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November 2012 Volume 2- Issue 2 NY Hockey Online Thanks Those who Served and Are Serving in our Armed Forces! Veterans Day, November 11

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Who cares if there is a National Hockey League season or not? All different levels of hockey are breaking out all over the State of New York as the 2012-13 hockey season opens. Since our October issue was published, Janet and I have travelled from one side of this State to the other. The November issue of NY Hockey Online focuses on Brooklyn where we discovered the Aviator Sports and Events Center. Not only is it filled with hockey action, but it is surrounded with American history. Then there is the story of the Jones family from Central New York. They are a family of seven whose lives center around hockey. Over the past year I have become friends with Craig Smith, president of the Hudson Valley High School Ice Hockey Association. He is facing a challenge with his club hockey league that many others across the State are facing as well. Read what he is doing to face this challenge head-on. We also had the opportunity to attend the opening night for the Buffalo Stars, which included honoring three former players as well as their annual salute to the military. As usual, Janet has her women’s college hockey report as well as her girls hockey news and notes. Koz takes you around the State with his monthly update on the men’s college hockey scene. We have taken new from your websites, but would prefer you send your information directly to us. You can see from this issue just what we are looking for to put in our News and Notes column from each Section. Remember, if you have an idea for a feature, please contact one of us to let us know. In the meantime, enjoy the hockey season as well as the upcoming Holiday season. To all of you from all of us here at NY Hockey OnLine, Happy Thanksgiving! Columnists Warren Kozireski, Janet Schultz Randy Schultz NY Hockey OnLine is an equal opportunity employer. Contents 2012 NY Hockey Online All rights reserved NY Hockey OnLine is published monthly at no charge and can be accessed via the publication’s website

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NY Hockey OnLine

ockey and istory = Fun at Aviator

By Randy Schultz


Feature / Page 5

t is 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning in early October. Inside the Aviator Sports and Events Center in Brooklyn, NY Steven Samuels watches his son playing hockey. Although his focus is on his son, his mind can’t help but wonder as he looks up into the rafters high above the ice surface. “It’s amazing what they did with these buildings,” commented Samuels. “It’s still hard to believe that these two buildings were once airplane hangers and part of the Floyd Bennett Field.” Hard to believe indeed. Once an important New York City airport, Floyd Bennett Field is now part of the Gateway National Recreation Area and dedicated to the celebration of aviation history, sports, and the great outdoors. The Aviator Sports and Events Center has parking for over 2500 cars, 175,000 square feet of total indoor events, athletics, and recreation space for individuals, families, and groups, 10,000 square foot field house, two outdoor synthetic turf fields with bleacher seating

for over 5000 spectators and outdoor events space for festivals, fairs, concerts, and community oriented entertainment, with seating for over 4000. Inside are two NHL-sized ice rinks, an indoor soccer field, full-sized basketball court, fitness center, gymnastics center, rock climbing center, meeting and events rooms, a full-service sports restaurant, snack bar and catering service. For Samuels, it has been a trip back in time every time he comes into the hockey arena. “I was stationed here from 1968 through 1972,” remembered Samuels. “I was in the Air National Guard and I was based here in Brooklyn. “The buildings here were all fully active. Shortly after 1972 the buildings were shut down. “The airport is still being operated for the New York City Police Department aviation unit. In 2004 the City began the project which is now Aviator Sports Park, which opened in 2006.

“To me it is an honor to play in a facility like this.” Floyd Bennett Field opened as New York City’s first municipal airport in May 1931. It was built at the far end of Flatbush Avenue where Brooklyn meets Jamaica Bay. Floyd Bennett Field was named for the pilot of Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s first flight to the North Pole in 1926. Bennett died in 1928. Interestingly, work began on New York City’s first municipal airport on October 29, 1929. That turned out to be the same day that the stock market crashed, bringing on the Great Depression, which lasted through the 1930’s. Unfortunately Floyd Bennett’s time as a commercial airport ended with the beginning of World War II. That’s when it became a crucial naval air station. It continued as a facility for military pilot training and testing of experimental aircraft through the Korean War, as well as the Vietnam War and

NY Hockey OnLine

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into the early 1970s when it was decommissioned. The old airport was a point of departure for many recordbreaking flights of famous aviators including Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes. Today Floyd Bennett Field is home to the Historic Aircraft Restoration Project (HARP), which restores and maintains a wide variety of aircraft and gives visitors the opportunity to get up close to, and even inside of, historic airplanes. Located in Hanger B, this impressive collection is a mustsee for any fan of aviation history. Sports and history. What a perfect match. ‘You could say that,” said Jim Traynor, a governor for the Long Island Hockey League, which plays games at the facility. “But there were some special rules that had to be followed when this building was constructed.

“The buildings had to be left the way that they had originally been constructed. It was the same thing for both outside and inside the buildings. “Once that was agreed upon, construction began.” Next came the organization of Aviator Hockey. “We began as an inhouse program,” continued Traynor. “By 2007 we had travel teams. “We were known as the Gulls and had three teams. The following year we simply

became known as Aviator. “And this year we have 12 travel teams.” So where did teams play before there was the Aviator Sports and Events Center? “There is a rink in Coney Island,” responded Traynor. “There is a rink in Manhattan. “And anybody living here (Brooklyn) played out on Long Island or in those other two rinks.” So what is in the future for Aviator? “We are looking at trying to host some tournaments and some championships,” answered Traynor. “We know that we are not well known outside the Brooklyn or New York City area. “We hosted a team from Saratoga earlier this year and they were simply in awe of the facility. “The facility is an attraction. Not only can you play hockey, but you can see history here as well. “It makes for a great combination.”A

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Memorial Tournament November 16-18, 2012 LEVELS (House & Travel divisions) Pee Wee Bantam


Tier III Tournament 3 Game Guarantee 4 th Game for Top 2 Teams $575.00/team

CONTACT INFO. Email: Leigh McCall Please respond By November 5, 2012 Confirmation of your team’s participation will be emailed when funds are received.

Central New York State Hockey

Hockey -A Family Affair!

NY Hockey OnLine

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ime management. That is the key phrase that the them need more reminding about these things than Jones family of Skaneateles, NY operates on. others. From the mom and dad, Lynne and Michael “When we stop to think about it, it seems a bit to their five children including Packy, overwhelming. But we’ve been doing Mitchell, Connor, Riley and Tynan, time it for 16 years and the kids all love it. management is how this family oper“The toughest thing for me is ates. that I sometimes feel torn. When you They have to operate this way. have to be in three different places at They are a hockey family, top to botthe same time that becomes hard. tom. “For us, though, it is all about All five children are hockey playfamily. We are together a lot.” ers, playing at the college level right The Jones use a lot of modern on down. Without handling their time technology and social media to stay in by Randy Schultz wisely, this could be a family in trouble. contact with each other. But in actuality, it is just the op“With Packy now being away at posite. college, we can now watch many of his It is early on a Sunday morning in games on the computer because they mid-October. The entire Jones family are being streamed. So that helps. is having breakfast in the dining area of the Holiday Inn “We also use phones, texting and emails to get Express in Victor, NY, just outside of Rochester. messages to each other if needed.” The reason for their visit was to visit the eldest For Michael, the hockey dad, his feelings are the son, Packy, 19 who plays hockey for Nazareth College in same. Rochester. For the Jones’ this is not an unusual way to “We live on a tight schedule,” he said. “But I don’t spend a family weekend. mind doing it because my parents did it for me and I’m “All of our children have been involved in hockey,” going to do it for my kids. remarked Lynne. “All began playing when they were “The kids are really great managing their time, three. especially with school. They do a lot of their schoolwork “My husband, Michael, played hockey. So it was a in school. natural thing for our kids to play the game as well. “They also get a lot of it done right after school. All “Plus, the town we live in is very small and is very at the kitchen table. ‘winter.’ We thought it would be a great idea if the kids “They move onto hockey after that. They do get knew how to skate and do something with those seven some free time and then after that it is off to bed. months that are cold and wintery. “When we have games on the weekend and there “The deal has always been with the kids is that is homework, it goes with them in the vehicle.” they would play hockey that first year and stick with it. Michael has an important message for hockey After that it would be their choice. parents and their hockey-playing children. “So far all the kids have chosen to say ‘yes’ every “Just let them be kids and enjoy themselves and year.” the game,” said Michael. “They should try to do their best Is hockey a seasonal sport for the family? and stay focused. “Actually, it goes year ‘round,” responded Lynne. “If the child doesn’t enjoy it, then they shouldn’t be “There might a little time off in September and maybe playing the game or forced to play the game.” March. So how do the Jones children feel about this situa“But the kids play almost all year long, which is fine tion they live in? with us.” Tynan is the youngest, So what is it like being a hockey mom? 9 and plays Squirt hockey. “Fun,” answered Lynne. “I love going to all their “It is important for games, or as many as I can get to. me to get my school work “We have a big calendar on our fridge. It is colored done first,” said Tynan. “Then coded by kid. hockey comes next. “We know everyday where every kid has to be and “I usually get to one at what time. It is attention to detail. or two other games a week “We are going seven days and/or nights a week, besides the games I play in. I especially during peak periods during the hockey seareally like it.” Tynan Talks to son. Connor is 14 and plays NYHOL reporter. “And everybody helps with everything. Some of bantam hockey.

Hockey is Their Hobby

(Photo by Janet Schultz)

NY Hockey OnLine

Central / Page 10

“It’s great to have a couple of older brothers who have gone through things ahead of me,” said Connor. “I’ve learned from them.” Packy is the oldest. “I like the fact that I went through a lot of this first,” said Packy. “I just enjoy playing hockey. “I went to a prep school (Brooks School in Mass.) for two years before going off to college. I’ve really learned how to manage my time being out on my own. “I have to keep my grades up and do well in school. There is school work, hockey games, hockey practices, get the workouts in. “It’s a pretty busy schedule. Time management is pretty important, something I’ve really learned over the past couple of years.” Riley, 12, is the only girl. “It’s fun being the only girl sometimes,” remarked Riley, who plays for the U14 for girl’s team. “But it can be tough at times too. “My brothers can get a little rough with me at times. But I try and hold my own. “I like the travel. You get to be with your teammates and family. I like to see new places I haven’t been to before. “That’s what makes hockey fun.” Mitch is 16 and plays hockey for his high school.


ynne Jones has never had a problem juggling her five children’s hockey games with everyday life. The only thing that ever bothered her was a fact that all hockey moms’ face as their children get older. “As the boys get older the hitting gets harder,” said Lynne. “With hitting comes injuries.” Her worst fears came true just two seasons ago. “Connor was playing a Pee Wee hockey game,”remembered Lynne. “On one particular play he went down, banged his head, and got right back up. “No one even knew he was hurt. An opposition player checked him, it was a clean check, and Connor went flying like a rag doll into the boards. “When I first got over to him, his one arm was tucked up behind his head and I thought it might have been his shoulder. One of the mom’s on the team is the school trainer. “She reached behind his head on his neck and he winced. I knew that wasn’t good. “He was taken to the hospital by ambulance. He was taped to the board so he wouldn’t move. “All Connor was concerned about is if he was going to play hockey again. I said at the time, ‘sure.’ “They got him to the hospital where they examined him from head to toe and come to conclusion that he may have a slight concussion. But within eight to nine days we were back

“For me, hockey is a family affair,” said Mitch. “I really love the game. “We will sometimes play as a family with knee hockey or street hockey. Sometimes the three older brothers and my dad will get together and play some hockey.” Mitch is looking to prep school for next year. “My older brother was a bit of an influence on me with that,” commented Mitch. “When he left a couple of years ago, I knew it was something I wanted to do when I got old enough. “I’m just hoping that hockey will be a part of my life with school for many years to come.” Maybe Mitch summed it up best of the Jones situation and what he would recommend to other families. “It all comes down to time management,” concluded Mitch. “School work comes first and you have to know how much time you have to put into it. “You could be the best hockey player in the world, but be a terrible student. That’s just not going to get you anywhere. “You have to manage your time and manage it well. You also need a break from the game. “It’s a lot of work, with practice, conditioning and games. It feels good to have a break once in awhile. “It makes for a good situation, no matter how big or small your family is.” A at the hospital again because he had lost all feeling in all his limbs. “He couldn’t walk. The bright lights bothered him “In our terms his eye balls had been knocked out of their sockets. They weren’t working together or in conjunction with his brain. “He had trouble walking and keeping his balance and had to hold onto the walls to walk. “He ended up missing a year of school. He went back to school last year. He’s a good student. “But all he kept focusing on for those 21 months was when he was going to be able to go back to playing hockey again. “July 20th of this year the doctors cleared him. He played a couple of games over the summer and did well. “I didn’t do so well. But I’m dealing with it.” It wasn’t the first time the Jones’ had gone through trauma. “Packy had some seizure disorder when he was at the Pee Wee level of hockey,” added Lynne. “So we went through some trauma with him. “But they were two different kinds of situations. I have my issues where I wish I could put bubble wrap around them and keep them in the house. “For now hockey is their passion. How can I keep them from that?” A

Passion Overcomes Adversity

NY Hockey OnLine

Men’s College Hockey-Central / Page 11



Freshmen were setting the pace early with Kyle Baun scoring three goals and five points over the first five games and Tyler and Tyson Spink combining for three goals and six assists over a combined nine games. The Raiders lone home-stater, Joe Wilson (North Syracuse), had a pair of assists over five games. The Raiders beat Bowling Green for the first time in ten meetings October 20th.

The Continentals season and home opener is November 16th against Amherst.


Just five freshmen dot the roster including John Knisley (Pittsford). Harvard and Dartmouth visit November 16-17 as the Big Red try to extend their streak of five consecutive appearances in the ECAC Hockey Championship weekend— the longest active streak in the league.

Sean Flanagan has joined the Statesmen staff as assistant coach for the 2012-13 season. A four-year member of St. Lawrence’s Division I hockey team, Flanagan also played hockey professionally with the Quad City Mallards of the CHL. Flanagan replaces Carl Michaelson ‘04, who after three seasons at Hobart, ac-

Central New York Men’s College Hockey Report


The Red Dragons open with five straight on the road before the home opener November 16th against Fredonia.



