab ’80 ■

Mr. David E. Wolfson ’92 ▲

Mr. Martin D. Springer ’73 ■

Mr. Rudolf Tinaj

Mr. William F.

Ms. Flora N. Wood ’91

Mr. Shlomo Spritzer ’83 ■

Mr. Simon Tinaj

Shastone Memorial Corporation

Ms. Aditi Sridhar

Mr. Sai Rutwik Tirukkovalluri ’15

Mr. Charles J. Wallin ’89 ■

Ms. Sharon Wright

Ms. Iqra Shaukat ’17 ■

Ms. Gabby St. Leger ▲

Ms. Emily E. Todd ’17

Ms. Blaine L. Walton ’02 ▲

Ms. Chen Wu ’17

Ms. Melissa Shaves

Mr. David Stachnik

Ms. Nicole Tom ’09

Ms. Josephine Wan ’87 ▲

Mr. TingKai Wu

Mr. Christan Sheth

Mr. Gary Stallone ’71 ■

Mr. Joe Tomaselli ▲

Mr. Krishan Wanarajan

Mr. Calvin L. Xu

Mr. Dennis J. Shields ’78 ▲

Mr. George Stanboulis

Mr. Joseph Trapani ’81 ■

Ms. Denisha Wanderdevage

Mr. Marc C. Xu ▲

Ms. Sarah Shields

Dr. Melvin L. Stanley, Sr. ’80 ▲

Mr. John J. Travers ’78 ▲

Ms. Rosemarie Wandolphi

Ms. Yan Xu ’16

Mr. Richard W. Shinners ’76 ▲

Christina A. Stasiuk, D.O. ’85

Mr. Cory Triola

Mr. Howard Wang

Ms. Reva Yacovone

Ms. Supriya M. Shivananda

Mr. Julius C. Stein ’78 ▲

Ms. Loretta Trotman ’99 ▲

Mr. Jianing Wang

Mr. Stephen Yan ’91 ■

Ms. Fatemeh Shohadaee

Mr. Dorian L. Stith ’79 ■

Ms. Christine Tsiatsioa

Ms. Jie Wang ’18

Mr. Manideep Yaramasu

Mr. Scott R. Shukri ’08

Mr. Herb J. Stokey ▲

Mr. Nikolay E. Tsonev ’13

Ms. Louise Y. Wang

Ms. Heily Yau ’01

Palavi Shunma

Mr. Kenneth P. Stolz ’85 ▲

Mr. Donald J. Tucker ■

Yi Wang

Mr. Varith B. Yimlamai ’01

Ms. Kailyn Shupnick

Ms. Zoe Streiker

Ms. Aliah A. Tull-Rampersaud

Mr. Zhenyu Wang ’18

Mr. David L. Yoss ’01 ▲

Mr. Nicholas J. Sidaras ’16

Mr. Joseph G. Striano ’88

Mr. Samuel T. Turner ’79

Mr. Zi Wang ’17

Mr. Kent Yuen

Ioanis C. Siderias, D.O. ’99 ▲

Ms. Destiny Stribling

Ms. Lorraine Turrisi ▲

Mr. Antwon J. Ward ’15

Mr. Peter Zabielsko

Mr. Mayer Silber ’04 ▲

Mr. Patrick J. Stringer ’78 ▲

Kashif Uddin

Mrs. Carrie K. Ward ’96 ■

Mr. Sharif M. Zaher ’16

Mr. Craig Silverstein

Mr. Young S. Suh ’95 ▲

Mr. Mark Ugliarolo

Mr. Jeffrey C. Warren ’78 ▲

Ms. Alina Zahid ’12

Dr. Sidney Simon

Mr. Vaseeharen Sukumaran ▲

Mr. Rushi R. Ukani

Mr. Edward Waters

Ms. Lorraine Zelner ’83 ▲

Mr. Robert Simonetti ’71 ■

Mr. Shubham Surana

Mr. Abdul Ullah

Ms. Melanie Watson

Ms. Irene Zhang

Ms. Dina Simonian

Ms. Surya Suthram

Mr. Ever M. Umana ’11

Mr. Thomas D. Webb

Ms. Xiaoshi Zhang

Mr. Amandeep Singh

Ms. Regina A. Swanson ’92

Ritz Uy

Mr. Raymond L. Weber ’67 ■

Sheng Zhao

Mr. Amrit Singh ’12

Mr. Hashir S. Syed

Mr. Kevin M. Vahey ’96

Ms. Suzanne Weekley ’09 ▲

Ms. Ziting Zhao

Ms. Christina Singh

Ms. Tahia Syeda

Ms. Alyssa A. Valestra ’17

Ms. Barbi Weinberg ▲

Mr. Quanyan Zhu

Mr. Daniel Singh

Jeevitha Sylvester

Mr. Robert P. Van Name ’96

Mr. Greg Weinstein ▲

Dian Zhuang

Mr. Gaurav Kumar S. Singh ’18

Ms. Sai Nitisha Tadiboina ’17

Mr. Raghu S. Vangallu ’16

Dr. Marcia Weisser ▲

Eeman Ziauddi

Mr. Kavitoj Singh ’13

Mr. Brylle Tagayuna

Mr. Ramaswamy Varanasi ’99

Mr. Frederick W. Welge ’97

Mr. W. Paul Ziems ’83 ■

Mr. Naveen Kumar Singh ’17

Mr. Mehdi Taheri

Bazlin Varghese

Ms. April Wells

Mr. Alex Zimmerman

David H. Sirken, D.O. ’87

Mr. Frank D. Talento ’72 ■

Ms. Ravina S. Varhadi ’17

Mr. Tyrone Wells ’12

Prof. Rae Zimmerman

Ms. Sreela Sivagnanam

Mr. Jon T. Tan ’85 ▲

Josine K. Veca, D.O. ’93

Wells Fargo Community

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Catherine A. Allen Founder and CEO The Santa Fe Group

Michael J. Merlo [Vice Chair] Former Chief Credit Officer Signature Bank

Nada Marie Anid, Ph.D. Vice President for Strategic Communications and External Affairs

Babak Beheshti, Ph.D. School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, Interim Dean

Richard A. Cody General, United States Army (retired) Corporate Vice President L-3 Technologies, Inc.

Ted Moudis (B.Arch. ’80) Founder and Senior Principal Ted Moudis Associates

Leonard Aubrey, M.B.A. Vice President for Finance and Operations, CFO, and Treasurer

Jess Boronico, Ph.D. School of Management, Dean

Monte N. Redman (B.S. ’81) Former President and Chief Executive Officer Astoria Bank

Jerry Balentine, D.O., FACOEP, FACEP Vice President for Medical Affairs and Global Health

Peter A. Ferentinos Chief Executive Officer Qualco Inc.

Peter J. Romano (B.Arch. ’76) [Vice Chair] President Peter J. Romano & Company

Catherine R. Flickinger, J.D. General Counsel and Vice President for Human Resources

Itzhak Fisher (B.S. ’82) Founder and General Partner Pereg Ventures

Roger A. Sawhney, M.D. Former Partner and Vice President Bain & Company

Hank Foley, Ph.D. President New York Institute of Technology

Kevin D. Silva [Chair] Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Voya Financial

Philip Fasano (B.S. ’80) Former Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer American International Group (AIG)

Sharon Greenberger President and CEO YMCA Greater New York Alan Guarino Vice Chairman, Global Financial Markets Korn/Ferry International Henry Iervolino (B.S. ’82) President and CEO Triton Capital Management, LLC

Deborah Verderame (B.Arch. ’83) President Verderame | Cale Architecture, PLLC Caroline Watteeuw EVP, Chief Information Officer Caliber Home Loans

Junius J. Gonzales, M.D. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Mark C. Hampton, Ph.D. Vice President for Enrollment and Enterprise Analytics

Sheldon D. Fields, Ph.D., RN, FAAN School of Health Professions, Dean Wolfgang Gilliar, D.O. College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dean Maria R. Perbellini, M.Arch. School of Architecture and Design, Dean Christian Pongratz, M.Arch. School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Education, Interim Dean Daniel Quigley, Ph.D. College of Arts and Sciences, Interim Dean

Patrick Minson, M.B.A., M.P.A. Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Daniel Vélez, M.S. Director of Athletics and Recreation

Robert A. Wild, Esq. Chairman/Founding Partner Garfunkel Wild, P.C.

Reasons to Give

Thank you for your generosity. Here are some of the ways your gifts have made a difference.

• Scholarships give students a chance to receive a worldclass education and enable the institution to recruit the brightest and most motivated students, regardless of their economic means. • Fellowships for academic chairs and faculty members help attract the highest quality minds to NYIT and give talented researchers and educators the financial freedom to pursue their ideas.

• Funds for programs and departments contribute to the strength of our course and degree offerings. • Gifts used for facility improvements ensure we create an environment that supports the institution’s educational goals and needs of our students. • Annual Fund gifts provide the university with budgetary flexibility, allowing leadership to direct resources toward the areas of greatest need and opportunity.





Alexander Berg

It’s one thing to try and predict the future and another thing to try and understand it. At NYIT, we’re rooted in the belief that the future will be shaped by innovators and doers committed to connectivity, balance, sustainability, and collaboration, all in a world empowered by technology. This mindset is what will inform our

mission in the decades ahead as NYIT continues to make great strides that

demonstrate our value to the greater world. Moreover, I envision the uni-

versity will be recognized as a place that conducts relevant research and produces engaged, humane gradu-

ates who are poised to prosper in all aspects of their lives.

Our successes and achievements

continue to be fueled by our donors, whose generous support we recognize in this issue of NYIT Magazine.

As I stated in my presidential installation address on April 12, I want NYIT to be recognized as a leading university, particularly in the fields of

health care, life and molecular sciences, engineering, computer and data science, architecture, and

business. The ongoing support of

donors keeps us thriving and will help us realize our goal of becoming one

of the top universities in the New York metropolitan area. I thank them with a grateful heart for their generous gifts and in-kind contributions.



I would also like to thank the

entire NYIT community for the

incredible outpouring of support

during our presidential Inauguration

Week on April 9-13 (read more p. 2). The week was packed full of events

and served as an important reminder that NYIT is all about people—our

students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends, as well as our corporate

and government partners. It is the promise of what we can achieve

together that inspires me as NYIT’s

fourth president. With the support of

our community and our donors, I look forward to a sustained culture of

excellence that will propel NYIT above and beyond our competition. ■


NYIT Welcomes New Leadership

Patrick Minson, M.B.A., M.P.A.

