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Genuinely different. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. It’s because of this that we don’t take earning your trust lightly. Nye & Associates has been providing integrated marketing communications services to large, medium and small companies for more than 30 years. And while experience is important, we realize it takes more than this, much more, to gain your trust. It’s about relationships. It’s about recognizing what works for some may not work for all. This is what makes us genuinely different.

We don’t pretend to be all things to all people and we don’t take cookie-cutter approaches. Rather, through careful education, analysis and planning, we develop custom programs geared toward helping you reach your objectives. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, traffic (in-store or on online) or build brand equity, we stand ready to work with you, and through our SmarterMarketing™ approach are prepared to develop, execute and measure for your business.


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XLT Ovens... Smarter than a 5th Grader XLT ovens come with a 5-year warranty, a readily available Fast Parts Program for replacement parts, and they’ve been engineered to save you money from the beginning build out costs to your monthly electric bills.

Now that’s simple. And smart. XLT Simple. Smart.

Visit us online or call for more information.

888-443-2751 |

Smarter Marketing


We don’t pretend to know what you need. It’s only after we gain an intimate knowledge of your products and or services and a clear understanding of your objectives that we can begin to compose a custom advertising and marketing program focused on generating results. Our recommendations, and subsequently our programs, are based on fact, not fiction. We do our homework and develop strategic solutions that make sense, based on your objectives, environment, audiences and economy.

We don’t waste your money, or ours. Through our unique SmarterMarketing™ approach we seek out opportunities that are most applicable, most relevant and will most realistically achieve good returns on dollars invested. You want results; we get it. You’d like to know if what we’re doing for you is working. That’s why with each program we develop, measuring sticks are put into place wherever possible. This way we can monitor program results and can plan accordingly. Within the next few pages you will find a sampling of our customers along with brief case studies and milestones.

Lee Clark and his team presented a plan that made sense, aligned with our goals and was affordable. I’m extremely impressed thus far, and look forward to bringing some large projects they are working on to market. Nye & Associates is a group comprised of both experience and young talent. They are proficient in how to best merge technology with traditional advertising methods to develop a wellrounded marketing strategy. If you are in the market, I’d encourage you to give them an opportunity to show you what they can do. – Dan Beaulaurier, Director of Sales & Marketing, Roll-N-Lock Corporation

Roll-N-Lock Corporation Roll-N-Lock Corporation makes Roll-N-Lock®, the most advanced retractable truck bed cover made that has redefined the rules for truck bed security, and Cargo Manager®, an optional companion product for Roll-N-Lock® that is a movable bed divider that can be positioned every three inches along the length of a truck bed to manage and contain lightweight cargo. When combined with a

Roll-N-Lock retractable bed cover, this dynamic product combination gives truck owners not only the ability to cover and secure the contents of the truck bed, but also prevents objects from shifting in the bed when stopping or turning abruptly.




Our easy to use Roll-N-Lo solution for ck retractabl hauling. It instantly retra e truck bed cover is a in seconds, convenient cts! And perm literally. Rollits opening N-Lock has or closing got you cove red - or unco with a pull vered of a strap or a turn of a lock lever.


Roll-N-Lock retractable truck bed cove it’s groceries rs are versa , golf clubs tile. Whether you’re movi , ng, our cove building materials or tall rs are flexib le - based on furniture your needs.



The most secu re to a rigid vinyl truck bed cover in the industry. Perio -ove d. Thanks peace of mind r-aluminum laminated design you knowing that can bed overnight the items you left in your have will be there truck when you wake up.

Sports Bar Attachment for 2012 Volkswagon Amarok

Cargo Manager® rolling truck bed divider CARGO MANAGER® gives truck owners the ability to secure the contents of the truck bed, preventing objects from shifting when stopping or turning.

Easy positioning feature CARGO MANAGER’s spring-loaded control levers enable the divider to be conveniently positioned every 3" along the bed length.

Lateral tie-offs Laterally-adjustable tie-offs and two bungee cords permit easy securing of any size object.

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M-Series™ and Cargo Manager® Applications for the

Volkswagon Amarok

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Flip-up feature CARGO MANAGER quickly pivots up and out of the way, allowing long objects, such as ladders or lumber, to be easily loaded under the divider.



Easy removal Weighing only 11 pounds, CARGO MANAGER can be easily and quickly removed for loading larger items which cannot slide underneath.