The Soaring Eagles are in a bit of a rebuild after losing five of their top six scorers to graduation and welcome 13 freshmen to the squad including Nick Angelo (Williamsville) as the team’s only New York representative.

by Warren Kozireski

cepted the head coach position at SUNY Canton. At St. Lawrence, Flanagan played in 121 career games. He recorded 12 goals and 40 assists for 52 points. The team begins conference play November 2-3 when Manhattanville visits.


Just four first-year players for the Pioneers this year with Joel Wetmore (Horseheads) the lone Empire State recruit. The team jumped out to a quick and early start scoring 15 goals over their first two games in wins over Morrisville and Fredonia.


The school named Kevin Krogol the interim head coach for the 2012-2013 season after the resignation of five-year head coach Brian Grady. Krogol spent the last four seasons as the top assistant for the Mustangs and worked specifically with the forwards and penalty kill situations on the ice. Krogol played college hockey for ECAC West power Utica College Pioneers as a forward from 2003 – 2007, serving as captain in his final season. In four years, Krogol tallied 19 goals and 12 assists in 78 games, earning ECAC West All-Academic honors in 2005. Utica made appearances in the ECAC West playoffs for four straight seasons (2004, 2005, 2006,2007) during his time with the Pioneers, winning the ECAC West Regular Season championship in 2005. Under Grady, the Mustangs posted an overall record of 35-88-3 and advanced to the SUNYAC playoffs twice. The Mustangs have 11 freshmen on the roster including Michael Markowitz (Staten Island).


Returning 14 seniors, the Lakers had room for just two freshmen in defenseman Denton King and goaltender Justin Gilbert. All six November games will be against conference opponents with three at home. A Attention SID/Coaches: Make sure Warren is on your email list to receive your latest news for NYHOL.Email him at

NY Hockey OnLine ...Syracuse Youth Hockey has a new website. Check them out at www. ...Auburn Ice Hawks will host the Martin Luther King Tournament January 18-20 at the Squirt Select and House and Bantam House levels. Contact for information. ...Auburn will also hold their Winter Freeze Tournament December 7-9 for Pee Wee Travel, Bantam Travel and Midget 18U House teams. Contact ...Auburn’s Pucks on the Pond Tournament will take place January 28 at Hoopes Park, Auburn. This is for House Mite, Squirts, Pee Wees, Bantams, Midget 15-18 Travel and adult recreation, both mens and womens. ...Clinton Youth Hockey is holding their annual Scrap Metal Drive from November 17-18 at the Clinton Arena. For information contact Adam Tyksinski ( or visit their website. They take any scrap metal or unwanted metal items with proceeds benefiting

Elmira Jackals Youth Hockey Fifth Annual Mite Mania Tournament Friday, January 18 Sunday, January 20 Interested Teams can contact Christina Jackson 607-398-2028 or Information will be posted at page.asp? (NYHOL thanks Lynn Bassler for this submission)

Central / Page 12 the players. ...Cortland County Youth Hockey Assn. 12th Annual Fire On Ice Tournament will be held February 22, 23 and 24 for Mite B, Mite C and Tykes. Contact Fredocco76@yahoo. com. ...Ithaca Youth Hockey is mourning the loss of Rick Hughes a long-time IYHA parent and Board Member. He passed away October 2 from complications from a heart attack in May. ...Lysander Youth Hockey is holding their Thanksgiving House Tournament November 23-25 at the Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam levels. Con-

Leferve Squirt House Tournament. For information go to tournament@ ...Oswego’s Squirt travel team won the Great Lakes Border Cup Challenge. ...Check out Oswego’s upcoming tournaments: 24th Annual John Maggie Mulheren Invitational, December 7-9; 18th Annual Power Play Invitational, January 11-13; 30th Annual Novelis Invitational, January 25-27; 27th Annual Port of Oswego Annual Mite Invitational February 15-17. Go to their website http:// ...Southern Tier Hockey Assn. will host a Veterans Day Tournament on November 10-12. This is for Pee Wee A and B and Bantam A and B. Contact ...Salmon River will hold their Home Invitational Tournaments (We taken a lot of this off your websites News listing. For complete Janaury 19-20 for Pee Wee Snownews send it to Janet@nyhockeyon- belt; February 9-10 Bantam Snowbelt and March 9-10 the Mite Cross each month. Also think Ice Jamboree. Email sbnewton@ about advertising your tournaments in our Magazine) ...Syracuse will hold a Thanksgiving Tournament November 23-25 for US Tier II Travel and Canadian tacty tournaments@lysanderhockey. A or B Travel. The tournament is com filled. ...Onondaga are holding several ...At the Columbus Day Shootout in tournaments this season including Syracuse the winners were Ottawa a Bantam Tavel and PeeWee Travel Valley 14U, Clarence 16U and Syraon December 28-30; Squirt House, cuse Blazers 18U. The tournament Pee Wee House, Bantan House on supported the Hockey Supports Our January 18-20 and Girls and Mite Troops campaign. A Festival on February 8-10. Contact ...Rome Youth Hockey will host the Regional Silver Stick Qualifying TournaLysdander Youth Hockey hosted a book ment on December 14-16 signing with Author Christie Casciano for Tier II B Squirt, Pee as she published her second book, “The Wee and Bantam travel teams. The John Corr Pee Puck Hog, Volume 2--Haunted Hockey in Wee House Tournament Lake Placid. will be held Jan. 27-29 and the Roy Austin Mite Watch NY Hockey Online Next Month for Tournament will be Jan. an interview with Casciano on her second 4-5. On March 16-18 book. Rome will host the Rick

Central Section News and Notes

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Central Women’s Hockey / Page 13



Melanie Greene is in her first season as an assistant coach for the Hamilton College women’s ice hockey team. Greene played Division I ice hockey at the University of Vermont from 2006 to 2010. Greene played 100 career games on defense and recorded 15 points for Vermont. In 2009-2010 during her senior year, she helped lead the Catamounts to a program-record 10 wins. Most recently in 201011, Greene played for ESC Planegg of the Elite Women’s Hockey League in Europe. Greene also enjoyed success in the classroom, as she was named to the Hockey East AllAcademic Team three consecutive years from 2008 to 2010. Student-athletes must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or greater in order to be named to the team. Greene has coached at several elite girls’ camps, including the USA Hockey U14 Select Camp for outstanding players under the age of 14 in summer 2010. Greene graduated from Vermont in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in physical education. She is from Queensbury, N.Y., and attended Queensbury High School. Hamilton opens at Amherst on November 16 and returns home the following day against the same opponent.

The Utica women opened their season with a twogame series in Canada. They defeated Etobicoke 4-3 with Brittany DelleChiaie scoring the game winner

Along with Rando, freshmen include Jenny Currie, a forward from New Hampton School; Forward Katelyn Praker, Gilmore Academy; Corey Maciejewski, Yorkville High School, a defenseman; Defenseman Nicole Gass, Ontario Hockey Academy and Aimee DiBella, Penticton High School, a defenseman. Colgate’s November opponents include Quinnipiac, Princeton, RIT, Cornell, Harvard and Dartmouth.

Central Women’s College Ice Hockey Report


with 1:20 left in the third. They went on to beat the Toronto Aeros 4-1 with DelleChaiaie having three of those four goals. The team also had the chance to make a stop at the Hockey Hall of Fame before returning home. Utica has brought in four freshmen including Clinton’s MacKenzie Roy, a 5’5” forward. Joining her are Janessa Haasbeek , a native of Grand Forks, North Dakota, from the Canadian International Hockey Academy; Morgan Reed, Fort Myers, Florida and the Cushing Academy and Gabrielle Abbott of St. Marks and a native of Scottsdale, Arizona. Utica’s ECAC schedule will begin against Oswego at home on November 3 and November 4 at Oswego.

home against Utica at 3 p.m.


Opens November 17 at


by Janet Schultz

The Soaring Eagles open against Cortland on November 3 and 4 at home.

With six freshman Colgate is 2-4 after playing exhibition games in Connecticut. Rookie Ashlynne Rando took her first collegiate honors after being named Goaltender of the Week. She had 35 saves in a 4-1 victory over Connecticut. Rochester’s Susan Allen was in goal for the 5-3 win over Connecticut.


Cornell has chosen Senior Defenseman Lauriane Rougeau as Captain and assisting her will be Senior Laura Fortino and Junior Alyssa Gagliardi. The Big Red welcome Kelly Murray from the Albert U18; Cassandra Poudrier, Team Canada U18; Jess Brown, Pittsburgh Jr. Penquins; Morgan Richardson, Ottawa Senators PWHL; Taylor Woods, Canada U18; Stefannie Moak, Metro Boston Pizza Midget AAA and from Churchville and The Rochester Edge-Anna Zorn. Season Preview from Coach Doug Derraugh--The winningest senior class in Cornell history has departed, but the Big Red women’s hockey team doesn’t plan on going anywhere. After reaching the Frozen Four for the third consecutive year in 2011-2012, a strong Cornell team will return to Lynah Rink this year with its sights set on a trip to Minneapolis in March. The team brings back 13 players from a unit that won 30 games last season, claimed an ECAC Hockey regular season title, an Ivy League championship and a third straight berth in the NCAA Tournament. Cornell also brings in a strong recruiting class of eight. “We really stress the importance of focusing on the day-to-day process,” Cornell coach Doug Derraugh said. “If you don’t focus in on the day-to-day process, if you don’t prepare well then you’re never going to get there.” With challenging out-of-conference

NY Hockey OnLine

Central Women’s Hockey / Page 14

games early in the year and throughout the schedule combined with the ECAC Hockey gauntlet, Cornell has a tough task ahead that it is excited to meet. GOALTENDERS Junior Lauren Slebodnick, who served as the team’s backup goalie throughout the last two years, got plenty of in-game experience when Mazzotta missed time with injuries. “Lauren gained a lot of valuable experience in those instances,” Derraugh said. “Last year, even when Amanda was healthy we had Lauren start quite a few games for us. She played extremely well for us when called upon, and this year we’ll be looking for her to lead the goaltending corps.” Also returning to the Big Red is Katelyn Pippy, a sophomore who was the team’s third goaltender in her freshman year. She played in one game, earning 11 minutes at home Union and making three saves. New to the Big Red roster is freshman Stefannie Moak. The Nova Scotia native could challenge for playing time right away, as she is a quick, technically strong goalie with an excellent pre-Cornell career. “We expect freshman Stefannie Moak to challenge for that position along with Katelyn Pippy,” Derraugh said. DEFENSEMEN Cornell’s defensive group will be strong in 2012-13, anchored by returning seniors Laura Fortino and Lauriane Rougeau. Also back on the defensive end are juniors Alyssa Gagliardi and Hayleigh Cudmore. New to the Big Red blue line this year are three incoming freshmen. Kelly Murray, a Calgary native; Morgan Richardson, an Ottawa product; and Cassandra Poudrier, from Montreal, all have experience with Canadian national teams at the U-18 level or high, and they will add depth to the Cornell defensive corps. The Big Red will have seven defensemen on the roster for the first time since 200809, and all three will vie for ice time as the year begins.




ig Red Junior Forward Brianne Jenner will donate $1 for every goal she scores this year to a young girl suffering from cancer. Jenner had 20 goals as a sophomore and is taking part in the program “Markers for Mason.” Madison Primeau is the younger cousin of Jenner’s former middle school teammate. When she heard of Madison’s cancer, she wanted to help. Anyone interested in sponsorship or assisting Jenner in her effort should email her at bj72@ The money donated goes diretly to an account for Madison’s medical expenses.

FORWARDS The lone senior in the group is Erin Barley-Maloney, an athlete who came on in the second half of the 2011-12 season to score 11 goals and 11 assists total. She had nine of her goals and 11 of her assists after winter break. The junior class of forwards is composed of the talented trio of Brianne Jenner, Jessica Campbell and Olivia Cook. The freshman class of forwards is four deep. Victoria Pittens, Jess Brown, Anna Zorn and Taylor Woods all hope to excel in their first seasons in Red and White, and they should all see ice time early in the year. SCHEDULE Another tough schedule awaits the women’s hockey team both inside ECAC Hockey play and out. Cornell – which begins the year at No. 2 in both major national polls – will play seven contests against teams that advanced to the NCAA Tournament last season and one other game against an opponent who finished last year’s rankings in the top 10.

Welcoming incoming

freshman from New York Julie Bengis, Stormville, NY and Kent School. The Goalie attended the National Player Development Camp U15 in 2009 and the U16 in 2010 and Elmira’s Mairanne Thomaris, Millbrook School. Joining the rookie line-up are Defenseman Nicle Renault, Little Caesars 19U; Defenseman Danielle Leslie, Manitoba/ Balmoral High School; Forward Melissa Piacentini, Assabet Valley U19 and Emily Auerbacher, forward from the Boston Shamrocks. Syracuse is 3-3 at press time and heading off to face Union on November 2 and 3; RIT on November 10 and home to RIT on November 20. The Orange’s Junior Goaltender Dellie Billedeau, redshirt Freshman Forward Laurie Kingsbury and Sophomore Forward Shiann Darkangelo were named Goaltender of the Week, and Rookie of the Week ( Kingsbury and Darkangelo) respectively. Darkangelo was also listed on the CHA Honor Roll. Billedeau was recognized for her shutout against Quinnipiac. She now has four career shutouts and a career GAA of 2.96. Kingsbury had two goals and an assist in the series against Quinnipiac and Darkangelo scored two goals against the Bobcats.


