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October 2013

Geometry Class Mrs. Nydia Torres

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Important Announcement

The purpose of the Geometry course is to encourage student awareness of the importance of mathematics in the modern world. The course includes, among other things, properties of geometric figures, trigonometric relationships, and reasoning to justify conclusions. Methods of justification will include paragraph proofs, two-column proofs, indirect proofs, coordinate proofs, and verbal arguments. A gradual development of formal proofs is attained. Inductive and intuitive approaches to proof as well as deductive axiomatic methods will be used.

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3D Figures


Rectangular Prism

Triangular Pyramid

More Important News Construct a 3D Figure

Rectangular Pyramid

Here you can see some of the student’s class work. The activity was to construct a 3D Figure using toothpicks and candy. Once the figure is created, they had to identify the vertices, faces and edges and name the figure. The students had a bad experience trying the candy, since it was spice gum (it did not taste good), but they enjoyed the experience and were able to study for a future Quiz about the same topic.

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Pictures of 3D figures  

Construction of 3D Figures.