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Letter from your LTG:


Hello Division 6 Key Clubbers! My name is David DeRienzo, and I am the new Lt. Governor. I live in Levittown, and I am a sophomore at MacArthur High School. As Lt. Governor I want to bring our clubs together and host inter-club events. I am definitely looking forward to this year, and I know we will all do great things.

Service Spotlight

Over the course of the last week the Island Trees High School Key Club aimed to raise money for Crohn’s Disease awareness. Participating members sold purple bracelets that said “Jessica’s Crohn’s Crushers” on them for one dollar each. Jessica is a student within our community who has Crohn’s Disease. Crohn’s Disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestines. Today, there is no known cure. It can last for years or be a life-long illness. The money Jessica and her family collect from selling bracelets ISLAND TREES goes towards research to help find a cure. The club raised a HIGH SCHOOL total of one-hundred and seventy dollars. The Island Trees CLUB High School Key Club was proud to help a member of our PRESIDENT, community and to promote a great cause for awareness. RACHEL FERRARA

Service Spotlight Elmira High School, in a town on the NY-Pennsylvania border in Division 22 of NY held a service event after school dying t-shirts to raise awareness for Race for the Cure. The Race for the Cure is a part of the Susan G. komen foundation and is the world's largest fundraising event for breast cancer ever created. The series of 5K runs and fitness walks raise funds and awareness for the breast cancer movement and honors those who lost their lives to breast cancer. The club raised a total of 90$ to donate to Race for the Cure!

How was your LTC?


This year I attended LTC as a Lt. Governor, and for my first time. It was a great experience. Just seeing how large Key Club was in person and seeing the clubs effects on the community was awe-inspiring. I went up a day early then the rest of the club members and bonded with my fellow board members immediately. LTC was easily one of the highlights of my year, and may even be of high school.

How was your LTC?



Wow. Going to LTC was definitely one of the best times I’ve had in my entire life period. As a first year Key Club member I had gone to LTC waiting to just see what it was going to be like. Not only did I learn about Key Club’s roots but I also made everlasting bonds with people all across New York State. At our time there we also got to pick the name for the mascot: Bucky The Beaver! From fun workshops to learning about Key Club, to making new friends; LTC was awesome!

LTC 2020


March 26th-29th Theme will be the Roaring 20s, suggested by District Executive Assistant Jaron Belmore. Includes workshops ran by NY District Lt. Governors. Desmond Hotel in Albany Will be even more fun than last years!

ICON 2019 July 1st-7th Did you think LTC was cool? Well this is even better! Convention will take place in Baltimore, Maryland, and NY attendants will get to go on a DC Tour. Registration information is here: "Best time of my life!" -District Bulletin Editor form24/index.html Angelo Lontok

IMPORTANT DATES May 6th-17th May 15th June 4th June 5th June 18th-June 25th July 1st-7th Early Fall (October or November) March 26th-29th

AP Testing Week WT Clarke Installation Divisional Meeting GC Tech Installation Regents Week ICON Fall Rally LTC 2020

DISTRICT NEWS On April 26th-28th, I along with the NYDKC board, attended our first board meeting. We conversed and decided on a multitude of things: 1. District Project The District Project is still being voted on until May 15th, you can vote here: The finalists are: “Experiences for Causes,” “The Lupus Research Foundation,” and “Project Semicolon”.

DISTRICT NEWS 2. Governor's Project Our District Governor, Camille Brock, has chosen the NY Chapter of Special Olympics. This is an all inclusive athletic opportunity for athletes with intellectual disabilities. This gives them the opportunity to make friends, develop their character, and build confidence. More information can be found here:

DISTRICT NEWS 3. Service Goals At our board meeting we finalized our service goals for the 2019-2020 service year. Although these values may seem lofty, keep in mind we passed our fundraising goal by more than 50,000$. Fundraising Goal: 200,000$ Service Hour Goal: 120,000 Service Hours

DISTRICT NEWS 4. District Endorsed Projects New York District Key Club has its own endorsed charities which are always good options to support for fundraisers. These include: Kamp Kiwanis Lyme Disease Foundation Pediatric Trauma Center Each can be researched further on the NYDKC website:

DIVISION NEWS I would like to propose a divisional goal also, to keep us on track of our goal: Fundraising Goal: 3,000$ Service Hour Goal: 2,000 Service Hours 3,000




Money Goal

Money Raised

Goal Current

PAPERWORK Monthly Report Forms (MRFs)-Due 10th of each month. These forms are a summation of the previous month for the school's Key Club. Election Report Forms (ERFs)-Due September 1st. These forms help the district and division by supplying contact information. Fundraising Report Forms (FRFs)-Due whenever a fundraiser takes place. If these are not filled out, the fundraiser will not be known. I know it may seem like a lot of paperwork, but it's not that bad I promise!


Contact Information Lieutenant Governor Contact: Key Club LTG David DeRienzo Kiwanis LTG Kevin Kamper Circle-K LTG Omar Gabr

Contact Our Kiwanis Committee Representative Kiwanis Comittee Representative Kim Scharoff

Contact Our District Board: District Governor Camille Brock District Secretary Linna Cheung District Treasurer Anthony Lim District Bulletin Editor Angelo Lontok District Webmaster Ramisa Zad District External EA Jaron Belmore District Internal EA Tiffany Chen









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