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January – March 2012

CEO Talks are a Hit! #1 Charles Best

#2 Rob LoCasio LivePerson

#3 Charlie Kim Next Jump

Preview of 2012 Course Calendar

Tech, Biz and Life courses Mastering Personal Taxes Conducting Technical Interviews Empire PHP 5.3 upgrade

#4 Janet Hanson 85 Broads

#5 Next CEO Talk Apr 3rd - 1pm EST

Simon Sinek available to family members now Next Jump University Publication

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From the Team… We are excited to bring you the first edition of NxJU Magazine. Next Jump University (NxJU) has taken off to an awesome start this year. Our mission is to provide Next Jumpers with opportunities for Education and Inspiration. NxJU is one of the leading Human Capital Engineering (HCE) initiatives for continuous learning. NxJU is turning out to be a great platform for Next Jump’s vision of Better Me + You = Us. NxJU CEO Talks have been a big hit. This is an exclusive and unique privilege for all employees (recently extended to family) to hear directly from the best minds and leaders – every month. In this magazine we have featured four recent CEO talks. In just three months, we have showcased four CEO Talks, two tech courses and one life course. We hope that you enjoy reading the first issue of NxJU magazine covering the events through 2012 Q1. We would also love to hear your feedback. Please send your comments / suggestions / feedback to us at

Team NxJU Strategy Lead




Best, Team NxJU

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Contents CEO Talk #1: Charles Best –

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CEO Talk #2: Rob LoCasio – LivePerson

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CEO Talk #3: Charlie Kim – Next Jump

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CEO Talk #4: Janet Hanson – 85 Broads

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Tech #1: John H, Kalyan – Tech Interviews

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Tech #2: Anil, Caleb – Empire PHP 5.3 Upgrade

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Life #1: Geoff – Taxes 101

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2012 Course Calendar

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What is NxJU? Next Jump University provides employees access to education and inspiration with a series of workshops, structured courses and guest speaker talks. NxJU sessions cover a breadth of areas including technology, business and life skills.

3 Course Formats Workshops

Guest Speaker Talks

• Interactive hands-on • Personalized 1-on-1

• Thought leaders • Extended to family members

Structured Courses • Group setting • In-house experts

4 Course Types


CEO Talks

Education &Inspiration


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Life Skills

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Charles Best was impressed with NxJ’s SA500 Kids product engineering using APIs

CEO Talk

Charles Best Founder & CEO


Oliver Hurst-Hiller Chief Technology Officer

Friday, December 16th, 2011 2pm – 3pm EST


Live at Next Jump HQ – 261 Fifth Ave, New York NY and via Video Conference to Boston, SFO and London

Charles Best founded at Wings Academy, a public high school in the Bronx where he was a social studies teacher for five years. He thought up during a lunch conversation with colleagues, and his students volunteered to help start the organization. To entice his fellow teachers to try out the new website, Charles offered them his mother's famous pear dessert.

Oliver Hurst-Hiller is responsible for the technology and user experience that power's unique philanthropic marketplace. Prior to joining the team, Oliver managed product engineering projects for Microsoft's new Internet search engine, now called Bing. He is the co-inventor of 11 issued U.S. patents related to Internet search technologies. Oprah Winfrey says “DonorsChoose is a fantastic organization, and they're a super-cool way to give”. Fast Company listed as one of the “50 Most Innovative Companies in the World” in 2011.

To date, has impacted the education of over 6 million students by funding 270,185 projects from over 50,000 public schools across the country.

© Next Jump, Inc. 2012

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Charles Best and Oliver Hurst-Hiller

CEO Talk

Top 3 Takeaways Believe in your vision with passion and go make things happen!

Experiments are great for innovation – be prepared to fail fast and learn

Q & A with CEO

We do a couple of things to ensure it. (1) We screen every project before it goes live on the site. We also purchase all the material ourselves and deliver it to the classrooms. We deliver only to addresses of known public schools that we get from the Government. (2) Also the way feedback loop works, most of the times you see the students using the resource, even with the handwritten thank you notes - it is pretty reassuring that it is being used for the right purpose.

How do you ensure the integrity of the resources that the donors have bought for the classroom? - Matthew DePascale Network Services

Investment in technology is a key driver for growth and scale

For example - when a project gets funded, our system sends a fax to the Principal & 2-3 random teachers of that public school, saying "Congratulations! Your teacher Mrs. Smith just got funding for an iPad.” Subtext of this text is - please make sure the iPad is being used by the students. So, if you were a teacher looking to run away with that iPad, you would have to convince your students to write thank you notes and click pictures of them using it. You would also have to have your school Principal and every other colleague of yours to be in on the game.