OM • (80

0) 952-765




Roll•N•Lock Corporation 915 South Dixie Highway East Pompano Beach, FL 33060 1-800-952-7655

Light Truck Accessory A








9:40 AM

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment N&A Online Advertising Case Study: The Kansas Department of Health and Environment – Promoting The Kansas Resource Guide Scope of Work: Online ads on Google & Facebook Goal: To raise calls to The Kansas Resource Guide 800 number and increase visits to The Kansas Resource Guide website Timeline: May through July 2012 Results: Calls placed to The Kansas Resource Guide 800 number, 2012 data compared to 2011 data May +20% June +12% July +37% Visits to The Kansas Resource Guide website, 2012 data compared to 2011 data May +41% June +52% July +43% Other online advertising programs for The Kansas Department of Health and Environment departments and bureaus continue to see tremendous success as well.

Quit smoking for you and them. 1-800-QUIT-NOW Get FREE help:

alth e H f nt o ent e m t r Depa Environm and

Overall I have noticed a significant increase in calls placed to our 800 number. We have had new providers join in this marketing timeframe. I think it is evident by the number of clicks on the provider ad that they are looking at our site. The consumers seem to be responding well and utilizing the 800 number more consistently. – The Kansas Resource Guide, Office of Health Promotion, The Kansas Department of Health and Environment

As part of the overall strategy for Husky Liners, Nye & Associates recommended and subsequently developed a new comprehensive point-of-purchase display system, which is being made available to the Husky dealer network nationwide. The display consists of a 10-inch LCD monitor, voice-activated video and five product specific push-button options. This was an innovative way to satisfy the desires of dealers, and attract new customers.

Husky Liners VEHICLE PROTECTION THAT LASTS A LIFETIME!TM Headquartered in Winfield, Kansas and manufactured exclusively in the heartland of the U.S.A., Husky Liners is the maker of the original custom fit floor liner. Nearly all our products, including floor liners and mud guards, as well as the thousands of other products we manufacture come with a Lifetime Guarantee and are custom made to fit your vehicle, whether it’s a car, truck or SUV.

Floor, Cargo and Trunk Liners

Custom Molded Mud Guards

Husky Liners is a multi-million dollar manufacturer and distributor of automotive accessories, including floor, trunk and cargo liners, mud guards, aluminum accessories, under seat storage and paint protection film. We were tasked with one main objective: Increase Direct Sales. In order to accomplish this there were a number of things we needed to look at. Past performance, current marketing activities, market trends, economic conditions and so forth. Our strategy was to target specific consumer and dealer market segments. We researched and targeted niche groups and reached out to these groups with key messaging through appropriate creative. We took Husky’s message of quality, American-made products made to fit your vehicle EXACTLY to these select groups.

10” Video Player Here

Press a button to learn more.

Floor Cargo & Trunk Liners

Custom Molded Mud Guards

Headlite Guard & Paint Protection Film

Underseat Storage GearBox ®

As a result of these efforts, Husky has reported a 98 percent direct sales increase. Husky has also achieved a 45 percent overall sales increase compared to last year. During these difficult economic times this is a major accomplishment for any company, and we are proud to have contributed to this growth.

Aluminum Tailgate & Other Products


8532 C HSKY POP Design.indd 1

Made exclusively in the USA.

5/11/10 3:27 PM





NO HORSIN’ AROUND. THE BEST GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION… HUSKY LINERS. For him, or her Husky Liners offers the ultimate in vehicle protection. Husky Liners floor, trunk and cargo liners are made with a raised edge design that helps keep spills, mud and mess on the liner, and not on your floor. Our liners are manufactured to fit your vehicle exactly and they’re made right here in the U.S.A. Husky Liners also carries other products to help protect your vehicle. Including mud guards for single or dual wheel vehicles, under seat storage, aluminum accessories like contractor racks and tailgates, and paint protection film and headlite guard.

EMPOWER AN Adventure

by giving the gift of Husky Liners. WeatherBeater Front Floor Liner

Mud Guards

With Husky Liners there’s no need to worry about bringing the adventure (dirt, mud, mess) into your vehicle. Husky’s custom-fit floor liners are easy to remove, spray off and replace.

Under Seat Storage Box

Accidents happen. We get it. When they do, isn’t it nice to have the protection of Husky Liners? Husky’s floor and cargo liners feature a raised edge design that keeps spills, mud and mess on the liner, not on the floor. Easy to remove, clean and replace.


For yourself, or someone you love.

Simple. Durable. Husky.


