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October 2012

Volume 2- Issue 1 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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Announcement / Page 4

Family Friendly! Hockey Focused!


alking into Lakeshore Ice Arena you immediately feel the small barn atmosphere with a lot of warmth and a place you are comfortable in with your family. That’s how owner/manager Bruce Rizzo and his daughter, Paul Anderson, want it. The arena has been on Ling Road in Rochester since the 1960’s. However, it hasn’t always been a great place to play. Rizzo took the arena over after it went into bankruptcy and the bank locked the doors on the previous owner. That was 30 years ago. Rizzo brought it back and for the past two years made major renovations. “We put on a new roof, redid the compressors, bought a new Zamboni, redid the piping in the floors, repainted the facility, added new shower fixtures and time senor showers so they don’t keep the water running forever,” said Anderson. “If you don’t keep up things can spiral out of control very quickly,” she adds. A facility this old is bound to have stories, and Rizzo shares them. He began his hockey career at an early age. He attended West High

School and played hockey in the Rochester area. Through a friendship Rizzo took a job while in high school at the War Memorial in Rochester with Chuck Mason. “We did everything,” he explains. “We changed the floor from ice to hardwood for basketball and back; we did the spotlights, worked on all the shows. I learned it all there.” After high school Rizzo ran a sporting goods store in Rochester and played hockey in the Rochester Metro League. At one point someone came into the store to put up a flyer advertising a men’s spring league at the newly opened Lakeshore arena. Thirty-six teams signed up. “This league gave guys who wanted to play a chance to play.” Around the same time a pad was put into the Dome Arena on the Monroe County Fairgrounds. Management and funding was a problem so the Monroe Fair Association decided to remove the ice from the Dome and build a barn behind it and install an ice pad there. For four years the Fair Association tried to manage it and finally asked Rizzo if he would run it during the winter season. He did but then had to make a decision on running a sporting goods store,

or ice arena. His love—hockey; his choice—the arena. He took over The Dome and put in locker rooms, a concession stand, small pro shop, score clock and other things that would make it successful. In the meantime, Lakeshore went into bankruptcy after several of the men’s teams left and went to Lakeshore. The Arena sat locked up for a year after the bank foreclosed. All the interested buyers said they would take it if Rizzo would run it. That meant leaving The Dome. When it became apparent the Monroe Fair Association wasn’t going to renew his contract for a five-year commitment, he decided to move to Lakeshore. The buyer had an idea to run one sheet of ice and the other pad for roller. Rizzo convinced him otherwise. The owner has a fitness facility right down the street that includes a roller rink and Rizzo convinced him a two-pad ice facility is what was needed. Rizzo signed a six-year agreement to manage Lakeshore. He decided if he was going to run it, he should own it. At a time when mortgages for entertainment facilities were not accepted easily by the banks, Rizzo

NY Hockey OnLine had a clause in his contract that said the owner would hold the mortgage if Rizzo couldn’t get a loan. Thirty years later he is mortgage free! “In 1980 I walked in here with 13 cents in my pocket and was on food stamps,” says Rizzo. “Now I’m one of the few that can say I own it it’s family run and I took no money from the State, County or city,” said Rizzo. “I run my place the way I want to run it,” he says proudly. It wasn’t easy. Rizzo explains that one of the things that needed to be done when he bought it was new compressors. The estimate was $6,000 but the actual bill came in at $36,000. The electric company and phone company wouldn’t turn on their services without a substantial security deposit because the previous owner had left without paying the bills. “When the bank locked the doors and even the food was left in the freezers and on the storage shelves,” he explained. “The only thing they were allowed to do was come in and turn off the ammonia. “I walked in not knowing what was here.” Rizzo has added office space, a snack bar, bar, meeting room, expanded the pro shop and bought bumper cars that run on the ice for his client’s birthday parties and other events. The snack bar cooks homemade food, including homemade cookies

Featire / Page 5 that have ended up in the hands of very young players who eventually made it to the NHL. A rink that used to close during the summer now hosts 12 high school teams, 16 men’s teams and camps throughout the summer. Lakeshore is home to the Monroe County Youth Hockey Association and during a normal season he has accommodated 60 teams during the week and 8 more on Sunday mornings. While there is no figure skating at the rink, Lakeshore does offer a Learn to Skate program. “Figure skaters require ice to be at 20 degrees; ice hockey is between 1617 degrees so our ice is always very cold,” explains Rizzo. “Plus there are great figure skating associations at places like RIT.” Rizzo is proud of some of the firsts in hockey at Lakeshore. “I was the first to use a floor brush, which cleans the snow build up along the edge of the rink. “We use that rather than edging the ice after every session.” Lakeshore was also home to Zam-

boni #31. The Zamboni was purchased from RIT for $50 and

Rizzo used it for a couple of years. Then they purchased another Zamboni and “laid” this one to rest out back. One day they received a call from Zamboni asking if they still had #31. They wanted to refurbish it. Old #31 now sits in a place of honor at the Zamboni Company in Paramount, California. Rizzo also claims to be the first to have a Curfew Clock. Looking for a clock that would count down after complaints about teams that stayed on the ice past their time, Rizzo contacted several companies to no avail. Finally he took a basketball clock and reversed its timing—Curfew Clock. The Lakeshore Arena also has small metal plates under the ice so they can keep track of the thickness of the ice. He is also the first rink that mandated helmets on men’s leagues, now a USA rule. He also was the first to institute the third man in rule after an accident that injured a player. There were two men down and a third came into the mix; when he approached one of the players brought their leg up, cutting the player with his blade After that Rizzo instituted the third man rule, also a USA rule now. On additional rule that he instituted but isn’t part of the USA Rule Book is the Slough that would stop a player from tripping another player

NY Hockey OnLine

Feature / Page 6 skate program for boys and girls ages 3 through 10; Future Stars, a beginner hockey program for boys and girls ages 5 through 9, open skating, bumper cars and birthday party packages.

using his stick behind the leg. “I think that if you take a player out and injure him, the person that caused the injury should have to stay out as log as the injured party,” said Rizzo. The future of Lake-

shore. “I’d like to put in a Hall of Fame featuring those players that have played here and gone on to a pro career,” said Rizzo. He has several who have played on the ice at Lakeshore including Ryan Callahan of the NY Rangers, Brian Gionta, Montreal; Rory Fitzpatrick, Jason Bonsignore, and Shane Prince. Also opening in October the NewEdge Hockey Training Company, owned and operated by Rob Sedia and his partners, Terry Fisher, Chuck Dossier and Tony Pagano. (see related story) Lakeshore also offers the Ice Cubs, a learn to


NewEdge Hockey Fitness at Its Best

ong-time coach and Association Hockey Director for Monroe County Youth Hockey Rob Sedia had a vision and that vision becomes a reality when the doors of NewEdge Hockey Training Company open in October. While there are several training facilities in Rochester, Lakeshore felt there was a need for one in their barn. Rob made a proposal to Lakeshore owners Bruce Rizzo and Paula Anderson, who were in the midst of renovations to the arena. The idea of building a hockey specific training center was that it would be a resource for all teams that call Lakeshore their home. Rob was approached by parents looking for on and office development for their children. He began by offering some on-ice development which was well received and then ventured the idea of the off-ice fitness training. When the doors open on the 1100 square foot facility, there will be a shooting station, slide board training, shot tec training, goalie training and a 46” LCD TV for game viewing, instructional videos and analysis, strength training machines, agility ladders and steps, medicine balls and Russian boxes. “The training is for the true beginning through the elite player, said Sedia, who will be coaching MCYH Peewee Major AA Tournament Bound team this season. “We will offer private lessons, a variety of skills camps, mini camps, summer camps and specialized goaltending camps and clinics. (Continued on Page 31)

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t is 6:59 p.m. on a Monday night in late September. In less than a minute the “Maksymum Hockey Radio Show will be on the air. Inside studio B of radio station WYSL in Avon, New York, Jeff Kolcon, Dave Maksymiu, Tony Maksymiu and Brian Guck sit together, going over last minute notes as the show is seconds away from beginning its weekly live broadcast. The “Maksymum Hockey Radio Show” is the only show of its kind in the United States or maybe the world for that matter. Each week the “Fab Four” get together and talk about grass roots hockey. Interviewing kids of all ages is not out of the question. Parents and coaches are in the mix as well. Special guests are included as well, including this night with former hockey olympian, Shelley Looney and National Hockey Leaguer, Patrick Kane on the board. The foursome look at each other with grins on their face as the intro to “the voice of youth hockey” begins. In less than 60 minutes a “normal” 11-hour day will be over for the Maksymum guys. “Let’s see how everything comes together with everything we talked about eight hours ago,” remarked Kolcon just seconds before his mike goes live. Just 10 hours earlier Kolcon, the Maksymiu brothers and Guck had arrived at the ESL Centre, located on the campus of Monroe Community

Feature / Page 7 College in Rochester, New York. It is the beginning of another “work week” for the group. “It’s great work to have if you can find it,” says a smiling Kolcon,

Under its umbrella, Maksymum Hockey also includes Maksymum Junior Hockey Club, summer camps, Rapid Shot as well as Athletic Republic. What makes Maksymum Hockey work is the fact that the four individuals involved in the radio show, plus a fifth guy, Noah Fehrenbach, are all ex-players and coaches within youth hockey. In fact, all five work with kids on a daily basis at the ESL Centre. “We had played on some teams together and coached in some camps together back in our younger days,” said Kolcon. “Ironically, the Maksymiu brothers and I were all born in the Flint, Michigan area within a few miles of each other. “How we all ended up in Rochester together could be termed as simply fate. But it has all worked out for us. “After awhile I sat down with the brothers and said why don’t we think about doing a radio show together. “So we took a narrow focus. We focused on youth hockey in the area. So every show we’ve done in the past five years centers around, and comes back to, youth hockey.” Recently another partner has stepped up to work with Maksymum Hockey: USA Hockey. “USA Hockey has embraced us wholeheartedly,” remarked Kolcon, who along with Tony and Dave Maksymiu, are partners together in Maksymum Hockey. “They want to be an active partner with us. “We are in contact the USA Hockey weekly. They make suggestions to us as to a theme we might want to work with.

Maksymum Hockey Radio Show Celebrates 10th Anniversary By Randy Schultz

sitting in a conference room on the second floor of the ESL Center. “But this group has come a long way since Dave Maksymiu started Maksymum Hockey 15 years ago. “He got the business going and became fairly successful. He was running hockey camps and schools, among other things. “Then about six years ago his brother, Tony, and I got together here in Rochester where we had all moved to. These last five or six years we formed a partnership. “Really, the partnership for us in the business all revolved around the Maxsymum Hockey Radio Show. “The rest, as they say, is history.” Maksymum Hockey is billed as the nation’s premier hockey development company. It is split into three areas including private lessons, goaltending and team training. Their students rage in age and experience from four-year old beginners to 20 year-old major college and junior players.

NY Hockey OnLine “But even more importantly to us is that while the show is done live, it is also recorded. Anyone who missed the show can hear a rebroadcast of it by getting on their computer and checking out either www. or “People can tune in any show they want that would be archived. Plus, we are linked into teams home pages so they can hear us as well. “Probably the biggest breath of fresh air we’ve added to our broadcast was Brian Guck (the radio show’s coordinator). He helped develop the linking process for us. “Plus, he does a lot of the taped interviews we use on the show.” Guck plays a big roll in the show on this late October Monday evening where the theme of the program is “What makes hockey fun?” The radio show rolls along with a live phone

Feature / Page 8

interview with Looney as well as a taped interview with Kane that Guck had recorded earlier in the day. “I still fined it so cool to interview NHL players like Kane,” remarked Guck. “The interviews with NHL’ers usually deal with their days as a youth. “We really think kids can relate to that.” The show moves along with several callers calling in with their thoughts about what makes hockey fun. Included in the callers is Randy

Cunnneyworth (former coach of the Rochester Americans of the American Hockey League) and Wayne Wilson (men’s hockey coach at RIT). Bob Janosz gives his weekly goaltending tip. Then the four cohosts pick their three-stars of the night from weekend games. Before they know it, the show is over with for another week. “It moves so fast,” concluded Kolcon. “And the shows just keep getting better each week. “It’s amazing how far the show has come in a little over five years. But what is even more amazing is where this show can go. “For those of us involved with the Maksymum Hockey Show, the sky is the limit. We are oneofa-kind. “And we’re growing every week.”

