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October NYDKC

Letter from your LTG:


Hello everyone, I have great news that we will be having a divisional on October 16th, at Island Trees High School! Remember you guys need to fill out the paperwork EVEN IF your club did not do anything. It helps me if you do it without me having to text you, so please do it when it is due. If your club also needs fundraiser ideas click on this text box. Lets get this year rolling, *Sunglasses Emoji* David DeRienzo

Letter from your District Governor: NY Minute Click Here for YouTube

Better Quality Bulletin: Click Here

Second Issue of Empire Key Made by District Editor Angelo Lontok. Volume 2 was published. CLICK HERE!!!

Can you spot the District Board members on the cover?

FALL RALLY Fall Rally is almost upon us! Make sure to publicize this to your clubs, print out the flyers, send them through reminds, groupmes, or even carrier pigeons, whatever will get it out to everyone!

Here is the link to register for Fall Rally, make sure to fill it out if you are planning on going:

Remember to mail to: Kiwans Children's Fund P.O. Box 6457-Dept #286 Indianapolis, IN 46206 USA ATTN: Trick-or-Treat

BOO! It is officially Spooktober, a perfect time for fundraising for a great cause, and having fun at the same time. ToT for UNICEF goes towards The Eliminate Project which is a partnership between Kiwanis and UNICEF in hopes of eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus. For an idea of how severe tetanus is to newborn babies, "Every 17 minutes, a newborn baby dies from tetanus." It is truly heartbreaking that this happens to new families, but we can help. So far, The Eliminate Project has raised $86 Million, and we can help further that amount! Click here for more information.

Dues October 1st has passed so dues are now payable! The cost of dues is the same as every year, 13$ which breaks down to 7$ for Key Club International and 6$ for the New York District. October 31st is the day that Early Bird dues are due (a bit repetitive right?). On this day your club will nee to have submitted 11 dues to win this award and receive it at LTC. Besides an award, I recommend aiming for this date as it gets dues out of the way nice and early so your club can focus on other things. Try submitting it a few days before the deadline though, just to ensure you get the award. November 29th is the last day for dues to be submitted. Please don't wait for this last moment!

Youth Opportunity Fund On September 1st, the Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF) has been opened for applications. The YOF is a fund which provides grants to Key Clubs for scholarships and service opportunities. The YOF can grant around $1002000 for your club to do great things for the community. I recommend your club to apply for this grant, as it is practically free money! The application is recommended to be submitted by October 10th, but the final date they are accepted is October 15th. For more information click on this text box for a link to the website explaining the YOF further.

Service Spotlight Our club volunteered with a local organization called Nick’s Fight at their Run to be Healed 5K! This non-profit organization works to emotionally and financially support children battle cancer, and often supports the pediatric center at Albany Med. Our members got to do various activities like putting on carnival games for the kids, handing out water to runners, and face painting! This was super fun for our members and it is always really rewarding for us to see our town come together to support this cause!


Service Spotlight and Update Over the past couple of months the Hempstead Key Club has been busy at work and remaining busy. In the month of august we organized a school supply drive at Staples in Hempstead and collected school supplies to donate to our local  by Hempstead elementary schools. Our Vice president Nyla Cameron attends bingo at the Townhouse nursing home. for national voter  registration day we promoted voting and explained the importance of it along with a presentation. This is known as “Civic Engagement Day”. During Hempstead High Schoolchella we fundraiser money which we are still figuring out what it will go towards & we still have much more fundraising to do. Key club don’t make keys, but we do open doors!!


IMPORTANT DATES October 15th October 16th October 27th October 31st End of November March 26th-29th

YOF Application Closes Divisional at Island Trees Fall Rally End of Early Bird Dues Thanksgiving Divisional LTC 2020

DISTRICT NEWS On April 26th-28th, I along with the NYDKC board, attended our first board meeting. We conversed and decided on a multitude of things: 1. District Project The District Project has been voted on by all of you! The project chosen is Project Semicolon, an iniative to help prevent suicide and raise awareness against it. Fundraising Goal: $15,000

DISTRICT NEWS 2. Governor's Project Our District Governor, Camille Brock, has chosen the NY Chapter of Special Olympics. This is an all inclusive athletic opportunity for athletes with intellectual disabilities. This gives them the opportunity to make friends, develop their character, and build confidence. More information can be found here: Fundraising Goal: $15,000

DISTRICT NEWS 3. Service Goals At our board meeting we finalized our service goals for the 2019-2020 service year. Although these values may seem lofty, keep in mind we passed our fundraising goal by more than 50,000$. Fundraising Goal: 200,000$Â Service Hour Goal: 120,000 Service Hours

DISTRICT NEWS 3B. Service Goals Progress Fundraising Progress: $57,823.36 (28.91%) Service Hour Progress: 26,987.12 Hours (22.49%) 200,000

125,000 100,000


75,000 100,000 50,000 50,000 0

25,000 Money Goal Money Actual


Hour Goal

Hour Actual

DISTRICT NEWS 4. District Endorsed Projects New York District Key Club has its own endorsed charities which are always good options. Fundraising Goal: $3,500 Each A. Kamp Kiwanis Kamp Kiwanis is aimed at providing fun, physical exercise and adventure. It strives to make opportunities to participate in a creative outdoor group experience, and develop characteristics of leadership and fair play.

DISTRICT NEWS B. Lyme Disease Foundation This foundation was set up to help pay for medical treatment for children. Unfortunately most insurance companies do not pay for its treatment, hence Kiwanis acts to take up the bill. C. Pediatric Trauma Center The foundation supports pediatric trauma efforts at the Cohen Children's Medical Center as well as programs to improve the ability of local emergency medical services response teams.

DISTRICT NEWS 5. International Partners Just like New York District, Key Club International has its own endorsed charities that you are always welcome to support! One such charity is: A. UNICEF You may have heard of UNICEF before. It is an organization of the United Nations, that works with government bodies from around the world to ensure children's needs are met. It's main concerns are "primary health care, basic education and sanitation".

DIVISION NEWS Here is the progress on our divisional goals so far: Fundraising Goal: 3,000$. Which we passed! Service Hour Goal: 2,000 Service Hours. 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 0

Money Goal Money Actual

POINTS SYSTEM When brainstorming ways to get clubs more involved within the Division, one solution came to mind: A Points System. The way it will work is when your club does something such as holda fundraiser, you will get a certain amount of points, club with the most points at the end wins! Pretty simple right? Check out the spreadsheet to see how it will work: Click Here.

PAPERWORK Monthly Report Forms (MRFs)-Due 10th of each month. These forms are a summation of the previous month for the school's Key Club. Election Report Forms (ERFs)-Due September 1st. These forms help the district and division by supplying contact information. Fundraising Report Forms (FRFs)-Due whenever a fundraiser takes place. If these are not filled out, the fundraiser will not be known.



As of October 11th

Contact Information

Lieutenant Governor Contact: Key Club LTG David DeRienzo Kiwanis LTG Steve Dalton Circle-K LTG Omar Gabr

Contact Our Kiwanis Representatives Kiwanis Comittee Representative Kim Scharoff Kiwanis District Administrator John Goldstein Assistant District Administrator Michael Berthel Assistant District Administrator Jason Steiner

Contact Our District Board: District Governor Camille Brock District Secretary Linna Cheung District Treasurer Anthony Lim District Bulletin Editor Angelo Lontok District Webmaster Ramisa Azad District External EA Jaron Belmore District Internal EA Tiffany Chen









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Division 6 October Newsletter  

Division 6 October Newsletter  

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