After a season that included a program-best finish in the conference and the first playoff win, the 2012-13 Oswego State women’s ice hockey team looks to build on last year’s successes with a mixture of veterans and rookies on the squad. Last season, the Lakers composed an 11-14-2 overall record and an 8-8-2 record in the ECAC West to earn fourth place, and the right to host the program’s first home playoff game where Oswego

NY Hockey OnLine State beat Neumann, 3-0, in the ECAC First Round. The Lakers faced Plattsburgh in the semifinal round, but lost a hard-fought 1-0 game. Helping seventh-year head coach Diane Dillon on the bench this season is Chelsea Walkland, the program’s first full-time assistant coach. She comes to Oswego State after being part of an RIT team that won its first NCAA Division III Women’s Ice Hockey Championship last season and set a single-season wins record (28). While at RIT, Walkland helped with recruiting, analysis of video footage, preparation for game-day and practices and mentoring student-athletes. In college, she played four seasons at Division I Robert Morris University, serving as assistant captain during her junior and senior seasons. Walkland also appeared in a program-record 139 career games and registering 41 career points (14 goals and 27 assists). This year’s squad includes one senior, nine juniors, one sophomore and six freshmen. Junior forward Olivia Boersen is captain for the second straight year and split duties with defender Jocelyn St. Clair. Boersen is a grinder and uses her speed to dig pucks out of the corners. That mentality is carried over into her ability to contribute to the penalty-kill unit. St. Clair is one of the most physically-fit players on the squad and is not afraid to take chances on the offensive end. Since coming to Oswego State, St. Clair and been one of the most relied on defenders on Coach Dillon’s roster. “When recruiting them, [Boersen and St. Clair] I knew they would be captains during their careers,” said Dillon. “They’re leaders and have worked up to this. They’ve done a good job.” The Lakers lost seven key players due to graduation, including forward Mackenzie Lee. For the previous two seasons, Lee was the leading scorer and set the record for most points in a single season two years ago with 24 points. Juniors Mady Paul, Melissa Seamont, and Emma Smetaniuk, along with Boersen and five freshmen, will try to fill the void Lee left. Seamont finished third on the team in scoring in 2011-12 with 16 points (six goals and ten assists), but will be looked to improve her offensive numbers. One newcomer who stands out is junior transfer forward Megan Hagg. She comes to the Lakers following two seasons at Division I Quinnipiac University. “She hit the ice running,” said Dillon. Hagg has a strong work ethic and brings a Division I mentality to the rink, having recorded four points (three goals, one assist) with the Bobcats. In the conference last year, the defense ranked fourth in scoring, allowing 2.56 goals allowed per game. Senior Breanne Reith, juniors Chelsea Hunt and Leslie Jarvis and freshman Jayme McCreary join St. Clair on the blueline to try to lower their goals against average. The defense will benefit from having three goalies on the roster, two of which are veterans, while the third is a rookie, hungry to prove herself. Junior Catherine Côté and sophomore Bridget Smith split the position last year, and look to battle for the top goalie spot. After Côté suffered an injury, Smith stepped into the starting role. Smith matured during the experience, which allowed her to gain an edge over many younger goalies. By the end of the campaign, both goalies recorded similar

Central Women’s Hockey / Page 15 statistics as Côté logged 800 minutes and posted a 2.77 goals against average while Smith registered over 750 minutes and had a 2.16 goals against average. “Bridget played admirably, and she comes in the best shape she’s ever been in,” said Dillon. Tori Trovato is the newest member to the goalie position, who is described by Dillon as sharp and quick. Besides McCreary and Trovato, there are four other freshmen on the squad. These players include forwards Bianca Camillaci, Erin Ganley, Bailee Goodon and Lizzy Marks. Dillon said this year’s new players consist of a “diverse group of recruits” and they “certainly bring vitality to the program.” One large difference between this season and last is that ECAC West powerhouse RIT has moved up to Division I. RIT moving up leaves a void at the top of the conference for any team to slid into, as well as points up for grabs. “Every game is even more important,” said Dillon. The Lakers still have to face Plattsburgh and Elmira in, arguably, the toughest conference in Division III women’s ice hockey. After accomplishing last season’s goals of finishing in the top four of the league and hosting a playoff game, Dillon wants the team to improve on their overall statistics, while working on the little area of the games. Last season, they played well on the road, with seven of their 11 wins coming away from the Campus Center. The squad wants to continue this trend, but to also increase its win total as well. However, ultimately, the goal is to win ice hockey games. With the team improving every season, they have their aim set high. “We want to win the ECAC West,” said Dillon. A

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East Hockey

Rebuilding High School Club Hockey in Hudson Valley HVYHA Learns about Concussion Prevention Giving Back to the Community and New York Raptors

NY Hockey OnLine By Randy Schultz


hen Craig Smith took over as President of the Hudson Valley High School Ice Hockey Association (HVHSIHA) he understood that he was inheriting a club hockey league that had issues. When the 2011-12 hockey season had concluded there were six high schools fielding teams including Arlington, Cornwall, FDR, John Jay, Orange County West and Washingtonville. But by the time the second week of October rolled around the number of teams had been downsized by one. Cornwall High School dropped out for the 2012-13 campaign. Smith knows he has got his work cut out for himself. But it is a challenge he is willing to take on. “In the mid to late 1970s there were actually two leagues,” recalled Smith. “One was the Dutchess Youth Hockey League, which comprised about 10 high schools from Columbia County to Putnam County that offered high school club hockey. “On the other side of the Hudson River Orange County had its own league with around eight teams at the time. That spanned from Rockland County up to Ulster County and gave us a total of 18 teams between the two leagues. “Then during the 1980 that number began to dwindle down.

Feature / Page 17 Each league was losing teams. “That’s when it was decided to combine the two leagues together and make them into one. It held steady at about 10 to 12 teams for quite some time and became the Hudson Valley High School Ice Hockey League. “Then as the economy began to falter, you began to see a team or two drop away. Choices had to be made with players either going

Rebuilding a League in the Hudson Valley

with travel hockey or high school club hockey. “I think what has kept the remaining teams alive up to now is the fact that there is still an attraction for high school players to play in front of the family and friends and represent their respective high schools.” So what are the problems HVHSIHA facing these days? “Travel teams have tryouts during the summer,” remarked Smith. “High schools don’t begin organizing until at least September.

“So the issue of is there enough money for both comes up. Usually the player, girl or boy, has to make a choice because there isn’t enough money to go around for both Travel and High School.” So how do you handle this? “We’re going to have to have registration for high school club hockey at an earlier time than when we’re having it now. And it even becomes a problem trying to find coaches as well. Right now we’re trying to do too much in too compressed period of time. That has to change.” Smith is looking at other ways to help the league as well. In the process he is using the John Jay boys club hockey team as a pilot program. “We had a fund raiser over the summer for the John Jay hockey team,” stated Smith, who is affiliated with the John Jay High School Club Hockey Team. “We held a golf tournament that raised money for the team. “It was successful. So now I’m bringing in the person who handled fundraising for the school to talk to at our league meeting. I would like to see our league get involved with fundraising. “Our goal is to help out all the teams in the league to lower the cost of the tuition for playing club hockey.”

NY Hockey OnLine

Craig Smith is working to build the Hudson Valley High School Club Hockey League. (Photo HVYHA).

Earlier in the fall the League brought in New York Rangers alum Brian Mullen (see related story on next page) to talk to the players and their families. “He tried to relate to them his experiences from his days of playing in the NHL right down to his days of playing high school hockey. He emphasized the fact that the players had to work hard, and maybe extra hard, to accomplish their hockey goals in life.” Smith also pointed out to the players and their families that there is life after High School Club Hockey. “We are trying to show these players that there are opportunities to continue playing hockey after the club level has been completed,” remarked Smith. “They could possibly play college hockey at the DI , DIII or even Community College level while attaining their college degree as well. “As a league, we are trying to reestablishing those links with the local colleges in the area. Colleges like Manhattenville, SUNY New Paltz, Dutchess Community College and Marist College among others. “Those kind of relationships with the colleges will help the

Feature / Page 18 players raise their visibility at the club level of hockey. “At the same time we are also looking at reestablishing relationships with the high schools themselves. We want to make sure that high school hockey is recognized in the school.” There are going to be other ways that club hockey is going to get help as well. “Again, we’re trying to improve our relationships with other club hockey leagues, not only in our area of New York State, but throughout the State as well,” continued Smith. “We’ve had talks on this with some other club hockey leagues in our area and those talks have been good, with support being shown. “And we’ve already started doing this with some of our teams playing against teams from Long Island.” Reconnecting is becoming the key word for Smith. “I’ve already seen John Jay reconnect as many of our past players as we can,” said Smith. “We have an alumni game scheduled as well as a skills competition. “We want to showcase our players in the skills competition by inviting colleges to watch. We want our kids to get the same kind of exposure that junior teams and travel teams get (ed. Note – John Jay hockey skills competition will take place on November 24). “My vision is that the League itself will eventually host the skills competition. And as you can see I incubate a lot of my ideas through John Jay and take what we learned

to the League.” Which leads Smith to his “Final Frontier,” so to speak. “Sponsorship,” concluded Smith. “We believe that there are local businesses out there that want to sponsor teams in hockey. “That would be followed by fan development. We need to get a fan base to support our teams. “We want to get that school spirit revitalized for high school hockey. Hopefully out of all this we may then begin to look at expansion. “Bring back some of those high school hockey teams that were around 10 to 15 years ago. We might be able to do it through County teams, like the one we have in Orange. “The Orange County West team has players on it from the different high school in the Orange County area. We have five other counties we can work with. “Establish a county team and eventually you could have individual high school club teams from them. “I think we can do it. We just have to take things one step at a time.” A

Happy Thanksgiving!

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East / Page 19

Mullen Speaks to Coaches & Players


ormer NY Ranger Brian Mullen featured guest speaker at the HVHSIHA 1st Coaches/Player Meeting on Wednesday, September 26th in Poughkeepsie at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center The Hudson Valley High School Ice Hockey Association is made up of local ice hockey club teams from the around Hudson Valley which include Arlington, John Jay, FDR, Cornwall, Warwick, Washingtonville, and Orange County West comprised of school districts west of Newburgh. Craig Smith, the President of the HVHSIHA, spoke at the 1st annual coaches/player meeting to its members regarding zero tolerance & cyber bullying in hockey and Theresa Marzec, VP gave an informative speech on concussions which both were well received. Dennis Murphy was invited to speak about the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation that improves the quality of life for children with pediatric brain tumors

and their families. The foundation will be donating a trophy for the HVHSIHA’s All-Star Game that will be at Nassau Coliseum, January 18-20. The highlight of the evening was when Brian Mullen addressed the local hockey community speaking about his experience playing junior hockey for the NJ Rockets, college hockey at the University of Wisconsin and being recruited to play in the NHL. Brian played with the NY Rangers from 1987-1991. Brian had followed up with a Q&A sessions and autographs. The Hudson Valley High School Ice Hockey Association would like to thank the NY Rangers, Brian Mullen, Friends of Jaclyn Foundation and the Mid-Hudson Civic Center for their support. A (Photos submitted by HVHSIHA. Top President Craig Smith welcomes Brian Mullen; Center: Mullen speaks and Bottom: Theresa Marzec with Alec and Chuck Hargreaves during concussion awareness discussion Photos by HVHSIHA)

Dragons Looking to Bright Future!


he Westchester Dragons lost 7-4 to the Philadelphia Jackals after scoring first on the power-play with 1:45 left in the first period. Although they were down 5-1 in the third they put in three goals. Chris Ramondeli had two goals, Sergey Deev, one and Phil Variano, Joe Ramondeli, Andrew Yurk and Denis Danilov had assists. Lukas Harb was in net. Four Dragons have gone off to college careers. Paul Variano to SUNY Binghamton; Sean Pryor to Loyola Maryland; Martin Bartoszewicz, Fordham and Andy Culpepper to CW Post. The Dragons May tryouts yielded enough players for three teams with the best players from Westchester County. The teams have played in the Pre Draft, Chowder Cup, Prudential Center tournaments to give players a chance to push themselves and jell as a team. The Dragons worked with local team owners and formed the IHPL. They felt this was a way to give their players the best experience and prepare them for their varsity high school season and look forward to a positive season at all levels and a long and health AAU presence for years to come. According to Dragons General Manager Rich Gubert, the Dragons are a work in progress. (Article taken from Dragons website).

NY Hockey OnLine

Around the East Section... ...The Green Mountain Ice Cats Pee Wee team bought home the Columbus Fall Classic Tournament championship. ...The Long Island Gulls Bantam A team took part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink jerseys. ...Jeremy Bracco, Long Island Gulls U14 team, has made a commitment to Harvard University for Fall 2015. Jeremy is a freshman at Portledge School and will play for the New Jersey Rockets this season. ...Long Beach Applecore will hold Try Hockey For Free Day on November 3 from 12:30 to 2 p.m. at the City of Long Beach Rink. ...The 2001 Long Island Royals team won the 2012 Warrior AAA Invitational. ...The NY Bobcats swept their season opener against the Philadelphia Little Flyers and went 2-1-0 in the Fall AJHL Showcase. ...Carmine Vetrano has been named the play-by-play broadcaster for the NY Bobcats this season. Vetrano was with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers of the AHL and was also play-by-play announcer for the Brooklyn Aviators Federal team. He is a native of Kings Park, NY. A

East / Page 20


NY Bobcat Recognized

he Atlantic Junior Hockey League named New York Bobcats Pat Schule Offensive Player of the Week for October 8.

Schule, a forward, is a native of Fresh Meadow. He had four goals and two assists at the AJHL’s second Showcase of the season, held Columbus Day weekend in New Hampshire. In game one he had a goal and assist in a 3-2 victory over the Laconia Leafs and in the second game of the day he had a hat trick, including the gamewinner in overtime beating the Cyclones 4-3. He was held scoreless in a 1-0 loss to the Boston Jr. Rangers.