For more ways to protect your vehicle visit:


| 1-800-344-8759

Under Seat Storage/GearBox®

Made in the USA • Lifetime Guarantee

Heavy Duty Aluminum Tailgate

Custom Mud Guards

Husky Shield Protection Film

For more ways to protect your vehicle visit:

| 1-800-344-8759

HUNTING FOR THE PERFECT GIFT? A gift for someone you love, or maybe a gift for yourself? Either way - Husky Liners offers the gift that keeps on giving… comprehensive vehicle protection. Our custom fit floor, trunk and cargo liners feature a raised edge design. They keep spills, mud and mess on the liner and not on your floor! Our liners come in three different colors and are guaranteed not to crack or break! Also try Husky’s mud guards, under seat storage, contractor racks and tailgates and paint protection film.

For more ways to protect your vehicle visit:

| 1-800-344-8759

Made in the USA • Lifetime Guarantee

Under Seat Storage/GearBox®

Heavy Duty Aluminum Tailgate

Custom Mud Guards

Husky Shield Protection Film

Made in the USA • Lifetime Guarantee

Nye & Associates has been integral to the explosive growth that Wolfe Electric Inc. Has experienced from our re-branding from BOFI to XLT. Over the four-year relationship they have supported our business from small customer meetings to a global Internet presence. As we continue to grow, add more products, and diversify our offerings, we are partnered with Nye for the long term. – Peter Goodman, VP Sales and Marketing, XLT

XLT XLT is the newcomer in the pizza oven business. In order to capture significant market share, their strategy is to have a better product, a lower price and standout marketing that sets them apart from the clutter and elevates their brand above the competition. Nye & Associates has delivered results through powerful trade advertising, innovative and engaging media, dynamic trade show displays, an encompassing website and much more. As a result of effective online media planning, Google


Other G the


Analytics, AdWords, etc, in August of 2010 the company doubled its interactive/ online advertising budget. By adhering to this aggressive strategy, their sales have increased an average of 23 percent year-to-year. Taking into account the state of the economy, market share and other factors the company has been pleased with growth and is excited about where Nye will take them next.




Hooray!! We’ve just been given the 2011 Innovation Award from Domino’s. The award comes in recognition of the innovation in our AVI Hood and XLT Oven system. It captures and eliminates kitchen heat, making the working environment much more comfortable. With this system, some of our customer’s experience energy savings of over $3000 a year.

XLT Ovens... Smarter than a 5th Grader

It’s another example of how we do business. Simple. Smart.

XLT ovens come with a 5-year warranty, a readily available Fast Parts Program for replacement parts, and they’ve been engineered to save you money from the beginning build out costs to your monthly electric bills.

Now that’s simple. And smart. XLT Simple. Smart.

Visit us online or call for more information.

888-443-2751 |

Visit us online or call for more information.

888-443-2751 |

Burrows Paper Company Burrows, a leading global manufacturer of paper and packaging solutions, challenged Nye & Associates to develop sales collateral to serve as tools for sales staff. What made this particularly difficult was the fact that the company’s new product is 25% higher in cost than SBA products and 100% higher in cost compared to the economically priced styrofoam. With two different audiences, as part of the solution, we developed appropriate creative, designed to fit the targets, precisely. The first sales sheets focused on the superiority of the

ing solutions

redefines packag

redefi nes

redefines packa


g solutions


R of the 3 layeWE rs Unlike tradi tional food containers, customers an Eco-Flute™ offers your its light weig enjoyable take-out experienc ht specialty e thanks to corrugate d structure.

Keeps food tast EXCEPTIO

ing fresh

Keeps hot foodNAL THERMAL INSU hot, and cold LATION food cold… longer!


RY BREATHA Quick moistu re release and BILITY absorption Food stays crispy and tasting great longer !


Keeps food look

GREASE RESI appealing



Maintains food CRUSH STRENGT H integrity

Be User-Friend

ging solutions

redefi nes


es. renewable resourc ells are made from Eco-Flute™ clamsh more… compostable and They are recyclable,






solut ions

Eco-Flute™ clamshells, with unique structure, have light weig been spec ht specialty if ically desig to traditiona corrugate ned as a gree d l food cont ainers, i.e. n alternativ polystyrene solid f iber e boxes. paperboard (SBS) and


SBS SBS 16pts vs.

