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•Buffalo State Names Coach •Hockey Goes Hollywood •Fitzpatrick Opens Training Facility •A Love Of Broadcasting •Summer Camps & Clinics

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Dear Hockey Fans, I can’t believe the regular season has ended and Summer is on the horizon. We will continue to publish throughout the summer and bring you the most up-to-date hockey news plus some informative and interesting features. Please forward us your news. We know many of you are taking the summer off and preparing for the 2013-14 season and we also know there may not be a lot of news. We will also be updating our files and we are looking for updated email addresses for your Board of Directors and Coaching Staff. Also, if you wish, we can email to your players if you provide us with those lists. Otherwise, we urge you to share this magazine with your players as we continue to send it to you. There’s a potential of over 50,000 readers/players in NYS and we’ve only tapped about 2,000 per issue. We have also partnered with Great Skate and New Edge Hockey who will be sending out the magazine to their clients. We will also be actively seeking advertisers this summer. If you have a business and would like to advertise, please contact me at Our prices are reasonable and our coverage is growing. Don’t forget to invite us to your special events. Many of you know we’ve showed up at your clinics, games and tournaments and we have enjoyed getting to meet with you. All Our Best, Randy Schultz Publisher/Writer NY Hockey On-Line Magazine

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Around New York State...


ince we didn’t have a lot of organizational news, we decided to put all the Sectional News and Notes in one place for the summer issues. Please forward us your organization’s news--events, fundraisers, tryouts, clinics and campus. Deadline is June 23 for the July issue and July 23 for the August issue.

CENTRAL NOTES: ...The Cortland Youth Hockey Board of Directors would like to thank Lucas Erno for his donation of $512.00 to hockey. Lucas entered the pancake eating contest, at the Maple Festival in Marathon, and after raising donations and eating 20 pancakes he came away with $512.00 to donate to the hockey program. Thank you again Lucas for your very generous donation and for thinking of youth hockey. ...Cortland Youth Hockey is holding their Annual Golf Tournament on Friday, August 2. The Tournament will be held at Walden Oak’s Golf Club with registration beginning at noon and the tournament beginning at 12:30 p.m. There will be a dinner and prizes. ...The Oswego College Lakers will be holding their Laker Ice Hockey Schools beginning in July. There is a Little Lakers Camp, Squirt and Pee Wee Hockey School, Bantam Midget and High School Hockey School, Lakers Goalie Camp and a Lakers All Girls School. For information contact Mark Digby at or go to the Oswego College Athletics website: athletics. camps (Early Bird Rate by June 14, use code “Janet.”)

EAST NOTES ...The Lady Islanders are starting a girl’s division this season. They are in the process for forming the program. More details coming. ...The Lady Islanders will host their Pink the Rink Tournament in October. They are looking for 10U, 12U, 14U and 19U teams to participate. The funds go to the American Cancer Society. For information go to their website http://

West Notes ...Canisius College will hold a Golf Tournament to benefit their program. The 16th Annual Blue/Gold Golf Classic will be held Monday, August 5 at Brierwood Country Club. Lunch begins at 11:30 a.m.; golf at 1 p.m. with cocktails and a dinner at 6:30 p.m. Support is needed through playing in the tournament or by sponsoring a tee. Go to for more information. ...Former NU Women’s Ice Hockey Coach Chris MacKenzie has been named Head Coach for the University of Connecticut women’s ice hockey team. MacKenzie was the assistant coach with Ohio State women’s team last season.

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ryouts can be quite stressful and mentally exhausting for both players and parents. The lack of preparation by parents with their child for travel hockey tryouts leads to confusion, frustration, and most of the negativity that surrounds tryouts. Here are a few things to focus on to reduce to the frustration;

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Travel Tryouts – Proper Preparation for Your Athlete by Rob Sedia / Professional Hockey Instructor

Pick the Right Program

Be realistic about your child’s abilities and focus on optimal development opportunities. If you are unsure if your child is ready for travel hockey or can/should make the move from A to AA or AA to AAA, find a qualified member of the organizations board of directors and/or your child’s previous seasons coach and seek advice. Keep in mind, skill development is stagnant when a player is over or under challenged so proper placement is paramount. This plays a huge role in the child’s over all experience so don’t let an extra “A” be the driving factor.

Have a Plan B

For the most part, people are loyal to their organization and make an effort to stay each season. Take the time to research your organization’s season plan of what teams they plan on fielding for the upcoming season. If your options are limited, research other organizations season plans as well as dates and times of their tryouts. If you are trying out for the Squirt Major travel team and don’t make it, having a plan B reduces the stress associated with the cut. In most cases, more players are cut than make the team so be prepared with options.

Prepare Your Child Travel hockey is MUCH different than House/Recreational hockey on many levels. There are much greater demands on the travel hockey family in terms of the financial investment, time investment as well as the pressures of competing. You are obligated as a parent to prepare your child if you choose to participate in travel tryouts. This means you speak with them prior to, during, and most importantly, after tryouts. Keep things positive, do your best to motivate your child to give it his/her all and try to keep the process “mentally light”. Focus on the controllables; maximum effort, positive attitude, etc. and include your child in the plan B process. Addressing (not focusing on) the fact that they may not be selected for the team is very important. When your child knows that you are proud of them regardless of being selected or not, are informed about the process and understand the options, tryouts can be a bit more bearable.

Don’t Assume Unfortunately some parents believe their child is going to be selected no matter what and even tell their child he/she will be selected! Re-

gardless of your history on the team, how talented your child is, your relationship with the coach or your position with the organization, your child needs to earn his/her spot like everyone else. A good coach has an idea of who will be attending his tryouts and should have a depth chart for offensive players, defensive players, and goaltenders that he is familiar with. Your child may very well be “penciled in” but telling your child that they already made the team is beyond ridiculous and leads to more negativity and possibly greater heartache and disappointment if he/she is not selected.

Don’t Be a Victim If your child is not selected, don’t be so quick to point the finger and find every reason on earth that he/ she was not selected other than the fact that he/she may not have been good enough. Comments such as; Coach ________ already has his team picked, we never had a chance… Coach ________ doesn’t like me, that’s why we didn’t make the team… It’s all “politics” here… (my personal favorite) (Continued on Page 9)

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Off-Ice Hockey:

Sports Broadcasting with Cangialosi


by Randy Schultz

always knew that I would be happy being a sports broadcaster from the time I was 16. It was just a question of how it would manifest itself.” That is how Steve Cangialosi, primary television play-by-play announcer for the New Jersey Devils described how he got into the field that he has become quite successful in. Cangialosi’s first job in sports broadcasting was with “Sports Phone,” a dial-in sports score service, while he was still in New York University in 1984. “One of the gifts that God gave me at an early age was the ability to rattle off 60 scores in about 30 seconds,” joked Cangialosi. “With that said, I guess I was on my way with my career.” That began a series of sports broadcasting jobs that took him from WNEW-AM to WINS in radio. At the same time he joined NY1 as one of the channel’s original on-air personalities. If that wasn’t enough, the Queens native, who was raised in South Ozone Park, became a sportscaster and talk-show host for ESPN Radio. “It was about 11 years ago where I made the conscious effort to really begin to focus on crafting a career as a play-by-play announcer,” recalled Cangialosi. So with a successful sports broadcasting career in hand, why would you want to dive into play-byplay? “There is something special about the blank script at the start of the night,” answered Cangialosi. “Not knowing how a game is going to unfold. “In a studio show you meet hours before. There is

a rundown. “You have a pretty good handle on what is going to happen, with the exception of breaking news. “But doing play-byplay, every game is different. This season, for instance I had one game where the Devils scored eight seconds into the game and then seemed to chase the puck the rest of the night. “A couple of nights later two guys dropped their gloves and got Steve Cangialosi 18,000 fans all exNew Jersey Devils cited. It could be tells NYHOL Publisher one of a hundred other variables that Randy Schultz could happen during a game. “It was that kind of magic that drew me into the world of play-by-play.” Cangialosi joined the MSG Network as a studio host. In 2006 he got the break he was looking for in play-by-play, filling in for the primary play-by-play announcer Mike “Doc” Emrick. “Because ‘Doc’ was in such high demand from other assignments he had, I got to fill in for him doing Devils broadcasts anywhere from 16 to 24 times a year,” added Cangialosi, who also does the play-byplay for the New York Red Bulls soccer team. “By the time I got the job fulltime in 2011 I was ready and in place.

“I Knew I Would Be Happy Being a Sports Broadcaster”

(Continued on Page 12)

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! d o o w y l l o H es

o G y Hocke


by Randy


ong before Wayne Gretzky made his big hockey entrance in Hollywood with the Los Angeles Kings, actor John Wayne made his. Well, maybe Wayne didn’t exactly play the game. And maybe the hockey-based movie he was in never was a box office smash. But he took his acting abilities, combined it with the role in the movie, and hit the big silver screen. Over the years hockey has certainly never become number one with the moviemakers. Unlike its counterparts in team sports like baseball, football and basketball, hockey has never had the broad appeal to base many scripts of a movie around, at least not until recently. There are certain parts of the game of hockey that make it hard to photograph. The puck, for instance, is small and hard to follow with a camera. When it comes to the Silver Screen and hockey, the best, or at least the most popular, movie that Hollywood has ever been able to produce is the now famous “Slap Shot.” If you’re a hockey fan you must have seen this movie starring Hollywood legend Paul Newman as a playercoach of a minor league team known as the Charlestown Chiefs. The story was funny, outrageous and raunchy, all rolled into one. The Chiefs, considered a third-rate, minor league hockey team, try and build up attendance at their games by signing up three odd-looking players, better known as the Hanson brothers. The brothers end up attacking and demolishing the opposition to the delight and cheers of the increasing amount of fans. At the same time “Slap Shot” was presenting a humorous, albeit exaggerated, side to hockey, a TV movie, “The Deadliest Season” was being produced. Starring Michael Moriarty and Meryl Streep, the movie is based upon

a hockey player who goons it up, accidently kills an opponent and ends up on trial. Even in the movie, “Love Story,” Ryan O’Neal had a chance to lace up his skates and throw a few body checks. A kid’s hockey game showed up in “Best Friends.” Another early example of how hockey has been handled in the movies can be seen in “The Odd Couple.” In the film, sportswriter Oscar Madison recalled what he did with his former wife on one of their anniversaries. “For our 10th anniversary, I took her to see the New York Rangers-Detroit Red Wings hockey game, and she got hit in the mouth with the puck. And I still can’t understand why she left me.” Following Team USA’s hockey triumph in the 1980 Winter Olympics, US-based TV producers made the TV movie, “Miracle On Ice.” Karl Malden starred as US coach Herb Brooks. It was one of those rare moments in Hollywood history that hockey played a leading role. Nearly a quarter of a century later Disney came out with “Miracle.” Kurt Russell gave a brilliant performance as Brooks. It has become a classic. In 1986 “Youngblood,” starring Rob Lowe, hit the theatres. Lowe played a hockey player named Dean Youngblood. The movie also featured Patrick Swayze and Cynthia Gibb. Former NHL great Eric Nesterenko played the role as Youngblood’s father. NHL’ers Peter Zezel and Steve Thomas, who played teammates of Youngblood, also made cameo appearances. During that same period of time, “Touch and Go” was produced. Michael Keaton starred as a self-obsessed hockey pro. Keaton had a carefree would that was turned upside down by a delinquent kid, who kept turning up everywhere in Keaton’s life. The movie industry has come a long way in making

