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About Nyack College


Sponsored by The Christian and Missionary Alliance, with over 30 other denominations represented.


The Nyack, NY, residential campus is set on a hillside overlooking the Hudson River and the Tappan Zee Bridge, only 23 miles from New York City. It neighbors the Village of Nyack, a charming and secluded community known for its restaurants, antique and specialty shops. The campus consists of 65 acres and 31 college-owned buildings in a mix of Victorian and Tudor styles. Nearby are West Point, several Revolutionary War historical sites, and recreational activities including hiking, skiing, skating, boating, golf, and tennis. The New York City campus is located at Broadway and Worth Streets in lower Manhattan. New York City offers the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, the Bronx Zoo, Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Lincoln Center, Broadway shows and plays, eight major professional sports teams, the U.S. National Tennis Center, shopping, museums, art, and culture.


Nyack College competes at the NCAA Division II level in the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC). We also compete in the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) at the Division I level. The Warriors compete in 11 different sports: Men: Baseball, Basketball, Cross-Country, Soccer, Golf Women: Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross-Country,



QUicK Facts

SEPTEMBER 4 Vassar Invitational 11 Lebanon Valley Invit. 18 Dickinson Invitational 25 Philly Metro Invitational

nyack College

OCTOBER 9 Homecoming Race 16 UAlbany Invitational 23 St. Joseph’s Invitational NOVEMBER 6 CACC Championships 13 NCCAA Nationals

PRESIDENT.................Dr. Michael G. Scales LOcaTION.............................Nyack, NY FOUNED.......................................1882 ENROLLMENT...................................973 ContEnts NIcKNaME...............................Warriors COLORS................Crimson, Gray, and .........................................Navy Blue Roster...........................4 Season Outlook..........5 Coaching Staff...........6 Cross-Country HEaD COacH.......Wendy Muckell(3rd season) Player Profiles.........8-14 Men.................8-12 ASSISTaNT COacHES... LaTIa DEYLI, SaRaH SaUER Women.........12-14 2009 CACC FINISH...........................MEN 8TH .....................WOMEN 7TH About the CACC......15 Division II.................17-18

Warrior Athletics

ATHLETIc DIREcTOR........................Keith Davie ATHLETIc DEpaRTMENT PHONE.............845-675-4770 ATHLETIc DEpaRTMENT FaX.................845-353-2147 TRaINING ROOM........................845-675-4780 SpORTS INFORMaTION...............845-675-4787 AFFILIaTIONS.................NCAA Division II ...............National Christian College Athletic Association CONFERENcE.....Central Atlantic Collegiate





Year Height Hometown

Women Fetters, Sharon Regotti, Lizzie Roma, Allie Beach, Sarah McCarthey, Deborah Olivieri, Grace Jackson, Anne Allison, Bethany

Senior Senior Junior Senior Junior Senior Senior Freshman

5’3 5’5 5’4 5’5 5’6 5’6 5’5 5’3

Men Baldwin, Aaron Guild, Stuart Wallin, Benjamin Mitzel, Stephen Lindsey, Keith Derival, Joubert LaFond, Robert 5RGULJXH]-Hŕ ŁUH\

Senior Sophomore Sophomore Junior Freshman Redshirt Freshman 6RSKRPRUH

5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;10 Port Byron, New York 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;7 Hicksville, New York 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Rensselaerville, New York 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;7 Bristol, Pennsylvania 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;7 Frederick, Maryland 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;9 Spring Valley, New York 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;7 Milford, Connecticut ¡ %URQ[1HZ<RUN

Levittown, Pennsylvania Bushkill, Pennsylvania Orlando, Florida Hackettstown, New Jersey Nyack, New York Miami, Florida Cheektowaga, New York Greensboro, North Carolina

Head Coach: Wendy Muckell (3rd season / Nyack â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;99) Assistant Coach: Sarah Sauer, Latia Deyli Manager: Stephon Whitaker

Season Outlook The Running Warriors have proved themselves to be capable of being a worthy

opponent. In this 2010 season, both the Men and Woman’s teams came into pre-season strong, excited to work, and had captains (Seniors, Sharon Fetters and Aaron Baldwin) that led their respective teams with a strong work ethic.

