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2010-2011 New York District Key Club

K-Family Relations Committee Lieutenant Governor Dylan Gross, Chair


The Key Clubber’s Guide to Working with the K-Family

Hey K-Family Relations Committee Members! We’ve been talking about it, and it’s finally time to get to work on The Key Clubber’s Guide to Working with the K-Family, which will hopefully help Key Clubbers from all around the New York District communicate with their corresponding branches of the KFamily. We are having Lt. Governor James Florakis, who is the chair of the New Club Building & Reactivation Committee to write a letter to Key Clubbers about chartering new K-Family Clubs. Please review the material assigned to you in this booklet, complete it, and have it into my email by Wednesday, August 11th, so this way, I have the chance to work out all of the text wrapping with graphics, pictures and whatnot. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Yours in Friendship & Service, Dylan Gross Lieutenant Governor, Division 7 K-Family Relations Committee, Chair New York District of Key Club International 1-516-444-2831

Resource Assignments Greetings from the Committee Lieutenant Governor Dylan Gross New Club Building Letter Lieutenant Governor James Florakis K-Kids, BUG & Terrific Kids Lieutenant Governor Raven Zaidi Builders Club Lieutenant Governor Roberto Cantos Key Club Lieutenant Governor Dylan Gross Circle K Lieutenant Governor James Passarelli Aktion Club Lieutenant Governor Anna Glessner Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor Dylan Gross

Each branch in the K-Family should include: 1  An introduction, History of Branch, and what makes it unique.  Possible challenges faced when working with the branch.  How to start & keep an open line of communication between Key Club and the branch.  Possible Interclub Projects (between Key Club and the branch) 

List of K-Family Clubs in the New York District2

 Please Note: We are trying to keep the reader’s attention. Bullet what you can, and write paragraphs for what you must.  Write paragraphs for the Description & History, but if you can, bullet others and add descriptions of the problems.  Example: How to start & keep an open line…. o Weekly Phone Calls  Weekly phone calls are a sure fire way of speaking with Kiwanians. Update them on what you’re Club’s been up to, invite them to a meeting or project….  The variety will keep the readers interested and make them want to continue reading.

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This section has been added to fit with the Committee Directives sent by Governor Nadyli I will be putting this part in.

DESCRIPTIONS OF SECTIONS 1. Introduction/History/Uniqueness a. In paragraph form, introduce the readers to the branch. Also, make sure to include a history of the branch, and also explain what makes this branch unique. 2. Possible challenges faced… a. Everyone knows that challenges will be faced, but some go into projects without any knowledge. This is the time to inform them! Don’t make it as harsh as they’ll never want to work with them, but just let them know what they should expect. For this, make a list and then a brief description of the challenge next to it. 3. Opening & Maintaining Line of Communication a. Every group has different ways of communication that work for them. Also, you’re not going to speak to a group of K-Kids the same way that you would speak to Kiwanians, now would you? Explain how to speak with them in a way that they will keep at attention. Use the same format as the “possible challenges…” section. 4. Possible Interclub Projects… a. List projects that you think would work well between your branch and Key Clubbers. The format should be the same as the “possible changes…” and “…communication” sections.


SUNDAY AUGUST 1ST, 2010 10:00pm This should give you ample time to do your research and complete your responsibilities. All entries should be submitted in a PDF format. You do not have to use graphic standards, since I will be taking care of the layout and design. I WILL ACCEPT DRAFTS AT ANY TIME QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? Lt. Governor Dylan Gross 1-516-444-2831 |

"Key Clubber's Guide to Working with the K-Family" Log  
"Key Clubber's Guide to Working with the K-Family" Log  

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