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Corporate Finance Principles

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Program Overview The objective of the "CFP" program is to give financial and non-financial practitioners the tools and knowledge on how to interpret financial information, facilitate capital structuring decisions, recognize risk and return in capital budgeting, and drive tactical and financial strategies for their organization. In particular, they will practice how to define the optimal capital structure, use ratio analysis to assess corporate performance, and project financial statements and cash needs.

Benefits By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

 Build a basic finance foundation and develop a better understanding of the financial environment in which firms operate.

 Improve your financial vocabulary so that you are better able to understand and interpret financial information.

 Identify the drivers of profit measurement and alternative approaches to asset valuations.

 Evaluate how investment and financing decisions are affecting firm's overall financial performance.

 Increase your comprehension of current analytical practices and techniques.

Who Should Attend This program is well suited for professionals who are new to financial concepts and techniques and to any practitioner who wishes to update his or her knowledge of basic finance and accounting. In particular, managers in areas such as new media, marketing, sales, operations, manufacturing, or engineering, as well as senior managers who have been promoted through these routes will find this program beneficial.

Special Feature Three week on-line self-coaching program that includes a unique self-assessment tool, personalized feedback, and follow-up centered around work-life balance.

Tuition Program Cost: $1,275 Duration: 5 weeks All program materials included.

Registration Details For course dates and registration details please visit our website.

Program Outline Introduction to Corporate Finance

 

Financial statements overview The time value of money

Risk and return

  

Attitudes and types of risk Measuring risk and return Capital asset pricing model

Capital budgeting

  

Concepts and procedures of capital budgeting Investment criteria ( NPV, Payback and IRR) Operating leverage and scenario analysis

Cost of capital

 

Financial leverage Optimal capital structure

Financial Management

 

Elements and role of financial planning Operating cycle and cash cycle

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Program on Corporate Finance Principles  

New York Institute of Management Certificate Ceries - Online Executive Education

Program on Corporate Finance Principles  

New York Institute of Management Certificate Ceries - Online Executive Education