Nyack looks forward to the return of other seniors, Lizzie Rigotti and Allie Roma to continue propelling this running program forward, as they enter their last year of college running. The names of a few new faces that have joined them are; walks-on’s, Sarah Beach, Anne Jackson, and Grace Olivieri, who are also seniors. Junior, Deborah McCarthy and Freshman Bethany Allison come aboard the Nyack family as well this season. These new Warriors hope to continue to building on the legacy they have created thus far and Head Coach, Wendy Muckell has this to say about the 2010 running warriors: Nyack looks forward to the return of Junior, Stephen Mitzel, Sophomores, Stuart Guild, and Ben Wallin to continue propelling this running program forward. The names of a few new faces that have joined them are; walks-on’s, Jeffrey Rodriguez who is a Sophomore, Freshman Keith Lindsay, and Jubert Derival who will be redshirting this season. Other freshman Stephon Whitaker comes aboard the Nyack Family and will be working with both the men and woman as team manager. These new Warriors hope to continue to building on the legacy they have created thus far and Head Coach, Wendy Muckell has this to say about the 2010 running warriors: “I am so excited to see what this season brings. Every year the runners bring something new and incredibly inspiring to the team. Although last year’s seniors will be missed, they will certainly be made proud by the returners and new runners. As a Running Warrior Alumni myself, it is so great to see how far this program has come; the talent that keeps sprouting is really marvelous. We will once again continue putting the Running Warriors name in the books as a force to be reckoned with.” Assistant Coach, Sarah Sauer returns for a second year of coaching alongside the 2009 graduate/former Running Warrior, Latia Deylii who in addition, will also be Assistant Coaching.



H e a d C o a ch


HEaD CoacH ALma MatEr:

3rD sEason nyacK ‘05

Wendy Muckell enters her third season in 2010-2011 as head coach of the Nyack College Cross Country program. Muckell was assistant coach in ‘06 and ‘07 as well. Under her direction, Coach Muckell has led two men and three women to All-CACC honors. In the ‘08 season, her women’s team was awarded the Team Sportsmanship Award. Muckell ran for Nyack College from 2002-2005 and earned the titles of Conference Champion as well as CACC Runner of the Year both her junior and senior year. She was All-CACC ‘03-’05. Muckell graduated in the winter of 2005 with a Bachelors in Psychology. Coach Muckell has continued her passion and talent for running in both the Rockland Road Runners Club as well as the New York Road Runners Club. Muckell holds a personal best marathon time of 4:08 from the 2008 Philadelphia Marathon. Her most recent athletic accomplishment was finishing in a time of 6:01 at the Tupper Lake Tinman half-Ironman.

Assistant Coaches

saraH saUEr

Latia DEyLi

AssociatE HEaD CoacH

AssociatE HEaD CoacH

Sarah Sauer is a graduate of Nyack College where she played basketball for four years and majored in Cross-Cultural Studies. Originally from Grand Rapids, MI. she now resides in Nyack. This is her second year as the assistant Coach of the Cross Country team

A 4-sport athlete in high school, Deyli began her running career in 2006 as a sophomore at Nyack College. By her second season, she showed tremendous improvement and received the Nyack College Athletics Coaches Award. In that same year, Deylii also took on the responsibility of becoming team Manager for Nyack’s women’s basketball team. In her third XC season, she became captain of the women’s team and was rewarded with the Fire Award, in recognition of her outstanding performance and admirable leadership qualities. Deylii concluded her last season in 2009 as Harold W. Bowman Character Award nominee and as a recipient of another leadership award. In addition to these awards, she had the fulfilling opportunity to be apart of Nyack College history when she witness the women’s basketball team win the 2009-2010 CACC Conference Championship. After graduating in December of 2009 with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting and completing her four years of racing at the Division II level, Latia Deylii returns as Assistant Coach for the Men & Women’s Cross Country Team’s 2010-2011 season. Some of her responsibilities will include scouting, recruiting, leading strength & conditioning workouts. Besides coaching cross country here at Nyack, Deylii will also be one of the sports photographers for the College’s Athletics Department. She looks forward to being involved with the current Running Warriors in a new capacity, and to bringing in exceptional runners to build an even stronger running program.