Nada Marie Anid, Ph.D.

Junius J. Gonzales, M.D.






Photos: Christopher Appoldt, Andre Kopinksi, and Courtesy UNC System

PATRICK MINSON JOINS NYIT from Wagner College in Staten Island, where he served as chief development officer. In his new role, Minson is responsible for fostering relationships with alumni and building NYIT’s fundraising programs to support resources, reputation, and institutional success while ensuring the institution’s overarching commitment to students. His track record in higher education and nonprofit development, as well as his energy and enthusiasm, will be critical in responding to the evolving philanthropic landscape. Minson joined Wagner in 2014 and oversaw Wagner’s implementation and strategic planning of a $60 million capital campaign. Prior to that, he was the director of major gifts for the Children’s Aid Society, where he doubled the amount of giving from major donors in just four years. Minson has a B.S. from Boston College, an M.P.A. from NYU, and an M.B.A. from Wagner (read more p. 9).



AFTER SERVING as the first female dean of NYIT School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, Nada Marie Anid will oversee strategic communications and external affairs. A results-oriented leader with astute business acumen, Anid will help articulate NYIT’s mission as a premier polytechnic that fosters technology innovation and entrepreneurship. As dean, Anid oversaw an overhaul of the engineering school’s academic offerings and facilities in the critical areas of cybersecurity, bioengineering, and clean energy, and led efforts to strengthen community ties, increase enrollment, and produce a research output in excess of $10 million. A recognized advocate for women in STEM, she recently published the book The Internet of Women: Accelerating Culture Change. Anid earned a Ph.D. in environmental engineering from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemical engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm).



WITH EXPERIENCE IN LEADERSHIP and academic roles at some of the nation’s most reputable universities, Junius J. Gonzales will be integral in helping to re-energize teaching and scholarship at NYIT while focusing on creating a technology-infused, career-focused experience for students. Gonzales was most recently senior vice president for academic affairs at the University of North Carolina System, where he also served as interim president from January to March 2016. A psychiatrist by training, he completed his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and a post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health. Throughout his career, Gonzales has secured more than $15 million in external funding as a principal or senior investigator. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Brown University, an M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, and an M.B.A. from the University of Maryland.





After the Hurricane: Social Impact Design in Puerto Rico


The team was moved by the amount of work that still needs to be done in Puerto Rico. This was especially apparent when the students volunteered with TECHO to build homes for a local community. “We visited informal settlements with blue tarps for roofs. There’s no stable electrical grid. The University of Puerto Rico lost power for two days while we were there,” Gandhi says. “It was disturbing to see,” Kovacs adds. “On the positive side, the people of Puerto Rico are resilient. They have stuck together.” The workshop took place as planned and produced some impressive results. In addition to the team from NYIT, representatives from universities in Florida, Puerto Rico, Rome, and Seville attended. “We took part in one of five separate design projects in this workshop,” Gandhi says. “Our project involved repurposing shipping containers as emergency core centers. These end-of-life containers, typically slated for the landfill, are well-suited to be up-cycled as they are economical, durable, and well-structured.” The proposed system maintains the integrity of the container by adding a system of parts that attach to the outer surface to make the container useful for particular situations. The interchangeable parts and panels would, depending upon the need, serve medical and sanitation purposes. An electricity

Photos courtesy of Farzana Gandhi

HURRICANE MARIA dealt a devastating blow to Puerto Rico, and the island is still struggling to rebuild and regain normalcy. When NYIT School of Architecture and Design students received an opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico and make a difference through social impact design, they jumped at the chance. Led by Associate Professor Farzana Gandhi, AIA, LEED AP, who has coordinated prior projects in Puerto Rico, and with the generous support of Dean Maria R. Perbellini, M.Arch., and the school’s administration, the team focused on two initiatives: volunteering with an organization called TECHO to help build homes for displaced families, and participating in an international workshop to design solutions to help Puerto Rico in the wake of disasters. This spring, approximately 70 fourth-year architecture students worked on the design of community facilities that double as evacuation centers for real sites and communities in Puerto Rico. When NYIT received an invitation to participate in the international workshop (which was held at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras in San Juan over spring break), Gandhi put out the call to these students, along with fifth-year architecture students; 16 made the trip to Puerto Rico. “After the hurricane, I saw the disaster. I felt bad for the people and that they weren’t getting the help they needed. I thought we could go there and help,” says Laszlo Kovacs, a fifth-year architecture student who went on the trip. NYIT Adjunct Assistant Professor Matthew Krajewski also traveled to the island and helped handle workshop activities for the group.

and communications component would feature panels that fold down to become mobile offices and charging stations. An ATV and a drone housed in a “logistics unit” would be used to bring supplies to remote areas. Following a week of brainstorming ideas in the workshop and seeing and responding to the devastation firsthand, the students returned to NYIT energized and ready to do more. “We’re starting to get excited about the next steps,” Gandhi says. Plans include securing funding to make the shipping container project a reality. “We’d like to scale up eventually, with hundreds of containers that would hopefully be in place for subsequent storm seasons.” The trip also offered students a chance to see different architecture in the Caribbean and to collaborate with architecture students from other parts of the world. “I wanted to expand my knowledge,” says fourth-year architecture student Samuel Molina. Experiencing the situation in Puerto Rico made the need for social impact design solutions more tangible. “This is valuable and real, and we want to push forward,” he adds. Several of the students involved in the projects graduated in May but plan to continue their involvement. “This is just the beginning for all of us,” Gandhi says. ■

Facing page: NYIT students reinforced roofs, did light framing, and installed hurricane clips for new homes for displaced families in Puerto Rico. This page: (top) Concept designs for modular emergency core centers for sanitation, water, and communications services across the island. (Bottom) Hurricane damage reveals how much work remains to be done.



Thinkstock /incomible



Great stories, starring the students, alumni, faculty, and staff who make up our community, unfold every day at NYIT. Read them on The Box news blog (nyit.edu/box) and follow @nyit on social media for regular updates. Here’s a sample of recent stories making headlines. Courtesy of Kelly Lavin

THE “RESHAPE” OF WATER Four students in NYIT School of Architecture and Design participated in a workshop at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Metro Lab to broaden their understanding of architecture and to explore ways to redesign water pathways flowing from Argentina’s Matanza River to slum areas in Buenos Aires. NYIT Associate Professor Giovanni Santamaria joined the group as an instructor and mentor to the students.


FIELDWORK IN MOROCCO Students in the occupational therapy program traveled to Morocco on a 10-day fieldwork experience trip with Glocal Impacts. People traveled from across the country seeking medical advice from the team. The future occupational therapists worked with local physiotherapists and met with people with a number of disabilities, including children with cerebral palsy, individuals with traumatic brain injuries and Down syndrome, and amputee and stroke victims. bit.ly/OT-Morocco

Courtesy of Pegasus Books

ON MONSTERS, MARY SHELLEY, AND MEL BROOKS Kevin LaGrandeur, Ph.D., professor of English in the College of Arts and Sciences, interviewed iconic filmmaker Mel Brooks about Young Frankenstein for an essay included in Frankenstein: How a Monster Became an Icon. The book was published in tandem with the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s novel. LaGrandeur often uses Frankenstein in his classes to teach students about ethics and responsibility. bit.ly/lagrandeur-brooks


NEW TREATMENT FOR HEART ATTACK PATIENTS Beta-blockers have been a staple prescription drug for recovering heart attack patients. However, these blood pressurereducing medications cannot be tolerated by many high-risk patients. In the March 26 issue of Thyroid, a team of NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine researchers led by Martin Gerdes, Ph.D., professor and chair of biomedical sciences, proposed using thyroid hormone therapy as a new way to treat patients with beta-blocker intolerance. bit.ly/heart-attack-treatment

Courtesy of JUFE

TWO DECADES AT JUFE Officials from NYIT and longtime partner Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE) gathered in Nanchang, China, to honor this year’s 120 graduates. Twenty years ago, through this partnership, NYIT began offering one of China’s earliest international M.B.A.s. More than 1,700 alumni have gone on to leadership positions in China.


Marc Blaustein

Martin Seck

THE FUTURE WOMEN IN STEM As a student, Joyce Onore (B.S. ’10) was often the only woman in her engineering classes. Now, as a senior associate/project manager for PwC, she is inspiring other females to go into STEM fields. In February, Onore served as the keynote speaker at Girls in Engineering Day, one of several events hosted by NYIT School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, which welcomed hundreds of girls from local middle and high schools to explore STEM opportunities. bit.ly/joyce-onore

ADDRESSING THE CRISIS IN AMERICAN INFRASTRUCTURE In a Facebook Live session, Nicholas D. Bloom, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of social sciences, and John DiDomenico, AIA, professor of architecture, discussed how public transportation and urban development are closely linked, and how the demise of urban infrastructure is impacting cities. They also discussed solutions to address issues surrounding sustainability and population growth. Follow NYIT on Facebook (Facebook.com/mynyit) to watch more live discussions featuring faculty, staff, and students.





Students Don’t Take Corporate Challenge Lying Down WHEN STUDENTS competing in Corporate Challenge discovered this year’s case study was with Courtyard by Marriott, they went right to the source. Teams not only visited the hotel’s location in Basking Ridge, N.J., but some of them also checked in. Among those who did overnight research was the winning team of Melanie Benyadi (B.F.A. ’17), Ajlan Okman, and Pooja Patel (advised by Diamando Afxentiou, Ph.D.). That experience, along with recommendations to host social events at the hotel around holidays and festivals and to partner with Uber Eats to increase sales, helped them stand out. NYIT School of Management has offered Corporate Challenge since

2018 Corporate Challenge Team Standings

1ST PLACE: Students: Melanie Benyadi, Ajlan Okman, Pooja Patel; Advisor: Professor Diamando Afxentiou, Ph.D. 2ND PLACE: Students: Harshwardhan Sekhawat, Harsh Shah, Klaudia Romaniuk,



Jiachi Wang; Advisor: Adjunct Instructor John LaPerla 3RD PLACE: Students: Sonali Kapoor, Aamir Bankapur, Kripleen Kaur; Advisor: Associate Professor Kevin O’Sullivan, D.Sc.

