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Dear Readers, Here is another jam-packed edition of NY Hockey Online. A little late this month but we had so many photographs to go through and a lot of news to research from your organizations. Several colleges provided us with their post-season reviews and we’ve published those. We urge Athletic Directors to continue sending them and we will publish them in our summer edition. With so many photos from the State and locallyheld National Championships, we will be using those photos for fillers throughout the summer and into next season, so don’t miss an issue and make sure to share with your players, you never know when their photo will appear in the magazine, or possibly on the cover! Our plan is now to have a June issue with the deadline set at May 23. Then there will be a summer issue that will cover hockey happenings in July and August with a publication date of late July/early August. We will return to monthly issues in September. That said, we want to continue asking for your support by e-mailing the link to your players and coaches and families and friends of hockey. If you are receiving this as a forward from your Board of Directors and want to make sure not to miss an issue, please email your email address to nyhockeyonline@nyhockeyonline. com. Also, as you elected your new Board of Directors and appoint your Coaches, please send us your list with email addresses. We hope you are enjoying NY Hockey OnLine and ask that you send any comments, questions or suggestions to It’s hard to believe the 2013-14 season has ended and all of us are gearing up for the 2014-15 season. Randy Schultz Publisher NY Hockey OnLine

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She’s a Stand Out!


Around the State / Page 4

bilgail Weltman was easy to spot at the 2014 Putnam Awards. She was the only girl to receive the prestigious award given in memory of a young hockey player who died from meningococcemia. Tyler Putnam dreamed of playing for his high school hockey team, The Irondequoit Eagles and then Junior Hockey, DI hockey and eventually the NHL. Tyler was known for his high energy, incredible work ethic and desire to achieve his goals. The award program recognizes those players who exemplify Tyler’s lifestyle and love of ice hockey. Abilgail is 12 years old and has played hockey since she was 5. The Rochester Edge 12UNTB Defenseman began her hockey career when she took to the ice at Village Sports with ice skating lessons. While figure skating was okay she found her true passion was hockey. She headed o! to the Perinton boys team and eventually moved to girl’s ice hockey. Her biggest memory is getting her first goal with her Mite team, wearing a goaltender’s jersey because that’s all there was for her to wear. She follows the NHL and her favorite team is the Buffalo Sabres with her favorite player former Sabre Thomas Vanek. Abilgail is the daughter of Kris and Brian and she has two brothers, Gillian and Andrew. Andrew plays for the Rochester Youth Hockey Association.

Rochester, the 2007 first round draft pick (28th overall) didn’t contribute much offense with just one assist, but was even in plus/ minus with 28 penalty minutes in filling the void perfectly. In the postseason he was paired on the second defensive unit with former UMass-Lowell RiverHawk Chad Ruhwedel and was +1 through two games. Petrecki played junior with Omaha in the USHL after one season with Capital District in the EJHL. In his second season in juniors, he scored a careerhigh 11 goals and 14 assists. After two seasons with Boston College, he decided to turn pro and was in his fifth season in Worcester before the loan. He has eight career AHL goals and 38 assists with 531 penalty minutes over 291 games. He played in one career NHL game—in San Jose on January 29, 2013. “Nick Petrecki is a very, very good penalty killer because of his willingness to block shots,” said Rochester head coach Chadd Cassidy after a recent playoff win. A restricted free agent after the season and still officially property of the Sharks, Petrecki is just taking things one day at a time as he still tries to absorb a completely new system. “I’m still getting used to it after being in one system for so long,” said the 6’3”, 230 lb. “Goalie exchanges behind the net, different PK (penalty kill), different breakouts so I’m still trying to make the right decision each time. Moving forward I hope to keep making that transition. “If I don’t really have anything,


By Warren Kozireski


Around the State / Page 5

ochester Americans veteran defenseman Drew Bagnall suffered a season-ending shoulder injury March 9th with just 17 games remaining in the regular season and the team’s postseason hopes in jeopardy. Schenectady-born Nick Petrecki was toiling for the Worcester Sharks in the American Hockey League and in the final year of his contract with the San Jose organization before being loaned to Rochester for the remainder of the season to fill the veteran and defensive gap. “I’m just excited,” said Petrecki when he first arrived in Rochester. “This is a fresh start for me and a fresh start for my career.” Growing up in the tri-city area, Petrecki was introduced to AHL hockey at an early age. “My old man used to take me up to Adirondack Red Wings games and a little bit the River Rats in Albany, so growing up I knew all about Rochester and Buffalo and all the big names who have come out of here. “I haven’t played a playoff game in my (professional) career, so the short term goal is to play playoff hockey and go from there.” In 14 regular season games with

I’m going to play it safe, but I’ll look at video to see what I did well and what I didn’t. Then talk to the coaches, talk to the other guys and get a feel for it.” “I’ve had a blast here trying to help this team go as far as we can, but we’ll worry about where I play next year later on. Everyone’s goal is to play in the NHL and there are a lot of scouts watching the playoffs, but we’ll worry about that later.”

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O’Ree Weekend / Page 6

Page Shares USA Gold Medal by Randy Schultz


dam Page sits on a chair in a room on the second floor of the Bud Bakewell Arena. A group of 16 boys and girls in hockey uniforms are seated in front of him. It is the first of two sessions that Page is taking part in. His presentation is part of the Sixth Annual Willie O’Ree Showcase weekend being held in Buffalo. A question and answer session is in progress. Page has just finished talking to the students about his recent Paralympics experience he had in Sochi, Russia. Several of the questions revolve around the gold medal that hangs from Page’s neck. Page was a member of the U.S. Paralympic Sled Hockey Team that won the gold medal at the 2014 Winter Games. It is an experience that the 22 year-old Lancaster native will not soon forget. “It’s amazing,” exclaimed Page. “The fact that it was my second gold medal in two straight Paralympics makes it even more special. “You never know if you are going to a part of another Paralympics or not. And being a part of his-

tory by being the only team to win back-to-back gold medals is really cool.” What made this Paralympics even more special was the fact that the gold medal game was televised on national television. “It was great to see how much attention has been given to us since our return to the U.S.,” said Page. “It was great that our team could be a part of that national exposure. “It helped give more exposure to sled hockey as well as the Paralympics. We’re hoping that it will grow even more. “Ever since I’ve got home, it has been non-stop. I’ve gotten calls of congratulations from many different people. “There was a huge crowd at the airport to greet us. It’s great to be a part of a great community like Buffalo and Western New York.” If there is one thing for certain with Page, Gold Medals never grows old. “I remember Vancouver (2010 Paralympics) like it was yesterday,” stated Page. There is no other feeling like it. “To have your National Anthem being sung and have your

flag being raised, especially for the second time, no, it never gets old.” Page was born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect caused by the incomplete formation of the vertebrae. But he has overcome all of that and excelled in sled hockey. Being a part of the Willie O’Ree Showcase weekend was also special for Page. “I really enjoy talking and giving motivational speeches, especially to kids,” said Page. “I want to give back to others and this is one way of doing it. “I want to help kids realize that they have great opportunities that they can achieve. Being a veteran on the team and not know what the future might bring with hockey in the future, it’s very important for me to start giving back now.” Page posed for photo opportunities with each of the kids. In addition he let each of the kids touch and hold his gold medal.

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Olympics / Page 7

n A “ : i Soch e m o s Awe ” ! e c n e i r e p x E By Randy Schultz


t was an awesome experience.” That is how Mike Gilbert explained the three weeks he spent at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Gilbert went to the Olympics as a member of the 2014 USA Men’s Olympic Hockey Team. Gilbert, the Buffalo Sabres’ vice president of public and community relations, served on the pubic relations staff for the 2014 US Hockey Team. “It really didn’t hit me and realized that I was a part of the Olympics,” continued Gilbert. “It’s even hit me more now that time has passed a bit more, you realize how neat of an experience it really was. “I’ve had a lot of people ask me what it was like and it seems like I’ve told each one of them a different story. We just had so many different experiences while I was there.” But was there any one moment that really stuck out for Gilbert? “No, not really,” answered Gilbert. “The opening ceremonies were truly amazing. “Just the general enormity of the Olympic Games, the amount of people, the amount of athletes, the amount of media and the amount of transportation that was available to us was unbelievable. It was a gigantic undertaking. “It was a huge production to keep all of it orga-

nized and moving.” There was one other special moment for the Sabres VP that can sometimes get lost in all of the dayto-day activities. “Being in the team picture,” recalled Gilbert. “It was taken the first night the team was in Sochi. “I’ve been in pro sports for 25 years and have never been in an official team picture. It was an historical moment.” Gilbert had the wish everyone on the team and rooting for Team USA had. “I was hoping that we would win the gold medal,” remarked Gilbert. “It was unfortunate that we didn’t win a medal. “But it was still great to be a part of the experience.” Did Gilbert get to do any sightseeing? “Unfortunately, no,” said Gilbert. “That was one of the drawbacks of my job. “I worked 21 straight days and didn’t have a day off. But the last day I was in Sochi, I got to go to the Black Sea. “It was actually about 300 yards from the apartment I was staying in. So it was there all the time, but I just didn’t get a chance to see it. “But I knew all of that going in. In the end it was an experience I’ll never forget.”

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Janet and Randy took in several games at the 2014 USA Girl’s Nationals held in Buffalo. We are sharing some photos of New York State teams participating. Unfortunately we couldn’t cover all of the games plus there are hundreds of photos in our files from the games. We hope to share more of them with you throughout the year (as fillers). So keep watching!

Amherst Knights vs KPHA Ice Hawks Tier II 16UA

Potsdam Icestorm vs Carolina Lightning Tier II 16U

Chazy Lady Flyers vs Lady Vipers Tier II 19U April 4

Buffalo Stars vs Team Alaska Tier II 19U April 4

Chazy vs Team Alaska Tier II 19U Quarterfinal--April 5

Buffalo Stars vs Princeton Tier II 19U Quarterfinal April 5

Nationals / Page 9

Nationals / Page 10 Congratulations Massena/ St. Lawrence on the 16U AAA 2014 USA National Championship


total of 21 national champions were crowned across the country Sunday (April 6) at the 2014 Toyota-USA Hockey Youth, Girls and Women’s National Championships, while the Boston Junior Bruins claimed the Junior Tier III national championship. New York State Congratulates Massena/ St. Lawrence on bringing home the Youth Tier II 16U AAA Championship. Other results: Tier I 14U: Chicago Mission; 16U: Team Wisconsin; 18U: Victory Honda. Tier II 14UA: Thunderblades; 14UAA: Chesterfield; 14UAAA: Miami Toros; 16UA Team South Dakota; 16UAA: Union Knights; 16UAAA: Massena/St. Lawrence; 18UA Knoxville; 18UAA: NJ Ice Vault; 18UAAA, WPA Midstate. Girls Tier I 14U: Assabet; 16U: Shattuck St. Marys; 19U: Shattuck St. Marys Girls Tier II: 14U: Assabet; 16U: Marquette; 19U: Keweenaw Women’s A: No NY Teams; Minnesota Blue Js were champions. Women’s B: Syracuse Warriors beat Renegades and San Jose before losing to Victory Honda and the Lady Ducks. Goalie Lauren Dahm placed on the honors list with a .915 save%. Gulf Coast Seagals champions. Women’s C: The Rochester Edge beat the Sting, Chicago, Los Angeles and the Blue J Bandits before losing a 2-1 their final game to Tri City. On the Leader Board were Melissa Hall with 8 goals/5 assists; Jessica Gagliano (1/6); Alyssa Henkel (4/3) and Goalies Alex Talbot and Jennifer Hicks. Tri City Selects champions. While New York only had one team that brought home a National Championship, there were a number of players that placed in the top of their division for scoring, defending and goaltending. We congratulate them for their hard work and dedication and wish them well next season! Girls Tier I 14U: Buffalo Regals Lindsay Browning placed 7th in Goaltending with a .936 save% 16U: Buffalo Regals Amber Dunhill, 5th in goal with .946 save% 19U: Buffalo Bisons Annika Zalewski, #1 in country with 3 goals/7 assists; Goalie Madison Welch #5 with .958 save %

Girls Tier II 14U: CNY Goalies Katelyn Kantor and Jessica Foote were 5th and 3rd in the nation. 16U: Potsdam’s Katie Grant (10 goals/1 assist) and Allie Compeau (.902 save%) along with Amhersts Mary Crumish (.918 save%) were honored. 19U: Buffalo Stars Alanna Herne (6G5A); Chazy Kallie Villinaue (7G3A), Chazy Lauren O’Connor (2G7A); Buffalo Stars Jordan Roetzer (6G2A); Chazy Emily Raville (5G3A) and Chazy Goaltender Zoe Shannon (.943 save%). Youth Tier I 16U: Scoring Leaders Adam Fox,

Dante Palecco and Sam Sternscheer for Long Island. 18U: CP Dynamo Dan DeMaria had a .939 save% Youth Tier II 14U: St. Lawrence players Corson Green (6G5A), Joshua Sanchez (5G5A) and Goalies Merrick Tarasha and Grant VanBuren. 16U: Placing #2 in the country in scoring Massena/St. Lawrence’s Kaden Pickeringh with 8 goals/5 assists and #2 for goalies Jonathan Stone and #3 in goalies Logan Brothers, both from Massena/St. Lawrence.