Employee Testimonials “The process of starting from an idea to an entire website like is applicable in many areas at NxJ.” “A healthy dose of motivation and inspiration. It gave me more energy.” “Inspired me to do a better job.”

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Rob Locasio with Charlie Kim

CEO Talk

Robert LoCasio Founder & CEO

Friday, January 13th, 2012 5pm – 6pm EST


Live at Next Jump HQ – 261 Fifth Ave, New York NY and via Video Conference to Boston, SFO and London

Rob Locasio is Founder and CEO of LivePerson, a leader in Intelligent Engagement Solutions that help thousands of top brands and websites around the world monitor and connect their consumers online. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he sold his first company IKON, in 1995, and went on to found LivePerson in 1998. LivePerson is now a thriving public company headquartered in New York City with offices in Tel Aviv, Atlanta, London and San Francisco. It has 600 employees, $100 million of revenue and multi-million market cap. More than 8,500 companies are using LivePerson technology to facilitate real-time sales and customer service, including Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Verizon, Sky, Walt Disney, PNC, QVC and Orbitz. LivePerson has been named one of America’s 25 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies by Forbes in 2011, and Company of the Year by Frost and Sullivan in 2010.

Rob was named Person of the Day by Huffington Post on Thanksgiving day, 2010 for the feeding families in need program he started called They have fed over 40,000 families since 2001.

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Rob sharing one of his many stories

CEO Talk

Top 3 Takeaways Stay humble, be open to guidance, mentorship

Be willing to try new things, especially if what you’re doing feels like it isn’t working or could work better

Q & A with CEO

When we started the restructuring, we went through two different times and we finally got to a place where we made a list with everyone – “skill and will” and I asked myself the question: can these people check both of those boxes? When the stocks went down, people lost their motivation, so pre 9/11, we terminated many people, which got us to 9/12. We then went through a healing period, because after terminating so many people, we wanted to keep it cool.

Your story is awesome, despite all the difficulties (9/11, getting out of your lease, with the market and stocks where they are, etc.), I am curious to know what lessons did you learn, what did you do different to start growing more successfully? - Greg Kunkel

Roll with the punches – get back up even when it is difficult. Believe in your cause and stay the course

As a conclusion, important lessons: after hard time, stay focused, keep it simple, work with the core people and grow, be profitable, and own destiny in your hands.

Employee Testimonials “What I liked about today’s talk was how honest Rob was. It was great to hear his perspective. Very inspiring.” “Thank you for a great NxJU. Having the chance to hear about the obstacles behind Rob’s success was a truly eye-opening experience.” “Rob was funny, knowledgeable, and a wonderful addition to the NxJU series.”

© Next Jump, Inc. 2012

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Charlie at NYSE addressing SA500 participants

CEO Talk

Charlie Kim Founder & CEO Friday, February 3rd, 2012 1pm – 2pm EST


Live at Next Jump HQ – 261 Fifth Ave, New York NY and via Video Conference to Boston, SFO and London

Charlie Kim founded Next Jump in 1994 in his college dorm room while going through school on financial aid. He didn’t become an entrepreneur in order to go from rags to riches; but instead to maintain a long distance relationship with his high school sweetheart. Next Jump grew through the first dot-com bubble to 150 employees. And more importantly, survived the dot-com bust shrinking down to four employees in January 2002. The company became profitable that same year, he continued to invest when no one else was and hasn’t looked back since. Charlie never took a dime from VC’s and private equity firms; however, raised an unusually large amount of money ($45mm) from over 100 angel investors. Charlie attributes much of his success to incredible mentors, advisors and board members, always helping him build a great company. Charlie is active in the NYC technology community. He serves as mentor to NYC Venture Fellows and serves on Mayor Bloomberg’s NYC Applied Sciences Committee. Charlie is passionate about Human Capital Engineering and building a culture of high performance. He lives and breathes Next Jump’s WHY of Better Me + You = Us.

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Charlie Kim, Founder & CEO, Next Jump, Inc.

