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Introduction The international business world has recently experienced a strong disruption that has helped shape a new business paradigm: one in which responsible leadership and personal integrity are as highly valued as experience and expertise. At Nyenrode, we know that the right knowledge and insight can make you a good manager, but we also believe that a genuine focus on personal development helps turn good managers into great leaders.

Prof.dr. Désirée van Gorp – Co-Program Director & Professor of International Business

The Student Experience We’re in the right place “Created by business for business, Nyenrode is exactly the type of university you’d expect to find in a country that had the world’s first stock exchange, first central bank, and first multinational. Our campus is situated on a 13th-century castle estate located just 20 minutes from Amsterdam, one of Europe’s key social, cultural, and financial hubs.“ Prof. dr. Haico Ebbers Co-Program Director & Professor of International Economics

Our International MBA classes are made up of highly motivated, ambitious team players with strong entrepreneurial intuition and drive. Bringing together a world of experience from a wide variety of academic, geographic and professional backgrounds, you will be stimulated and challenged by a cross-cultural, multitalented selection of dedicated individuals with one common goal: to be the business leaders of tomorrow. The international aspects of your experience start with your international classmates and continue from there. The international modules, case studies, instructors, and specialization opportunities all contribute to the international flavor of the Nyenrode MBA experience. This international awareness is critical for survival in the global economy. Markets are global and so is the increasing demand for internationally oriented management talent.

Small class size At Nyenrode, you are not just a number. Keeping classes at an intimate size of between 25 to 45 students means that you’ll get a great deal of personal attention from our faculty and staff, with informal feedback easily arranged at short notice. The small class size and on-campus living arrangements also encourage a spirit of camaraderie with your fellow students. Limiting class sizes naturally ensures that group projects, field trips, and extracurricular activities are more engaging for everyone.

Company interaction We believe that you can’t learn about business without learning about companies, and the best way to learn about companies is to interact with them. Throughout the course of the program, you will be exposed to many different types of companies across many different types of industries, in the form of company visits, guest lectures from executives, and specific case studies designed to put your knowledge to the test.

Campus life

Class Profile

Living together in the on-campus student village also makes it easier to develop those meaningful, lasting friendships that meld into professional partnerships long after you leave Nyenrode.

Average age: 29 Average years of experience: 6 Percentage international students: 85 Percentage of male/female students: 70/30 Percentage from business academic background: 40

In addition to the campus facilities themselves, students enjoy the benefits of a very active Student Association. Known as the NCV (Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre), this association is a self-governing body responsible for all extracurricular activities on campus. In this way, the students organize activities themselves. There are currently over thirty-five active committees, ranging from various sports and leisure activities to more professionally minded activities such as investing, debating, and networking. In addition, students run their own campus bars and small supermarket.

Aggregated employment statistics Percentage of students accepting their first offer: Before graduation 35% Upon graduation 30% Within three months after graduation 30% More than three months after graduation 5%

Our students think for themselves “Most Japanese students go to US business schools, but what others do doesn’t interest me. I visited Nyenrode and I was very impressed with its beautiful campus and small classes. And because most students live on campus and much of the work is done in a group context, it has been easier to gain international experience and understand cultural differences too.� Hirokazu Nagai (Japanese, MBA 2005) CFO, Allied Architects, Inc.

The Academic Experience We have entrepreneurial spirit

Core program The MBA curriculum

“The spirit of enterprise is reflected in everything we do. All of our programs are designed with entrepreneurship in mind, and our students graduate as quickthinking, innovative, and responsible entrepreneurially minded professionals who are prepared to successfully develop and lead their own commercial environments.” Prof. dr. Roberto Flören Professor of Entrepreneurship

Whether or not you have a business-related bachelor degree, the rigorous, intensive International MBA program covers a wide range of functional areas to equip you with the necessary theory, and then asks you to apply your knowledge to the reality of the commercial world. Whatever your background, our curriculum has been designed to inform and to inspire. We carefully design the content of each module to ensure that the specific knowledge derived from each course can be successfully applied in subsequent blocks and, over the course of the program, comprehensively addresses each key element in today’s international marketplace.

offer an optional one-week “warm up” module prior to the program that includes a math refresher with statistics. We believe that the value of this optional program is that it enables students to master the tools early, so that during the program they can focus more on applying than acquiring knowledge.

The “wrap-up”

The “warm-up”

The International MBA program concludes with a special project designed to put your analytical, practical, and personal competencies to the test. More than “just” a project, this is the ultimate opportunity for you to refine the skills you’ve learned throughout the program. Regardless of the form of “wrap-up” you will choose, you will work on your project under the guidance of a faculty supervisor.