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Dream Big / Page 9

Meet this year’s Top Prospects


Members of the Niagara Coyotes enjoying the 2012 Prospects Game in Buffalo.

orty of the top American NHL prospects took to the ice in Buffalo in the first-ever USA/CCM All-American Prospects Game. Among those tapped for the honor were Sean Malone, Steve Santini, Matt Lane and Justine Bailey. Bailey was unable to play due to an injury. Malone is a native of West Seneca and plays for the U.S. National U18 Team. He has committed to Harvard University. Santini is from Mahopac, also plays for the U.S. National U18 Team and has chosen Boston College. Rochester’s Matt Lane plays for Boston University and has also been named to the U.S. National U18 team. Bailey, Williamsville, plays for the Indiana Ice of the USHL and has made a commitment to the University of Minnesota. Malone and Santini played for Team Rob McClanahan and Malone for Team Phil Housley. Between periods the fans were treated to games played by youth taking part in the USA 2013-14 mandated Cross Ice program. The teams were from Rochester, Niagara Falls and Buffalo.

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Dream Big / Page 10

Photos by Janet Schultz from the 2012 Prospects Game in Buffalo.

Central New York State Hockey

Peter Sears and the 1972 Olympic Team

NY Hockey OnLine

Legends of the Game:

Dream Big / Page 12 Olympics were like (Lake Placid was the site of the 1932 Winter Olympics). “I played high school hockey in Lake Placid. Our high school league was made up of four teams including Lake Placid, Potsdam, Canton and Messina, which at that time was the best hockey town of all. “I always played goal. I began playing goal when I was about nine or ten. “How I became a goaltender was simple enough. We were playing a game one day and our goalie was sick. “Our coach asked if anyone would like to play goal. I stepped up and put the equipment on and never played any other position after that.” That move eventually led Sears down the road to Oswego, where he played college hockey at Oswego State. “I was there for just two years before moving on to tryout for the 1968 men’s Olympic Hockey Team,” added Sears. “That is where I met Murray Williamson, the men’s hockey coach. “I wanted to see what the Olympic experience was like, especially the tryout portion. Murray told me at that point their goaltending was all set. “But he wanted to know if I would like to play hockey in the

Pete Sears by Randy Schultz


ete Sears remembers the 1960 Winter Olympics as though they had happened yesterday. “I was a young boy growing up in Lake Placid, NY at the time,” recalled Sears. “The 1960 Winter Olympics were on TV when I was about 12 years old. “It was the first time they had ever been televised. And I remember watching the U.S. Men’s Olympic Hockey Team that year, winning the gold medal for the first time in their history. “I remember Jack McCartan playing goal for the US team. He did a great job playing goal for them that year. “That really made an impact on me. It was from that point on that I decided that I would one day play on that same men’s Olympic Hockey Team and win a medal.” Quite a dream for a young man just entering his teenage years. But one that would become a reality 12 years later. But more on that part of the story later. “I grew up in Lake Placid and was always around that Olympic village setting,” said Sears, born Gordon Peter Sears. “I had constant reminders of what the

U.S. Hockey League. A week later I got a call from the Green Bay Bobcats and went there to play. “But shortly after that I was drafted into the Army.” Sears served two years (196769) in the Army, including one tour of duty in Vietnam. “That may have been the biggest turning point in my life,” remarked Sears. “I really grew up at that point in time. “I knew what I wanted to do when I got out of the Army. It was really a life-changing experience for me.” Although he didn’t know how hockey would play into his life, Sears knew he still wanted to play the game. “When I was discharged from the Army, I went back home, wrote a letter to the Oswego hockey coach, Herb Hammon, asking if I could come back to Oswego and tryout for the hockey team,” stated Sears. “He said yes and I was on my way back to Oswego State. “The timing happened to be perfect for me. I graduated from Oswego in 1971 and the tryouts for the 1972 Olympic Hockey Team was held that Fall.” Competing against several other goaltenders trying out for the team, Sears managed to play well enough to make the team, a moment he never forgot. “We had been travelling

NY Hockey OnLine

around the US playing games,” remembered Sears. “In December we were scheduled to play a game at Dartmouth. “Coach Williamson called me up to his room that day. He wanted to let me know that I would be travelling with the team to Japan, where the Olympics were to be played that year. “The first two phone calls I made were to my wife and my parents. It was a very touching moment for me.” But there was also another part of the story to that as well. “In that same conversation with Coach Williamson, he told me that another goalie was going to be brought on the team by the name of Mike Curran. He had a lot more experience with International competition than I did. “The coach also explained that he would be the starting goaltender for our team. He said that I could go to Japan with the team, but my role would be that of a backup goaltender. “Coach wanted to know if I was alright with that decision, which I was. It was an honor for me to be on the team and do what I could to help the team win.” The 1972 US team was made up of players like Mark Howe, Robbie Ftorek, Henry Boucha and Tim Sheehy, among others.

Dream Big / Page 13 “We knew we were underdogs going in,” recalled Sears. “But we managed to win some key games. “I remember watching from the stands as the Russians beat the Czechs, which allowed us to win the Silver medal. I think it is one of the few times, at that point in history, you would have found a team from the U.S. rooting for the Russians. “We were actually really good friends with the Russian team. We had played them several times in the US and then again in the Olympics. “In the end the Russian coach, Anatoly Tarasov, invited us to their celebration of winning the Olympic gold. We toasted them and they in turn toasted us for our achievement of winning the silver. “Quite an interesting contrast, considering this was still a time of Cold War feelings.” Following his crowning achievement in the Olympics, Sears would go on to play two seasons of minor league hockey with the Suncoast Suns of the Southern Hockey League (1973-74) and the Columbus Owls of the International Hockey League (1973-74). “At that point I had a wife and family to think about,” said Sears. “I didn’t want t bounce them around from city to

city with a hockey career. “So I went back to Oswego and got a job as a teacher (history) and did that for the next 33 years. That gave me a chance to stay connected with hockey as a coach of the schools hockey team.” Today, at 65, Sears, now a retired school teacher, still resides in Oswego with his wife, Kay. It is where their daughter, Ranee and her family also reside there. Sears and his wife also spend a few months out of the year in Florida during the winter time. “I had a great hockey career as well as teaching career,” concluded Sears, who is a member of the New York State High School Hockey Hall of Fame, Oswego State University Hall of Fame and Athletic Hall of Fame and Oswego City Fast-Pitch Softball Hall of Fame. “I have a wonderful wife that has stood by me during the good times and bad. “To have won an Olympic silver medal is a great honor which I am very proud of. They were a great team that I hope will never be forgotten.”

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Men’s College Hockey-Central / Page 14


Former Raider forward Nick Prockow inked a professional contract with the Bakersfield Condors. Prockow spent the last four seasons at Colgate where he played 152 games, only missing two in his entire career. He scored 19 goals and added 27 assists for 46 points. The Raiders welcome eight newcomers to the squad, which begins its new season at home against Niagara October 9th. New York State natives on the roster include senior forward Christian Long (Point Lookout) and sophomore forward Joe Wilson (North Syracuse).


A first-team All-American as a senior goaltender for the Big Red, Underhill won the ECAC’s Ken Dryden Award as the league’s top netminder in 2002. A first-team AllIvy League and All-ECAC selection, he led all conference keepers and sat fourth in the country with his 1.80 goals against average and a .922 save percentage that ranked No. 7 nationally as a senior. Underhill ranked third nationally in goals against average and fourth in save percentage as a junior, helping Cornell to an Ivy League and ECAC title. He gradu-

Central New York Men’s College Hockey Report

Cornell grad Locke Jillson signed his first pro contract with the Las Vegas Wranglers. Jillson played 124 career games as a winger for the Big Red, earning an ECAC Hockey championship and three trips to the NCAA tournament in his East Hill tenure. He tied a career high with seven goals to go with three assists during his senior season. He racked up 20 goals and 25 assists for 45 points in his four seasons on East Hill. 2002 graduate Matt Underhill will be among eleven new members selected for induction into the Cornell University Athletic Hall of Fame at the 36th annual ceremonies to be held Friday, Nov. 2.

by Warren Kozireski

ated ranked among the top 10 career list for saves (2,052), goals against average (2.30 GAA), save percentage (.913), shutouts (6), wins (42) and minutes played (5,070). The four-year letter winner was a sixth-round NHL draft pick of the Calgary Flames in 1999. He played one NHL game for the Chicago Blackhawks during his four professional seasons. Among the five freshmen the Big Red welcome into the fold is Pittsford native Jon Knisley via the Vernon Vipers of the BCHL. Cornell begins its campaign officially October 26-27 when they host Colorado College.


The Red Dragons jump right into the fire when they open the season at Oswego October 26th to start a five game road swing. Home fans will need to wait until November 16-17 for the Fredonia-Buffalo State series to see the team.


Brasher Falls native Tim Crowley was named the Head Women’s Golf and Assistant Men’s Ice Hockey Coach. Crowley, a 2009 graduate of the College at Brockport, was a four year member of the Golden Eagles Men’s Ice Hockey team. After graduation Crowley was hired as the Assistant Men’s Ice Hockey Coach at SUNY Potsdam where the team qualified for the SUNYAC postseason in both the 2009-10 and 2011-12 seasons. Crowley served as the primary recruiter for the program where he brought in 23 recruits over a three year period. During his time with the Bears three players earned All-SUNYAC recognition and three members were named to the AllRookie team. The Soaring Eagles start this season on the road October 27th at Oswego before their conference and home opening series November 2-3 versus Neumann.


As is standard with the NESCAC, the Continentals won’t begin their season until November 16th when they host NCAA playoff semi-

NY Hockey OnLine finalist Amherst.


After they won the ECAC West playoff championship but were shunned by the NCAA playoff committee, the Statesmen are out to prove it was no fluke when they begin again with four consecutive home games starting October 26-27 versus Salve Regina & Cortland. They open league play one weekend later hosting Manhattanville.


The Mustangs begin 2012-13 with nine of their first 11 games away from home when they start October 19th at Utica. The team lost four of its top-ten scorers.

Central News and Notes... ...A Skate-A-Thon Fundraiser will be held October 6 at Shove Park in Camillus in memory of Sophie Kawejsza. Sophie was a third grader at Stonehedge Elementary School when she passed away from a brain rumor in January 2012. The Skate-A-Thon will benefit cancer research through the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation which is dedicated to eradicating childhood brain tumors and providing support to families. Donations can be made by going to http:// ...Watch for upcoming news as Tompkins Cortland Ice Hockey celebrates their 40th Anniversary this season. ...Out soon in your local Barnes and Noble, the second book by TV Anchor Christie Casciano. The “Puck Hog” goes to Lake Placid and it’s more than hockey in that small village. “Haunted Hockey in Lake Placid, the Puck Hog Volume 2” was at the printer as NY Hockey OnLine went “online!” Watch for a way to win a copy from NY Hockey OnLine. ...This year’s dates for the Ithaca Shooting Stars Tournament are December 7, 8, 9. For information go to home

Central / Page 15


The Lakers try to avenge their NCAA championship final loss to St. Norbert when they begin the 2012-13 season at home against Cortland October 26th.