CEO Talk

Top 5 Takeaways

Focus on Action vs. Activity

Good leaders will not just give orders, rather, they will lead by their work and show the great path

Best Leaders are Pattern Thinkers. They realize all good things are repeatable (and similar challenges exist within different groups). They want to get better. They’re avid learners. They soak up everything so they can become the best possible leader and then share with others Deliberate practice to better yourselves, it is not about the end goal, but during the whole process of practicing you get better

Best Leaders Get Things Done. There is a hierarchy of effectiveness: (1) Results (2) Leading indicators to results (3) Effort

Employee Testimonials “I really appreciated this NxJU today. Rarely do you get to hear what drives your boss/how he betters himself and what he and the company value in leadership.” “I came out of this with a ton of better ideas for myself.” “Charlie is an amazing presenter – one of the best CEO Talks we can ask for.” © Next Jump, Inc. 2012

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Janet Hanson with Meghan Messenger and Charlie Kim

CEO Talk

Janet Hanson Founder & CEO @janethanson Wed, February 29th, 2012 1pm – 2pm EST

Live at Next Jump HQ – 261 Fifth Ave, New York NY and via Video Conference to Boston, SFO and London

Janet Hanson is Founder & CEO of 85 Broads, a network community of 30,000 trailblazing women across 82 different countries. After graduating from Wheaton College and Columbia Business School, Janet joined Goldman Sachs in 1977. In 1986, she became the first woman in the firm’s history to be promoted to sales management. Following her 14-year career at Goldman Sachs, Janet founded Milestone Capital Management, a $2 billion institutional money management company. From 2004 to 2007, Janet was a Managing Director and Senior Adviser to the President of Lehman Brothers.

Janet is a former member of the Board of Trustees of Wheaton College and a current member of the Board of The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. She is an Associate Fellow of Pierson College at Yale University and serves on the Advisory Board of The Center for Work-Life Policy’s Hidden Brain Drain Task Force. She has received a number of awards and honors, including an honorary degree from Middlebury College in 2007. She is also the Author of “More than 85 Broads.”

© Next Jump, Inc. 2012

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Janet Hanson answers questions from NxJumpers

CEO Talk

Top 2 Takeaways Be curious, it’s the basis of See the good you have, be all relationships and a form grateful and appreciative, it’s of paying respect to others a choice to survive & thrive Q & A with CEO What and who fascinates you? - Molly Parker Network Services

What is the one behavior or trait of women that could derail their career, or one mistake you made? - Keerthana Hanumanthagowga Mobile Applications

You have to find out what are you really interested in: mountain climbing, bungee jumping, learning more about your family tree, etc. You have to know what truly matters to you. If not, you become incredibly boring. You have to define what matters and what does not. Find people with common interest. The two people who fascinate me the most are my two children. The way to derail to your career, not specific to women, I made the executive decision to leave. I was burned out. Two to three years later my manager said, “why didn’t you come to me, we could have worked things out, this is really how women derail their careers.” This could have all been avoided if I had been smart enough. Go to your bosses and talk about what’s important to you and do it way before you’re messed up. The way you derail your career is to make a decision without the guidance of the people you work for. It all comes back to trust.

Employee Testimonials “I loved it. Janet is quite inspiring. She seems to be a straight shooter that says it like it is. I particularly loved her down to earth nature, comments on networking, and the necessity to keep a "glass half full" mentality.” “Felt like she really connected with all of us. Her journey was fascinating.” “I thought she was an amazing woman. Her story really motivated me and I am already finding myself using terms that she used.”

© Next Jump, Inc. 2012

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John (via video conference) and Kalyan share interviewer best practices


John Hilliard Software Engineering Lead

Kalyan Jakka

Software Engineering Manager

Technology NxJU Session Friday, February 17th, 2012 2pm – 3pm EST

Conducting Technical Interviews Live at Next Jump HQ – 261 Fifth Ave, New York NY and via Video Conference to Boston

John Hilliard is a Software Engineering Lead at Next Jump, known for his skills in JavaScript, API design and architecture, software design patterns and data visualization and analysis. Over his four year tenure (first year as an intern), John has held many leadership roles, such as the POD Lead on Health and SA500Kids, an active role in recruiting as a captain for his alma mater (MIT), a lecturer at MIT on 6.470 on Node.js /, a manager of the intern project competition and the lead of the code quality and standards initiative. With regards to recruiting, John leads technical assessments, such as coding challenges for Super Saturday. John loves movies, music from movies and photography, as well as running. He has completed two marathons and is currently training for his third. Kalyan Jakka holds a position at Next Jump as the Software Engineering Manager, advancing fast in his career over his four year tenure. Kalyan is known for making a significant impact on Tracking & Payment Systems, Overwhelming Offers, and Merchant eCommerce API integrations for in-path checkout. His major leaderships roles include being a member of Team MV21, the TYLC, the lead on NxJ University HCE, and a frequent Top 10 employee of the month. His interview skills are paramount in selecting the best candidates to join Next Jump, which include being a Saturday Technical Test designer/grader, a CMU recruiting captain, and completing 40+ campus, phone and in-person interviews. When he has spare time, Kalyan enjoys working on puzzles and word games. Kalyan graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and worked as a graduate studio project intern at Google and Software designer at HewlettPackard prior to joining Next Jump.