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Coaching With Gridley! by Chuck Gridley

“Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse”


he game of hockey is simple and elegant, but we coaches will often make it seem more complicated than it needs to be. This is something I usually try to avoid when coaching or talking about the game, but I’m going to get into the weeds a bit here in order to make a point……..please bear with me. When a coach sits down to plan how he or she will approach the upcoming season, there are many things they have to consider. The game of hockey is comprised of skills, tactics, and systems. All three of these areas need to be addressed during a player’s career. But the question is…………what do we teach, and when do we teach it? Let’s take a closer look. Hockey is played by employing a series of interconnected “systems”. The game flows from a breakout, to an attack, to a forecheck, etc. These systems are really just a collection of “tactics” executed together to achieve a goal. Tactics are actions that utilize “skills”. If we use the example of a “breakout” (that’s the system), a tactic we might employ here is to “move to open space” in order to receive a pass and carry the puck out of the defensive zone. A single system will usually employ multiple tactics (team and individ-

Coaching With Gridley / Page 11 ual). Tactics are based on individual skills, such as forward skating, backhand pass, hockey stops, tight turns, wrist shots, etc. So to my point…………systems are based on tactics, and tactics are based on individual skills. Skill development is the foundation on which tactics and systems are built. Let’s use the analogy of building a house. Can you imagine trying to put the roof on a house where the foundation is only 50% complete? And if the foundation is not finished, can the walls be completed? The roof would collapse and the house would be ruined. This is what we see with players who have had coaches who spent too much time on systems and too little time on basic skills, especially at the younger ages. The player gets to the Pee Wee level and decides he is not good enough to compete, and he quits hockey. If a player lacks the basic skills of hockey, there is no way for them to play the game effectively. That’s why USA Hockey’s Coaching Education Program emphasizes the importance of spending time on skill development. There is no doubt that this is a time consuming process. Just developing a complete list of hockey skills could be a little overwhelming. Teaching our players to be proficient in all of these skills is a huge job. We have to start when they’re young, be persistent, and most of all, be patient. Our new tag line is this….” Teach the right thing at the right time, and don’t be in a hurry”. So how do we know if it’s the “right thing at the right time”? A number of years ago, USA Hockey published a Skills Progression book. I always thought it was one of the most valuable tools we had for coaches. It was created to help coaches figure out what to teach and when to teach it. This booklet has been undergoing a facelift and the “New and Improved” Skills Progression Handbook will be reintroduced in 2014–2015. It will be handed out at clinics, and it will be made available on-line. If you want one and can’t find it next fall, please email me and I will get one to you. Chuck Gridley New York District Coach in Chief 14 E. Elizabeth St. Skaneateles, NY 13152 (315) 569-2778

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O’Ree Weekend/Nationals Continued / Page 12

Adam shares his Gold Medal with Dominik Hasek. (Page Continued from Page 6)

It was a moment that each player seemed to embrace, with each one commenting how heavy the medal was. Some kids even wondered if Page had bitten his

medal. “No,” was the simple answer. “The medals can scratch very easily. “I saw that firsthand with some of my teammates.” What does the future hold for Page? “Hockey-wise, I want to continue to play hockey as long as I can,” responded Page. “I want to help younger guys to get the same opportunities that I had. “Hopefully when I get done with sled hockey I would like to get into coaching. Hockey has been a huge part of my life. I don’t know if I could ever give it up. “So coaching would be the best way to do it.” It is also “back to school” time for Page. “I plan on going back to Medaille College during the summer,” commented Page, who is majoring in Sports Management. “I would like to finish off my degree program. “With my major, it would be another way to stay in hockey. If not in coaching, then maybe in the front office.” Page’s future certainly looks bright.

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O’Ree Weekend / Page 14

A Weekend of Hockey And Hockey Heroes! (Part II) by Randy Schultz Randy@


ive youth hockey organizations represented the New York State region at the recent Willie O’Ree Skills Showcase Weekend held in Buffalo in late March. The five organizations included Hasek’s Heroes (Buffalo), the Genesee Valley Youth Hockey Club, Ice Hockey In Harlem, New Rochelle Lightning and Westchester. Each organization was represented by two players who earned the right to the special weekend in Western New York. Marty Dietrich, on-ice coordinator for Hasek’s Heroes, explained how he felt about the weekend. “It is a great opportunity for these kids,” said Dietrich. “It gives our kids from Western New York and around New York State the opportunity to meet other kids from

Buffalo’s Haseks Heroes

around the country. “These kids have earned the opportunity to come to Buffalo for this event. They learn to work with each other and get a chance to find out how other kids have it around the country. “They also get a chance to meet some interesting people including Dominik Hasek, Willie O’Ree, maybe a couple of Buffalo Sabres and some hockey coaches. They get to learn more about hockey, both on the ice and off it. “It is a very rewarding weekend.” Charles Finley is a coach with the Genesee Valley Youth Hockey Club. “It is a developmental hockey program sponsored by the city of Rochester,” explained Finley. “Our goal is to introduce our urban youth to the sport of hockey.

Willie O’Ree

“If our kids develop well, we matriculate them into other youth hockey programs like the Rochester Youth Hockey and Monroe County hockey so they will get the chance to play either house or trav-

Genesee Valley Youth Hockey

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O’Ree Weekend / Page 15

Westchester Hockey

el hockey. “This weekend is the opportunity of a lifetime for these kids. It is nothing but positive information coming at these kids all weekend long. “The information that our kids take back with them to Genesee Valley Youth Hockey will hopefully encourage other kids to want to play the sport. “All of these kids who are here for the Willie O’Ree weekend will become great ambassadors of hockey. The impact of this weekend will be felt for many years to come.” Brad Preston of the Ice Hockey In Harlem hockey program it is a weekend of learning. “It is great to meet other people from other hockey organizations like Ice Hockey In Harlem that face many of the same challenges we do,” remarked Preston. “I’ve learned a lot about the opportunities that have and the challenges they face to make those opportunities a reality. “It’s great to learn about the children they are dealing with, the

New Rochelle Hockey

Hockey In Harlem

volunteers they have to work with and any issues that they face. “It’s very helpful to hear about how other organizations deal with situations where hockey is not a traditional sport in their community. “The information exchange and idea exchange I think is great for everyone. We can all take back a lot of new ideas to our hockey organizations to work with. “Plus, I’ll be staying in touch with some of the new people I’ve had a chance to now meet and talk with. So the weekend has a lot of rewards not only for the kids we bring here but for the coaches and volunteers that come with them. “It’s a trill for me to see these kids, who have earned the opportunity to come to this event, have

so much fun. This is an all-star camp. “To me it is the whole package. It is great.” For Fred Bruck of the New Rochelle Lightning, the weekend brought back many memories of his childhood. “I grew up in the south Bronx, but later moved to the north Bronx,” remembered Bruck. “I was raised by my mom, a single parent situation (his dad died when he was a teenager). “But I remember this one time a guy was emptying out the trunk of his car. He asked me if I wanted the hockey stick he had. “At that moment it was like somebody sprinkled fairy dust on me. Prior to that moment all I ever had was a football, basketball or baseball. “I was bitten. All I ever wanted to do after that was play hockey. I played roller hockey and street hockey. “I went to a hockey camp right after my dad died. They liked me at the camp so much that they asked me to stay around to help out.

(Continued on Page 17)

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Around the State / Page 16



he Massena Red Raiders defeated the Ithaca Little Red, 4-1 to win the New York State Public High School Athletic Association Division I hockey championship. The game was held back in March at the Utica Memorial Auditorium in Utica. Massena was led by Patrick Manning, who scored two goals and won tournament MVP honors. Teammate Tyler Young added two assists. Young won Division I all-state Player of the Year honors.

In the Division II championship game held at the Utica Memorial Auditorium, the Webster-Schroeder Warriors shutout the Beekmantown Eagles, 2-0. The Warriors scored both their goals in the first period on goals by Joseph Schuler and Jeremy Caulkins. Webster-Schroeder netminder Ryan Beutel had 19 saves in earning Division II Tournament MVP honors. He gave up just one goal in two games. Nathan Foster of Beekmantown won Division II all-state Player of the Year honors.

(Continued from Page 15)

“It’s amazing how far he has come and how to have this opportunity. As a kid I used to dream of having a weekend like this. “These kids are having so much fun and learning so much. It is a weekend packed with so many events. “I think it will take these kids awhile to remember all of them. But in the end it will be worthwhile. “It is a great reward for these kids for all of their efforts with their hockey organizations. But it will provide memories that will last a lifetime.”

“I continued doing that over several more summers. The camp directors were always checking up on me to see how I was doing. “That’s why this hockey weekend reminds me so much of my situation and my youth. It’s great.” For Darrell Reimer of the Westchester Youth Hockey organization “Paul Jackman runs our organization,” said Reimer. “We have kids from Yonkers area of New York City. “I look at a weekend like this one and think how cool is this? Just to be a part of all of the activities that happen with his weekend is so great. “I am originally from Canada and grew up playing hockey. One of the kids I brought up here has only been playing the game for two or three years.

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Central Hockey / Page 18

Central New York Men’s College Hockey Report by Warren Kozireski

BROOME CCC SUNY Broome has been selected by the NJCAA Championship Events committee to host the NJCAA Ice Hockey Championships for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 seasons.

COLGATE The Raiders dropped a 1-0 game to Ferris State in the NCAA Midwest Regional semi-final to end their season. The playoff game marked the program’s fifth NCAA appearance and first since 2005. Colgate finishes the season with a 20-14-5 overall record. Eric Mihalik and Mike McCann are the only departing seniors. McCann ends his career with 144 games played, which is in the top-20 all time in program history while Mihalik posted a 32-39-6 in four seasons.


Andy Iles (Ithaca) signed a professional contract with the Florida Everblades of the ECHL. Iles racked up a career 58-42-17 record, 2.26 goals-against average and .917 save percentage with nine shutouts. He had the thirdlongest consecutive start streak in NCAA Division I history (80) and his 2,988 career saves are the most in program history. Iles also was named the 201314 ECAC Men’s Student-Athlete of the Year by the league’s Awards Committee. Iles has excelled in high levels during his career at Cornell both in the classroom and on the ice. A Finance and Marketing major, the senior has accumulated a 3.78 grade point average, while recently being named to the league’s second-team all-conference team. Junior Brian Ferlin has given up his final year of eligibility and signed an entry-level contract with the NHL’s Boston Bruins. Ferlin had 31 goals and 41 assists for 72 points over 92 games with the Big Red over the last three seasons. He led Cornell in scoring in 2013-14 with 13 goals and 14 assists for 27 points. Six of his goals were scored on the power play, and six of them were game-winners.

CORTLAND The school was due to name its new head coach any day.

HOBART Former Hobart College goaltender Nick Broadwater (2013) completed his rookie season for the Tilburg Trappers of the Eredivsie Hockey League in Tilburg, Netherlands, with a championship.

OTHER AREA NOTES: • Freshman goaltender Dalton Izyk (Oswego) of Robert Morris made 51 saves against Niagara, becoming the fourth goaltender in program history to record a 50+ save performance, and was named to the Atlantic Hockey Association All-Tournament Team after the two wins to lead the Colonials to their first NCAA playoff appearance.

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Central New York News: ...From the Elmira Jackals Youth Hockey Association. Their Board of Directors will meet May 14 at 6 p.m. Now through June there will be drop-in youth hockey games on Sundays at 4:15 to 5:15 p.m. for squirts and peewees and 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. for bantams and midgets. Tuesdays is Mite to Midget Skill Night (hockey skills followed by a short scrimmage). Runs from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Also stay tuned for a 3-on-3 league beginning the end of June. Sign-ups will be at the rink and for information contact Glenn Thomaris at thomaris@ There’s Hockey at First Arena Ice Pavilion!! ...Syracuse has announced their 2014-15 coaching staff which includes: Tony Bird (18U Midget Major), Jerry Rose (16U Midget Minor TB), Mike Zandri (16U Midget Minor NTB), John Wood (14U Bantam), Mike Matyasik, head and Dan Cramer, associate, (13U Bantam Minor), Dustin Coldren, (12U PeeWee Major), Macyntire/Wood (PW Minor ‘03), Jamie Zimmer (10U Squirt), Jenee Kawejza (16U Girls) and Bill Walsh (14U Girls). ...Lysander Youth Hockey has announced the purchase of new boards for the Mite Program and their commitment to the USA Hockey American Developmental Model. The Rink System Inc. boards make realistic cross ice games happen and improve play and perception for the players. Two games can take place simultaneously on a full ice surface with a full set of boards that enhance the realism. The purchase was made possible through the Association’s fundraising efforts and a matching grant from USA Hockey. At the present time Lysander is the only organization in Onondaga County to have the Rink System Inc. boards. ...Lysander has also purchased a new scoreboard for the Purple Rink, The purchase was made possible in partnership with the Greater Baldwinsville Ice Arena and fundraising efforts that took place during the past couple of years. The scoreboard was used this season. ...Cortland County Youth Hockey announces its Golf Tournament which will be held at Walden Oaks Country Club on Saturday, July 19. It’s a 8:30 a.m. shotgun start. Registrations are due July 10 and information can be found on their website or by emailing

Central Hockey / Page 19 ...Camillus Hockey is raising money for Mark Loveland, the stepfather of Jack and Scott Hayes who play in the organization. Loveland was diagnosed with caner and has served the community for over 20 years as a Onondaga County Sheriff’s Deputy. A benefit is being held on May 10 but Camillus also takes donations through the website. ...Camillus travel team rosters are posted on their website. ...West Genesee will hold a Summer Hockey Camp from August 4 through 16. Registration is now open and information can be found on their website. ...Valley Hockey tryout schedule on their website. ...Whitestown now has a Facebook page. ...Center State Youth Hockey now has a Facebook page and Twitter account (@CWYHAStampede). Tryouts are posted on their website. ...Cortland Youth Hockey has a new website at ...Ithaca Youth Hockey tryouts posted at ...Snowbelt Hockey, next meting August 21, 2014 ...Liverpool Warriors High School Hockey: the team went 12-7-1 this season and took the #2 seed in the National Championship. This was their est regular season record and the first home playoff game they have hosted in 8 seasons. Congratulations. ...Auburn Youth Hockey registrations are due May 31. Go to

Elmira Jackals ECHL Affiliate of Buffalo Sabres


he Elmira Jackals have entered into an agreement to become the ECHL affiliate of the Buffalo Sabres. The relationship with Buffalo ensures that the Jackals will be a competitive team and will continue to bring family entertainment to the Twin Tiers. Sabres General Manager Tim Murray stated that Elmira is an additional source to develop young talent and help the entire organization move forward. Season tickets for the 2014-15 season are on sale now. NYHOL will bring you more information on the season progresses.

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Central Hockey / Page 20

Central Women’s College Ice Hockey Report by Janet Schultz


Senior CoCaptain Alyssa Gagliardi was named to the 2013-14 AllIvy Academic Team. The men and women selected to this squad were starters or key reserves on an officially recognized varsity team with 3.0 or higher GPA. Gagliardi was also named first-team All-ECAC Hockey; second team All-American and was a finalist for the NCAA Hockey Humantarian award.