Eco-Flute™ 41/35/ 30

Reduce Enviro nmental Food Print with • Less (virgin ) material use d • Less solid w aste created • Less polluta nt produced • Less energ y consumed

• 10 million extra • 350 extra truck pounds of solid waste loads to land fills

Reduce Environ

Eco-Flute™ vs SBS


T Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Greenhouse Gases Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Particulates Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) Volatile Organic Total Reduce Compounds (VOCs) d Sulfur (TRS)

Flute™ helps enh ance your consum er’s exp



Learn how Eco-F lute™ satisfies your customers lute.c om | 1-855 -ECOFLUTE

Recyclable 3rd layer • 100% post c onsum material (PCCM er content ) • NO SBS con with the FDAtainers use PCCM ’s appr

oval. If manufacture d Eco-flute™ clamshells were SBS containers, replaced by the then annually same number there would be: of

Wood Use Net Energy


Learn how Eco-F lute™ satisfies your customers lute.c om | 1-855 -ECOFLUTE



Easier to stackSION STRENGTH Easier to hold and fill and carry

Switching to Eco-

customer’s takeout You care about your does Eco-Flute.™ food experience, so

ing appetizing


No messy stains Food looks more

product over SBA products. We conveyed this message by developing EF Man, a new breed of eco-friendly superhero, made from Burrow’s own paper products. With the second sales sheets, we focused on an eco-friendly message, the reason being that many smaller restaurants, campus QSRs for example, sell to college-aged customers and young people – and young people are the biggest advocates for going green. Additional program elements included full-scale trade show booth design, web planning and more.

T Wastewater Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Total Suspended Chemical OxygenSolids (TSS) Demand (COD)


Waste Tons of Produc


mental Foot Print SBS 16pts

100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

ECO-FLUTE™ 41 C1S/35/30

36% 53%

59% 52% 56% 48% 45% 52% 45% 30% 39% 35% 29% 48% 69%

Absolutely! We have found your turnaround time and cooperativeness very helpful! – Julia Pan, Marketing Director for Burrows Paper Company

Each member of Nye & Associates is consistently responsive to our needs, be they conceptual, graphic or production. They are patient while listening to client’s ideas, but quick to translate the client’s thoughts into workable marketing plans. The two most recent clinical services to be “rolled out” by Nye & Associates are both exceeding volume projections. – Barrick Wilson, Marketing/Community Relations, Newton Medical Center

542 Moms can’t be wrong!

Newton Medical Center’s Maternal/Child Unit reached a record high, delivering 542 babies in 2008. For more information about giving birth at Newton Medical Center, please call (316) 804-6176 or visit our Web site.

316.283.2700 • Newton, KS •

Newton Medical Center Newton Medical Center is a 103-bed hospital in Newton, Kansas, and a highprofile business there, a market of comparable size. For the medical center we managed marketing, advertising and public relations strategy and execution. In the hospital’s highly competitive environment, it was imperative that their marketing set them above and apart from the competition.

As part of the Family Friendly brand, we helped Newton Medical Center promote specific service lines, some with marketing plans of their own, to educate the community about what NMC offers. The newest development of the strategy was taking on an integrated approach designed to bring more positive attention to the doctors integral to the success of the hospital.

As a result of the research we conducted, and the perceptions the marketplace had about Newton Medical Center, the large hospitals in Wichita, and NMC’s other competitors, the Family Friendly theme was selected to position the hospital to meet this goal. This theme delivered a solid message that differentiated NMC and as a brand statement served the hospital well.

In the six years we worked with the medical center, they experienced more than 35 percent growth as well as adding new facilities, new services and setting new records for service line use. The medical center also received immeasurable exposure as a direct result of our efforts including frequent media impressions and brand impacts.

Serenity Mind Body Spa Our clients have had tremendous success using social media. One client, Serenity Mind Body Spa, wanted to gain more “likes” or fans for their brand on Facebook. We helped them create a contest for users to “like” their Facebook page and be entered to win a gift certificate for a free massage package. Within a month they reached their goal of gaining 500 new page likes and as a result, more people for the company to engage with online.

Serenity Mind Body Spa also uses Twitter to help promote their monthly specials. Using Twitter allows them to stay in touch with the local community and with contacts in the day spa industry. It’s also another way the engage consumers online with branded content. As a result of using these social media tools, Serenity Mind Body Spa is having their most successful year ever.