The Pioneers announced a five year extension enabling them to continue to play their home games at the Utica War Memorial through 2017 with a five year option. They officially open the regular season as host to Oswego November 2nd and begin ECAC West play with a home-and-home with Elmira November 9-10.

...The Fall Central Meeting was held at the Skaneateles Volunteer Fire Company. During that meeting Cicero Hockey Assn. and New Hartford Hockey added new adult programs. The members were given updates on the USA mandate for Cross NYSAHA Central Section Ice which begins next seaPresident Gary LeBrun conson; reminded that an adult ducts Fall meeting. must be in the locker room with players at all times and are reminded that the on-line version of the New York State Annual Guide and Rule Books are the most current and supercede the printed versions. Central will hold their Spring meeting in April on a date and place to be announced. ...NY Hockey Online would like to request all Central Associations to provide the magazine with the current listing of your Board of Directors and Coaches with email addresses. Your listing of players emails is optional. This will provide us with a direct link to the people we need to contact for stories and also send the magazine to for forwarding to players and families/friends of hockey. Send directly to Janet@ Thank you.

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Central Women’s Hockey / Page 16

Emily McNamara has been named head coach of the Hamilton women’s ice hockey team. McNamara was the assistant coach at Middlebury College for four seasons and replaces Brendon Knight, who left for an assistant’s job at Syracuse. McNamara helped guide Middlebury to an overall record of 78-20-11, including 50-7-7 in the NESCAC from 2007 to 2011. Most recently McNamara was co-head coach for the U16 MidFairfield Connecticut Stars girls’ ice hockey team in 2011-12. She has been an instructor at the Hamilton girls’ hockey camp each summer since 2007. McNamara played for the Panthers from 2003 to 2007. She played in all 116 games on defense posting 66 points on 22 goals and 44 assists. She helped lead the team to an overall record of 100-13-3 and was named to the NESCAC All-Conference First Team in 2005 and the second team in 2006. “Emily has experienced great success not only as a coach in the NESCAC, but as a student-athlete as well,” said Director of Athletics Jon Hind. “We’re excited about the level of energy, enthusiasm and knowledge for women’s ice hockey that she brings to Hamilton.”


In the 201213 CHA Preseason Coaches’ Poll, Syracuse was tabbed to finish third.

athletes from the 2011-12 team, including seven of the top 10 scorers. Carrie-Mattimoe was the top SU point producer last season after tallying a team-high 14 goals and 12 assists. Scharfe is back on the offensive attack after scoring 13 goals and a team-best 13 assists. Shiann Darkangelo led the Orange in the faceoff circle last season, going 348-292 (.544). The sophomore also tallied 18 points off of seven goals and 11 assists. The defense returns veterans Akane Hosoymada, Brittney Krebs, Jacquie Greco, Kallie Goodnough and Caitlin Roach. Greco served double duty last season, playing on both offense and defense. Juniors Kallie Billadeau and Jenesica Drinkwater are back in net for SU. Billadeau recorded a GAA of 3.40 and a save percentage of .897 last season, while Drinkwater notched a GAA of 3.01 and a save percentage of .900. The Orange adds five newcomers to its roster. Freshman Julie Bengis will join the goaltending corps while Nicole Renault and Danielle Leslie will join the veterans on defense. Melissa Piacentini and Emily Auerbacher will add to the Orange’s strong offense.

Central Women’s College Ice Hockey Report by Janet Schultz

Syracuse women have added four freshmen to their roster this season including Stormville native Julie Bengis. Bengis is a goaltender from Kent School. Also added to the line up are Nicole Renault (Plymouth, Mich/ Little Caesar’s U19), Danielle Lesli (Winnipeg, Manitoba/Balmoral High School) and Melissa Piacentini (South Weymouth, Mass/Assabet Valley U19). Syracuse opens against New Hampshire on October 5 followed by Northeastern on October 6. They will then face-off against Penn State at University Park, Pa. the following weekend in a two-game stance and then return home on October 19 and 20 to Quinnipiac. They end their October run against Connecticut on October 26 and 27 in Storrs, Conn. The Orange heads into the 201213 season after finishing up its last campaign with a record of 10-22-3 and a CHA record of 1-8-3. Seniors Jacquie Greco and Holly Carrie-Mattimoe, along with junior Margo Scharfe will serve as tricaptains this year and will help lead the Orange in its fifth season of ice hockey. The Orange returns 15 student-


Single-game tickets for the upcoming 2012-13 Oswego State men’s and women’s ice hockey seasons will go on sale Monday, October 8. Tickets may be purchased several ways, including in-person at the Campus Center Box Office, the SUNY Oswego Downtown location and the Tyler Hall Box Office, over the phone by calling 315312-3073 or

NY Hockey OnLine 315-312-2141, and online at tickets. Prices remain fixed at $8 for the public to men’s and women’s ice hockey contests, but tickets purchased online will be charged a $2 convenience fee per order. The women’s ice hockey season also starts on Saturday, Oct. 20 with an exhibition contest versus the Toronto Midget Aeros at 3 p.m. Oswego State’s regular season home opener will be Nov. 3 against ECAC West opponent Utica at 7 p.m. The Lakers also host seven straight games from Nov. 19-Dec. 11. Senior Day will take place on Saturday, Feb. 9 versus Elmira.

Utica College

The Utica College hockey program hosted its inaugural Pioneer Preseason Rally at the Utica Memorial Auditorium on October 2. The women will open regular season play on November 2 home against Oswego State University at 4 p.m.


According to the ECAC Hockey Coaches’ Preseason Poll the Colgate women’s hockey was picked to finish 10th for the 2012-13 season. The preseason poll was voted on by the head coaches in the league and sports information directors. The Raiders are lead by senior Brittany Phillips, who scored 13 goals in 31 games last season. Melissa Kueber and Jocelyn Simpson will also be key targets for Colgate as they look to make an impact in the ECAC. Head Coach Greg Fargo announced the hiring of Karell Emard as an assistant coach. Emard joins the Raiders staff after

Central Women’s Hockey / Page 17 a successful career at St. Lawrence as she was a two-time captain and led her team to the 2011-12 ECAC Hockey Championship. She helped the Saints reach the NCAA Tournament four times during her five years and scored 106 points on 38 goals and 68 assists in 157 career games. She was selected to Team Canada’s U-22 squad in 2009 and was also a member of the ECAC Hockey All-Rookie Team in 2007. During her playing career she was an instructor at the Doyle Hockey Development camp, teaching kids the fundamentals of skating and puck handling and other advanced skills. “As a player, Karell was a great leader at St. Lawrence and her experiences playing in both ECAC Hockey and NCAA tournaments will serve her well as she transitions to a coaching role,” said Fargo. “She will be a great resource for our student-athletes and their overall development.” Colgate opens their season at home on October 5 against Northeastern followed by New Hampshire on October 6. They continue with games at home on October 12 and 13 vs Connecticut; October 26 vs Yale and October 27 vs Brown.


Elmira’s Soaring Eagles take to the ice on October 20 in an exhibition game at home followed by the EastWest Classic on October 27 and 28 in Vermont. Their official season begins in November at home to Cortland State University on November 3 and 4.


The Big Red have been ranked No. 3 in the National Poll as the 2012-13 season begins.

Cornell received 109 points, third behind defending national champion Minnesota (150) and national runner-up Wisconsin (128). The Big Red is the highest-ranked team in ECAC hockey and is three spots ahead of No.7 St. Lawrence, which also made the NCAA Tournament last season. Cornell was also tabbed as the League Favorite by the ECAC Coaches. Cornell was selected as the team that will win its fourth consecutive regular-season league title and was selected as the conference’s top squad entering the season. This is the third consecutive season the Big Red have won the coaches’ pre-season poll. The ECAC also named it’s Preseason All-League Team and included on it were Big Red Players Laura Fortino, Laurianne Rougeau and Brianne Jenner. The Big Red open season play with an exhibition tournament in James Lynah Rink on October 12 through 14. Then they are off to play Boston University on October 20 and 21 before returning home to open a home stance against St. Lawrence University on October 23. They round out October with two ECAC matchups on October 26 against Brown University and October 27 against Yale. For tickets go to


Cortland begins its 2012-13 season on the road on October 26 at New England College and October 27 at Castleton.

East Hockey

Mahopac’s Santini Top Prospect! Hauppauge’s Aracari Saves Lives! Suffolk & Concussions!

NY Hockey OnLine


inutes after the conclusion of the first ever All-American Prospects Hockey Game at Buffalo’s First Niagara Center, Steve Santini was ushered into the media room. With video camera’s running, recorders poised to record and photographer’s camera’s flashing in his face, Santini began his post-game press conference. Just 15 minutes earlier Team McClanahan had defeated Team Housley, 5-2. Santini had assisted on one of the two Team Housley goals. It had been a whirlwind 48 hours for the Mahopac, NY native, who also plays for the U.S. National Under-18 Team. “We actually drove in from Ann Arbor (MI) the day before the game,” said the 17 year-old defenseman. “It was kind of hard on the body. “Tomorrow (the day after the game) it is back to Michigan again. But being a part of this game was worth it.” Not too bad for a young man who grew up playing hockey in a town less than 50 miles from New York City. “I played hockey for two different organizations including Westchester Express and New York Apple Core,” remarked the 6-2, 208 pound Santini. “I’ve always been a defenseman. “It seemed like a natural position for me. I’ve been playing the game

Central Women’s Hockey / Page 19 since I was about three or four years old. “My dad got me out on the ice. He was a hockey player himself. “I just fell in love with the game

me. “And it has been. They work you hard and expect results. “In the end I think it has been good for my development.” Santini’s plans have also been set for the future as well. “Next year I will attend Boston College, beginning in the fall of 2013,” responded Santini. What about the NHL? “I try not to think about the (NHL) Draft,” said Santini. “Hopefully I’ll get drafted. “Before the game in Buffalo, I was a little nervous knowing that there were NHL coaches, GMs and scouts in the stands watching us. But I settled down once the game got started. “Right now I’m just taking things week by week. “ But Santini admits that once he gets a chance to think about his experience in Buffalo he knows it was something special. “It was a great honor to be a part of the first game,” concluded Santini. “Maybe 30 years from now I can set down with my kids and say that I played in the first game. “It has been an honor and a thrill for me and I will take a lot from this game and apply it to my future in this game.”