Chelsie Hausberger, West Seneca/Bisons/Cortland (Cortland Photo)

Seven members of the the SUNY Cortland Wo m e n ’ s Ice Hockey Team were selected to the 201314 ECAC West AllAcademic Team. They include Caralie Fen-

nessey (Fairport), Madison Fischi, Chelsie Hausberger (West Seneca), Maggie Corbett, Abbie Adams (Potsdam), Niamh O’Connor, and Deanna Meunier. Players selected must have completed one academic year at their curent institution and have a GP A of at leat 3.0.

Hausberger was also named to the team in the 201213 season. New York natives included Fennessey who played for Sodertalje Sportklubb, Hausberger for the Buffalo Bisons, Adams for the Cornall Typhoons and Corbett for Queensbury High School.


Oswego student-athletes, including the women’s ice hockey team, helped raise awareness in the fight against ovarian cancer through the college’s Totally Teal Campaign and the Hockey Coaches Care Program. In all, $930 was donated to the cause.


(Season Review as written by Syracuse Athletic Department) The 2013-14 season was among the best performances for the Orange hockey team in program history. Its 20-14-3 record is the best all-time for Syracuse and matches the pro-

gram record for wins while setting a new low in losses. SU was 9-8-3 in College Hockey America games, the program’s third winning conference record. While the team did not advance to the title game in the CHA Tournament, the Orange lost in a hard-fought battle with No. 8 Mercyhurst, an opponent that they have never defeated. Syracuse started off its season with a 4-1 victory over then-No. 10 Northeastern and went on to defeat two more ranked opponents including No. 9/8 Robert Morris and No. 4/3 Boston College. Overall this season the Orange went 3-7-2 against schools in the top-10, which doubled its alltime wins against ranked teams. The Orange had a six game undefeated streak (5-0-1) in the fall which started with a 4-1 victory at Providence College and ended with a 3-3 tie at No. 10 Mercyhurst. The team racked up three wins on the road, one at Providence and two at Penn State, and two big wins on home ice against No. 4/3 Boston College and Union. Its one tie was on the road at Mercyhurst and was the second time in program history that the Orange was not defeated by the Lakers. Sophomore forward Melissa Piacentini dominated in 2014, going on a 10-game point streak which included a seven-game goal run, both the longest in school history. Piacentini ended the season as the leading scorer on the team with 29 points, including 17 goals and 12 assists. Senior captain Margot Scharfe became SU’s all-time goal scorer with 41 in her career after she scored the team’s only goal in the 3-1 loss at RIT on February 21. The Orange were down 1-0 in the first period when Allie LaCombe directed the face-off to Nicole Renault who put it on net and Scharfe tipped it in for the record-breaking goal. Freshman forward Jessica Sibley was named College Hockey America’s

NYHOL Wants Your News and Photos! Send it to Rookie of the Month in January and February, the first time in program history that a player has earned multiple CHA monthly honors. Sibley finished this season with the third-most points on the team, tallying 26 including 12 goals and 14 assists. Her 26 points were second-most amongst CHA rookies, and fifth amongst all Division I freshmen. Senior goaltender Jenesica Drinkwater stepped up and started 24 games after fellow senior goalie Kallie Billadeau suffered a season-ending injury. Drinkwater finished the season 16-7-1 including 4 shutouts with a goals against average of 1.83 and a save percentage of .929. Looking ahead to the 2014-15 season Coach Paul Flanagan has announced five new recruits will be added to the Syracuse roster. Megan Quinn, Alysha Burris, Stephanie Grossi and Emily Costales come from Canada and Abbey Miller comes from Minnesota. According to Flanagan all five are coming off excellent individual seasons and bring enthusiasm and athleticism to the program. Miller will add depth to the goalie unit. She played for Benilde-St. Margaret’s High School leading them to the Minnesota State Championship where they finished second. She had a 22-31 record,d 1.57 goals against average and .917 save percentage last season. Burris, Grossi and Costales will provide help up front coming in as forwards. Burris scored 51 points in 36 games last season; Grossi finished her pre-collegiate career with Shaftesbury Prep as co-captain and 88 points on 37 goals and 51 assists. Costales played for the Pacific Steelers of the JWHL notching 25 points including 12 goals. Quinn is the only defenseman at this point and she played for the Durham West Junior Lightning where she

Central Hockey / Page 21 served as assistant captain.


The Red Raiders celebrated the 2013-14 season with a recap of the year. “For the second year in a row, we anted to be a playoff team and have a chance to compete for another ECAC Championship in the post-seaColgate Team Awards (Colgate Photo) son,” said Coach Greg Fargo. the past two years. “We didn’t get there, and we were disappointed with com- Walsh was asked to center a line ing up short. But, when you dig a little that faced opponents’ top lines just deeper, there are so many positives about every night and she played that we need to recognize as steps for- an integral role on the penalty kill and won key face-offs for the team. ward in our hockey program.” Fargo acknowledge several high- Marian Lefevre Coaches Award: lights including 5 wins in the last 8 Rachel Walsh. Don Palmateer Award: Megan games. Seven players received team hon- Wickens. ors including: Katelyn Parker: Sportsmanship Award. This is her second. She consistently displayed sportsmanship in re- (Season Preview as written by Elmira gards to officials and opponents, even AD) Elmira boasted four All-USCHO in the face of adverse conditions. Most Improved Player: Brittney selections, the most of any DIII instituBrooks. She grew significantly in term tion. sof her play as well as her commit- Named were Tanis Lamoureux, Ashley Ryan and Brooke Wilgosh to ment and confidence levels. Rookie of the Year: Cat Quirion. Second Team Honors and Goalie Lisa She was relied on to play a great deal Marshall to Third Team Honors. of important minutes and was willing As the defending national chamto play any role that would help the pions, the Elmira College women’s ice hockey team was the one team that evtam. Offensive Player of the Year: Tay- ery opponent circled on their schedule lor Volpe. She led the team with 26 before the season began. The Soaring career goals and 17 assists in her 133 Eagles saw every team’s best perforgames. She also posted 12 power-play mance each time goals and 8 game-winners in her ca- they took the ice, but the women withreer. Defensive Player of the Year: Me- stood the relentless attack from their opgan Wickens and Rachel Walsh. Wickens has been a “rock” defen- position to the tune sively and has elevated her game in of a 21-6-1 overall re-


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Central Hockey / Page 22 lowing the conclusion of the NCAA Championships, the most of any institution. EC’s three All-Americans, Ryan, Lamoureux, and Wilgosh each earned All-USCHO Second-Team honors while senior netminder Lisa Marshall ‘14 picked up a Third Team selection. Ryan, who was tabbed as an AHCA First-Team All-American, led the Soaring Eagles in points for the second consecutive season with 43 points,

Above: Elmira All USCHO Team Selections Right: Elmira Seniors ( Photos by Elmira) cord, Elmira’s second consecutive 20win season and ninth in program history, and a 15-1-0 mark in ECAC West play, earning EC a share of the ECAC West regular season crown for the first time since the 2008-09 season. Additionally, the Purple and Gold received their 10th bid into the NCAA Tournament, losing in overtime to eventual national runners-up, Norwich University, in the NCAA Quarterfinals. Elmira College started the 2013-14 campaign as the number one team in the nation, according to the U.S. College Hockey Online (USCHO) Preseason Poll, but the Soaring Eagles found early on the challenges they faced as the number one team in the country and the defending national champions. EC went 0-1-1 at the season-opening East-West Classic, however, the Purple and Gold showed how short their memories were as the women proceeded to win their next five games, each by at least two goals. Elmira closed the first half of the season winning eight of their next nine games, their only loss coming at No. 2 Middlebury College, to take an 8-2-1 record into the New Year. After the New Year, the Soaring Eagles were nearly unstoppable. EC won 12 of their final 14 regular sea-

son games, their only losses coming in overtime at No. 2 Middlebury on January 4th and against No. 1 Plattsburgh State on February 8th. Other than that overtime loss to Plattsburgh, the women rolled through the ECAC West, earning a share of the regular season conference title for the first time since 2008-09 after posting a 15-1-0 record. Elmira split the seasonseries with the Cardinals, handing Plattsburgh their only loss in the 201314 season. EC’s 2-0 shutout win on February 7th was the first time since February 9, 2011 that Plattsburgh State had been shutout in a game, an 84game streak. The Soaring Eagles were led by their three captains, Ashley Ryan ‘15, Tanis Lamoureux ‘14, and Brooke Wilgosh ‘15, who each received ECAC West First Team All-Conference honors as well as AHCA All-American honors. The three players became Elmira’s seventh, eighth, and ninth AllAmericans in program history, and the first since former EC great, Jamie Kivi ‘10, earned a first-team selection in 2009-10. Additionally, four Soaring Eagles were named All-USCHO fol-

becoming Elmira’s first 40-point scorer since Kayla Coady ‘09 in 2008-09. The junior scored 15 goals and tallied 28 assists, the sixth most in a singleseason in EC history, for her 43 points. Both the 28 assists and 43 points established new career-highs for Ryan, as did the 13-game point streak she had to open the season. She ended 2013-14 ranked fourth in the country in points per game (1.54) and second in the nation in assists per game (1.00). Ryan’s line-mate for the last two seasons, Lamoureux, helped create a formidable one-two punch offensively for the Soaring Eagles as Lamoureux joined Ryan in top-10 nationally in points per game and assists per game, ranking 10th and sixth, respectively. The Canton, MI native saved her best season for last as the senior set careerhighs with 13 goals, 25 assists, and 38 points, earning her a spot on the ECAC West All-Conference First Team as well as an AHCA Second-Team AllAmerican selection. The captain of this year’s women’s ice hockey team,

NYHOL Wants Your News and Photos! Send it to Lamoureux became just the eighth Elmira player to tally her 100th career point, doing it on February 15th against Cortland State. Lamoureux will leave EC as one of the best players in program history as her name can be found scattered throughout the record books. Her 106 career points are the seventh most scored by an EC skater and the 62 assists she accumulated throughout her career ranks eighth all-time. Additionally, Lamouruex will leave Elmira tied for sixth all-time with 10 gamewinning goals and tied for eighth in EC history with 13 power play goals. The leader of the back line, Wilgosh did far more for the Soaring Eagles than keep opposing offenses at bay. She is fourth on the team in scoring with 28 points, coming in the form of eight goals and 20 assists. Wilgosh set career-highs in goals, assists, and points, and also set career-highs with four power play goals as well as three game-winning goals. She had a knack for scoring when her team needed it the most, none more important than the game-winning, overtime goal at Oswego State on January 25th, which kept the Soaring Eagles in a first-place tie in the ECAC West standings with Plattsburgh State. Wilgosh asserted herself as one of the best scoring defenders in the country, leading to a First-Team All-American selection, a First-Team ECAC West All-Conference selection, and the 2013-14 ECAC West Defensive Player of the Year award. The Regina, Saskatchewan native ranked third in the country in points per game for defensemen and led the ECAC West in the same category. Wilgosh was part of a defensive unit that’s main focus was keeping opposing offenses away from senior netminder, and ECAC West Second-Team All-Conference honoree, Lisa Marshall ‘14. Marshall, after sharing time with former EC great Lauren Sullivan ‘13

Central Hockey / Page 23 the previous two seasons, became a full-time starter in 2013-14 and quickly established herself as one of the best goaltenders in the country. The senior netminder ranked amongst the best in the nation as she was third in goals against average (1.26), third in save percentage (.951), and tied for third in shutouts (6). Additionally, Marshall set a new Elmira College single-game record for saves in a game after turning away 56 shots in a 2-1 overtime loss to Plattsburgh State on February 8th. This season will go down as one of the best by an EC goaltender as Marshall’s season totals rank her in second in minutes played (1,333), second in wins (16), second in saves (548), second in shots faced (576), first in save percentage (.951), eighth in goals against average (1.26), and tied for sixth in shutouts (6). For her career, the Powhatan, VA native will rank in the top-five of several career categories as well. Marshall ends her career ranked first in save percentage (.947), second in goals against average (1.22), fourth in saves (904), fifth in shots faced (955), and fifth in minutes played (2,505). For only the fourth time in EC’s decorated history, the same player led the team in goals scored in consecutive seasons. This year, that honor goes to Ashton Hogan ‘15, who recorded 17 goals after netting a team-leading 19 goals a season ago. Hogan added a career-high 14 assists to her 17 goals for 31 points, giving the Soaring Eagles three 30-point scorers for the first time since 2009-10. Eight of her 17 goals came on the power play, the most by any Elmira player in three years, which ties her for seventh in singleseason power play goals scored. Hogan also put her name in the record books alongside former EC greats, Laura Hurd ‘05 and Siobhan Edington ‘06, with her four-goal performance against Neumann University on February 22nd, which ties her for second

in goals scored in a game. The Purple and Gold received timely contributions from several other skaters throughout the year, including fourth-year defenders Ella Stewart ‘14 and Katie Gaskin ‘14. Stewart and Gaskin combined for 25 points on five goals and 20 assists, but their most impressive individual performances came on January 25th when the duo combined for seven points, on two goals and five assists, to down Oswego State in EC’s 5-2 win over the Lakers. Stewart tied career-highs for goals and points at two and three, respectively, while Gaskin notched career-highs with four assists and four points. The Soaring Eagles will say goodbye to the six graduating members of the Class of 2014, Lamoureux, Marshall, Stewart, Gaskin, Briana Saltstone ‘14, and Jocelynne Hudgins ‘14. Since their arrival to campus, the EC women’s ice hockey program has recorded an 81-24-5 overall record, made two appearances in the NCAA Division III women’s ice hockey tournament, and brought home Elmira College’s third NCAA Championship in 2012-13.


Women’s Ice Hockey Player Julia Williams was recognized as one of the College’s outstanding Student-Athletes for the year. Also named to the NESCAC 2014 All-Winter Academic Team were Hannah Bartlett, Tori Bogen, Casey Brown, Stephanie Lang and Williams. This is Williams’ third appearance on the All-Winter Team.