Martin Seck

(Left to right) The winning team, Pooja Patel, Melanie Benyadi, and Ajlan Okman present their ideas at the Corporate Challenge final.

2010. The event invites an industry partner to propose a set of challenges for student teams to respond to. The result is that students gain real-world, hands-on experience dealing with clients, and sponsors get fresh ideas for their companies. Courtyard by Marriott asked students to solve challenges including helping the hotel achieve sustainability goals, improve guest satisfaction scores, and attract customers. For the past three years, Assistant Professor of Management Amr Swid, Ph.D., has headed up the competition. “I wanted the students to have more experience working with real challenges from [global, multicultural] organizations,” says Swid,

4TH PLACE: Students: Lena Dimmer, AnnKathrin Zilles, Maxton Cook, Francisco Caldas, Jean Daniel Kehyayan; Advisor: Adjunct Instructor Eleanor Schwartz Additional Judging: Professor Rajendra Tibrewala

who organized this year’s event with Associate Professor Purushottam Meena, Ph.D., and Assistant Professor Birasnav Muthuraj, Ph.D. Other faculty members volunteered as advisors and judges. The process began with a meeting with Katarzyna Fernandez, assistant general manager for Courtyard Basking Ridge, who also served as a competition judge. The teams then had six weeks to work on their proposals, with guidance from faculty advisors and “office hours” with their client. A semifinal knocked out all but five teams, which advanced to the finals held a few weeks later. “My number one criteria for choosing the winning team was the practical aspect,” said Fernandez during the final ceremony. “I want to walk back to my hotel today and say to my boss, ‘I want to see if we can implement this.’” The winning teams received scholarship prizes, and all students gained important experience. Swid feels this kind of experiential education is crucial. “Activities like Corporate Challenge give students an opportunity to build their CVs and gain skills that an internship or study-abroad program would afford them, without the travel or financial hardship.” ■

About Face: Why Neanderthals Look Different Than Modern Humans


CIENTISTS have long wondered why Neanderthals (the ancestors of modern humans) have such different physical traits from modern humans. In particular, researchers have deliberated what determined early man’s forwardprojecting face and oversized nose. Now, a research team, which includes Assistant Professor Jason Bourke, Ph.D., an anatomy and fluid dynamics expert at NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State University, may have the answer. Their findings were published in the April 4 edition of the Royal Proceedings Society B. Neanderthals lived 60,000 years ago. Their fossil remains indicate they were shorter and more muscular than today’s average human. Perhaps most noticeably, Neanderthals had a much larger nose and longer face, with the mid-part of the face jutting dramatically forward. “The physical variations between modern man and ‘cavemen’ have caused Neanderthals to be historically characterized as barbarous, dim-witted, and generally inferior to the contemporary human,” said Bourke. “Yet, as we learn more about their diet, spiritual beliefs, and behavior, we realize that Neanderthals were likely more sophisticated than previously assumed ... [and they] may not have been so radically different from today’s humans.



Illustration: University of New England, Australia

Homo heidelbergensis

Now the question begs, why (Below) The difference in skull/nose shape in three did they look so different?” human species. Colors To answer that question, indicate airflow temperature the researchers applied (warmer colors equal warmer sophisticated computerair). Neanderthal and modern based methods to compare humans likely diverged from the physiological behavior an earlier ancestor. of Neanderthal to today’s human. Three-dimensional virtual models of Neanderthal bit.ly/HumanFaceStudy and modern human subjects were created from CT scans. The models then performed simulations to replicate facial responses to situations like biting. (The study is the first to include mechanical engineering simulations of Neanderthal biting, as well as the first to provide a comparative analysis of airflow and heat transfer in the nasal passages of multiple extinct human relatives.) In addition, the researchers simulated Homo heidelbergensis, a more primitive early human. “Homo heidelbergensis provided us with an evolutionary compass,” Bourke explained. “It allowed us to figure out what features Neanderthals inherited versus the novel anatomy their species evolved.” This approach allowed the researchers to ignore the Neanderthals’ strong brow ridge and focus more on their enlarged nose—a unique feature of the species. Existing theories suggest that Neanderthals’ large facial structure enabled them to have a stronger bite in order to chew harder food, but the engineering tests suggested a different reason. Unlike today’s humans, who breathe through a combination of the nose and mouth based on activity level, Neanderthals, it appears, relied more on their nose for breathing—a function that would have required a more prominent mid-face. “While our data found Neanderthals to be somewhat less efficient in conditioning air than today’s humans, they greatly outrivaled today’s humans in their ability to transport large volumes of air through the nasal passage into and out of the lungs,” said Bourke. In fact, the research team’s simulations demonstrated that a Neanderthal’s nose was able to transport twice as much air to the lungs than a human today. That “superpower” could have fueled the more strenuous and energetic lifestyle a Neanderthal required to chase and hunt large animals. The ability to condition large amounts of oxygen in colder temperatures would have also enabled Neanderthals to remain warm and active in ice age environments. ■




Campus Conversations: Gathering Input for a Stronger NYIT Mark Hampton, vice president for enrollment and enterprise analytics, knows the importance of gathering community input, particularly as NYIT refines its recruitment goals, gets ready for institutional reaccreditation, and develops a new vision and strategic plan under President Foley. Here, Hampton tells NYIT Magazine how this valuable input is paving the way for future initiatives through Campus Conversations and master planning sessions.


Then, shortly after his arrival in June of last year, President Foley saw the value of Campus Conversations. Charged by the NYIT Board of Trustees with setting a new vision for NYIT and backing that vision up with a near-term strategic plan, he asked if he could use Campus Conversations to engage the NYIT community in developing those strategies. The results have been transformative as well as indicative of a new era at NYIT of transparency and information sharing. Glazer sums up the impact: “Campus Conversations is unique in that it has started a cultural shift at NYIT. While we have had previous ‘listening meetings,’ they have been focused on specific topics. Campus Conversations has been about better understanding the whole of NYIT, as it is now and how it could be in the future. We are building a continuing cycle of input, response, and change, which I believe will make us stronger as an institution and enable us to respond to new opportunities in a coordinated, effective manner.” As NYIT’s focus turned to longrange facilities plans for the New York campuses, the team guiding the master planning process, led by Leonard Aubrey, vice president for finance and operations, CFO, and treasurer,

“This has become a way to systematically gather these insights, while at the same time build a community voice.” —Kathleen Gill

Photos: Andre Kopinski, courtesy of Kathleen Gill

Shortly after her arrival in 2016, Kathleen Gill, Ph.D., NYIT’s director of planning and assessment, realized that in order to implement the university’s then-new strategic plan and help NYIT prepare for its reaccreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in 2019, she needed to put an ear—or rather, many ears—to the proverbial ground. Engaging the community in planning institutional improvement, she knew, was critical. Working with Francine Glazer, Ph.D., associate provost for educational innovation and the director of NYIT’s Center for Teaching and Learning, Gill put together a team that quickly became the go-to agent of change for a wide range of initiatives—from improving how students pay bills to creating highimpact experiences for students in and out of the classroom. To address these needs, the team launched the muchneeded “Campus Conversations.” “When the campus community became aware that NYIT was seeking a new president, people began to talk about how they would like to see NYIT change. Faculty, staff, and students informally shared what they hoped the new president would bring to NYIT,” Gill recalls. “This has become a way to systematically gather these insights, while at the same time build a community voice.”

Sessions were held for students, staff, and faculty (above left) and alumni (below left). (Below) Gina Arms presents ideas for improving campus eateries to alumni on April 30 at NYIT de Seversky Mansion.

Feedback in Numbers CAMPUS CONVERSATIONS HAS: • Held 38 separate sessions. • Heard from nearly 450 NYIT faculty, staff, and students. IN JUST 12 WEEKS, THE MASTER PLANNING COMMITTEE: • Visited campuses of 10+ universities that have recently renovated or built spaces for students. • Held 35 sessions with more than 1,000 participants, including two town halls for alumni. • Gathered feedback via surveys from nearly 550 members of our community.

was quick to align with Campus Conversations. “We are undertaking this process of gathering community input on a massive scale,” says Aubrey, who along with Gina Arms, senior director of business office strategy, and President Foley have met with dozens of members of the community to lay out ideas for improved academic and community spaces. Among those are plans for a campus and academic commons in Old Westbury, which will serve as the heart of the campus, and a rethink of existing spaces in Manhattan for students to relax and collaborate. The group will continue to use the platform as a two-way street to share information and updates about renovation and new construction plans in the months to come. “People are key to our future— whether they are students, faculty, staff, or alumni. The more successful you are, the more successful we are,” said President Foley at a master planning session with alumni in April. “So we’re looking at an infrastructure that’s exciting for students and will provide them with the spaces they need to be successful.” When asked about her biggest takeaway from Campus Conversations, Gill is effusive: “The discovery of a significant core of faculty, staff, and students ready to work with leaders to develop and implement ideas that will take NYIT to a new level. The community has also expressed appreciation for having their voices heard. Several mentioned that this level of gathering community-wide input is a first in NYIT’s history, and they viewed it as a hopeful sign for NYIT’s future.” ■

Want to get involved? Email nyitfuture@nyit.edu.