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Feature / Page 8

hockey classics since the days when they produced movies like Hell’s Kitchen.” That 1939 movie “classic” had the Dead End Kids, lead by Huntz Hall and Leo Gorcey, playing a hockey game as part of the story line. Another member of the cast who would go on to greater fame a year later in the movie “Knute Rockne, All-American,” was a young actor by the name of Ronald Reagan. Although the future President of the US didn’t win an Academy Award, he would go on to become the Nation’s number one hockey fan. Wayne had his shot as a hockey player in the 1937 flick, “Idol of the Crowds.” It’s not even known if “The Duke” could skate. In one skating scene the camera shows Wayne’s upper torso and in another a pair of legs skating. But the two never met. Another matinee idol of that time, Louis Hayward, portrayed a hockey player/military cadet in the 1938 movie, “The Duke of West Point.” Joan Fontaine also starred in the classic. And who could ever forget movie heartthrob Dick Purcell’s starring role in the 1936 classic and Hollywood’s first Hockey movie, “King of Hockey?” Hockey and Hollywood have certainly come a long way since that time. In the 1990’s “The Cutting Edge” was made. Actor D. B. Sweeney fills the skates of Doug Dorsey, a headstrong ex-hockey champion who signs on to partner the impossible Kate Moseley, played by actress Moria Kelly, a figure skater who is headed for a gold medal in the Olympics. Hockey is used throughout the movie. “Lethal Weapon III had a hockey scene in it, using actual footage of a NHL game between the Kings and Toronto Maple Leafs.

In 1992, Hollywood producers from Walt Disney Pictures mixed hockey and Hollywood together and came up with a smash hit, “The Mighty Ducks.” Although some thought it would fail, this movie success eventually made over $50 million. Disney Studios followed up with two sequels, “D2, The Mighty Ducks” and “D3, The Mighty Ducks.” Both were box office hits. Disney also came out with a cartoon series of the same name. Universal Studios came out with “Sudden Death,” starring Jean Claude van Damme, in 1995. The movie is centered around terrorists and the Stanley Cup. Even Canada, home and birthplace of hockey, has given us a few hockey-based movies. They came out with “Face-Off” in 1971, which featured such NHL stars as George Armstrong, Jim McKenny and Derek Sanderson. That was followed by “Paperback Hero” in 1973. The movie, based in Delisle, Saskatchewan, starred Keir Dullea. In 1985 there was “Hockey Night” starring Megan Follows and Rick Moranis. Follows plays the role of a 14 year-old female hockey player who tries out for an allboys team. Moranis coaches the team. The 1980s produced “Strange Brew.” In this comedy one of the scenes shows a hockey game being played between robot-like players. It is the same situation in “Running Man.” There is the children’s movie, “The Sweater.” Only 10 minutes in length deals with a Montreal Canadiens fan who receives a Toronto Maple Leafs sweater in the mail. Yannick Bisson starred in a made-for-Canadian TV movie in 1990, “Rookies.” In 1993 another Canadian

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Feature / Page 9

made-for-TV movie, “Gross Misconduct” was produced for the CBC network. It dramatized the life of former NHL’er Brian “Spinner” Spencer. In 1995 CBC presented “Net Worth,” a madefor-TV two-hour dramatization of Ted Lindsay’s failed effort to form the first Players Association in the NHL in the late 1950s. Other hockey movies to look for from the 1990s include “The Rhino Brothers,” “Les Boys,” “H-E Double Hockey Sticks,” “Happy Gilmore,” “Wayne’s World,” “Les Chiefs” and “Mystery, Alaska,” a very star-studded movie with the likes of Russell Crowe, Burt Reynolds and Hank Azaria in it. The 21st century has seen the likes of “MVP: Most Valuable Primate,” “Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice,” “Hockey Mom.” “The Rocket,” “Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky Story,” “The Love Guru,” “Goon,” “Score: A Hockey Musical,” “Slap Shot 3: The Junior League,” “Breakaway,” “No Sleep ‘Til Madison” and “Tooth Fairy.” So before your next road trip, check out the hockey titles, pack the DVD player and enjoy a hockey movie or two.

How Many Television Shows, Cartoons or Other Movies Have you seen Hockey in? Let us know at (Sedia Continued from Page 5)

My kid is better than ________ but he made it because his dad is the coach’s buddy… The list goes on and on. For the bitter, the angry, and the self titled “victims”, I am here to report to you these types of statements are rarely (I mean rarely) true. If/when a coach does or does not make a selection and one of the above comments applies, it is the responsibility of his/her governing organization to address it. A good organization has knowledgeable board members present at tryouts and is the main communication source to the parents throughout the process. You have every right in the world to ask why your child was not selected and there is a right way to go about it. First and foremost, your

inquiry needs to come from a place of understanding and improvement, not anger. Do not corner the coach or put him on the spot, respectfully ask to schedule a sit down, a phone call, or communicate via email. A good coach will be able to provide pretty detailed information as to why your child was not selected as well as offer some areas to focus on developmentally speaking. You may not agree with what the coach has to say but he gave you the time and he didn’t have to.

Get Over It You are not entitled to anything special if your child does not make the team. “Cuts” are an unavoidable part of competitive hockey and will

never go away. Every single player will get cut at some point in their hockey career if they continue on in competitive hockey. Yes, little Jimmy will be upset and no, we are not going to provide counseling nor will we be mailing you a letter of apology. I don’t want to sound insensitive but if you don’t want your child to deal with getting cut, don’t sign up for competitive sports. Get over it, find out what he/she needs to improve on, get to work, and try again. You can’t always prepare the path for your child, but you can prepare your child for the path. Rob Sedia is a Partner/Professional Instructor with the NewEdge Hockey Training Company and writes a monthly column for NY Hockey OnLine Magazine. If you would like to comment on this article, ask questions, provide feedback, or share your thoughts, please send an email to:

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Home Grown:

Matt Gilroy

By Randy Schultz


or the fourth time in three seasons Matt Gilroy was wearing a different NHL team sweater. Actually this season was a repeat. Back in 2010-11 it was the New York Rangers. In 2011-12 it was the Tampa Bay Lightning and Ottawa Senators. It was back to the Rangers again this season. And has been the case since he was nine years old, Gilroy wears the number 97 on his back. While it may appear to be somewhat flamboyant, there is a special reason Gilroy wears that particular number. “I wear it in honor of my late brother, Timmy,” explained Gilroy, a native of North Bellmore, NY. “He died when he was just eight years old. “When we were kids growing up, I would wear 98 and he would wear 97. We did it to honor Wayne Gretzky. “After he died, I decided to change my number to 97 to honor Timmy. I’ve worn it on every team I’ve ever played on.” But it really hasn’t always been that easy. “There were some teams when I was growing up, where I couldn’t get 97,” recalled Gilroy, the son of Frank and Peggy Ann Gilroy. “Then I would wear either a nine or seven. “Then my mom would stitch a patch with 97 on it some place inside my jersey. I’ve always had something to remember Timmy with.” One place in particular where Gilroy almost didn’t get to wear 97 was with Boston University. Legendary head coach, Jack Parker, never allowed such high numbers to be worn by any of his players. Well, almost never. “I guess the person who really helped me out there was

Feature / Page 10

assistant coach, Mike Bavis,” said Gilroy. “He understood why I wanted it (Bavis’ twin brother, Mark, died on September 11, 2001 on one of the two planes hijacked and flown into the World Trade Towers in New York City).” “Coach Bavis talked to Coach Parker. I’m not sure what he said to him, but I finally got permission to wear 97. “I wasn’t really sure I was even going to get it because I was a walk-on with Boston. And the only spot I could fill was defense. “I was a natural forward. But I knew my only chance on playing with BU was switching to defense. “So I did.” Gilroy is a 2003 graduate of St. Mary’s High School in Manhasset, NY were he captained their hockey team to two New York State championships. He was MVP in his junior year as well as earning all-league selections in his junior and senior campaigns. Despite his great play, there were no offers on the table waiting for Gilroy when he graduated from high school. Size may have had something to do with it. “I was around 5-7 or 5-8 at the time and weighed around 150-pounds,” remarked Gilroy, who is now 6-2 and weighs 195-pounds. “It wasn’t until after I got into college that I really had a growth spurt.” Gilroy then opted to play junior hockey for two seasons with the Walpole Jr. Stars of the Eastern Junior Hockey League. With still no offers on the table, it was off to Boston University. So why did Gilroy play hockey to begin with? “I came from a large family (10 children) and my parents let us play whatever we wanted to growing up,” explained Gilroy, who also played lacrosse in high school. “My dad was a great basketball player for St. John’s and is in their Hall of Fame.

(Continued on Page 11)

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(Cangialosi continued from Page 6)

“I knew the crew out in the truck and I was very comfortable working with color analyst (and former NHL goalie) Chico Resch. Ironically the New York Islanders were my favorite team growing up and my favorite player on the team was Chico Resch. How ironic is that? “It was a natural fit when the Devils asked me to do the job full-time.” What is Cangialosi’s technique? “I just let the game come to me,” responded the John Adams High School graduate. “I like the challenge of keeping up with the fast pace of the game. “I really love that challenge.” What advice would Cangialosi give to a young, budding play-by-play announcer who wants to get to the level where he is with the NHL? “Look at yourself in the mirror and be honest with yourself,” replied Cangialosi. “Ask yourself, ‘how much do you love this’ and ‘how much of a price are you willing to pay.’ “If the door gets slammed in your face 20 to 30 times with rejections, do you still have the fortitude to keep going? “This isn’t the easiest job to get into. But once you’re there, to me there is nothing else like it.”

Help OK Moore, Oklahoma is on the road to a very long recovery and rebuilding. If you’d like to help suggestions to these organizations have been made: • Make a donation to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund or visit your nearest branch and give blood. • Text “redcross” to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief. A direct link to the Red Cross is located on the NY Hockey On-Line Website.

