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Circling the Empire is the official publication of the New York District of Circle K International. For questions or concerns related to this volume of Circling the Empire, contact 2016-2017 District Bulletin Editor Terrell Merritt via email at For general information about the New York District, visit us on the web at For general information about Circle K International, visit

Hello New York District Circle K! I’m Terrell Merritt, and I am very grateful to have been elected to serve you all as your 20162017 District Bulletin Editor! I’m a member of the Circle K club at Rochester Institute of Technology, where I’ve just completed my second year as a Computer Science major and Advertising/Public Relations minor. This is also the end of my fifth year in the Kiwanis Family, after three years in Key Club. I stand by the fact that the Kiwanis family has done so much for me – allowing me to give back in so many different ways while also building up my confidence in unimaginable ways. This summer, I am back home in New York City where I am ready to serve whenever possible while catching up on the sleep I was not getting during the academic year (except during the upcoming International Convention where I likely will not sleep at all). But enough about me, let’s get to talking about Circling the Empire, or “the CTE”. Part of my job as Bulletin Editor is to put together this newsletter in order to share with you all the things that make our organization, our district, and your individual clubs as amazing as they are. This first issue is introductory, as many first issues are, and I hope it gives you a glimpse into what to expect this year from Circle K International and the New York District. As for me, I hope to take advantage of our methods of reaching out to you all to showcase the various ways that we serve, to assure that you all know about the many opportunities available to you, and to celebrate you all – the members that are at the core of Circle K International. The CTE exists to serve you all – as all of the District Board’s creations are – so I hope that this and future issues help you all to be the best members you can be. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to sit and chat about Circle K, and I look forward to a year of sharing the message of our organization with you all. In service, leadership, and fellowship,

Terrell Frederick Merritt New York District Bulletin Editor Circle K International

Hello New York District Circle K,

I am extremely proud to be a New York District Circle K’er, and am extremely excited to serve as your District Governor for the 2016-2017 service year. This will be my eighth year in the Kiwanis Family, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities, experiences, and lifelong friends that Circle K has offered me. As District Governor, part of my mission is to help provide more, new members like you with similar experiences and to help shape the future success of CKI. I am motivated, enthused, and excited to spread our message and to strengthen the membership of our organization. I am a Senior at Binghamton University where I study Computer Science and am an active member of my home club. I am originally from Albany, NY and am currently in Poughkeepsie, NY as a Summer Intern. I love computer programming and learning about cool algorithms, but also am obsessed with my Spotify account and have recently started a Vinyl collection. And who doesn’t love Netflix? In the coming weeks I will be traveling to Toronto with a bunch of other Circle K’ers from New York and around the globe to attend the Circle K International Convention (CKIx) and represent our district. I am working to help build and train our district board for the year, and can’t wait to work with all of our clubs, officers, committees, and lieutenant governors. In the rest of this newsletter you can read about our various project initiatives, goals, and some of what’s in store for this year. I want to also thank all of our members for their continued service and for dedicating themselves to making our district the greatest in all of CKI. It’s truly an honor to serve you and give back to the New York District. While it’s exciting and humbling to represent and serve you as District Governor, I’m proudest to serve alongside you all as a fellow New York Circle K’er. If you ever have any questions, comments, or ideas please never hesitate to ever reach out to me. See you at DLSSP! Best, Jerry Cimo New York District Governor Circle K International

Binghamton University | Computer Science

New York University | Integrated Digital Media

Stony Brook University | Psychology/Political Science

Rochester Institute of Technology | Computer Science

Binghamton University | Integrative Neuroscience

University at Albany | Public Policy

St. John’s University | Biology

SUNY New Paltz | Management

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry | Environmental Policy Planning and Law

City College of New York | Sustainable Development & Digital Media

Stony Brook University | Economics & Applied Math

SUNY Potsdam | Economics

Rochester Institute of Technology | Experimental Psychology (M.S.)

Binghamton University | Financial Economics

Niagara University | Biochemistry

Better With Books is a cause-driven online bookstore. Each time you buy a book, a book is donated to someone in need. UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child in 190 countries and territories, with a special focus on reaching those in greatest need.

STUFH is a non-profit organization devoted to assisting and inspiring food drives at colleges and universities across the country.