PRENATAL PAMPERING *Mothers-to-be must be in their second or third trimester to have a massage Motherhood Massage A gentle relaxing full-body massage designed especially for pregnant women. Special attention is given to the future mother’s condition, which allows the relief from tension and discomfort during pregnancy. 40-min/ 75-min


Bella Belly This heavenly package nurtures the mother-to-be from tip to toe. It starts with a vanilla-honey body buff that helps remove dry skin. The skin is then cocooned in a nourishing cocoa cashmere body wrap that is infused with cocoa butter and emollient oils to help tone stretched skin. An essential facial is given during the wrap followed by a relaxing 40-minute motherhood massage. Happy Mama This package is designed to pamper the new mother-tobe, helping to relieve tension and restore balance leaving her feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. It starts with a warm relaxing foot soak, followed by a gentle 75-minute motherhood massage and ending with an essential facial designed to nourish and balance prenatal skin.

Wichita: 1901 N. Webb • Wichita, KS 67206 • 316.634.0044 Derby: 1001 N. Buckner • Derby, KS 67037 • 316.440.6752

www.s e re n itymin


services servic


Gift cards are available for all of our spa services. Please call or visit our website,, for details. A valid credit card is required when reserving an appointment time. Appointments canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled time will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee. Last minute cancellations and missed appointments will result in full payment. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Treatment times are not extended due to late arrivals and are charged full price. Rescheduled appointments due to late arrival are charged a cancellation fee. Gift Certificates are available for all services and are nonrefundable and nontransferable.



Wichita: 1901 N. Webb Wichita, KS 67206




ph: 316.634.0044 Derby: 1001 N. Buckner Derby, KS 67037 ph: 316.440.6752

Thank You!

Learn more about Serenity on:

We hope your time with us allowed you a moment of Serenity.

It is truly a pleasure having you as a client.

1001 N Buckner • Derby, KS 67037

1001 N Buckner • Derby, K


We are extremely pleased to be working with Nye & Associates. They started managing our advertising in June 2010 and we have seen a 29 percent increase in new appointments. This amazing growth is due largely to a very successful social media marketing strategy that they implemented. Using Nye & Associates has been a profitable decision for our company. – Lezlie Miles, Owner, Serenity Mind Body Spa








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Nye & Associates has been instrumental in laying the foundation for our future growth by creating a long-term marketing strategy that included wonderful new $ website, publicity, comprehensive ad programs and more. They’ve helped us present our hospital in a professional manner to the communities we serve. ent


Make a D click here

Online Bill Pay

The Faces of NMH

onate to


ON UNDATI NMH FOlearn more.



spital morial Ho wman Me Policy © 2011 Ne ctices | ER Privacy Pra

– Mary Morse, Community Outreach Coordinator, Newman Memorial Hospital

Want to get to know your doctor better? Visit

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month In support, we’re offering mammograms at a special rate, including exam & interpretation, for only $200. To schedule your examination, contact Radiology at NMH at 580-938-2551 ext. 123. Special rate is valid on mammograms scheduled for the month of October. Please ask for the Mammogram Special when scheduling your appointment. Payment is due at the time of service. No insurance will be filed.

905 South Main Street • Shattuck, OK 73858 580-938-2551 • toll free: 888-888-8981 Medicare Certified • EOE

Newman Memorial Hospital Newman Memorial Hospital located in Shattuck, Oklahoma, is a 79-bed, fullservice hospital that serves a two-state area including Oklahoma and Texas. NMH partnered with Nye & Associates to develop a long-term marketing strategy to facilitate relevant technological advancements, build brand

awareness, educate patients on the availability of comprehensive and diverse treatment services, and new services, as well as develop a unique tool to introduce surrounding communities to the physicians of NMH.

Golf Essentials Golf Essentials, LLC, of Wichita, Kansas, developed a revolutionary new product for golfers called SandyCaddy.™ Although simple in design and concept, SandCaddy™ will make a huge impact within the golf community. Walking and riding golfers can now add sand to divots from irons simply and quickly, promoting faster grass growth. Golf Essentials tapped Nye & Associates to help develop all the components necessary for a successful new

product launch, including consumer goods packaging, logo, an e-commerce website, displays and promotional sales sheets. Nye & Associates was instrumental in the new product being awarded Best New Product of the Year at the 2011 PGA Show.  Nye & Associates, Inc., is currently working with Golf Essentials to develop comprehensive strategic marketing plans geared toward driving consumer and dealer sales.

Now every golfer can fill divots!


of the

ODUCT” NEW PR “BESTat the 2011 PGA w andise



Now every golfer can fill divots!

Simply squeeze the cap and pour a little sand into the divot. It’s easy, convenient and the right thing to do!

SandCaddy™ fits neatly into any golf bag. With SandCaddy™, we’re taking care of our golf courses, one golfer at a time.

With the new SandCaddy™ all golfers can fill their divots while they play. Simply squeeze the cap and pour a little sand into the divot.