Student-Athletes Earn High Scores on and off the Field


If you’re looking for someone who excels at time management and knows how to earn a win, look no further than an NYIT student-athlete. Between rigorous academics and demanding conditioning and practices, not to mention extensive time spent traveling to and from competitions, student-athletes develop organizational skills that prepare them for the classroom and the professional world.


feels this puts our athletes on a better progress toward on-time graduation,” explains Dan Vélez, director of intercollegiate athletics and recreation. Not surprisingly, NYIT studentathletes make a commitment to excel in the classroom and in their sport and tend to exceed expectations. This spring, Coto was one of 124 studentathletes who were named to the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll for achieving at least a 3.2 GPA. He received the Ryan T. Caulfield Award as the outstanding male student-athlete of the year at the NYIT Athletics Banquet in May. Lena Dimmer, who graduated in 2018 with a degree in business

Photos courtesy NYIT Athletics

“Being a part of the athletic department has been the most important thing I have done during these past four years at NYIT,” enthuses psychology major and soccer team member Carlos Coto. “It is very difficult playing a sport at this level,” says Coto, who graduated in May. “It is very time-consuming. We have to make sure to get everything done prior to deadline, which makes us very organized. I believe that is how playing soccer at NYIT strengthened my academics.” To stay on their teams, studentathletes must maintain a 2.0 GPA while taking 27 credits per academic year. “The credit requirement is higher than mandated by NYIT and the NCAA; however, the athletic department

administration (finance), was also lauded for earning a 4.0 GPA during the fall semester. “As captain of the tennis team, it’s my responsibility to make schedules, communicate with the coaches, organize community service projects, and pull the team together,” she says. “These are responsibilities I will take into my career.” Dimmer was presented with the Patty Burnside Award as the outstanding female student-athlete of the year at this year’s banquet. NYIT offers programs to keep student-athletes moving along academically and socially. All firstyear students and transfers become members of the Bear Education Academic Retention (BEAR) program, which bridges sports and academics. The Cubs to Bears program lends guidance, support, information, and opportunities to help students form and maintain social bonds outside of sports. The recently created Student Success Collaborative is also designed to address academic issues. “Coaches are notified via email if a


N JUNE 11, four legends of NYIT Athletics were inducted into the Hall of Fame. This is the 13th time NYIT has held the Golf Outing and Hall of Fame Enshrinement Dinner (bit.ly/2018Golf-Outing), which honors members of the community and raises funds for NYIT Athletics. It also gives alumni, coaches, staff, and students the chance to reconnect while engaging in friendly competition on the golf course at the Woodside Club. EDUARDO ANACLETO (B.S. ’06) and PETER ANTONIADES (M.B.A. ’08), Men’s Soccer Anacleto and Antoniades starred for NYIT men’s soccer in the mid-2000s and rank second and third of all time in career points in program history with 111 and 87, respectively. Anacleto earned second-team All-America honors in 2005, during a season the Bears reached the NCAA Tournament Elite Eight. He later earned a master’s degree in quality management and is currently a partner in a civil construction company. Antoniades is currently a student-athlete recruiter for universities in the United Kingdom. CLYDE M. DOUGHTY JR. (B.S. ’81, M.S. ’96, M.P.S. ’98), Former NYIT Director of Athletics Inducted as part of the inaugural class of the East Coast Conference Hall of Fame a year ago, Doughty served as NYIT director of intercollegiate athletics and recreation from 1988 through 2014. He currently serves in a similar capacity at Bowie State in Maryland. PATRICK JARRETT, Men’s Track and Field Jarrett, a decorated track and field competitor at NYIT, went on to represent his native Jamaica as a sprinter in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics. He helped the Jamaican relay team earn the bronze medal at the 1999 Pan American Games. He is the sprint coach at Enloe High School in Raleigh, N.C., and a personal trainer and coach with Responsive Speed Velocity Phase (R.S.V.P.). In addition, Jerry Balentine, D.O., NYIT vice president for medical affairs and global health, received the Big Bear Award, which recognizes leadership and dedication to supporting student-athletes and advancing the work of NYIT athletics. ■


Want the latest news from your favorite teams? Follow the Bears online and on social media to keep tabs on players, watch games live, and grab gear in the fan shop. ■



Sports Briefs

student on their team is at risk because of poor grades, attendance, or missing assignments,” Vélez explains. “Coaches are also notified if students miss an advisor or tutoring appointment.” Such initiatives ensure that all aspects of a student’s college experience are properly addressed. “The athletic department has a great relationship with faculty, which makes everything easier,” Coto says. “Faculty are very understanding when we have sports duties. Overall, NYIT offers great opportunities when it comes to achieving success on and off the field.” Dimmer concurs. “We get great support,” she says. “You can talk to Gail Wasmus (M.P.S. ’80) [assistant athletic director, senior woman administrator, and volleyball coach] about anything.” Despite long practices and tournaments, Dimmer has taken advantage of opportunities related to her major. “I interned at a hedge fund last summer,” she says. Success stories in sports and academics strengthen the mission of NYIT. “We are branded as most institutions are by our success on the field,” Vélez says. “Our high level of academic and athletic success is a testament to who we are.” Women’s lacrosse athlete and second-year psychology major Lexi Ruiz, who also made the honor roll, demonstrated the kind of “poise under pressure” expected of student-athletes when she spoke at the kickoff event during Inauguration Week (see p. 3). “Sports teach you a lot about discipline and a lot about what it’s like to be part of a team. It also teaches you to be goal oriented (lacrosse pun intended),” she said to a packed house in Riland Auditorium in Old Westbury. “It’s served me well on the field, and I’ve adapted this mindset to serve me well in the classroom.” ■

Hall of Famers

(Facing page, left to right) Lena Dimmer (tennis), Carlos Coto (soccer), and Lexi Ruiz (lacrosse).




(Background) Circuit schematic for a chip used in N. Sertac Artan’s research to prevent seizures. (Facing) N. Sertac Artan, Ph.D., holds a chip used in his work. Photo credits: Angela Ambrosini, Shelby Armstrong, Kay Kulason, Andre Kopinski, Martin Seck, Barry Sloan, courtesy of the

subjects. Schematic credit: Y. C. Chu et al., “On-Chip AC–DC Multiple-Power-Supplies Module for Transcutaneously Powered Wearable Medical Devices,” in IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, vol. 54, no. 2.


Cutting-edge biotechnology research by NYIT faculty has the potential to answer questions about health and disease and provides students with exceptional opportunities to invent, innovate, and collaborate.

In the labs and research centers on NYIT’s campuses, extraordinary discoveries are being made. Behind one door, engineers use cells from mammals to test water toxicity; behind another, students dissect an ordinary household item to fight deadly infections. A runner races past a window, mentally categorizing what she’s eaten that day so she can log it later, along with her oxygen intake. Behind the window, a researcher is using magnets to treat cancerous cells; her colleague is developing an implantable sensor to fight seizures. It sounds like science fiction—but the research and its implications for human health is very real.





Most people use one every day, despite studies that show sponges often harbor more germs and bacteria than they wash away. Yet, this petri dish of household convenience could provide answers to the growing concern about antibiotic resistance. More and more, researchers like molecular biologist BRYAN GIBB, PH.D., assistant professor of life sciences at NYIT College of Arts and Sciences, are pushing for alternative means to fight bacterial infections. Focusing on bacteriophages, Gibb recently enlisted undergraduate students to experiment with kitchen sponges in order to find and determine bacteriophages’ ability to target microbes. Bacteriophages—viruses Gibb describes as “professional bacterial assassins”—were discovered in the early 1900s and have been used therapeutically in the former Soviet Union and Central Europe for more than 90 years. “In the West, this is kind of a lost art that’s gaining some new traction,” says Gibb. “Right now, the FDA process for approving drugs is not equipped to deal with a bacterial agent such as the bacteriophage.” But bacteriophages provide fertile ground for exploration. There are more bacteriophages on the planet than any form of life, and every bacteria has at least one phage. The seven students in Gibb’s independent research course are working with bacteria pulled from their own kitchen sponges. “They are in the process of trying to isolate bacteriophages,” Gibb explains. “Once phages are found, there are a number of things we can do to characterize them. We anticipate that the majority of these bacteriophages will be novel.” With the help of new technology, they can also genetically engineer enhancements to candidate phages to make them more effective. Gibb joined NYIT in 2015, attracted to the university in part because of the ability to engage undergraduates in scientific research. “I want to get them using the scientific method as early in their career as possible,” he says. (Gibb’s students also presented at this year’s SOURCE. See p. 5.) “The phage projects are scalable, so I can easily bring in students with no experience and engage them in actual research, while also providing a rich experience for the more experienced students who are ready to go off to grad school.” This semester’s project is a small piece of a much larger puzzle. Any results will be followed up in subsequent semesters with more detailed investigations of identified bacteriophages as well as “phage hunting” from other sources. “The long-term goals are to learn new things about the biology of nonmodel bacteriophage systems and identify candidate bacteriophages with therapeutic potential,” Gibb says. So for those worried about antibiotic resistant bacteria, remember the antidote might just be on an undergraduate’s kitchen sink. ■ (Above) Bryan Gibb, Ph.D., and student Linesha Davis extract bacteriophages.



deployed in remote locales, the ability to quickly test whether water is safe to drink can mean the difference between life, dehydration, and death. It’s a problem Assistant Professor FANG LI, PH.D., is attempting to address using cell-based biosensors that can detect water toxicity. These biosensors combine a biological element (mammalian cells) with a physical or chemical transducer to detect a cell or biological event. While traditional sensors are designed to test for specific chemicals, these cells respond to any material that’s toxic to the cell. That means a user can test for a broad range of toxicants in the water—even unanticipated ones. “I use the cell as a sensing element,” says Li. “The cell will respond to those chemicals, and we can measure the response.” Li’s research was initiated with funding from the U.S. Army. “Soldiers don’t care about the specific toxicant in the water, they just need to know if the water is toxic or not and if they can drink it,” she says. “This kind of system also can be used as an early warning system for a municipal drinking water system.” Li’s device combines two types of sensors in a single platform to measure cell response: an acoustic sensor and an electric impedance sensor. “The acoustic wave is a mechanical wave, so we use those mechanical waves to probe cells. Based on this, we can measure the mechanical properties of the cells,” she explains. The electric impedance sensor measures the electric property of cells, showing how the cell responds to different chemicals. Li, in collaboration with Ioana Voiculescu, Ph.D., from City College of New York, also fabricated the impedance sensor on a stretchable substrate to study how mammalian cells respond to mechanical stretching. In addition to the cell-based biosensors, Li has a research project, funded by NASA, to develop sensors for harsh environments. “In rockets, environment is critical—high temperature, very low temperature, or high pressure,” she says. “Most traditional sensors can’t be used in those environments.” And because wires on sensors increase the weight of a rocket, the goal is to develop a wireless sensor, which also enables measurements to be made in areas previously difficult to reach due to wiring constraints. With assistance from two graduate students, Li has fabricated a sensor that is showing good results. “Now we are testing the sensors for the temperature and pressure,” she says. ■

Illustration shows a stretchable impedance sensor for mammalian cell proliferation measurements. Provided by Fang Li, Ph.D., (left) and Ioana Voiculeasu, Ph.D., from the June 17 issue of Lab on a Chip.