Up with People brings the world together through service and music by travelling with a purpose, performing for thousands, and impacting communities through global tours with a unique, experience-based curriculum.

March of Dimes helps moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies. They research the problems that threaten our babies and work on preventing them.

Hope 4 The Homeless focuses on providing others with basic necessities such as food, water, and shelter in order to empower the homeless population. In addition to these vital resources, homeless shelters and career placement services which help the homeless population can also be supported through this project. Due to the broad definition of this project, clubs can pick an area which they would like to focus on and create service projects and events relating to that area. Some examples of these areas may be food collection, water purification for rural areas, affordable housing construction and fundraising for organizations such as the National Coalition for the Homeless ( Although these are some great examples, these are definitely not the only ways to help out--be creative and motivate your club to help make the project a success! If you have any questions about project ideas to support Hope 4 The Homeless please contact Service Initiatives Committee Chair Christina Maragioglio (

This year’s Governor’s Project, Mind Your Mind, is a fantastic opportunity for the New York District to help raise awareness and eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness as well as to fund resources for research and for people suffering from these conditions. In addition to supporting one of the many mental health organizations through fundraising, mental health related service projects, awareness, outreach and educational events are also a great way to support this project. One example of such an event would be an Out of Darkness walk, which would support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). It is our goal to, as a District, hold 5 of these walks during the service year. Make it your goal to support this project in any way you see fit. Since there are such a large variety causes associated with this topic, each club can plan events to benefit the specific cause which is most significant in your club and/or college community. If you have any questions about project ideas to support Mind Your Mind, please contact Service Initiatives Committee Chair Christina Maragioglio (

I have a confession to make: Circle K was sort of unknown to me. To say that I’m a new member would be a bit of an understatement, as I only joined this semester. Before that, I didn’t know about Key Club in high school. My school didn’t even have one. I had never done an affiliated service project. I had only been to a handful of meetings before becoming Club Editor; the club needed an Editor and I was offered the spot. So I came to District Convention essentially completely blind about this club and not sure what to expect.

Well, DCON did a lot of things for me. I learned more about the specifics about the organization and its history. I got to get to know the awesome people in Circle K, both in my own club and the organization as a whole. I went to eat at Olive Garden for the first time. Most importantly, I got to feel the real passion of the club. It was amazing to see how dedicated people were to the club and to service, and how much community there was at the convention. I really got the feeling that people wanted to help both their communities and the other people around them.

DCON sparked a new interest in me about the club. The energy I felt has led me to believe that Circle K can do some real good. As a newcomer, I feel like I personally have more focus and direction than I did before. So, let me wish everyone at Cornell Circle K and every other Circle K club in the New York District a happy and productive service year.

The District Convention was an interesting experience. It was more professional than I expected and with the multitude of workshops and events planned, by the end of the day, you are the definition of tired. But of course, as a Circle K convention, at least some of those workshops directly related to how Circle K works. For me, being the Immediate Past Secretary of St. John’s Circle K, I decided to listen in on the Club Secretary workshop. Jerry, the previous District Secretary, presented very well and was very generous. He gave people goody bags and even set up a long table full of yummy snacks. But not all the workshops are specifically involved with preparing you for a CKI officer position, making DCON something that general members can also benefit from. There were many different types of workshops such as how to make easy meals using a microwave and how to be a professional. Overall, DCON was filled with a bountiful amount of food, a variety of games, plenty of workshops, and yet throughout the whole convention a sense of professionalism was emitted. DCON was great for meeting new people, bonding with the people in our district and of course, it was a great way to strengthen our club’s bond!

Get to know her! 1. What is your favorite service project? My favorite service project was participating in Relay for Life. It was my first time participating and it was truly an emotional and unique experience. 2. Why do you love CKI? I love CKI because of all the wonderful people I've met so far and that it allows me to contribute to doing good despite being just a college student. 3. What is your major / what do you study? I am currently majoring in Health Science and on the pre-med track. 4. Favorite CKI memory? My favorite CKI memory is helping out with the Amazing Race. I think it was just such an interesting event and it was really funny watching people struggle with our challenges. 5. Any cool (non-CKI) hobbies or fun facts? What do you like to do for fun? I have a large variety of hobbies and interests such as watching anime, cartoons, drawing, singing, dancing, K-pop, etc. It's really easy to get me into something since I'm interested in almost everything!

