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Checking Your Disability Application Status After you file your disability claim, you have to wait to find out the result. It's important that you keep up to date on your application and where it is in the process, even though you may find yourself growing impatient with the process.

You may be able to help things move along faster by immediately fixing any problems you discover. If you have a New York SSD hearing attorney, this person can also check on the process for you. A New York SSDI hearing attorney can help you as you navigate through this process. How to check on the status of your application when it's in process - Following the initial application. You should check the status multiple times after submitting to make sure that it's not missing something or stalled for another reason. By being able to address this right away, you can get the process moving forward again. You are able to check on your application through the website if you applied for benefits online. If you didn't complete it online, you have to talk to someone at the Social Security office or call the examiner directly. - After your claim is denied.

If the agency denies your your claim and you want to fight it, you must request a consideration. During this stage, you can check on your application by contacting the examiner or SSA office.

- During the appeal process of your claim. If you decide to appeal the decision made on your claim, you must next file the necessary forms to do so. In order to check on where your appeal is in the process, there is one thing you'll have to keep in mind. If the forms have been received, you will have to call the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. If they haven't, you can still call your local SSA office or your examiner. - During the appeals council review process. Most claims are ended at this point by either approval or rejection.

- During the federal court appeal. At this point, if you are still fighting your rejection, you need to retain a New York SSD hearing attorney. You need professional expertise for this step as you will be going against the SSA. Your New York SSDI hearing attorney will be able to check on the status for you and give you sound legal advice during this process. You should use all methods at your disposal in order to help your claim move along. An attorney can be a great asset during all steps in the process. Contact us with any questions.

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Checking your disability application status  
Checking your disability application status  

If you have a New York SSD hearing attorney, this person can also check on the process for you.