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East Hockey

East Hockey / Page 25

Eastern New York Men’s College Hockey Report by Warren Kozireski


ARMY Head hockey coach Brian Riley received a four-year extension to his term with one of college hockey’s most influential organizations. Riley, who just completed his 10th season at West Point, participated in his first NCAA meetings in Indianapolis last June and is currently chairing the 2014 NCAA Division I Tournament East Regional at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Conn. Riley’s extension places him on the NCAA committee through the 2018 NCAA Championship. The NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Committee is responsible for the management of the NCAA Championship, including team selection and operations, as well as future site selections for NCAA regionals and the Frozen Four.

Head hockey coach Matt Alvey was announced as the Region III Coach of the Year. The Vikings were 10-51 overall during the regular season giving him 122 career wins. Sophomore goalie Mike Fay (Farmingville) was the lone Viking to earn First-Team All-Region this year. Fay stopped 202 saves on the year and only allowed 27 goals. Forward Matt Wagner (Clifton Park) and defenseman Jordan Simpson each earned SecondTeam All-Region honors, while defenseman Ethan Bleau (North Greenbush) claimed a spot on the All-Rookie Team.

MANHATTANVILLE Junior defenseman Anton Racklin was named a CCM Division II-III Men’s Hockey All-America thirdteam selection, as selected by the American Hockey Coaches Association. Racklin is the fifth AllAmerican in Manhattanville men’s hockey history, joining Andrew

Gallant ‘07, Chris Trafford ‘09, A.J. Mikkelsen ‘10 and Mickey Lang ‘11, and joins Lang as one of only two Valiants to do so before their senior season. Senior goaltender Alex Scola signed with the Mississippi Surge of the Southern Professional Hockey League. Scola earned All-Conference honorable mention recognition in his final season with the Valiants, following a senior year in which he has posted a 9-7-2 record with a 2.77 goals against average and .901 save percentage. Former Valiant Lang (2011) was named the CCM ECHL Most Valuable Player for the 2013-14 season.

R.P.I. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute forward Brock Higgs has been selected as the 2013-14 Senior CLASS Award® winner in NCAA® Division I men’s hockey. The award, chosen by a nationwide vote of Division I men’s hockey coaches, national hockey media and fans, is given annually to the most outstanding senior studentathlete in Division I men’s hockey. To be eligible for the award, a student-athlete must be classified as an NCAA Division I senior and have notable achievements in four areas of excellence – classroom, community, character and competition. As a freshman, Higgs suffered a freak injury when a teammate’s skate sliced his neck. (Continued on Page 27)

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Manhattanville The Manhattanville College Department of Athletics has teamed up with the You Can Play Project to promote equality and diversity among student-athletes. The You Can Play Project is “dedicated to ensuring equality, respect and safety for all athletes, without regard to sexual orientation.” With its simple, primary message - “If you can play, you can play” - the project seeks to challenge the culture of locker rooms by focusing not on sexual orientation, but on athletic ability, commitment and character. Along with emphasizing the project around campus, the Department of Athletis produced a video featuring Valiant student-athletes, staff and administrators. “At Manhattanville we promote a culture of inclusion and support among out student-athletes, and we hope that our video helps to reinforce that. If you are LGBT and you can play,

East Hockey / Page 26 you can definitely play here at Manhattanville,” said Keith Levinthal, director of athletics. “Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual, we are all Valiants striving for the same goal.” The video can be viewed at Manhattanville’s website. In other news, Manhattanville’s Sydney Asselstine (Har-

East Women’s College Report by Janet Schultz

tington, Ontario/Nepean Wildcats of the PWHL) was named Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year. Asselstine is also on the Manhattanville golf team. She was not only successful on the links/ice, but in the classroom. On the ice she was named an All-ECAC East first-team selection after a career season with 14 goals/15 assists, ranking her in the top 20 in DIII in goals and top 30 in points. She also was one of the top performers for the golf team with a 96.3 scoring average. Asselstine is a two-time honoree on both the ECAC East All-Academic Team and the MAC Academic Honor Roll with a 3.897 GPA and five consecutive semesters on the Dean’s List. Seven members of the Manhattanville Women’s Ice Hockey Team were invited to NBC ‘s The Today Show to set a new Guinness World Record. They partiicpated in the largest group workout using an exerManhattanville’s team on The Today Show cise ball. (Manhattanville Photo)

The Valiant players were part of a group of 350 that set a new Guinness Book of World Records standard for the largest 30--minute workout using an exercise ball. The event, which was used to promote community health and wellness in New York, was led by Michelle Bridges, star of “The Biggest Loser: Australia.”


RPI honored their hockey team with Sara Till taking the Bill Chaill Memorial Coach’s Award; Hannah Behounek, Most Improved Player; Kelly O’Brien, the Bob Conway Scholar-Athlete Award; Heidi Huhtamaki, Rookie of the Year and Nona Letuilgasenoa the Willie Stanton Award. Also recognized were seniors (pictured above) Madison Mazario, Missy Mankey, Toni Sanders, Smelker and Letuligasenoa. Coached by John Burke, the Engineers ended the season with a 6-14-2 ECAC record while going 10-20-3 overall.


U n i o n closed out its season with their annual

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East Hockey / Page 27

end-of-the-year banquet and naming of Christine Valente (pictured in Union photo on right) as Captain for the 201415 season. Valente also took home the Unsung Hero Award after playing in all 34 games for the Dutchwomen, tying a career high in goals with 5 and recording a career-high 14 assists. She also led the team shots on goal with 83 and faceoff wins with 203. “I am very excited to have Christine has our captain,” said Coach Claudia Barcomb. “She has demonstrated great leadership skills on and off the ice and I look forward to her leadership next year.” Senior Captain Maddy Norton earned the Hana Yamashita Coaches Award after leading the team with 18 assists and 21 points. She ranked near the top in the nation for power play assists (15) and blocked shots (77). Her three goals were all game-winners. The George Morrison MVP Award went to Goaltender Shenae Lundberg and Senior Forward Stefanie Thomson. Ashley Johnston received the Ashley Kilstein Award for the second year in a row for her outstanding service to the community. Sophomore Forward Jamie Smith earned the MVP of the Year Award after appearing in only six games she recorded five points and tallied her first collegiate career goal (Continued from Page 25)

The blade narrowly missed Higgs’s jugular vein. After missing only three weeks, he finished the season. He said he learned through his experience to make the most of what he was given. “If there’s one thing I learned from my accident freshman year, it is that you cannot overlook the smallest details for anything in life because you never know if you’ll have an opportunity to meet them again down the road,” said Higgs in a press release. “It’s about taking it one day at a time because really you never know what you’re going to meet tomorrow, so why worry about it while today passes you by. I found a lot more enjoyment out of everything, especially my sport, when I followed this and I feel others would too.” Junior forward Ryan Haggerty was selected to the CCM Hockey

against Dartmouth on January 25. The Rookie of the Year Award went to freshman defenseman Kathryn Davis. Davis missed only one game during her freshman season and led all rookies in points with 4 goals/2 assists.

National All-America East Second Team. In 35 games this season he led the team in goals with 28 and points with 43. Nationally he is second in Division I in goals per game (0.80), fifth in game-winning goals and power play goals and 15th in points per game (1.23). Haggerty gave up his final year of eligibility and signed a professional contract with the New York Rangers last month.


Senior Mat Bodie and junior Shayne Gotisbehere were both named Division I All-American First Team while junior goaltender Colin Stevens (Niskayuna) and senior forward Daniel Carr were Second Team All-Americans. Head coach Rick Bennett was named national men’s Division I Coach of the Year—the Spencer

Penrose Award. The award will be presented at the American Hockey Coaches Association convention in Naples, Florida May 3rd. Bodie, the all-time leading defenseman scorer in school history, signed a free-agent contract to play for the New York Rangers after he captained the Dutchmen to the NCAA Division I National Championship last Saturday to complete his college career with an overall record of 104-37-20. Bodie set a Union season record for defenseman scoring with 39 points, amassing eight goals and 31 assists. He was named an AHCA/CCM AllAmerican and finished as the second-highest scoring defenseman in the country. Carr signed a two-year, freeagent deal with the Montreal Canadiens after finishing ninth nationally in scoring and recording the first 50-point campaign in Union’s Division I history.

East News and Notes: ... Jan Hall lost her battle with cancer on Saturday, April 05, 2014. Jan was the long time East Section Associate Registrar and the wife of USA Hockey Secretary Bill Hall. Please keep Jan, Bill and their family in your prayers. ...Brewster is hosted their Bull Dogs Tournament May 3-4. ... The Brewster Ice Arena announces the formation of an 18U Prep-Team for players enrolled in Prep School & a regular U18 team of local HS players.Questions to: or Brewster Ice Arena 845-279-2229 ext.10 914-714-5928 ... Freeport Arrows Youth Hockey is proud to announce that it’s PeeWee & Bantam Major teams & the Midget 16U team will be joining the Midget 18U team as members of the Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League for the 2014-2015 Hockey Season ...Bedford Bears have posted their rosters. ... Greater New York will be holding its 2014 Golf Outing on Friday June 20, 2014 at Dyker Beach Golf Course. ...Icecat Amateur Hockey will be holding Skills Clinics this summer. Go to www.greenmachinehockey. com for information. This is for mites, squirts and pee wees. ... Long Beach Apple Core Youth Hockey will play in the LIAHL at the Tier II level starting at the 2015-2016 Season. ... The Long Island Royals are proud to announce that two players Joseph Mc Guire (‘96/Holbrook, NY) and Brandon Fortunato (‘96/ North Hills, NY) were selected in the 2014 USHL Draft. McGuire was selected by the Muskegon Lumberjacks. Joseph played on the National Semi Finalist Junior B Royals team in 2013 for Head Coach Ken Hoey. Fortunato was selected by the Fargo Force. Brandon was part of the 2012 Midget National Championship team that was coached by Pat Lafontaine. He was a key defenseman for Pat and the Royals as they made their Championship run. The LI Royals would like to wish Joseph and Brandon the best of luck in their future hockey careers, ...Millbrook Youth Hockey rosters announced. View

East Hockey / Page 28 at ... The New York Bobcats are proud to announce that defensemen Will Campion and Joey Maguire, and forward Dante Palecco were all selected in the USHL Draft. Campion (’95) was drafted by the Bloomington Thunder in the 9th round with the 144th overall pick. The Seaford, N.Y. native dressed in 43 games for the Bobcats last season, and registered 31 points. Campion was also named to the Eastern Hockey League’s First Team All-Stars, as voted upon by the EHL head coaches. In the 22nd round, 350th overall, the Muskegon Lumberjacks took McGuire, a native of Dix Hills, N.Y. who also was a first year member of the Bobcats. The 6-foot blueliner skated in 32 games for New York, and collected six points. Palecco was also drafted by the Lumberjacks with the 15th overall pick. Palecco (’98) had a monster year with the Long Island Gulls, scoring 34 goals and 19 assists for 53 points. The Whipanny, N.J product is committed to Yale University also following his junior career. The Bobcats would like to congratulate Will, Joe, and Dante on being taken in the USHL Draft. ... The Long Island Gulls, the oldest youth ice hockey organization on Long Island, is proud to announce that seven players from its Midget 16U National team were selected in the 2014 Phase I USHL Draft. Simon Butala, (’98/Defenseman), was selected in the 1st Round, 8th overall, to the expansion Madison Capitols. The Dowington, PA native was instrumental on the Gulls’ blueline all season long and chipped in with nine points offensively. The 5-foot-11 defenseman is committed to the University of Maine following his junior career. Next to go in the 1st Round was forward Dante Palecco, who was drafted by the Muskegon Lumberjacks with the 15th overall pick. Palecco (’98) had a monster year with the Gulls, scoring 34 goals and 19 assists for 53 points. The Whipanny, N.J product is committed to Yale University also following his junior career. In the 2nd Round, the Tri-City Storm drafted Gulls’ forward Sam Sternschein with the 19th overall selection. Sternschein (’98) was a part of the USA Select 15 Development Camp this past summer and registered two goals and two assists for four points in five games. The Syosset, N.Y. native is committed to Cornell University following his junior

NYHOL Wants Your News and Photos! Send it to career. Evan Wisocky (’98) heard his named called in the 3rd Round by the Capitols, who picked him with the 39th overall selection. The 5-foot-9 forward from Paramus, N.J. had 16 goals and 20 assists for 36 points this season in a Gulls’ uniform. Forward Jack Badini (’98) was next to go in the 4th Round by the Lincoln Stars. Badini, who hails form Greenwich, Conn., posted 35 points for the Gulls this past season. Leftwinger Chris Grando shortly followed Badini, as the Green Bay Gamblers selected him with the 10th pick in the 4th Round. The Islip, N.Y. product registered 52 points for the Gulls this past year. Brenden Less closed out Day One of the USHL Draft after the Capitols selected the defenseman in the 8th Round. ...The Mariners will be returning to Playland next season, their home for 12 years destroyed by Hurricane Sandy two years ago. ...Aviator Hockey is holding a 3-on-3 program. Pee Wees at 9 am.; Bantams at 10:30 a.m. Go to for information/registration. ...Bear Mountain: Home of the 2014 NYSAHA State Champion 18-U Midget team. The club is planning on having Bantam and Midget teams for the 2014 - 2015 Season. We are also planning on participating in the MEHL in addition to the HVHL for the 2014-2015 season. Registration is open how for the upcoming season. Please register ASAP to reserve your spot on a team. ... The New York City Skyliners Hockey Club is NYC’s competitive Tier 3 travel hockey program for Mites, Squirts, Pee Wees, Bantams, Girls 12U, Girls 14U and Midget Minor (16U). The Skyliners Hockey Club just completed its fourth season! We would like to thank all the players, families, and coaches that made our season a great success. Tryouts for the 2014-2015 season will be listed below. If anyone would like additional information please contact Ray Farrell at ...Palisades will field the following 2014 / 2015 State Tournament Bound travel teams: Mite, Squirt A, A1, Pee Wee AA-TB, Pee Wee A, Bantam Major AA TB, Bantam Minor AA, Midget U16 A-TB and Midget U18 A - TB. Top teams at TB levels will compete with AA schedule. For more information contact