Giving Back to the Community

The Hockey North American adult hockey teams from Westchester (NY) the Ice Breakers vs the Lightning will play a charity game with all money raised going to the New York Raptors. The Saturday, January 12 game will be played at Ebersole Rink in White Plains starting at 3:15 p.m. The second game will be the New York Raptors facing off against the Long Island Blues. The Raptors and the Blues are made up of players who have developmental and other disabilities and are designed to bring the thrill of hockey to players of all abilities. This is a unique program open to children and adults who are unable or ineligible to participate in other organized hockey programs due to their disability. There will also be raffles, food and activities for children between the games. The group is also selling a special program booklet and are looking for advertisers. Ads range from $35 to $750. Anyone wishing to purchase an ad or attend should contact Chris Marcon at or Steve Grossman at

New York Raptors Invitational Winter Classic Saturday, January 12 Ebersole Rink, White Plains (NY)

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East Men’s College Hockey / Page 21




reshman forward Thane Heller and freshman defenseman Luke Jenkins both netted their first collegiate goals in the Third Place game of the opening Icebreaker Tournament In Kansas City. Willie Faust and Josh Kozlak scored their first collegiate goals October 20th against Sacred Heart Senior forward Andy Starczewski (Whitesboro) scored his second career hat trick in Army’s first win of the season—5-2 over visiting Sacred Heart. The two losses at the tournament extended the streak to six consecutive seasons where the Black Knights have lost two straight to begin a new season.

Eastern New York Men’s College Hockey Report



ead coach Matt Alvey’s Vikings will begin the 2012-13 season with a pair of road games against club teams before their home opener October 30th against the University of Albany club team. The conference schedule begins in early November. The team is looking to rebound from a 5-15 season—their worst since 2002-03 when they won three times.

by Warren Kozireski



ophomore goaltender Scott Diebold was named the ECAC Hockey Goalie of the Week for the period ending October 14th. Diebold made 30 saves in Rensselaer’s season opening 3-1 win over then-No. 11 Ferris State in the season opener. As a freshman, the Buffalo native played 10 games, including eight as a starter. He was 2-5-1 with a 3.22 goals against average, a .897 save percentage and one shutout. The impressive opening threepoint weekend against 2011-12 NCAA Frozen Four runner-up Ferris State marked the first time the Engineers started a season with three or more points over the first two games since the 2006-07 campaign.


reshman defenseman Sebastien Gingras was named ECAC Hockey Rookie of the Week for the period ending October 14th. Gingras scored two powerplay goals in Union’s 5-3 win at Bowling Green last Friday night, helping the Dutchmen rally from an early 2-0 deficit. He is the first Union freshman to score two goals in a game since Trevor Mingoia (Fairport) scored twice in a 7-1 win over Dartmouth at Messa Rink on Jan. 7, 2012. In the second game against Bowling Green, sophomore defenseman and Philadelphia draft pick Shayne Gostisbehere recorded his first twogoal game, adding an assist for a three-point night. The two-game sweep at Bowling Green marked the first non-conference two-game series sweep since Oct. 6-7, 2006, when the Dutchmen defeated Ferris State (2-0 and 6-5).



he Valiants, under new head coach Arlen Marshall, open their season November 2-3 at Hobart for two games as they jump into ECAC West conference play immediately. The home opening series is against new program Nazareth November 9-10. A

NY Hockey OnLine

East Women’s Hockey / Page 22

RPI brings in seven freshman Lundberg made 30 saves and this season. Delaney Middlebrook posted a .938 save percentage in comes from Niagara Univesrity, her season debut against rival after NU closes its DI program. Rensselaer Saturday, October 20. Middlebrook comes from MinThe netminder was instrumental neapolis, Minn. where she played in Union’s first-ever win at Housfor St. Paul Academy and the ton Field House making several Minnesora Ice Cats and Minnesota Blades. She is a point-blank saves and converting 5’6” defenseman. a period-high 12 saves in the third stanza to ensure Coming from Clarence Center, NY, is Jenn Godin the 3-2 victory. The Peterbourough, NH native is the who played for the Tabor Academy. She is a 5’5” first Dutchwomen to win the award since Kate Galdefenseman who attdned the USA Developmental lagher who won the award on November 8, 2011. Camp in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. She is the daugh- Coaches Preview (edited) ter of Steve and Tracey Godin. Other incoming freshmen The Union College women’s include Goaltender Sara Till, Rice ice hockey team starts the 2012Academy; Forward Lauren Wash, 2013 season with eight new memNew Jersey Rockets; Forward Albers to the Dutchwomen squad exa Gruschow, Washington Pride; infused with great veteran leaderForward Mari Mankey, Minnesota ship. Coach Claudia Asano BarHopkins High School and Defensecomb enters her sixth season at the man Brandi Banks, Stoney Creek helm of the Dutchwomen and is Junior Sabres. ready to begin the 2012-2013 cam RPI held a Hockey Fun Day in paign. conjunction with World Girls Ice When asked about the goal of Hockey Weekend. Thirty-five girls this upcoming season, Barcomb ranging from age 6 to 16 skated on answered with the team’s motto the RPI ice for two hours, running of the season, “Whatever it takes.” skills contests, free skating and With 14 of their 34 games decided by Janet Schultz holding a relay race. The event was by one goal or less last season, the organized by Brent Hill. 1999 Harvard graduate feels like RPI is 1-3-1 overall as of Octoher team is capable of accomplishber 22. ing great feats this upcoming year. Offensively, the team brings back a well-rounded group of forwards mixed with proven experience and promising youth. Captain Rhianna Kurio leads The Valiants open their season the offense with her superb special teams play, leadat home on November 2 against the ership and skill. Alongside Kurio are seniors Emma University of Mass at Boston. They Rambo, Jeannie Sabourin and Nicole Bartlett. Rambo will then face Saint Anselm at 3 brings forth great special teams play on the penalty p.m. on November 3. kill while Sabourin is an agile and skilled player on offense. Bartlett is a player that is willing to grind it out and executes the game plan effectively. The supporting cast of the Dutchwomen attack include juniors Elsa Bruestle, Mac Purvis and Ste Union is 2-2 after wins over RPI and the Univerfanie Thomson. Bruestle is a “true power forward” sity of Connecticut and losses to Boston Univesrity and a vocal leader amongst the players while the and Northeastern. Co-Most Improved Player Thomson will be look Sophomore goaltender Shenae Lundberg was ing to improve here scoring mark after leading the named ECAC Hockey Goaltender of the Week, the Dutchwomen last season in goals with seven. Purvis league announced on Tuesday, October 23. rounds out the junior class with her positive attitude

East Women’s College Report



NY Hockey OnLine and great work ethic. Despite losing eight letter winners from last season, Barcomb feels that her new line-up will bring an improved depth and drive to the ice. With 16 players returning this season, the new dynamic of players fosters an atmosphere of experience, improvement and willingness to succeed. Much of the team’s veteran experience will be up on offense. With four of the five returning

East Women / Page 23 seniors being forwards, Barcomb expects all of the Class of 2013 players to provide direction and initiative for the Dutchwomen to succeed this season. With another year of experience and the addition of new players comes an electric atmosphere full of opportunity for the 2012-2013 campaign. The message Coach Barcomb and her squad are emphasizing throughout the season is to do “whatever it takes to get

to the playoffs” which the Dutchwomen believe they can accomplish now. A Editor’s Note: Please forward all your press releases to Janet @nyhockeyonline. Janet’s Yahoo address has been deactivated.

Lady Islanders Pink the Rink The Lady Islanders Pinked the Rink in late October with all money raised going to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer. The weekend featured all four teams, 10U, 12U, 14U and 19U playing teams from around the tri-state area, including the Westchester Wild and Brewster Bulldogs. The 14U team hosted a mini-tournament while the rest of the games were regularly scheduled contests. The Dix Hills arena is shared by the Long Island Rebels and Junior Royals, along with the Lady Islanders. The Rebels decked out in pink tape and laces to show their support and the Junior Royals also wore pink. All teams charged a nominal admission to raise funds for the ACS. Along with this event, the Lady Islanders kicked off their Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive to benefit Long Island Cares. In addition the Town of Huntington Councilwoman Susan Berland and the Huntington Youth Council held a Skate Swap.

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Hockey North

Potsdam Drafts 10 Year Old!

NY Hockey OnLine

North Men’s Hockey / Page 25


Former Hobart College Assistant Coach Carl Michaelson was named the new head men’s ice hockey coach. In addition to his extensive coaching experience, Michaelson also played professional hockey for five years and is a former NCAA Division III college hockey standout. In addition to his threeyear stint with Hobart, Michaelson served as owner and operator of Westlake Hockey Development in Montreal, Canada; a program that is currently operating in the Cree Nation of Mistissini, a native reservation located in the James Bay Region of the Province of Quebec. As a player, Michaelson lettered for four years at Hobart earning a bachelor’s of arts degree in economics. On the ice, he served as a captain or assistant captain throughout his career and led the Statesmen to their first ever ECAC West Championship and a berth in the NCAA Tournament. In addition to playing in college, Michaelson played professional hockey overseas in France and Belgium and had a short stint with the Fort Wayne Komets in the United Hockey League. The defending ECHL champion is in the final stages of becoming a Division III competitor and began its new season October 19th at Fredonia. Their home opener is October 26th against Assumption.

Northern New York Men’s College Hockey Report


The Golden Knights retired the #7 jersey on October 20th in honor

by Warren Kozireski

of alum Craig Conroy, who played in the green and gold from 1990-94. He will also be inducted into the Hall of Fame the same evening. Conroy helped to lead the Knights to a 91-30-13 overall record, two ECAC Tournament Championships (1991, 1993), three NCAA Tournament showings (1991, 1992, 1993), including a Frozen Four berth (1991), and an ECAC Regular Season title during his four-year career. He is listed as one of the Knights’ all-time leading scorers with 167 points on 63 goals and 104 assists through 140 career games. Freshman Pat Megannaty and Simon Bessette both scored their first collegiate goals in the opening weekend losses at Colorado College.


Two former hockey players will be among the 2012 class of inductees into the Cardinals Athletic Hall of Fame October 20th—Bryan Murray ’01 and Niklas Sundberg ’02. Murray was a two-time team captain and a member of the 2001 NCAA Men’s Hockey National Championship team that posted a 29-5 record. He received Second Team All-American honors in

2000 and 2001. Murray was also selected to the All-SUNYAC First Team in three consecutive seasons (1998-2001). The Cardinal AllDecade Team member (1995-2004) finished his career with 108 points - good for fifth most by a defenseman and 42nd all-time. Sundberg was also a member of the 2001 NCAA Men’s Hockey National Championship team. During his time at Plattsburgh, he was a two-time All-American and a four-time All-SUNYAC honoree. Sundberg was also named to the SUNYAC All-Tournament Team in 2001 and 2002. He was selected as the SUNYAC Rookie of the Year in 1999 and as a member of the Cardinal All-Decade Team (1995-2004). He still holds the single-season records for save percentage (.946), shutouts (5), goals-against average (1.41) and victories (28). The Cardinals kick off 2012-13 on home ice against Morrisville October 26th.


The Bears play their first four games of the regular season in their temporary home for the campaign— Massena Arena—beginning October 27th versus Morrisville. Maxcy Arena is undergoing a season-long makeover.


Senior captain Kyle Flanagan (Canton) was named the ECAC Hockey Player of the Week for the period ending October 14th after helping the Saints to a split at nationally ranked Western Michigan University.

NY Hockey OnLine Flanagan had three goals and an assist in the two games as the Saints won game one 4-3 in overtime and dropped a 3-2 decision in game two. The senior center set up the season’s first goal on a power play in the first period of the season opener and scored the third Saint goal in the third period, stealing the puck and scoring unassisted. He scored twice, both on the power play, in the 3-2 Saturday loss. The Saints won their season opener for the first time since 2007 and won a road season opener for the first time since 1998-99. A

North Short Takes...

North / Page 26

Bears Draft 10 Year Old Cooke


he SUNY Potsdam men’s hockey team has drafted Hunter Cooketo be an honorary Bear for the 2012-13 season. Potsdam has joined with Team IMPACT to welcome Cooke into its family. Cooke, a 10-year old Hogansburg Cooke shows off his jersey with “Teammates” resident with cystic fibrosis, met Coach Waters, Arnold, Buttitta, Simon and Fogel. Chris Bernard and Bears Brett Waters, (Potsdam Photo) Mike Arnold, Vinny Buttitta, Max Fogel and Ken Simon on October 19, at “We are really excited about the opMaxcy Hall. He talked hockey and video portunity to develop a relationship games with the players, watched a highwith Hunter and his family,” said Bernard. light video and was interviewed by “We want to be there to support Voice of the Bears Chris Engel. Like them anyway they deem necessary or Simon, who is a Massachusetts native, important to continue to help him reach Cooke is a fan of the Boston Bruins. his goals for improved health and im After the introductions, the new Bear proved quality of life in general.” signed his team contract where he Cooke dropped the first puck at the agreed to be a good citizen, a good son Bear’s season opener against St. Miand brother, work hard in school chael’s College at Massena Arena. and represent his team in a positive way. Team IMPACT’s mission is to The Bears then presented him with his improve the quality of life for children own Potsdam jersey. Throughout the seafacing adverse issues and events by estabson, Cooke will attend Potsdam practices lishing and expanding vibrant team-based and home games and visit the Bears in support networks. A their locker room.