(Gilroy Continued from Page 10)

“But I think I was influenced by the success at the time I was growing up of the New York Islanders and the fact they had won four Stanley Cups before I was even born. And hockey was a sport I just seemed to excel at.” One of Gilroy’s most memorable moments in youth hockey came as a mite player. “That year I played on a line together with my brothers, Timmy and Frank.” Remembered Gilroy. “It was the only time that ever happened.” One coach Gilroy credits with his success was the legendary Aleksey Nikiforov. “He’s the best,” remarked Gilroy. “He first coached me when I was 10. “He’s also coached Mike Komisarek, Eric Nystrom and Chris Higgins. He taught us to be hockey players, not positional players. “I think that is the main reason why I was able to make the move from forward to defense when I went to Boston University.” Gilroy’s story at BU is legendary. Making the team as a walk-on, the defenseman would go on to earn All-American honors three times, win the Hobey Baker Award in his senior year and lead the Terriers to the 2009 NCAA men’s hockey championship. For the record, Gilroy was just the third player in NCAA history to earn three All-American honors (Rick Meagher and Chris Drury being the other two) and he was just the fifth player to win the Hobey Baker and a NCAA championship in the same season. Interestingly, Gilroy could have left BU after his junior season. Undrafted by the NHL, Gilroy was a hot free agent prospect. He turned down all offers and returned to BU for his senior year. “I had dreamed of someday playing in the NHL, but I knew that a pro hockey career would not last forever,” said Gilroy. “And you only get one shot at college hockey as well for four years and I wanted the college education. “It was a tough decision, but one I don’t regret. We won a championship and winning the Hobey was just a nice finish to my college career.”

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Canisius Coach Gets Contract Extension


fter leading the Canisius College hockey team to its most successful season in school history, Dave Smith has signed a contract extension that will keep him as head coach of the program through the 2016-17 season, announced by Director of Athletics Bill Maher. Smith is set to enter his ninth season in charge of the Golden Griffin program after leading Canisius to its first conference championship during the 2012-13 campaign. “Dave has done a tremendous job in building Canisius into a championship level program in the Atlantic Hockey Association, which was evident with the team’s run to the program’s first conference championship and NCAA Tournament berth in 2013,” Maher said. “He continues to recruit outstanding student-athletes who represent what is best about Canisius, both on and off the ice. This past season was another positive step for Canisius College hockey and we are thrilled that Dave will lead the program as we continue building on last season’s success.” Smith has continued to lead the Golden Griffin program to new heights as head coach. During the 2012-13 campaign, Canisius won its first Atlantic Hockey title with a 7-2 win over Mercyhurst, advancing to the NCAA East Regional Semifinal. The Griffs also finished the season ranked 19th in the final Division I poll, the program’s highest placement in the national rankings. Success off the ice has become just

as common under Smith’s watch. The hockey team currently owns a cumulative GPA of 3.42 – the highest of any team at Canisius – and three studentathletes have been honored as Atlantic Hockey Top Scholar Athlete in the last seven seasons. In addition, Canisius received national attention after the success of 2011 graduate Cory Conacher. The 2009-10 Atlantic Hockey Player of the Year, Conacher became the first Griff to play in the National Hockey League when he totaled 29 points, 11 goals and 18 assists in 47 games with the Tampa Bay Lightning and Ottawa Senators this past season. Overall, 19 Griffs have signed professional contracts after playing under Smith at Canisius, highlighted by Conacher and defender Carl Hudson inking NHL deals. Hudson became the first Griff to join an NHL franchise when he signed with the Florida Panthers after graduating in 2010. “Susan and I are thrilled and very thankful for the opportunity to continue to play a role at Canisius College.” Smith said. “We are already looking forward to next season and building on the success of our program. I am very grateful to the Canisius community because of the commitment it has shown to developing leaders both on and off the ice. President Hurley, Bill Maher and John Maddock have been great leaders for Griffs hockey and it is a really exciting time for our program.”

Before joining Canisius, Smith spent three seasons as the associate head coach and recruiting coordinator at Mercyhurst College, helping the Lakers to two league titles and two NCAA Tournament appearances. He has also served stints as an assistant coach at both Bowling Green and Miami. Smith graduated from Ohio State in 1992 with a degree in journalism/ public relations and then spent the next six years playing professionally. Smith and his wife, Susan, have two daughters, Ellis and Kylie, and reside in Amherst, N.Y. (Photos and Story provided by Canisius College Sports Information Office)

Central Hockey Colgate Honors Senior Class

Seniors from left to right: Jenna Klynstra, Brittany Phillips, and Jessica Hootz

NY Hockey OnLine

Central Hockey / Page 14

Goulakos Gives to Hospital Pictured left to right: Don Vaughan, Spiro Goulakos, Sean Fadale, Dr. Merrill Miller


he Colgate men’s hockey team hosted a fundraiser in late February for the Leukemia/Lymphona Society and recently sophomore Spiro Goulakos presented a check for over $2,000 to Community Memorial Hospital. Part of the fundraiser took place during Goulakos’ return to the Starr Rink ice after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma midway through the year. Members of the Raiders helped raise funds on campus with donations from the student body and head coach Don Vaughan and the team left it up to Goulakos on who would benefit from the fundraiser. “Team members raised funds on campus through donations by the student body and at home games as well as through the sale of game worn jerseys,” Vaughan said. “It was done to help raise awareness of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Spiro suggested a gift to

Colgate’s Murphy Signs with Swedish Team


Community Memorial Hospital. Dr. Miller and the staff at CMH were instrumental in helping with early diagnosis of his illness.” The student body and fans ended up raising $8,000 after the weekend, which featured a 4-1 win over nationally-ranked Union with Goulakos scoring the gamewinning goal. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society will also get a generous donation and some of the money will go to the Silver Puck Club, which is a fundraising group for the hockey team. Goulakos presented the check on April 22 to Sean Fadale, president and CEO of CMH. The defensemen decided to give the money to the hospital as a token of appreciation for all the services provided when he was first diagnosed.

he Växjö Lakers (Sweden) have secured the services of former Colgate standout Cory Murphy ‘01, signing him to a two-year contract, the team announced. Murphy, a standout at Colgate from 1997 through 2001, spent the 2012-13 season with the Dinamo Minsk of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). He scored five goals and added 26 assists for 31 points in 52 regular-season games. Prior to competing in the KHL, Murphy spent two seasons as a member of the ZSC Lions of the Swiss National League. In 2010-11, he appeared in 49 games, racking up 10 goals and 25 assists. A native of Kanata, Ontario, Murphy spent the 2009-10 campaign with Lowell Devils of American Hockey League (AHL) and the Devils’ parent club the New Jersey Devils. He competed in 64 games with Lowell, compiling six goals

and 38 assists in 64 games. In 12 contests with New Jersey, Murphy registered two goals and one assist. Murphy spent the 2007-08 and 200809 season competing in the NHL with the Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning. He appeared in 47 games with Florida in 2007-08, compiling 17 points, including two goals. In 2008-09, he played seven games with Florida before joining Tampa Bay. Murphy appeared in 25 games with the Lightning. On the season, he scored five goals and assisted on 11 tallies. Murphy began his professional career in Europe, spending six seasons from 2001 through 2007 with Blues, Ilves, Gotteron and HIFK.

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Syracuse Stampede win 2012-2013 NSHL Cup By: NSHL Media (Story copied from Syracuse Stampede website and edited for spacing.)


he Syracuse Stampede defeated the Lake George Spirit 5-4 Sunday afternoon in the NSHL Cup Finals The championship game of the playoffs for the Northern States Junior Hockey League proved to be just as tight and action packed as the regular season. The Syracuse Stampede beat the Lake George Fighting Spirit 5-4 to win the league’s “NSHL Cup” finals. Syracuse’s Viktor Lundgren scored with 4:41 remaining in the 3rd period to break a 4-4 tie, proving to be the difference in an action packed final contest. The Stampede broke the game open early with two goals in the first 5 minutes of the game. Syracuse Captain Kyle Williams opened up the scoring with a point shot that found its way to the back of the net. Josh Sova and Alex Foster added the helpers on the goal. Just minutes later, Mike Iselmoe crashed the net on a shot by Rick Runyon, slipping the puck between the legs of Fighting Spirit netminder Nate DelGiudice. The Fighting Spirit got back on track and sustained pressure in the Stampede end towards the end of the first period, resulting in a power play for the efforts. On the ensuing power play, Lake George Assistant Captain Henrik Linden ripped a loose puck through a pair of screens, beating Syracuse goalie Trace Pennock with just 1 second left on the clock. In the 2nd period, both teams exchanged scoring opportunities early on, however neither team was able to capitalize on their chances. It wasn’t until midway through the second, on another Lake George power play, Henrik Linden buried his 2nd goal of

the game on a point shot passed by Mitch Purdie, tying the game 2-2. Exactly one minute later, Syracuse regained the lead on a power play goal of their own. Brandyn Morgan tapped home an Alex Huizenga pass, putting the Stampede back on top by a score of 3-2. Dalton Moore added the other assist on Morgan’s power play goal. After 40 minutes of play, the score was 3-2 in favor of the Stampede. The 3rd period was an exhilarating display of what hockey is all about. The two teams battled for every puck, leaving everything they had on the ice. Both teams came out on fire, trying to get the pivotal next goal. On a Lake George dump in, Stampede goaltender Trace Pennock played the puck to Nicklas Pettersson, who looked up ice and hit a streaking Alex Foster for a breakaway pass. Foster released a quick snap shot in the upper corner, giving the Stampede a 4-2 lead. However, the Fighting Spirit responded passionately to the Stampede’s 4th goal. Rather than folding, the young men from Lake George took their play to another

level. They regained the momentum with their hard work, showing their never quit demeanor. Blake Tarbell cut the Stampede lead to 1 after he made the Stampede pay for a defensive zone turnover, releasing a quick snap shot into the back of the net. Lake George continued to battle carrying the momentum through the middle of the 3rd period. Off a faceoff in the Stampede zone, Fighting Spirit Captain Tyler Simmons won the draw to a streaking Mike Gough, evening the score 4-4 with 6:19 left in the third. Just as they had done all game long, the Stampede found an answer to the Lake George comeback. With just under 5 minutes remaining in the 3rd period the Stampede found their spark, sustaining pressure in the Lake George zone. Syracuse defenseman Dalton Moore took advantage of the tired opposition, controlling a loose puck and shooting it to the net. In the right place at the right time, Stampede veteran Viktor Lundgren put home a

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earning All-Ivy League and All-ECAC Hockey Second Team honors in 2012. 1971 grad David Conte was an- Forward John McCarron will serve as Big Red capnounced as one of six inductees as 2013 tain, and forward Cole Bardreau (Fairport) and goalie honorees of the Colgate Athletics Hall of Andy Iles (Ithaca) will be assistant captains for the Honor. This year’s honorees will be rec- 2013-14 season. Bardreau will wear a Cornell letter for the first time, ognized during induction ceremonies in but he is no stranger to a leadership role. He served conjunction with the Sept. 21 football as an assistant captain for the gold home weekend against medal-winning United States in JanYale. uary at the International Ice Hockey Conte was named Colgate’s Federation World Junior Championteam MVP during his senior camship in Ufa, Russia. Bardreau also paign of 1970-71, when he also was wore an ‘A’ with the U.S. while takan alternate captain. The center ing first place at the Under-18 World graduated as the Raiders’ second Championships two years earlier. all-time scorer with 66 goals and 85 With the Big Red, Bardreau has six assists for 151 points in 73 games. goals and nine assists for 15 points Conte played five professional seain 47 games. sons in Europe and just completed by Warren Kozireski Iles has started 70 consecuhis 29th season in the New Jersey tive games in goal since the end of Devils’ organization, where he is the his freshman season. He has eight team’s executive vice president for career shutouts and was named the hockey operations and director of scouting. In 2008, team’s most valuable player in 2011-12. He will be the Conte received Colgate’s Silver Puck Award. first Big Red goalie to serve as an assistant captain Tylor Spink was recognized as one of two Colgate since Darren Eliot, who was a senior tri-captain for the Rookies of the Year. Spink led the Raiders in points with 31 and was 1982-83 season.