East Hockey / Page 29 ...Congratulations to the Rye Rangers Hockey Club on their season’s accomplisments: 2013-14 Mite A: Played MSG between periods at NY Ranger game and participated in on-ice pre game ceremonies at Brown University game Squirt A: Can Am Lake Placid Silver Medal and Can Am Relay Gold Medal; Empire State Games Champion in Lake Placid, NY Squirt B: Can Am Lake Placid Bronze Medal Squirt B: HVHL Playoffs Pee Wee B: HVHL Playoffs Pee Wee A: White Plains Tournament Champions and Can Am Relay Gold Medal; Evan Ketchabaw – Silver Medal Shooter Can Am Lake Placid Bantam A: Can Am Lake Placid Silver Medal and Can Am Relay Gold Medal; Ed Massaro – Silver Medal Goaltending Can Am Lake Place Bantam B: HVHL Champions *

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North Hockey steaks, chips, and plenty of varied desserts to fill everyone’s bellies in anticipation of the main event. Once everyone was satiated, it was time to suit up once again for the parents vs players game. The mites started By Lewis County Hockey Assn. off a bit slow, and quickly fell to the parents by two goals. n a (relatively for this year!) Once the mites warm 28 degree March 9th figured out that the (adult) ref was this year, Lewis County cheating in favor of the parents Hockey celebrated another suc- however, they decided to give their cessful small town hockey year. parents a taste of their own mediEvery year at the end of the season, cine by putting all of the mites on a day is set aside for everyone in- the ice at once to swarm the parvolved in hockey to come togeth- ents. This unorthodox approach er and just have fun at the rink. seemed to work as they quickly Traditionally closed to the pub- got 3 unanswered goals, leaving lic, the morning festivities began their coach Jon Rose stymied and with the ‘Moose Men’ (as the Men’s rumor has it that he may work that League players are known) play- same strategy into next years proing a spirited, high-scoring, excit- gram if he can find a loophole in ing game. The highlight (at least the rule-book for it. for this author!) was when yours The squirts vs parents game truly took a one-timer slapshot was much more evenly matched. from point and broke the puck into Several players had 2 pieces! I took a quick victory lap moms with hockey to flex my muscles and show off experience and coach my new trophy puck. Dane Hylen used After the men’s league game, that to his advanthe Moose Men were happy to see tage setting up his that the parents of all the younger lines. Unfortunately, hockey players had shown up, as he had left young it’s tradition for everyone to bring Trenton Dozstan in food and drink. Quite a spread was charge of coaching enjoyed by all with burgers, dogs, the squirts team, and

Grassroots Celebration for Grassroots Organization!


North Hockey / Page 31 they had come up with equally strong lines that offset the adults. The were the first to get the rubber between the pipes that day, but the parents quickly answered for every goal the kids got, until finally time ran out with the squirts ahead by just one. All in all, everyone had a great time, and the association looks at the annual BBQ as a sort of goodbye for all the hockey families, until late next fall when they get together to rebuild their outdoor rink, cross fingers for cold weather, and flood it. A grassroots celebration for a grassroots organization. Next year LCAHA plans on adding a PeeWee aged team, and are always looking for donations of any type! Special thanks must be sent to our board officers, without whom, Lewis County would not even HAVE hockey: Tanya Roy, Vanessa Schultz, Robin Maurer and Nicole Dubach, thank you for another great season! To learn more, search Lewis County Amateur Hockey on facebook, or visit our webpage at

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North Hockey / Page 32

Lewis County celebrates the end of the season with several games and a BBQ (Lewis County Photo)

Edward Eberly untangles a roll of lines for storage while Bobby Fountain and Joe Lawrence prepare the chiller lines for storage. Below are photos of cement damage and heaving that took place in the pavilion. Lewis County Cougars will be fundraising to make necessary repairs next season. The Arena now awaits its summer usage for the Lewis County Fair and then when skates and pucks return in the Fall. (Photos supplied by Lewis County Cougars)

Northern New York Men’s College Hockey Report by Warren Kozireski

CLARKSON Forward Ben Sexton signed a three-year entry level contract with the Boston Bruins on March 20 and is playing for the Providence Bruins in the American Hockey League. Sexton skated in 102 games over four years and recorded 85 points on 24 goals and 61 assists. Forward Allan McPherson signed with the Abbotsford Heat in the AHL. He was Clarkson’s leading scorer with 32 points on 13 goals and 19 assists in 42 games this past winter. In four seasons he netted 103 points. Jarrett Burton and Alex Boak (Norwood) signed amateur tryout agreements with the Wheeling Nailers of the East Coast Hockey League. Burton tallied 28 goals and 26 assists for 54 points while Boak posted 31 points on seven goals and 24 assists in 148 career games. Forward Will Frederick signed with the Utah Grizzles of the ECH after his 59 points in 145 collegiate games. Ten awards were announced at the banquet. Headlining the list of recipients was McPherson and Sexton, who were named co-winners of the Bill Harrison Clarkson Most Valuable Player. Sexton was also honored with the Mike Morrison Dedication Award. Kevin Tansey was presented with the Clarkson Ironman Award. Sophomore Jeff DiNallo was presented with the Richmond Unsung Award. Jarrett Burton was honored with the Fran Neragin Award, presented to a player who displays unselfish play and sportsmanship both on and off the ice. Freshman goaltender Steve Perry was

North Hockey / Page 33 selected as the Knights’ Rookie of the Year. Sophomore Paul Geiger was named Clarkson’s Best Defensive Player. Junior forward Joe Zarbo (Grand Island) was selected as the recipient of the North Country Award, presented to the Golden Knights who distinguished themselves during the season series against arch rival St. Lawrence. For the second consecutive season, Matt Zarbo (Grand Island) was honored as Clarkson’s ScholarAthlete of the Year and was a 2014 national Senior Class Award all-star – second team. Junior defenseman James Howden and Geiger were presented with the Junior and Sophomore Academic Achievement Awards, respectively. Geiger was also announced as next year’s team captain. Clarkson alum Brandon DeFazio has been named the Utica Comets (AHL) team winner of the AHL Man of the Year award for his outstanding contributions to the Utica community during the 2013-14 American Hockey League season. It is the third consecutive time DeFazio has been named his team’s Man of the Year, after previous honors with the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins in 2011-12 and the Bridgeport Sound Tigers in 2012-13. DeFazio has been involved in a number of activities, including Utica’s Quality of Life Sweep with several teammates and preparing and serving meals at the Rescue Mission of Utica. The team later raised $32,000 for the Rescue Mission at its March 7 game. He also has volunteered at local schools, libraries and hospitals and has assisted at practices of the Utica Jr. Comets. The team honor makes DeFazio one of 30 finalists for the AHL’s Yanick Dupre Memorial Award, named for the former Hershey Bears forward who died in 1997 after a 16-month battle with leukemia.

PLATTSBURGH Barry Roytman (Staten Island) and Alex Jensen were named 2014 CCM Division III All-American selections in an announcement made last week in conjunction with the NCAA Division III Men’s Ice Hockey Championships.

NYHOL Wants Your News and Photos! Send it to Roytman earns the first All-American honors of his career with a spot on the East Second Team. He helped anchor a Plattsburgh State defense that ranked first in the State University of New York Athletic Conference and sixth in the nation, holding opponents to 1.92 goals per game. Roytman also led all Cardinal defensemen with 14 points and contributed a team-high four power-play goals. Jensen joins Roytman as a first-time honoree with a selection to the East Third Team after a breakout year as the Cardinals’ leading scorer. A junior forward from Helsingborg, Sweden, Jensen tallied careerhighs with 13 goals and 16 assists to lead the Plattsburgh State offense with 29 points.

ST. LAWRENCE Senior forward Greg Carey was named a Hobey Hat Trick marking the final three candidates for the Hobey Baker Award. This follows his being a top-ten finalist one year ago. Carey led the nation in goals, was second in the nation in assists (39) and first in power play points (31). He led the Saints in scoring for four straight years and repeats as scoring champion in the ECAC. Boston College’s Johnny Gaudreau won the award. “Johnny had a phenomenal year,” said Carey at the Hobey Baker Awards ceremony at the Frozen Four in Philadelphia. “I was happy with how my team did and how my year went, but I’m just happy to help promote the sport. Anything that helps get college hockey into the public eye, I’m happy to be a part of it. I had a terrific college hockey experience. I didn’t know what it would be like when I came as a freshman, but every year it got better. Forever I will be a Laurentian and I will be cheering on the Saints.” Carey was also named a First Team Division I AllAmerican. The Saints announced the winners of its year-end team awards. Senior captain Kyle Essery was named the winner of the Brian “Jinx” Doyle Award, Greg Carey was named the Stuart Winning Most Valuable Player, Jeremy

North Hockey / Page 34 Wick was the Bernie McKinnon Coaches Award Winner, Justin Baker was the Pete McGeough Award winner, Patrick Raley the Brian McFarlane Award winner and Riley Austin and Matt Weninger were named the winner of the Terry Slater Perseverance Award. Sophomore Alex Hagen received the Paul Flanagan Most Improved Player Award, Gavin Bayreuther was the Pelletier/Stewart Rookie of the Year and Justin Bruckel was selected as the James Street 7th Player Award winner by the Friends of St. Lawrence Hockey.

Northern Notes ...Schenectady Youth Hockey gave out their annual awards recently. Honored were: Morris Awardees: Jack Scalise, Squirt A; Tyler Carroll, Squirt B; Nate Dominikoski, Squirt C; Noah Sinclair, PeeWee A; Michaeline Anderson, PeeWee B; Spencer Parks, Bantam. Moddy Awardees: Antonio Russell, Squirt A; Noah Pickard, Squirt B; Zander Cook, Squirt C; Miles Grabb, PeeWee A; Leo Coons, Pee Wee B; Nicolas Nocera, Pee Wee C; Will Kehoe, Bantam. Congratulations to everyone at Schenectady. ...Clifton Park has announced that Women’s DI college standouts Amanda Castignetti and Veronica Gbur will lead the CP Dynamo 16U Tier I Girls for next season. The Dynamo are also icing new 12U, 14U and 16U teams next season. Coachig the 14U Girls will be Shawn MacKinnon. ...The Capital District High School Hockey League is holding a Varsity Developmental Program in July and August. For information email ...Chazy Youth Hockey will hold a Memorial Golf Tournament on Sunday, Jun 1 at the North Country Golf Club in Rouses Point, NY. This is a Scramble and cost is $65 per player. Email for more information. ...Artic Fox Hockey is looking for women to play in the Clifton Park area. Contact ...Bethlehem Hockey is holding summer skills programs. Go to ...Plattsburgh Youth Hockey will hold a golf tournmanet on August 3 at Barracks Golf Course. Email app@ for information.

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North Women’s College Report by Janet Schultz

Gagnon Named Sarah Devens Award Winner Clarkson senior/graduate student forward Vanessa Gagnon has been named the winner of the 2014 Sarah Devens Award. Given as a joint award between ECAC Hockey and Hockey East, the Sarah Devens Award is presented annually to a player who “demonstrates leadership and commitment both on and off the ice.”

Each conference submitted a league nominee for consideration. The winner receives a post-graduate scholarship of $10,000.

Gagnon is the second Golden Knights student-athlete to receive the Sarah Devens Award, as Lindsay Williams was tabbed with the honor in 2007. She has been a model leader both on and off the ice having a major impact on the program’s success in Potsdam, leading Clarkson to its first national championship this past season.

In addition to winning the Devens Award this year, Gagnon also won ECAC Hockey’s Mandi Schwartz Award as the top student-athlete in the conference.

A fourth year graduate student at Clarkson, Gagnon finished her undergraduate degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship during her junior year with a 3.95 and is currently one of only two students to maintain a perfect 4.0 in Clarkson’s MBA program. She is also pursuing an additional certification in environmental management.

Winner of the ECAC Hockey Best-Defensive Forward award this season, Gagnon has excelled on both ends of the ice. Boasting a +43 plus/minus rating for the season, the Assistant Captain has tallied 18 goals and 15 assists on the year. The forward has also won .637% of draws this season.

Some of Gagnon’s off the

North Hockey / Page 35 ice accomplishments include partnering with faculty members to develop m i c r o finance projects in Uganda where she will be visiting this May to roll out the screening and training support for the projects; induction into the highest of business school honor societies; ECAC Hockey all-academic teams; President’s List and Dean’s List; Golden Knight’s Unsung Hero Award Winner; as well as becoming the first student-athlete in program history to earn CoSIDA AllAcademic Teams and winner of the Elite 89. The Elite 89, an award founded by the NCAA, recognizes the true essence of the student-athlete by honoring the individual who has reached the pinnacle of competition at the national championship level in his or her sport, while also achieving the highest academic standard among his or her peers. The Elite 89 is presented to the student-athlete with the highest cumulative grade-point average participating at the finals site for each of the NCAA’s championships.

She is defined by her professors as a natural leader who uses her ‘know how’ skills to build the spirit of teamwork and shared leadership in the classroom and in her athletic pursuits.

One of the Golden Knights captains, the topliner she has netted five game-winning goals on the season and is a valuable penalty-killer who logs time against the opponents’ best players.

Past recipients of the award include: 1997 -- Kathryn Waldo (F), Northeastern; 1998 -- Sarah Hood (F), Dartmouth; 1999 -Jamie Totten (D), Northeastern; 2000 -- Carrie Jokiel (F), New Hampshire; 2001 -- Christina Sorbara (F), Brown; 2002 -- Dianna Bell (F), Cornell; 2003 -- Rachel Barrie (G), St. Lawrence; 2004 -- Lindsay Charlebois (F), St. Lawrence; 2005 -- Nicole Corriero (F), Harvard; 2006 -- Karen Thatcher (F), Providence; 2007 -- Lind-

NYHOL Wants Your News and Photos! Send it to say Williams (F), Clarkson; 2008 -- Lizzie Keady (F), Princeton; 2009 -- Marianna Locke (F), St. Lawrence; 2010 -- Laura Gersten (F), Rensselaer; 2011 -- Jackee Snikeris (G), Yale; 2012 -- Aleca Hughes (F), Yale, 2013 -- Alyssa Zupon, (F), Yale.