Nye & Associates helped us put this entire product launch program together in less than three weeks. We had to be at the PGA Show and Nye made it happen. In fact, we won new product of the year, thanks in a large part to the package, literature and website design they created for us. – Mike Allen, Partner, Golf Essentials

Landmark National Bank Landmark National Bank is a Kansas bank with 21 locations around the state. Nye & Associates brought a new level of creativity, clarity and message integration to all phases of their marketing. Additionally, we helped them bring their public relations budget under control, while providing a number of public relations venues to dramatically improve how they are perceived in each market they serve.

3 New 30-Second LNB TV Spots - Loans

Nye and Associates June 14, 2010

Landmark National Bank

1. Landmark National Bank has good news (Fast paced. Line leads you from screen to screen. Newspaper does a quick shake in the circle before going to next screen.)

2. for you. Unlike many banks,

3. we do

4. have money to loan

5. and we are making loans every day. (coins fall and push header down)

Partnering with Nye & Associates has provided Landmark National Bank with a cost effective solution for our marketing needs. Nye’s hands on approach began with a thorough evaluation of our needs – not a cookie-cutter approach – and they continue to provide us with new and innovative concepts that have been well received by our associates, customers and prospects. 6. Landmark is recognized nationally for its sound management, safety and security.

7. So whether you need a business loan,

11. what are you waiting for? (Red line leads to closing screen & then fades out.)

11. Landmark National Bank...locations all across Kansas. (Red line leads to closing screen & then fades out.)

(Headline falls from top after coins & replaces header.)

8. a home mortgage, (Circles shrink to look like they zoom out. Or zoom out yourself.)

– Joe Kennedy, Vice President / Marketing, Landmark National Bank

9. or agri business loan, come see us at any Landmark bank location. (Circles shrink to look like they zoom out.)

10. If you’re NOT a Landmark customer,

On opening week, Nye & Associates marketing programs generated attendance of more than 50,000 visitors. The event also gathered statewide PR coverage. Based in part to our ongoing relationship, RHWA met their goal of more than 150,000 visitors that year.

Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure Nye & Associates created a comprehensive, multi-faceted program for Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure, a world-class tourist destination, right in the middle of Kansas. We were tasked with creating a new brand, driving inquiries to their website we developed, stimulating interest in the property and ultimately influencing attendance at the location. A campaign to launch the newest attraction, the Museum, included the entire scope of a marketing plan including donor banquets and previews, media coordination, logo development, complete collateral designs, signage, TV, radio, print and billboard production, grand opening events, and extensive public relations including personal appearances by wildlife experts, like Jack Hannah.

Services We provide strategic marketing services to help our clients grow. The mix of services varies for every client, depending on the Strategic Marketing Plan that’s right for them.


Creative execution, based on a clear definition of the challenge, obstacles and objectives, delivers a much higher value and effectiveness for your marketing program. This is what we call appropriate creative, and it’s what we deliver.



• Corporate Mission/Vision/Goal Setting

• Product Literature

• Video Production, Placement and Management

• Strategic Marketing Planning

• Technical Bulletins

• Radio Production, Placement and Management

• Corporate Identity Programs

• Corporate Brochures

• User Interface Design and Implementation


• iPad Development



• Corporate Identity Development

• Direct Mail Programs

• Brand Management

• Point of Sale Materials

• Website Development

• Employee Integration

• Incentive Programs

• Website Hosting and Maintenance

• Management of Interactive Sales

• Internet Marketing and Advertising

• Tools

• Social Media Brand Management and Council

PUBLIC RELATIONS • News Releases • Newsletters

• Analytical Evaluations


• Event Planning & Execution

• Sales Planning & Goal Setting

• Governmental Relations

• Sales Training

• Speech Writing

• Sales Force Recruitment

• Feature Story Writing

• Sales Force Development

• Employee Relations Programs


• Search Engine Optimization

TRADE SHOWS • Trade Show Concept Development

• Creative Concept & Development

• Pre-show Promotion

• Media Placement and Management

• Trade Show Sales Training • Display Design and Production

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call us, and we’ll come up with a creative solution with you.

n&a Phone: 316.263.5878 | 428 Pattie Street | Wichita, Kansas 67211 w w w.n ye a n d a sso ci a te m

Nye & Associates, Inc. Agency Brochure (by Lee Clark, Wichita, Kansas)  

Ad agency brochure for Nye & Associates, Inc., a Wichita-based full service advertising and marketing agency in business for 35 years.

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