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TASK FORCE ON JUDICIAL BUDGET CUTS Co-Chairs: Hon. Stephen G. Crane and Michael Miller This report was approved by the Board of the New York County Lawyers’ Association on December 12, 2011.

Report on Electronic Survey Conducted November 9 – November 30, 2011 As a part of its continuing investigation into the impact of judicial budget cuts on the administration of justice, from November 9 to November 30, 2011, NYCLA’s Task Force on Judicial Budget Cuts conducted an electronic survey of attorneys, judges, court staff, members of public policy organizations and the public. This report summarizes and analyzes the survey results. The survey contained a total of ten questions, including six multiple-choice questions to which the responses were either “strongly agree,” “agree,” “agree somewhat,” “disagree somewhat,” “disagree” and “no opinion.” These questions focused on the general impact of the budget cuts and whether and how they adversely affected the administration of justice, timeliness of its dispensation, costs and efficiencies, staffing, morale and access to justice. The remaining questions comprised one that sought comments and observations, two that were demographics questions and one optional identification question. The attached charts display the results highlighted below.

Results: 

Of the 759 people who responded to the Task Force’s survey, 39.3% were attorneys in private practice, 31.2% were court system employees, 9% were government attorneys, 8.3% were attorneys with public interest or legal services organizations, 7.7% were nonattorneys and 4.6% were judges;

84.6% strongly agree (64.3%) or agree (20.3%) that the court’s efficiency has been compromised;

82.1% strongly agree (59.3%) or agree (22.8%) that the budget cuts have had a negative impact on the administration of justice;

77.6% strongly agree (57.5%) or agree (20.1%) that court staff morale has declined;


Judicial Budget Cuts: Survey Results