Clarkson Shannon Desrosiers Steps Down Matt Desrosiers Takes Over Helm

She stepped on the bench of the Clarkson Golden Knights Women’s Ice Hockey Team in its first season and 11 years later she is stepping down to devote more time to her growing family. For the past six years her co-head coach was husband, Matt, and he will remain as Head Coach. Matt and Shannon are expecting their second child this summer. “It is with sadness and excitement that I step down from my duties coaching the women’s hockey team at Clarkson,” said Shannon. “It has been an amazing 11 years and I could not be more proud of how far the team has come in my time here.” After six seasons of sharing the head coaching duties with Shannon, Matt Desrosiers assumes the role of Clarkson Head Coach. “To put into words what Shannon has done for Clarkson women’s hockey and the impact she has had on the success of the program and players is very difficult,” said Matt. “A beter role model for the team you will not find. From the very inception of the program eleven years aog, Shannon has set the standard for Clarkson Women’s Hockey through hard work and has been someone the players have looked up to for guidance and leadership. “She has been an integral part of this team going from a startup Division I ice hockey program into the National Championship team we had this season,” he continued. In six seasons as a Clarkson head coach, the Knights skated to 134 victories, posted four campaigns of over 20 wins, qualified for the ECAC Hockey playoffs every year, including four home-ice berths, made

North Hockey / Page 36 three conference championship tournament showings and advanced three times to the NCAA Tournament. Matt played for St. Lawrence, helping the Saints reach the Frozen Four as a junior and gained ECAC and All-American Honors as a senior. He then played five years of professional hockey with the Dayton Bombers and South Carolina Stingers of the ECHL and helped the CHL Colorado Eagles to a 2005 President’s Cup Championship.

Clarkson Awards

Clarkson held its annual awards banquet and recognized Jamie Lee Rattray (pictured below) as Clarkson’s Most Valuable Player for this season. Rattray was also the recipient of the 2014 Patty Kazmaier Memorial Award. The award, in its 17th year, is presented annually to the top player in NCAA Division I women’s ice hockey. She was chosen for the honor from a group of three finalists, including Hannah Brandt (Vadnais Heights, Minn./University of Minnesota) and Jillian Saulnier (Halifax, Nova Scotia/Cornell University). “Jamie Lee is the definition of hard work paying off,” said Matt Desrosiers, head coach of Clarkson University. “The energy she brings to every practice and game is unmatched and is infectious to the rest of her team. She embodies everything the Patty Kazmaier Memorial Award represents; a top performer in the country, competitiveness, performance in the clutch, personal character, and most importantly a true passion and love for the

game of

NYHOL Wants Your News and Photos! Send it to hockey.” Amidst a record-setting senior campaign, Rattray sits at or near the top of the national leader board in many offensive statistical categories. The Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference Player of the Year and First-Team All-ECAC selection, Rattray was a three-time ECAC Player of the Month (November, December, January), three-time ECAC Player of the Week and fivetime member of the ECAC Weekly Honor Roll. The senior forward helped Clarkson University win the ECAC regular-season title, earn the No. 1 seed in the ECAC tournament and secure a spot in the NCAA Women’s Frozen Four championship game. Additionally, her on-ice leadership helped Clarkson set the school-record for wins in a single season with 30. Rattray currently ranks second in the NCAA in both points (64) and goals (28), including a nation-leading nine power-play markers. She has recorded 20 multi-point games in Clarkson’s 40 outings to date, including two five-points showings (Nov. 22, 2013 vs. Princeton University and Jan. 31, 2014 vs. Union College). Additionally, Rattray has set Clarkson’s single-season records for goals, assists and points, as well as the school’s career records in both goals and points. Away from the rink, Rattray has been active in the Clarkson women’s hockey team’s participation with the Lil’ Knight Club, which volunteers with youth hockey players in the area. She also helped paint the Helping Hands building in Potsdam, N.Y., and has assisted in fundraising for the Dalton Guyette Memorial Award, which is given annually to provide opportunities to less fortunate children near Clarkson’s campus.

Potsdam Potsdam held its third annual team banquet recently recognizing their seniors and individual team and athletic awards winners. Receiving recognition from the USCHO were Rochester’s Jordan Ott as Rookie of the Year and Brittany Lucky, Second Team ECAC West recognition went to Coach Jay Green, Abby Tardelli and Jordan Ott.

North Hockey / Page 37 Named to the ECAC West All-Academic Team were Natasha Allen, Emily Kriwox, Abby Tardelli, Alexane Rodrigue, Rachel Grefke, Katie Marsman, Jessica Silveira, Brittany Lucky, Jenn Crawford, Izzy Faverman, Sally Mooney and Amanda Lucky. Freshman Academic Awardees included Amanda Peterson, Jordan Ott, Alyssa Brockmann and Kaylen Van Wagner. Awarded Bears Honors were Izzy Fayerman for Leadership; Abby Tardelli, Unsung Hero; Emily Kriwox, Most Improved and Jordan Ott, Rookie of the Year. Brittany Lucky received the Bears Team Coaches Award. Also honored were seniors Brittany Lucky, Jessica Silveira, Jenn Crawford and Amanda Lucky.


The coaching staff of the Plattsburgh State Women’s Ice Hockey Team will host an Elite Women’s Hockey Camp from August 7 through 10. The camp is designed for advanced women hockey players between the ages of 14 and 18 who strive to compete at the collegiate level. Cost is $420 per player or $400 per goalie. Accomodations and meals are included and all players receive a game jersey, socks and a t-shirt. Registration forms will be accepted until July 25. Camp opens at 3 p.m. on August 7 and concludes at 2 p.m. August 10. The schedule includes on-ice and off-ice activities, mini-tournament and tour of the Stafford Ice Arena and Plattsburgh State campus. For information contact Coach Kevin Houle ( or Assistant Coach Danielle Blanchard ( or call the college’s women’s hockey office at (518) 564-4243.

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West Hockey


he Medaille Mavericks played two games on April 3rd. Their first game was against Wittenberg University, in which they beat the Buckeye Conference champions 7-4 in a hard-hitting affair. Mavs Senior goaltender, Chris Koester, led the way and had goals scored by Alec Basehart, Austin Ford (2), Matt Kieta, Matt Pazderski, Matt Territo, and Isaak DeMaio. The Mavericks moved onto the quarterfinals against undefeated, 200, Northwest Conference champions and defending National Champions Western Washington University from Seattle, Washington. The first period was stolen by sophomore goalie Derrick Ford, and shut down defense from senior defensemen Giovanni Gullo and Correy Gibbons, and sophomore defenseman Tyler Crawford and Jordan Partyka. The Mavs were outshot by a large margin but handled the defending cham-

West Hockey / Page 39 Third period. Medaille continued their persistent counterattacks, gathering odd-man rushes, but unable to capitalize on their scoring chances. Western Washington scored about five minutes into the third period to take a 2-1 lead. The clock dragged on and the Mavericks were unable to bury their chances. Fast-forward to one minute left in the contest, Medaille pulled their goalie for the extra attacker. With two consecutive face-offs in the Washington zone, they applied the most pressure of the game. Getting the puck to the blue paint, but the Washington goalie kept the puck out‌ for now. With 12 seconds left in the game there was a scramble in front of the net, with 8 seconds left on the clock the Maverpions to 0-0 after the first period. The icks tied up the game against the second period offered some scoring. defending For the first ten minutes in national champions to make it 2-2. It is still unclear if Sophom o r e Austin r e g r F o r d e b Ed Kirch h c a o scored C y db Submitte the goal or Senior Giovanni Gullo scored as they continue to argue the second period, it who touched the puck last, but nonewas the same story as the first period; theless the Mavericks took the game the Mavs were dominated until a two- into overtime. on-one was created from a counterat- Overtime. The five minute period tack. Sophomore Austin Ford took up was reserved. Each team had a chance, the wing and fed Sophomore Matt Ter- but could not finish. Still tied 2-2, rito with perfect backhand sauce for the game went into a shootout. Who the first goal of the game. 1-0 Medaille. would have thought that the seven The one to zero scored carried on un- seed Medaille Mavericks could play til a crucial faceoff with thirty seconds with the fast paced west coast offense left in the period. The Mavs lost a fa- of number two seed Western Washingceoff in their own zone. The Washing- ton? ton defenseman took a low wrist shot The shootout. The shootout conthat was tipped of a Maverick and into sisted of a 5-man lineup. The Mavs the net. It was tied up at 1 at the sec- lineup consisted of Nick Pagalicci, ond intermission. Austin Ford, Matt Kieta, Alec Basehart,

n o s a e S s d n E e l l i a ! r Med e l l i r h T f f o y a l P h Wit

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West Hockey / Page 40

and Matt Pazderski with Derrick Ford in net. Nick P. was ing like they did in the first two games of the tournament suffering from injuries during the tournament, but played during the first period. The second period was a different on despite of them. His shoot rolled of his stick and went story. The Mavericks had a plethora of opportunities to tie wide. Derrick F. responded by taking the Washington shoot- the game, but the San Diego goalie shut the door on every er to a bad angle for an easy save. The Mavs second shooter shot that he faced. In the third period Medaille was relentwas Austin F.. He came into the zone a little wide, but was less with pressure looking for the game-tying goal. It never shutdown by Western Washington’s goaltender. Derrick re- came. San Diego eventually took advantage of an empty sponded with a save of his own. Medaille’s third shooter net and the Mavs run ended with a 2-0 loss to San Diego. was Matt Kieta. He came in down the center of the ice and Game 4: 3rd place game. The Mavericks were still ripped a wrist shot glove side to give the Mavs the lead in content with finishing in the top 4. They knew they were the shootout. Derrick Ford responded with a poke check underdogs for all of their games. Each of the teams they to keep the Mavs up one. Alec B. shot next for the Mavs, played won their conference, while the Medaille Mavericks trying to pull of a dangle seen in the pro’s that was made made it to the national tournament with an at-large bid. famous by Peter Forsberg Their next opponent was a goal in the 1994 Olympics on a scoring machine team, the Indepenalty shot against Team pendent Conference champion’s Canada, however it did Xavier University. The Mavs not work on Washingstruck first with Giovanni Gullo ton’s goalie. Derrick Ford, scoring to take the 1-0 lead. From again, stopped Washingthere, it was downhill. Xavier ton’s 4th shooter. Last up scored two goals to close out the for Medaille was Matt first period. The second period Pazderski. Matt P. skated was all Xavier, still. They added into the zone aiming for two more goals to take a 4-1 lead the glove side just as Matt into the 2nd intermission. Again, K. had done. Pazderski Xavier was all over Medaille. shot was robbed by the With 1:30 left in the game, and Western Washington goalthe score 8-1 Xavier, Xavier took ie, leaving the fate of the a time out. The time out was Medaille Mavericks run to taken to honor the seniors on Derrick Ford. The Washboth teams. The local crowd supMedaille’s Senior Class (Medaille Photo) ington forward crossed porting Xavier and the crowd the blue line and Derrick was already showing a poke-check. The forward came in sort of like Gordon Bombay against the Hawks and Derrick made the save to carry the Mavericks into the semi finals against the University of California at San Diego. Game 3: Semifinals. With almost a 28-hour wait to play their semifinal game, the Mavs had time to rest after the game of the tournament against Western Washington. San Diego, the California Conference champions, made it to the semifinals by defeating the New York Conference champions UB Bulls (D3) by a score of 2-1. San Diego came into the game with a 16 and 1 record, and playing only one game in the tournament versus Medaille’s two games. Early in the first period the Mavericks took a too-many-men penalty to give San Diego a man advantage. With a minute left in the man advantage a San Diego forward took a perfect slap shot that beat Derrick Ford upstairs for the first goal of the game. The Mavs looked worn out and were not play-

who came from Buffalo, New York to support the Mavs stood, clapped, yelled, and cheered for the eleven seniors on the ice. It was the last outing for Isaak DeMaio, Correy Gibbons, Giovanni Gullo, Matthew Kieta, and Chris Koester. The Mavericks finished in 4th place of the 10 team national tournament. The team would like to thank head coach Edd Kirchberger, and assistant coached Jim Eagen and Steve Skarbowski.

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WEST SECTION NEWS AND NOTES: ...West Section AAA Midget Sectionals will take place on Saturday, November 8, Sunday, November 9 and Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at the Northtown Center @ Amherst. Please note that SATs take place on that Saturday and that Tuesday is a holiday so no players will miss school. West Section Tournament Director Bob Schell will have further information as we get closer. Please make sure this information get to your AAA Midget Teams. ... The Buffalo Stars House League Program has a few openings on some of their MOHL teams for the 2014-2015 hockey season. A few openings exist at the Squirt, Peewee and Bantam levels. Direct inquiries about Squirts to Tom Dake at 597-6994. Direct inquiries about Peewee and Bantam to Dave Lynch at 253-3157. The Buffalo Stars House Program participates in the Western New York Multiple Organization House League (MOHL) and consists of 9 teams at all levels. Visit the Buffalo Stars on line at: ... Long time Rochester area Girls Youth Hockey Director Dave Newton lost his year long battle with cancer on 03/21/2014. Dave was the Rochester Youth Hockey’s Edge Director and partnered with Monroe County Youth Hockey to oversee the Edge Program. Dave was dedicated to building girls’ hockey and his daughter Leila who was a goalie on the MCYH Edge 12U Tier II team this past season. In Dave’s honor, RYH Edge together with MCYH Edge have established the Dave Newton Edge Scholarship Fund. This will be a annual need-based scholarship for Edge girl hockey players. Donations can be made via check, payable to Rochester Youth Hockey and sent to: Rochester Youth Hockey, 2700 Brighton Henrietta Townline Road, Brighton, NY 14623

West Hockey / Page 41 Attn: Dave Newton Scholarship Fund ,,,Buffalo Bisons: Two-Time Olympian Shelley Looney has joined the Buffalo Bisons as Hockey Director.In her new full-time role Shelley will oversee all of our coaches. Her primary responsibility will be to develop the skills curriculum at each level of play from Chucksters through Midgets. In accordance with USA Hockey, Shelley will implement the American Development Model (ADM) along age appropriate levels. The skills progression begins at U6 and continues through the U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 & U19 age levels. The ADM program has developed outstanding skills and practice sets based upon sound scientific research about how kids best learn at various age levels. Shelley has most recently been Girls’ & Women’s Hockey Director for the New Jersey Colonials from 2006 through 2013. Prior to joining the coaching ranks, Shelley was a player on the women’s national team for 14 seasons from 1992 though 2005. In that time she represented the United States in 151 international games scoring 61 goals and 136 points. Shelley scored the game winning goal in the Gold Medal game versus Canada at the Inaugural women’s ice hockey competition in the 19 98 Olympic Winter Games. In 2002 she was a Silver Medalist at the Olympics in Salt Lake City. A native of Michigan, Shelley attended and played hockey at Northeastern University from 1991-1994. She was inducted into Northeastern’s Sports Hall of Fame in 1999. ...The Buffalo Bisons announced the resignation of long-time coach Scott Welch for next season. Welch and his wife and all four of his daughters have been integral parts of the organization. He has coached numerous teams to State Championships. ...The Canandaigua Knights will hold their annual Golf Tournament on June 13 at CentrePoint Country Club.