...Malone Youth Hockey will hold a Try Hockey For Free Day on November 3 beginning at 10 a.m. ...The girl’s team at Northwoods School took third at the Fall Foliage Tournament in Burlington, VT. ...Saratoga Blue Knights have announced their tournament schedule which includes the Mark Woodcock Pee Wee on January 11-13; Connor LaFrance Squirt/ Midget 16U Invitational, February 8-10; Red,White Blue Cross Ice Jamboree, January 19. Contact Mark Montaque, 518-683-6253 for information. ...Schenectady is holding their Try Hockey For Free Day on November 3 from 4 to 6 p.m. Their Shatterpoint Tournament will be held March 8-10 for Squirts and March 15-17 for Pee Wee and Bantams. ...Troy-Albany has a new website. Check them out at Their Rink Rat 20th Annual Tournament will be held February 15-18 hosted by the Troy-Albany Ice Cats and the Junior

Engineers. ...The Jefferson Jaguars will hold a tournament for Midgets, Bantams and U16 Girls on November 2 and 4 and a Squirt Tournament on January 5 and 6. ...Chazy Hockey will hold a Try Hockey For Free Day on November 3 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Scotts’ Memorial Rink. ...Alumni News: Adirondack Youth Hockey proudly announces the following players heading off to collegiate hockey: Lauren Leeson at the University of Buffalo Lady Ice Bulls and Melanie Green named assistant coach for the Hamilton College Women’s Ice Hockey Team. A

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Potsdam by Coach Green


he 2012-13 SUNY Potsdam women’s hockey team enters its fifth varsity campaign after reaching new heights in 201112. Led by Head Coach Jay Green, the 2012 ECAC West Coach of the Year, and assistant coach and former Bears captain Courtney Laughlin, the Bears went a program best 12-10-3 (78-3 ECAC West), reached the postseason and won their first playoff game. To sustain the success of last season the Bears will have to overcome the losses of several of their top scorers and they’ll have to do it away from the friendly confines of Maxcy Ice Arena. Potsdam lost three of its top six scorers to graduation last season in Annmarie Lewis (17g-15a-32pts), Breanna Roy (9-20-29) and Caitlin Manahan (8-1119). Lewis and Roy left at the top of the Bears’ all-time scoring list. “No question we’ve had some losses that will be tough to overcome,” said Green. “However, we feel in terms of skill level that we have a more balanced lineup this season as well as a few more extra bodies which will be helpful.” There will be some travel involved in every game and practice for the Bears this season as Maxcy is closed for major renovations and will reopen next season. The team will play its home games at Clarkson University’s Cheel Arena and practice at Zappia Community Center in Norfolk, N.Y. While the arrangement won’t be always easy, Green says his players understand and appreciate the sacrifice for a major upgrade to Maxcy. “It’s a bit of an inconvenience this season to have to play our games at Cheel and practice in Norfolk, but the sacrifice is well worth what lies ahead and all of our players understand that,” Green said. “Adversity is good. It’s an opportunity to grow as a person and understand that everything can’t be convenient for you all the time. I’m sure they will adapt to that.” While three of the Bears captain’s

North / Page 27 Golden Knights over the past two years and is expected to bring some offensive punch to the Bears. “It remains to be seen as to who will rise to the top as our strongest new offensive player,” Green added. “Sally Mooney (New Albany, Ohio/Wyoming Seminary) displays the higher skill level, but every forward that we have here possesses the skills and work ethic to become contributing players.” Joining Mooney are Sarah Nelson (Highlands Ranch, Colo./Ottawa Senators), Kakia Ashley (Potsdam, N.Y./Potsdam Ice Storm), Rachel Grefke (Livonia, Mich./Victory Honda) and Natasha Allen (Aspen, Colo./Ontario Hockey Academy). The six sets of fresh legs give the Bears the needed depth they went without last season.

North Women’s College Report by Janet Schultz

from last season graduated, leadership is in no short supply on the current roster. Junior defenseman Brittany Lucky (Kanata, Ontario/Ottawa Senators) gets a promotion from assistant to captain and she will be joined by senior defenseman Katie Komsa (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont./Sault Ste. Marie AA Midget). Senior defenseman Brittany Westlake (Georgetown, Ontario / Brampton Thunder) and junior forward Jenn Crawford (Burlington, Ontario/Stony Creek Sabres) will serve as Potsdam’s assistant captains.

Forward At forward, Crawford and sophomore Izzy Fayerman (Calgary, Alberta/ The Edge) are the Bears top returning scorers and are expected to continue to improve. Also back up front for Potsdam are senior Nadine Cunningham (Bow, N.H./St. Mark’s Prep) and sophomores Emilee Hazelden (Bloomingdale, N.Y./ Northwood School) and Alexandra Holowka (Winnipeg, Manitoba/Balmoral Hall). Six new faces join the offensive ranks in 2012-13. Most notable is junior Division I transfer Amanda Lucky (Kanata, Ontario/Clarkson University). Lucky, Brittany’s twin sister, saw action in 72 games for the Clarkson

Defense Brittany Lucky and Westlake return to anchor Potsdam’s blue line corps and Komsa will make the switch to defense this season. Three freshmen will join the four veterans this season. Kristen Domanski (Brooklin, Ontario/Barrie Sharks) and Katie Marsman (Watagh, N.Y./Wyoming Seminary), who Green refers to as the “Twin Towers”, and Heather Silcott (Waterford, Mich./Victory Honda), who will all play a roll for the Bears this year. Goal The Bears greatest strength season will be between the pipes as they return two battle tested goaltenders in senior Jen Conophy (Glenmont, N.Y./Albany Ice Cats) and junior Dawna Salvarinas (Mississauga, Ontario/Brampton Thunder). Last season, Conophy made 15 starts, posting a career-best 8-5-2 mark with a 3.10 goals-againstaverage, .908 save percentage and a shutout. Salvarinas had a strong season as well. She started 10 games with a 4-51 record, a 3.09 goals-against average, a .903 save percentage and a shutout. Both goalies will continue to split time and cement the back end of Potsdam’s

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North Women’s College Hockey / Page 28

defense. The goal for this addition of the Bears is the same as always: make the playoffs. Green believes it a very realistic objective.



t. Lawrence has begun its season with four losses, two to Clarkson and two to #1 ranked Minnesota in exhibition play. They then lost 5-1 to Cornell opening their season 0-5-0. They take on ECAC rivals Brown and Yale on November 9 and 10, respectively. St. Lawrence is bringing in eight freshman this season. Among them is Webster, NY’s Mikaela Thompson who played in goal for the Rochester Edge. Along with Mikaela are Forward Jenna Marks, Shattuck St. Mary’s;’ Defenseman Dominique Korakianitis, Bluewater Hawks; Defenseman Abbey McRae, Loomis Chaffee; Forward Sydney Bell, Pittsburgh Penquins Elite; Defenseman Victoria Leimgardt, Mississagua Chiefs; Forward Kailee Heidersback, Checaj Mission and Goaltender Giulia Mazzocchi, Eu Bozen Eagles.



he Golden Knights are 5-1 overall in the first of the season outings. They will now face Yale on November 9 and Brown on November 10, both at home. The freshman class includes Renala Fast, Burlington Barracudas; Olivai Howe, Notre Dame Hounds; Cayley Mercer, Bluewater Junior Hawks; Erin Ambrose, Toronto Junior Aeros and Shannon MacAulay, Warner Warriors.



adio Station 101.3 ESPN “College Hockey Overtime” will be hosted by Chris Villani from 7 to 8 p.m. and focus on DIII hockey in Vermont and New York. Schools include Plattsburgh, Castleton, Middlebury and Norwich. You can also hear the station on-line at Plattsburgh is at home against Chatham on November 3 and 4. Canton The SUNY Canton women’s ice hockey team made history October 19 when they played their first ever game in their

inaugural season. The Roos took on the University of Massachusetts, one of the top teams in the American Collegiate Hockey League, in their seasonopener and the Minutemen skated to a 6-0 victory. The two teams met again and Massachusetts came out on top 10-0. Freshman goalie Tori Taylor (Hokah, Minn.) made her debut in a Roos uniform and had a terrific night finishing with 48 saves. Freshman Alyssa Altschuler (Cheshire, Conn.) played in goal the following night. “I thought we put up a great battle on Friday against one of the top teams in the country,” said first-year head coach Melissa Lomanto. “We had a short bench but we had a great effort and played extremely hard for 60 minutes. On Saturday I thought we played a terrific third period” SUNY Canton will compete in the American Collegiate Hockey Association and the Eastern Collegiate Women’s Hockey League during their first season. Canton’s roster is made up of a majority of New York State girls including Grace Lyon (Winthrop/St. Lawrence Center), Caty Darling (Oswego/Oswego High), Keri Dempsey (Wappingers Falls/SUNY Potsdam), Isreal Tyler (Canton/Canton High), Stephanie Hyde (Massena/North Country Storm), Heather Richards (Lisbon/Clarkson Club), Devyn Hutchinson (Oswego/Oswego High), Steph Kushnir (Goshen/Trinity Pawling) nd Karley Cree (Hogansburg/Salmon River Central). Canton will play at the University of Buffalo on November 17 and 18 and be home to the University of Vermont on November 30. They will host the SUNY Canton Jamboree December 1 with teams from the Canadian Hockey Institute, SUNY Oswego and the University of Vermont. A

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RIT Women Begin Season as D1 Contenders! Buffalo Stars Retire Jerseys at Home Opener! West Seneca’s Refurbished Rink!

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West / Page 30

RIT Breaks Ground on New Arena Target: 2014 Season ROCHESTER, NY - A new athletic venue and multi-purpose facility will soon rise on the Rochester Institute of Technology landscape. University leaders and dignitaries broke ground on October 18 on the 4,150-seat Gene Polisseni Center on the south side of campus. Construction will continue for two years with an opening planned for the 2014-2015 season for the Division I men’s and women’s hockey teams.

 “The popularity of our hockey teams has grown so much that we can’t handle ticket demand from our fans,” says RIT President Bill Destler. “The Gene Polisseni Center will allow us to accommodate our fans and attract prominent teams

from across the nation to play the Tigers on campus. The arena will also be a wonderful venue for the Rochester community to converge on the RIT campus.”

 The Gene Polisseni Center will nearly double the current capacity of 2,100 spectators at Ritter Arena and provide modern amenities that will significantly enhance the game experience for Tigers fans. BBB Architects, a world-renowned architectural firm based in Toronto, created the arena’s design. The firm specializes in sports and entertainment venues, serving as architects for the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, General Motors Place in Vancouver, and the current redesign of Madison Square

Garden in New York City. LeChase Construction Services, based in Rochester, has been selected to build the facility and manage its construction.

 The Gene Polisseni Center site is directly south of the Student Alumni Union and adjacent to the existing athletic turf field. The location creates an “athletics spine” running north to south between the residence halls and the university’s academic corridor. Additional sporting and student recreation facilities within close proximity to the new arena include Clark Gymnasium, Gordon Field House and Activities Center, RIT Stadium, the turf field, tennis courts and the Frank Ritter Arena, which will continue to remain open as an ice

NY Hockey OnLine skating venue.

 “Hockey has been a unifying force at RIT, so the location will be at the heart of campus,” says Mary-Beth Cooper, senior vice president of student affairs. “Enhancing the fan experience is among the key priorities in the design of the new arena.”

 “This is a huge step for both of our hockey programs,” adds Lou Spiotti, executive director of intercollegiate athletics. “It paves the way for more team progress, stronger campus spirit and student engagement, and enhanced connections with our alumni and the greater Rochester community.”

 More than $9 million of the targeted $15 million fundraising goal has been raised as a result of Tiger Power play – The Campaign for RIT Hockey. The multipurpose facility will cost about $35 million. RIT is developing a business plan for the venue’s operation intended to cover the remaining expenses. A $4.5 million partnership between the Polisseni Founda-

West/ Page 31 tion and RIT trustee B. Thomas Golisano, founder and chairman of Paychex Inc., resulted in the naming of the facility as the Gene Polisseni Center.

 RIT alumni Stephen Schultz ’89 (computer science), co-founder and chief technical officer at Pictometry, and his wife, Vicki Schultz ’94, ’99 (business administration, MBA), presented the campaign’s opening gift of $1 million in 2010. Trans-Lux Corp. and RIT alumnus J.M. Allain ’03 (multidisciplinary studies) also issued an additional $1 million commit-


 Square footage: The Gene Polisseni Center will be approximately 105,000 square feet, which is about three times the size of Ritter Arena.

 Seats: Total capacity for hockey games is 4,500. This includes approximately 4,150 seats, plus standing room for about 350.

Suites: Four suites, with seating capacity of 12 to 16 each. In addition, the arena will have 400 to 600 club seats. All suites and club seats will include access to the high-end club lounge.

 Ice Size: 85 feet by 200 feet (NHL size)

 Concession areas: There will be a variety of locations and menu options, including some higher-end options.

Handicap accessible: Available in all seating areas (suites, club seats, Corner Crew, and home and visitor’s sides).

 Scoreboard: Trans-Lux Corp. and RIT alumnus J.M. Allain ’03 (multidisciplinary studies) issued a $1 million commitment to the campaign. Allain, Trans-Lux president and CEO, will donate a center-hung electronic scoreboard for the arena. The company is a leading sup-

ment to the campaign. Allain, Trans-Lux president and CEO, will donate a center-hung electronic scoreboard for the arena. The company is a leading supplier of programmable electronic information displays. 
The future arena will be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.
 For more information on the Tiger Power Play campaign, go to


plier of programmable electronic information displays.

 RIT Athletics Hall of Fame: The arena will feature a bright and spacious lobby focused on RIT spirit. The Hall of Fame will be incorporated into the main atrium and will feature beautiful and high-tech displays highlighting RIT’s Athletics Hall of Fame inductees and our proud athletics history.

 Corner Crew: Corner Crew seating areas will be much expanded and will keep the Crew at the same end as the opposing goalie for two periods. This space will keep the Pep Band adjacent to the Corner Crew and affords plenty of room for expanding the Corner Crew section.


• While primarily designed for hockey, the Gene Polisseni Center will serve as a multipurpose venue.

• The team benches will remain on opposite sides of the ice, as in Ritter Arena.

• The Polisseni Center will feature multiple entry points for fans, both pedestrian and those driving onto campus.