Mahopac’s Santini 2013 Top Prospect by Randy Schultz

and have been playing it ever since.” Did Santini pattern himself after any player in particular? “Dion Phaneuf of the Toronto Maple Leafs,” answered Santini. “I’m not trying to compare myself to him or anything. “He is a player I really enjoy watching. I think he is a great player. “He works hard. He gets up in the play. “If I can end up playing like him I will be pretty successful. Now Santini finds himself on the U.S. National Development Team. “They recruited me at the 15 and 16 select camp,” recalled Santini. “When I toured the area in Ann Arbor, saw the facility and talked to the coaches, it seemed like a great fit for

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East / Page 20

East Section News and Notes


YHOL attended the East Section NYSAHA meeting and thank all of you for such a warm welcome. East Section President Ralph Scannapieco has been named to the Safe Sport Committee for USA Hockey. They will be working on ensuring that kids are safe and also putting a Zero Tolerance Policy into place. The Lady Vipers and the Sound Shore Girls Hockey Association have merged to form the Westchester Wild. Both teams saw a decrease in the numbers and wanted to stay competitive and found merging would be the way to go. “This is a way to preserve girl’s hockey,” said East Girls Director Mark DeSimone. The East also accepted into membership two Women’s Senior B teams. The Bowery Flames have no home rink but play out of several rinks with girls from all over New York and New Jersey. They are non-tournament bound this season. “We have a good roster and look forward to playing teams around town and into Pennsylvania and Western New York,” said Ashley Walenty. “we have women who have played DI and DIII hockey and just want to continue to play NYHOL Publisher Randy Schultz with East Section President hockey.” Ralph Scannapieco The second team is the Lasker Lady Hawks playing out of Lasker Rink in Manhattan. They plan to “go for the nationals.” Lasker is entering its Inaugural Season and is looking forward to playing in tournaments. They have women from college age up. In other East Women’s Ice hockey news, the Lady Islanders are growing. They have a 10U team that finished first in the State; 12U finishing third and a strong 19U team, according to Christine Dziadu. In another move, the organization accepted the application of the North Park Hockey Association to move to Tier III status. North Park is a house recreational league with no tryouts. They have been playing Tier II and III for the past five years. Another new team takes to the ice in the East as the group approved the addition of a youth sled hockey team. The Delaware Valley Hockey League will be affiliated with the men’s Northeast Sled Hockey League and will offer hockey to youth ages 6 to 18. The East also reinstated the Men’s Adult Fire House Hockey League that plays out of New York City and accepted the memberships of Precision Hockey, an adult men’s league, and Massapequa Spartans Youth Hockey. …Jaclyn Arbour, South Setauket, has joined Mercyhurst College this season. She played for the National Sports Academy in Lake Placid, scoring 31 goals last season. In 2010-11 she had 56 assists. Jaclyn was on the team that won the NYS Championship in 2009-10 and 2011-12. She also tied for third in scoring during the 2012 U19 National Championship tournament with a goal and seven assists in four games. She was invited to the USA National Camp three times. Jaclyn is the daughter of Jay and Johanna and the granddaughter of NHL player and coach Al Arbour. ...NY Hockey Online would like to request all East Associations to provide the magazine with the current listing of your Board of Directors and Coaches with email addresses. Your listing of players emails is optional. This will provide us with a direct link to the people we need to contact for stories and also send the magazine to for forwarding to players and families/friends of hockey. Send directly to Thank you.

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teve Aracari has been Head Athletic Trainer at the Rinx, an ice skating facility located in Hauppauge, NY on Long Island for 14 years. During that time the 1997 Stony Brook University graduate has had to deal with the normal types of hockey injuries. You know, things like broken bones, minor cuts, bruises and sprains. Nothing really major that is, until the 201112 hockey season got underway. Two such incidents happened last season, one on the ice and the other off of it. “There was a high school hockey game between Smithtown and Connetquot-Sayville,” recalled Charlie Venticinque, president of the Suffolk County High School Hockey League. “One of the Connetquot players, Joe Bizzaro, was coming down with the puck. “Suddenly he seemed to lose an edge on his skate and went down. At the same time a Smithtown player tried to jump over Joe. “Unfortunately, the blade of the skate caught Joe in the arm and cut him. It wasn’t until Joe tried to get up that we saw how bad the cut was. “That is when Steve stepped into action. He just started wrapping the player’s arm and put pressure on it to stop the bleeding. “A call was made immediately to 911. Within a couple of minutes an ambulance was there to take the player to the hospital where microsurgery was preformed on the arm. “The player lost the remainder of the season but is back again this year.“ “It was something that I will never forget,” remembered Aracari. “The game was on TV and I was in the rink watching. “When I saw Joie fall and then grab his arm I knew something was wrong. But I didn’t know how wrong.

Dream Big / Page 21 “The linesman saw the blood and got him off the ice. I’ve never seen as much

Trainer Steve Aracari Saves Lives! by Randy Schultz blood as I did that night. “I lifted the sleeve of the jersey to see how bad the cut was. After a split second I saw all I needed to see. “I ran the player into the First-Aid room inside the rink. I started ripping paper towels off the wall and wrapping his arm in them and just kept applying pressure to the cut. “There were other people around helping me as well. There was a woman, who identified herself as a nurse, who helped me. There were other parents who hung on to Joie and assisted his parents, which helped a lot. For a few moments it was organized chaos. “I did what I had to do to try and stop the bleeding until the ambulance got there. When I look back on it, this was the worse thing I had ever had to deal with in my 14 years of working at the rink.” A few weeks earlier Aracari had already been tested. “This was a parent who was the victim this time,” remembered Venticinque. “Jim Donahue was at another game between Smithtown and Connetquot-Sayville. “He had a history of heart problems.” “He was supposed to have had a

pacemaker put in him,” added Aracari. “He had just passed me in the rink. “He wasn’t even supposed to be there because his son wasn’t playing that night. But it was a big game and he wanted to see it. “All of a sudden I hear a girl scream and I came out to find Jim on the ground. At first it looked like he was having a seizure because he was lying on his side. “He looked like he was sleeping and snoring. We called 911. “Then things really got weird. The power in the rink went off at that moment. “The emergency lights came on. I kept checking on him. “Another official from the rink came over with a flashlight. We flashed it in his face and the pupils in his eyes didn’t dilate. “I checked for breathing and he wasn’t breathing. The security officer who was with me began the chest compressions and I got the AD. “Time seemed to slow down. But it turned out to be seven minutes until the ambulance arrived. “The security officer knew that an advanced EMT would be coming with the ambulance. They were able to administer the drugs he needed as well. “It turned out to be a combination of what I did, the security officer did and the EMT did. “That was a shaker for me. You work on preventing things from happening to kids and it turns out to be a parent who has something happen. “All I know was that it was a bunch of teamwork that took place both times. And teamwork is important. “In these cases it saved lives. That is the ultimate in teamwork.”

NY Hockey OnLine

East / Page 22


himself as the athletes and fitness conscious individhe Suffolk County High School Ice Hockey ual’s physician. His life long experience as a comLeague has instituted mandatory concussion testing for all athletes competing in the league petitive athlete combined with his extensive medical training, knowledge and clinical experience, provide for the 2012-13 hockey season. This testing was an uncommon provided free to combination of all league participants due to skills which allow him to relate a grant provided by Dicks Sportto his athletes in a way unique to ing Goods. few physicians. “We’ve got “Should any about 750 kids, of these kids both boys and by Randy Schultz girls, playing in get hurt with a head injury, they our league,” exwould get anothplained Charlie er test at that time,” added Venticinque. “Then they Venticinque, President of the Suffolk County High could compare the two tests to determine how severe School Hockey League. “And each kid went for this the head injury may be. testing.” “With concussion injuries becoming much more ImPACT (Immediate Post Acute Concussion prevalent in all sports, but especially in hockey and Testing), developed by doctors at the UPMC Sports football, we felt a move like this was very important Medicine Concussion Program, was the tool used to for the safety of our kids. test the players. “It takes about 35 minutes to take the whole test,” “We have been very proactive with this situation. It was just something we felt was very important to Venticinque continued. “We take this test and give it do.” to Dr. Salvatore Trazzera.” Dr. Trazzera, a Board Certified Cardiologist and Sports Medicine Physician, has rapidly established

Suffolk Mandates Concussion Testing

Hockey Notes of Interest:

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...November 3 is Try Hockey For Free Day in the United States. Set up a event at your rink to promote ice hockey. ...February 17 is Hockey Across America. Another chance to promote hockey in your area and bring in new players. ...New York State has a promotional trailer available in each section for use in Learn to Play Hockey and other hockey promoting events. Contact your local NYSAHA president. ...USA Hockey will be bringing coaching to your IPhone, IPad. Watch for details!

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Twelve freshmen dot the roster as the Black Knights begin a rebuild after their disappointing four-win campaign a year ago. Included is R.J. Burns from Pearl River who arrives via the New Jersey Hitmen of the EJHL where he scored seven goals with 12 assists in 32 games. He was also a teammate there of Jack Riley, the son of the Army head coach. The season kicks off October 12th at the Icebreaker tournament in Kansas City against host NebraskaOmaha with a second round game against either Notre Dame or Maine. They open up conference play one week later with a home-and-home with Sacred Heart.


After six years with the Manhattanville program both as a player and then as an assistant coach, Arlen Marshall was announced as the third men’s hockey coach in Manhattanville history. “I am both thrilled and thankful for this opportunity to lead the Manhattanville men’s hockey program,” Marshall said in a press release. “I look forward to building on the foundation of this nationally recognized program.” Marshall has spent the last two years as the top assistant coach; last year under Eric Lang who resigned in June after one season as head

East Men’s College Hockey / Page 23

Eastern New York Men’s College Hockey Report by Warren Kozireski

coach. Marshall arrived as a freshman in 2006. His first head coaching role comes after one of the most prolific on-ice careers in Valiant history. A two-year co-captain who wore a letter in three of his four seasons, Marshall was one of just three Manhattanville players to reach the 100-point plateau with 38 goals and 64 assists in 105 career games. He finished third in career points, fourth in assists and sixth in goals all-time at the school, while also departing second in games played and sixth in power-play goals for a career. In his senior season, Marshall set new career highs with 26 assists and 35 points to help lead the Valiants to the ECAC West Conference Tournament championship, one of three ECAC West Tournament titles that Manhattanville achieved in his four years with the team. The Valiants also reached a pair of NCAA Tournaments and finished all four seasons in the top-10 in the nation in at least one poll.


The Engineers welcome nine freshmen with a heavy emphasis

on New York State products. Forwards Mike Zalewski (New Hartford) and Mark Miller (Massena) and defenseman Chris Bradley (Williamsville) join upperclassmen C.J. Lee (Staten Island), Greg Burgdoerfer (East Setauket), Nick Bailen (Fredonia) and goaltender Scott Diebold (Buffalo) as players staying instate. The season begins October 12-13 against NCAA Frozen Four runner-up Ferris State at home.


Former Union College defenseman Nolan Julseth-White signed a professional contract with the Las Vegas Wranglers of the ECHL. Julseth-White, who served as captain during the 2011-12 season, helped Union advance to the Frozen Four for the first time in program history, a run that included the school’s second consecutive Cleary Cup as ECAC Hockey regular season champions, and first-ever Whitelaw Cup as ECAC Tournament champions. Julseth-White was a key cog on a defense ranked No.1 in the nation, allowing 1.83 gpg. He was one of three Union defensemen to appear in all 41 contests during the season. Matt Hatch (Massena), Trevor Mingoia (Fairport) and Colin Stevens (Niskayuna) remain the only New Yorkers on the roster. They and six newcomers will try to help the Statesmen win their third straight Cleary Cup when the season starts at Massa Rink October 6th versus Merrimack.

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East Women’s Hockey / Page 24

RPI Katie Daniels and Taylor Horton have been named captains of the RPI Engineers women’s ice hockey team. Daniels is a senior on defense and Horton is a senior forward. Daniels is a native of Rockton, Ill. And has played 99 career games on the blueline, scoring 2 goals and 17 assists. She also has 91 penalty minutes. She played for the Chicago Mission. Horton has 57 points on 28 goals and 29 assists in 106 career games. She is a graduate of St. Joseph’s Catholic High school. Clarence Center native Jenn Godin makes her debut on the RPI roster. Godin is a 5’5” defenseman from Tabor Academy. She attended the USA Hockey National Development Camp in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 and played in the Empire State Games for Team West in 2010. She is the daughter of Steve and Tracey Godin. Another New York connection is former Niagara University player Delaney Middlebrook. Middlebrook comes from NU after the College removed the D1 women’s ice hockey program from its offerings. Middlebrook is a sophomore defenseman who had one goal in 27 games for the Purple Eagles. She attended St. Paul Academy where she served as team captain for two years and had 26 points in 24 games in 2010-11. Middlebrook attended the USA National Development Camp and played for the Minnesota Ice Caps. She is the daughter of Chris and Cathryn Middlebrook. The Engineers return 18 letterwinners and host the University of Connecticut at home on October 5 and 6.