NYHOL Wants Your News and Photos! Send it to ...Canandaigua’s Girls U14 team won in convincing fashion at the first Marching into Spring Girls tournament at GCCC. They hosted teams from Northern NY (Saranac Lake U14), Central NY (Camillus U14), and Ontario Canada (Kanata Krusaders). They upset a strong Camillus team in the final; winning 3-0. ... Cazenovia Park Hockey is proud to announce their partnership with HARBORCENTER and their Academy of Hockey! Both Cazenovia Park Hockey and HARBORCENTER are dedicated to the development of youth hockey in WNY. All Caz team in the 2014-2015 season will have a chance to work with the HARBORCENTER Academy of Hockey. The staff of the Academy of Hockey (Kevyn Adams, Martin Biron, Adam Mair and many others) are bringing together the best training and tools to help develop players of all ages. The program will involve On Ice Instruction, Classroom programming including Performance Video Analysis, as well as off-ice workouts with the Impact Sports Performance team. ...Beginning in the fall of 2014, the Hamburg Hawks have partnered with the Harborcenter and their staff to enhance the development of their players. All of the Travel and Girls teams will have the opportunity to participate in this partnership. Partnering with the Harborcenter and their Academy of Hockey will provide a new learning and training experience for our players and coaches. Each team will have at least one session at the Harborcenter that is age and level specific. Teams will work with the staff from the Harborcenter to focus on individual team needs. Coaches will be on ice with the Academy Staff learning and developing along with the players. This is a true partnership and not just sending players off to a clinic. It develops the whole team. If more availability opens up to secure more sessions at the Harborcenter, they will look to open the program to more teams in the association. Harborcenter staff includes former NHL players Kevin Adams, Martin Biron and Adam Mair. ...West Seneca Wings Fundraiser at Strikers on May 31. Contact Nicole Roberts wings04aa@aol. com for information. ...The Girl’s of WNY did quite well at the Na-

West Hockey / Page 42 tional level with the Buffalo Regals 14U and 16U teams making it to the cross over quarterfinals at the Nationals. The 14U team went 1-3 for the tournament and the 16U team went 2-2. Coaches report the girl’s had a great time and look forward to next year and building on their experience. The Buffalo Bisons lost in the quarterfinals of the Nationals but compiled a 2-2 record for the tournamnet. Native Abby Cleary’s Shattuck St. Mary’s team took the Championship against the Mid Fairfield Stars at the 16U Division. We congratulate Abby.

Orchard Park/Frontier Goal: $7,805 Dick’s Sporting Goods: $ for $ Match


eep These Girls On The Ice, that is the motto for the Orchard Park/Frontier Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Team in their fundraising effort that will net them $15,610 for their upcoming season. OP/Frontier is the only team in the WNY Girl’s Varsity Ice Hockey Federation that receives NO funding from their school districts. Since the inaugural season of the league five years ago, they have funded their entire season through fundraising and contributions. This spring they applied to the Dick’s Sporting Goods Sports Matter Program. The program provides matching funds if the girls meet the goal they have set. They set $7,805 as their goal and Dick’s would match dollar-for-dollar. However, if they do not meet the goal they receive nothing. There is also a time frame. The funds must be raised by 6 p.m. on Friday, May 23. Donations can be made via the internet by going to Orchard Park/Frontier ended the season 5-72 season giving them a sixth place finish.

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Storm Ends the Stars Amazing Run (By Scott Then, Photos Janet Schultz)


he Stars 19U girls’ hockey team came up a little short of the ultimate prize of a National Championship. The Stars opened the tournament on Wednesday, April 2, with a 3-1 win over The Steel City Selects out of Pittsburgh, PA. On Thursday afternoon the Stars faced the Portland Pirates from Maine. The Stars downed the Pirates 5-3. The Stars finished round robin play on Friday when the faced Team Alaska. Despite their best efforts the Stars lost the game 4-3. With a 2-1 record that was enough to advance to the quarter finals on Saturday. In a very fast pace back and forth battle with Princeton Tiger Lilies. The Stars outlasted the Tiger Liles with a last minute goal to win the game 3-2 and advance to the semi finals later Saturday night. Late Saturday night in the semi final game the Stars faced the number one ranked team in the Nation, The Keweenaw Storm which is made up of players from three local junior hockey associations. The Storm took at quick lead and never looked back winning the semi final game 8-3. The players that represented the Buffalo Stars this season were:
Leanna Atkisson, Emma Blasius, Emily Burow, Jordyn Buziak, Emily Certo, Rene Doherty, Alyssa Dollendorf, Jessica Gates, Alanna Herne, Margaret Janiga, Marissa Janiga, Katelyn

Koester, Aleah McAfee, Haley Porterfield, Jordan Roetzer, Mackenzie Sahrle, Jennifer Sauter, Madeline Stoklosa, Alyssia Taggerty, Jamie Wheeler and Lindsey Torres. Visit the Buffalo Stars on line at:

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Western New York Men’s College Hockey Report by Warren Kozireski

CANISIUS Shane Conacher collected the Atlantic Hockey Association Rookie of the Month accolades in March after scoring eight points on three goals and five assists in seven postseason games. Kyle Gibbons (pictured above) has signed a professional contract with the Toledo Walleye of the ECHL. During his four-year career, Gibbons amassed 130 points, 57 goals, 73 assists and 19 power-play tallies at Canisius. He ranked fourth in the program’s Division I record in career points and second in career goals. Defenseman Ben Danford signed a contract with the Manchester Monarchs of the AHL after leading all Canisius defensemen in scoring in each of his four seasons. Danford never missed a single game in his career, playing in all 158 contests—the longest streak in school history and the 13th-longest in NCAA history. He accumulated 84 points on 10 goals and 74 assists during his career. The 74 assists are the most in the program’s history by a defender, while his 84 points rank second in the school’s record book. Goaltender Tony Capobianco (pictured above) inked a contract to join the Adirondack Phantoms of the AHL. He enjoyed a record-breaking career in his four seasons at Canisius finishing his tenure with school records in saves (3,061), save percentage (.920), goals against average (2.71) and shutouts (eight). He also owns four-single-season records set during the 2012-13 campaign, setting the program’s standards in saves (1,256), save percentage (.929), shutouts (four) and goaltender victories (18). He earlier signed with and played two games with Elmira in the ECHL. The Griffs added four players during the April signing period, inking forwards David Parrottino and

Mike Sabatini, defenseman David Bennett and goaltender Reilly Turner to National Letters of Intent. The four players join early signees Pittman and forwards Jeff Murray, Ryan Schmelzer and Nolan Sheeran.

ERIE CC College President Jack Quinn, Jr. announced a partnership that will make HARBORCENTER the home of ECC Kats hockey, beginning with the 20142015 season. “On behalf of the students, faculty and administration of Erie Community College, I’d like to thank John Koelmel, Nik Fattey and the rest of the HARBORCENTER team for making this partnership a reality,” Quinn said in a press release. “ECC, whether with our picturesque City Campus or career-focused students, has always had a strong presence in downtown Buffalo. But to be involved with one of the most impressive developments in this city’s history just takes that presence to another level.”

GENESEO Senior Zachary Vit was named a CCM Division II-III Men’s Ice Hockey First-Team All-American by the American Hockey Coach’s Association (AHCA). The Knights’ top goal scorer is the program’s tenth

NYHOL Wants Your News and Photos! Send it to All-American and first since Danny Scagnelli landed third-team honors in 2011. Vit also becomes the Knights’ fifth first-team All-American and first since current assistant coach Mitch Stephens achieved the feat in 2007.

NIAGARA Defenseman Kevin Ryan (pictured) (Eden) signed a contract with the South Carolina Stingrays of the East Coast Hockey League. Ryan suited up for 147 games at Niagara, including 132 consecutive starts, spanning all of the last two seasons and the final 33 games of his freshman campaign. He wrapped up his career at Niagara with seven goals and 50 assists for 57 points. Defenseman Matt Williams has signed a contract with the Brampton Beast of the Central Hockey League. Williams finished his career with eight goals and 34 assists in 128 games with a career-high in goals (3), assists (13) and points (16) this past season. Forward Ryan Rashid signed with Elmira in the ECHL after collecting 38 goals and 88 points in his Niagara career. Center Patrick Divjak signed with Rapid City of the Central Hockey League. He finished with 77 points on 21 goals and 56 assists.

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Seniors Ben Lynch and Eliot Raibl both earned a pair of individual honors, as the RIT men’s hockey team announced its 2013-14 team award winners. Lynch was co-winner of the Louis Spiotti Jr. Coaches Award, as a player who embodies RIT hockey, and the Art Thomas Teammate award. Lynch, who finished his RIT career 11th all-time at the Division I level with 89 points (31-58-89), was among the team leaders with 11 goals, while adding 10 assists. His 147 career games played are tied for the third most in program history. Raibl was cowinner of the Louis Spiotti Jr. Coaches Award and was one of three recipients to claim the Green B. Williams Award for Academic Excellence. Sophomore forward Dan Schuler (pictured) (Webster) was the recipient of the Greg Moss Hard Hat Award, given to a player who performs at a high level and does it with very little fanfare. Schuler led all RIT players with 13 goals and was a team-best plus5. He added eight assists for 21 points in 34 games. Nolan Descoteaux was awarded the Tim Cordick Award, given to the team’s best defenseman. Descoteaux more than doubled his point production from his first three seasons, enjoying a breakout year, with 18 points on five goals and 13 assists. Senior forward Mike Colavecchia won the Dan Barrows Fan’s Choice award, given by the Corner Crew. Colavecchia led the way offensively for the Tigers in 2013-14, recording 29 points on 12 goals and 17 assists. On Jan. 10, Colavecchia became the sixth player in RIT’s Division I history to reach the 100-point milestone. He finished his RIT career fifth all-time with 110 points on 44 goals and 66 assists. His 25 power-play goals were second most in RIT’s DI era. The Craig Lauzon award for the top newcomer was awarded to freshman goaltender Mike Rotolo (Greece). Rotolo emerged as the starter down the stretch and enjoyed a solid season, finishing 9-9-3

NYHOL Wants Your News and Photos! Send it to with a 2.77 goals against average, .912 save percentage, and two shut outs. Rotolo enjoyed a tremendous start to his collegiate career, becoming the first RIT goaltender to ever win his first five starts. Senior defenseman Greg Noyes and forward Anthony Hamburg shared the Green B. Williams Award for Academic Excellence with Raibl. Noyes, who tied the RIT all-time record with 150 games played, finished his RIT career tenth all-time in scoring, with 92 points on 24 goals and 68 assists. Hamburg appeared in 22 contests in 2013-14, tallying goals against Sacred Heart and Mercyhurst. All three men recorded 4.0 grade-point averages over the last two semesters. The Dr. Albert J. Simone Distinguished Service Award is given annually to a member of the RIT hockey community who makes a positive impact on the program. This year, the award went to J. Roger Dykes, former Sports Information Director, who served at RIT from 1972-1996. Since his retirement, Dykes has been a valuable asset to the program, helping with several projects involved with Ritter Arena and the Gene Polisseni Center, which will open in Fall, 2014.

Canisius Golf Tourney Benefits Athletics


he Canisius College athletic department will hold the 17th annual Blue & Gold Golf Classic and Auction Monday, August 4, at Lancaster Country Club in Lancaster. This year’s event will mark the first time the tournament will be held at Lancaster Country Club, a course that dates back to 1927 and measures 6,568 yards from the tips. The event will feature a 1 p.m. tee time, with accommodations for 144 golfers. Cost for the event is $175 for one golfer or $700 for a foursome. That price includes a full day of golf, lunch, on-course refreshments and an open bar and sit-down dinner following the event. For more information call event chair John Maddock at 716-888-2977. A tee sign is available for $125, which is a fourcolor action photograph of a Golden Griffin student-

West Hockey / Page 46 athlete on an 18 x 24 sign placed on a designated tee. The sign, which is suitable for framing, is given to the sponsor at the conclusion of the day’s activities. A corporate foursome costs $750 and includes all golf events for four people along with a tee sign and recognition at dinner. Admission to just the open bar and dinner, which starts at 6:15 p.m., costs $60 per person. Sponsorships are available for a wide variety of opportunities, including golf balls, lunch, dinner, driving range and putting contest. The event benefits the Blue & Gold Club, which is the official fundraising organization for Canisius College athletics.

Women’s Buffalo League Set To Go!


uffalo Bison’s Coach Tom Iafallo announced the inauguration of the Women’s Buffalo Hockey League that will begin in June. Iafallo has played in a men’s league that features the Who’s Who in Buffalo Hockey for several years. His idea for a women’s league came after seeking a summer league for his daughter to play in. “This League will consist of the WNY elite high school junior and senior players along with some college level players,” explains Iafallo. “It is a unique opportunity for the girls in the area to play very competitive hockey and stay connected with players they played with in Buffalo.” This summer there will be six teams plus a substitution team that they can pull girls from. The League runs 8 weeks, June 11 through August 6 with playoffs and a championship day. Iafallo has ice time at Riverside Rink on Wednesdays, June 11, 18, 15 from 8 to 10 p.m. and North Buffalo Rink on July 9, 16, 23 and 30 and August 6 from 7 to 9:45 p.m. “At this time my teams are filled,” Iafallo says. “Next year I’m hoping to add more teams and hopefully have 16 at some point.”