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West/ Page 32

Buffalo Stars Home Opener Salute to Our Troops Alumni Honored


he Jersey’s favor. On BufSaturday, New Jersey falo posted a 4-0 shutout Ceremonial puck drop by retired Army serviceman. Stars Juniors over the Stars. celebrated In other games their home opener with their Annual Salute to the that day Tonawanda American Troops on October 13 and 14. defeated the Bantam The Stars Empire Junior Team hosted the Majors 3-0 and the Jersey Wildcats on the ice. Southtowns Stars de Off ice they collected gift cards that were do- feated the Stars Squirt nated to the New York Air National Guard 107th Air- Minors 3-0. 2012-13 Buffalo Stars Empire Junior lift Wings’ Family Readiness Group and conducted a The Buffalo Captain Michael Harris Chinese Auction that benefited the Wounded Warriors Stars organization Project. consists of over 300 players from Minor It was also an evening to pay tribute Squirt through Junior, two girls teams and to three players who made their mark in the two women’s teams along with a beginner/ Stars organization. cross ice program. The jerseys of Joey Rohm, Steve Their motto: Success is a Marathon... Kinney and Mike Flately were retired. One shift at a time! A Midget faceoff Flately serves as an assistant coach with the Empire Junior team and will take the helm of the midget franchise in the National Junior Prospects Hockey League that was purchased Steve Kinney, Mike Flately and Joey Rohm following the raising of their by the Stars and will begin next season. jerseys in retirement. (Photos by Janet Schultz) The Stars Empire Junior Team also presented the “C” to Mike Harris and the “A” to Patrick Schmelzinger and Justice Rogers. Their game days were filled with action as the Stars Bantam Majors played Tonawanda, the Squirt Minors played Southtowns and on Sunday, the Stars Junior Empires faced the New Jersey Wildcats for a second time. In the first game on Friday evening, the Stars scored two power-play goals. The first coming in the first period by Blake Germony, assisted by Kyler Johnson and Erik Andersson. The second game at 48 seconds into the third period by Jacob Lezynski, assisted by Patrick Schnelzinger. The score 7-2 in

NY Hockey OnLine

West / Page 33

West News and Notes ...The Wheatfield Blades Women are back with Amanda Todd, Melissa Jeckovich, Katie Stack, Lauren Blas, Lauren McDermott, Robin M Closs, Erica Sabrina Owczarczak, Tamara Stewart, Linda Groff-Mroz, Brittany Fields, and Christine Williams. They took on a tough Niagara University Club team, losing 6-4 in a “long game.” ...The Buffalo Stars have appointed James Doersam as director of scouting, recruitment and college placement.Doersam will be responsible to oversee all scouting and recruitment of potential players into the Buffalo Stars organization. In addition, he will serve as the point person for the Junior and Midget Players in assisting them with advancement opportunities into higher levels of Junior and eventually college hockey. Doersam, a lifelong member of the Stars youth organization (Buffalo Hornets), was Associate Coach for the Iowa State ACHA team the past 4 seasons. He moved back to Buffalo this past year and has been serving as the Stars Empire interim Junior Associate Coach since Training Camp. ...The Niagara Junior Puple Eagles will hold their Thanksgiving Tournament on November 23, 24, 25 and heir Patriots Day Tournament February 16-18. Contact for more information. ...North Chautauqua Youth Hockey has launched a new website at www. The CYHA Annual Steelers Spaghetti Dinner, which is open to the public, will be held November 18 from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Fredonia Beaver Club, 64 Prospect Street, Fredonia. Cost is $7. There

will also be a Chinese Auction. ...Perinton Youth Hockey will hold Try Hockey for Free Day on November 3 from 10 to 11 a.m. Coach Nick Pierandri’s Midget Major AAA Team held a clinic for PYH Mites and Squirts in October and reported that everyone had a great time. Pee Wee Major (SIR) team won Cleveland’s Rock N Roll Cup over Columbus Day. ...Southtowns Stars March Classic has been scheduled for March 1-3 at Leisure Rinks in Hamburg. ...The Tonawanda Lightning’s 21st Annual Tournament will be March 10-17. ...Webster Youth Hockey will host the 13th Annual Boulter Tournament on March 1-3. You can apply on line. ...West Seneca’s Squirt Minor went undefeated in the 2003’s AAA Rochester Invitational (White) Tournament in September. They defeated the Westchester Express 3-2; Kingston Canadiens 4-3; Mercer Chiefs 4-2 and tied the Huron Perth Lakers 3-3. In the semi-finals they met up with and took the New Jersey Devils 3-1 and in the championship match they beat the Oshawa Minor Generals 3-0. ...Wheatfield Blades will host their First Mite March Madness Tournament March 1-3. Contact Duf1807@ for information. This is a full ice tournament hosted by the AAU and the Blades. A

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Stars Girls 19U Start Strong (By Dawn Robinson, Buffalo Stars)


t’s that time of year again and the Buffalo Stars Girls 19U team started the season strong with a second place finish at the 9th Annual Ignite the Ice Tournament in Cleveland, OH held by the Ohio Flames. This coaching staff enjoys the Cleveland trip not only because it’s the first tournament of the new season, but they take this tournament to see how the summer off has affected the team. We then start working on those skills immediately. We felt that we tough draw for the weekend, but the players were up for the challenge. First up for the Stars Friday afternoon a team from Burlington, Ontario Canada the Barracuda’s. In a game that the goaltenders from Buffalo stole, the Stars came out with a 1- 0 victory. Saturday morning the girls took on the Columbus Blue Jackets. The girls executed the game plan perfectly, scoring 5 goals in the last 8 minutes of the game, rolling to a 5 – 0 win. Later that afternoon they faced the Chicago Falcons and won 3-2. By allowing only 2 goals in the round robin the Stars secured first place in the crossover Sunday morning. Continued on next page

NY Hockey OnLine Sunday morning Buffalo faced another team from Ontario, the Stoneycreek Sabres. Only allowing 12 shots in the game, the Stars skated to a 3-0 win and moved into the Championship game. Buffalo faced Durham West Lightning in the finals. In a closely matched game, Buffalo’s special teams gave up 2 power play goals late in the game and an empty netter in a 4-1 defeat. The 2012 -2013 Buffalo Stars are - in net Margaret Janiga and Lauren Orynawka, on “D” Brandi Bauer, Alyssa Cardina, Brianna Cardina, Alexa Ditonto – forwards are Meghan Fonfara, Marissa Janiga, Claudia Koenig, Amanda Krauss, Megan Niesyty, Bernadette O’Connell, Kathryn Ryan, Lizz Stoner, Courtney Thornton and Jamie Wheeler. Up next for the Buffalo Stars the Rochester Fire on Ice Tournament the first weekend in November . A

West / Page 34

WNYGVIH Third Season Begins The WNY Girl’s Varsity Ice Hockey Federation will begin its third season when West Seneca takes on Kenmore on Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 8 p.m. at the Lincoln Arena. Nine schools fielded seven teams two years ago and the competition has been action-packed for both years. Other November games include Lancaster vs Orchard Park/Frontier at 4 p.m. November 29 at the Nike Arena, Kenmore vs Monsignor Martin at 4:30 p.m. November 29 at the North Buffalo Rink and Amherst/Sweet Home vs Williamsville, Thursday, 7 p.m. Thursday, November 29 at Amherst Northtowns.

Monsignor Martin (left) won the WNY Girls Varsity Ice Hockey championship and Kenmore won the Section VI Championship in 2012.


Makysmum & Sports Centre Reach Agreement

aksymum Hockey, one of the leading hockey development companies in the Rochester market has signed a 5 year agreement with the Sports Centre at Monroe Community College. The Sports Centre at Monroe Community College home base for Maksymum Hockey. The agreement includes office space, sports performance training space, hockey shooting training rooms, lockers rooms for two Junior Hockey teams, and ice time for private and group hockey lessons. “My partners and I are excited to establish a new long term relationship with the Sports Centre,” Dave Maksymiu, Owner of Maksymum Hockey said. “We look forward to

working hand in hand with the new ownership group. This is a situation where all parties benefit, especially the local hockey community.” “We are thrilled to have Maksymum Hockey on board for an additional 5 years,” said Chris Woodworth, Director or Programming & Marketing at the Sports Centre. “They are one of the nation’s leading hockey development companies, and a staple in the Rochester Hockey community.” The Sports Centre at Monroe Community College is a 170,000 square foot, multi-sport facility located on the campus of Monroe Community College. It is home to 4 NHL sized ice rinks, a Bill Grays Restaurant, Tap Room and Snack Bar,

Locker Room Sports hockey store, Maksymum Hockey, City Brew Coffee and Xtreme Sight Performance Center. It is also the training facility for the Rochester Americans and home to MCC Ice Hockey, Nazareth Ice Hockey, Rochester Youth Hockey and numerous other organizations. Maksymum Hockey is one of the nation’s leading hockey development companies, specializing in one-onone private hockey lessons for players of all ages, levels and positions, including goaltenders. Sudents range in age and experience from 4 year old beginners to 20 year old major college and junior players. For more information, visit www. A

NY Hockey OnLine


West Men’s College / Page 35

The Golden Eagles welcomed 14 freshmen to the squad including Chris Luker (New Hartford) via the Buffalo Jr. Sabres and Chase Nieuwendyk, the nephew of NHL Hall of Famer and former Cornell Big Red forward Joe Nieuwendyk. After the season opener against Nazareth, the team jumps right into conference play for four straight. They will participate in the Rutland Herald Invitational Thanksgiving weekend against Castleton and either Tufts or Manhattanville.

tender Peter Dudek (Cheektowaga) are among seven freshmen. The Bengals open conference play with three consecutive home games against Brockport (10/26), Geneseo (10/27) and Morrisville (11/2) before a nine-game road run for the rest of the 2012 portion of the schedule.

Western New York Men’s College Hockey Report by Warren Kozireski


Nick Melligan (Sanborn) and Mike Zanella (Ithaca) scored two of the three goals in the Bengals exhibition game against Penn State to open the season. Ben Kramer (Great Neck), Cory Gurski (Hilton) and goal-


Sophomore goaltender Keegan Asmundson earned Atlantic Hockey Rookie of the Week honors by posting a 3-1 win in his first career game against

Six Exciting Home Games in November! Canisius vs. Clarkson Saturday, Nov. 3 • 3:05 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 4 • 3:05 p.m.

Canisius vs. Niagara Friday, Nov. 16 • 7:05 p.m.

Canisius vs. Robert Morris Friday, Nov. 9 • 7:05 p.m.

Canisius vs. AIC Saturday, Nov. 24 • 4:05 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 25 • 4:05 p.m.

for tickets, call (716) 888-2885 or All home games at Buffalo State Sports Arena

NY Hockey OnLine

Alaska-Fairbanks. He stopped the first shots and became the first Griff to earn a victory in his first career game since Ryan Hatch on Oct. 22, 2005. Sophomore Matthew Grazen (East Amherst) scored the third goal of his collegiate career in the same Fairbanks game. Junior defenseman Duncan McKellar netted his first collegiate goal for the Griffs’ lone goal October 20th at Western Michigan.


Former Kats goaltender Bryan Kalczynski has signed to play for the Cape Cod Bluefins of the Federal Hockey League. The Tonawanda native played the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons at ECC, leading the Kats to back-to-back NJCAA Tournament runner-up finishes. He earned NJCAA All-America honors following the 2009-10 campaign. Over two seasons he recorded 30 wins in two seasons and posted a 1.88 GAA with a .930 save percentage. The Kats open conference play when they host Broome CC November 3rd in Cheektowaga.


Head coach Jeff Merideth, beginning his 25th season behind the Blue Devils bench, has six freshmen on the roster as they began the new campaign including forward John DeFeo from Glen Head. The Blue Devils play their first three SUNYAC games on home ice before four consecutive road

West Men’s College / Page 36

contests into mid-November.


Hicksville native A.J. Sgarglio and Buffalo defenseman Dennis Playfair—son of former Sabres defenseman Larry Playfair—are among ten freshmen to wear the blue and white this season. After splitting their seasonopening home-and-home with upstart Nazareth, the Knights jump right into conference play with four games and will play all six November contests on home ice.


The Tribunes begin defense of their 2011-12 national championship when they begin their NJCCA schedule against Mohawk Valley CC the day before Halloween. National Player of the Year Dan Turgeon is back as is playoff MVP Tom Dehr in goal.


Not sure even head coach George Roll could dream of the way his Golden Flyers began their ice hockey era—with a win in front of a large crowd in overtime. Freshmen goaltender Ed Zdolshek made 50 saves and defenseman Reed Smith scored in overtime for a 3-2 victory over Geneseo in the first collegiate game in Nazareth history.


Junior Patrick Divjak set a career high with three assists in a 3-3 tie at Michigan State October 20th. Rocky Gruttadauria (Spencerport/Junior Sabres) earned his first career point when he scored the first goal of the game against Bowling Green while Matt Chartrain picked up an assist on the play for his first point. Dan Kolenda got his point with a helper in the win over Mercyhurst. The 10-2 loss at Colgate in the season’s second game tied the team record for most goals allowed. They previously allowed ten goals at Nebraska-Omaha in 2006. The Purple Eagles are home for four of their seven November contests. They travel to battle cross-town rival Canisius November 16th.


The Tigers annual Homecoming game at Rochester’s Blue Cross Arena was a sellout for the third consecutive year and marked the seventh time the school has played before crowds exceeding 10,000 fans. The season-opening upset of third-ranked Michigan was the second highest team the Tigers have beaten since turning Division I. The highest was #2 Denver at the NCAA East Regional in 2010. Continued on Page 40

NY Hockey OnLine


he RIT women opened their DI Inaugural Season with wins over Sacred Heart and Yale. Their only CHA game came with two losses to Mercyhurst. A big win came when the women played Yale in Blue Cross Arena as part of Homecoming Weekend. It was the first time the women have played in that arena to a loud and excited crowd on a Saturday afternoon. The RIT women’s hockey team (3-3-0) used a balanced attack to defeat Yale (0-2-0) by a score of 3-0 on Saturday afternoon at Blue Cross Arena in downtown Rochester. The game was part of RIT’s Brick City Homecoming and Family Weekend. Previously Kim Schlattman was named CHA Player of the Week for October 7. Another first for RIT Women’s Hockey in the DI CHA. Schlattman had four goals and an assist in a pair of wins over Sacred Heart. In game one she had the opening goal and in game two she had a power play goal and RIT’s first shorthanded goal as a D1 contender. Schlattman leads RIT with 4 goals and an assist. RIT faces Syracuse, Brown and Colgate in November

University of Buffalo


he Lady Ice Bulls opened their season against the Niagara University Purple Eagles, with five players from the DI program no longer in existence. After a hard fight the Lady Ice Bulls lsot 6-4. They followed up with a 4-4 tie with Vermont

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Western New York Women’s College Hockey Report by Janet Schultz

followed by a 5-4 win over Vermont. The women easily took Skppery rock in back to back wins of 12-3 and 10-3. Their next two games were losses over what has become a big rivalary with California University (Pa). Leading the scoring at UB is Cheektowaga’s Chrissy Wolcott with 9 goals, 1 assist through October 14. She comes from the West Seneca Wings program. Katelyn Bothwell has 8 points and Kasey Seidlinger, 7 pts. UB has added two games, one against the Niagara County Coyotes Senior B Women’s team at 8 p.m. November 30 at Hyde Park and a game against the Wheatfield Blades, to be announced. Next up is the University of Rhode Island on November 3 and 4 and Northeastern on November 10 and 11. They return home November 17 and 18 against the Canton Kangaroos. This is the Roos inaugural season.