The Valiants open their season at the East-West Classic against SUNY Plattsburgh and Elmira on October 26 and 27. They open at home on November 2 against the University of Boston.

East Women’s College Report by Janet Schultz

Union The 2012-13 season marks the sixth season for head coach Claudia Barcomb, who came to Union after spending five seasons as an assistant coach at Harvard, her alma mater. Assistant Coach Ali Boe is also in her sixth season and Assistant Coach Julie Chu returns for her third season. Chu spent the month of August playing for the U.S. Women’s National Team. She was just named to the U.S. Women’s National Team that will compete in the 2012 Women’s Four Nations Cup in Finland November 5

through 10. Since their inaugural season of Division I ice hockey in the 2003-04 season, the Dutchwomen are 5-3 in their home opener. Union has won their last three decisions holding an 18-2 advantage in goals when playing their first game at home Despite losing seven letterwinners, the Dutchwomen return four of their top five goal scorers from last season. Stefanie Thomson led Union in goals scored with seven and had three assists. Rhianna Kurio was tied for second in goals scored with six, three of them coming on the power play. Christine Valente paced the Dutchwomen with 12 points (six goals, six assists). Teammate Byranne Panchuk trailed Valente by just one point (five goals, six assists). Joining Union in her sophomore year is East Amherst, NY native Haley Welsh. Welsh comes to Union after spending her 2011-12 season at Elmira. In her first appearance with Union she had an assist against the University of Connecticut Huskies. Union took UC 3-2 in their season opener on Sept. 29. Welsh captained the Buffalo Bisons U19 team and is the daughter of Scott and Patricia Welsh. Union goes on the road to Northeastern, Boston University, RPI, Clarkson and St. Lawrence for the month of October. They return home on November 2 and 3 to Syracuse.

Hockey North

NY Hockey OnLine

North Men’s Hockey / Page 26


The center spent four seasons with the Brockport Golden Eagles The team announced that playing in 101 games, scoring 32 Kevin Tansey would miss the goals and assisting on 38 others. entire 2012-13 season after be Potsdam has also closed Maxcy ing the victim of an assault in Hall Ice Arena for the season for Ottawa earlier this summer. an $8.7 million project. These The 19-year-old sophomajor alterations are the first to more defenseman suffered a building since its construction in shoulder injury, three cracked 1972. The biggest changes to the ribs and a concussion when he by Warren Kozireski arena include a new high efficiency was assaulted on July 31, 2012. refrigeration system, ice He will resume his studies surface, boards and glass at Clarkson in the Winter as well as expanded team semester. benches. For the fans, the Tansey played a most important improvesignificant role in his first ments include a new clicollegiate season as the mate control system and only Clarkson rookie, and one of only new seating. Permanent individual four Golden Knights, to skate in all 39 seating will replace the lower section of bleachers, while games overall in 2011-12, recording two goals and nine new bleachers will be installed in the upper level. The points. bleachers will be retractable to allow for multipurpose use. The Golden Knights open at Colorado College OctoBalcony seating areas will help to expand the fan capacity ber 12-13 before the home lid-lifter October 20th against to 1,124. Holy Cross. In addition to the fan accommodations, the Bears’ Nine freshmen arrive to join New York native teammates Alex Boak (Norwood), Adam Pawlick (Utica), Matt hockey teams and coaches will have new team locker rooms, coaches’ offices and a center ice player entrance. Wilson (Liverpool), Matt and Joe Zarbo (Grand Island) A locker room for referees will also be added. The new and Andrew Himelson (Monroe). enlarged press box will be constructed above the team benches. Due to the renovation, the Bears are preparing for The Cardinals will save all of their non-conference a year away from home. The men will play their home games for Thanksgiving weekend and the intersession games at Massena Arena in neighboring Massena, NY as they jump immediately into SUNYAC play with their with the first game October 26th against Saint Michael’s opener at home October 26th versus Morrisville. College.

Northern New York Men’s College Hockey Report



The Bears announced that former Brockport Golden Eagle player Sean O’Malley has been appointed as the team’s assistant coach for the 2012-13 season. O’Malley replaces Tim Crowley, who has assumed the head women’s golf and assistant men’s hockey coaching positions at Elmira College. Crowley also played at Brockport. O’Malley enters his first season with Potsdam after playing minor pro hockey over the last two seasons. The Cleveland native spent last season with the Wheeling Nailers of the East Coast Hockey League and the Danbury Whalers of the Federal Hockey League. In two seasons with the Whalers, O’Malley played in 97 games and totaled 36 goals and 28 assists for 64 points.


Seniors Kyle Flanagan (Canton), Matt Dyer (Suffern) and Mac Stratford (Bloomingdale) with sophomore Justin Bruckel (Geneseo) are the in-state returners for the Saints, who had not released their full roster as of press time. The team begins the new campaign with two-game sets at Western Michigan (10/12-13) and Maine (10/1920) before hosting Alabama-Huntsville November 2-3 at Appleton Arena.

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Feature / Page 27

North News and Notes


nother great weekend in Lake Placid for the staff of NYHOL as we met with the North Section at their meeting. The North recognized long-time volunteer Kathy Rosoff. President Mario Pusateri presented her with a clock plaque. The organization accepted into membership a new women’s association from the Thousand Islands area. ...The Louisville Minor Hockey Association will hold their Thomas J. Carroll Memorial Tournament on November 16-17 for Squirt, PeeWee and Bantam teams. This is a Tier III Tournament with a three-game guarantee and fourth game for the top two teams. For information contact Leigh McCall, jmccall003@ ...NY Hockey Online would like to request all North Associations to provide the magazine with the current listing of your Board of Directors and Coaches with email addresses. Your listing of players emails is optional. This will provide us with a direct link to the people we need to contact for stories and also send the magazine to for forwarding to players and families/ friends of hockey. Send directly to Thank you.


Canton Launches Women’s Ice Hockey Program

he State University of New York at Canton has launched it’s first women’s ice hockey team. The team is made up of players from Canton’s successful club team and recruits from the North Country, Minnesota, New Jersey, Canada and Syracuse. Canton will play in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) and in the Eastern College Women’s Hockey League (ECWHL) during their inaugural season. Under the guidance of former men’s ice hockey coach and assistant athletic director Pat Martin, the club team grew steadily throughout the season and with several positive outings against other area club teams such as Clarkson, St. Lawrence and SUNY Oswego, they are ready. Melissa Lomanto has been named as the College’s first women’s ice hockey head coach. Lomanto comes to Canton after a stint as a volunteer assistant coach at D1 Colgate University. Prior to Colgate Lomanto was the head coach at Adrian College for three

North Section President Mario Pusateri presents Kathy Rosoff with a plaque and a Thank You for all her work as a volunteer in the North Section. (Photo by Janet Schultz)

years where she led the Bulldogs to a 52-25-6 overall record. In 2011 Adrian won the Northern Collegiate Hockey Assn. championship and became the College’s first women’s program to make an appearance in the NCAA national tournament. Lomanto also served as an assistant coach at her alma mater Utica College, where she helped the Pioneers to three straight 18-win seasons and several appearances in the ECAC West tournament. She has also served as acoach for USA Hockey and Can-Am Hockey and as a player, played in 102 games at Utica. She was named to the All-ECAC West Team

for three straight seasons and served as captain in her freshman year. Canton opens its season on October 12 against the University of Massachusetts on the Amherst, Mass. campus. Their first home game will be October 27 against Northeastern and again the following day.

In December they will host the SUNY Canton Jamboree with teams from the Canadian Hockey Institute, SUNY Oswego and the University of Vermont. In January they will travel to the Catamount Challenge.

NY Hockey OnLine


The Clarkson Golden Knights open their regular ECAC season on-the-road Friday, Oct. 5 against St. Lawrence University. They then return home the next evening for their home opener against the same team. Along with that game will be the Golden KnightsSaints Alumni Game. The Alumni game begins at noon and the regular game at 3 p.m. Debuting on the Knights roster are Renata Fast, defense, Burlington, Ont. Native who played for the Burlington Barracudas; Cayley Mercer, sister to Junior Carly Mercer, Exter, Ontario and the Bluewater Jr. Hawks; Erin Ambrose, defense from Keswick, Ontario and the Toronto Jr. Aeros; Shannon MacAulay, forward from Mt. Herbert, Prince Edward Island and the Warner Warriors. Carly Mercer will serve as this year’s captain, assisted by Hailey Wood.


The SUNY Potsdam women’s hockey team have been getting in shape by walking for two charities. The first was their Walkin’ for Wilz 5K/Run to Cure Juvenile Diabetes on September 8. This was their first year of participation in this event. The walk is named in honor of Billy “Wilz” Howlett, who in 2008 lost his battle against diabetes at the age of 20. On Saturday, September 22, they took to walking for the Out of the Darkness Walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Preven-

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North Women’s College Report by Janet Schultz

tion. The Bears and other community members traveled from the Barrington Student Union on campus to Ives Park in downtown Potsdam. This is the first year the team has participate in the walk and they raised $1,713, the third highest amount by participants. “We are very pleased with the amount of effort and energy our players put into helping out the community and supporting this cause,” said Bears assistant coach Courtney Laughlin. The Out of the Darkness Walk helps raise money for research and education programs to prevent suicide, increase national awareness about depression and suicide and to provide support for survivors of suicide loss. The walk raised over $13,774, exceeding the goal of $8,500. On the Ice the Bears will open their season against Salve Regina University on October 27 and the College of the Holy Cross on October 28.Both games are on-the-road. They open their season against SUNY Plattsburgh on November 6.


The Cardinals open their season on October 20 with an exhibition game against the Etobiocke team and then travel to Norwich for the East-West Classic on October 27 and 28. They open their ECAC season at home on November 3 and 4 against Chatham University.

North Women’s College News and Notes…

…Latham’s Jordan Juron will make her debut on the Boston University women’s ice hockey team this season. The forward played four years at Middlesex School and served as captain during her senior season. She was named NEPSAC Division 2 Player of the Year and a Boston Globe All-Scholastic Selection last season. She won the national title as captain of Assabet Valley U19 team, scoring the game-winning goal in the championship game. She is the daughter of Mike and Mary Beth Juron.