Central New York Men’s College Hockey Report

the first rookie to lead Colgate in points since Tyler Burton ‘08 had 34 in 2004-05. He finished with 13 goals and 18 helpers, with seven of his goals coming on the power play.

CORTLAND Senior Chris Kaleta (Hamburg) was named the 2012-13 Red Letter Award winner for men’s hockey.

CORNELL Defenseman Nick D’Agostino signed a two-year entry level contract with the Pittsburgh penguins. D’Agostino recently finished a successful four-year career with the Big Red, where he was one of the top offensive defensemen in ECAC Hockey with 25 goals and 47 assists for 72 points over 132 games. D’Agostino was drafted by the Penguins in the seventh round of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft with the 211th pick. In 2010, he was named to the league’s AllRookie Team and presented the program’s Greg Ratushny Award as most promising freshman. He was then the team’s leading scorer among defensemen as both a sophomore and junior,

HAMILTON The team held their annual awards banquet with the following winners: Joe Quattrocchi ‘14 was selected the 2013 Most Valuable Player. The goaltender posted an .897 save percentage and a 3.25 goals against average. Quattrocchi played more than 1,300 minutes between the pipes, started 24 games and recorded one shutout. Heading into his final year, Quattrocchi needs just 62 saves to move into fifth place on the program’s all-time list. Evan Haney ‘14 received the Albert

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Central Hockey / Page 17

I. Prettyman Award for the second consecutive year. The award is presented in memory of Albert Prettyman, who was the founder of Hamilton hockey and the College’s first hockey coach from 1918 to 1943. He was also the U.S. Olympic Coach in 1936. This award is presented to the player who demonstrated outstanding dedication, determination and desire. His attitude has proven to not only be an asset to his team, but an inspiration to his teammates and coaches. Kenny Matheson ‘16 received the Coaches Award, which is given to the player who the coaching staff believed had a strong season and impacted the game in a positive and significant manner. Matheson played in the first four games before he missed the next 16 due to injury. The forward came back with a vengeance and tallied seven points on two goals and five assists in the final five games. Patrick Sen ‘15 and Brian Infante ‘13 (Pomona) shared the Most Improved Player Award, which is given to the player(s) who showed great dedication to improve his game throughout the season or from the previous season. Sen appeared in 20 games and finished with two assists. Infante stepped into a starting role on defense and passed out a career-high four assists. Cam Gibbar ‘13 received the Michael S. White Award, which is given to a graduating senior in recognition of team spirit, leadership and integrity, and whose enthusiasm for the game makes it a great experience for all players. Gibbar played in 16 games and made 10 starts in goal over his four-year career. Andrew White ‘13 received the Sellers Award. The award is presented to the player who, in the judgment of his teammates and coaches, has contributed greatly to the success of the program through his effort and performance both on and off the ice. The defenseman was the only graduating senior that appeared in all 101 games since he arrived on campus. White wrapped up his career with seven goals and 29 assists. Marko Brelih ‘16 received Rookie of the Year honors. This award is given to the freshman who made the most impact to the success of the team in his first season. Brelih racked up multiple postseason accolades, including a 2013 NESCAC All-Conference second team honor and a 2013 Division III United States College Hockey Online (USCHO) All-Rookie Team selection. He ranked third in the NESCAC in defenseman scoring and tied for second in rookie scoring with

20 points on seven goals and 13 assists.

HOBART Four members Were honored by the Statesmen Athletic Association and the Hobart College Athletics Department at the annual Block H Awards dinner. Senior goalie Nick Broadwater was presented with the Boswell Award as the team’s MVP. Senior forward Frank Salituro received the Holden Award, while the D. Michael Hazelton ‘85 Memorial Award was given to sophomore defenseman Ryan Michel. The Rookie Award for Hockey was presented to first-year forward Mac Olson. Broadwater became just the third Hobart hockey player to earn first team All-American honors. He finished his senior season with a Hobart record 1.66 goals against average. Broadwater ranks second on the Statesmen single season list with a .939 save percentage. He notched shutouts of Salve Regina, Manhattanville, Nazareth, and Curry this winter to set another Hobart single season record. Broadwater tallied 15 wins in goal, which ranks second in Statesmen history. A co-captain and AHCA All-American, Salituro played in all 26 games this season. He ranked first on the team with 31 points, 14 goals and 17 assists. Salituro finished his senior year tied for first in the nation and tied for fourth on the Hobart single season list with nine power-play goals. Michel played in 20 games this winter and earned a spot on the ECAC West All-Conference second team. Michel ranked second on the team with 16 assists and added three goals, finished the season ranked sixth in the nation in points per game by a defenseman (0.95) and tied for 17th in the country in assists per game (0.80). Olson was named the ECAC West Rookie of the Year and garnered a spot on the conference’s allrookie team. He ranked second on the team with 22 points on eight goals and 14 assists. He finished the season tied for second in the ECAC West in first-year scoring. Olson also tied for 13th in the conference in points, tied for 14th in assists and tied for 10th in game-winning goals.

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(NSHL Cup continued from page 13)

Kevin Krogol has had the “interim” tag removed and becomes the second head coach in the program’s Division III history. The Mustangs are coming off a 4-12 conference season after their previous head coach, Brian Grady, resigned just days prior to the season opener to pursue another job outside of hockey.

OSWEGO Paul Rodrigues was named the 2013 Oswego State Outstanding Senior Male Athlete of the Year by the Oswego State Athletic Department. Rodrigues leaves Oswego State as one of the most decorated athletes in school history, and part of one of the most successful four-year periods. He recorded 50 goals and 83 assists for 133 career points en route to a career record of 98-17-2, making four consecutive Frozen Four appearances, posting two NCAA Runner-Up finishes, and earning two SUNYAC Championships. As a senior, Rodrigues became the first athlete in school history to receive National Player of the Year recognition in any sport when he was named the American Hockey Coaches Association (AHCA) Sid Watson Memorial Award winner. It also marked the first time that a SUNYAC player garnered the award. Rodrigues also became the ninth Laker in program history to earn the SUNYAC Herb Hammond Most Valuable Player award. In his final year, Rodrigues finished second in the nation in scoring with 16 goals and 30 assists in 30 games to average 1.53 points per game. By the end of his career, Rodrigues earned the nickname “Mr. Overtime” after scoring four overtime goals, including game-winners in the 2012 NCAA semifinal game against Amherst and the 2013 NCAA quarterfinal game against Adrian.

rebound, placing it just under the bar, in what proved to be the game winning goal. The hard fought battle between the top two teams in the NSHL ended with the Syracuse Stampede edging out the Lake George Fighting Spirit 5-4, making the Syracuse Stampede the 2012-2013 NSHL Cup Champions. Syracuse forward Jon Lauer was awarded playoff MVP. Both the Syracuse Stampede and the Lake George Fighting Spirit will represent the Northern States Junior Hockey League in the AAU National Tournament, held in Las Vegas, NV April 5-9. 2012-2013 NSHL Playoff Results Quarterfinals#2 Syracuse Stampede (W) #7 New England Stars (L) #3 Trenton Habs (L) #6 Eastern Kodiaks (W) #4 Junior Mariners (L) #5 Cape Cod Islanders (W) Semi-finals#1 Lake George Fighting Spirit (W) # 6 Eastern Kodiaks (L) # 2 Syracuse Stampede (W) # 5 Cape Cod Islanders (L) NSHL Cup Finals# 1 Lake George Fighting Spirit (L) #2 Syracuse Stampede (W)

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Syracuse University

Central Women’s College Ice Hockey Report

Zengilowski and Saeed Mouzaffar. Fargo then thanked head Strength and Conditioning Coach Gabe Harrington and lastly his two assistants in Josh Sciba and Karell Emard. “The three of us didn’t know what to expect when we started the year,

The Syracuse Women will face four teams that advanced to the 2013 NCAA Tournament in 2013and I personally could not have 14. The tentative schedule features asked for a better staff,” Fargo 16 home games and has the Orange said. “I am thankful to work with facing the University of Vermont for both of you every day and I apthe first time in school history. preciate your hard work more than They open on the road Friyou know.” day, Oct. 4 at Northeastern, followed This year’s sportsmanship by New Hampshire the next afterby Janet Schultz award went to Rookie Katelyn noon. Parker. Parker consistently dis Their home opener will pit them against Clarkson on Friday, played sportsmanship in regards October 11. to officials and opponents, even in Their CHA season begins November 9 and 10 with the face of adverse outcomes. She had a constant team back-to-back games against Penn State on November 9 and first focus and her teammates and coaches could count 10. on her positive attitude to be front and center no matter Seven straight home games close out the first half what circumstances presented themselves. of the season and their New Year begins at the University of Stephanie Giannopolous was voted the team’s Vermont on January 2 and 3. Most Improved Player. Giannopolous was someone The CHA Tournament will be held the weekend of February 28, 2014. The top two teams in the regular season who grew significantly in terms of her play as well as standings receive byes to the league semi-finals. No. 3 and her commitment and confidence level. In addition to No. 6 seeds, as well as No. 4 and No. 5 seeds, will play off her improvements, over the course of her career she at on-campus sites. Semifinals will be held March 7 and has overcome several injuries yet battled back to show the league championship will be played on March 8 and is just how tough she is. hosted by the conference’s regular season champion. The Rookie of the Year Award went to Ash-


Colgate Head Coach Greg Fargo entered the

2012-13 season not knowing what to expect from his women’s hockey team. But following the end of his Colgate debut, Fargo’s squad of 21 sure gave him a lot to talk about at their end of the year banquet. Along with recapping the season and handing out team awards, Fargo acknowledged a number of people who helped make this past season a success. Among them Athletic Director Vicky Chun, Associate Athletic Director Shaun Richard, Administrative Assistants Lori Godshalk and Michelle Reese, Emmet House and the buildings and grounds crew, Doug Glass, Dean of Admissions Gary Ross, Athletic Trainer Rachelle Berry, Team Managers Greg

lynne Rando who showed outstanding commitment and performance in her first year of play. She was one of the most important pieces of the team puzzle during their playoff series at Cornell. In just her first year, she established herself as someone who brings tremendous work ethic to the rink each day. Megan Wickens heard her named called as the Defensive Player of the Year. Wickens was “rock solid” on the blue-line this past season and earned the right to log both heavy and important minutes for the team on the ice. She also had her best offensive season to date, finishing with 16 points. But most importantly, she embodied a competitive attribute of which the team always wants to exemplify each and every day and that is – being tough to play against.