Buffalo State College


oach Rob Burke and his team have one goal this season--to make the ECAC West Playoffs. However, it will be a tight run in the division. While he sees Plattsburgh as coming in first and being the toughest competitor, the rest of the spaces are up for grabs. Although Elmira lost quality to graduation they have some transfers who can score and Utica hasn’t lost many so they look to come into third, possibly. Burke sees the fourth through sixth places fighting for positioning. Excited about his new recruits, Buffalo’s own Nikki Kirchberger is bringing a progressive spirit with her. She is exciting to watch and excited to be playing at Bufflao State. She has confidence in her hockey abilities and a progressive spirit. Nikki played for the West Seneca High Girls Varsity team and for the Buffalo Regals. Kara Goodwin comes from Lindenwood University and is a native of Avon Lake,Ohio. Goodwin also comes with confidence and is bringing nothing but positives with her. She also played for the Ohio Flames and her year at Lindenwood has helped her improve her game. She had two goals in their exihibition game against Niagara Falls. Sarah Quigley comes in as the new goalie who will be competing for ice time. She has great spirit, energy and has potential to be one of the best goalies Buff State has had. She played for National Sports Academy and Burke sees her as challenging Goalie Jordan Lee. Continued on Page 40

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Starting the New Season With A Celebration West Seneca Rink Refurbished, Rededicated Girls U12 Team Honored


n Sunday, October 14 the West Seneca Youth Hockey Association celebrated the beginning of the season with a ceremony reopening the West Seneca Ice Rink. After a year-long renovation project which included new pipes, new lighting, lots of paint, installation of energy efficient refrigeration, new dasher boards, new doors and windows and scheduling new mats to be put in next summer, West Seneca Town Supervisor Sheila M. Meegan cut the ribbon on the facility. It was also a special day for the families of four young hockey players who lost their lives at a young age. The four locker rooms have been named in memory of Luke Gould, Jimmy Quinlivan, David Roustum and Joseph Ciancio. The celebration didn’t end there as the Town passed out certificates of congratulations to the West Seneca 12U Girls Ice Hockey Team that brought a 2012 NYSAHA Tier II 12U championship home and sent them to Frisco, Texas for the Nationals, which they lost in the finals. The revitalization is one part of several projects being carried on in the town. “Today is a great day, today is about family,” said Meegan. “This is a building that is a home away from home for our hockey families. It’s a day to share the camaraderie that we’ve shared through the years. “It was an honor to represent West Seneca at Lake Placid and in Texas,” said Coach Dellaneve. “The end of the season was a surprise and everyone pitched in and made the job easy. We set our goals high at the beginning of the year; had lots of fun and lots of camaraderie. “It’s amazing the number of things that went into going to Texas. These girls weren’t on anyone’s radar screen. We got better every day which built our confidence. We finished second in the nation. This was a once in a lifetime and I can’t thank you

NY Hockey OnLine enough.” “On behalf of thousands of players and hundreds of volunteers we thank you for making all of these improvements,” said West Seneca President Dick Lynch. “The new leadership in Town got this done. It’s a good day for the Town of West Seneca and for hockey.” Cutting the ribbon on the new facility are (pictured above left) Meegan, Town Councilman John Rusinski, West Seneca Wings President Dick Lynch and Councilman Gene Hart. The first thing people notice is the absence of the yellow lighting. The rink is now bright (center photo). The 12U girls along with Coach Rocco Dellaneve receive congratulations from the Town Board and residents. “It was so much fun (going to Texas),” said Janelle Piatt, one of the 12U girls. “It was so big, so much you didn’t expect. It was like a dream,” she continued. “I knew there would be high standards and I was nervous. “We had played one of the teams before and knew they were good. We lost but it was still good.” “We need to step it up to repeat and that is our plan,” she continued. “They were challenging games but a lot of fun,” said Stoklosa. “We’re trying again this year.” According to Town employee Matt English, the rink began having problems two years ago. “We were putting money into it and at one point weren’t sure if the rink was going to open,” he explained. “It just got to the point things would have to be taken care of.” There was a push to build a new rink but when they realized that wasn’t going to happen they began plans to refurbished the current facility. The old equipment was 25 to 30 years old, the building wasn’t energy efficient and everyone commented on the dark, yellow lighting. All that has been redone and next year new matting will go in. “The mats couldn’t be done this year because the building has to be at a certain temperature that can’t be maintained at this point in the season,” said English. It’s estimated they will have made $2 million in renovations once the rink is complete. A

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Kandra Peters comes from the Senior forward Jeff Smith was named Atlantic Hockey Washington Wild of Brier, WashingAssociation Player of the Week for the period ending ton. Peters is listed as a defenseman October 14th after scoring two goals with two assists but she has been used as a forward. during their weekend split with Michigan. She shows good hockey sense, was Freshman forward Dan Schuler (Webster) registered his first collein the right place at the right time all giate point—an assist—in his first collegiate game at Michigan. the time positionally. She has a hard Former Tigers standout Al Vyverberg nose work ethic. She was there for a (Pittsford) was among six inductees in the rebound the first game and pounded it Class of 2012 into the RIT Athletic Hall of in. Fame October 21st. In his four seasons, he Canastota native Alison Mesh scored 139 points ranking him 14th on the comes from the Central New York all-time scoring list. He also recorded five Bobcats. She’s a late recruit, a tall forcareer hat tricks. He was team Rookie of the ward with good hands and she’ll have Year in 1973 and Best Offensive Player in 1975. to continue to work on her strength He also guided the Tigers to their first-ever and conditioning but has the potential ECAC playoffs. His best individual effort came for a quick upward learning curve. against Brockport in 1976 when he tallied three She’s gaining confidence everyday, goals and two assists. During his career, RIT according to Burke. played in the Finger Lakes Hockey League Emily Wyse is a Amherst native where Al was All-League as a freshman. He is the former school record who spent last season with Neumann holder with 35 assists in a season and seven points in a game. For the University. She also plays soccer. She past 25 years, Al has coached McQuaid Jesuit High School, guiding the was injured at Neumann. He’s taking team to four sectional crowns, one regional title and the New York State a chance on her, she was on NeuChampionship in 2005. A mann’s team and they are in Buffalo’s league and he felt she would fit into the roster. Captaining the team is Lauren Mallo, a senior who is returning to that leadership role. Rio Flynn will assist her, as would Mel White, now on an 8-month recovery from injury. The Bengals made the playoffs in 2009-10 but have been in eighth place for the past two seasons. “We have a point to prove and Captains have done a great job in the pre-season to get the girls on the right track,” said Coach Burke. Academics is also a key at Buffalo State. For the past several years the Grade Point Average has been 3.0, which is a good mark for student/athletes. “We are a good academic team and that was one of my goals when I came here,” said Coach Burke. “We’ve been in the top 3 of 19 teams on campus.” Burke also noted that his returning players are coming back in better shape this year than in the past. At this level he cannot mandate summer workouts but they can do voluntary workouts and Coaches hope they are part of that culture. This is Coach Burke’s seventh year behind the bench at Buffalo State. This is also the first year in his tenure that all the returners who could come back are coming back. Most times some transfer to another college, don’t come back due to grades or other reasons. So this year he sees the returning chemistry as being consistent and back in place at the start of the season. “The team seems nice and tight and that translates onto the ice,” explains Burke. “When you’re having a good time, it’s amazing you feel good about yourself, your teammates and the whole thing and that helps on the ice performance,” said Burke. The Bengals, with positive chemistry, higher athleticism, the highest fitness level ever before, and the highest hockey IQ he has seen makes their goal to make the playoffs is most assuredly on the horizon. The Bengals go to Neumann and Chatham before returning home to Chatham on November 17. A

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NYS Women’s Collegiate Club Ice Hockey Niagara University

Coached by Jason Elliott with co-presidents LeAnna Kozlowski and Megan Murphy assisting him. The NU Women have started off the season perfectly with a 5-0. They beat the University of Buffalo, Geneseo, and Syracuse outscoring them 34-13. NU is an independent team working on entering the ACHA next season. They play 15-20 games a season and each player is required to complete at least 3 hours of community service each semester. This year, with the loss of NU’s Women’s DI program, Paige Sasser, who saw no action in 2010-11 as a member of the NU DI team was named to the All Academic Team that season. Natasha Fryer, serving NU as assistant captain this season, played in 30 games and had 3 goals in 2010-11 and had a goal and an assist in 2011-12. Carleah Angeles, who is captaining this year’s team, had one point in 2010-11 for the DI team. NU travels to Amherst to take on UB on November 1 at 9 p.m. They will then host Oswego at 9:30 p.m. on November 2 at Dwyer Arena followed by the Buffalo Hornets on Nov. 17 at 9:30 p.m.

SUNY Cortland

Chelsea Gelman, president of the Cortland Women’s Club Ice Hockey Team, will be keeping us informed on Cortland Club Ice Hockey. This is their second season of play, after Gelman started the club last season. They have 34 players with experience levels from beginner to experienced. They play other club teams from Syracuse, Colgate, Cornell and Oswego with 25 games scheduled for this season.

They beat Syracuse in their first game of the season, 5-2. Their schedule includes a trip to Connecticut and Massachusetts to play UConn and Smith and to Pennsylvania for a match-up with West Chester in February. In addition they do community service projects that benefit local and national organizations. They raised $600 plus for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundaiton and have scheduled an Autism Awareness Game for November 11. Another Breast Cancer Awareness Game will be held December 1 against Colgate and they will also participate in the Relay for Life on December 1.


Colgate’s Women’s Club Ice Hockey team is run by Karen Kelley ‘13, Krissy Incavo ‘13 and Halle Freiman ‘13. We hope to have news from them in our next issue.


Cornell hosts a Women’s Club Ice Hockey team that is independent. Serving as president is Alyssa Murrett; vice president, Emily Devins; treasurer, Emily ‘Eisenhut and secretary, Ginette Cornett. Editors Note: We’d also love to hear from Geneseo, Union, Brockport, Canisius, D;Youville and Syracuse. We do not have contact names for these organizations. Also, not familiar with other colleges in North, East and Central.

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USA Hockey News National Team Development Program (USA Hockey Media Release) U18s UPENDED BY CORNELL UNIVERSITY: Will Butcher (Sun Prairie, Wis.) and Shane Eiserman (West Newbury, Mass.) each scored for the Under-18 Team but Team USA was upended, 6-2, on Oct. 19, at James Lynah Arena. The Big Red scored three straight goals in the first period before Butcher put the U.S. on the board with a power play tally. Tyler Motte (St. Clair, Mich.) and Frankie Vatrano (East Longmeadow, Mass.) collected assists on the goal. Eiserman’s goal, a shorthanded marker to open the second frame, cut Cornell’s lead to 3-2. Kevin Labanc (Staten Island, N.Y.) registered the lone assist. Cornell responded with another three-goal outburst to hand the U.S. a 6-2 loss. U18s BLANK OSWEGO STATE: Thatcher Demko (San Diego, Calif.) made 31 saves as the U.S. National Under-18 Team blanked Oswego State University on Oct. 20, at the Campus Center Ice Arena. It was Demko’s second shutout of the season. A first period tally by Kevin Labanc was all the U.S. needed to earn the victory; Will Butcher assisted on the goal. Shane Eiserman added an insurance goal in the third frame off of passes from Hudson Fasching (Burnsville, Minn.) and Gage Ausmus (East Grand Forks, Minn.). U18s CLIP INDIANA IN THIRD PERIOD: Evan Allen (Sterling Heights, Mich.) had two goals and one assist as the U.S. National Under-18 Team clipped the Indiana Ice, 6-4, on Oct. 23, at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube. Team USA took a 2-0 lead into the first intermission on goals by Tyler Kelleher (Longmeadow, Mass.) and Shane Eiserman. The U.S. increased its lead at 2:17 of the second stanza when Kevin Labanc deposited the puck into the net. Allen notched his first goal of the game at 7:04 to give the U.S. a 4-0 advantage. Indiana mounted its comeback attempt midway through the second period, scoring two goals before

time expired in the frame. The Ice tallied back-to-back goals to open the third period and tied the contest, 4-4. With just 1:36 left on the clock, Allen netted the eventual game-winning score. Michael McCarron (Macomb, Mich.) and Clint Lewis (Burnsville, Minn.) assisted on the marker. Tyler Motte added a late goal to seal the victory, 6-4. U17s SUFFER SETBACK ON ROAD IN USHL: The U.S. National Under-17 Team fell to the Des Moines Buccaneers, 10-1, on Oct. 19. Jared Fiegl (Parker, Colo.) scored the lone goal for Team USA; Joe Wegwerth (Brewster, N.Y.) collected the assist. Des Moines opened scoring at 2:14 of the first frame and doubled its lead at 5:41 before Fiegl notched the first goal for Team USA. Two second period goals by the Buccaneers, and six more in the third, put the game out of reach for the U.S. Ryan MacInnis (St. Louis, Mo.) and Jack Eichel (North Chelmsford, Mass.) scored for Team USA in its next contest, Oct. 21, against the Waterloo Black Hawks but the U.S. dropped a 6-2 decision at Young Arena. UNDER-18 TEAM NEWS/NOTES: Shane Eiserman has goals in back-to-back college tilts (Oct. 19-20) and in three straight games overall, including USHL action. The forward is tied for the team lead in points with nine (6-3) in 12 games ... Forward Tyler Kelleher is also tied for the team lead in points. Kelleher has a team-best seven goals to go along with two assists ... Kevin Labanc recorded the game-winning tally on Oct. 20, against Oswego State University. Coupled with one goal and one assist against the Indiana Ice on Oct. 23, the forward is now on a three-game point streak (2-2) dating back to Oct. 19, when he recorded an assist against Cornell University ... The U18s have nine power play goals in 56 chances (16.1 percent) ... Team USA is killing off penalties at an 83.3 percent clip ... The U18s have outshot their opponents, 381-279, so far this season in 12 contests, and trail its opponents by one goal overall, 39-38. UNDER-17 TEAM NEWS/NOTES: Forward Jack Eichel leads all U.S. National Under-17 Team skaters in points on the season. In 10 games, he has five goals to go along with six assists, both team highs ... Sonny Milano (Massapequa, N.Y.) is

second on the squad with eight points (8-8) in 10 games ... Forwards Jared Fiegl and Joe Wegwerth both had three-game point streaks snapped on Oct. 21. Fiegl notched one goal and added three assists dating back to Oct. 12, before the streak ended. Wegwerth tallied three goals and collected one assist over that span ... Edwin Minney (Wind Gap, Pa.) is currently tenth in the United States Hockey League in saves. The netminder has turned aside 131 shots in five games so far this season ... The U17s have five power play goals in 35 chances (14.3 percent) ... Team USA is killing off penalties at an 83.3 percent clip ... The U17s have been outshot 362295 so far this season in 10 contests and trail in goals scored, 53-37 in favor of the opposition.