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We have the News from the 2012 Ignite the Ice Tournament (Photo submitted by NJPE)

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he Buffalo Stars will Go Pink for the month of October as they do their part for Cancer Awareness Month. Over the course of 30 days every team in the organization will hold some type of function to raise the awareness of cancer, as well as funds for the American Cancer Society. The Stars held their Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk-A-Thon on Sunday, Sept. 30 and will conclude the month on October 27 with their Annual Blood Drive for UNYTS (Upstate NY Transplant Services). The Stars are selling Pink Bracelets for $3 and Paper Ribbons for a donation of any amount. The Paper Ribbons will be hung on the Buffalo Stars Office with a goal to cover the entire office in Pink Ribbons. On October 27 the Buffalo Stars U16 Midget Team and the Empire Junior Team will be wearing pink jerseys that will be auctioned off. All Stars players will be sporting pink laces for the entire month showing their support for Cancer Survivors and Patients. The Buffalo Stars Junior Opening Weekend will feature a Salute to the American Troops Night on Saturday, October 13. The Stars will be hosting the Jersey Wildcats in a two-game league set at 7 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. on Sunday. Saturday’s activities include a Chinese auction, collection of gift cards from local supermarkets and department stores followed by a Stars Bantam Major game versus Tonawanda at 4:30 p.m. and the Stars Squirt

West / Page 30 Minors vs Southtowns at 5:45 p.m. The Empire Opening Ceremony and game will begin at 7 p.m.

required if skaters do not have hockey gloves. The first 40 players to register will receive a Jersey and Goodie Bag from USA Hockey. Go to the Buffalo Stars website, click on FREE HOCKEY link to download the registration form. Pre-registration is required. For additional information call (716) 685-1122 Buffalo Stars taking on Rochester Makysmum or email in September. (Photo by Janet Schultz) sportsni All donations of the gift cards will benefit the New York Air Nation- For a detailed list of activities and al Guard 107th Airleft Wings’ Family to show your support go to www.bufReadiness Group and the Chinese auction proceeds will be donated to the Wound Warrior Project. The Opening Ceremony will feature a Military Color Guard, anthem Girls/Women’s Hockey singer and dramatic music that pays …The Tonawanda Lightning U12 Girls tribute to our men and women in the Hockey team will be holding a fundraiser armed forces. on Saturday, October 20 at Mooneys, In addition the Buffalo Stars will 1531 Military Road, Tonawanda. Tickets retire the jerseys of former players are $20 per person and include tap beer, well drinks, food and entertainment. Joe Rohm, Mike Flatley and Steve There will an auction and other raffles. Kinney. The Stars will hold a Try Hockey Tickets are available at the door. Free For A Day on Saturday, November 3. From 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. anyone ...The Buffalo Bisons U14 and U19 teams took part in the Stoney Creek Showcase ages 4 to 9 can try hockey at Holiday in September. Both teams did extremely Twin Rinks, Cheektowaga. Following well given the quantity and quality of all the on-ice session there will be a reteams participating. This is one of the ception along with a question/answer highest level tournaments in Canada and period on the “next step” if you child the US. Both teams advanced to the chamwants to play. Skates and helmets pionship round but lost in overtime. The are required and a limited number U14 and U19 teams are coached by Scott are available. Winter gloves are also

Buffalo Stars Gear Up for Exciting Season

In Other WNY News...

NY Hockey OnLine Welch. At the U14 the games were very close and in the quarter final the Bisons went into a shoot out against Oakville. It took 11 players to determine the winning goal, which came from Ciarra Barone, giving Buffalo the opportunity to advance to the championship. In the finals, the Bisons were up 3-0 at the end of one period and Pittsburgh did not fold. They found their way back tying the game with the Pittsburgh goalie pulled in the final minute. Overtime consisted of a 4-4 for 10 minutes before Buffalo was called for a penalty and Pittsburgh scored on the ensuring power play. Two of the Bisons were the leading scorers in the tournament with outstanding goaltending. General ......The Batavia Ramparts marched in the Oakfield Labor Day Parade promoting hockey. The players rollerbladed behind a hockey-themed float and passed out their “Try Hockey for Free” Day brochure. Their float took third place. ...NY Hockey Online would like to request all West Associations to provide the magazine with the current listing of your Board of Directors and Coaches with email addresses. Your listing of players emails is optional. This will provide us with a direct link to the people we need to contact for stories and also send the magazine to for forwarding to players and families/friends of hockey. Send directly to Thank you.

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Sedia brings with him over 35 years of hockey experience, including playing for 25 years. Although he didn’t make the trip to play, he was drafted by a team in Praque, Czechoslovakia. Instead he played a partial season with the SHL. Sedia has selected top-of-the-line equipment to develop the players. The Shooting Station is a synthetic surface where players can practice a multitude of shots and use strategically placed pass returns which allow them to work o passing, receiving and one-timers. The station has a regulation size hockey net with a three-dimensional goalie to offer the shooter a challenge when working on target shooting. The Slide Board Training machine is good for lateral training, agility, core stabilization, stick handling, passing/receiving, shooting and much more. It is a low impact, high cardio workout. “The Slide Boards were designed by hockey players for hockey players and there are 75 specifically designed exercises and drills,” said Sedia. Shot Tec is the result of a group of experienced Canadian Hockey professionals creating a product that isolates and trains proper technique for the perfect wrist shot. It trains specific muscle groups for the perfect shot by isolating all of the exact muscle groups to strengthen the body for taking harder shots; it also repetitively trains your body and mind for the perfect technique to increase accuracy. NewEdge has acquired a unique Goalie Training Station which features a NHL regulation goalie crease so goalies can learn proper positioning with the use of visual cues and experience an on-ice feel without the use of skates. In also will improve angling and improve the butterfly technique. Easton Hockey is the official sponsor of NewEdge Hockey. “Having them as a partner is amazing,” said Sedia. “Not only are they a class act company but their equipment is top notch. We look forward to promoting Easton.” And the Rochester area looks forward to the doors opening on NewEdge Hockey Training.

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WNY Teams Take Top Honors at Cleveland’s Ignite the Ice Tournament

ight teams from WNY traveled to Cleveland for the prestigious Ignite the Ice Tournament in September. The results were outstanding considering some of the top teams in the East/Mid-west took part in this tournament. Coming home with Championship trophies were the Hamburg Hawks,West Seneca Wings and the Buffalo Regals. Below are the accounts and photos of the games as submitted by proud coaches and parents of the teams and a recap of the scoring (from the Cleveland website).

Buffalo Regals 16U

in off the goalies backside, which started a run of five unanswered goals for the Regals. After that, Amber Dubill, shut down all hope the A2 girls had by posting her second shutout of the tournament in the Regals 5-0 title game victory. Considering this is the first tournament the Regals have played in at the 16U level since winning the 14U State Championships and winning the Silver medal in the Nationals last year in Dallas, Texas, there was no better way to start their season.

Buffalo Regals 12U A note from a fan: “The Regals 12U was a little mismatched for the weekend but played with pride.”


Multiple scorers were: Leeanne Wright #4, Sarah Jackson #12, Valerianne Jacobson #6, Victoria Botticello #21.

The Buffalo Regals 16U girls claimed their first ever Ignite the Ice championship last weekend by going undefeated throughout the season opening Cleveland tournament. Although they had balanced scoring throughout the round-robin, the Regals Haley Porterfield and Emma Ruggiero led the team in goals and when they needed it, they got big saves from Amber Dubill in wins vs. the North Pittsburgh Wildcats, North Hills Vipers and Tonawanda Lightning. In the semi’s as the number one seed, the Regals faced the North Hills Vipers again and won 3-1 in a tightly contested defensive game on goals by Megan Reukauf, Emily Burow and Tatum Walber. In the finals, they faced the A2 Angels from Raleigh/ Duram N.C., who were also undefeated coming into the championship game. It was scoreless for most of the first period until Jordan Roetzer made a great individual play by taking the puck hard to the net and bouncing a rebound

This is the goal with four seconds left that won it for the Ravens. NJPE 12U is a little short of players and lost a key one to a broken wrist. NU never trailed for long in any of the games at the tournament, but could not hold against the extra attacker in the final seconds.

West Seneca

West Seneca Wings went undefeated in the tournament.

NY Hockey OnLine a nice pass from Katelyn Koester but it wasn’t enough as North Hill beat Buffalo 4 – 2. Overall it was a pretty good performance by the team; good chemistry on the forward line and the defense played solid. Coach Dawn was very pleased West Seneca Wings Undefeated at Ignite the Ice Tournament. and pointed out the (Photo submitted by WSW) team’s potential; Coach Norm, also Buffalo Stars 16U Recap (Edited from the Buffalo Stars Website) pleased, said they got better every shift. Coach Scott added that the team is very smart and practices very With only 3 returning girls from hard. last year’s team, questions remained; In game 2 of the Ignite the Ice how would these girls mesh and who tournament in Cleveland the Stars would take charge? Although all the were firing on all cylinders. They questions weren’t answered in one were too much for the Tonawanda game, some good signs did come out Lightning in a 12-1 Victory. Forwards of a Friday tilt against the North Hill Renee Doherty had 5 goals and 1 asVipers. The Lady Stars started off sist, Alyssa Franklin had 3 goals and strong with most of the play in the 2 assists, Katelyn Koester had 1 goal Viper end, but the Viper goalie was and 2 assists, Megan Urbank had 1 equal to the challenge. The Vipers goal and 1 assist, and Shannon Munscored first off a nice 2 on 1 break, ley added 1 goal. Forward Mary Kate then increased the lead to 2 – 0. Stars Mullen chipped in with 2 assists. Also goalie Alessandra Santarosa was scoring for the Stars was defenseman pretty sharp in goal herself stopping a Madeline Kromer with1 goal and 1 asbreakaway and a few other good Viper sist. Jessica Urbank also had an assist scoring chances. The Stars scored the for the Stars from the blue line. Goalie first goal of the season on the power Mikaela Ditonto made 14 saves, earnplay with Alyssa Franklin ramming ing the win in goal. home her shot after getting a nice pass The third game in the tournafrom Defenseman Jessica Urbank, MK ment had the Buffalo Stars U16 Girls Mullen also earned an assist on the play the North Pittsburgh Wildcats. play. It was a really good power play The Stars started very slow, falling for the Stars and they really moved the behind 2 – 0. Stars goalie Alessandra puck well. The Vipers took advantage Santarosa kept the score at 2 while of a couple of Stars breakdowns and her teammates found their legs. They lead 4-1 after 2 periods. Mikaela came on strong but couldn’t beat the Ditonto replaced Santarosa in net and Wildcats goal tender. A late power stopped all 3 shots she faced. The play goal sealed the Stars fate in a 3 – Stars outshot the Vipers 7-3 in the 3rd 0 defeat. The Stars never gave up but and never gave up. Megan Urbank simply ran out of gas. Coach Dawn scored the second Stars goal getting was pleased with the effort but knows

Feature / Page 33 she needs to get some of the injured and absent girls back in the lineup. On Sunday morning, the young lady Stars played in the tournament consolation game. They once again played the Tonawanda Lightning, and overwhelmed their opponent in an 11-0 victory. Scoring for the Stars were Megan Urbank with 4 goals and 1 assist, Rene Doherty with 2 goals and 2 assists, Shannon Munley with 1 goal and 2 assists, Katelyn Koester with 1 goal and 1 assist, and Jessica Urbank with 1 goal. Madeline Kromer also added 1 goal. Mary Kate Mullen scored the second to last Stars goal, ending her short slump with her first of the season. Alyssa Franklin and Katelyn Koester each earned an assist on that goal. Mikaela Ditonto earned a shutout in net with the help of solid play from defensemen Madeline Stoklosa and Leanna Atkisson. The Stars return from Cleveland a more focused and determined team, and look forward to the start of their season.

Buffalo Stars 19U

(Edited from the Stars website)

Although just short of first place, the team had an excellent weekend. Only letting in 5 goals the whole weekend were Margaret Janiga, and Lauren Orynawka. They both had an outstanding weekend and really were the rock of the team! Our team went 4-1 the entire weekend, having our only lost in the championship. Two of the games were shutouts! All three forward lines were generating goals and really getting used to playing with each other. On the back side our 4 defenseman stood strong and helped contribute to the shutout. We’re looking forward to great year and certainly had a great start!

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The Golden Eagles begin their season at home against cross-town Nazareth on October 23rd. Conference play begins one week later at Buffalo State and Fredonia.

Shupe played in 30 games as a junior with eight points, two goals and six assists. The team’s active career scoring leader, Shupe has totaled 57 points, 22 goals and 35 assists in 99 career contests. Newcomers in forwards Ralph Cuddemi (Concord, Ontario) and Stephen Miller (Boxborough, Mass.), defenders Matthew Backhouse (Thompson, Manitoba) and Chris Rumble (Chesapeake, Va.) and goaltender Adam Harris (Penticton, British Columbia) join 22 returning student-athletes to form the 2012-13 squad. Cuddemi joins the Griffs after spending the 2011-12 campaign

Western New York Men’s College Hockey Report by Warren Kozireski


Penn State invades the Ice Arena October 19th for the season opener. It will mark the first road NCAA game in the Nittany Lions history as they play a mixed schedule transitioning the program to Division I status.