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Central Hockey / Page 20 first. She was always willing to do anything necessary to ensure team success. Senior Jessica Hootz portrayed these characteristics and was awarded this honor. The Don Palmateer Award went to Jenna Klynstra. Klynstra led the team through the difficult task of managing a group during a leadership change. Coming into this season, she along with other leaders managed to keep the team focused and determined throughout the offseason and ready to take on a new challenge to start the 2012-13 season. In the fall, she was unanimously voted team captain.

Brittany Phillips was awarded the Offensive Player of the Year accolade. Her 26 points during her senior campaign helped her to break the 100-point milestone and thus become Colgate’s fourth all-time leading scorer. She will also leave Colgate ranked first in power play goals with 27, and third all-time in game-winning goals with nine. Her personal accolades didn’t happen by accident as she is a relentless worker, always vying to improve her game on and off the ice, and is as competitive as they come. Phillips’ offensive play down the stretch was motivating to watch and demonstrated her leadership. She scored both goals versus RPI on Feb. 23 to help the team into its first playoff series in three years. She also ended her career and the season on an eightgame point streak. The Marian LeFevre Coaches Award is awarded annually by the coaching staff to the player for interest, attitude and dedication to the women’s hockey program. This Coaches Award is in honor of Marian LeFevre a long-time women’s ice hockey fan at Colgate who died suddenly in 2004. Like Marian, they honored this year’s recipient as a long-time contributor to the program. Every day for the past four years, this player made the Colgate women’s hockey a better program. She will be remembered as an outstanding teammate who always put the team and the program

“Throughout her senior year, she helped me and our staff put out many small fires to keep our team focused on what was important,” Fargo said. “She battled through tough times throughout the season as well, going through injuries, tough games, tough days, but you would never have known it. She just continued to do what needed to be done and lead our team. “She had one of her best seasons offensively, finishing second in team scoring. And finally, most importantly, she led our program to the playoffs for the first time nearly knocking off the No. 2-seeded team in the country at the time. Her leadership, commitment and performance will be missed but certainly not forgotten.” (Story and Photos Submitted by Colgate)

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Cornell Honors Players; Names 2013-14 Captains


mong the Big Red players honored for their outstanding hockey season were Captains Senior Lauriane Rougeau, Senior Laura Fortino and Junior Alyssa Gagliardi receiving The Bill Fuerst Jr. Big Red Player Award. Fortino, a three-time First Team All-American, finished her four-year Cornell stint with five goals and 16 assists this past season. Her partnership with Rougeau on the defensive end kept opposing offenses at bay shift after shift. Rougeau served as the team’s captain last season while Fortino was an assistant captain. Gagliardi, the lone junior to win the Bill Fuerst Jr. Big Red Player Award, was also an assistant captain and a defenseman in 2012-13. Her versatility, though, enabled her to spend multiple games this season as a center, taking faceoffs and playing on the top offensive line when the team was depleted with injuries. Gagliardi had five goals and 13 assists in 2012-13, and she has been named a captain again for her senior year. Gagliardi also won the team’s Cub Club Mentor award, given for a player’s dedication to the team’s Cub

Club program. The award was presented to Gagliardi by her Cub Club Little Sister. The other senior to leave the banquet with an award was Erin BarleyMaloney. The North Carolina native walked away with the Unsung Hero award after a strong season that saw her score six goals and assist on 14 others. She had two goals on the power play and was an important piece of the Big Red’s second offensive line. Cornell’s MVP award was given to junior forward Brianne Jenner. The award was not a surprising one considering Jenner’s historic offensive season. She set the school record with seven game-winning goals in 2012-13, and her 35 goals and 35 assists for 70 total points was the highest output by a Cornell player since Cyndy Schlaepfer’s 75 points in 1977. A First-Team All-American as well as the ECAC Hockey and Ivy League Player of the Year, Jenner moved up to fifth on the Cornell all-time assists list, sixth on its points list and seventh on its goals list over the season. The team also handed out its Most Improved Player award, this year given to junior defenseman Hayleigh Cudmore. Often undervalued with Fortino and Rougeau playing on the defensive top line, Cudmore is a stellar defenseman in her own right. She helped Cornell to the

country’s fourth-best team defense during the season as well as its second-best penalty kill. She also had her best offensive season ever, posting five goals and 19 assists, both career highs. Finally, freshman Taylor Woods earned Rookie of the Year honors. A hard worker who is often the last player on the ice in practice, Woods started her Big Red career with a goal in her first game against Boston University. She finished the season with 11 goals and 11 assists for 22 points, and her biggest moment of the year was a hat trick against St. Lawrence in the ECAC Hockey Tournament Semifinal at Lynah Rink that advanced the Big Red to the championship game. The Wendell and Francelia Earle Academic Awards were given out to members of three different classes. Goaltender Katelyn Pippy was given the award for the sophomore class, goalie Lauren Slebodnick earned the honor from the juniors, and Rougeau claimed the award from the senior class. Cornell will have two co-captains next season: Gagliardi and rising senior Jessica Campbell. Campbell was Cornell’s second-leading goal scorer in 2012-13 with 16 goals. (Story and Photo Courtesy Cornell University)


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Eastern New York Men’s College Hockey Report by Warren Kozireski

ARMY The Black Knights will open their 2013-14 campaign with two non-conference road games at Penn State (10/11) and at Merrimack (10/26) before jumping in Atlantic Hockey Association conference action at UConn (11/1) before their home opener November 2nd against Bentley.

MANHATTANVILLE Freshman Matt Coleman (Brentwood) was named the Valiants Co-Male Rookie of the Year. Coleman made an immediate impact on the men’s hockey program this season, earning a spot on the ECAC West Conference All-Rookie Team in the process. The freshman scored nine goals and added 17 assists to rank third on the team with 26 points, leading all conference freshmen in points while also ranking seventh nationally in scoring among rookies.

East Women’s College Report by Janet Schultz


Alyssa Taylor received the Sports Medicine Award after rebounding from a serious knee injury at the end of the last season and leading both the women’s ice hockey team and the softball team to the postseason this year. Taylor ranked third on the team with 18 points on seven goals and 11 assists this eason and for her career scored 16 goals and 33 assists for 49 points.


Sophomore Goaltender Shenae Lundberg was invited to the 2013 USA Hockey Warren Strelow Camp held in Ann Arbor, Michigan in May. The Camp is made up of the top goaltenders at the high school and collegiate levels throughout the country. “Being selected to the Warren Strelow Program is a great opportunity,” said Lundberg. “I hope that being selected by USA Hockey will translate into something positive for Union and the Dutchwomen’s Ice Hockey Program.”


The Rensselaer women’s ice hockey team, along with brothers of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, recently assisted with a program dedicated to teaching girls in grades 4 to 8 about educational and career opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The event was free thanks to a sponsorship by

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RPI Women Ice Hockey Players work with grade-school students on science and technology projects. (RPI Photos) Time Warner Cable. There were more than 40 girls and families that participated in the program, which is meant to encourage and engage girls to pursue STEM education., along with 11 women’s hockey players, three brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha and six other Rensselaer student volunteers.

The event featured successful women leaders with science and technology backgrounds from such organizations as GLOBALFOUNDRIES, GE, Cisco and the Society of Women Engineers discussing their respective careers and the opportunities open to anyone in STEM fields. There were sessions specific to careers in information technology, nanotechnology, semiconductor and clean energy. Parents learned about different ways to empower their children to study STEM topics and there were hands-on programs involving the girls and their parents. Hudson Valley Community College, NYSERDA, Ballston Spa Central School District and other sponsors joined RPI and Time Warner in providing support.

North Hockey

Colleges Honor Ice Hockey Players

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Northern New York Men’s College Hockey Report by Warren Kozireski

CLARKSON The Golden Knights will open the 2013-14 campaign at the Ice Breaker Tournament to be held October 1112 at Mariucci Arena in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The tournament will also feature the host University of Minnesota, Mercyhurst College and the University of New Hampshire. This will mark Clarkson’s third appearance in the 17-year old tournament, having also participated in the inaugural event in 1997 in Wisconsin and in 2011 at Maine. “We are very excited about opening our 2013-14 season at college hockey’s prestigious Ice Breaker Tournament,” stated Golden Knights head coach Casey Jones in après release. “I have had the opportunity to coach in Mariucci Arena before and look forward to my players having the experience of playing against great competition in a great college hockey venue.”


this year’s recipient of the Mike Daoust Rookie of the Year award. The SUNYAC Rookie of the Year scored 24 points in 23 games. Emmerling tallied a team-high 14 goals and was named SUNYAC Rookie of the Week three times during the season. He ranked third in team scoring, 15th in conference scoring and averaged 1.04 points per game. Senior forward Patrick Jobb received the Chester A. Grabowski Award which is given annually to the player who most typifies Plattsburgh State Cardinal Hockey, demonstrating supreme sportsmanship, leadership, hard work and dedication. Jared Docking was selected as the Cardinals’ most valuable player after enjoying a career year in his final season putting up 11 goals and 19 assists for a teamleading 30 points. As the only Cardinal to appear in all 27 games, Docking also played a crucial role on the special teams, scoring five power-play goals and three short-handed goals. He was also a member of the top penalty-kill unit in Division III, which finished the year with an efficiency of 89.8 percent. Docking was a First Team All-SUNYAC honoree and received a spot on the SUNYAC All-Tournament Team. He wraps up his Cardinal career with 23 goals and 54 assists in 95 games.

POTSDAM Mike Arnold was named the team Most Valuable Player while Mike Viola and Brett Waters were given the Coaches Award at the end of the year banquet. Below Coach Chris Bernard with Arnold after he received his award. (Potsdam Photo)

Freshman forward Dillan Fox was recognized as the team’s most improved player during the 2012-13 season. Fox finished fourth in team scoring with nine goals and 11 assists for 20 points. The scholar-athlete award was given to sophomore forward Michael Cassidy West Seneca). The business administration major received State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) All-Academic honors as a freshman. On the ice, Cassidy contributed five goals and 15 points in 21 games this season. Kevin Emmerling was named

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North Hockey / Page 27

ST. LAWRENCE Senior center Kyle Essery was named captain for 2013-14 with Jeremy Wick and Gunnar Hughes as assistants, Saint head coach Greg Carvel announced. Essery has been a three-year regular at center for the Saints with 20 goals and 11 assists in 114 career games. He has not missed a game for the Saints in his prior three seasons. Wick, also a rising senior, was named an assistant captain in December of the past season and will wear the “A” for the second straight year. He had a breakout season as a junior, finishing as the fourth leading scorer on the team with 14 goals and 14 assist for 28 points in 38 games. He has played in 104 career games and has 17 goals and 22 assists for 39 points. Hughes, a junior, follows in the footsteps of his older brother George as a junior captain. George, one of six seniors graduating from the program, was a first team All ECAC defenseman and an All America this past season. Gunnar, a forward, had seven goals and 16 assists in his sophomore campaign and has 11 goals and 22 assists in 71 career starts for the Saints.



