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Empire The official publication of the New York District of Circle K International

2017-18 Issue II · Summer Edition ·

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Hello New and Returning Members, Welcome, I hope your semester is going well! To new members, I’d like to welcome you to Circle K and the Kiwanis Family, we truly are a great organization to be apart of. To former Key Club, Builder’s Club and K-Kids members, I’m so happy you decided to continue your journey in the K-Family and can’t wait to see all the great things you will do in the coming years. This is a super important time of the year and as you are thinking of service projects and different organizations to work with, keep in mind the District Project (youth with disabilities) and the Governor’s Project (the water crisis). There are many resources available to you and countless easy service ideas for each. If you ever get stuck, reach out to your Lieutenant Governor for more information. Also, keep our other two conventions in mind! New York Speaking is Friday, November 3-5 in Lake George and District Convention in March! It is never too early to think about attending, in fact, the New York Speaking registration form is LIVE!! I am super excited to share the SECOND issue of Circling the Empire with you. It is jam packed with important dates to mark on your already loaded calendar, four new Members of the Month, CKIx Recap, and much, much more. Without further ado, lets get to it. Yours in Service and Charity,

Rebecca Lopez

Letter from the Editor

Jack Curzon Julia Dressler District Governor District Secretary

Kate Wong District Treasurer

Ryan Coffey Executive Advisor to Committees

Letian Zhang Capital LTG

Kristian Mosquito Liberty LTG

Asad Moughal Long Island LTG

Tyler Reimold Seneca LTG

Michelle Feng AKFR Chair

Grace Rosado Awards Chair

Jackie Healy Club Building Chair

Edgar Hu Marketing Co-Chair

Rongfei Jiang Marketing Co-Chair

Rebecca Lopez John Tirino District Editor Executive Assistant

Ashley Cimato Jachelle Luma Sandra Wong Hudson Valley LTG Iroquois LTG Empire LTG

Ethan Samowitz Historical Sub-Chair

Nikita Lee Southern Tier LTG

Peony Tse Con Con Co-Chair

Sayef Iqbal Western LTG

Sarah Moughal Con Con Co-Chair

Viktoriya Borisova Andrew Hoover Service Chair Technology Chair

Meet the Board

Committee Chairs

Lieutenant Governors

Executive Board

Contact Information

101 Did you know New York has a chant?! N-Y-C-K-I BE LIKE US, WE’RE SO FLY N-Y-C-K-I SERVICE *CLAP* ’TILL THE DAY WE DIE!

#GOALS Service Hours

Funds Raised

District Project

Governor’s Project





3,500 2,775



Fundraising Report Form

Has your club completed a fundraiser recently?? Please submit the amount of funds raised (including for the

Governor’s Project & District Project, as well as other charities or organizations) on our

new fundraising report form. This form will remain open throughout the entire year. Let’s reach our $30,000 goal!

This year, I attended my first CKIx and it was one of my best decisions this summer. A few of us decided to get to San Antonio early and explored little bits of the river-walk until CKIx officially started. This year CKIx was held in conjunction with Key Club, which was great to see so many Key Clubbers and Circle Kers together. The next day was our day of service, we were split up and sent to different locations to volunteer all over San Antonio. The service ranged from packaging foods to cleaning river banks, and as corny as it sounds we all bonded over the hard work we put in at our respective locations. Each night, Circle K-ers and Key Clubbers gathered in a giant room and listened to presentations from guest speakers and our student leaders. The next few days consisted of us dressing up in our professional clothes and going through rounds of caucusing listening to our future leaders. Following caucus rounds, delegates gathered at the House of Delegates and held rounds of voting. In a way, it was fun even though a lot of unnecessary events took place (ask anyone in attendance). I had some issues with my flights back home but besides that I had a wonderful weekend. Since I had only been a CKI member for 1 year, a lot of my friends from Key Club attended and it was great seeing them and spending a little bit of time with them. However, my favorite part was definitely all the time I spent with the District Board. I can’t wait to attend next year which is taking place in Chicago and continuing my journey in the K-Family! Sayef Iqbal Western Division Lt. Governor

CKIx Recap

CKIx taught me how to make good music videos CKIx fulfilled all of my hopes and dreams CKIx was the

CKIx was the highlight of my life, I can die happy now 10 out of 10 would go again

CKIx 2018

633 million people don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water

On average women and children walk 3.75 miles for dirty water

Every 21 seconds a child dies from a water related disease

*For more information go to **A presentation has been created by the Service Initiatives Committee

Governor’s Project

District Project Talk to your Lt. Governor for more information on when you can take the plunge! *A presentation has been created by the Service Initiatives Committee

The Thirst Project Water Walk held on Sunday, July 30th, 2017 in Washington Square Park was a wonderful and eye-opening service event. The day was filled with informing people on the water crisis, chalk art, and of course, the usual brand of Circle K enthusiasm. The goal of the Water Walk was to start a conversation about the water crisis with the people in Washington Square Park and get them to want to learn more. Since we were hosting the event in NYC, a city of people with places to go and people to see, I was nervous about how we would get people to take the time to talk with a bunch of college students about the water crisis. We had prepared many tactics to entice people: chalk art, free water bottles, signs, and more. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when many people were receptive to talking with us and even sometimes approached us on their own out of curiosity. The other thing I didn’t expect from this event was how much I would learn that day and how humbled I would feel, which is something I think many of the Circle K’ers present at the event had felt. I had memorized the facts of the water crisis— over 600 million people don’t have access to clean drinking water, women and children walk 3.75 miles on average to fetch water, a jerry can weighs 44 pounds. But on that day, when I saw the bottles of dirt water that people in those conditions drink and when I struggled to transport the jerry can more than a few yards, I felt the gravity of the water crisis and felt emboldened to keep spreading the word. It was a very meaningful experience which I am glad I got to be a part of and I hope to see many more Water Walks happening in the future. Sophia Shi Cornell University Member