Seniors Torrey Lindsay and Preston Shupe will serve as captains for the 2012-13 campaign. During his junior campaign, Lindsay totaled eight points, six goals and two assists and has appeared in 103 career games with 33 points, 10 goals and 23 assists.

NY Hockey OnLine

with the Mississauga Chargers of the OJHL. The Concord, Ontario native led the team in scoring with 63 points, netting 27 goals to go along with 36 assists in 46 games. Recording more than 100 points in his two seasons in the OJHL, Cuddemi was named to the South Division All-Star Team that competed in the 2011 Central Canada Cup All-Star Challenge. A member of the New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs during the 2011-12 season, Miller helped the team win the EJHL Championship last year. He totaled 61 points on 22 goals and 39 assists and was named to the EJHL All-Star Team that competed in the 2011 Junior Club World Cup in Russia. Backhouse spent the 2011-12 season with the Humboldt Broncos of the SJHL. The defender totaled 31 points on three goals and 28 assists and helped lead the Broncos to the RBC Cup by winning the Canalta and Anavet Cups. Backhouse also competed in the RBC Cup during the 200910 campaign with the Dauphin Kings. Rumble played two seasons with the Wenatchee Wild of the NAHL. The defender totaled 40 points, 10 goals and 30 assists in 53 games with the Wild and was a two-time participant in the league’s all-star game. Harris was a member of the Selkirk Steelers of the MJHL during the 2011-12 campaign. Named the team’s MVP and a finalist for the MJHL Goaltender of the Year, Harris posted a 23-9-1 record to go along with a 2.75 goals against average and .923 save percentage.

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The Griffs begin their campaign at Alaska for the Kendall Hockey Classic and have a pair of road games at Western Michigan before opening their home and conference schedule against Air Force October 25th.


T.J. Manastersky, a Fredonia State assistant hockey coach the past three seasons, accepted the head coaching post at Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts. The Colonels are members of NCAA Division III and the ECAC Northeast Conference. The Blue Devils open at home against Division III team in waiting Canton on October 19th before traveling to Utica the next day.


The Knights begin with a home-and-home with new program Nazareth October 18th and 20th (home) before starting SUNYAC action at Fredonia on the 26th.


Defense of their first NJCCA national championship officially begins when the Tribunes travel to Utica to play Mohawk Valley CC October 30th. Their first conference home games come November 10-11 versus Hudson Valley CC.


The wait is almost over as the Golden Flyers embark on their inaugural season calling the SportsCentre at MCC home and as

a member of the ECAC West with Hobart, Elmira, Neumann, Utica and Manhattanville. Former Clarkson and Oswego head coach George Roll is in charge of the upstart program with former RIT goaltender Jared DeMichael the assistant coach. Irondequoit native and former Rochester American/Buffalo Sabres Rory Fitzpatrick will serve as a volunteer assistant coach. It all begins October 18th at home versus Geneseo.


Head coach David Burkholder reached an agreement on a contract extension through the 2016-17 season. Burkholder Is a two-time College Hockey Association (CHA) Coach of the Year and has coached the Purple Eagles to 191 total wins, two CHA Tournament Championships, two CHA regular-season titles and a pair of trips to the NCAA Tournament. Seven freshmen join the Purple Eagles in Dan Kolenda, Hugo Turcotte, Matt Dineen, TJ Sarcona, Matt Chiarantano, Mike Conderman and Nick Cecere. Sarcona hails from West Islip and arrives after playing with the Amarillo Bulls (NAHL) the past two years. Sarcona scored 23 goals and added 35 assists for 58 points in 56 games this past season. He collected four power play goals and added three more shorthanded. He was plus-36 and totaled 155 shots, helping the Bulls to the

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RIT opened it’s first season as a DI competitor on Friday, Sept. 28 against No. 10 ranked Mercyhurst. Along with playing their first game as a DI team, they also raised their 2011-12 Division III National Championship banner in front of a packed crowd at Ritter Arena. Unveiling the banner were Dr. Mary Beth Cooper, senior vice president of student affairs at RIT and 2012 Senior Ali Hills (Honeoye Falls). The ceremonial puck was dropped by RIT President Dr. Bill Destler, CHA Commissioner Bob DeGregorio, former RIT standouts Sarah Dagg, Kristine Pierce Brassie and RIT Captain Kim Schlattman. Unfortunately for the women, its DI debut was derailed by Mercyhurst as the visiting Lakers handed RIT a 6-2 loss in front of 1,055 fans. The following day, the Tigers lost to Mercyhurst in a shutout. Mercyhurst scored seven times over the final two periods to hand RIT a 7-0 loss. WNY’s Emily Janiga scored the hat-trick and added an assist for the Lakers, who outshot RIT 39-17. Buffalo’s Kelsey Welch also scored. Webster’s Kristina Moss had RIT’s best chance of the second period when she fired a hard slap shot past the Mercyhurst goaltender, but it went off the left post and out from the right face-off circle. RIT set Division III and school records last season with 28 wins. They are returning 19 players

tional Team). Casidhe is the younger sister of Kourtney, both will vie for playing time. In goal the Tigers are returning their top two goaltenders Laura Chamberlain and Ali Binnington. RIT’s October schedule sees them at Sacred Heart on October 5 and 6 and then returning to face Princeton on October 19 and Yale on October 20. The Tigers will go back on the road for games on October 25 and 26 at Penn State, in their first season.

Western New York Women’s College Hockey Report by Janet Schultz

including Webster (NY) native Kristina Moss. This is their first season as a DI team playing in the CHA against Lindenwood, Mercyhurst, Penn State, Robert Morris and Syracuse. The Tigers will play its first contest ever at Blue Cross Arena in downtown Rochester against Yale on October 20 as part of the Brick City Homecoming and Family Weekend. They then travel out of conference to play programs in North Dakota and Ohio State. “We have a really nice balance, playing in new places, against different teams in different leagues,” said Head Coach Scott McDonald, who is 135-22-10 behind the Tiger’s bench. The NCAA also waived the tournament rule making RIT eligible to play in the championship. Forward Kim Schlattman will serve as RIT’s captain, assisted by Tenecia Hiller and Ariane Yokoyama, both who served in those rolls last season. New this season to the RIT lineup are Forwards Carly Payerl (Kitchener/Waterloo K-W Rangers), Katie Huber Burlington, Ont/Burlington Barracudas) and Jess Paton Woodstock, Ont/Waterloo K-W Rangers). On defense Casidhe Kunichika (Fullerton, Ca/ LA Selects) and Kristine Klishko (Moscow, Russia/Russian Na-

University of Buffalo

Expectations are high for the University at Buffalo Lady Ice Bulls 2012-2013 season as Head Coach Jody Rosen and the Lady Ice Bulls go into their fifth season together. Its their fourth season in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA)( at the Division one level since rebuilding the program began back 2008. “It took five years to get to where we are today and I am really excited. We started with six players and a program about to fold playing a club schedule when I took the head coaching job five years ago to a competitive ACHA D1 program and I cant believe how far we have come.” The Lady Ice Bulls had a big turnover from their 2011-12 roster signing 10 new players. The Lady Ice Bulls have recruited players from all over including some local talent.

NY Hockey OnLine Their biggest signings of the off season were transfer students Shawna Clair from Oswego State and Bailey Danahy from NCAA division three Hamlin University in Minnesota. They also signed Chrissy Wolcott the captain of last years 19U West Seneca Wings and Maggie Ryan from Buffalo of the Wheatfield Blades. The incoming freshman class is also really strong. Leading the top of the freshman class is Kasey Seidlinger a Cornwall New York native coming from the 19U Troy Albany Ice Cats. Other strong signings where Katie Albright from Baldwinsville, NY of the 19U Lysander Lady Icers, Jennifer Wiedl from Erie, Colorado of the 19U Fort Collins Jr. Eagles, and Carrin Clifford from Clarence, NY and the 19U Buffalo Regals. The biggest challenge was going to be replacing starting goaltender AJ Sliwinski who graduated last May. But they think they have the answer in two goaltenders. Juniors Chelsea Peterson from Busti NY of the Jamestown Lady Lakers and also Melinda Reeb from North Tonawanda of the Wheatfield Blades will be the new puck stoppers between the pipes for the Lady Ice Bulls. The Lady Ice Bulls will return the core of its team with veteran captain defensmen Alison Edwards (Cornwall Typoons, ON.), and Katelyn Bothwell (Buffalo Bisons). Leading the team in scoring last year and returning is Fallon Waxman (Long Island Lady Islanders). The rest of the teams returning forwards are Katie Wrona (New England Jr. Falcons), Lauren Leeson (Adirondack North Stars), and Helena Ingram (Buffalo Regals). The defense is also returning Alexandria Colling (Hamilton Hawks ON.) Alayna DeMarchi (Camillus Cougars), and Brittany

West / Page 37 Fields (Buffalo Bisons). The UB coaching staff carries a lot experience and talent to help continue to build a quality program. Coach Rosen is assisted by offensive coach Melissa Jeckovich of Niagara Falls formally playing for the Buffalo State Bengals. Also assisting is Ronald Adimey. Ron is the defensive and goaltenders coach. Ron playing days included playing goaltender for the Niagara Scenics (Buffalo Jr Sabres) and college hockey for the West Point Military Academy followed up by a career in Germany playing for Viernheim and the Adler Mannheim. The team will continue in its division of East Coast Womens Hockey League (ECWHL) of the ACHA. They will face their usual ECWHL opponents hosting the University of Vermont, University of Massachusetts, and SUNY Canton. The team will travel to Northeastern University and the University of Rhode Island. Other ACHA opponents they will be hosting are Penn State, Slippery Rock University, and California University. They will also be facing the University of Colorado in the Catamount Challenge in Burlington Vermont. The ECWHL playoffs will be held in Rhode Island in February followed by the ACHA National Championships in Washington DC in March. In addition to their ACHA league games they will also be playing three scrimmage games against the Niagara University Purple Eagles Club team. “The Niagara games should be very challenging for us with the the Purple Eagles carrying many NCAA Division one players still on their roster from the dissolved D1 program, but we are looking forward to the challenge” said coach Rosen. The

full UB schedule can be found at WWW.UBWOMENSHOCKEY. COM

Buffalo State College

Buffalo State opens at home against the Niagara Falls Midget AA team in an exhibition game on October 22. Their regular season begins the following weekend at home against Stevenson on October 26 and 27. Game time is 4 p.m. ln Friday and Noon on Saturday.

