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Monday, Sept. 10, 2007

StatesmanSports school "La Tech," and get your butt kicked in basketball by USU twice a year. Besides the La Tech guy, I have seen the puke green and gold of Colorado State on our campus this year, and also the dook brown of Wyoming. But that doesn't bother me so badly, on the whole. But what really sets my threat level to cadmium red is the sight of a level-1 offender. These are the people (or "tools") who wear the insignia of our in-state rivals to school. Even among the level-1 offenders, there is a subcategory of tools who are not merely satisfied with wearing a shirt which proclaims them to be a giant tool to the entire student body. They choose to wear colors which at a casual glance may appear to be USU's...but aren't. They were stolen. You all know what I am talking about here, the Yoobies. Brigham Young University steals our colors, eradicates free speech on their campus, has the gall to have a big-league football program that routinely knocks off PAC-10 schools, creates a massive in-state fan base due to being predominantly LDS and being on TV all the time in a predominantly LDS state, and then sends out drones wearing officially licensed BYU apparel to attend college at the very school they stole the colors from. I would say it's irony at it's best, but I like irony. Wearing BYU apparel on Utah State's hallowed campus grounds not only makes you look like a slack-jawed nitwit, it is offensive to everyone around you. I'm assuming you would have enough common sense not to wear Crip clothing to a Blood neighborhood. Well that is basically what you are doing, except unfortunately you are probably not risking being beaten within an inch of your life here in Logan. But you say, "Apples and oranges, Terry. I grew up watching BYU and I don't see what is wrong with continuing to support the university I loved as a kid, even though I didn't get in and had to go to a different school, and they are pure unadulterated evil." By wearing that ugly garbage to school, you are basically putting yourself in a position where everyone will hate you. Your fellow Aggies loath the very sight of you because you are a turncoat. Years from now, maybe you will be attending a party with a bunch of BYU alumni (you could call it the most boring party in the history of the universe, or just say there will be BYU alumni there, I don't care) and you will interrupt a riveting conversation about who came to Relief Society last night to mention that you went to USU. "But I have always been a BYU fan at heart," you say, preparing to tell your new friends about how you would wear your stupid BYU shirt to school every day, when you notice that everyone is looking at you as if you were emitting an unpleasant odor. "Pathetic..." you hear someone whisper. People are talking quietly to each other while shooting glances in your direction. "I guess he couldn't get in... He wasn't

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A call to action to on-campus Aggies to stop an evil among us Friends, Aggies, countrymen: I come before you today with a call to action in a time of crisis. Our honor, our pride and our school are all under direct attack from an enemy every bit as pernicious as terrorists. With all the focus on war, cancer, corruption and crime in the liberal media, I am afraid that we have been overlooking an equally serious threat: kids wearing apparel from other universities to the USU campus. There are degrees of seriousness here: I don't really begrudge anyone who wears the colors of a major, perennially ranked football or basketball team. Schools like USC are in another stratosphere from USU; taking umbrage to a Trojans ball cap would be like getting angered because someone wore a Yankees hat. Next we have level-2 offenders: people who wear colors of universities which are in direct conflict with Utah State, either because of geography or conference alignment. I don't want to make a federal case out of it here, but to the kid I saw walking by Ray B. West in a Louisiana Tech shirt last Monday: Didn't you have anything else to wear? Or does your Bulldog pride just well up inside you and force you to make highly questionable wardrobe decisions? If the latter is the case, I have a bright idea: Why not go there? You might be happier in Ruston. You could wear your ratty gray Hanes t-shirt every day, complain about how everyone calls your good enough," you overhear. You have just realized that you burned all your bridges at your own school because you were too busy sucking up to another school, but the people who go to that other school will never, ever accept you because you went to what is, and will always be in their eyes, an inferior school. Ultimately, I don't blame the tools who insult us all with their offensive attire. I blame my fellow Aggies, for being a bunch of cowards and letting our school get dissed. Showing full school spirit at all times is not your prerogative, and it doesn't switch off when you leave the Spectrum. It is an obligation of near-holy seriousness. I am not advocating the formation of gangstyle stomp circles around the bodies of BYU fans here, but for crying out loud, can't we ostracize people anymore? I know most of the fun has been litigated out of the college experience, but I think we are all still well within our rights to make guys sporting the Cougar logo feel... uncomfortable here at USU. G. CHRISTOPHER TERRYisajunior,majoring in print journalism. Hiscolumnappearson Fridays.Hecanbecontactedatgraham.terry@

Ags volleyball concludes third tourney 1-2 said. DuBose's team showed great spirit in the loss, after dropping the first game in lopsided fashion, The Golden Bear Invitational 30-14. Then the Aggies battled ended with similar results for USU back, bringing the margin of spikers as the last two preseason defeat closer in each game. USU tournaments the team played in: also out-blocked Cal in the loss, a 1-2 record and all-tournament 9.5 to 9.0. Hana Cutura led the honors for senior Bears with nine opposite-side kills and six digs. hitter Amanda On Saturday, Nielson, who USU again faced averaged 5.88 �USU outside hitter a Top-25 team, points, 4.88 kills, the 12th-ranked Amanda Nielson 1.38 digs, 0.75 Golden Gophers was named to her of Minnesota. aces, and 0.50 blocks per game third consecutive As against while hitting .217 all-tournament Cal, the results on the tournawere not golden team. ment. for Utah State. The Aggies USU lost in opened up three games, 30-19, 30-28, 30-21. against the hosts, the 15th-ranked DuBose pointed to the tight secCalifornia Golden Bears. Nielson ond game as a silver lining for his led the team with 11 kills and four squad. digs, but it was in a losing effort as "We had some chances in the USU hit just .036 over three games second game but couldn't put it versus .308 by Cal. away," DuBose said. "We did a "Cal is a good team from a real nice job. We are learning how good conference. We competed to compete at that level. We can well but not for long enough," compete for short bursts." USU Head Coach Grayson DuBose In a development which surBy G. CHRISTOPHER TERRY staff writer