Water Walk


Pst…click the picture

Water Walk

We had 15 volunteers attend KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) at the Bronx House. This organization brings in children with special needs or disabilities. We had a great time playing with the athletes for a couple of hours and had a fun time with all of the volunteers. We played different games such as basketball, soccer, and catch. We helped the athletes to build forts and run so they could have fun! Gina Martuscello Fordham University Secretary

Service Spotlight

A few weeks ago, Canisius Circle K raised awareness throughout the community about the Thirst Project and the global water crisis. We tried to imitate what The Thirst Project did at the start of their venture; carrying jerry cans filled with water, passing out water bottles, and informing the public through conversation and informational flyers. We started off in our campus library, and then repeated the process in a popular street in Buffalo, and at our waterfront. We were nervous at first that people would not be very receptive. We didn’t have much to offer in terms of product, and we were complete strangers to them. As it turns out, however, people wanted to hear what we had to say. I first learned about The Thirst Project last semester when my club had two speakers from the organization come to campus and do an awesome presentation on the Global Water Crisis. I too, was shocked and appalled by the statistics. Water is something that we take for granted, along with all of the social, economical, and health benefits. Having clean water reaches far beyond showering and cooking, and I think its important to become more aware of what’s going on around the world. The Thirst Project is such a worthy cause, and I can’t wait to work with them in the future! Amanda McMahon Canisius President

Service Spotlight

Emily Fenter is the epitome of what Circle K is all about. During the month of June, Emily volunteered at a camp called HorseAbility, which allows special needs children to ride horses and have fun for a week. As a result, she contributes 45 hours towards our New York district project, earning her the spot of June Member of the Month. Emily is extremely caring and is willing to give her time for the greater needs of others, and truly is an important asset to our club here at Binghamton. She is always spreading positivity, organizing and planning events, and greatly adding to our club’s success. As our club’s Vice President, she is extremely diligent and proactive in everything she does. I have no doubt that she’ll continue to be a success throughout the rest of the school year.

Emily Saba Binghamton University Secretary

Member of the Month: June

For two weeks in the month of July, I worked as a medical volunteer in an Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital. While I was there, I was able to interact with patients of all ages, from young children receiving orthopedic therapy, middle-ages persons suffering from head trauma, to elderly receiving acupuncture. It was a one-in-a lifetime experience to be able to assist the doctors and nurses in their daily practices helping their patients in need. I believe it is important to stay in touch with the community, and although this experience might not have been my local community, it quickly became one that I hold dear in my heart. I have been a member of the Kiwanis family since my first year of high school. Being involved in the community means actively supporting and aiding those around me regardless of whether it is for a club event or service hours. Within Circle K, I try to attend service projects and social events, because while it is about helping the community, building our own community within our club and fostering new friendships to lead us together in service is just as important. Naile Ruiz New York University Secretary

Member of the month: July

Member of the Month: August Natasha is a great addition to the Circle K family as the Social Media Coordinator for Fordham University's Circle K. She has attended many volunteer events and led projects with her amazing ideas! Natasha is always willing to lend a helping hand and discovers creative fundraising and volunteer opportunities. In Fordham's community, Natasha emulates care for others by being a Residential Assistant and helping the community through events such as Bronx is Blooming. We are so lucky to have Natasha as part of the Fordham Circle K family and are excited to see what she will accomplish this year! Gina Martuscello Fordham Secretary

I arrived a little bit later to the K-Family picnic but I had no trouble finding our group. From far I was able to see Key Clubbers, Circle Ker’s, and Kiwanians all scattered around the green space of Prospect Park. Some were playing volleyball and others were throwing around a football. I went straight for the food. I enjoyed seeing old members and meeting new members. After, some intense card playing, we started to auction off K-Family leaders to pie in the face. We raised over $750 for the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center! I’m glad to say I contributed by donating over $30 to pie Sara Louie in the face. The K-Family picnic was a fun way to end the summer! Grace Rosado City College of New York Co-President

K-Family Picnic

Sub F Trustee Greetings from the Nutmeg State, My name is Karl Uzcategui and I have the pleasure of serving as your 2017-2018 International Trustee. The role of trustee is similar to that of a Lt. Governor. However, instead of supporting club officers, Trustees work with Districts Boards and their Governors. In addition to this a T2rustee represents each member and club that is within their respective Subregion on the international level. Our Subregion is Subregion F; which consists of New York, New Jersey, New England, Capital, and Eastern Canada. My journey in the Kiwanis Family began in 2008 when I joined the Fairfield Warde HS Key Club in Fairfield, CT. I had no idea how my decision to say yes (and attend the next meeting) would alter my personal and professional development. I am who I am today because of the Kiwanis Family members who constantly supported me and told me I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. My hope is that when you think of why you stayed a member of our organization that a warm and fuzzy feeling starts to develop.

Introducing Trustee

Who is Sub F??

Capital Eastern Canada

New England

New Jersey

New York

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