Governor Matt Garber, New York District of Key Club International Hello NYCKI, My name is Matt Garber, and I am the Governor of the New York District of Key Club International. My District and I are very proud to be a part of the Kiwanis Family along with CKI, Kiwanis, Builders Club, Aktion Club, and K-Kids. Key Club is the second oldest branch of the Kiwanis Family. First chartered in Sacramento, CA in May 1925, through its 91 years, Key Club has grown into the largest of the Service Leadership Programs, with over 270,000 members in 38 countries worldwide. The New York District was founded in 1948 and has since become the sixth largest District in Key Club International, home to over 13,000 members and 235 clubs. Key Clubbers and Circle K-ers can share a unique bond as young adults taking on service and leadership in the Kiwanis Family. In every Circle K member whom I’ve met, I have seen a vibrancy and passion that reminds me of no one more than Key Clubbers, and vice versa. When our two organizations work together, some of the most successful, impactful, and memorable projects emerge, which is why I invite you to reach out to Key Clubs in your areas. Your Lt. Governor can put you in touch with his/her Key Club counterpart, or you can reach out to them directly. I really do hope that this year brings increased fellowship between New York District Key Clubs and Circle K Chapters. Again, the two organizations together are even more amazing than either one on its own. I encourage you to reach out to me for any reason as well. I can always be reached by email at Thank you, and good luck in your next year of service! Yours in Service, Matt Garber District Governor New York District Key Club

Chair: Michelle Feng Hunter College

Chair: Nicole Chan Stony Brook University

Chair: Julia Antignani Queens College

The Alumni and Kiwanis Relations Committee is aiming to improve the relations between New York District Circle K with the Alumni committee and various parts of the Kiwanis Family. When the relationship between our SLPs and their Kiwanis Clubs is strong, our clubs will encounter growth. We are currently planning the NYC K-Family Picnic and will later execute more K-Family Picnics to various parts of NYS throughout the summer. We are also expanding the network of Circle K Alumni group and the current NYCKI group by introducing a LinkedIn Group where many can find employment and internship opportunities that Circle K Alumni introduce.

Serving as chair for the Awards committee, I hope to continue to recognize and acknowledge Circle K members and clubs in a fair and effective manner. As a committee, we will strive to make the awards process for everyone as hassle-free as possible. I do not want the burden of an application to be a reason why a club or member does not get the recognition they deserve. As a first step, I would like to receive feedback from clubs to help tweak the process and allow it to run as smooth as possible. Look forward to more activity from the committee very soon!

The Club Building and Resources Committee will be pursuing a lot of projects in the New York District! We're looking forward to making our resources readily available to clubs and making sure every club can engage with them and use as many of them as possible. We're also looking forward to chartering clubs within the district. With interest already in schools such as Brooklyn College and Skidmore College, we are looking forward to working with former Key Clubbers and new Circle Kers alike to make these club charters a reality. Last and most definitely not least we are so thrilled to be working with clubs to recharter and rebuild on their respective campuses. One of the most important parts of building clubs is not just chartering but also keeping that club alive and thriving which is why we are so thrilled to be a part of this committee in the year ahead!

Chair: Ryan Coffey City College of New York

Chair: Jenna Spak Binghamton University

Chair: Ashley Cimato SUNY New Paltz

The Conferences and Conventions Chair is responsible for planning and running our three district conventions; District Large Single Service Project (DLSSP), New York Speaking (NYS), and our District Convention (DCON). Our goal is to foster our three tenants, Service, Leadership and Fellowship at each of our District Conferences, and to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Hello, my name is Jenna and I will be serving as the Historical Committee Chair for the 2016-17 service year! I greatly look forward to working with the district board and committee chairs in making this the best year yet. As the historical committee chair, I am planning to organize an archive of the New York District’s history, which present and future members will be able to access and reflect upon. This organization has a rich history, and I want to explore that by reaching out to some of its most influential members and researching past events. I want to create a history book for Circle K, so to speak, and I believe this resource will be very helpful as a reference moving forward.

The Laws and Regulations Committee is here this year to serve you, the New York District, this year by making sure that you all have the opportunity to learn about the structure of our organization (well, if you're interested in learning more!). I personally am really excited to get to work with all of the clubs in our district. As the Chair, I look forward to being here for every single club, both big and small, and serving as a counterpart in making sure that their constitutions are as great and unique as their clubs are!