Epilepsy affects nearly 3 million Americans, (Left) Image shows a seizure in progress, which repeats similar patterns as it evolves over time, an indication that these signals can be compressed to save power. (Right) Artan demonstrates the recording of brain activity with his graduate student assistant, Kunyu Sun. Image credit: T. Kim, N. S. Artan, J. Viventi

and H. J. Chao, “Spatiotemporal compression for efficient storage and transmission of highresolution electrocorticography data,” 2012

Annual International Conference of the IEEE

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.


but did you know that as many as a third of patients do not respond to anti-epileptic drugs? A major area of epilepsy research focuses on implantable devices to help patients. N. SERTAC ARTAN, PH.D., assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering in NYIT School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, is designing circuits and systems that can more accurately and efficiently detect and prevent seizures and that can be used in other neurological diseases. “Current detection methods don’t give us the full picture,” says Artan. “There are methods in development that have much higher resolution of detection.” But there’s a problem: “Implantable batteries do not have adequate capacity to sustain these high-resolution devices, which means these batteries should be replaced frequently.” But replacing an implantable device battery isn’t easy—it requires surgery. Artan’s research focuses on enabling devices to last longer—thereby making them feasible for clinical application and by developing a method to charge and power them “wirelessly” (a process similar to wirelessly charging a cell phone). Battery life also has a significant impact on the capabilities of an implantable device. “Current devices work better on seizures that are more localized in the brain,” Artan explains, “while seizures that are more distributed or complex are harder to detect. If you want to look at a lot of areas on the brain or you need to do it frequently, you need a bigger battery.” Artan works with graduate students on research to detect seizures and on systems that use less power. Two undergraduate students are also helping him with a project using similar technology (although not implantable) for sleep apnea. So far, Artan has had success reducing the power consumption significantly while providing comparable detection. The result? “You can have more of these devices in the same area in terms of circuit size or battery size, which helps solve the problem of having a more complete view of what’s going on in the brain,” he says. ■


While many people increase their exercise level Joanne Donoghue, Ph.D., (below) uses state-of-the-art technology at NYIT’s Center for Sports Medicine to measure the metabolisms of female runners in their 20s.

to boost their metabolism, a recent study by JOANNE DONOGHUE, PH.D., assistant professor of osteopathic manipulation at NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYITCOM), found that female runners who run an average of 30 miles a week actually had a lower metabolism than women running an average of 10 to 12 miles a week. Despite their higher lean body mass, “we found that their bodies basically adapted to being in a constant state of energy restriction,” says Donoghue. An avid athlete and a registered clinical exercise physiologist with a Ph.D. in nutrition, Donoghue has a natural interest in the subject: “When I ran my first marathon in 2001, the New York City marathon was only 10 percent women. Now it’s more than 40 percent across the country.” But there’s a lack of research on the physiological impact of running on the female athlete, which Donoghue hopes to address. Her study compared two cohorts of 20-year-old women—all NYITCOM students and physical therapy students in NYIT School of Health Professions— middle-distance runners (who run 10 to 12 miles per week) and long-distance runners (who average 30 miles per week). The subjects kept food diaries and underwent tests measuring their oxygen consumption, metabolic rate, and body composition. Medical students Ashley DeLuca, Mina Divan, and Courtney Baranek assisted Donoghue with data collection. “Both groups essentially took in the same number of calories and both groups barely hit their resting metabolic rate, but the long-distance runners expended more calories and had a larger calorie deficit,” says Donoghue. “We know that if you increase mileage, you need to increase caloric intake to fuel your body. Unfortunately, with societal pressure on females, we don’t always see that.” Donoghue adds that although the runners weighed about the same, the long-distance runners had a higher percentage of muscle mass, which “should show us an increase in resting metabolic rate. Instead, we observed a much lower resting metabolism—most likely due to caloric deficit.” Many of the subjects were, at the time of the study, training for marathons, so Donoghue plans to follow up to see what changes occurred during their off-season. ■





One of the biggest problems

with conventional cancer treatments (e.g., hyperthermia used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation) is that, while the treatment kills cancerous cells, it can also damage healthy cells. Targeted drug delivery helps solve that problem. By using therapeutic agents encapsulated in magnetic nanoparticles, doctors can focus treatments on specific sites in the body, driving them to their destination using an external magnetic field. Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering DORINAMARIA CARKA, PH.D., is experimenting with ferromagnetic materials (which are susceptible to magnetization) at the nanoscale to determine nanostructures that can create magnetic fields to drive the magnetic nanoparticles in a precise and controlled manner to the target site (i.e., the cancerous cell). Carka’s basic science research focuses on the computational modeling and fracture mechanics of metals and ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials. By modeling coupled multiphysics phenomena occurring in materials that combine electric and magnetic properties, she can improve the way advanced nanoscale systems and devices, such as those used for targeted drug delivery, are understood and designed. “In order to take advantage of the microstructure of those materials, we have to zoom in on the nanoscale, because that’s where the interesting phenomena are happening,” she explains. “For example, with ferromagnetic materials, by changing the dimension of your nanostructure, you can actually control how the magnetic spin is aligned in the structure.” To optimize the control of the particles by the ferromagetic nanostructures, Carka uses computer simulations to test specific combinations of materials, sizes, and structures. Over the past year, she’s been assisted by undergraduate engineering major Ian Kelly, who uses Carka’s results to build software models. Carka’s approach is unique in that she is applying voltage rather than current to move the magnetic domain walls, which eliminates wires and reduces the size of the device. “It is a different way to control magnetization,” Carka says. “Basically, I control the voltage on the piezoelectric that is glued to the ferromagnetic, and with this crossfield control of magnetization, I can control the magnetization. The voltage is the revolutionary part. I don’t need wires to do that.” One possible application for the resulting high-energy-efficiency device would be an implantable device to target a tumor. “You can use this concept to drive magnetic particles in a controlled way with low-energy loss,” says Carka. “It’s a very precise and fast way to create a rupture around a tumor—or destroy it.” ■

(Left) Dorinamaria Carka, Ph.D., at the 2017 Faculty Scholars Reception. Illustrations show a simulation of magnetic spin rotation of ferromagnetic nanodisks on a substrate by a hexagonal (top left) and a triangular patterned electrode network.



Faculty members aren’t the only ones making waves with their research at NYIT. Increasingly, students are pursuing their own original research projects and disrupting their fields with their findings. An allergy to meat that can be triggered by a bite from the lone star tick has struck fear into the hearts of grill masters and steak house aficionados everywhere. LANDON JACKSON, a second-year medical student at NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine at A-State, recently published results of his investigation of this phenomenon, known as mammalian meat allergy, in Oxford University Press’ Oxford Medical Case Reports. While development of this allergy is still not completely understood, Jackson says that a bite from a tick that recently bit another animal may transmit a carbohydrate that humans can develop antibodies against. “These antibodies react with a carbohydrate found in mammalian meat food products and are responsible for the allergic reactions associated with this condition,” he says. This isn’t the first time Jackson has published his research. Jackson also wrote an article examining a pediatric trauma surgery case for Oxford University Press’ Journal of Surgical Case Reports in December 2016. Read more: bit.ly/landon-jackson

JULIA SCHNEIDER, a second-year medical student at NYITCOM in Old Westbury, is wasting no time pursuing her dream of becoming a neurosurgeon. Since 2016, she has been working at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and Lenox Hill Neurosurgery as a research scholar. She and her mentor, John Boockvar, M.D., are looking for ways to safely disrupt the blood-brain barrier (BBB) in order to help fight tumors. “The BBB has been a major impediment in getting chemotherapy drugs to the brain and directly to the tumor, so this is an important obstacle to address,” she explains. Thanks to her research on the nervous system, Schneider was named 2018 Student Researcher of the Year by the Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents for her research into the complexities of the nervous system. She plans to begin a neuro-oncology research fellowship in July to work on enhancing treatments for the brain cancer glioblastoma. Read more: bit.ly/julia-schneider




In April, alumni in the New York metropolitan area had the opportunity to hear about the university’s master planning process for improving student experiences at our Manhattan and Old Westbury campuses— including through new social and academic spaces. (Read more about the university’s plans for the future p. 32.) The sessions gave alumni a chance to connect with one another; meet with leadership, including President Foley; and more importantly, contribute their thoughts about the future of NYIT. Big things are in store for NYIT, and that means your ideas and feedback about your experiences are more important than ever. We invite you to share them with us. Visit nyit.edu/magazine/contact to submit the form or email alumni@nyit.edu.

Alumni Notes


Where in the world is GEORGE MARKS (B.S. ’65)? The globe-trotter and his wife, Bette, (pictured) continue to spend their retirement traveling all corners of the Earth. The couple recently toured Hawaii and the neighboring islands, then visited family in New York City (“where I saw the NYIT logo,” notes Marks). To his fellow NYIT alumni, he says: “Here’s to a great year for us all.” MICHAEL PRICE (B.S. ’68) was honored at commencement on May 22, which marked the 50th anniversary of his graduation from NYIT. The Class of 1968 was the first to have their commencement on the then-newly developed Old Westbury campus. “We graduated on the patio of what now is the [academic] quad. There was only one building at the time,” Price says. He earned his M.B.A. from Nova Southeastern and Doctorate in Business Administration from Walden University.



