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Boom!!! Volcanoes erupt or explode with lots of noise. They make a lot of mess and can destroy many things.

Boom Volcanoes!!

By: Tyler Nye

Hi I am Mr. Peterson

Hello my name is Mr. Peterson. My job is to learn about volcanoes and tell people like yourself all about them.

I am going on an expedition or a trip to see a volcano that might erupt in a few hours. Can you come with me so we can learn about it together?

Wow do you see that big thing that looks like a mountain? Well it is a huge volcano! A volcano has an opening at the top called a crater. Hopefully we can see this one erupt. That would be fun!!

How many of you know what the hot liquid inside a volcano is called? You’re right, if you guessed magma. Wow you kids are smart.

Hot melted rock which is magma mixes together with gases, ash and other materials from inside the Earth a few miles underground.

This mixture rises up through cracks and weak spots in the mountain. Every once in a while, the mixture may blast out or erupt through the crater.

Do you know that when magma starts shooting out of the volcano, it turns into lava?

This red hot lava may have a temperature of over 2000 degrees. This is very, very hot. Don’t you think?

Wow, I just felt the ground shake. I think the volcano is going to erupt soon. Help me look for smoke from the volcano.

I see some, do you? It’s starting to pour out of the top or crater of the volcano. It is a dark cloud full of ash, gas and dust.

Kaboom!!! It is erupting just before our eyes. The lava is flowing very fast down the mountain.

Lava can flow up to 60 miles per hour down the hill. That’s as fast as a cheetah can run.

The chemicals in the air can cause acid rain. Acid rain is very bad. It can kill many animals that live in the water.

Acid rain is very, very harmful to humans, plants, and animals. It contaminates water that fish swim in and that people, plants and animals drink. It kills many living things.

The lava burns everything in its path when it travels down the huge hill. It kills plants and animals that are in its way.

As it flows down the hill it starts to cool. It can flow through towns and destroy everything. When the lava cools it turns into rock

After many years with rain and other weather the lava that turned into rock will start to turn into dirt. What a mess just one volcano can make.

Thanks for coming along with me on my trip to see an amazing volcano and what it does to living things and the earth. I hope you had a good time. I know I had a great time with you.

Tyler Nye science project  

science project

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