As the program we’ve designed is quite demanding, many of our students are interested in sharpening their skills before they begin. To support them in doing so, we

Due to the changing nature of the business world and our commitment to delivering a highly relevant program, please note that changes to the curriculum and other program elements may be made without prior notice.

The Program

“warm-up” (optional)

core classes

Choose a focus In 1946, Nyenrode was founded based on a spirit of entrepreneurship. Over 60 years later we continue to value our freedom to teach and inspire students in the spirit of our founders: a strong work ethic combined with integrity and entrepreneurial spirit are a solid base from which to contribute to and lead businesses that are both sustainable and profitable.

worlds related to institutional and international finance and banking.

It is no coincidence that these same themes of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Finance, and Marketing come up time and again when studying successful international business cases. In response, we have woven these concepts throughout the program, and students who take a particular interest in one of the areas may opt to further explore the topic by choosing to follow one of our extended focused courses (*Each focused course requires minimum of 15 students):


Finance and Banking The Finance and Banking course strikes a careful balance between the hard and soft

international study trips

focused courses

International Marketing The International Marketing course provides further insight intomarketing across different cultures, and strategies for determining an appropriatemarketing mix for global customers.

The Entrepreneurship course builds understanding on the specific needs of entrepreneurs and innovative intrapreneurs, from opportunity identification to “startup” and business plan implementation, in the context of both regular- and family businesses.

International Leadership The International Leadership course captures and builds upon the link between the creative and strategic elements inherent to successful leadership in internationally oriented organizations.


Core topics that are typically covered within the program include, but are not limited to, the following:

Foundation topics • Accounting for Managers • Foundations of Finance • Managerial Economics • Corporate Finance • Business Process Management • New Product Development • Marketing Strategy • e-Business

Integrated topics • Entrepreneurship • Business Ethics and Sustainability • Microeconomics of Competitiveness • Management Accounting & Control • Global Outsourcing & Offshoring • Business Policy Clinic • Mergers & Acquisitions

At Nyenrode you can fully concentrate on your learning “Here at Nyenrode we’ve created an environment where you can fully concentrate on your learning. As well as living on our beautiful campus, you will be provided with all the assistance and support you need to make you MBA experience one you remember for the rest of your life.” Ewan Townhead IMBA Program Manager

Flexibility Beyond Academics Integrated personal leadership program We believe that by enhancing your personal and leadership skills, we can contribute to your success. The degree of personal and leadership development largely depends not only on a person’s capabilities, but also on their needs and goals. Through a series of classes, lectures, and workshops, we will help you identify your needs and define your goals, thereby preparing you with the tools you need to realize your development potential. With this foundation, we will then lead you through a leadership development program starting with leading people and teams, through to leading international organizations and even broader networks.

By the end of the program, you will understand how your own characteristics, as well as those of individuals, groups, work situations and the organization itself affect the way you and other members (inter)act and how this interaction affects the organization’s performance as a whole. Topics covered throughout the program include: • • • •

Personal Career Development Leadership Development Organizational Dynamics Management Communication

Our students turn inspiration into action

Coaches During the program, of course you need time to study – but you also need time to look beyond the academics by exploring how your new knowledge and skills can enhance your career plans. We know you can’t always do this alone, and so each student will have three coaches that will help them throughout the course of the program in very different ways:

Academic Coach Your Academic Coach will guide your progress in the academic components of the program. As a member of our faculty, your coach can provide insight as you prepare to apply the fundamentals to real-life business situations.

Personal Coach Your Personal Coach will help you explore how you can integrate elements of personal development into your own life. As an alumnus/a, your coach understands what you’re going through and can help you frame what you’re looking for next.

Career Coach Your Career Coach will provide you with valuable advice and support throughout your career planning process. Your coach will guide you in putting your personal development skills to practical use, and helping to prepare you for the next stage in your career.

“At Nyenrode, I received a truly global education. The entrepreneurship class ignited my desire to start my own software business and I’ve been able to leverage the knowledge and skills I picked up throughout the program to run my company at Aidmas.” Dr. Ken Wong (Chinese / Canadian, MBA 1998) President & CEO, Aidmas Corporation

Global experience We take learning to the next level “In every MBA program, students learn the basics in a classroom setting. We go beyond the basics. To be successful internationally, students need to understand how international markets shape and direct business operations across borders, and the best way to gain this insight is to ask the companies themselves. We provide our students with the opportunity to do just that.” Prof. dr. Kalun Tsé Professor of Corporate Finance

Europe | Americas | Asia Experiential Learning We believe that an international experience is critical when studying international business. Three different types of study modules will take place abroad as part of the program – yet another way of increasing your global experience. Through a combination of faculty-supervised course and field work, you will experience for yourself how different businesses can operate from three current and different economic markets. The content of the modules is influenced by what is happening in the global business world and the details will be announced on the website once they are ready for publication. Trust us: these will be the most valuable business trips you’ve taken!