USA Women Practice in New York


he U.S. Women’s National Team held their training camp at the New York Rangers’ Madison Square Garden Training Center in Tarrytown October 30 through November 4. Following the camp the team travels to Vantaa and Kerava, Finland for the 2012 Four Nations Cup on November 6 through 11. New York State’s Josephine Pucci is currently on the roster and attending camp. Pucci is from Pearl River and plays for Harvard University. The Team USA schedule for the Four Nations Cup is as follows (EST time) Tues., Nov. 6 Sweden 9 a.m. Wed., Nov. 7 Canada 9 a.m. Fri., Nov. 9 Finland 12 p.m. Sat., Nov. 10 Bronze Medal Game 7 a.m. Sat., Nov. 10 Gold Medal Game 10 a.m. NYHOL will post the final roster for the tournament once it has been released.

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Men’s Collegiate Club Hockey

(A new page devoted to the men’s club hockey teams at NYS Colleges. All club teams are invited to send their stories and game results to



The Niagara University ACHA hockey team enters late October with a 7-2 record overall and a 4-0 mark inside league play. The only two losses so far the Eagles came at the hands of #4 University of Oklahoma and #9 Robert Morris University (Il.) at the ACHA Showcase in Springfield, Il. The Eagles are led in scoring by Captain Marc Deguilio (Youngstown, NY/Wheatfield Blades GOJHL). Deguilio set a program record with 12 points in his first four games of the season. Jacob Ledyard (Clarence, NY/Buffalo Jr. Sabres OPJHL) and Anthony Russell (Grand Island, NY/ Buffalo Stars EmJHL) are two other local players contributing on offense for Niagara. NU is coming off a recent 5-4 victory against #20 Syracuse University and an 11-2 victory against RIT. Senior Dane Wakefield (Monroe, NY/ New York Saints MJHL) and Junior Jon Anderson (Grand Island, NY/Grand Island High School) have played very well for Niagara in between the pipes. Patrick Gregory (Chesterfield, Mo./ St. Louis Jr. Blues NA3HL), Erik McKown (Canonsburg, Pa./Philadelphia Little Flyers AtJHL), and Jared Mittrano (Boston, Ma./Mass Maple Leafs CHA) have been among top offensive producers. Even with their offensive process, the Eagles have been buoyed by a strong defense. Freshman Mike Skopinski (Lakeview, NY/Quad City Flames NA3HL) and Sophomore Max Hyland (Grand Island, NY/Buffalo Stars EmJHL) are two local defenseman whom have done well patrolling the blue line.

The University at Buffalo men’s ice hockey head coach Sal Valvo and first assistant coach Steve Glick are pleased to announce seven underclassmen have signed on to play ACHA Division 1 ice hockey for the Bulls, earning roster slots for the 2012-2013 season. “We feel that we are bigger, stronger, and faster both up front and at the blue line than we were last year,” said coach Valvo. “We have created depth at every position, improving competition within the team and positioning the club to be very competitive in our first year as members of the North East Collegiate Hockey League (NECHL).” John Rein, Amherst, New York, 5’11”, 170lbs, Forward/Defenceman, #5, Freshman Rein is a versatile, left-handed shot who can play both defense and forward. As a defenseman, Rein has showcased the ability to join the rush with excellent awareness and speed. As a Midget player, he posted 15 goals and 17 assists for the Amherst Knights AAA organization last year and earned (What is this? = division IV second team honoree) as a member of the Sweet Home High School Varsity program. The coaching staff expects Rein to be a huge lift to a defense that struggled to score points last season and looks for him to be an integral cog on the blue line for the next four years. Willie Sanchez, Wesley Hills, New York, 5’7”, 150 lbs, Forward, #10, Freshman Sanchez joins the University at Buffalo after an extremely successful high school and junior career. Regarded as one of the top high school prospects in the

state, Sanchez tallied 30 goals and 27 assists in just 26 games, leading his Suffern High School team to a New York State Championship en route. He also added 16 points in 26 games for the Brewster Bulldogs of the EMJHL. According to Glick, “Sanchez’s incredible foot speed and can create offense from almost anywhere on the ice.” Coach Valvo and his staff view him as an offensive force for years to come; the organization is excited to have him on board. Eric Nestler, Henrietta, New York, 6’3”, 175lbs, Forward, #12, Freshman Nestler possesses a unique skill set that combines size and finesse, making him one of Western New York’s top high school players last season. Due to his formidable play, Nestler represented the Rochester region in the 2012 Bowman Cup Showcase and was a Section V All-Star for Rush-Henrietta High School. The coaching staff forecasts Eric to earn a top six forward slot and is sure to be a scoring threat every time he touches the puck in the offensive zone. Dimitrios Koutsomitis, East Amherst, New York, 6’0”, 170lbs, Defenseman, #22, Freshman “DK”, as his teammates have quickly nicknamed him, adds a skill set to the Bulls blue line corps that the coaching staff has been seeking for the past few seasons. Koutsomitis is a puck-moving, left-handed shot who

NY Hockey OnLine poses a threat to go end-to-end any time the puck in on his stick. Combined with his stingy defensive work, Koutsomitis possesses a very bright offensive upside that is sure to rack up the points this season and in the future. A graduate of Canisius High School, Koutsomitis was a member of Buffalo’s 2012 Bowman Cup team and a first team All-Federation honoree. Luke Swimline, Corfu, New York, 5’9”, 155lbs, Forward, #26, Sophomore “Swimline brings speed and playmaking ability” to the Bulls lineup, according to coach Valvo. Playing for the Buffalo Stars last season, Swimline notched 29 points in 39 games and added 38 points in 28 games with the Wheatfield Blades AAA program in 2010-2011. Not afraid to use his body, Swimline has a knack of making those around him better. The coaches are enthusiastic about what the Corfu, NY, native can bring to the club this year, believing an immediate impact is quite possible. Sean Dungan, Tonawanda, New York, 6’2”, 190lbs, Defenseman, #27, Sophomore “Dungan is a towering presence along the back line and will be leaned on greatly this season,” touts Glick, bench coach for defensemen. As a member of the Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles last year, Dungan not only proved himself a defensive stalwart, he provided a substantial portion of the offense with 10 goals and 40 assists. In 2010-2011, Dungan earned All-Federation honors as a member of the Kenmore West Varsity program. Dungan showcases the ability to play in all situations with great positioning in his own zone and excellent playmaking ability on offense. Robert Lang, III, Clarence Center, New York, 6’0”, 240lbs, Forward, Red Shirt Freshman Lang is physical power forward who is exceptionally gifted in front of the net and demonstrates an above-average scoring prowess. Lang finished tied for first in the

NYS Men’s Collegiate Club Hockey / Page 44 league in goals during his senior season at Clarence High School and fifth in the league in points. He was a team captain and was named to the All-Division (What is “all-division??) team. Lang was also a member of the Buffalo team in the 2012 Bowman Cup. The coaches are excited to watch Lang develop into a combination of size and skill that will be nightmarish for opposing teams to match-up against. Along with the strength of his underclassmen, head coach Valvo and the team welcome two, Senior transfers who are expected to bolster leadership, production, and team success immediately. Hailing from Ithaca, New York, Ben Lantz (#14) joins UB as a transfer after three extremely productive years with Monroe Community College (NCJAA) and Arizona State (ACHA DII). In 75 collegiate games, Lantz tallied 73 points and was a member of MCC’s national runner-up team in 2010. At 6’1” and 190 pounds, Lantz leads by force and example with a relentless work ethic and physical presence. His skill and national tournament experience will prove invaluable to a Bulls team with tournament aspirations of its own. Joining Lantz is Senior Chis Covel, a 5’11”, 160-pound forward (#20) from Lockport, New York. Covel joins UB after three years with NECHL conference foe SUNY Oswego. As a member of the Lakers, Covel led the team in scoring as a freshman and again as a junior. With 75 points in 76 games, Covel brings invaluable skill and experience into ACHA and NECHL play. He also brings versatility with his ability to play in all situations, including power play and killing penalties. The coaching staff is looking to Covel as not only an offensive producer, but as someone who can shut down opposing teams’ top lines on a nightly basis. Together, Lantz and Covel bring maturity and experience to complement the club’s youth.

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Medaille Takes Nickel City Tournament Hosted by Rival D’Youville


edaille College Men’s Hockey had a stellar start to their season, winning the inaugural Nickel City Cup Tournament, hosted by D’Youville College the weekend of 10/5/12. The Mavericks faced cross-town rivalsD’Youville in their first game. It was a hard fought game for both clubs, with the Mavs coming out on top 4-1. Goals were scored by Captain Josh Smith (2); Tyler McLaughlin and rookie forward Matt Pazderski. The second game, the Mavs faced St. John Fisher College (Rochester, NY) again coming out on top 14-1. Goals were scored by Asst. Captain Matt Cieslak (4), Josh Smith (2), Eric Grzechowiak (2), Matt Territo, Austin Ford, Tyler McLaughlin, Simon Fedak, Jon Sherman and Matt Pazderski. Medaille went up against Hobart College (Geneva, NY) for the third and final game, both teams with a 2-0 record. Medaille secured the win; 8-0 and the Championship. Goals were scored by Josh Smith (3), Eric Grzechowiak (3), Mark Sorrentino and Matt Cieslak. Head Coach Edd Kirchberger would like to congratulate the entire team-all their hard work did not go unnoticed-which was very evident by winning the Championship. Host D’Youville, after losing the first game to Medaille, came back and beat Bloomsburg University 7-4 and then lost 5-3 to St. John Fisher. On the following page are photographs from Game 1 of the series.

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NYS Men’s Collegiate Club Hockey / Page 45

Thanks to the contributions and combination of returning veterans and incoming contributors, The Univeristy at Buffalo men’s ice hockey team has raced to a 4-1 start this season, opening the September 21st weekend with a 2-0 homestand in front of an enthusiastic and sizable crowd, lead by a deafening student section dressed in white and painted with fluorishes of royal blue. The team returned to the friendly confines of the Northtowns Center at Amherst on October 19, 20, 26, and 27, and looked to secure an NECHL playoff slot as the hosts of the 2012-2013 NECHL Playoffs, February 22-24, 2013. For more information and a complete schedule, please A

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2012 Nickel City Tournament

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ed Bull Crashed Ice skated into Western New York today holding the only northeast qualifier for the first Canadian stop in the World Championship in Niagara Falls. Two local Buffalo competitors, one from Niagara Falls, one Midwesterner, and one Canadian Buffalo Sabres alum player will represent the US on December 1. Adam Green had the fastest time of the qualifier, completing the pre-set course in 22.66 seconds. His Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship experience has already taken him to Munich, Germany in 2009 and St. Paul, MN last year ranking him 69 overall. “My ambition is to be in the top 16 in Niagara,” said a confident Green, a student hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. “I, no doubt, will be the fastest US competitor.” Local celebrity and the most experienced on the ice, Buffalo Sabres alum Jay McKee, finished confidently in fourth place with a time of 25.63. “I’m just proud to be a small part of this awesome sport,” said McKee, who currently resides in Elma, NY. “It’s perfect for adrenaline junkies like myself.” Also heading to Niagara in second, third and fifth place are John Corda, Edward Spiesz and Daniel Buchanan, all hailing from the Buffalo area. In addition, the only female skater willing to go against the men of Red Bull Crashed Ice will be planning a homecoming, seeing that she is currently a local firefighter in Niagara Falls, NY. Tamara Stewart, 24, will compete amongst some of the fastest,

Special Feature / Page 46 toughest and bravest Ice Cross Down Hill Skaters that Canada and surrounding countries have to offer. “I’m going to train hard because I don’t want my experience to end in Niagara,” says Stewart, who has been playing hockey since she was fiveyearsTop leftFormer Sabre Jay McKee-all smiles after he qualifies for Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship; Left: Sabre Alumni Andrew Peters served as Master of Ceremonies at the Buffalo event; Right: One of the jumps the competitors had to face; another obstacle was skating under a board and Top left: Tamara Stewart , the only woman to qualify from Buffalo. (Photos by Janet Schultz)

old. “I’ve always competed with the boys. It’s just made me better.” For those that couldn’t make it, there are additional qualifiers in the US for the MinneRED BULL CRASHED ICE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP apolis stop later this SEASON OPENER year. Check NOVEMBER 29 - DECEMBER 1, 2012 www.redNIAGARA FALLS, ON for 2012/13 Race Calendar more details. December 1, 2012: Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada) A January 26, 2013: Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA) February 16, 2013: TBD (Russia) March 2, 2013: Lausanne (Switzerland) March 16, 2013: Quebec City, Quebec (Canada)

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