POLIN (B.F.A. ’71)

still keep in touch after meeting at an NYIT registration day back in the late 1960s. Terrace has written more than 40 books on TV and


Photo courtesy George Marks

Alumni Connections


radio history. He has also worked as a researcher for ABC Television and is the TV historian at Bpolin Productions, a TV and film production company run by Polin. “I’m Bart’s ‘TV guy’ and handle issues regarding television,” says Terrace. “Though he represents actors, Bart also gets submissions from people wanting to write books and screenplays, so I help them get connected with people in the TV industry.” WILLIAM “BILLY” BRILL (B.F.A. ’72) is CEO of Billy Alan Productions in Los Angeles. For more than 40 years, he has served as an executive and consultant for the entertainment, interactive media, and casino booking industries. “NYIT had an amazing communication arts department and the college radio station (WNYT) was one of the best in the country,” he recalls. “The school taught me a lot about the entertainment industry.” ROBERT SKOC (B.S. ’74) retired

after working more than four decades in the steel industry. VICKI LINDGREN (B.S. ’76) is director of marketing at SBLM Architects in New York City. PASQUALE “PAT” TAMBURRINO JR. (B.S. ’77) has

been promoted to vice president, health management and civilian agency market, at nonprofit management consulting company LMI in Tysons, Va. He leads the firm’s health management practice, which focuses on medical logistics, global health supply chains, federal health insurance policies, and emergency response practices. “NYIT gave me the confidence to go out and believe I was good enough to become a professional writer,” says sitcom writer and producer CINDY BEGEL (M.A. ’79). “After graduation,



Lorraine Mead (B.F.A. ’85)



HAVE BUILT MY CAREER on taking on projects others don’t want to do,” says Lorraine Mead, senior content strategist for Google in New York City. “No matter how large or small the company you work for is, find projects that are outside of your day-to-day job and outside of your comfort zone, and you will grow and gain more than you will give.” Mead, who has worked at Google for the past seven years, has used this philosophy from the start of her career in publishing. She always looked out for opportunities to increase her skill set, even if the assignment was less than ideal. Jumping into those projects, she says, earned her recognition and appreciation from management and led to new positions in aspects of the business she might never have considered. For example, Mead worked at GQ magazine when the brand launched GQ Japan. “No one wanted to do it. They just wanted to work on the domestic GQ. I said, ‘I’ll do it,’” she explains. “That led me to subsidiary rights, and I then went on to work with Condé Nast’s international publications, helping their teams acquire the rights to repurpose content from the domestic magazines.” At NYIT, Mead was part of LI News Tonight, where students covered stories in the community, wrote them up, and then presented them on camera. “I learned through that experience how hard it was doing [TV journalism],” she says. She also co-edited The Campus Slate, the school newspaper, and did the news for the school radio station. Those early, hands-on experiences helped prepare her for her busy career. “At Google, we work at a pretty fast pace. At this stage in my career there’s not a lot of downtime,” she says. “My team acts as a full-service internal creative agency that designs and creates rich content for Google. We support user-facing products across Google Maps, Assistant, Search, News, Travel, Hotels, Dining, Shopping, Education, and more. The content we’ve produced appears in more than 195 countries in 30 languages and garners more than a billion daily impressions worldwide.” Mead also makes sure to stay connected to what’s important close to home. She is on the advisory board for NYIT College of Arts and Sciences and hosts student tours and mentorship initiatives at Google. Even in the busy, fast-paced world of technology and information that Mead works in, “I’ve been trying to give back when I can,” she says. ■



Barry Sloan

“Find projects that are outside of your day-today job and outside of your comfort zone, and you will grow and gain more than you will give.”


Alumni Notes :: continued

I landed a coveted job in the apprentice writer program at Paramount Studios that launched my career.” She has written for Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, Married...With Children, and many other iconic TV shows. “I’m presently writing episodes for The Muppet Babies, a CGIanimated television series on the Disney Channel,” Begel adds. MICHAEL MIRABITO, PH.D., (M.A. ’79), professor and chairman in the communication arts department at Marywood University, attended a 19-day seminar in Israel about the Holocaust. In the past year, he has photographed Manzanar, the Japanese American internment camp in Lone Pine, Calif.; a Trail of Tears site in Hopkinsville, Ky.; and sites in Maryland associated with Harriet Tubman.

Courtesy of John Gaskin


JOHN GASKIN (B.S. ’81) (pictured) added author to his other talents, which include song-writing, poetry, music, and teaching. He recently published two beginner books on playing the guitar and bass. After earning his architecture degree from NYIT, Gaskin attended Brooklyn College and studied music. DONNA HAYES (B.F.A. ’81) is

a technical editor at New York City’s WABC Eyewitness News. “I edit all newscasts on


the evening shift, including features and breaking news,” she says. Hayes fondly recalls the student radio station, WNYT, as well as “a wonderful theater group.”

Chrysalis award. His team is currently working on a 300-acre horse farm in upstate New York, as well as several homes in the Hamptons.

Retiree FRANK MEZZANOTTE (B.S. his NYIT degree at night while working full time for the Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO), where he worked for more than 23 years. “I wasn’t really sure what to do with my life following my tour as a U.S. Army infantryman in Vietnam,” he recalls. Mezzanotte tried a number of different jobs before landing one in customer relations at LILCO. After he switched to electrical engineering at the company, Mezzanotte enrolled at NYIT to help advance his career. One of his favorite NYIT memories was the time he received the Electrical Engineering Faculty Award from NYIT President Alex Schure, Ph.D. The other? “Representing my discipline at the 1983 NYIT Commencement and being ‘hooded’ with my wife and oldest son in attendance.”


’83) earned

High Construction of Lancaster, Pa., hired CIRO S. GAMBONE (B.S. ’84) as director of preconstruction. Congratulations to CARMELA ACERRA POSILLICO (B.F.A. ’84), president and owner of AMi Design, on her company’s 30th anniversary. The Huntington Village, N.Y., interior design studio specializes in luxury residential and commercial interiors. DANIEL CONTELMO (B.ARCH. ’85) has

been having a busy 2018. In addition to awards from the National Association of Home Builders (“Best in American Living”), Qualified Remodeler, and Westchester Home Magazine, Daniel Contelmo Architects was named Architectural Firm of the Year by Hudson Valley Magazine and received a National

specializes in cardiovascular disease, interventional cardiology, and vascular surgery at the Heart Institute, which has multiple locations in Florida. He is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, American College of Physicians, and Society of Cardiac Angiography and Interventions. Congratulations to DENISE BERGER who was named to the prestigious College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects. She serves as chief of operations of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which has more than 550 architects and engineers and an annual department budget of $1.3 billion.

(B.ARCH. ’86),

ROBERT CORONA (D.O. ’86) was

named interim CEO for SUNY Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse, N.Y. He also serves as chairman of the Department of Pathology, associate dean for academic and industry affairs, chief innovation officer, and chair of Upstate University Medical Associates.

LOU TROPE (B.P.S. ’87) is vice president of food and beverage, Mountain Division, at Vail Resorts of Broomfield, Colo. For 20 years, he worked at Marriott International, most recently as its vice president and global leader for restaurant, bar, and event operations. Trope also serves on the Industry Advisory Board for C.O.R.E. (Children of Restaurant Employees), a nonprofit organization that helps restaurant workers whose families face serious medical issues.



Christopher Briller (B.S. ’97)



HEN CHRISTOPHER BRILLER, president and CEO of MerchantPro Express, a state-of-the-art merchant services and cash-advance provider company, spoke to a group of NYIT student-athletes about career development this past spring, he emphasized the importance of seizing every opportunity and putting 100 percent effort into whatever you do. Briller knows from his own experiences just how important that advice is. As a student, Briller was a star baseball player. When he graduated in 1997, he signed on as a free agent for three seasons and played in the independent Frontier and Northern Leagues. “Baseball was everything to me. Through playing, I learned the importance of hard work, teamwork, and how what you put in is what you will get out,” he says. But like most athletes, Briller had to make difficult decisions about his career and passion. “By 1999, I was playing the best baseball of my life, but I was starting to see I was 25 years old, and I wasn’t getting any younger. My dream of continuing to play baseball ended. It was probably the toughest decision of my life to go into the real world and to leave baseball behind. I retired in 1999.” After working at a sports auction house for two-and-a-half years, Briller was hired by First Data Corporation, the largest processor of credit cards in the world. He quickly rose from a sales account executive to sales management. In 2009, Briller made the second-toughest decision of his life: He started his own merchant-service company, headquartered in Melville, N.Y. In 2017, Briller was inducted into the NYIT Athletics Hall of Fame. In addition to returning to his alma mater to speak with students and providing internship opportunities, Briller has contributed to teams and the Athletics Department to enhance the student-athlete experience. Briller also understands the challenges students face when they near the end of their college athletic career. Most student-athletes will not go on to play their sport after graduation, but Briller thinks as long as they put the same dedication into what they do next as they do in their sport, they’ll do well. “It’s important for graduating students to take hold of an opportunity and be committed to that opportunity—fully commit to it,” he says. “From there, you can find something satisfying and you can be successful.” As for Briller himself, he is still evolving and changing. He even earned his M.B.A. from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “That’s what life is about,” he says. ■



Barry Sloan

“It’s important for graduating students to take hold of an opportunity and be committed to that opportunity.”


Alumni Notes :: continued


AS PART OF INAUGURATION WEEK, NYIT hosted a legacy event for alumni whose children or relatives are thinking of attending the university in the fall. Twenty-one families with connections to NYIT attended this year’s event. MAYLAN STUDART (B.F.A. ’18) (pictured top) gave the keynote address. A global and electronic journalism major, Studart recently landed her dream job as a markets reporter for Modern Wall Street, a digital business news channel, covering the New York Stock Exchange. “I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today without the hands-on experience I got at NYIT,” Studart said at the legacy event. “It was the difference maker to get the internships and to show a portfolio of projects I created. I had the opportunity to make important mistakes to learn from them with the help of my professors.” Studart was the undergraduate Class of 2018 speaker at NYIT’s commencement on May 22. ■

Read more: bit.ly/NYIT-Legacy-2018

(Top) Maylan Studart (left) and a guest connect after her keynote speech at the reception. (Middle left) Prospective students with family members who are NYIT alumni attended the reception. (Middle right) This year’s event welcomed 21 families who learned about the NYIT experience.

Photos: Andre Kopinski

(Bottom) President Foley addresses alumni and prospective students.





