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Expert work force and state-of-the-art facilities

GMC Maritime operates one of Northern Europe’s largest dock facilities, centrally located at Buøy in Stavanger. The plant has two dry docks, a 230 ton crane capacity, steel and mechanical workshops. GMC also has similar workshops and quay facilities at Kalhammaren for ad hoc repairs and maintenance. Additionally, GMC operates a workshop at Mekjarvik, with access to Northern Europe’s best deepwater harbour.

GMC Maritime is the ship repair yard and the largest company in the GMC Group. Our services include everything from small ad hoc repairs to multi-discipline maintenance, class renewal and modification of vessels.

We always put health, safety and security first

The GMC Group conducts all operations in a well-governed, organised and secure way. Our objective is to protect our employees’ lives and health, our surroundings and workplace environment. Thus, we also prevent loss and damage to material goods. Our overall HSE&Q policy is implemented throughout the family of GMC companies. Our leadership responsibility is to put safety first within projects, assignments, single tasks and practical work. HSE&Q is carried out as a responsibility in the organisational line. We integrate HSE&Q in planning, organising, performing, and control and maintenance at all levels. In addition, we

use simple techniques to involve every single colleague in taking preemptive measures related to his or her work situation. GMC will further develop knowledge, competence and constructive attitudes with every employee. We believe this stimulates our staff to improve safety in a better work environment. We strive to discover and select products and processes with a minimum of negative implications, whether to the surrounding environment or to human health and security. Our energy consumption and production of waste reflects this sustainable approach.

Our main competitive advantage is the ability to mobilise a multidisciplinary, expert work force on short notice when a situation occurs on one of our customers’ vessels, or when the work scope changes for planned activities.


GMC Maritime operates multi-discipline facilities in connection with our locations in Stavanger. Two dry docks and extensive quays on Buøy, along with advanced ship-service facilities in Kalhammaren, allow us to handle multiple projects at the same time. In addition, our Mekjarvik base is located in the seaward approach to Stavanger, featuring ultra-deep quays capable of mooring any vessel. Steel and mechanical engineering, machining, HVAC and electrical services are carried out in specialised workshops within the GMC Group. We also access customer vessels with mobile equipment. This allows maintenance, repairs, smaller modifications and certifications during transport out of Stavanger or anywhere in the world.

Multi-discipline services

GMC Maritime performs class renewal, repairs and renovations to all types of vessels. Together with our sister companies in the GMC Group and other subcontractors, we have a multi-disciplinary range of services that covers all needs within our customer’s business areas. GMC Maritime always provides one contractor and one project manager for all assignments. This ensures effective and transparent communication between the customer and us.


GMC Maritime delivers a complete range of services within our business areas. We take full responsibility for the ship and crew during the entire process. Together with our sister companies and a wide network of competent local contractors, we ensure access to a large quantity of personnel and material resources on short notice. This ensures that delivery deadlines are met and projects are completed on time. The result is predictability and cost control for the customer.

Successful modification of seismic vessel Polar Duke



GMC Maritime has completed Polar Duke from the shipyard in Spain, and rebuilt the vessel with “wide tow” winches. The job to complete the seismic ship Polar Duke from the shipyard in Vigo, Spain, went to GMC Maritime. The ship was docked at GMC facilities in Buøy, Stavanger, in early 2011. Project manager Kjell Olsen of GMC Maritime travelled to the shipyard in Spain prior to bidding on the job. The main tasks were to complete the ship and modify the vessel with a “wide tow.” This

means outfitting the vessel with more winches and the capability to tow a wider fan of streamers. “We had been able to give a very detailed description of the project before we took on the job,” Olsen says.

Increased contract size

After the contract was signed, and Polar Duke was docked in Stavanger, the ship-owner GC Rieber Shipping requested extra work. This meant a significant increase in work hours, a challenge GMC Maritime handles on-site.

new davit cranes from Vestdavit. GMC mounted the workboat and an FRC (Fast Rescue Craft). “GMC has mobilised professionals within steel and piping, and electrical and mechanical work, in connection with the testing and approval of our solutions,” Olsen says.

“We had several jobs that GMC Elektro solved, in addition to piping, steel, coating and mechanical work, and fitting up the bridge with new furniture,” Olsen says.

GMC Shipping handled the supply-chain management while the Polar Duke was at quay, while GMC Brannvern approved the on-board welding gas tanks.

Cranes and raft arrangement

The rebuilding of Polar Duke into a “wide tow” vessel meant displacing existing winches and installing new ones. Additionally, the ship needed a new raft arrangement installed, with

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GMC Maritime brosjyre  

GMC Maritime brosjyre

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