During the European module you will gain a deeper understanding of the European market and its policies. The module in Americas will present you with the latest development in globalization and the change to the balance of power between nations and their markets. For the Asian module you can choose either ‘Doing business in India’ or ‘Doing business in China’. Both modules are designed to help better understand how business is done in other countries and cultures through a wide variety of lectures by key faculty from partner universities and guest speakers from the industry, as well as company visits, workshops, and team work during consultancy projects.

Our students gain global perspective

The study focus during these international modules is on the intercept of international business, leadership, and the drivers behind the worldwide standards for sustainable organizations: topics relevant to every business function. All modules are knowledge and experience driven. You will interact with our alumni and be exposed to industry.

Focused Adventures Fridays are special days in the International MBA program – not only because they signal the advent of another weekend, but also because most Fridays are reserved for those extra international elements that add real experience and relevance to many of the concepts covered in class.

A few of the elements that are built into the Friday program include: • • • • • • • • • •

Meet the CEO sessions Executive seminar series In-company visits Career coaching Networking events Cross-cultural experiences Presentation workshops Debating techniques Project management systems Consultancy exposure

Throughout the program there will also be ample opportunity for the class to choose additional elements that fit with the students’ own learning needs and objectives.

“The MBA gave me critical business tools, laid the foundation for my growth in corporate leadership, and provided me with a global perspective that has been immeasurable in my career.” Khwezi Tiya (South African, MBA 1999) Executive Manager of Business Development, Coega Development Corp.

Alumni excellence More than just past students, Nyenrode’s alumni are Nyenrodeans for life and are considered to be valuable members of the extended Nyenrode family. They are widely respected for their proactive, globally minded approaches to challenges in their daily lives – at work and at home – and are living and working in over 50 countries around the world.

I was an entrepreneur long before I decided to undertake an MBA, so I was looking to acquire a real depth of business knowledge, not just a fancy degree. Nyenrode’s MBA was definitely the right program for me given its strong entrepreneurial focus as well as its intensity, which built up my business stamina and strategic direction. As a result, I was able to boost my career by stepping into the global business arena. Carlos Porres (Guatemalan, MBA 2008) - Online Marketing Director, Quintiq Worldwide

My Nyenrode MBA has provided me with the skills and knowledge to take a dream of entrepreneurship and turn it into reality. The Nyenrode Business Accelerator is an ideal place to create a solid foundation to grow my company. With direct access to Nyenrode’s vast resources of professors, students, students, library, fellow entrepreneurs and training seminars, being situated in the Nyenrode Business Accelerator creates an enormous competitive advantage for my company. David Woolfrey (Canadian, MBA 2008) - Owner David Woolfrey Enterprise, CEO Johnny Wolfe

Twenty-five years of teaching IMBA students at Nyenrode has left me with a feeling of immense pride. They are a joy in class, stimulating their fellow students and their teachers, and then fly to all corners of the world after graduation with a license to operate. I have continued to follow many alumni over the years, as some became brilliant academics, others entered the corporate arena, and many have emerged as entrepreneurs. I even joined the boards of some of their companies, and there and elsewhere I have been pleased to witness their overall spirit of enterprise. Fred Lachotzki, MBA - Professor of


Joining the International MBA program with a background that was already highly international, I was amazed by how much more there was to learn. My international classmates and the international focus of the program provided me with an opportunity to refine how I see the world, and it is these new perspectives that enable me to succeed as an independent consultant, helping global companies realize their strategic goals.

Sometimes it was about the soft skills required to deal with people, negotiations and leading teams; sometimes it was about the hard skills necessary for analyzing and rationalizing complex problems and assessing their implications. In both cases, I know that I would not be able to do what I do in the way that I do it, without the year I spent at Nyenrode. Mario Vesco (Italian, MBA 2006) - Technical Consultant, Sergem Engineering BV

Gijs van den Broek (Dutch, MBA 2007) - Independent Strategic Management Consultant

I had four objectives in choosing my MBA: to sharpen my knowledge of business and finance, to understand how to work with and manage multicultural and diverse teams, to develop my network and to broaden my career options. While all these objectives were fulfilled, I benefitted most from Nyenrode’s entrepreneurial spirit, which taught me how to create and find opportunities for myself rather than wait for them to appear. Amit Shiwani (Indian, MBA 2008) – Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers M&A, The Netherlands

I am confident that the year I spent at Nyenrode will turn out to be one of the most memorable years in my life, not only because it prepared me for the next stage in my career, but also because of the inspiring combination of an intensive yet enjoyable program, a beautiful campus and neighborhood, interesting international classmates, and helpful faculty and program management office. Quynh Giang (Vietnamese, MBA 2009)

