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May Newsletter New York District Key Club Division 8-A

Welcome Mighty Beavers to the 2014-2015 Service Year

This year our goal is simple more service and fun than ever before How will we achieve that goal? Every divisional,divisional event, service project, fundraiser and staying on top of all paperwork! With diligent work efforts and an overall unified and active division, we can all sore to new heights TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction II.LTG Greeting III. Divisional Cabinet IV.- V. District Execu

tive Board

VI. What is Key Club

to Richmond

VII.What is Key Club

to Sunnyside


VIII-X. 2014 LTC XI. ICON 2014 XII. District Charitie


XIII.- XVIII. Club Serv

ice Spotlights

IXX. Key Club Cross

word Puzzle

XX.Paperwork Stand ing and Upcoming events XXI. Contact Inform ation and Social Media

Lieutenant Governors Greeting

LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR GREETING Hello everyone! I am so thrilled to be serving as your 2014-2015 Lieutenant Governor. My Key Club journey began my freshman year when I was elected the charter president, since I have served as the Maspeth president for 2.5 service years and division 8-A executive assistant for 2 service years. So this service year Im thrilled to lead our amazing division in a memorable year. I have high expectations of all the clubs within the division, as your LTG I plan on fearlessly leading you all to achieve new personal bests regarding every aspect of the key club valuesleadership, character building, caring and inclusiveness (so officers expect to get very familiar with my constant reminders and messages). Please feel free to come to me with any ideas, suggestions, or questions. Yours in service and Key Club Pride Lieutenant Governor Division 8-A Maspeth High School Cindy Pietrakowski

Divisional Cabinet Members

Executive Assistant : Eldin Klapija

Hey Everyone, My name is Eldin Klapija and I am your 2014-2015 Division 8-A Executive Assistant. I am 15 years old and am a freshman at Garden School, which is also where I serve as Vice-President of Garden School Key Club. I became really interested in Key Club, so just after one great year of being a member of Key Club, I became Vice-President. I am a really easy person to talk to, so feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you might have! My job is to communicate with all of the clubs in our division, and to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Let’s make this year really stand out and do great things! I hope to see you at future divisionals and events! Yours in service and Key Club Pride Executive Assistant Garden School Vice-President Eldin Klapija

Webmaster: Orlando Bispo


Secretary: Diana Piktel

Hello! My name is Diana Piktel and I am your new 2014-2015 Division 8-A Secretary! I am also my schools, Maspeth High School's Key Club vice president. I am only a Freshman, but Key Club so far has been making my High School experience amazing. After being a member of the club for several months, I knew I wanted to help out with the club as much as I can, and now look where I am! I will always be there to talk to anyone who has any questions, so contact me whenever! I'm a very laid back person and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and having an amazing year with you all! Division Secretary Maspeth High School Vice-President Diana Piktel

Hey key clubbers my name is Orlando Bispo and I am From William Cullen Bryant high school. This year I have the opportunity to serve as Division 8-a's web master. Ive been in key club for a little over year now and have fallen in love with the community and the people that have helped to make it and make it better place. Key club has helped show me the joys of giving to the community, by planting daffodils in IS10 park to make it more inviting, or by recycling at the peers, we can make the difference for a better tomorrow. Divisional Webmaster Bryant Webmaster Orlando Bisop

District Executive Board

District secretary: Heather Farley District Governor: Jacob Spencer District Treasurer: Anusha Syed

District Executive Board

District Editor : Sharon Lin District Executive Assistants: Kiera Solomon and Theresa Lin

District Webmaster: Danny Qui

WHAT IS KEY CLUB TO RICHMOND HILLS It takes a benignant to rise from a crowd and individual represent all that is considered “right and just”. For all those in need, a hero is needed to protect the unfortunate. As children, we all have heard of a large variety of heroes. Many of us have taken such a liking to these heroes that we come to admire them. Admiration can lead to a luminous path in which humanity can turn to reform for its answers. Reformation of an intangible mind is key to having gratitude for others. However, for reformation to occur we need the aid of leaders/heroes. “Key Club” is a national organization filled with the heroes needed for the reformation of this forsaken land. If we could all come together and help the less fortunate this land will see the luminescent door. However, a leader cannot be easily defined. A leader must be comprised of honesty. Honesty sets a precedent for all members of Key Club. By making honesty ethical behavior, those who follow will have a good mindset. Being confident is a key value to being a leader. In times where members may falter and intermingle with devastation, a leader must persevere and stand tall. Even if it affects you, standing tall gives others hope; which leads to determination. Many members may be on the shy side, this is where communication kicks in. By communication to every members, bonds are made. Bonds in which you gain trust and bring out the voice of those who are afraid to speak.