With DLSSP coming up first, we are looking forward to a service packed weekend at Kamp Kiwanis on September 23-25th, 2016. It is our first event of the year, and very early on in the semester, so it is important for all of you to start preparing in the summer to bring as many members as possible! We look forward to hosting you at our three conventions, if you ever have any questions about them, please feel free to reach out!

Chair: Karandeep Singh, Binghamton University

Chair: Christina Maragioglio Rochester Institute of Technology

Chair: Miguel Uy St. John’s University

My name is Karandeep and I’m this year’s Marketing Chair. As marketing chair, one of my mains goals this year is to expand and maintain a strong social media presence. Something specifically that I would like to work on is showcasing more of our club events and service projects on social media. I would also like to work closely with other committees to promote our district events, service projects and initiatives. I’m honored to have been given this opportunity and look forward to accomplishing great things this service year.

Hi everyone! My name is Christina and I am the Service Initiatives Committee Chair for the upcoming service year. I am a 5th year Mechanical Engineering student at RIT and am super excited to be focusing on the issues of mental health and homelessness this year! These topics will be introduced in more detail through the Governor’s project, “Mind your Mind”, as well as the District Project, “Hope 4 The Homeless”. In addition to these projects, I am looking forward to assisting new clubs to take on new service opportunities and making sure each club has brand new ideas on how to serve their community more effectively. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to get involved!

The Technology Committee is primarily responsible for the management, development and support of the online platforms our district utilizes. These platforms include WordPress for managing our district website, Trello for task management, and Slack for communications. Certainly the most important responsibility of the committee, which is what many of you will be seeing the most, is the management of our website. The website serves as a host for all of our content and resources, including newsletters, contact information, and the latest in CKI news. We manage the website by ensuring that it is functional, navigable, maintained, and pleasing to use. And not just for you, but also for the members of the district board who will be creating the content for the website.

Don’t know what to do with yourself now that finals are FINALLY over? Want to get a head start on awesome service projects for the following school year? Doing service over the summer is a great way to make connections with other service organization and get more familiar with your hometown community service opportunities. Below you can find some strategies to get involved! Connect with your hometown’s K-Family clubs If you’re finding it difficult to find ways to serve your community solo, connecting with local area Circle K and Kiwanis clubs to help with their events would be a fantastic alternative. To find out which New York colleges have Circle K clubs, check out for a full list. For a New York Kiwanis Club, you can use their club locator at Community Garden For any Circle K-er who has a green thumb, this would a great way to help spruce up your community and divide the workload of a garden with others. More and more community gardens are being established across the US, especially during the warmer months. If you have a community and it garden grows fruits and vegetables, also consider donating a portion of the crops to help the homeless community in your area to support the “Hope 4 The Homeless” District Project.

Charity Races/Walks During the warmer months, charity races and walks happen practically every weekend. These races take a crazy amount of planning so extra help to make sure race day goes smoothly is appreciated. Locate a race in your area and contact the organizers a few weeks prior to see what they need help with. The jobs you may be able to help with could range from working runner check-in, helping with a raffle or even handing out water and encouraging the participants. If you are in an area where an “Out of the Darkness” walk is being hosted, contact the organizers and volunteer in order to support this year’s Governor’s project “Mind Your Mind”. Beach Cleanups Summer vacation is the perfect time to go to the beach, why not beautify the area in the process. If there is a super cool beach you have been wanting to check out, make a day of it! Gather some friends and clean up the beach earlier in the day and enjoy the neat shoreline afterword. Charity Picnics Do you have a specific charity in mind which you would like to fundraise for? A charity picnic is a great option to do just that! Find some people who are passionate about the same cause and plan a picnic to raise money for your cause. Contact local grocery stores to explain your event and see if you can receive a portion of the supplies via donation. Invite your community to support your cause and enjoy the day! I hope this got you out of the mid-June slump and encouraged you to go out and volunteer in your community. If you have any questions or would like help planning a Summer service event, email me at!

Circling the Empire, 2016-17 Issue 1  

The April 2016 - May 2016 issue of Circling the Empire, the official newsletter of the New York District of Circle K International. Created...

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