Men’s Returners

Aaron baLDwin sEnior / 4tH sEason at nyacK HEIGHT: 5’10

HomEtown: port byron, NEw YorK PrEvioUs ScHooL: port byron H.s.

3x Runner of the Year... Dean’s List... H.S.: 2007 Track and Field MVP... Ecclesiastes 3:11... Majoring in Philosophy

stUart gUiLD

sopHomorE / 2nD sEason at nyacK HEIGHT: 5’6

HomEtown: HicKsviLLE, nEw yorK PrEvioUs ScHooL: HicKsviLLE H.s.

Dean’s List... Romans 3:21-26 ... Majoring in Biblical Studies & Religion

“...for the people and the environment.”

Returners / Newcomers

stEpHEn mitZEL jUnior / 3rD sEason at nyacK HEIGHT: 5’9

HomEtown: bristoL, PEnnsyLvania PrEvioUs ScHooL: trUman H.s. Psalm 1... Majoring in Accouting

“ challenge myself athletically and grow spiritually.”

bEnjamin waLLin sopHomorE / 2nD sEason at nyacK HEIGHT: 6’

HomEtown: REnssELaErviLLE, NEw yorK

PrEvioUs ScHooL: LoUDEnviLLE cHristian H.s. Dean’s List.. Phillipians 2:12-13 ... Majoring in Religion

“...because of the location and its value.”




KEitH LinDsEy

frEsHman / 1ST sEason at nyacK HEIGHT: 5’6

HomEtown: frEDEricK, maryLanD

PrEvioUs ScHooL: gov. tHomas JoHnson H.S. H.S.: State Qualifier... Majoring in Pastoral Ministries.

JEffrEy roDrigUEZ sopHomorE / 1st sEason at nyacK HEIGHT: 5’10

HomEtown: BronX, NEw YorKi

PrEvioUs ScHooL: SoUtH BronX prEp H.S. Award for the Arts... Majoring in Business

“ grow in my knowledge of God and pursue a life of intellect and great achievement.”


stEpHon wHitaKEr

frEsHman managEr / 1ST SEASON AT NYACK HEIGHT: 6’

HomEtown: BrooKLyn, nEw yorK

PrEvioUs ScHooL: nEw jErsEy faitH cHaLLEngE H.s.

H.S.: Competed in the 400, 800, & 1600... Jeremiah 11... Majoring in Criminal Justice

JoUbErt DErivaL rEDsHirt / 1st sEason at nyacK HEIGHT: 5’8

HomEtown: Spring vaLLEy, nEw yorK PrEvioUs ScHooL: ramapo H.s. ...Majoring in Social Work

“...because I felt God leading me here.”





HomEtown: miLforD, connEcticUt

PrEvioUs ScHooL: nEw jErsEy faitH cHaLLEngE H.s.

H.S.: rookie of the year... 2x most valuable “...because I knew it was runner... team captain as a senior... secthe place God wanted tion leader in marching band... Luke 1:37... me to be.” Majoring in Theology

Women’s Returners

sHaron fEttErs sEnior / 4tH sEason at nyacK HEIGHT: 5’4

HomEtown: LEvittown, PEnnsyLvania PrEvioUs ScHooL: trUman H.s.

2010 Team Captain... 3X All-CACC Selection... 2X Nyack Runner of the Year... Dean’s List... Majoring in Secondary Education

“...because it ended up being the right place for me.”

LiZZiE rEgotti sEnior / 4tH sEason at nyacK HEIGHT: 5’8

HomEtown: BUsHKiLL, PA

PrEvioUs ScHooL: East StroUDsbUrgH nortH H.s.

