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Business Summary Christ followers are aware of Jesus’ commission and

calling to make disciples. This includes sowing seed wherever we are planted. ... in the marketplace is one of a very, very few evangelical outreaches among workplace venues that understands and values the hard work of sowing seed through personal relationships. Following Jesus’ lead itm seeks to present His message, the seed of transformation in story and parable.


bringing good news the marketplace

Founder/Director Backed by 15 years in Nordstrom Retail Management


Relational Challenge To serve, develop and enhance workplace relations

Founded 1989 in Bellevue, WA. with Jim Fryett and a unique board of local business leaders dba Marketplace Fellowship, ...itm is an evangelistic outreach alliance, intended for bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to business people in the workplace.

plus 10 years in outreach ministry; shaped by graduate studies at Regent College in a ‘Marketplace Theology’ concentration as a staff associate with The Navigators, his passion for evangelistic mission uniquely qualifies Jim Fryett. and associations that encourage and reflect purpose of work; wealth creation and meaningful community. Value:Trust opens the way to relate faith.

Solution Create relationally meaningful and relevant workplace meet ups

among friends as bridges to consider Jesus; his life and times as Lord & Savior. Value:Faith, hope and love are keys to opening doors to God.

Target Market the Downtown ‘vertical’ business cores where 2/3 of the

‘white collar tribes’ as identified by a recent Barna survey are classified as ‘casual’ in their faith, and among whom just 1/7 are ‘captive’ in their faith.

Outreach Model Deliver workplace stories and messages that speak to the mind of work and heart of business. Serve the body of Christ by initiating a diversity of community outreach venues infusing work and faith.

Alliances Of the 7 Christian business organizations currently operating in

Seattle workplace settings, only itm is singularly focused upon evangelistic outreach to business people. Value:Union overrides competition.

Marketing Strategy By word of mouth, alliances among churches,

‘commission’ partners and friends, these social networks create permeating vertical networks of outreach workplace communities.

Client/Constituency those ‘casual and captive’ Christ followers who desire

to learn, grow and discover at work their unique and God given calling to serve the mission of the Kingdom of God/heaven. Value: Purpose leads to fulfillment.

What some have to say: “I have believed ever since Marketplace Fellowship essentially disappeared a decade ago that our area has suffered from the void.”

investors Underwritten by the generosity and conviction of friends through Colink - a 501 C-3 non profit Washington State Corporation

associations The Navigators. Director/contact Jim Fryett 206.370.0804 funding to date 50%, self funded. Seeking union of individuals and organizations with heart for outreach to commission outreach initiatives the marketplace as friends, advisors, architects, strategists and fund developers. Asking $ 7,000 thru Y/E 2009 Seeking $58,000 thru Y/E 2010

Jerry Brown, Principal, Paraklete Partners “Jim’s passion is bringing the good news of Jesus to business people under guidance of the Holy Spirit. I worked with Jim in founding the original Marketplace Fellowship from 1989-1994. He’s doing Marketplace again, a Version 2.0 remix---try it, I believe you’ll like it.” Bob Nuber, Chair Emeritus, Clark Nuber PS “Jim is that rare mix of business savvy with a purposeful approach that is uncommon in today's marketplace. His unique education & experience provides a holistic perspective for all those he engages.” Jeff Rogers, Managing Partner, OneAccord Partners 4 TH QUARTER 2 00 9

T H RO U G H 20 10

4 T H Q UA RT E R 2 0 10 Replicate ministry model

Initiate Downtown Seattle Launch

Cultivate regular sustainable monthly

targeting the Columbia Tower with

presence within the business place thru a

surrounding ‘vertical markets’

variety of formats

... in the marketplace • • jim fryett • 206.370.0804

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Colink - a 501 C-3 non profit Asking $ 7,000 thru Y/E 2009 Seeking $58,000 thru Y/E 2010 Target Market the Downtown ‘vertical’ business core...

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