-Richmond Hill Key Club

WHAT IS KEY CLUB TO SUNNYSIDE During these past months key club has been a wonderful experience. From attending meetings to events and even raising money I learned just how fun working with others can be. But also what change a couple of high school students can do on a community as well as worldwide. For instance, the money we raise for charities such as “Unicef� affects others on a global scale. To think that the one or two dollars we raise from face painting one child is the same one or two dollars helping people in Europe or even Asia. Wow!

2014 NYDKC Leadership Training

As president elect of Maspeth High School's Key Club, it was finally my opportunity to join all of the New York District Key Clubbers at the annual Leadership Training Conference in Albany. My fellow key clubbers in my division have talked about this event since the day I met them, talking about the new people you meet, the food, the dances and especially the workshops. I looked forward to this day since the beginning of the school year. Through out the weekend I learned about creating events, holding weekly meetings and the importance of my duty as president. It was heartwarming to see the new divisional cabinet be sworn in, to see teenagers just like yourself hold such high power. LTC was an eye opener, it gave me all the motivation in the world to run my club like its never been run before, to hopefully win awards and finally, to encourage my fellow students to share the passion I have for key club. Every single key club event I have attended as surprised me but LTC is going to be a hard one to beat ! ! ! ! ! -Joanna Jankowski ! ! ! ! ! Maspeth Presdient

2014 NYDKC Leadership Training Hi my name is Bhupindra Singh and I am the president of Key Club at Richmond Hill high School. The recent LTC trip was my first time experience. Before I went to the LTC , I was not exactly sure what is the LTC about. I also felt nervous because i did not know anybody except one of my friend who was along with me to the LTC. After I been to the LTC, the people whom I met were nice and no longer strangers, just in one day we all were so close like we all knew each other for a long time. I made new friends who were from different diversity. I was one of the conference staff member and we all had responsibilities and duties to perform. Being part of LTC and serving as a member was great honor. At the LTC, I faced my personal problems such as being shy, that was the last time when i was shy after that moment i felt self determined and seen more confidence in me regarding communicating with people. Along with all the hard work and responsibilities, i had lot of fun with the other member of the conference staff. In the beginning everything felt a bit strange but later it felt like am with my family. I had a attachment to all the people whom i met and I still miss them. These people had highly influence on me in a positive way because I learned a lot from these people. Every opportunity is a key to success therefore don't let these opportunities go away. ! !

! !

! !

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! !

! Bhupindra Singh Richmond Hill Presdient

2014 NYDKC Leadership Training

LTC (Leadership Training Conference) was a wonderful trip to go and learn what it truly means to be part of Key Club. LTC was located at Albany, New York. For all three days there were meetings to attend, that were helpful. For example some included how to be a successful secretary, ideas for found raisers, and new ideas to do more than just getting your job done. LTC was located in a unique hotel and it was as if there was a town inside a building. The food was delicious and at night there were parties held for all members to dance and have fun. I recommend any future officers or members to attend to learn about the key club family and meet new people. !

! !






-Englid Pilcorema





President of Bryant High School


ICON 2014

Each year, New York District Key Clubbers attend the International Convention and New York District Tour. This year, the International Convention will take place July 2 -6. From June 30-July 2, Key Club members will experience various parts of California, including, San Francisco and Yosemite National Park. For questions about the convention please contact District Administrator John Goldstein at

2014-2015 District Charities • Kamp Kiwanis • Kiwanis Pediatric Lyme Disease • Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center • ELIMINATE

• Make-a-Wish Foundation • ST. Jude’s Children's research hospital

The Governor’s Proj

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SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: FOREST HILLS QUEENS TREE CARE For this event, we went to Flushing to help care for trees! As many of us know, trees are nature’s essentials and are important to our daily lives, as they give off fresh oxygen. The trees in that environment were treated poorly. So we picked up the trash surrounding it such as cigarette butts and plastic wrappers, removed any unwanted weeds and pine cones, and loosened up the soil so the trees/plants can better absorb water and other nutrients. We did about 20 trees in total! What a great way to help the environment! We also met with some RFK High school key clubbers and we brought up the same topic of Key Club. We discussed about possible future meet ups and events.

SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: FOREST HILLS TODDLER OLYMPICS The purpose of this event is to help collect donations for the Eliminate Project to eliminate Neonatal and Tetanus. Almost 58,000 newborns are killed from this disease. The event was held at Bayside High School and we met with their Key Club to help make fun activities for the children to enjoy amongst each other. There was jump roping, hula hooping, ball tossing, and much more. Although not much children came, we still had a great time! After the Olympics we went to the auditorium where Kelly, the previous Circle K governor, showed us a video on Neonatal and Tetanus and stressed the importance of eliminating this disease. As of that day, we have helped them raised more than $200. With this money, hopefully more countries can get the vaccination they need to decrease the death rates caused by Neonatal and Tetanus.

SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: SUNNYSIDE SPAGHETTI LUNCHEON In the past couple of weeks an event that I attended was the “Spaghetti Luncheon� at Fort Totten. At the event a number of clubs volunteered along with a large amount of key clubbers. The event was the first official key club event that I have ever attended. Going there and working with others was a new experience that I have never encountered. The hands on activities that I took part in was different but also enjoyable. At the end I met new people and had fun of which was something new all together. -Erick

Sunnyside president

SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: MASPETH RUN FOR THE WILD On April 26th, I attended one of the most fun key club events I've ever been to with 3 other of my fellow key clubbers. We got to the Bronx Zoo at 6 in the morning to find out what we will be volunteering for, and we got really cute t-shirts that had elephants on it because the people running in the actual race were raising money for the elephants in danger. We ended up going to the volunteer breakfast, in which we bagged food. That doesn't seem like a lot of fun, but after a while, after bagging probably 200 bags of food, a woman asked us if we wanted to go up to the finish line to meet the winners of the race and get their information, as well as bring them to the winner's circle! We had a blast doing that, and then ended up giving the rest of the runners the food we bagged and of course, bottled water. While giving them out, we basically had a performance right in front of us because a group of about six guys came with pogo sticks and started doing flips and tricks. We were absolutely amazed by all of that. After helping out the entire morning, we spent the rest if our time going around the entire zoo together! We had such a blast during the entire event; I can't wait to volunteer next year ! -Diana Piktel Divisional Secretary/Maspeth VP


Earth day was a great experience. Other members and I got together and planted trees. It felt so nice to make a change and bring beauty to the park. Also we got to experience how it is to work and get our hands dirty. -Stefanie Guaman Vice President of Bryant Key Club

SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: GARDEN RELAY FOR LIFE The Relay for Life I attended was very fun and a great experience throughout. The fun started early with Brooklyn Technical High School showing its talents with an introductory talent show that included everything from jugglers and rappers to Brooklyn Technical High Schools insanely talented Lady Dragons. Soon after the talent show we went out to the schools yard which had a dunk tank set up so students could attempt to soak various teachers of the school. In the same yard various people were given a shaving cream stuffed pie to pelt a member of the schools Key Club. Throughout this time food and drink were readily accessible and a station was set up for henna tattoos to be given out. Nearing the end the event took on a more serious tone with various alumni of the school sharing their stories about cancer and how it affected them, their families, and the world around them. Finally before exiting we turned off all the lights allowing the various candle bags, a symbol of those lost to cancer, to be illuminated. We then walked around the auditorium to pay respects and to finish off this fun and informative event. Overall Relay for Life was not only a very fun event with great food and great people but it was also one that addressed the incredibly important issue that is cancer. When the alumni spoke about their experiences I was truly touched by their struggles and it gave me a real sense of what Relay for Life is fighting for. Brooklyn Technical High Schools Relay for Life not only had me leaving the school with a smile on my face but left me with a newfound understanding of what the Kiwanis family is fighting for. -Skyler Shipley Garden School President


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Soap Box Derby

June 13th, 7:00PM

June 14th, 8:00

Bowling Green Elementary School

94th and 23rd ave in East Elmhurst

Relay for Life-Middle Village June 21st, 4:00Pm Juniper Valley Park

ICON June 30th- July 6th

Color Run July 5th, 9:00 Aviator Sports and Events Center

June Divisional Maspeth H.S *date to come

Contact Information Lieutenant Governor Cindy Pietrakowski: 1-646-703-1445

Divisional Executive Assistant Eldin Klapija:

Divisional Secretary Diana Piktel

Social Media Accounts Facebook Page: New York Key Club Division 8-A

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May newsletter  

In the May newsletter you can find ltc recaps, service spotlights from clubs, upcoming events, paperwork standings, contact information, a p...

May newsletter  

In the May newsletter you can find ltc recaps, service spotlights from clubs, upcoming events, paperwork standings, contact information, a p...