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Best Luxury Hotels New York City Make the best out of your time in one of the worlds most amazing cities by booking one of the top luxury hotels in New York today. Out of all the top hotels in New York; The Hotel Plaza Athénée, New York Palace, The Peninsula, and the Ritz-Carlton are widely regarded as some of the best luxury hotels in New York. The multiplicity that exists within New York features some of the most lavish hotel and accommodation facilities known. All the New York luxury hotels are fully equipped with all you will need to ensure your stay in the city is filled with comfort and convenience. Below is a list of some of the best luxury hotels in New York.

Located in the upper east side of the city, Hotel Plaza Athenee is the epitome of luxury and style. With huge beds that come with the finest Belgium linen sheets, a 24/7 room service and a maid service that comes in twice a day, you really couldn’t ask for muchmore. Its location is perfect for those wishing to check out The Museum of Modern Art, The Frick Collection Museum, and The Whitney Museum.

New York Palace A superb luxury hotel in New York that is available for booking today. Standing as one of the cities largest hotels the New York Palace is located across from St Patrick’s Cathedral. A spectacle of magnificent grandeur with its 900 guest rooms in mid town New York. The hotel also happens to be home to Le Cirque 2000. A fitness spa is just one of the facilities available to guests along with gyms, massage and maid service. Room rates range from $225 to $1600.


Luxury New York Hotels

Hotel Plaza Athénée

The Peninsula

Luxury New York Hotels

The Peninsula is a classically set hotel that echoes the architecture and design of a 1905 arts building. Here guests can unwind in the hotels spa and swimming pool area. Rates per room usually begin at around $425 and can go up to $2450 per night.

Ritz-Carlton The Ritz-Carlton is widely regarded as one of the worlds most prestigious luxury 5 star hotels. The chain have a Ritz-Carlton New York Battery Park that overlooks the New York harbour in Manhattan. Prices per room range from $249 to $1300, another sister resort is situated at Central Park with rooms designed to a more traditional style. Prices start at $495 and rise to $1795 for the more luxurious rooms.

By booking any one of these luxury hotel rooms, you can rest assure that your stay in New York will be most memorable so make your reservations now. If you shop around wisely, you can find great discounts on these, and other luxury hotels in New York City. To find out more about The Best Luxury Hotels In NYC at a discount visit


Best Luxury Hotels In New York City  

The best luxury hotels in New York City, NY. A list of some of the top hotels in NYC, including New York Palace, the Ritz-Carlton and Hotel...

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