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Digital Delivery Podcast Preview // Sail Loot There are plenty of podcasts out there about sailing technique, boating history, crazy stories taking place on the high seas, and living aboard; but Sail Loot might be one of the few about financing a life on the water. This podcast is centered around interviews with boaters as they detail their boating and sailing stories and how they’ve managed to afford their boats, save their money, and find time to go out on the water. Some interviews focus on the financial side of boating while others cover how boaters turned their passion into profitable businesses or side projects that earn them a little extra money. Podcast host Teddy grew up boating with his parents and got back into it as an adult. After meeting unique people who all funded their boating life through various means, he put together this podcast to bring their insights to the masses. If you’d like to learn a couple tips about making your boating dollars go farther, head to for more.

App: Dark Sky App

App: iNaturalist

App: Waterspeed

Free for Android, $3.99 for iOS

Free for iOS and Android

Free for iOS

You can never have enough weather apps when you’re a boater; the more resources, the more accurate your predictions are and the less likely you are to launch into some bad weather. The Dark Sky app focuses on delivering weather information that’s as local to you as possible. Dark Sky purports rainfall predictions down to the minute, right where you’re standing. Maps display both weather from days past and the predicted weather for the week and live radar allows users to watch storms move in real time. One can also gather relevant weather info at a glance with its quick current condition windows. The app will sound alerts for rain, severe weather, and other custom alerts that you set up. Current temperature data can be added to your phone’s status bar for quick access. If you’d like to add another weather app to your arsenal, check out the Dark Sky app, free for Android with in-app purchases and $3.99 for iOS.

iNaturalist helps users identify the plants and animals both near and far. Snap a clear, full frame photo of the plant or animal in question and iNaturalist will automatically generate suggestions based on your photo and location. Then you can share your findings and discuss them with the community. Can’t make it outside today? Browse the map to view other’s discoveries in the state, country, or beyond. Icon and list browsing options are also available. Check the Activity tab for the latest discovery news, and the Guides section offers intuitive information on a variety of plants and animals organized into groups for easy browsing. The app is the result of a collaborative effort between 400,000 scientists, naturalists, and enthusiastic amateurs, and welcomes your observation recordings to assist scientists and their missions to better understand nature. Download it today for iOS or Android for free.

If you want to improve your skills when it comes to water sports like sail racing, rowing, and windsurfing, you need to take advantage of all the tools available. The Waterspeed app works with GPS to track speed, trajectory, and time over the water. Almost every sport on the water is covered, with dedicated features for sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, outrigging, paddle boards, windfoiling, rowing, wakeboarding, and multiple foiling sports. Designed to work with the Apple Watch for convenience on the water, Waterspeed can also be used with an iPhone or iPad. The app is detailed enough to track your progress point by point, with max speed, direction, trajectory, distance, duration, and heart rate all recorded. An in-app logbook tracks statistics and totals. Check weather and tide conditions in the app before heading out. If you’re looking to improve your racing times this season or just want to track your performance on the water, check out the Waterspeed app, free for iOS with in-app purchases.






Profile for Northwest Yachting

Northwest Yachting July 2019  

The latest on power and sail boating in the Northwest: featuring a long-distance (and unexpected) journey on a Beneteau Swift 47; a look at...

Northwest Yachting July 2019  

The latest on power and sail boating in the Northwest: featuring a long-distance (and unexpected) journey on a Beneteau Swift 47; a look at...