© Next Jump, Inc. 2012

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Anil and Caleb share insights of PHP5.3 Upgrade


Anil Varghese Senior Software Engineer

Caleb Taylor Software Engineer

Technology NxJU Session Friday, March 9th, 2012 3pm – 4pm EST

Empire platform upgrade to PHP 5.3 Live at Next Jump HQ – 261 Fifth Ave, New York NY and via Video Conference to Boston

Anil Varghese graduated from Carnegie Mellon and started work at Next Jump as a software engineer in March 2009. In his three years at Next Jump, Anil has worked in many different teams including, Email, PHP Migration, AIM, Architecture and Capacity team. He is now part of Site Performance team. One of his awesome achievements was to reduce page load times from over five seconds to less than a second. Other than coding, he enjoys watching movies, TV, reading books and listening to music. Caleb Taylor first joined Next Jump as an intern in the summer of 2011. After graduating from University of Illinois this winter, he joined us full-time software engineer. He is a part of the Performance team and works closely with Anil. Before Next Jump, he worked as web developer for the United States Geological Survey for two years. Other than coding, he enjoys playing video games, piano and drums. He also loves watching TV, movies and reading books.

© Next Jump, Inc. 2012

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Anil shares challenges of upgrading to PHP 5.3


What’s new with Empire on PHP 5.3? 20% faster than the previous version of PHP

Moved away from old-buggy Database Driver to a brand new one

Top 4 new features in PHP 5.3 Native Closures/ Anonymous Functions

Better Garbage Collector

Late Static Binding

Reduced risk of SQL Injection

Employee Testimonials “Good presentation - prepared and knowledgeable.” “Good to know what we’re moving to.” “Very organized and prepared, but went through the material too quickly.”

© Next Jump, Inc. 2012

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Geoff Martin Chief Accounting Officer & Controller

Life Skills NxJU Session Friday, March 23rd, 2012 3pm – 4pm EST

Taxes 101 Live at Next Jump HQ – 261 Fifth Ave, New York NY and via Video Conference to Boston

Geoff Martin is the Chief Accounting Officer and Controller for Next Jump, Inc. Prior to Next Jump, he worked at Mahoney Cohen & Company CPA, Tommy Bahama, and VicStar International, with much of his background in the apparel industry, both in public accounting and in private industry. When it became time to find employment elsewhere, the idea of working for an internet company was intriguing. And he thought the internet may be around for a few more years. Some of his hobbies, when he isn’t playing sports with his two children, Aidan & Colby, are to do projects around his house, such as taking down walls & putting up walls (no not in the same place), built in closets, etc. His neighbors refer to him as the “Accountant-Carpenter”. Geoff is a CPA and has been working with Next Jump since February 2008.


Top 2 Takeaways

Standard deductions vs. Tax information related to Itemized deductions employee stock options

Employee Testimonials “Very helpful and informative session.” “The session was very valuable and recommend it to be held again next year.” “Understanding Standard deductions Vs. Itemized deductions, HSA and options related information was very useful.”

Geoff discusses Taxes 101 © Next Jump, Inc. 2012

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2012 NxJU Calendar

NxJU session on alternate Fridays


Friday, Apr 06 2012



Excel Macros Workshop Peter W, Emily C

Friday, Apr 20 2012

FastTrack Mentorship John N / Gautam

Friday, May 04 R/R-Studio Presentation 2012 Workshop Skills Workshop (Boston) - John H Jackie E Q2

Monthly CEO Talk Simon Sinek Author of “Start With Why” (Apr 3)

Beth Ann CEO Tracy Locke – Date TBD

Friday, May 18 Developer 2012 Efficiency Nate G

Friday, Jun 01 2012

Nutrition for Working Women Marissa B

Friday, Jun 15 2012

Stock Options 101 Jooe K

Friday, Jun 29 In Path 2012 Integrations Kalyan

Friday, Jul 13 Agile 2012 Development Nayan B Friday, Jul 27 2012


Re-engineering Engineers Marissa B

Jim Loehr Co-Founder Human Performance Institute (Jul 20)

Friday, Aug 10 Email 2012 Framework/Tech - Lokeya

Friday, Aug 24 2012

Client Relations Arielle F

Friday, Sep 07 Principles of 2012 UI/UX - Albert B Friday, Sep 21 2012 © Next Jump, Inc. 2012

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NxJU 2012 Q1  

Next Jump University 2012 Q1 Report

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