FREE Girl’s Try Hockey Program

he Rochester Edge Girls Hockey Program and Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex have partnered to host a free, all girls try hockey program which starts this June. The program is open to any girls born on or after 01/01/1994 and on or before 01/01/2007. The program is held every Monday night in June and July (except for July 1st), from 5:10pm to 6:10pm. Full equipment is provided or each session, along with hockey skates if needed. Instruction will be provided from local professional players, women’s collegiate hockey players, Maksymum Hockey instructors along with Rochester Edge coaches and players. “We are thrilled to bring this program back.” states Jeff Kolcon, Interim Director for the Edge Program. “There are over 20 girls that went through this program 10 years ago that are playing NCAA college hockey now. More importantly, a large number beyond that are lifelong hockey players.” “We are very excited to be the host for an event such as this,” said Chris Woodworth, Director of Programming and Marketing at the Iceplex. “One of our main goals is to introduce local children to ice sports, which in turn leads to exercise and healthier lifestyles for those children. We aim to do this at little to no cost when possible, so we are proud to have the Rochester Edge as a partner, which enables us to offer this at no cost to all participants.” For more information regarding this program, and for online registration for the program, visit the Rochester Youth Hockey website at

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also honored as a Chancellor Scholar-Athlete by the State University The Clarkson University of New York. Women’s Ice Hockey Team Era earned joined in the Potsdam Pride AHCA First Team AllDay Community Clean-up American honors playin April. ing as both a forward For the ninth consecuand a defenseman. She tive year the student-athletes tallied 13 goals and 6 by Janet Schultz took their rakes, shovels and assists, finishing fourth trash bags to clean up the on the team in scoring. debris and trash in town. Favretto has ap After helping lead the Golden Knights Women’s peared in 58 games for the Cardinals and returns for Hockey Team to the best season in the program’s 10year history this past season, several members earned her third season. an invitation to Hockey Canada’s U22 Development Sophomore Morgan MacInnis was the recipient of Team Conditioning Camp. Invited were Juniors Erie the Scholar-Athlete Award after receiving Eastern ColHowe, Carly Mercer, Shelby Nisbet and Jamie Lee lege Athletic Conference (ECAC) West All-Academic Rattray; sophomore Jennifer Shields and freshmen honors earlier this year. A biochemistry major from ERine Ambrose, Renata Fast and Shannon MacAulay. Cornwall, Ontario, MacInnis appeared in all 30 games All took part in the camp that featured the best for the Cardinals and tallied six goals and 10 assists for players in the next generation of Canadian Women’s 16 points. The Unsung Hero Award was given to sophomore hockey. defender Mia Favretto. Favretto appeared in all 30 games and helped guide a young defense that allowed Plattsburgh just 33 goals all year. The Oakville, Ontario native also contributed seven points, which included her first col Head Coach Kevin Houle and Assistant Coach Ni- legiate goal in a 4-2 win over Norwich on Jan. 6. cole Williams announced the recipients of the 2012-13 Bridget Balisy was named the team’s Rookie of the awards and captains for next season. Year after a seamless transition in her first year on the Named captains of the Cardinals were Jordan Cardinals’ blueline. Balisy, who hails from Brampton, Caldwell and Chelsea VanGlahn. Allison Era and Mia Ontario, appeared in all 30 games and joined a PlattsFavretto will serve as assistant captains. burgh State defense that held its opponents to a minus Caldwell served as captain this past season and cule 1.10 goals per game. Balisy also recorded three returns to complete her final year of eligibility after goals and eight assists for 11 points. suffering an injury just six games into the 2012-13 Another rookie defender was selected as the team’s season. Caldwell appeared in 91 games and scored 51 Most Improved Player as Sara Lanni earned this year’s points during her collegiate career. honor. A freshman out of Maple, Ontario, Lanni ap A key member of the penalty kill, VanGlahn re- peared in 28 games and notched two assists on the seaturns after compiling 22 points as a junior. She was

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son. After receiving every major honor possible this season, Teal Gove was chosen as the team’s Most Valuable Player. Coming from Berwick, Ontario, Gove saved her best year for her last, scoring a career-high 29 goals and 21 assists for 50 points. She was the top offensive player in the nation, averaging 1.67 points per game and she finished the season tied with a Division-III best nine power play goals. Gove received the American Hockey Coaches Association (AHCA) Laura Hurd Award, which recognizes the top women’s hockey player in Division III each season, while also earned AHCA First Team All-American honors. She was named ECAC West Player of the Year for the second straight season and wraps up her career with 139 points, which is tied for fourth all-time in program history.

Glahn registered 22 points including 14 goals and eight assists. During the regular season, VanGlahn earned an ECAC West Player of the Week award after scoring four goals in two games against league foe Neumann. In addition to her on-ice accolades, VanGlahn is also a two-time ECAC West All-Academic Team Selection. Scholar athletes are selected by System Administration in consultation with the campus Athletic Directors at each level of play. The Division I Athletic Directors nominate candidates from the four institutions competing in D-I, the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) and Athletic Directors from the Independent Institutions nominate student athletes participating in Division III Programs, Region 3 and Region 15 of the NJCAA nominate student athletes from two-year schools.

Chelsea VanGlahn was one of two SUNY Plattsburgh students named to receive a 2013 Chancellor’s Scholar Athletic Award for academic excellence and outstanding athletic achievement. A junior out of Point Pleasant, N.J., VanGlahn skated in all 30 of the Cardinals’ 2013 engagements and helped her team earn a third-place finish at the NCAA Division III Women’s Ice Hockey Championships in Superior, Wis., back in March. During her third year as a member of the team, Van-

Women’s Ice Hockey Team celebrated the 2012-13 season. The following photos were provided by Potsdam and honor those who received end-of-the-season awards.

VanGlahn Recognized by SUNY


Potsdam’s ECAC West All-Academic Team Members Nadine Cunningham, Brittany Lucky, Emilee Hazelden, Alexandra Holowka, Izzy Fayerman, Katie Komsa (Jen Conophy not present)

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North Hockey / Page 30 (Left) Potsdam’s Freshman All-Academic Honorees Rachel Grefke, Sally Mooney and Katie Marsman, (Kristen Domanski was not present)

Senior Captain Katie Komsa addresses the team and parents.

(Right) Bear’s Team Awardees: Rookie of the Year Sally Mooney; Most Improved Katie Marsman and Academic Excellence and Leadership Awardee Katie Komsa.

(Left) ECAC Players of the Week Izzy Fayerman and Sarah Nelson. Jen Conophy was not available.

(Right) Potsdam Graduating Players Brittany Westlake, Nadine Cunningham and Katie Koma. Jen Conophy was not present.

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Buffalo’s Carr Minds the Net

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Buffalo State Scores Moxley By Janet Schultz


familiar name to girls in WNY and Southern Ontario has made a trip through the tri-state (NY, PA, Ohio) area and found her way back “home” to the Niagara region. Candice Moxley has been named Head Coach of the Buffalo State College Women’s Ice Hockey Team. Moxley is best known in this area as a player on the Niagara University Women’s Ice Hockey Team from 2001 to 2005. She also served as captain during her senior year. Her hockey career, however, began in Markham, Ontario, where she was born. Her parents had other ideas -- figure skating. “I remember coming off the ice after my first recital, in my Care Bear costume, balling my eyes out and telling them how much I hated it,” said Moxley. The next step was Ringette, a form of girl’s hockey. It is played on an ice surface with straight sticks used to control a rubber ring that is used just as you would use a puck. “I actually played for a number of years,” said Moxley. But the boys in the neighborhood played hockey and that’s where you’d find her, on the streets playing with the boys and, at the time, a young lady who would be named to the Canadian Women’s Ice Hockey Olympic Team, Gillian Apps. “We decided there was more opportunity in ice hockey and Gillian and I made the jump,” said Moxley. As you sit and talk with the new coach, you can’t help but notice her enthusiasm for the game. “Getting on the ice and skating, it was more of a challenge for me and I liked that. “Plus I could get away with hitting people,” she adds with a smile. She played her early years with the Scarborough Sharks of the PWHL and then was brought to Niagara by

Coach Margo Page. There she racked up a career record of 34 goals and 78 points in 135 collegiate games. In her freshman year she helped the team reach the NCAA Frozen Four and was named Rookie of the Year. In her senior year she was named an All-College Hockey America honoree and was a threetime CHA All-Academic Team member. She moved back to Markham after graduating from NU and played in the CWHL (formerly the National Women’s Hockey League). During her time in the league she led her team in scoring in 2008, was in the top 10 in scoring in 2007 and served as assistant captain from 2005-08. In her three seasons with the NWHL Moxley earned a silver medal at the ESSO Nationals and at the 2007 Provincial Championships. “I was trying to figure the next steps and I decided to go into coaching,” explains Moxley. She took a graduate assistant/assistant coaching position with Robert Morris College in Pittsburgh under former NU Men’s Ice Hockey player Nate Handrahan. After two years at Robert Morris she accepted a full-time heading coaching position at Trinity College School, a prep school in Port Hope, Ontario. Trinity plays in the North American Prep Hockey Association, which Nichols School in Buffalo is a member of. “After a short stint there Nate called me up and asked me what I was up to,” said Moxley. “I told him nothing if you’re offering me a job.” He did, she went! The NU team was together again with Nate also bringing in NU alum and former women’s ice hockey coach, Chris MacKenzie.

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Moxley at the net in a NU vs Ohio State Game, 2005 (Photo by Janet Schultz)

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Fitzpatrick Opens Training Facility Summer Conditioning Available


(Submitted by Next Level)

ext Level Strength and Conditioning has recently opened a brand new Sports Performance Training facility located in Fairport, which is connected to Thomas Creek Ice Arena at 80 Lyndon Road, Fairport, NY. Our brand new 5,000 square foot training facility is unlike any other privately owned facility in the area! Irondequoit’s own Rory Fitzpatrick, and co-owner of Next Level, played 15 seasons of professional hockey, including long stints with the Rochester Americans and Buffalo Sabres. Co-Owner Nate VanKouwenberg is the head strength coach. He is also a physical education teacher and hockey coach in the Victor school district. VanKouwenberg has worked with athletes of all ages, from youth to professional, for over 10 years. High profile local Next Level athletes include professional hockey players Ryan Grimshaw (Toronto Marlies- AHL) and Phil Lane (Portland Pirates- AHL), Division-I Pitcher Matt Portland (Northwestern Baseball) and High School standouts Lacey Clark (Victor Softball/ Hofstra University) and Hannah Savage (Victor Lacrosse/ Loyola University). Rory focuses on the on-ice hockey development aspect of the business, while Nate utilizes our state-of-the-art facility to train athletes from every sport, regardless of age, skill level or gender. We also offer a wide range of general fitness programs for adult community members, young children and other specialty groups.