In theKnow

prised no one, Nielson led the way for the Aggies with 13 kills and five digs. Freshman libero Christine Morrill played well with a season-high 10 digs, while Minnesota was led by Brook Dieter's 13 kills and seven digs. USU improved its hitting percentage over the previous night, hitting .128 but were still outpaced by Minnesota's .277 percentage. The Gophers also led in the categories of digs, 46-37; blocks, 14-6; and had 16 more kills than USU. Later on Saturday, Utah State faced Eastern Kentucky for the first time in school history, and the Aggies were able to take their frustrations from the first two losses out on the Colonels, winning the first two games 30-18 and 30-24 before dominating the final game, 30-16. "We played really well," a pleased DuBose said. "We hit for our highest percentage of the year. Eastern Kentucky was a good team, just a little less experienced." Nielson was a strong factor in that high hitting percentage, as she hit .609, a career high. Nielson

also led USU with 15 kills and four service aces as she helped her team move to a 3-6 record on the season. Melissa Osterloh pitched in 13 kills and nine digs. With Eastern Kentucky on the ropes, USU closed the match out strong, hitting .567 as a team in the third game. DuBose said he was pleased that several players who had not been getting much playing time were able to hit the court against Eastern Kentucky. The coach singled Kate Astle and Danielle Taylor out for praise. Two Aggies were recipients of awards: Nielson, who made her third all-tournament team in as many tries, and Morrill, who was named Defensive Standout of the tournament. The next challenge for Nielson and USU is the home and Western Athletic Conference opener against Boise State on Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Spectrum. "Our team is looking forward to WAC play," DuBose said. "We did things the right way and now we are prepared for our conference." -graham.terry@aggiemail.usu. edu

USU SENiOR OUTSidE HiTTER mONARiSA ALE (middLE) looks to spike the ball during a team practice in August. USU finished the 2007 Golden Bear Invitational with a 1-2 mark, picking up a win Saturday night against Eastern Kentucky. TYLER LARSON photo

Ags can't find back of net at Northern Arizona, get blanked twice By SETH R. HAWKINS editor in chief

The offense was there, the defense was strong and the team stuck to its game plan, yet the missing link was the Aggie soccer team failing to put the ball in the back of the net. The Aggies finished the weekend 0-2, dropping to 1-3 on the season. Competing in the La Quinta and Inn Suites High Altitude

Classic, hosted by Northern Arizona University, the USU soccer squad dropped a 2-0 contest to UC Irvine, Friday, and fell 1-0 in overtime to host NAU Sunday. "Losing these last couple games, I think it added some fire to our team," Head Coach Heather Cairns said. "We're not happy with our record. We know that we can do better." Going into the weekend tournament, Cairns said one of the weak areas in the loss to Texas Christian a week ago was

not sticking to the game plan and that this weekend would prove whether or not the Aggies learned their lesson. USU did stick to its game plan, Cairns said, but failed to finish on the attack. "We didn't play so well against UC Irvine," Cairns said. "We gave up some bad goals as well as not getting it done in the attack. It was kind of a two-way failure. We're still struggling to find our identity as a team." UC Irvine dominated in the

air, making it difficult for the Aggies to maintain possession of the ball, Cairns said. USU struggled in the attack in the first half, only firing off four shots. The game was evenly matched until the 34th minute of play, when the Anteaters chalked up their first point off a Kate Berrini goal. The Ags increased the intensity in the second half, but in the 69th minute Berrini tallied her second score of the game, sealing the Anteaters' 2-0 victory.

Behind 2-0, USU fired nine shots in the second half, four of those in the final minutes of the game, but couldn't execute the crosses. UC Irvine goalkeeper Danielle de Seriere racked up six saves in the game. "(Against) Irvine we didn't execute as well as we wanted to," Cairns said. Fueled by another loss on the road, the Aggies looked for a victory against NAU. The Lumberjacks outshot USU 1513 but remained even during

regulation. In the 105th minute in overtime, Lumberjack Sarah Vallen redirected the ball with her head off a free kick at midfield to score the winning goal. "Against Northern Arizona we stuck to our game plan," Cairns said. "We played forward quite a bit. We got a nice rhythm. Northern Arizona came down to finishing. It just came down to that final shot. We played with a

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The Utah Statesman - September 10, 2007  

Opinion Features Sports Archives and breaking news always ready for you at A student loses a fender fight. Find out wh...

The Utah Statesman - September 10, 2007  

Opinion Features Sports Archives and breaking news always ready for you at A student loses a fender fight. Find out wh...