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Western New York Women’s College Hockey Report by Janet Schultz

Buffalo State College Captain Melissa Ash was among Buffalo State student/athleltes recognized for their contributions to their sport at the Buffalo State Student Leadership Awards Ceremony. Ash played four seasons with the Bengals and served as team captain this past season. An art education major, Ash maintains a 3.75 GPA and had several of her works of art chosen by a professional jury to be featured at the Buffalo State’s 34th Annual Art Education Student Exhibition. She has also been instrumental in the success of a number of community service projects including Empty Bowls, an art sale to raise money for local food banks and homeless shelters.


Head Coach Scott McDonald signed a four-year contract extension taking him through the 2017-18 season. McDonald just completed his eighth season behind the bench for the Tigers, leading them to the CHA Championship in their second season as a DI program. “We are thrilled to have secured Scott’s services for another four years,” said Lou Spiotti, RIT executive director of athletics. “This is an important milestone for us as we transition into a new era in the Gene Polisseni Center.” The Center, which seats 4,200, will open in the Fall.

4 MORE YEARS with Coach Scott McDonald at the helm of the RIT Women’s Ice Hockey Team (Photo by Janet Schultz) The Tigers won their last seven games and finished the 2013-14 season with a 20-15-3 record. They won four games against nationally-ranked opponents and finished the year receiving votes in both the and USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine national polls. RIT was not eligible for the NCAA Frozen Four due to a two-year probationary period from moving from DIII to DI. In 2011-12 McDonald led the Tigers to their first NCAA DIII Women’s Ice Hockey Championship Tournament appearance in school history and finished that season with a DIII record of 28 wins. McDonald has compiled an overall record of 171-53-18 (.744 winning percentage). He is the DIII all-time leader with a .835 winning percentage and is RIT’s all-time leader in coaching victories, earning his 100th win at RIT on January 29, 2011 against Buffalo State College. He became the second fastest coach in DIII history to reach that milestone (in 128 games). A native of Oakville, Ontario, McDonald is the only person in NCAA history to play at the DI and DIII level and coach at both division son both men’s and women’s teams. He played defense for the Niagara University Purple Eagles from 1996 to 2000 as part of the school’s inaugural season. He served as an assistant coach at Utica College for one season before moving to RIT to serve as assistant men’s hockey coach in 2003 through 2006.

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RIT Season in Review by RIT Athletic Department

0.77 goals against average) over the seven-game winning. The RIT women’s The juhockey team enjoyed nior goaltender a tremendous 2013-14 enjoyed a tremenseason, winning the dous season, finCollege Hockey Amerishing 16-9-2 with ica Championship in a 1.72 goals against just its second season average, .944 save as a Division I program, percentage, and ending the season with six shut outs. Her a seven-game winning .944 save percentstreak. The Tigers were age ranked third just one of two teams nationally, she (2014 NCAA National was tied for fifth Champion Clarkson) to in shut outs, and win its final game of the Morgan Scoyne, Melissa Bromley, Celeste Brown and Lindsay Grigg thank their fans ninth nationally as they celebrate another Championship season. (Photo by Janet Schultz) year. in goals against On the morning of average. BinningFeb. 15, the Tigers were ton set RIT records 13-15-3, having lost three straight games, with a tough sched- for most games played (28), minutes played (1,640), and saves ule ahead. That afternoon, RIT blocked 38 shots and defeated (788). She was named to the 2014 All-USCHO third team and No. 8 Robert Morris 1-0, starting a defensive run that would was the CHA Regular Season Goaltender of the Year, finishing continue throughout the rest of the season. The next weekend, league play with an 8-4-1 record with a tremendous 1.35 goals RIT would sweep Syracuse by scores of 3-1 and 2-1 to claim against average and .955 save percentage. third place in the CHA regular season standings. RIT won four games against nationally-ranked foes and The Tigers would save their best hockey for the postsea- were 12-5-0 on home ice during the 2013-14 season. RIT won son. On Feb. 28 and March 1, RIT swept a two-game CHA First non-conference contests against New Hampshire, Vermont, Round series against Penn State, getting an overtime goal Colgate, Brown, and Connecticut, allowing two or less goals in from Celeste Brown (Great Falls, MT/National Sports Academy) 25 contests. to win game one, 3-2, before closing out the Nittany Lions in On Dec. 14, the Tigers made history by playing in their first game two, 3-0. outdoor game, against 2014 National Champion Clarkson at That earned the Tigers a trip to Erie, Pa. for the CHA Semi- Frontier Field in downtown Rochester. The two teams battled final on March 7 against Robert Morris. The Tigers would race 10-degree weather and falling snow throughout, as RIT trailed out to a 2-0 lead after two periods and play shutdown defense the nationally-ranked Golden Knights 3-2 in the third period in the third period, ending the Colonials season with a 4-1 win. before eventually falling by a 6-2 score. It was an unforgettable In the CHA Championship the following afternoon, goaltender moment for both teams. Ali Binnington (Oakville, Ontario/Mississauga Chiefs) was the Up front, junior Marissa Maugeri (Ajax, Ontario/Durham story, stopping 46 shots through regulation and 60 after the West Lightning) enjoyed a breakout season for the Tigers, leadfirst overtime. With 6:17 left in the second overtime, Lindsay ing the team in scoring with 28 points on nine goals and 19 Grigg (Oakville, Ontario/Oakville Hornets) fired a shot through assists, including 19 points in 20 CHA contests. Maugeri had traffic that hit the top left corner of the net, giving RIT the CHA three different three-point outings during the season and enChampionship with a 2-1 win. joyed a stretch where she recorded 17 points during a 14-game RIT was not eligible for the NCAA Tournament due to a stretch. She formed a line with senior Erin Zach (Elmira, Ontartwo-year probationary period from moving from Division III to io/Cambridge Fury) and junior Kolbee McCrea (Wawa, Ontario/ Division I. Burlington Barracudas) that was RIT’s best trio during the sea Binnington made a career-high 62 saves in the win and son. was named the CHA Tournament Most Valuable Player. That Zach posted a career-high 25 points on eight goals and 17 capped off an incredible run for Binnington, as she allowed just assists. She tallied three game-winning goals during the seasix goals on her last 240 shots faced (.975 save percentage and son, including an overtime winner against Connecticut at the

NYHOL Wants Your News and Photos! Send it to Nutmeg Classic on Nov. 30. She also tied for the team lead with six power-play goals. McCrea, who missed all of 2012-13 due to injury, tied RIT’s Division I team record with 16 goals in 32 contests, while leading the team with 52 penalty minutes. She was named the CHA Player of the Week on Nov. 25 after scoring three goals in a weekend series against nationally-ranked Mercyhurst. Senior Kourtney Kunichika (Fullerton, CA/LA Selects) also enjoyed an excellent final season with the Tigers, recording 24 points on 10 goals and 14 assists. She ended the season with seven points (3-4-7) over her last six games and finished her tremendous career tied for third all-time with 136 points, fourth with 82 assists, second with 24 power-play goals, and seventh with 54 goals. Classmate Melissa Bromley (Aurora, Ontario/ Aurora Panthers) finished her senior season in style, recording five goals, including three tallies and two-game winning goals against Syracuse and Penn State over her last five games. Junior captain Celeste Brown (Great Falls, MT/National Sports Academy) tied for the team lead with six power-play tallies en route to an 11 goal, seven assist season. She was second on the team with four game-winning tallies, including the overtime winner against Penn State in game one of the CHA First Round Series. She was named CHA Player of the Week on March 3. Sophomores Jess Paton (Woodstock, Ontario/Waterloo K-W Rangers), Carly Payerl (Kitchener, Ontario/Waterloo K-W Rangers), and Katie Hubert (Burlington, Ontario/Burlington Barracudas) chipped in offensively as well. Paton had a career-high 11 points on five goals and six assists. The freshman group of Mackenzie Stone (Kars, Ontario/ South Carleton), Cassie Clayton (Pickering, Ontario/PEAC School), Dakota Waites (Whitby, Ontario/Sinclair), Caitlin Wallace (Brantford, Ontario/Assumption Collegiate), and Brittany St. James (Orono, Ontario/St. Stephen Catholic) enjoyed excellent debut seasons for the Tigers. Stone, the CHA Rookie of the Week on Nov. 18, scored five goals and added five assists for 10 points. All five of her goals were game-winners and she had the primary assist on the game-winning goal in the CHA Championship. Clayton scored four goals and was a two-time CHA Rookie of the Week. She scored the game-winning shorthanded goal in a 4-3 win over Syracuse on Jan. 10 and emerged as RIT’s best defensive center. Waites recorded nine points on a goal and eight assists. Wallace emerged as a hard-worker who played on the top line in the postseason. On defense, junior Lindsay Grigg (Oakville, Ontario/ Oakville Hornets) emerged as a tremendous two-way player for the Tigers in 2013-14, earning All-CHA second team honors and was named to the CHA Championship All-Tournament Team. Grigg, the CHA Player of the Week on March 10, led the CHA and was among the national leaders with 127 blocked shots. Grigg led all RIT defensemen with 21 points on three goals and 18 assists. She finished the year with six points over her last six

West Hockey / Page 49 games. The duo of juniors Morgan Scoyne (Drumbo, Ontario/ Stoney Creek Sabres) and Emilee Bulleid (Waterdown, Ontario/ Stoney Creek Sabres) enjoyed excellent seasons on the blue line for the Tigers. Scoyne, an assistant captain, recorded 14 points on two goals and 12 assists, and blocked 82 shots, while Bulleid had nine points on goal and eight assists with 53 blocks. Both players helped solidify a tenacious Tiger defense. The trio of freshmen Taylor Thurston (Kanata, Ontario/All Saints Catholic), Lindsay Stenason (Oakville, Ontario/Appleby Collegiate), and Lauren Klein (Shoreview, MN/Mounds View) all stepped in immediately and became valuable members of the defensive unit. Thurston played in all 38 contests and teamed with Scoyne, recording seven assists, while Stenason, arguably RIT’s fastest skater, was part of a lock down pairing with Grigg, blocking 45 shots. Klein appeared in all 38 games, with a goal and four assists. In addition to Binnington’s incredible play in net, sophomore Jetta Rackleff (Bend, OR/Summit) and freshman Brooke Stoddart (Elmvale, Ontario/Elmvale) also made a handful of appearances apiece. Rackleff went 3-3-0 with a 3.84 goals against average and .880 save percentage, while Brooke Stoddart (Elmvale, Ontario/Elmvale) was named the CHA Rookie of the Week on Feb. 3 after picking up her first collegiate win over Penn State. The future is bright for the Tigers, with nearly everyone returning for the 2014-15 season. The Tigers will be eligible for the NCAA Tournament for the first time and will look to defend their CHA Championship.

UB Wrap Up

UB Assistant Coach Melissa Jeckovich was handed the leadership reins for the team on September 20, 2013. She then was joined by Michelle Donlon on October 4 and their season got underway. Fallon Waxman scored the first goal of the season and Chrissy Wolcott netted the second in a loss against Northeastern University. Their lost the first round of the DI ACHA playoffs to the University of Vermont 2-1. While their season may not have been as successful as Coach and players would have wanted, it was a rebuilding year and Coach Jechovich looks forward to next season. “We play DI with the ACHA, the highest level of ice hockey without NCAA status.”

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Girls High Performance Workshop

n conjunction with the New York State District Girl’s Evaluation Camp set for March 17 and 18 in Cicero, there will be a High Performance Workshop. This is geared towards coaches of Girl’s/Women’s teams, but the clinic is open to all coaches and will be a great educational opportunity for any coach. Presentors include Ed Gosek, head coach of the Oswego State Men’s team; Tim Gerrish, former women’s coach at Middlebury and Union Colleges; Matt Herr, former NHLer and currently with USA Hockey; Andrea Kilbourne Hill, former Olympian currently coaching with Northwood School Women’s Ice Hockey team; Gavin Regan, former team leader for the USA Women’s Olympic team and vice president of USA Hockey; Allison Coomey, assistant coach at Boston Univeristy Women’s team; Matt Cunningham, coordinator of USA Hockey Coaching Education Program; Dean Jackson, head coach Elmira College and Earl Utter, head coach, Cortland State College women’s ice hockey team. This is a “one-up” clinic so no USA Hockey certification is needed, you will receive Level 1. If you are current at Level 1, you will receive a Level 2, etc. The clinic will be held in the CNS High School Auditorium from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 17. Contact Chuck Gridley at or (315) 569-2778 if you have questions. Registration, which is required, can be made by going to show/892976-coaching-clinics


USA U18 National Team Named USOC Team of the Month

he 2014 U.S. Men’s National Under-18 Team was named the United States Olympic Committe Team of the Month for April. The U.S. captured its eighth gold medal at the International Ice Hockey Federation Men’s Under-18 World Championship, held April 17-27 in Lappeenranta and Imatra, Finland. Team USA finished the tournament with an overall record of 6-0-0-1 (WOTW-OTL-L) and posted two shutouts en route to winning the gold medal. The victory marked Team USA’s eighth tournament title, including five in the last six years, and its 11th consecutive top-three finish in the tournament. In the gold-medal game, Auston Matthews (Scottsdale, Ariz.) had two goals and Sonny Milano (Massapequa, N.Y.) registered one goal and two assists as the U.S. Men’s National Under-18 Team defeated the Czech Republic, 5-2, at Lappeenranta Arena on April 27. Jack Dougherty (Cottage Grove, Minn.) and Dylan Larkin (Waterford, Mich.) added single tallies and Alex Nedeljkovic (Parma, Ohio) made 15 saves in the victory. Other New Yorkers on the team include Brandon Fortunato, North Hills; Ryan Hitchcock, Manhasset; Alex Tuch, Baldwinsville and Joe Wegwerth, Brewster. A feature on Milano can be found at http://www. id=884885 and one on Alex Tuch at http://www. id=884885

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