Next Level’s mission is simple--to help each client achieve their sports performance and general fitness goals by offering comprehensive, individualized training programs consisting of sound progressions and scientifically proven methods within a closely supervised and supportive environment. Beginning June 3 their Summer Group Sports Performance Programs will be in full swing. Programs include College/Pro Sports Performance, Varsity/College Sports Performance, JV Sports Performance, Middle School Sports Performance and Youth Functional Strength and Performance. Each program will focus on the critical components of most sports including functional strength, power, agility, speed, core strength/balance, flexibility and conditioning.

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Memory of Rochester Youth Player To Live On Through Award

yler Putnam’s dream was to play for his High School Hockey team, The Irondequoit Eagles, Junior Hockey, Division I Hockey and ultimately Professional Hockey. Tyler was able to realize two of those dreams, having played for The Irondequoit Eagles as an eighth and ninth grader and then with the Maksymum Junior team in Rochester, NY. At the conclusion of his first Junior season, Tyler was well on his way of realizing his next dream as he was offered roster spots on five Junior A teams from Rochester, Minnesota to San Diego, California. In July of 2011, Tyler’s hockey dreams ended tragically when he died of an illness called “meningococcemia”, which is an infection that affects the bloodstream. Tyler Putnam was known for his high energy, incredible work ethic, and desire to achieve his goals. Tyler has been memorialized with a banner hanging above the ice at Lakeshore Hockey Arena as well as by a memorial helmet sticker symbolizes Tyler’s hard work and dedication to the game that he loved. Effective at the end of the 2013-2014 season, NewEdge Hockey Training Company and a cosponsor to be named will be awarding a Tyler Putnam Award to one player from each of the following organizations and programs who exemplifies hard work, commitment, and dedication to the game of hockey.

Monroe County Youth Hockey Rochester Youth Hockey / Rochester Alliance Perinton Youth Hockey / Rochester Monarchs Tri-County Youth Hockey Rochester Grizzlies Canandaigua Youth Hockey Webster Youth Hockey Irondequoit High School Hockey Program Hilton High School Hockey Program Aquinas High School Hockey Program Bishop Kearney High School Hockey Program Greece Athena High School Hockey Program Greece Olympia/Arcadia High School Hockey Program A formal ceremony will be held in March 2014 to award the 2013-2014 recipients. Each recipient will receive a commemorative plaque and will be honored on the NewEdge Hockey website, their respective organizations website, The Tyler Putnam Foundation website as well as in various media outlets Award winners are selected by their organization’s president, athletic director, or a committee within their organization. Additional details will be sent to each participating organization. If you are interested in becoming a co-sponsor for the Tyler Putnam Award Program, please contact Rob Sedia at for details.

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Western New York Women’s College Hockey Report

United Way Foundation raised $5,939.86 for CURE Childhood Cancer Association held in conjunction with College Hockey America’s “Skate For The Cure” cause. On Friday Feb. 8, RIT wore special pink jerseys in their game vs. Syracuse that were auctioned off between by Janet Schultz Sophomore goaltender Ali periods and sold special Binnington was named to the team photos for the cause. 2013 CoSIDA/Capital One At On May 3, members of Large Academic All-Region the RIT women’s hockey team presented CURE Exteam. Binnington, a finance major, has a 4.0 gradeecutive Director Brian Wirth with a check in the Ritter point average. Arena Lobby. Binnington enjoyed an excellent sophomore sea “I’d like to thank the RIT women’s hockey team son for RIT in 2012-13, appearing in 28 games, reand the RIT community team such a generous donacording an 11-10-4 record. She finished among the tion,” stated Wirth. national leaders with a 1.93 goals against average “I’ve always believed in community service as a (13th nationally) and .928 save percentage (tied for way of giving back to the community, from playing (at ninth nationally). She also recorded six shutouts, tied Niagara), to coaching (at RIT),” said RIT Head Coach for third in all of Division I. Binnington was the Scott McDonald. “To give back to such a great cause College Hockey America Goaltender of the Month in is very rewarding.” January and was a four-time Goaltender of the Week The RIT women’s hockey team has made a habit selection. of giving back to the community. In 2010 and 2012, In 26 games, Binnington allowed two goals or less RIT teamed with the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority for the 19 times. She made a career-high 43 saves in the “Make the Rink Pink” weekend, which raised over CHA Semifinal against Syracuse and stopped at least $47,000. The proceeds were donated evenly to the 25 shots in a game 11 times. From Dec. 15 to the Rochester General Hospital’s Lipson Cancer Center end of the season, Binnington recorded a microscopic and the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation for Breast Cancer 1.56 goals against average and .942 save percentEducation and Awareness. age over the final 17 games. She recorded shutouts In 2011 the Tigers raised $10,219 for Finger Lakes against Yale, Brown, Robert Morris, Penn State, and Health in conjunction with Geneva General Cardioltwo versus Sacred Heart. ogy Associates in an effort to “Black Out Heart Dis For her career, Binnington is 21-10-4 with a 1.67 ease”. goals against average, .930 save percentage, and eight shutouts. Last season, she was 10-0-0 with a 0.95 goals against average and .942 save percentage in helping RIT win the 2012 NCAA Division III National Lauren Mallo (British CoChampionship. lumbia) was named Most The Tigers enjoyed a tremendous first season at Valuable Player for women’s the Division I level in 2012-13, finishing with a .500 re- ice hockey. She led the Bencord (16-16-1) and advancing to the semifinals of the gals’ defensive unit, while reCollege Hockey America Postseason Tournament. cording one goal and six asRIT finished tied for third in the CHA standings and sists. won its first two postseason contests as a Division I Candice Moxley was program. named Head Coach. (See re The RIT women’s hockey team through the RIT lated story on Page 32)


Buffalo State College

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Atlantic League Makes changes


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Western New York Men’s College Hockey Report

are currently engaged in confidential discussions with two potential new members.”

he Atlantic Hockey League (Canisius, Niagara, RIT) The team named its recently announced three award winners for the 2012changes following the annual 13 campaign in early May. spring meeting. Beginning with by Warren Kozireski Junior goaltender Tony the 2014-15 season, the conCapobianco was named the ference will play a 28-game team’s MVP after setting league schedule guaranteeing four school records in saves its league members 14 home games and 14 away (1,256), save percentage (.929), goalgames. tender wins (18) and shutouts (four) In the same season the league will add one adduring the season. He led all players in ditional scholarship bringing the total allowed to 13 the country with his 1,256 saves, which scholarships and Atlantic Hockey will add one more ranks 12th in NCAA history and the most scholarship for the 2015-16 season, bringing the total since the 1988-89 campaign. He also to 14. finished 12th nationally with his .929 save percentage The final policy change made by the directors, deals with supplemental discipline. Beginning with the com- to go along with a 2.40 goals against average. ing 2013-14 season, any supplemental discipline of Junior Kyle Gibbons earned the team’s Top Fortwo games or fewer cannot be appealed to the execu- ward Award after leading Canisius with 43 points, 21 goals and 22 assists during the 2012-13 campaign. tive committee. In addition, the directors received a report from His 43 points and 21 goals are the third most in the the commissioner on the potential of expansion after program’s history, while also placing second with nine Connecticut leaves Atlantic Hockey at the end of the power-play tallies. Overall, Gibbons placed 12th in Di2013-14 season. There are currently two institutions vision I in points, eighth in goals and sixth in powerthat have expressed interest in replacing Connecticut. play goals. The directors voted unanimously to conduct a thor- Junior Ben Danford collected Top Defenseman ough review of the Atlantic Hockey strategic plan. accolades for the third-straight season. He is the first They have appointed Don Cook, Director of Athletics Griff to earn the honor in three-straight campaigns in at Sacred Heart, as the chair/consultant to lead and the program’s Division I history and the third overall (joining Joe Federico – 1984-87 and Craig Jantzi – direct this very important project. “These policy changes are significant as the league 1986-89). moves forward into its second decade of Division I Ice (Continued on next Page) Hockey competition,” states Commissioner Bob DeGregorio in a league issued press release. “The addition of two scholarships will enable our members to Gibbons enhance their recruiting abilities to compete with the other Division I leagues without affecting the overall competitiveness within the Atlantic Hockey structure. o The new scheduling policy now guarantees each of bianc Capo the league members a minimum of 14 home games. The change in the supplemental policy reflects an effort to streamline the process. In the first 10 years of the league, there were no appeals of supplemental discipline that reversed the commissioners’ one or two games suspension. In regards to expansion, we


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Danford and Freeman

Danford led all defenders on the team this season with 18 points, scoring two goals to go along with 16 assists. The junior was also a key member of the Griffs’ record-setting penalty kill unit. Ralph Cuddemi earned the team’s Rookie of the Year award after recording 10 points on four goals and six assists. Five of the his 10 points came during the Griffs’ postseason run, including his first career multigoal game in the Atlantic Hockey Championship victory over Mercyhurst. Sophomore Cody Freeman earned Most Improved honors, finishing his sophomore season with 20 points, 12 goals and eight assists in 28 games. Freeman increased his scoring by 15 points from his rookie campaign and the sophomore led all players in the country with eight goals during the month of March. Senior captain Preston Shupe received the Dr. David B. Dietz Award, which is presented to a player for his dedication in both athletics and academics. Shupe finished second on the team with 29 points and 16 goals during his final season with the Griffs. Senior captain Torrey Lindsay was honored with the Top Chapman Memorial Award as the team’s unsung hero for the second-straight campaign. Lindsay appeared in all 43 games with 14 points, three goals and 11 assists. He was also a key member of the team’s penalty kill unit, which finished as the 11th-best unit in NCAA history by killing 90.1 percent of its opponent’s power-play chances. In addition, Shupe and freshman Stephen Miller earned team awards for their work off the ice. Shupe collected the Hasek’s Heroes Award for the thirdstraight year for his work with the program, while Miller earned the team’s Community Outreach Award.

