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The GMC Group consists of seven companies that provide services to the ship, rig and offshore markets. The multi-discipline profile has been a deliberate strategy from the very beginning — as a consequence of GMC’s dedication to the customer.


Ad hoc repairs On standby when accidents occur

“Ships run aground, collide with installations, or machinery failure occurs. GMC specialises in finding solutions for any given situation, and knows that time is critical. GMC is on standby when accidents occur.�


The supply ship Rem Fortune was in acute need of assistance as the ship drifted away from her GPS location and bumped into an Ekofisk platform leg. “We identified extensive damages to the roof of the bridge and aft in the hull,” says operations manager Terje Jekteberg at the service department of GMC Maritime. “Our task was to remove all defective equipment and antennas, and then prefabricate and assemble new mast and steel foundations. The assignment called for sophisticated electronics, so we worked together with GMC Elektro to solve this case,” Jekteberg says. The second part of the job was to replace the steel related to the damage in the aft hull. The ship had collided into the platform leg with the stern, and two ballast tanks were

Ekofisk. Courtesy of ConocoPhillips

Bridge and hull repairs after platform collision

punctured. GMC repaired the damages and brought in DNV for approval. “The Rem Fortune job is a typical ad hoc assignment which we are specialised in solving efficiently and with high quality,” says operations manager Jekteberg. GMC Maritime and GMC Elektro finished the job in less than five days, including delivery of aerial equipment that Rem Offshore special-ordered.


Planned maintenance Top quality on time

“Scheduled maintenance is the key client work focus of the GMC Group. Broad expertise, on-time delivery, and price make GMC a preferred partner for ship and rig companies with demanding requirements.�


From Angola to Stavanger for maintenance “Our experience is that GMC has done a very good job”, says Kjetil Bostad, inspector for ship owner Bourbon Offshore in western Norway. “We performed overhaul of the engine, turbo chargers, main propellers, thrusters, azimuth, and cranes. In addition, we performed work on the steel, winches, stern roller and internal cleaning of the tanks,” says project manager Tom Eiane of GMC Maritime. GMC has the ideal location for the North Sea Basin, but the maintenance on the Bourbon Crown shows that clients are willing to travel outside their planned routes to

use GMC. Good flight connections to Stavanger Airport and the short journey from the airport, are also attractive to customers. Yet the ability to deliver high quality in a short time is the crucial competitive advantage of GMC. “We are able to provide predictability in terms of both costs and time issues without sacrificing quality,” Eiane says.


Fire safety Rapid mobilisation and fixed service

Christmas preparations in Saudi Arabia During a Siem Carrier mission on a well in the Persian Gulf, a CO2 extinguishing system alarm went off, and the ship’s fire extinguishing systems were inoperative. On the morning of December 18th GMC Brannvern got a phone call from Siem Offshore. The company decided to send the experienced inspector Frode Breines on a long journey just before Christmas. “To enter the port area, I had to hide my mobile phone and my camera, which were forbidden on-site,” says Breines. Along the quay side, a number of Saudi port policemen marched with machine guns making sure that

no one went ashore. After several hours of inspecting the onboard CO2 cylinders, Breines found the faulty parts. “The valves in five of the cylinders were fired, resulting in a drop in pressure,” he says. ”I asked the ship inspector to send the bottles ashore, where they could install new valves and refill them,” Breines says. The most important work was thus carried out, and the inspector from GMC Brannvern could go ashore, smuggle his mobile phone and camera back to the airport, and return home to celebrate Christmas.


“GMC specialises in fire equipment, fire-fighting systems, breathing equipment and welding gas equipment — on ships and rigs as well as on land.”


Class renewals and certifications Taking full responsibility

“GMC handles ship and rig classifications and certification of products and systems according to customers’ requirements and expectations — in effective dialogue with the authorities.”


© DNV/Per Sverre Wold-Hansen

Delivered “impossible” DP3 upgrade The rebuilding of diving vessel Acergy Osprey from DP2 to DP3 was basically impossible without a separate switchboard. GMC Elektro, however, found a solution that DNV fully approved. When regulatory change required that dynamic positioning (DP) for the diving vessel be upgraded a few years ago, the ship owner faced a huge challenge with Acergy Osprey. This diving ship, which was in full operation for customers in the North Sea, was certified as DP2. It only had a single room for instrument boards, while an upgrade to DP3 required two separate rooms.

The assignment was given to GMC Elektro, and 20 professionals were sent to start working on Acergy Osprey. The successful upgrade from DP2 to DP3 made the ship owner able to provide further diving assignments with Acergy Osprey. GMC Elektro was later hired to refit the diving systems and to reterminate the ship’s umbilical — the lifeline between the boat and its diving bell.


