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Lukman Fauzi


Fauzi’s paintings take the voyeur deep into the bizarre world of his childhood, complex relationship with his father, and elusive simplicity. The Family Fauzi hails from Probolinggo, a small town in East Java. His father ruled the home with a conservative rigidity that he learned from his time in the army. Painting was strictly forbidden. It was not until 1999, when Fauzi decided to live with a relative in Bali who opened a small art gallery, that he was permitted to explore the world through paint and canvas. After working as a commissioned artist for twelve years, Fauzi determined to follow the creative intuition inspired by his childhood memories and dreams. Surrealism Creativity bloomed as the painter moved deeper into a fantasy world of his own creation. Fauzi uniquely illustrates the vulnerability of youth in springtime with fragile, everyday objects such as glass bottles, eggs and candles, which are transformed into animated characters and become the centrepieces of his paintings. He

forms surreal shapes and shapes surreal stories through his selected media. His fine lines are steady, conveying the contented elegance of life’s lessons learned and embodied. The shades of grey blend seamlessly to create a strange and calming coolness. Despite their placid character, Fauzi’s paintings convey the hope and youth of light in the form of a signature splash of yellow colour emitted from a small candle or the whimsy of invented creatures. Fauzi lives a simple life, far removed from the typical professional artist’s path. The self-taught artist has never attended art school. His style is the medium for his imagination and beyond the pages of a text book or boundaries of an artistic canon. Fauzi runs a small grocery shop in Probolinggo and delivers a selection of his paintings to Nyaman Gallery every month or so.



L. Fauzi`s work never cease to give us mixed Tape Measure and Toys, feelings. Mesmerizing details in cool monochro- Searching Depth matic colors embellish the alien figures, leave in Simplicity us the eerie feeling, and at the same time, peace. Measure tape and childhood toys are simple objects used by our artist to take us deeper in his imagination world, exploring the concept of time, space, thoughts and long infinite dreams.


In most of his work, L. Fauzi put two different characters in their own position and function. Be it the couple and their dreams, masculine and feminine, anxious and relaxed, greedy and grateful, or the one who is sick and the one who is healthy. L. Fauzi`s paintings reflect the scenarios of everyday-life in his signature surreal and mechanical style, finding meanings in simple little things that are often overlooked. By giving a questions of “what if..”, Lukman is presenting his dreams of an ideal world, and challenge us to dive deeper in his scenario od “dreams”.

Contradictory Narrative, The Two Distinct Characters in His Scenario of “Dreams”







Capturing Daily Issues in It Is as if L. Fauzi is telling the stories of everyComplex yet Powerful day life in an imaginary alien world. The everyday Image questions as simple as “what do we eat today?” and “what to do now?” could visually described in a surreally mechanical way. He transforms simple everyday objects into tools such as a measure tape and a rubber duck, to tell stories in the bizarre and wonderful imaginary world.

Measurement Tape, 2013 40 x 40 cm Cover Page

Paper Crane, 2013 40 x 40 cm Page 2

Rubber Duck, 2013 40 x 40 cm Page 4

Bottles, 2013 40 x 40 cm Page 4 40

Bicycle, 2013 40 x 40 cm Page 4

Teddy Bear, 2013 40 x 40 cm Page 4

High Status, 2015 100 x 150 cm Page 6

Harmonious Diversity, 2017 100 x 170 cm Page 7 41

The Refugee, 2015 100 x 170 cm Page 8

Painting, 2015 180 x 120 cm Page 10

Have Me, 2017 180 x 100 cm Page 11

Choice 2, 2017 96 x 200 cm Page 12 42

Sweet Memory, 2018 125 x 180 cm Page 14

Dream, 2017 120 x 180 cm

Page 16

Love in the Air, 2013 145 x 100 cm Page 18

Lanterns, 2017 150 x 100 cm Page 19 43

Life, 2013 120 x 140 cm Page 20

Love Birds, 2018 166 x 120 cm

Page 22

Family, 2016 135 x 95 cm

Page 23

Love from Parents, 2013 120 x 120 cm Page 24 44

My Story, 2012 120 x 120 cm Page 27

Race, 2013 80 x 165 cm

Page 28

Someday, 2016 180 x 120 cm Page 31

When the Law is Tempted, 2016 140 x 120 cm Page 32 45

Under The Rain, 2014 120 x 110 cm Page 33

Control, 2017 180 x 105 cm Page 34

Fighting to Get Dream, 2014 180 x 120 cm Page 35

Pots and Bicycle, 2013 140 x 100 cm Page 36


Save The Green, 2014 80 x 140 cm Page 37

Eating, 2016 120 x 180 cm Page 37

Stop The War, 2014 180 x 120 cm Page 37

Confuse, 2013 138 x 157 cm Page 37 47


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Lukman Fauzi Catalog  
Lukman Fauzi Catalog