Niagara hockey goalie Niagara hockey goalie Carsen Chubak has given up his final year of college eligibility and signed an American Hockey League contract with the Adirondack Phantoms, the top affiliate of the Philadelphia Flyers. “We are very happy for Carsen and wish him well with his professional endeavors,” head coach Dave Burkholder said in a press release. “The Phantoms are getting a very dedicated and focused individual.” Chubak led the 2012-13 Purple Eagles to the school’s fourth NCAA Tournament appearance, and first since 2008, and the program’s first Atlantic Hockey regular season title. Chubak was 23-7-5 with a 1.91 GAA and a .930 save percentage leading the league in wins, goals-against average and save percentage, while finishing third with 2042:38 minutes played. His six shutouts also led the conference, and were tied for first in the nation. His achievements between the pipes earned him AHA Player of the Year honors, as well as a spot as a Top-10 Hobey Baker finalist. Chubak is only one of three players, with Paul Zanette and Joe Tallari, in Purple Eagle history to earn this distinction. Senior defenseman Jason Beattie was honored with the Kevin Mulkern Award during the school’s 156th Commencement Ceremony held at the Gallagher Center. The award is a gift of the family and friends in honor of the memory of former Niagara assistant swim coach Kevin Mulkern. Since 1976, the Mulkern Award has been given annually to the senior athlete who has the highest ideals of sportsmanship, competition and fair play in the spirit of Niagara University. Beattie finished his collegiate career with seven goals and 18 assists in 106 games for the Purple Eagles, including a career-high three goals during the 2012-13 campaign. He recently signed an Amateur Tryout with the Rochester Americans, the American Hockey League affiliate for the Buffalo Sabres. The senior co-captain earned Atlantic Hockey AllAcademic accolades twice and the AHA Student-Athlete of the Year award in 2012. The 2013 Hockey Humanitarian Award finalist graduated in 2012 with his bachelors in accounting, and completed his Masters degree in business administration.

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West Hockey / Page 38 11 goals and 22 assists. Over his final 11 games, Garbowsky tallied 19 points on nine goals and 10 assists and finished the year as one of the national leaders with 493 face-offs won. The Craig Lauzon award for the top The Tigers an- newcomer was awarded to nounced their cap- freshman forward Dan Schuler tains for the 2013- (Webster). Schuler emerged 14 season. Junior as a top penalty killer while forward Matt Gar- showing offensive touch as the bowsky (pictured season progressed. Schuler left) will wear the “C”, tallied 16 points on the season while senior forward and was a team-best plus-11. Ben Lynch will serve Junior defenseman Greg as an assistant cap- Noyes was honored with the tain. Green B. Williams Award for Academic Excellence. Noyes Schuler was tied for seventh nationally among all Division I defenseman with 29 points. Noyes tallied nine goals and 20 assists in 38 games, with 15 points (6-9-15) coming on the power-play. Noyes, a packaging science major, recorded a 3.89 grade-point average during the 201213 season. The Dr. Albert J. Simone Distinguished Service Award is given annually to a member of the RIT hockey community who makes a positive impact on the program. This year, the award went to Margot Clements, Administrative Assistant to both the RIT men’s and women’s hockey teams.

Beattie is just the second men’s hockey student-athlete to receive the Kevin Mulkern award, the first being Niagara Hall of Fame inductee Joe Tallari in 2004.


Senior forward Jeff Smith (right) garnered three individual honors, while classmate Chris Saracino earned a pair of individual honors, as the RIT men’s hockey team announced its 2012-13 team award winners. Smith was given the Louis Spiotti Jr. Coaches Award, as a player who embodies RIT hockey, and was co-winner of the Greg Moss Hard Hat Award, given to a player who performs at a high level and does it with very little fanfare. He also won the Dan Barrows Fan’s Choice award. Smith enjoyed a tremendous senior season leading the team with 14 goals and 11 assists. Thirteen of Smith’s 14 goals came at even strength. Saracino was awarded the Tim Cordick Award, given to the team’s best defenseman, and the Art Thomas Teammate award. Saracino scored 11 goals, while adding 21 assists for 32 points in 38 games. His 11 goals tied a RIT Division I single-season record for goals by a defenseman, while his 32 points was tied for third most nationally among all blue-liners. Garbowsky shared the Greg Moss Hard Hat Award with Smith. Garbowsky used a torrid late season run to lead the team in scoring with 33 points on


Senior Alex Perkins will serve as team captain for the 2013-14 season. Classmates Andrew Christ and Ryan Edens were elected as assistant captains.

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USA Hockey News U.S. Men’s National Team Captures Bronze Medal


lex Galchenyuk (Milwaukee, Wis./Montreal Canadiens) and goaltender John Gibson (Pittsburgh, Pa./Anaheim Ducks) helped the U.S. Men’s National Team to a 3-2 shootout victory over Finland in the bronze-medal game of the 2013 International Ice Hockey Federation Men’s World Championship.

In the shootout, Galchenyuk scored on back-to-back attempts, including the game-winner, while Gibson stopped three-of-four Finland shots. In 70 minutes of action, Gibson made 36 saves to help deliver Team USA’s first medal since 2004 (bronze) and only third medal in the world championship since 1963. “I’m so proud of this young group,” said Joe Sacco, head coach of the U.S. Men’s National Team, whose average age is 24.8. “We came together as a team and this group was able to achieve something only two other teams have done in the last 50 years for our country and that’s win a medal. It’s not easy. We got off to a lead which was important, but Finland came back hard at us, particularly in the third. Then once you get into overtime and a shootout anything can happen. Gibson was outstanding again in goal and it was great to see Galchenyuk score a couple of times in the shootout. I thought we had terrific leadership on this team, and our captain, Paul Stastny, was such a key factor both on and off the ice. You win as a team and ultimately that’s why we were successful.”

New York Women Named to Camps


he following girls were named to the Region PDC USAH Regional Female Goalie/Player Development Camp to be held at Kent State University this summer: 1996: Caroline Buckholtz, Rachel Grampp, Rachel Lenard, Grace Keogh, Caitlin Horvatits, Emily Becker, Alexis Becker, Madison Welch. 1997: Ginamarie Mangiafridda, Marlena Doerr, Sarah Wolf, Blake Orosz, Kylie McCloskey, Krya Johansson, Chelsea Allain. 1998: Katherine Tewksbury, Natalie Giglio, Claire Werynski, Emily Rose, Victoria Allard, Marissa Higgins, Brynn Wopperer, Madeleine Utz, Zoe Shannon, Samatha Griswold. Madeline Utz in goal for Monsignor Martin of the WNY Girl’s 1999: Gabrielle Cleary, Allison Attea, Anna Deitcher, Eleanor Varsity Ice Hockey Federation. (Photo by Janet Schultz) Wheeler, Aerin Frankel. The following have been added to the list of New York girls invited to participate in the USA Hockey National Camp in St. Cloud, Minn. later this summer. 1996: Julianna Iafallo, Annika Zalewski, Kelsey Baldwin. 1997: Mikaela Ditonto and Katharyn Snyder. 1999: Lindsay Browning, Madeline Fouts, Taylor Pietrowski, Ariella Haas and Stephanie O’Brien. Congratulations to all of these players and enjoy the experience!

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(Mens College continued from page 38)


Goaltender Kevin Carr was named the Bengal Award for Male Athlete of the Year. Carr set four school records this season, posting a 2.52 goals against average to go with 13 wins, a .921 save percentage and three shutouts. The junior had a 17-save shutout over Fredonia in the SUNYAC Quarterfinals, helping the Bengals advance to the conference semifinals for the second consecutive season.


Sophomore Ryan Kaufman (Amherst) was named to the 2012-13 Capital One Academic All-District ® Men’s At-Large District I first team as selected by the College Sports Information Directors of America. As a first-team selection, Kaufman is now eligible to be selected as a Capital One Academic All-America recipient. Kaufman was also named a State University of New York Chancellor’s Scholar Athletic Award recipient. He was one of 22 NJCAA members on the squad. Earlier, the blueliner made the 2013 All-Region III hockey team as a second-team selection after appearing in 16 games and recording 4 goals and 11 assists. Kaufman, the team’s top scoring defenseman, helped lead the Kats to back-to-back NJCAA championship semifinal games scoring 13 points (1 goal/12 assists) in the 2011-12 season.



uffalo Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier today announced that the team has signed forward John Scott to a one-year contract extension. Scott (6’8”, 270 lbs., 9/26/82) played in 34 games with the Sabres in the 2012-13 season after signing with the club as a free agent on July 1, 2012. Prior to the Sabres, Scott split the 2011-12 sea-

son between the Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers, tallying one assist and 53 penalty minutes in 35 games. In five NHL seasons, the native of Edmonton, Alberta has appeared in 180 career games with the Sabres, Rangers, Blackhawks and Minnesota Wild, recording five points (1+4) and 305 penalty minutes.

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Moxley Continued / Page 41

e bench with then Moxley behind th Margo Page NU Head Coach hultz) (Photo by Janet Sc

NYHOL co lumnist/ph otog 2005 NU v s Ohio State rapher Janet Schultz drops puck Game. Coin at cidentally, facing off. (P it was Moxle hoto by Ra y ndy Schult z) (Moxley Continued from Page 32)

MacKenzie has also moved this season; he will be coaching women’s ice hockey at the University of Connecticut. “I was at Ohio for two seasons when this opportunity came up,” she explains. It was a chance for her to come “home.” Her family still resides in Markham and can travel down to Bengal’s games; she’s familiar with the area and looks forward to reintroducing herself to the area. It’s also a new beginning for the Bengals. “We’re going to start from the ground up and get back to basics,” said Moxley. “There’s going to be a change in culture for the girls.” She explains that her coaching style may be different from what they are used to and she will be introducing them to reviewing games and opponents utilizing video. “I’m a players coach and a teacher at heart,” she continues. “My main goal is getting everybody on the same page.” “We are going to focus on the little things and hopefully the winning will follow. There are concepts in the game itself and hopefully I can pass my knowledge down to the girls so they become more effective on the ice. “There will be changes throughout the season.” While Moxley hasn’t had the opportunity to see the girls play games, she has reviewed and continues to watch video, getting to know the players that way before spending time with them when they return to school. “This is a welcoming environment,” she said. “Everyone has been great in helping me and the camaraderie among the coaches on campus is awesome. Moxley finds the facility to be better than Ohio’s. The difference between DI and DIII will be in recruit-

ing, as she sees it. “We aren’t looking at the high, high skill levels but more at the girls who have passion for the game, love to play and want to be part of this program,” she emphasized. Moxley will be looking at players locally including WNY and Ontario. “I feel good about the state of hockey in New York,” she continues. “I plan to be out as much as possible. We’re a small roster and I will be looking to build on that and grow.” She has additional experience as an instructor at Stephanie Boyd’s Female Hockey School, New Ice Age Hockey School and coached Goulding Park Midget Boys AA Hockey and for the Markham District High School women’s varsity team. Before taking the position at Robert Morris she was the head on-ice instructor for Canadian Hockey Enterprises working with skaters of all ages and skill levels. This summer she is representing Canada in the Ball Hockey Championships in St. John’s and in the In-Line Championships in California. “I try and mix it up a bit and it helps me with difference perspectives that I can relate and translate to ice,” said the 2011 Ball Hockey Silver Medalist. She has her master’s degree in business administration from NU and another master’s in instructional leadership from Robert Morris. Moxley’s experience as a player, coach and fan of the game; her passion for the game and a warm place in her heart for the area will be the keys in bringing success to the Buffalo State Bengals.

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