“Reconstruction of rigs, offshore installations and vessels require strong communication and expertise. GMC has extensive experience and broad expertise on modification projects�


Modifications Improving safety, earnings and efficiency

Successful modification of seismic vessel Polar Duke The rebuilding of Polar Duke into “wide tow” meant removing existing winches and installing new ones. Additionally, the ship needed installation of a new raft arrangement with new davit cranes from Vestdavit. GMC installed the workboat and an FRC (Fast Rescue Craft). After Polar Duke was docked in Stavanger, the ship owner GC Rieber Shipping requested extra work on the ship. This meant a significant increase in work hours, a challenge GMC Maritime handled on-site. “We had several jobs that GMC Elektro solved, in addition

to piping, steel, coating and mechanical work, and fitting the bridge with new furniture,” says project manager Kjell Olsen in GMC Maritime. “GMC has mobilised professionals within steel and piping, and electrical and mechanical work, in connection with testing and approval of our solutions,” Olsen says. GMC Shipping handled supply-chain management while the ship was at bay, and GMC Brannvern approved the onboard welding gas tanks.


Shipping and port services Ship agency Supply-chain management Base operations Tight personal follow-ups, networking and robust work routines are factors which ensure that GMC’s ship agency services meet your expectations. Experience and routines, flexibility and contact network make GMC Shipping a preferred partner within supplychain management.



Personal follow-up of all clients and ideal facilities have secured GMC Shipping a leading position in base operations around the North Sea Basin.


Excellent service for Safe Caledonia The docking of the accommodation rig Safe Caledonia was a jigsaw puzzle of logistics, contractors and technical challenges. After many years of continuous operation Safe Caledonia was in need of a full range of ship agency services in addition to modifications. The work included everything from installing a lift from the dock, rebuilding cabins, installation of new “escape-to-sea” ladders, a new loading station with pipeline, inspection, and the servicing of fire protection equipment and fire extinguishers. The various needs meant extensive deliveries from GMC Shipping, GMC Maritime and GMC Brannvern. “GMC organised 12-hour shifts and weekend work to complete the assignment within a short time span,” Kjell Kristian Kjellesvik at GMC Brannvern says. The assignment started with booking, anchoring and mooring under difficult weather conditions. Then GMC organised refueling, water supplies, doctor and dentist

services, Internet, electricity and crew transportation. GMC provided trucks and cranes and acted as mediator between platform management and subcontractors. “The service worked perfectly, and I have no complaints whatsoever. I get the same feedback from the rest of the crew,” says Captain Christer Engström of the accommodation rig. He adds that docking always involves many small and big questions. “GMC always answers our calls. They have been able to take care of the complete docking situation, while the assignment appears to be completed before deadline,” says Engström.

Broad array of services to Saipem 7000 GMC Shipping handles all supplies to the world’s second largest crane vessel - which has a lifting capacity of 14,000 tons. The 200-metre long crane vessel Saipem 7000 operates globally on the world’s largest offshore construction projects. GMC Shipping handles the supply-chain management when the vessel is moored in Northern Europe. “We provide everything from commissioning the pilot and helicopter, delivering security personnel, coordinating transport between the ship and the airport, to ordering services and supplies for the vessel,” says shipping manager for GMC Shipping, Gry Ulsnes. Crew management An important job when vessels are moored is to secure good travelling and accommodation services in connection with crew changes. GMC has extensive experience with personnel security. When Saipem 7000 is moored at Mekjarvik, qualified security personnel board the ship and perform necessary control of luggage and crew. Then GMC coordinates transport to and from Stavanger city centre, between the airport and the Mekjarvik base, in addition to other personnel transport. “We handle everything from a walkway between the

vessel and the quay, to scheduled taxi-boat services to and from the city centre,” Ulsnes says. GMC Shipping handles all formal immigration requirements related to foreign personnel. The agent issues letters of invitation to people who need a visa, so they can come ashore with insurance and responsibilities taken care of, according to Ulsnes. Knowing the market The volume and number of systems on-board Saipem 7000 requires a broad range of services and supplies. GMC Shipping has extensive knowledge and experience with the supply market in Norway, and is always available to answer questions and provide help for the onboard management. “If there’s a sudden request for 400 television sets, a new kitchen, office furniture, compass calibration, or some white sail canvas, we know where to go,” Ulsnes says.


GMC Maritime A flexible professional environment and state-of-the-art facilities make GMC Maritime one of the most competitive workshops for repairs and classification of ships.

GMC HVAC Market leading provider of heating, ventilation and air conditioning to the offshore market, GMC HVAC provides solutions and components for new and existing rigs, modules and other installations.

GMC Elektro Rapid mobilisation — high deliverability. GMC Elektro is a worldclass provider of ship electronics. Our strength is the ability for rapid mobilisation within service, modification and classification of ships and rigs.

GMC Brannvern GMC Brannvern is a complete provider of fire protection equipment, fire-fighting systems, breathing equipment and welding gas equipment.

GMC Diesel GMC Diesel has built its reputation on flexibility - the ability to be there for the customers and to find a solution regardless of time and place. We have high technical expertise that we use for engineering tasks and maintenance training for customers.

GMC Shipping GMC Shipping is present for the customer 24 hours a day — all year round. Our advantage is an ideal location and experienced project managers who listen to the customer.

GMC Rig Services GMC Rig Services is handling accommodation rigs, drilling rigs and other vessels. The services comprise class renewals, maintenance, ad hoc repairs and modifications.




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GMC Gruppebrosjyre  

Group Brochure for the GMC-group of Stavanger

GMC Gruppebrosjyre  

Group Brochure for the GMC-group of Stavanger