West College News and Notes… …Julia DiTondo, Kenmore, will play for Mercyhurst College this season. She played for Nichols School and the Buffalo Bisons. Julia was a member of the Bison’s team that won the State Championship during the 2010-11 season and the Nichols’ team that won the CIS Championship in 2011-12, the NAPHA title in 2009-10 and 2011-12. She also played lacross at Nichols and was a U.S. Lacrosse Honorable Mention All-American in 2011. Julia is the daughter of Michael and Diane DiTondo. ...Kathy Donohue, Rochester, will also play for Mercyhurst. She played for the North American Hockey Academy, had 20 goals and 31 assists for 51 points during her junior year. She also played for the Rochester Edge U14 team where she scored 91 points during the 2008-09 season. She had seven goals and ten assists as a senior in 2011-12 and during her sophomore year took the Coaches Award. She was an invite to the

NY Hockey OnLine USA National Player Development Camp as a 14 and 15-year old. She is the daughter of Paul and Mary Donohue. …Webster’s Mikaela Thompson will debut on the St.Lawrence University team this season. She is an exceptional student-athlete and was selected to Team USA’s Development Camp for hockey. She is the daughter of Bob and Michele Thompson. …Anna Zorn, sister to Cornell’s Liz, will now follow in her sister’s ice tracks and join the Big Red this season. Anna, a native of Churchville, played for the Ontario Hockey Academy and Rochester Edge. She is a forward with great scoring skills and attended the USA U16 development camp in 2010 and 2011. Playing club hockey with the EDGE, Anna won state championships in 2006, 2009 and 2011, while also serving as captain her last year. She is the daughter of Chris and Kate Daly. …Rochester’s Jill Cardella will (Men’s West College Continued)

2011 NAHL South Division Title. From Greece, Conderman joins the Purple Eagles after spending last year with the University of Massachusetts-Lowell River Hawks. Prior he suited up for 57 games with the Muskegon Lumberjacks (USHL) where he scored 11 goals, 21 assists for 32 points. He tallied 31 goals and added 41 assists for 72 points in 31 games for Cushing Academy in Massachusetts. His efforts landed him on the All-New England Team as an East Team all-star. He still coholds the Greece Thunder single season scoring record of 24 points. The year kicks off October 6th against Bowling Green at Dwyer

West/ Page 38 serve as captain of the University of Boston women’s ice hockey team. Cardella was a stand-out in Rochester EDGE hockey and then went on to the North American Hockey Academy. She participated in multiple USA Hockey National Development Camps, served as assistant captain for the EDGE for four years and was a two-time silver medalist at the Empire State Games. As a freshman at Boston she appeared in all 38 games leading the conference freshmen with 15 assists and ranked second in both goals and points. In her sophomore year she again played in all 38 games coming up with six goals and eight assists. She recorded two threegame point-scoring streaks and posted two multi-point games in the NCAA quarterfinals against Mercyhurst. Last season Cardella collected 11 goals and 10 assists for 21 points in 38 games. She had at least one point in four of her last five games and an assist in the NCAA Tournament game against Cornell. She had a goal and an assist against Boston College in the Hockey East Semifinals. Jill

is the daughter of Ray and Janet Cardella.


Division. In 15 playoff games, he recorded 10 points on six goals and four assists, helping lead the River Kings to the Fred Page Cup Finals. The 5-10 Schuler played alongside current Tiger tri-captain Matt Garbowsky during the 2010-11 season. He finished his two seasons in the BCHL with 68 points on 28 goals and 40 assists. The season starts at Michigan October 11-12 before the annual Homecoming game at Rochester’s Blue Cross Arena against Penn State. Last season’s Brick City Homecoming game against St. Lawrence drew a sold out crowd of 10,556.


The team announced that senior defenseman Chris Saracino will captain the Tigers for the second straight season, while senior forward Adam Hartley and sophomore forward Matt Garbowsky will serve as assistant captains. Among eight recruits is forward Dan Schuler, RIT’s first Division I homegrown recruit from Penfield. He returns home after playing for the Powell River Kings of the British Columbia Hockey League last season finishing the year with 17 goals and 16 assists for 33 points and leading his team to a first place finish in the Coastal

…Kelsey Welch who played for Niagara University last season and two seasons at Syracuse Univesity will be playing for Mercyhurst this season. Kelsey, East Amherst, scored eight goals and nine assists for NU. Prior to her collegiate career, Kelsey played for Nichols School and the Buffalo Bisons. She was team captain and named MVP during her senior year at Nichols and was on the Bison’s when they brought home six state championships and went to nationals seven times. She is the daughter of Scott and Tricia. Her three sisters, Haley, Maddi and Abby, are all hockey players. …Emily Janiga, East Aurora, is another member of the Mercyhurst squad. Emily is a freshman from Nichols School and she played for the Burlington Barracuda. She led the Provincial Women’s Hockey League in scoring during last season with 27 goals and 21 assists. She is the daughter of Leonard and Mabel Janiga.

NY Hockey OnLine

USA Hockey News/ Page 39

USA Hockey News Women’s Team Selected;

Training in Tarrytown!


ockey USA has announced the roster for the U.S. Women’s National Team that will play in the 2012 Four Nations Cup on November 5 through 10 in Finland. From New York State is Josephine Pucci. Pucci has appeared on Team USA for several seasons and also plays for Harvard University. Her hometown is Pearl River. Twelve Olympians highlight the roster including Julie Chu, who not only played in three Olympic Winter Games, but also in 10 previous Four Nation Cups. Others include Kacey Bellamy, Lisa Chesson, Gigi Knight, Jocelyne Lamoureux, Monique Lamoureux, Kelli Stack, Kren Thatcher, Molly Schaus and Jessie Vetter.


From our travels to the sectional meetings there has been a several common threads. The first is ADM, American Developmental Model. For those of you who think it’s Cross Ice, that is only part of it. However, with regard to Cross Ice. This is for midget teams and is mandated already in the State of New York. The USA Hockey mandate for cross-ice for 8U will take affect in 2013-14. There are also changes coming in the developmental program for girls hockey. A State Player Development Camp will be held in Cicero but girls

Prior to the start of the Four Nations Cup, the team will participate in a training camp at the New York Rangers Madison Square Garden Training Facility in Tarrytown, The camp will include those players headed to the Four Nations Cup, as well as select skaters from the 2012 U18 USA Select Team. At the conclusion of the camp, the 11 NCAA players who complete the USA roster will meet the rest of the team in Finland. Team USA opens play against Sweden on November 6 at 4 p.m. (local time) at the Tikkurila Valtii Arena, Vantaa, Finland. Team USA is the defending Four Nations Cup champion.

must tryout in their zones first. The camp will be for the 14 to 17 year-olds; but will also include 12U and 13Us. They are trying to develop a high performance camp where the girls will dorm for a week. The idea of the local tryouts is to give every girl an opportunity to try for the camp. In other news a group from Rochester is bringing back the Empire State Summer Games. They are looking at the third week of July, 2013 and it will include boys and girls ice hockey. Pittsford native and two-time Olympic gold medalist Abby Wambach and New Jersey Devils winger and Greece native Stephen Gionta have been named honorary members of the Empire State Sports Foundation Board of Governors, the orga-

Men’s 2013 World’s


he IIHF has announced the schedule for the 2013 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. Team USA will open on May 4 against Austria. The 77th IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will go back to Stockholm, Sweden, and Helsinki, Finland as part of the two-year co-hosting agreement. This year, Stockholm will host both semi-final games as well as the medal games. USA will face Latvia on May 5, Russia on May 7, Finland on May 8, France on May 11, Germany on May 12 and wrap group play on May 14 against Slovakia.

nization that will oversee the 2013 Empire State Games in Rochester. Rochester Empire Sports Limited is hoping to secure a 10 year agreement for the games. NYS is also looking at Super Sites for youth hockey regional finals and this year the boy’s site is Buffalo. The PeeWee and Bantams play March 7 through 10 and the Midgets March 15-17. The girl’s tournaments are March 7 - 10. 12U, 14U Tier I at Midstate 16U, 19U Tier I at Buffalo 12U Tier II at Saranac Lake 14U Tier II at Clinton 16U Tier II at Potsdam 19U Tier II at Chazy Women’s are to be announced.

NY Hockey OnLine Ignite the Ice Scoring Recap

(From Cleveland website)

12U Tier I: Bisons beat Honeybaked 4-0 then it was Ohio 3, Bisons 1; Compuware 3, Bisons 1. In semifinals it was Bisons 3 over Compuware 1 and in the Finals the Bisons lost 3-1 to Pittsburgh. 12U Tier II: Buffalo Regals 0, North Pittsburgh Wildcats 0; Rochester Edge 4, Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles 4; Ravens 1, West Seneca 2; Niagara 5, North Pittsburgh 0; West Seneca 2, Rochester 0; Regals 1, Ravens 9; No. Pittsburgh 1, West Seneca 4; Rochester 9, Regals 2; Ravens 1, Niagara 1. In the Semi-finals it was West Seneca 8-0 over the Rochester Edge and Niagara lost to the Ravens 3-2. In the consolation match the Buffalo Regals lost to the No. Pittsburgh Wildcats 5-1. West Seneca brought home the championship with a 2-1 win over the Ravens. 14U Tier I: The Buffalo Regals beat the Ohio Flames 5-0; the Michigan Ice Breakers 6-0, Team Illinois 1-0 and in the semi-finals they took Team Illinois again 2-0. The Regals lost to Honeybaked 7-1 in the finals. 14U Tier II: Hamburg Hawks 6, Stoney Creek 1; West Seneca 4, Twisters 1; Scarborough Sharks 5, Niagara 0; Niagara 3, Stoney Creek 0; Hawks 5, Twisters 1; West Seneca 4, Sharks 0; Twisters 5, Hawks 1; Sharks 0, Hawks 10; Stoney Creek 1, West Seneca 4. In the A Semi-finals it was the Hawks 7-0 over the Sharks and West Seneca 2-0 over the Twisters. The Hamburg Hawks took West Seneca 2-1 in the finals. Niagara lost to Stoney Creek 2-1 in the consolation round. 16U Tier I: The Buffalo Bisons made it to the finals where they lost 5-1 to the Chicago Fury. On the way they beat the Ohio Flames 3-0; Belle Tire 4-2,

WNY News / Page 40 Team Illinois 6-0 and in the semi-finals beat Compuware 3-2. 16U Tier II: Buffalo Regals 6, North Pittsburgh Wildcats 0; Buffalo Stars 2, North Hills Vipers 4; North Hills Vipers 1, Regals 5; Lightning 1, Stars 12; Regals 11, Lightning 0; Stars 0, North Pittsburgh 3. In the semi-finals it was the Buffalo Regals 3 over the Buffalo Stars 1 and in the Finals the Regals beat the A2 Angels 5-0. 19U Tier II: Buffalo 1, Burlington 0; West Seneca 3, Michigan 2; Buffalo 5, Blue Jackets 0; Quakers 1, West Seneca 3; Buffalo 3, Falcons 2; West Seneca 3, Steel City 2. A Semi-finals: Buffalo 3, Stoney Creek 0; West Seneca 1, Durham 4. Finals: Buffalo lost to Durham 4-1.

General News…

…What happened to those Niagara University Purple Eagles D1 Hockey Players? Three have moved on to Mercyhurst—Kaleigh Chippy, Kelsey Welch and Jenna Hendrikx. Chelsea Witwick is at Minnesota. Kelsey Gunn and Kristen Richards went to Robert Morris.

Alumni Plaza Taking Shape The courtyard area at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo is taking shape as the pedestal for the French Connection statue has been installed and the pillars are covered in brick that will now be home to plaques honoring all the Buffalo Sabres players and giving fans a place to post their name or tribute. Sabres Alumni Gilbert Perrault and Rene Robert, along with Fan Michael Casullo placed their plaques on the wall recently. The statue will be installed early this month and a dedication ceremony is being scheduled.

Area now to be known as Alumni Plaza at First Niagara Center, Buffalo. (Photos by Janet Schultz)

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Match the Player with a Team They Played for: Wayne Gretsky

Philadelphia Flyers

Gordie Howe

NewJersey Devils

Patrick Kaleta

Edmonton Oilers

Willie O’Ree Cammie Granto

Hockey Dot to Dot

Boston Bruins Detroit Red Wings

Bobby Orr

Boston Bruins

Martin Brodeur

Buffalo Sabres

Bernie Parent

Team USA

Jim Craig

Team USA

(Answers on line November 1)

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