Riyaz Akhtar (M.B.A. ’91)



’M GRATEFUL. I look back and see where I started, and I look up to the sky and thank God for where I am today,” says Riyaz Akhtar. As executive vice president of the Dream Hotel Group (DHG), Akhtar oversees human resources for the upscale lifestyle hotel brand and management company, which operates hotels all over the world. (Akhtar is pictured above bowling in the très cool Fishbowl Bar, Lounge, and Game Room at Dream Midtown NYC, 210 W. 55th St.—just six blocks from the Manhattan campus.) “I also oversee all real estate that belongs to DHG and head the management of all facilities owned and operated by DHG,” he says. He is immensely grateful for his success, a feeling that has inspired him to give back to others, including NYIT students. Akhtar was born and raised in India. When he was a child, his father couldn’t afford to send him to school. His elementary and secondary schooling was paid for by the Christian Children’s Foundation (CCF) through a sponsor from Chicago. Each year, she would send him $10 at Christmas and $10 on his birthday. That money was enough for him to buy clothes for the entire year. “When I came to the U.S., I asked to speak to her. I wanted to thank her for what she did in my life. I would not be here today,” he says. “I sent her a letter and never heard from her. She could have been very old; she could have died. I now [sponsor] CCF children all over the world to pay back what she did for me. I feel very strongly about helping people who do not have the means to pursue an education.” In 1978, after getting degrees in accounting and law with scholarships from the Indian government, Akhtar was working for a conglomerate in Calcutta. He was tasked with bringing his 4-year-old nephew (who had lived with Akhtar for most of his life) to the United States. Once they arrived, his nephew did not want Akhtar to return to India. Akhtar decided to look for ways to stay. He met with Marvin Weiss, then dean of NYIT School of Management, and enrolled in the M.B.A. program— student visa in hand. “Dr. Weiss was my mentor,” says Akhtar. “He helped me navigate customs, cultures, part-time jobs.” Later, Akhtar’s wife and one of his daughters also received degrees from NYIT. In 2012, the Riyaz Akhtar Family Scholarship was created, and in 2015, the Riyaz Akhtar Endowed Experiential Education Program was established, which gives students in NYIT School of Management opportunities to “learn through experience,” a crucial aspect of their learning process and road to success. Helping the next generation has brought his own career path full circle. “One candle lights another candle,” Akhtar says. “Now that I’m better off in life, I can do my part to help others with financial difficulties.” ■



Martin Seck

“I feel very strongly about helping people who do not have the means to pursue an education.”


Alumni Notes :: continued


medical director at the U.S. Stem Cell Clinic of The Villages in North Central Florida. She is an interventional spine and pain management physician who is board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine. SUZANNE KELLY (B.F.A. ’88) exhibited

her paintings at the Hastings Art Forum in East Sussex, U.K. MARK SACHER (D.O. ’88) wrote

the oped “Don’t Limit Physicians’ Arsenal in

Battle Against Opioid Addiction,” which ran in the Sun Sentinel and discusses the destructive forces of opioid addiction. He is a pain medicine specialist based in Ocala, Fla. bit.ly/mark-sacher WAYNE MEYERS (B.S. ’88) published his second novel, The Sword and the Ring, a high-fantasy adventure. “I started writing this novel before I attended NYIT, using a spiral notebook and finepoint Bic pen!” he says. He treasures his days as a student at NYIT’s former

Central Islip site. “My favorite memory is graduation, the culmination of more than four years of hard effort and dedicated studying. All-nighters, road trips to 7-Eleven, ordering pizzas, and trips to the malls with my friends … all good times!” bit.ly/wayne-meyers SYLVIA NAGGINDA (M.A. ’89) is

Nnabagereka (Queen) of Buganda (Uganda). She was recently profiled by Black Enterprise magazine in the article “Not Just Meghan Markle: Here Are 6

Barry Sloan


STUDENTS DRESSED in their smartest business attire to interview with employers in fields ranging from construction and architecture to civil and mechanical engineering to hospitality and business at the annual All Majors Job and Internship Fair. The event also served as a way for alumni to catch up and make new connections. This year, nearly two dozen alumni representing 13 companies attended the fair. ■


62 employers Nearly 400 attendees 1st time the fair was rescheduled due to a winter storm 1 therapy dog (Max)

Want to source NYIT talent for your company? Visit: bit.ly/cs-employers


(Left) Alumni and NYIT career services staff do the bear claw in the Bear’s Den in the Student Activity Center before heading to the gym to meet students. (Above) A student explains her qualifications to a prospective employer.



Daniel Ferrara (D.O. ’86)



S FOUNDER, PRESIDENT, AND CHAIRMAN of the board of Island Medical Management, Daniel Ferrara, D.O., FACEP, has always been focused on giving back to people who need it most. Island Medical Management is a clinically led, physician-owned organization that provides physician management and staffing services to emergency departments, urgent care centers, and other healthcare facilities across the country (read more at immh.com/About). One of the company’s goals is to provide the highest level of care to patients—no matter what hospital or ER they’ve been admitted to. Ferrara’s passion for emergency medicine hearkens back to his days as a student at NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYITCOM). “I tried out everything,” Ferrara says, “and emergency medicine stuck. The day goes by really quickly.” After getting his D.O. degree, he worked for a large physician management services company. When he started Island Medical Management in 1993, he decided to improve on the model and do things differently. “I hired only board-certified physicians,” he explains. “For emergency medicine, I thought, the more highly qualified the physician, the better the outcome—which wasn’t the norm at the time. I structured it so that the doctors worked for the company, not the hospital, which was unusual back then.” Following his instincts has paid off. Island Medical Management expanded at an impressive rate. In late 2016, they took on a private equity partner, and today the company staffs around 900 physicians and serves more than 2 million patients a year. In addition to his roles as business owner and physician, Ferrara has embarked on several projects for NYITCOM. “I’m 59 now, and I have a little more time and a little more money,” says Ferrara. Nestled in a serene spot on the Old Westbury campus is a plaque that reads “Mindfulness.” The sign, which is located on the Healing Path, reminds medical students at NYITCOM to take time to reflect and focus on their own health and wellness. Projects like the Healing Path would not be possible without the support of contributors such as Ferrara. He has also been involved in raising money for NYITCOM in the name of a colleague who passed away, and he is helping to promote the restructuring and expansion of the NYIT Institute for Clinical Competence. Ferrara’s interest in giving back to his medical school has increased over the years. “It’s very important,” he says. “Even those who have just graduated could give $100.” Ferrara understands that even small changes can lead to positive outcomes—for patients and medical students alike. ■



Barry Sloan

“For emergency medicine, I thought, the more highly qualified the physician, the better outcome.”


Alumni Notes :: continued

Royal Black Women Around the World.” Her organization, the Nnabagereka Development Foundation, is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of children and women in Uganda. bit.ly/sylvia-nagginda


Artist CARRIE MOYER (M.A. ’90) presented her second solo exhibition, “Pagan’s Rapture,” at the DC Moore Gallery in New York City from February 8 to March 22. JOHN O’NEILL (B.S. ’91) is vice president of operations for Private Jet Services, an aviation consulting firm based in Seabrook, N.H. NICHOLAS SAPONARA (B.S. ’91, M.B.A. ’00) is a senior associate and assistant department manager in Dewberry’s New York City office. In January, the engineer was selected to consult on the latest revisions to New York City’s building codes and served on the boiler technical committee. He is a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers; American Society of Plumbing Engineers; National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying; and National Society of Professional Engineers. PAUL SEVERINO (M.S. ’91) is

the cofounder and COO of Intelligent Product Solutions in Ronkonkoma, N.Y.


vice president of standards and practices for AMC Networks. On April 14, he spoke to students in the NYIT Vocational Independence Program about working


in television, including popular shows such as The Walking Dead. Architect DANIEL CUSICK (B.ARCH. ’92) is a healthcare principal at HDR, a health care firm in New York City. “My favorite memory of NYIT was the reconstruction on campus of the Aluminaire House, which was designed by Architect Albert Frey,” he says. “This house, which is made up of a kit of parts and setbuilding pieces, allowed the students to study each connection, each form, and each space to better understand the work of an icon.” bit.ly/aluminairehouse Freelance writer LISA IANNUCCI (B.F.A. ’92) published On Location: A Film and TV Lover’s Travel Guide in March. “I have also been a film and TV writer for more than a decade, interviewing actors and directors, covering film festivals, reviewing films, and specializing in articles on film and TV travel,” she says. Iannucci also hosts the podcast Reel Travels. Her favorite NYIT memory was when one of her screenwriting projects was selected to be produced by her classmates as part of a senior project. “The fact that I got to see something I wrote come to life was amazing. Since then, I have written 17 books and continue to work on screenplays.” National Grid named JOHN BRUCKNER president of its New York state operations. He has been with the electricity and gas utility company since 1985 and most recently served as executive vice president of network operations, safety, and capital delivery. (M.B.A. ’93)

ROSS SCHILLER (B.S. ’93) was named East Meadow Herald Person of the Year and recently profiled by LIHerald.com. He is the founder of Ross L. Schiller & Associates P.C., which specializes in real

estate, trust and estate, and corporate law. Schiller is also a member of the Nassau County Bar Association board of directors, a volunteer firefighter, Kiwanis Club of East Meadow member and past president, and a member of the East Meadow Chamber of Commerce. bit.ly/ross-schiller Cosmetic dermatologist AYYAZ M. SHAH (D.O. ’94) was named a 2018 Top Doctor. He runs his own practice, Shah Dermatology, in Orlando, Fla., and also works at Ideal Image, AesthetiDerm, and the Global Dermatology Institute. Howard University appointed one of its trustees, CHRIS CARR (M.B.A. ’95), to serve as the 2018 Charter Day chairman to support fundraising efforts of its Office of Development and Alumni Relations. Proceeds from the celebration helped provide financial aid to Howard University students. Carr currently serves as executive vice president, chief procurement officer for Starbucks. In 2017, Black Enterprise magazine recognized Carr among its Most Powerful Executives in Corporate America and Savoy Magazine ranked him among its 2016 Top 100 Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America. KAJAL PATEL (B.S. ’96) is a sales associate at Mid State Realty in Monroe Township. She lives with her husband and children in East Brunswick, N.J. JACOB YAHIAYAN (M.B.A. ’96) completed a major mergers and acquisitions deal for a leading global engineering firm, Proclad Group. He is the founder and managing member of Continental Advisory Services, as well as a member of NYIT School of Management’s Executive Council. STEPHANIE HANDELSON (B.P.S. ’98) is

CEO of Harmony Senior Services in

Roanoke, Va. She has more than two decades of experience in the senior living profession. After spending several years as a director in the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, DAVID NADLER (B.S. ’98, M.S. ’00) is teaching NYIT students as a full-time faculty member and chair of the Environmental Technology and Sustainability program. KWAME AGYEMAN-BUDU (M.S. ’99) was

appointed deputy managing director of the Electricity Company of Ghana Limited. He has nearly 30 years of experience working in the energy industry. Previously, he worked as customer project manager in the Energy Service Department of the Consolidated Edison Company (ConEd) of New York.