- Senior Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers Vietnam

My MBA experience has helped me to understand my professional strengths and capabilities. This awareness enabled me to navigate the wide variety of career opportunities I faced after graduation and raised my bargaining power in the marketplace. Hisma Pratanti (Indonesian, MBA 2007) - Product Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Indonesia

Fees and Expenses We want a return on your investment “At Nyenrode, we know that when you commit to starting an MBA program, you are committing to your future. We take your decision to invest in yourself very seriously and help prepare you to realize a significant return on your investment, both personally and professionally.” Dr. Dennis Vink Associate Professor of Risk Management

The investment you make in the International MBA program at Nyenrode is an investment in your future. The returns on such an investment in terms of broader career opportunities, greater job satisfaction, and higher financial rewards have been demonstrated by the success of our alumni time and again.

€ 32,500 € 29,500 ± € 1,250

Living expenses (all monthly) **

Other study-related expenses Estimated costs for books Visa for The Netherlands (if applicable) Estimated cost for International study trips

Non-tuition costs Nearly all of the International MBA students opt to live on campus for the duration of the program. Although costs can vary according to your expectations and lifestyle, recent graduates say that a good guide for rent and living expenses is around € 1,000 per month for a single student.

Tuition International MBA program Early Application tuition fee (before 1 May)* Readers and case material

Tuition waivers are awarded based on academic merit. For up-to-date information, please consult our website at

± € 1,000 ± € 450 ± € 2,000

Nyenrode has a generous funding program consisting of partial and full tuition waivers for International MBA students.

Large-sized room w/kitchenette Medium-sized room w/kitchenette Single-sized room w/no kitchenette Partner accommodation Estimated living expenses (excl. housing) Estimated health insurance expenses

€ 545 € 518 € 368 € 56 € 500 € 50

* Complete application must be received before 1 May to be eligible ** On-campus housing prices are subject to a yearly increase on July 1st

How do I apply? Nyenrode takes the application process seriously, as we expect a lot from our MBA students. We’re going to be looking for evidence of creative thinking, self-discipline, and emotional intelligence.

You need to show us that you set high standards for yourself, think before you act, and work well with those around you. We also want to make sure that the Nyenrode International MBA program is right for you, so before you can apply for the International MBA, you need to have: • A minimum of three (3) years of work experience • A university degree or equivalent with an excellent academic record • Fluency in both written and spoken English (taken the TOEFL or IELTS) • A satisfactory score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) • Completed an application package, including written essays and letters of recommendation • A selection interview, which takes place after your application package has been positively reviewed by our Admissions Committee

Our downloadable application form is available on our website. Should you prefer to complete your application in hard-copy, please send us an email at and we will be happy to send you a paper application package.

We are here to help “Nyenrode’s admissions process is all about assessing how well you and the program fit each other. After all, our aim is to help you achieve your goals.” Victoria Bressers Head of Admissions

10651. B&T Ontwerp en advies

I believe in Global Leaders I often say leaders understand and value globalization. Leaders inspire others to act in the best interests of shared high-level global strategies and goals while at the same time effectively decentralizing decision-making, innovation processes, and teams. This type of leadership is key to the long-term success of organizations, and I recognize and celebrate that Nyenrode focuses on developing the relevant skills in its International MBA program. Chief Globalization Officer, Executive Vice President Cisco Services

Wim Elfrink

Nyenrode Business University has created an environment in which students and faculty are all dedicated to bridging the gap between academic rigor and daily business practice. The roots of Nyenrode as a recognized university date back to 1946, when captains of industry from leading corporations as KLM, Shell, Unilever, Philips and Akzo took the initiative of starting an educational institute for young, talented, internationally oriented students looking to become entrepreneurial leaders. The for business, by business ethos guarantees that every element of Nyenrode’s research, teaching, and entrepreneurial activities takes into account, and builds upon, the foundation of valuable insights inherited through our shared history. That’s evolution, and that’s what has driven business through the centuries and been embodied in Nyenrode’s successes for over 60 years.

Program dates Academic program: 12 September 2011 – September 2012

Admissions deadlines 1 May 2011 – Early Bird Deadline 1 July 2011 (for students requiring a visa) 1 August 2011 (for students not requiring a visa) Please check the website for the deadlines that would apply to you.

Admissions requirements • At least 3 years working experience • Bachelor or Master degree • TOEFL or IELTS • GMAT • Application package

Nyenrode Business University Straatweg 25 P.O. Box 130 3620 AC Breukelen The Netherlands t +31 346 291 291 f +31 346 291 450 e

For more information about the program and application procedures, please visit our website at:

International MBA at a glance

Nyenrode International MBA  

Nyenrode International MBA Brochure

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