Coach’s award winner... 2009 Runner of the Year... Dean’s List... Honor’s Program 2008... Romans: 8: 10-13... Majoring in Religion and English

“...because I felt comfortable with the coach and the professors at the school.”




aLLiE ROma

sEnior / 4tH sEason at nyacK HEIGHT: 5’2

HomEtown: orLanDo, fLoriDa

PrEvioUs ScHooL: cLarKstown soUtH H.s. Member of Honors Program... Majoring in Psychology

“...for the wholistic education it offered.”

saraH bEacH


HomEtown: HacKEttstown, nj

PrEvioUs ScHooL: raritan vaLLEy cc Serves as Philosophy Club President at Nyack... Dean’s List...Raritan C.C.: graduated with a 4.0 gpa... completed half-marathon in 2009... 1 Corinthians 13:12... Majoring in Philosophy

“...for the opportunity to run cross-country and challenge myself in all aspects.”


DEboraH mccartHy jUnior / 2nD sEason at nyacK HEIGHT: 5’7

HomEtown: nyacK, nEw yorK

PrEvioUs ScHooL: bronX sciEncE H.s. Majoring in Accounting

annE jacKson



HomEtown: cHEEKtowaga, nEw yorK

PrEvioUs ScHooL: maryvaLE H.s.

Dean’s List... Alpha Chi... Music Scholar... H.S.: High Honor Roll... member of gymnastics team... Jeremiah 29:11... Majoring in Music Education

“ attend a spiritually enriching school that would challenge me athletically.”



gracE oLiviEri sEnior / 1ST sEason at nyacK HEIGHT: 5’10

HomEtown: Miami, fLoriDa

PrEvioUs ScHooL: fELiX varELa H.s. Majoring in Social Work

“...because I knew it was where the Lord wanted me to develop spiritually, academically, and physically.”

bEtHany aLLison


HomEtown: grEEnsboro, nortH caroLina PrEvioUs ScHooL: raritan vaLLEy cc





The Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference is a NCAA Division II Conference composed of 14 institutions in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The member institutions are Bloomfield College, Caldwell College, Chestnut Hill College, Concordia (NY) College, Dominican (N.Y.) College, Felician College, Georgian Court University, Goldey-Beacom College, Holy Family University, Nyack College, Philadelphia University, Post University, the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and Wilmington University. The CACC was founded in 1965. The conference included seven original members dating to the conferenceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA); Bloomfield, Caldwell, Dominican, Georgian Court, Nyack, Post and St. Thomas Aquinas when it made application to the NCAA Division II. The seven schools applied for membership in the fall of 1998. In 2002 the CACC qualified for NCAA Division II Provisional Conference Status and it achieved Active Status in July of 2004. Six schools: Bloomfield College, Caldwell College, Dominican College, Felician College, Georgian Court College and Post University, became full Division II members in 2002-03. Holy Family College, GoldeyBeacom College, Nyack College and USP became active DII members in 2003-04, followed by Wilmington College in 2004-05. During the span from 1998-2004, the conference underwent numerous changes in addition to upgrading to Division II. In 1999, St. Thomas Aquinas left the conference and five new members joined. Felician College, Goldey-Beacom College, Holy Family College, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP) and Wilmington College, all NAIA schools, immediately applied for Division II status upon becoming members. In 2000, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) boosted the membership to 12 schools and that number grew to 13 in 2005 as Philadelphia University started active membership. NJIT moved on to Division I status after the 2005-06 season. The addition of Chestnut Hill College in 2007 and Concordia College in 2009 brought the CACC to 14 members. With its ascent to active Division II status, the Conference made major improvements by introducing a new website and logo. Both were unveiled in July of 2004. The website, www., contains updated stats, schedules, results, photos and news about all 14 member schools. The site underwent a complete redesign in the summer of 2009. Off the court and field, the CACC and its student-athletes take pride in the balance between academics and athletics. The CACC finished third nationally among Division II Conferences for the graduation rate of its student-athletes, according to the latest NCAA report. Furthermore, the conference established its inaugural All-Academic team in the fall of 2004 and the number of names on the list continues to grow each year. The CACC honored over 220 scholar-athletes in 2009-10. Division II is composed of 22 conferences and 11 independent institutions ranging from coast-to-coast-and beyond. Division II is the only NCAA membership division with programs in Alaska and Puerto Rico. Furthermore, four of the five colleges on Hawaii are members of Division II.



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