Long Island-based engineering and surveying firm Nelson & Pope announced MICHAEL A. SCIARA (B.ARCH. ’01, M.S. ’03)

as a new partner who will lead its architecture division. Sciara has 20 years of experience in operations, business development, design, planning, permitting, and project implementation. Last December, Capt. COURTNEY NILAN (M.A. ’03) of the New York Police Department took command of the 102nd Precinct, which serves parts of Queens that include Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill East, Richmond Hill, Woodhaven, and the northern part of Ozone Park. JAYRAM KRISHNAN (D.O. ’04, M.B.A. ’08)

joined the Cleveland Clinic’s Akron and Medina urology teams in Ohio. He specializes in minimally invasive robotic

NEIL RUSSELL (M.B.A. ’04) is

vice president, investor relations, communications, and treasurer for Sysco, a food service distributor with annual sales of more than $55 billion. Russell was recently named treasurer of Kids’ Meals, a nonprofit with the mission to end childhood hunger by delivering free healthy meals to Houston’s hungriest and provide their families with resources to help end the cycle of poverty. “My favorite NYIT memory is the time I shared work experiences and projects with my classmates,” Russell says. “Of course, I learned a lot from the actual coursework but I also cherish those collaborations I had with them.” Courtesy Melissa Gonzalez Kuehnle


surgery for urologic cancers, as well as female urology, men’s health, and benign prostate disease. U.S. News & World Report has ranked Cleveland Clinic’s urology program as No. 1 in the nation.


(pictured) is director of institutional communications at South Florida State College in Avon Park. Previously, she was the director of communications and external relations at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue, N.Y., and the vice president of the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce and a board member for Vision Long Island. Kuehnle lives in Davenport, Fla., with her husband, Tom, and their two children. “I approached each project at NYIT as an artist and a

writer, so I am able to be versatile in my current position as I oversee the creation of artwork and copy. And, the fantastic faculty at NYIT taught me the ethical way to practice public relations. I remember their advice every day.” The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified Board of Education appointed RICHARD MARCHINI JR. (A.O.S. ’05) director of food services. He has more than a decade of food services experience, most recently as the director of auxiliary services for the Garvey Elementary School District in Rosemead, Calif. JACK SHANNON (B.S. ’05, M.B.A. ’07)

joined Synteract of Carlsbad, Calif., an international contract research organization (CRO), as chief commercial officer. Previously, he served as vice president, Global Business Development Biopharma, at Chiltern. He has nearly 20 years of global CRO and pharma/biotech sales and marketing experience. GERALD PURGAY (M.B.A. ’06) is chief marketing officer for Oasis Outsourcing of West Palm Beach, Fla. Previously, he held senior leadership positions at Mercer, Right Management, and B2B Marketing for Manpower Group. JENNIFER ROMAN (D.O. ’06) is Orange County’s (N.Y.) acting commissioner of health. She has worked with the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office since April 2012 and was named medical examiner in 2015.

Newsday interviewed DAVID SCHIEREN about the role he played in the 2005 and 2007 Solar Decathlon as NYIT student and advisor, respectively. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, the international competition invited students to design and build fully functional solar homes. The Town of Hempstead has turned NYIT’s 2007

(M.S. ’06)




Alumni Notes :: continued

Laboratories. She has more than 30 years of clinical laboratory experience within the community hospital and academic medical center settings.

With Marvel’s Black Panther movie and the CW’s Black Lightning TV show making headlines, the Encyclopedia of Black Comics by SHEENA HOWARD (M.A. ’07) could be the perfect read for those looking for more about writers, illustrators, and creators of black comic books and strips. bit.ly/sheena-howard


Hartford (Conn.) Mayor Luke Bronin named CHERESE CHERY (M.B.A. ’08) director of human resources for his office. Previously, she served as chief human resources officer for Norwalk public schools. DAVID DARLING (M.S. ’08) is

vice president and chief human resources officer for offshore support vessel operator Tidewater Inc., with headquarters in Houston. He has more than 24 years of domestic and international human resources experience. U.S. Army veteran JUSTIN PIERCE (B.P.S. ’08) works as a cybersecurity engineer at NASA. “No, we don’t hack E.T., but we do make sure that he can’t get into our systems,” he says. Pierce chose NYIT because of the rich legacy of its Computer Graphics Lab (CGL) and the groundbreaking work of pioneers Ed Catmull, Malcolm Blanchard, Alvy Ray Smith, David DiFrancesco, Ralph Guggenheim, and Bill Reeves. “NYIT and its CGL is known to us IT geeks, especially by Apple nerds.” Pierce credits his NYIT education with putting him “shoulder to shoulder with some of the most brilliant cybersecurity minds at NASA.” JANE HERMANSEN (M.B.A. ’09) is

manager of outreach and network development at the Mayo Clinic/Mayo Medical


Greenville News (S.C.) profiled MICHAEL a former NYIT Bear who is back coaching Eastside High School’s lacrosse team after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. He underwent surgery last September and is now happy to be back on the sidelines. bit.ly/michael-mccallan

MCCALLAN JR. (B.S. ’12),

Courtesy Ziqian Dong

entry into Long Island’s first “smart home” to be owned by a municipality. Schieren is CEO of EmPower Solar, based in Island Park, N.Y.

VISHAL AHIRRAO (M.S. ’10) serves

as manager of customer energy integration at National Grid in Waltham, Mass.

Comedian CHRIS DISTEFANO (D.P.T. ’10) is living proof that doctors—specifically, physical therapists—have a sense of humor. In March, he brought his standup act to Comix Mohegan Sun for four performances. He also stars in The Bay Ridge Boys, a web series set in Brooklyn. JOSEPH SCARINCI (B.ARCH. ’10) is

a vice president in interior design and architecture firm MKDA’s New York office. He was recently ranked among 2018’s Rising Stars of Real Estate by Real Estate Weekly.

NELLI GLUZMAN (D.O. ’11) is a pediatric hospitalist at Orange Regional Medical Group in Middletown, N.Y.

Bump it up! KEVIN CARDOZA (B.S. ’12) was named assistant coach of the University at Albany volleyball team. His coaching career has also taken him to University of Tennessee, University of Maryland, Concordia College, and NYIT. RACHEL IMBRIALE (B.S. ’12) joined Simon Real Estate Group as director of marketing and business development at Round Rock Premium Outlets, a 430,000-square-foot shopping mall located in Round Rock, Texas.

ROBERT PINKERTON (B.S. ’12) (pictured

center with alumni and faculty), vehicle systems engineer for SpaceX, returned to his alma mater on April 15 to speak with admitted students and their parents at the NYIT-Manhattan Preview Day. He writes that students interested in NASA (contractor/civilian positions) or in joining the Army, can reach out to him via NYIT’s Campus Tap app. MIRIAM HUBBARD (B.ARCH. ’13) is

an architectural designer and project manager who works in the New York City metro area. “My degree from NYIT made it possible to have a lucrative career doing what I love every day and to give back to the community by mentoring middle school students.” she says. Hubbard mentored students from Columbia Secondary School competing in the Future City Competition. The team, Cosmopolis, won the New York City regionals.

JOHN SANTAMARIA (B.F.A. ’13, M.A. ’14)

is the technology teacher at St. Dominic




Elementary School in Oyster Bay, N.Y., where he teaches video production and editing. In March, he arranged for NYIT Adjunct Instructor KEVIN HORTON (B.F.A. ’91) to speak with students about his children’s book, Cee Jay and Bugsy. Long Island Press named DEVIN KULKA (B.S. ’15), CEO of Kulka Construction, to its 2018 Power List. CATHERINE A. GRUMBEIN (D.P.T. ’16)

is clinical supervisor for the Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute’s Montgomeryville, Pa., location. The International Association of HealthCare Professionals named CHRISTIANA MARRON (D.P.T. ’16) among its Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. The physiotherapist treats patients at her own private practice located in Coconut Creek, Fla. Ebony McAlmont

Toronto resident NOOR RASSOUL (B.S. 14, M.A. ’16) (pictured) is a full-time recruiter at clothing retail company H&M. She is originally from Iraq and grew up in Jordan, and she attended NYIT-Old Westbury for what she calls a “great New York experience.” After graduating, Rassoul says, “the thought of leaving New York and the great friends I had just made broke my heart. That’s when I decided to get my master’s degree

at NYIT and become a resident assistant.” She co-founded NYIT’s Graduate Student Association and also made frequent appearances on Globesville, NYIT’s student-run media outlet. “My years at NYIT helped me to get out of my comfort zone,” Rassoul says. “That’s how I was able to pack up, move, and start fresh in a new city with my two degrees.” CPA KING LAU (M.B.A. ’17) is finance director at SML Group Limited, a global apparel branding and packaging company. He had an article published in the January/February issue of the Journal of Internal Auditing on the application of RFID technology in the business world alongside NYIT Professor Peter Harris. “My favorite NYIT memory was when I represented NYIT and won the Long Island Chapter Institute of Internal Auditors Case Competition in 2017,” he says. “I had to apply my knowledge of accounting, auditing, and information technology in a real case as well as provide effective and efficient recommendations.”

days of brainstorming, troubleshooting, and hard work.” Where Thoughts Go is a virtual reality social network developed by LUCAS RIZZOTTO (B.S. ’18) that was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival. wherethoughtsgo.me



Lisa Kramer







Architecture+ of Troy, N.Y., as an architectural designer.




an architectural intern at Zaha Hadid Architects in London. She designs public spaces, landscapes, furniture, and interior and exterior building elements.





landed his “dream job” as an automation engineer at CDM Smith in Woodbury, N.Y. “My favorite NYIT memory involves staying up late and eventually sleeping in the library as I prepared a robot for a senior project,” he says. “It was an intense couple of



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More than 2,700 students received undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees at the 57th Annual Commencement Ceremony on May 22. The Class of 2018 joins more than 100,000 NYIT alumni worldwide.

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NYIT Magazine Summer 2018  

In this special edition of NYIT Magazine, we celebrate the inauguration of President Hank Foley, Ph.D., showcase the accomplishments of our...

NYIT Magazine Summer 2018  

In this special edition of NYIT Magazine, we celebrate the inauguration of President Hank Foley, Ph.D., showcase the accomplishments of our...